Since I have written quite a few posts by now, I have listed them all as clickable links in this Index page. Hope this makes it easier for you to search for the post you’d like to read.


  1. The Soul’s Journey
  2. Eclipses and their energy
  3. Women are Lucky
  4. Why I dont prescribe gemstones
  5. Peacock feathers as an energy tool
  6. Astral travel, how to control it
  7. Try to sense your chakras.
  8. Lemons, the best tool for energy work
  9. Using the Energies of Saturn.
  10. Amavasya, use the energies
  11. Waking up a crystal
  12. Pendulums as energy tools. Dowsing!
  13. Food has psychic energy
  14. Waters has psychic energy
  15. Transits of the Moon
  16. How to be kind.. to yourself
  17. Easy keywords for the basic chart
  18. Sea salt as an energy tool
  19. Learn to make a Chi ball!
  20. Power your Intentions
  21. Fatalistic astrology? Not really!
  22. Add energy to your gold and jewellery
  23. Use the healing energies of Sound..
  24. Like your magic black anyone?
  25. Daityaguru, esoteric knowledge
  26. Devguru, conventional wisdom
  27. Practice daily and trust yourself
  28. How deep is your love, 5th / 7th
  29. Remedies for weak planets, Homa
  30. Mother devils, astrologically possible?
  31. Evil fathers, astrologically!
  32. Make your very own amulet..
  33. Can babies see auras?
  34. Cards anyone? Cartomancy and Tarot
  35. Amrit Sukta happens when you do Dhyan
  36. Guru Sakshat Parabrahma..
  37. Speak out!
  38. Ketu the headless..
  39. Kundalini, an overview
  40. Mirror mirror, use it for Scrying
  41. Himalaya.
  42. The Bhagwat Gita
  43. All clients are the same
  44. The tantra of the Sriyantra and Meru
  45. Of the Dead
  46. Guided meditation
  47. Men are men and women are women..
  48. Entities, how to remove them!
  49. Lessons from a baby..
  50. A small awareness exercise
  51. The energy of Twilights.
  52. The energy of Kesh or Hair..
  53. Of a yogi and a tantrik..
  54. Cancer Ascendent, an analysis
  55. Marriage is Karma
  56. Trimetal astro bangle
  57. Your conscience is judging your self
  58. So you are a Manglik?
  59. Combust and caizimi planets..
  60. Retrograde planets and past lives..
  61. Rudraksh, the Soul of Shiva.
  62. Organ donation, to do or not to do..
  63. Other planets influence the Moon
  64. Saturn, the wrecking ball
  65. Natural Camphor and its energy..
  66. Paraffin wax or beeswax candles?
  67. A tiny dose of ‘black’ magic
  68. A remedy for your sleepless nights.
  69. How to ground yourself..
  70. Scents connected to planets
  71. Addictions astrologically and spiritually
  72. Rahu the trickster
  73. Jupiter in the 12 houses and signs.
  74. Abortions and implications, astrologically
  75. Wearing leather.. is a must!
  76. Asan, the foundation of spiritual practice
  77. Saturn gives you status and money
  78. Mars the Agent of Life and Death
  79. Mercury, the energy of Talk and Trade!
  80. Jupiter, the owner of Sagittarius and Pisces
  81. Seances, planchettes and departed spirits
  82. Use your crystals, easy healing grids and more
  83. Work with Astrology or Reiki, it is easy
  84. Kama Trikon of the horoscope, desires
  85. Keep your Energy work simple!
  86. Moksh Trikon of the horoscope
  87. Magnified healing tweaked with Reiki
  88. Moon the agent of the Mind
  89. Navamsha, 9th divisional chart
  90. Exalted and Debilitated, Sun, Moon & Mars.
  91. Psychiatric problems, an astrological perspective.
  92. Dushamsthan, House of turmoil, the 6th
  93. Indications for wealth in a horoscope
  94. Deaths of loved ones, astrologically
  95. Jupiter’s transits of expansion
  96. Results of planets placed in the 6th house
  97. Depression, what does the horoscope say?
  98. Some tips for the new Astrologers
  99. Transits of Rahu/Ketu through your chart!
  100. The Sun, Surya the Soul! 407dcbe02b66f09dc022337d007f547a
  101. Forgive yourself to Heal yourself. 
  102. Manifest your desires using your green thumb
  103. Obsessively Ambitious Kaal Sarpa
  104. Planets to help you in your Pregnancy
  105. Ley lines and cats!
  106. Prediction of Suicidal tendencies
  107. Remembering Past Lives
  108. Soul mates and twin flames!
  109. The Ascendant and its planetary Lord
  110. The Energies of Fear
  111. The Almost Kaal Sarpa!
  112. Exalted and debilitated, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn
  113. The Maturity of Planets
  114. Maturity of the Houses of the Horoscope
  115. To navigate the Astral Worlds
  116. Sleep paralysis
  117. How to do Dhyan
  118. Quality of Life
  119. Tiny magics, use with care
  120. Adapt and change
  121. Booked an astrology session? Read this.
  122. The 27 Lunar Mansions, Nakshatra
  123. Exalted and debilitated, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury
  124. Manifestation can be cute
  125. Plan your baby’s horoscope
  126. Shashtyamsha, the D-60 divisional chart
  127. Counting on your fingertips!
  128. Protected: Yonimudra
  129. Vignyan Bhairav Tantra
  130. The story of Hreeng, Durga Saptashati
  131. Do astrological remedies work?
  132. Libra and more on interpreting charts
  133. Dharma Trikon of the horoscope.
  134. Education in the horoscope
  135. To decipher Multiple Spouses!
  136. Simple energy practices to increase pran..
  137. Goetic spirits and witchcraft
  138. Interpreting empty houses in your chart
  139. Talk to your stuff to increase their energy
  140. Law in the horoscope
  141. A Big Thank you to my Readers
  142. Essential spiritual practice
  143. Haunted Houses
  144. Beej mantras
  145. Assisted reproductive technology and Adoptions
  146. The Gayatri mantra
  147. Matching Charts for marriage
  148. Planets energies and food you love
  149. Colorful planetary energies!
  150. Colors of the Aura
  151. The energy beauty of sounds
  152. Why Divisional Charts?
  153. Vimshottari dasha, Interpreting Planetary Times
  154. Use your crystals, tips and tricks
  155. Rudraksh Again
  156. Ketu Mahadasha
  157. Mala for Mantra Jaap
  158. Vivah Sanskar as per Vedic Astrology Part 2
  159. Vivah Sanskar as per Vedic Astrology – Part 1
  160. Venus the owner of Taurus and Libra
  161. Tensions in relationships, astrologically
  162. Runes for divination, a gift from Odin.
  163. Venus Mahadasha
  164. Argala, Blockages in Jyotish
  165. Siddhakunjika Mantra
  166. To activate the Navavarna mantra
  167. The energy of thought
  168. Marak, rulers of the 2nd and 7th
  169. House of the House, Bhavat bhavam
  170. Badhak Rashis, signs which trouble!
  171. What is gain?
  172. In the days before your Birth day..
  173. Ashtapadmadala chakra
  174. Malefic energies in your chart
  175. Calculating Muhurt, auspicious times!
  176. Benefics as malefics??
  177. Ashtapadmadala chakra for transits
  178. Analysing Spirituality in the horoscope
  179. The inevitability of events
  180. Medical diagnosis in astrology
  181. Mantra – An astrological remedy
  182. Prashna kundali, the basics
  183. Genuine clients? Ask Prashna.
  184. Myths and things in ‘energy work’.
  185. Dhanvantari, the God of Medicine
  186. Kundalini and the Shatchakra
  187. Kundalini activation??
  188. Kundalini myths busted
  189. Experiences in Dhyan
  190. Who is a Guru?
  191. How to not create Karma?
  192. Analysing occult from the chart.
  193. Analysing the occult, the houses!
  194. The Rahu Ketu axis
  195. Things that work, astrological remedies
  196. Gandant, the gap of the zodiac.
  197. The 33 koti devata
  198. Karma from the ancestors
  199. Balancing karma from the ancestors
  200. Maa and Sanskrit
  201. The Vedic calender
  202. Remedies for Gandant nakshatra births
  203. Current Rahu/Ketu transit in Gemini/Sagittarius
  204. Shri sukta, first verse.
  205. Personal faith and spiritual practice
  206. Practicing Tratak using Shri Yantra
  207. Kundalini, the chakras and creation
  208. Chakras and their conscious energies
  209. Find your courage astrologically
  210. Getting yourself inked, tattoos
  211. Of the Sun and the Moon
  212. Use the Sun’s energy
  213. Use the Moon’s energy
  214. Saturn’s energies and you
  215. Yogkarak planets, functional benefics
  216. Oils for massage and other remedies
  217. Naadi and Pran, a small exercise
  218. Using the Ida and Pingala
  219. Ida and Pingala continued…
  220. Effectiveness of the Signs
  221. Mantra is not a prayer
  222. Use your Mercury
  223. Profession astrologically..
  224. Arth Trikon of the horoscope
  225. Twelve Aditya, the Sun Gods..
  226. Predicting the birth of a child..
  227. Bach flower remedies
  228. Sometimes Malefics help you!
  229. The darker side of the 3rd house..
  230. Graha from the Suryasiddhant
  231. ‘Cleaning up’ after energy work..
  232. Pranayam, the basic 3 methods..
  233. Of Evil eyes and Children
  234. Exercise your bio-electricity
  235. Aura and Pran..
  236. Saturn turns retrograde, 2019..
  237. Ketu + Saturn in Sagittarius 2019, implications
  238. How the energy of food influences you
  239. Virgo – Pisces the most sensitive axis, Part 1
  240. Virgo and Pisces, the most sensitive axis – Part 2
  241. Virgo and Pisces, the most sensitive axis – Part 3
  242. The simplest spiritual practice.
  243. Chidra Dasha, the closure.. part 1
  244. Chidra Dasha, the closure.. part 2
  245. Chidra Dasha, the closure.. part 3
  246. Why Rahu/Ketu have no aspects..
  247. The moment of Death..
  248. Spirits and hauntings..
  249. Timing death for close relations
  250. Cancer disease astrologically,
  251. Birth – Death – Rebirth
  252. Gemini Sagittarius axis, Events in motion, part 1
  253. Kendra-adhi-pati, functional malefics..
  254. Gemini Sagittarius axis, Events in motion – Part 2
  255. Spare the rod and spoil the child? Really?
  256. Gemini Sagittarius axis, Events in motion, Part 3
  257. Yadnopavit sutra, ‘Sacred thread’
  258. Vaat Kapha Pitta in Ayurved and Astrology
  259. Speeds of the planets and their results
  260. Coconuts in energy work..
  261. Vaat dosha can lead to addictions 
  262. Rahu Mahadasha
  263. Panch Pran, vital energies and your Health
  264. Panchkosh energy layers of the Soul
  265. Ayurved – Sapt Dhatu 7 elements
  266. Planetary war, Graha Yuddha
  267. The 33 koti devata – Rudra
  268. Worst houses for the planets to be in!
  269. How to determine longevity, step-wise.
  270. Your hands give away your secrets, practical palmistry
  271. Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog way..
  272. Baal-Arishtha, Sufferings of children
  273. Predictive v/s Psychological Astrology
  274. Rahu Ketu Experience of gain and loss
  275. Retrograde planets, Saturn
  276. Rahu and karmic relationships
  277. Retrograde planets Jupiter
  278. Ketu and karmic relationships
  279. Panchbhoot the Five elements
  280. Sun Mahadasha
  281. Rahu Ketu as Yogkarak
  282. Analysing a single placement
  283. Soham, Hamsa and OM
  284. So and Ham, Sah and Aham
  285. To Experience and Transcend
  286. Mudra and Bandh in Dhyan
  287. Soul in the dream state
  288. Soul in Sushupti the deep sleep
  289. Binding and Release of the Soul
  290. Jivan Mukt and Videha Mukt
  291. Trigun, Satva Raja Tama
  292. 8th house Dushamsthan
  293. Moon, Sun, Mercury in the 8th house
  294. Upchaya houses, material prosperity
  295. Rahu Ketu in the 2/8 house axis
  296. Seeing Energy, Learn to see your Aura
  297. Is energy healing really energy sharing?
  298. Guru Stotra, Guru defined..
  299. Jupiter, Saturn placed in the 8th house 
  300. 24 Tattva, essences of existence9832a17c-9f8e-4f65-b299-578658e520fb.jpeg
  301. Venus and Mars placed in the 8th house
  302. The Conch, Shankh
  303. The adversarial 6/8 axis
  304. Two divisions of the Zodiac, psychologically
  305. Navel displacement and setting it right
  306. Planets placed 6th from Moon, emotional stress
  307. Analysing Vimshottari dasha of rulers of houses 1-6
  308. Vimshottari dasha of the rulers of the houses 7-12
  309. Pushkar Navamsha in the D-9 chart

  310. Vastu your home, the simplest and prettiest remedies
  311. Jupiter Mahadasha
  312. Aries – Libra, the beginnings Part 1

  313. Aries/Libra, The Beginnings, Part 2
  314. Aries/Libra, The Beginnings, Part 3
  315. Tripur, Tripurari, Tripursundari
  316. Using your dreams to improve your health
  317. Health tips from Swar yog
  318. Curses in the horoscope?
  319. Naming your baby, the astrologic twists and turns..
  320. Secrets of your Shadow Chhaya Sadhana
  321. Start learning astrology systematically
  322. Marma points, Heal your body yourself.
  323. Surya namaskar is an all-in-one remedy
  324. Real Health benefits of the Surya namaskar
  325. Birth Moon in the watery signs, Cancer Scorpio Pisces
  326. Birth Moon in Pisces, an analysis in emotions
  327. Moon in Scorpio into the subconscious
  328. Hindus worship Intelligent Consciousness
  329. Sagun and Nirgun Brahma, Moksh of two types
  330. Moon in Cancer, power to your emotions
  331. Psychic attacks, how do they happen?
  332. Defence against Dark Arts, perhaps
  333. Recovering from psychic attacks, healing
  334. Create and animate your astral shadow
  335. Working in the Psychic realms
  336. Bhagwat Gita as Yog-shastra
  337. Reiki attunement, about the risks
  338. The Gita starts with Dhrutarashtra
  339. Chakra Healing, stepwise
  340. Rahu Ketu analysis, if placed in the 5 /11 axis
  341. Karma of giving away energy
  342. Development of a child’s Chakra energy
  343. Kundalini piercing the 3 knots and the 6 chakra
  344. Analysis, Rahu in 5th, Ketu in 11th house
  345. How to cast your iChing hexagram
  346. Birth Moon in Taurus, an ode to beauty
  347. Moon in Virgo, perfection an emotional need
  348. Moon in Capricorn, Builder of society
  349. The Four Navratri and Devi puja
  350. Moon in the earthy signs, Taurus Virgo Capricorn
  351. Light a Lamp, use the power of Agni
  352. Six types of mantras in ‘magic’
  353. Exalted and debilitated planets, retrograde and forward
  354. What was Soma-ras exactly? Alcohol?
  355. Exalted planets analysis, Birth chart and Navamsha
  356. Ashtakvarga, an easy way to analyse transits
  357. Ashtakvarga, practical ways of using the tables
  358. Eclipses in the horoscope, birth and transit analysis
  359. Tilak, applying it on the forehead
  360. Debilitated planets, Birth chart and Navamsha
  361. Gayatri Mantra, Devi Sarasvati, Raja-gun and Agni
  362. More on Eclipses and their astrological results
  363. A curious case of over-weight
  364. Understanding combustion of planets
  365. Snakes and the Nakshatra yoni animals
  366. Using the Akshar, Mantra and Sanskrit
  367. Abusive parents, an astrological analysis
  368. Navamsha analysis for beginners
  369. Retrograde and combust planets are unfair?
  370. Is Jupiter an over-rated benefic
  371. The 12th House of Bridges
  372. The 12th house, support or sabotage
  373. Delve Deeper into the D9 Navamsha
  374. The 12th house, foreign and mysterious
  375. How to plan your day using Nakshatra
  376. Rahu and Ketu in the 6th 12th house axis
  377. Remedies for combust planets
  378. Chakshushi Mantra and health of your Eyes
  379. The performer, catalyst and Creator
  380. To observe Oneself is Moksh
  381. Stationary planets, Stambhit graha in transit and at birth
  382. True nodes stationary during eclipses
  383. Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius
  384. Change is the only constant
  385. Vigraha Moorti and idols
  386. Ketu conjunct planets Nov 2019 – Jan 2020
  387. Manage your Retrograde planets
  388. Unknown birth details and exact time of birth
  389. Nara Narayan and the Bhagwat Gita
  390. 12th house the Dushamsthan of Loss
  391. Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn combust in Sagittarius  
  392. Mutual exchange of houses, Parivartan
  393. Trigger and use your Dreams and Nightmares
  394. Dasha Mahavidya and the 10 dimensions
  395. Guru Chandal yog, Jupiter conjunct Rahu
  396. Karako bhavo nashto
  397. Delayed or denied marriage
  398. Fine tuning predictions, Dasha plus Transit
  399. Wealth combinations, Indu Lagna, Ekadashamsha 
  400. Cancellation of astrological combinations/ yog stories end
  401. Ganapati, his trunk, Pravrutti and Nivrutti
  402. Ashtakvarga for confirming predictions
  403. Sometimes predictions do fail
  404. Lunar eclipse 10th Jan 2020
  405. Kaalchakra Dasha, Deha Jiv, Gemini-Sagittarius
  406. Travel and your horoscope
  407. Love matches, genuine or fraud
  408. Shadows and evil eyes
  409. Sasa yog, Saturn in 2020-2025, spiritual aspects
  410. Capricorn the Mystic, Saturn in Capricorn
  411. Sookshma sharir, cracked auras and health
  412. Saturn and the troubles of the early childhood
  413. The 9th house, destiny, luck and blessings
  414. The 7th house, self, home, partners and profession
  415. Social nature and the signs
  416. Bhavat bhavam, convert the potential into the actual
  417. Constant Nija Guru v/s Other Anya Guru
  418. Shakata yog, Moon Jupiter 6/8
  419. Clairvoyance and how to develop it
  420. Venus Jupiter in opposition or conjunction
  421. Planets friendships and stelliums
  422. Sun in 4th or 10th, birth at midday or midnight
  423. Shortcuts for analysing a chart and Happiness
  424. Siddhis occult powers and True Realization
  425. Wearing gold and other ornaments
  426. Cancer ascendant, the depth of disinterest
  427. Leo ascendant Integration
  428. The Dark and bright halves – Part 1
  429. Karma action fruits of action, Bhagwat Gita style
  430. The Dark and bright halves – Part 2
  431. Do your friends behave as per their signs
  432. Spiritual practice, Marathons and Wins
  433. Friends, the 11th house and Gain
  434. The energy of the Kaal Sarpa
  435. Evolution of the Soul and the horoscope
  436. The sure-shot solution for prosperity
  437. Sun and the Sudarshan chakra chart
  438. Exorcisms and releasing spirits
  439. Rahu Ketu and existential sorrow..
  440. Assurance of Moksh 18-66 Bhagvat Gita Part-1
  441. Assurance of Moksh 18-66 Bhagvat Gita Part-2
  442. Abusive spouse from the horoscope
  443. Kantak Shani, Saturn in transit
  444. Transits and their power over you
  445. Real nature of the Sun and the deities
  446. Aleister Crowley and philosophy
  447. Criminal tendencies from the horoscope
  448. The Scorpio ascendant is Secret
  449. Your conscience and your soul
  450. Scorpio and its Strange Karma
  451. Sounds heard during mediation
  452. Love relationships and the Moon signs
  453. Ascendants and functional malefics
  454. Navamsha Analysis Summary
  455. Gemini, the luckiest ascendant
  456. Length and Rate of your breathing
  457. Corona virus and the current transits
  458. Pisces the Paradoxical ascendent
  459. Libra ascendant, Bound to Balance
  460. Coronavirus, planets and Indian weather
  461. Ketu, Sun, Mercury and the Coronavirus crisis
  462. Mool-trikon signs
  463. Hauntings and traumatic deaths
  464. Divisional Charts and when to use them
  465. Karma and Dhyan Meditation
  466. Soham, Sushumna Yog and the Sat-guru
  467. Vargottam concept in divisional charts
  468. Lok you go to after physical death
  469. Narcissists, abusive relationships and the horoscope
  470. Karmic events in New year Sharvari 2020-21
  471. Ketu conjunct other planets
  472. Movements of the Nine Planets/Graha
  473. Ketu conjunct Lord of the Ascendant sign
  474. Shakti yog, Moon Rahu combination
  475. Thoth Tarot, an example reading
  476. Thoth Tarot and personal growth
  477. Janma Nav-Tara Nakshatra chakra
  478. The toughest Vimshottari Antardasha
  479. Newborns with a loaded 11th or 12th house
  480. Saturn conjoint or aspecting Rahu, Shapit Dosh
  481. Manglik, a guide to analysing Mars in depth
  482. Manglik Mars, its power and timing events
  483. Jagat Guru Adi Shankaracharya
  484. Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn 2020
  485. Retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn Sagittarius 2020
  486. Venus retrograde and combust 2020
  487. The intensely karmic Vimshottari Antardashas
  488. Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes
  489. How to heal yourself with intention and visualisation
  490. Judge a true Ascetic from the horoscope
  491. Focused spiritual practice and desire for Moksh
  492. Neecha Bhang combinations for Debilitated planet
  493. Learn Devbhasha Samskrutam aka Sanskrit
  494. Nav nayak the 9 rulers of the year
  495. Lunar eclipse midnight 5th – 6th  June 2020
  496. Nakshatra Yoni and your personality
  497. Plan your day using Choghadiya
  498. Aquarius the ascendant of Gain 
  499. Solar eclipse 21st June 2020
  500. The Darshan Sashtra in Sanatan Dharma
  501. Sounds the planets make doctor who
  502. Temples in India where I have been to
  503. Lunar eclipse 5th July 2020
  504. Agnihotra Homa to harness the Sun’s power
  505. Ramayan, Hanuman and Sundarkand
  506. Chakra, Graha and the Rashi
  507. Ramal Shastra Tantra is the source of Geomancy and IChing
  508. The gazes of the planets
  509. Mars retrograde 2020
  510. Transit results of Mars
  511. Answering questions on doing Dhyan
  512. Rahu Ketu transit Taurus Scorpio 2020 -22
  513. A rare astrological event in Sept 2020
  514. Rahu Ketu in numerology
  515. Ishtha and Kastha phala in horoscope analysis
  516. Power of your 5th house and Mantra Siddhi
  517. Money Wealth and Prosperity
  518. Systems, houses, signs, the math
  519. Retrograde and combust Mercury 2020
  520. Daily pujas
  521. Drig Bala, Strength of the planets
  522. The menstrual phase of the monthly cycle
  523. Layers of Sanskrit
  524. Jupiter transiting Capricorn 2020-21
  525. Indra, his esoteric significance
  526. An urgent notice to my readers
  527. Ved Vedanta and Om
  528. Shadbala Sthan Bala
  529. Rahu Ketu in the 4/10 axis
  530. How divination works and the 9th house
  531. Karma and Saturn in the twelve houses
  532. Daana as an astrological remedy
  533. 2021 starts with Kaal sarpa and combustions
  534. Malefic results of Rahu Ketu
  535. Elder Futhark Runes Ansuz
  536. Bali
  537. Saturn in Shravan Nakshatra Capricorn 2021 22
  538. Gratitude and the Sun
  539. Mercury retrograde predictions for 2021
  540. Elder Futhark Rune Isa
  541. Rahu Ketu in the 1/7 axis
  542. Your chart and your birth
  543. Rhrunanubandah, the debts you owe
  544. Raj Yog in the horoscope
  545. Whom to give Daana
  546. Seven categories of the Nakshatra
  547. Auspiciousness of the Ascendant lord and the Yogkarak
  548. Rahu Ketu results in the 3/9 axis
  549. Transits of Jupiter over the birth planets
  550. Retrograde Jupiter 2021 in Aquarius and Capricorn
  551. Shri Plava Naam Samvatsara 2021-22 predictions
  552. Samaagam समागम
  553. Mercurial Mercury benefic neutral malefic
  554. Results planets give in the 12th house
  555. Teekshna Danshtra Bhairavashtakam
  556. Abhijit Nakshatra and his use in Jyotish
  557. Saturn retrograde Capricorn sign Shravan nakshatra 2021
  558. Adishankaracharya and Shivah
  559. Forms of the planets, gold silver copper iron
  560. Ascendant signs and problems in life
  561. Lunar eclipse 26 May 2021
  562. The Moon, your needs and timing Karma
  563. Four ways of estimating Time
  564. Solar Eclipse 10 June 2021
  565. Analysing the Vimshottari Saturn Mahadasha
  566. Jupiter and the Gajakesari Yog
  567. Saturn and his Sade Sati
  568. Maha mrutyunjai mantra
  569. Ascetics Sanyasi and Tapasvi yog
  570. Judging the underlying energy of a Mahadasha
  571. Navamsha and the important years in life
  572. How to judge a planet in your chart
  573. Choose the best day for conception or IVF
  574. Analysing the Karan in the Panchangam
  575. Ketu and the perfect remedy
  576. Sarpa yog and Sarpashapa yog
  577. Adopt the Gayatri mantra routine
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  581. Mantra pujas the dos and don’ts
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  583. Why different techniques in Jyotish
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  586. Saturn and Moon emotional betrayal and trust issues
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  629. Tips for a Satvik lifestyle, Satvik foods
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