Auspiciousness of the Ascendant lord and the Yogkarak

A longish answer for an oft repeated question.

The ascendant lord (post here) can never be a overt malefic for the chart. He cannot give inauspicious results by himself. An ascendant lord being overtly malefic would mean a complete damage to both the physical body and the mental make-up. Also this would mean that the person would always exist in incompatible environments. And would further indicate a complete inability to manage the situations he is placed in. All of us feel physically ill or out of place sometimes but this is a temporary thing triggered by the current dasha-s and transits (post here). We do not feel like this all the time from birth to the death.

So, again, the ascendant lord cannot be a full fledged malefic for the birth chart. He will, by his own nature, always be auspicious or at the worst, neutral.

Now some ascendant signs have a built in issue. Here the ascendant lord may not give very kind or gentle results, but even then he will not be a direct malefic. He would behave in the range of neutral to good. And if aspected by benefics or placed in a powerful house or an auspicious sign he will give auspicious results. These are the ascendant signs where this sort of confusion is likely.  

  • For ascendant sign Aries, Mars rules the 1st and 8th house, but still can give quite good results on his own. Aggressive and also capable of taking advantage of all transformative situations in life.
  • Similarly for Libra ascendant, Venus owns the 1st and 8th house and quite capable of giving pleasing results. In some cases an inclination for the occult. 
  • For Aquarius ascendant Saturn rules the 1st and 12th house. In addition to giving positive results he can also grant a spiritual bent of mind. 
  • Scorpio ascendants have Mars owning the 1st and 6th houses, he is definitely going to give positive results. Aggression plus a capacity to use karmic bindings to gain in several ways.
  • Only for Taurus ascendant with Venus owning the 1st and 6th houses, as per the Bruhat Parashar Hora shastra, Venus is said to give cruel results. The 6th is the house of imbalance and Venus is the embodiment of perfect balance. But in the Taurus ascendants I have seen, Venus has not given overtly malefic results, I have seen neutral to good results or even auspicious ones if well aspected by benefics etc. So here too, Venus is not an overt malefic. 

In these cases, more often than not, I have observed that the traumatic nature of the specific dushamsthan, ie the 6th, 8th or 12th houses is toned down a bit because it is owned by the ascendant lord. Or the personality is able to benefit in some way from the traumatic events related to this house. Or at least navigate through these issues in a more comfortable manner. The ascendant lord can never by his essential nature, he is the owner of the 1st house, cause direct harm.


The ascendant lord is the most important planet in the horoscope. He determines how your personality and the environment around you interact with each other. How you use the stuff surrounding you and how your surrounding things influence you. Can you effectively use the things you have? These things are your own body, your mind-set, your perceptions, your nature, the people around you, your assets, your stresses, your enemies, your problems, everything. How well you use these things is your ascendant lord. It is very important that this planet be placed in conducive signs, aspected by benefics and in favourable houses. The ascendant lord should be powerful for the overall life to be easy.

Obviously if the ascendant lord is aspected by malefics or even functional malefics, he will be restrained from giving his positive results and can then give unpleasant results because of this influence on him. This can happen for all the ascendant signs. And just one position does not make a full reading, so there should be at least 3 or more patterns for the results to manifest in a severely damaging shape.

  • If he is conjunct malefics, then you will have to consider the graha yuddha/ planetary war, the ashtakvarga points of both, shadbala etc to determine who will influence the other more. Closer they are, the more effect they will have on each other. But the malefic planet will make the person more cruel, aggressive etc depending on its nature. Best use of such a conjunction would be to actively choose professions where these energies can find a safe outlet.
    • eg someone with ascendant lord conjunct 6th house lord, Jupiter. He is well-known as a good doctor, but is frequently ill, has enemies who come disguised as friends, anyone he thinks of as a teacher/ elder causes him harm.  
  • The ascendant lord placed in the dushamsthan can be a point of concern only if he is weak. If he is strong, he can make the most of these 6th 8th and 12th house environments, use them in some way for personal progress.
    • Eg a chart with the ascendant lord in the 6th house. Physical weakness and severe conflicts in life eg brothers cheated him, professional rivalries etc triggered by dasha changes. He is a good astrologer takes proper care in time to reduce their impact on him. 
  • Ascendant lord debilitated can get worrying. The body or the mind can be weak or the environment not conducive for the personality. This with time has its effect on the mind and emotions and can cause bitterness and meanness. Trigger dasha periods have to be identified and managed properly. However if the planet moves to a better navamsha then there are internal reserves of strength which can be used in times of these emergencies. Or is situated in a powerful house and influenced by benefics. 
    • eg a chart with the Moon as ascendant lord debilitated in the 5th house. This person is not married, not a very likeable personality. Is a professor, a PhD guide, with several students whom he guides. He is considered quite good in his subject. Here the ascendant lord even though debilitated is in the 5th house, so the intensity of imbalance is lesser.
  • Combust ascendant lord. If he is Mercury, this is a rather common situation, and there are benefic influences then the effects are less severe. But for all other ascendants, extra analysis will be needed. Results will vary as per degree of combustion and the friend/enemy relationship that the two have. The result is generally a typical solar nature, this can be a good or bad thing depending on the use you put this energy too. The nature is more self-oriented, confidence level can be so high that it can result in foolishness or can conversely create low self-esteem. The body is prone to heat and illness related to this can occur frequently. Trigger points will obviously be the combustions of this planet in transit and specific dashas. (do check the index page for posts on combust planets).
    • eg a chat with the ascendant lord Mars combust in the 4th house. A rather accident prone person, highly intelligent and very patriotic, eventually joined the army. 
  • Retrograde ascendant lord. This also can create hidden weakness in the body which can be triggered by the routine retrogression of the planet concerned and the dasha periods. 
    • eg retrograde ascendant lord Jupiter in the 11th house, closely conjunct with Mars. This person has very high levels of confidence, lives an overall a good life. He trusts others excessively, gets betrayed, has no real friends. Has a weak liver, overweight.
  • If he has very low points in the ashtakvarga for the sign he occupies in the birth chart. Or if he shifts to a worse house/sign in the navamsha, this always indicates a hidden weakness in the personality. 

Analysing the ascendant lord is a very necessary step in your analysis. If the ascendant lord, birth Moon and the Sun are powerful, they are going to add to the overall positivity and power of the chart. But if the Sun and Moon are strong but the ascendant lord is weak then the horoscope will not be able to make full use of their energies. So give due importance to the ascendant lord when you study horoscopes.


Now Yogkarak planets (post here). Any planet which owns a Kendra and a Kona house simultaneously is a yogkarak. The yogkarak-s are just these three planets and for just these six ascendant signs. 

  • Saturn – Taurus and Libra ascendants
  • Mars – Cancer and Leo ascendants
  • Venus – Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants

The other remaining 6 ascendant signs do not have Yogkarak planets. The Yogkarak is always a functional benefic for the specific ascendant sign. It cannot harm by its inherent nature. This planet is very important because he is responsible for 2 critical houses of the chart. One will either be the 5th or the 9th ie he will be either Mantresh or Dharmesh of the Dharma trikon. The other will be a Kendra house, ie one of the four actual building blocks of your life. The Yogkarak needs to be powerful in his own right to be able to give auspicious and pleasing results. Placed in good houses, signs, aspected by benefics, having good ashtakvarga scores, good strength eg high shad-bala, shifting to a powerful navamsha, etc, he will be capable of giving excellent results, ie Raj yog level stuff is possible from this one single planet. 

  • Eg a Libra ascendant chart with the Saturn Yogkarak in the 12th house. This person has a good life, very well educated, a high paying job, good family life etc and after Saturn matured during the 36th yrs of life (post here), this person gained even better things in life, got promoted, regained health and met his significant someone. 

But it is quite possible that a Yogkarak gives displeasing results, or more correctly, is incapable of giving pleasing results. This can happen when he is not powerful to begin with. Especially if debilitated, combust or afflicted by even more malefics, then do analyse him in depth. If he is prevented from giving his results, then the 2 houses he controls also suffer. And remember that he is in charge of 2 very important houses, that is why he is called Yogkarak in the first place. Again, a Yogkarak can never be a active malefic in a chart, he is always a functional benefic. But he can be obstructed from giving favourable results and then a lot of things can go wrong in your life. He will not turn into a malefic, but just will be unable to give happy results. Debilitation or combustion of the Yogkarak must be studied in depth, so writing a bit for you to think on.

Combust Yogkarak is a very typical position as this will mean that the Mars, Saturn or Venus are burnt to ashes by the Sun, ie closely conjoint the Sun.

  • Mars and Sun together will be a highly aggressive, selfish, over-confident etc nature. Both malefics with typical natures, this combination in a chart will cause a overdose of cruel energies in the houses owned by Mars and Sun, plus the house where they are placed and the houses which they aspect. Mars has additional 4th and 8th aspects too. That would be about 50% of the chart under their influence.
  • Sun and Saturn, though father and son, are not on good terms with each other. So Saturn combust will mean extreme discomfort for both. Fiery and airy energies, both malefic, indifferent, unemotional and cruel. Selfishness, outer bravado, a show of confidence, an internal low self esteem. All the houses they influence will be affected by this imbalance. And remember that Saturn has additional 3rd and 10th aspects.
  • Finally Sun and Venus are also enemies. If Venus is combust then there is a breakdown of harmony and balance in the life. Equitable partnerships are destroyed, self ego predominates, financial issues, family related stuff can cause pain. Again all the houses they own or are located in or aspect will be affected by their energies.

(Wrote several posts on combust planets, do use the index page to locate them, if you wish to read more)


Debilitated Yogkarak –  This affects the two important houses and the results you can expect from them. Debilitation means that the planet is in an environment completely unsuited to his nature. He is made to work in a surrounding which is fully un-enabling.  Something like a king being asked to sweep the streets. Or a manual labourer being made to work as a king. He cannot do this job. So, despite being a well-meaning planet, a debilitated Yogkarak damages the houses he owns, the sign/house he occupies, the planets he conjuncts/aspects and of course the overall personality too. He does not know how to do his job, so takes wrong decisions, performs inappropriate actions, trusts the wrong persons, etc makes a overall mess of everything.

  • Eg a chart with Yogkarak Mars debilitated in the ascendant itself. This person had chronic and acute illnesses, interrupted education etc. The 5th and 10th houses keywords also show the ill-effects of the debilitated house lord. Interestingly as the Mars maturity period started, he broke up with his genuine well wishers and got into bad company.

I have given these brief results to start your thought process. Do use the keywords of the houses concerned to add more meanings.

  • Taurus ascendant –  the lord of the 9th and 10th houses debilitated in the 12th house. Extreme restlessness, physical problems, lack of rest, denial of spirituality, rootlessness, no help from peers/society, issues in profession/ home, luckless life, cruel nature etc. Debilitated Saturn post.
  • Libra ascendant – the lord of the 4th and 5th houses debilitated in the 7th house – bad partners and unhappy partnerships, issues with children/mother, interrupted education, materialistic nature, social behaviour against accepted norms, indifferent home environment, cruel and unemotional nature.
  • Cancer ascendant – the lord of the 5th and 10th houses debilitated in 1st house – gives outwardly generally ok results. On the inner level there is no peace, a burning intensity, no comfort in anything, formal education incomplete, children affected, unhappiness in profession, cannot get along with father, cruel and indifferent nature. Debilitated Mars post.
  • Leo ascendant – the lord of the 4th and 9th houses debilitated in the 12th house – there is a inclination for the occult, but physical health problems, issues with siblings, family, seniors, frustrations in marriage, office, unemotional etc.
  • Capricorn ascendant – the lord of the 5th and 7th houses debilitated in 9th house – any planet in the 9th house performs well. Venus here can give a religious orientation with time. But a materialistic nature, and an intense desire to gain social status and money exists, calculative. Debilitated Venus post.
  • Aquarius ascendant  – the lord of the 4th and 9th houses debilitated in the 8th house – partnerships fail, hidden diseases, unhappy home environment, cannot get along with the mother, divorces, multiple affairs, there is no harmony in life, calculative nature.


Finally, to wrap up this post, Rahu Ketu too in special cases can function as Yogkarak (post here). This is possible for all the ascendant signs. Their results are exclusively on the astral plane. They affect the mind, emotions, life purpose, motivations. But they can give material results through the planets they are conjunct with and the sign/house they are placed in.

  • Eg I know a chart with Ketu in the 5th house functioning as a Yogkarak. This person has a very comfortable life, material assets, education, job, marriage, children and intensely spiritual bent of mind. Intuition is very high. Has not formally learnt much on divination yet gives reasonably accurate predictions. 

So the point being, do read a lot from different books. But if you really want to understand astrology well enough to make good predictions, you have to practice. Do start with your own study and come to your own conclusions, this is the ideal way to learn (post here).

45 thoughts on “Auspiciousness of the Ascendant lord and the Yogkarak

  1. Shala March 21, 2021 / 10:56 am

    Maam, I was always told, growing up, that post Lord Krishna death and destruction of yadava clan, around that period kali yug started and the more pronounced effects of rahu all around.
    But all the haphazard random info out there, people give varying accounts of what yuga we are in.
    Are we in kali yug?
    And when kali yug ends, does it go backwards to dvapara, tretha and satya in that order, or directly after kali yug fresh cycle starts from satya /krita yug?


    • astrologerbydefault March 21, 2021 / 7:37 pm

      Hi there
      i had written a reply to this question earlier, repeating that part again.

      Frankly am not interested about the durations of the Yug-s or the Kalki avatar. It has no direct relevance to me at this point of time. I have naturally read a lot on these topics. But the time periods are too too vast to be of relevance to a human of max 120yrs life span. its for me an academic curiosity.
      The yug-s go from Satya, Treta, Dvapar, Kali, Satya, and so on…

      If you are reading about the Yug-s etc, the calculations have to be as per the Surya Siddhant. If not then they are wrong.
      As per the Surya Siddhant and Aryabhatt’s calculations, the Aryabhattiya, we have entered Kaliyug 5100yrs ago in the Pramathi naan samvatsara. In English terms it would be exactly Thursday 22nd Jan 3101 BC. I have not calculated this, I obviously do not have tht type of skill in this life. But I think that this is the most logical calculation and is corroborated by several sources. Everyone else alive now uses this date for the Sankalp that’s taken before doing pujas.
      As per the Mahabharat, this is also the time after the physical death of Krishna/destruction of the Yadav clans.
      interestingly, in this last battle on the seashore, the entire Yadav clan perished, no man was left alive. Only some women survived.
      So the people with the surname Yadav or Jadhav in this current times who claim to be direct descendants of Krishna are incorrect. Krishna’s Yadav clan went extinct at the end of the Dvapar.

      But i have not come across a reference which says that Kali-yug has pronounced effects of Rahu. So cannot comment on this part.

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      • sumitshekhar01 March 21, 2021 / 8:29 pm

        Hi Ma’am,

        Sri Yuketswar has claimed that we are in Dwapar yuga which began in 1700 AD. We had Kali Yuga or dark ages for 1200 years from 500AD to 1700AD. The dwapar yuga will last for 2400 years till 4100AD. How correct is this?

        P.S. Read this in the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda


      • astrologerbydefault March 21, 2021 / 9:52 pm

        Hi there
        I had mentioned this already somewhere but repeating the gist

        my personal opinion – Yukteshwar Giri’s ayanamsha is incorrect. this says a lot about his understanding of math.
        someone can be a great Jyotishi on the basis of intuition/divine blessings alone if the chart is powerful enough.
        Giri was a phenomenal Jyotishi.
        i had heard this story about him, which could actually be true. there was some Guru and his disciples wanted to know his birth details, apparently they wanted to celebrate this day. Giri went to meet him. the Guru raised his right hand in blessing. Giri, in this few seconds, analysed the lines on his palm and gave his correct birth details.

        i have seen 2 very old Jyotishi-s, both with heavy duty pujas. plus the Gayatri mantra siddh. didnt need the horoscope to answer questions. also didnt need to hear the question from the client. could answer the question which the client had in his mind.

        Back to the yug calculations, as i have mentioned several times,
        for any value/ calculation to be accepted it has to follow the Surya siddhanta,
        Aryabhatiya follows the Surya siddhanta.
        i personally do not not feel compelled to dive into the yug-s. it is an utterly vast time frame to be of any use to me in my life. my personal life span will obviously be less than 120yrs. I accept Aryabhatt’s calculations, his was a towering intellect, and use his values for my Sankalp-s during pujas.

        i will not read the book you mentioned, because
        1. i skimmed thru it once, it was more than enough
        2. i know what kind of ‘diksha’ is given by the organization which he headed. if anyone does this type of stuff, it will take a few life times to wash it off from his/her system.

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      • sumitshekhar01 March 21, 2021 / 10:10 pm

        Ma’am, I meant I had read those lines in that book.


  2. Shala March 21, 2021 / 11:06 am

    Maam if all the trikona Lords (1.5.9)are conjunct in 5 th house including ascendant Lord and yogakarak, would that not mean all these house which each of the planets rule plus the entire dharma of the person would be influenced greatly/ steered by past life merit/ demerit ?
    So current life actions/ intention would have lesser say and only play part in storehouse of karma for future lives?


    • astrologerbydefault March 21, 2021 / 7:45 pm

      Hi there
      If this pattern is in someone’s chart, it would mean 3-4 planets in one house,
      if they are all working well together then this would be a chart of an extraordinary individual.
      He will be able to actively use the power of his past punya to consciously move in this life, this ability will be evident after the maturity of these 3-4 planets. what he chooses to do with this will depend on his Rahu.

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      • Shala March 21, 2021 / 11:03 pm

        😀thank you maam. And if the rahu is conjunct moon you had said significations would delay till 48.
        Thanks again maam.
        P. S thanks for letting me know I am not an oddball for feeling uncomfortable about the book autobiography of a yogi. I had faced some heat for expressing my opinion on this topic with some ” Practioners”.😀


  3. sumitshekhar01 March 21, 2021 / 3:45 pm

    Hi Ma’am,

    What if the ascendant and the ascendant lord are in paap kartari yoga. For example, how to read the ascendant lord if Venus is sitting in the ascendant in Libra but in paap kartari yoga? The Venus is also aspected by Jupiter from the fifth house. Many thanks


    • astrologerbydefault March 21, 2021 / 7:42 pm

      Hi there
      i wrote a post on Venus-Jupiter conjoint/aspects,
      then i have written several posts on Libra ascendant.
      use the index page to locate them.
      asc lord in the asc is a very good thing. if he has good scores in ashtakvarga, shadbala, or shifts into a powerful navamsha then even better results.
      if the paap-kartari graha are functional benefics for libra asc then it is no issue.
      and even if these are functional malefics in the paap-kartari it wont matter much as its asc lord in asc, he has inherent power here
      only times you should take care is when venus in transit goes combust or something as you might face temporary problems during this time.

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  4. R S March 21, 2021 / 4:23 pm

    Ma’am, how about asc lord in marana karaka sthana? Ex: Aries asc Mars in Libra. Will planet maturity improve the situation in these cases?


    • astrologerbydefault March 21, 2021 / 7:24 pm

      Hi there
      planets always give more balanced results after they mature
      try to make the most of the opportunities which will be available during the year when he starts maturing


  5. shandilyasandilya March 21, 2021 / 10:19 pm

    Hi Mam,

    If mars (yogakarak) is placed with saturn and moon together for cancer acendant, will mars will give inauspicious or neutral reults ?



    • astrologerbydefault March 22, 2021 / 8:31 am

      Hi there
      Mars yogkarak with Saturn marakesh and Moon lagnesh.
      Even if the house/sign are favourable, whoever this is, must do a life time mantra puja, best is obviously to do Gayatri jaap.

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      • shandilyasandilya March 22, 2021 / 3:32 pm

        Thanks a lot Mam.


  6. ahambodham March 22, 2021 / 4:54 am

    Thank you for this wonderful article Tejaswini ji 🙏 cleared some of my doubts i had..🙂

    But a couple more questions;

    1. Would Ketu be a ‘practical yogakarak’ if it is conjunct in 7th house with the actual yogakarak (combust venus – lord of 5th & 10th) along with the 8th lord? The ashtakvarga for yogakarak is 4 & remains in 7th house in navamsha as well.

    2. If the asc lord is combust in 4th aspecting yogakarak in 6th (dushum sthaan) – does that indicate both asc lord & yogakarak r weak for giving pleasing results as per D1? We r talking about Saturn aspecting venus here..
    Saturn (asc lord) with good ashtakvarga but moves to Leo (3rd house) in navamsha venus (yogkarak) moves to a better house in navamsha.

    Thank you 🙏


    • astrologerbydefault March 22, 2021 / 8:38 am

      Hi there
      Have written about ketu yogkarak in a post. Those conditions have to b fulfilled.
      Asc lord combust will give its typical result, affecting the 4th house keywords. Also read tht post on sun in 4th house.
      Though saturn venus r friends his 3rd aspect can b difficult. So things will improve after 36yrs.
      Yogkarak in 6th house, tht too Venus, if strong can help in a good career. But personal life can b affected
      Whoever this is shud choose a career where the energy of Venus is used outside the home.


      • ahambodham March 22, 2021 / 10:46 am

        Thank you ma’am🙏

        Ketu as practical yogkarak fulfills all the requirements, but with a couple of additional ones & neither seems to be a positive condition.. the planets in conjunction are 1) combust (actual yogkarak for the ascendant), 2) with the 8th lord and hence the question 🙏

        For the second part, the native is studying for medicine 😊 hopefully that profession would suit the conditions..!


  7. Chaitali March 22, 2021 / 1:52 pm

    Pranams Tejaswini ji,
    Thank you for all that you share. Could you please share your thoughts on Shiv Shakti yog/ vish yog. If in navamsa this conjunction is in 9th house Pisces and Venus – ketu in 10th house would it show potential for spiritual growth. Thank you.


    • astrologerbydefault March 22, 2021 / 4:13 pm

      Hi there
      here is no shivshakti or vish yog mentioned in the BPHS


      • Chaitali March 23, 2021 / 9:41 am

        Thank you Ma’am


  8. pranaychinni March 22, 2021 / 2:08 pm

    Madam 5th 9th lord conjunction in 7th for saggatirus ascendant is good for career?


  9. Anne March 22, 2021 / 9:08 pm

    Dear Mam

    What would be your opinion on ascendant lord being debilitated in Shahrukh khan’s chart? I like to study celebrity charts in order to correlate events. His chart seems interesting.
    His Sun doesn’t get neechbhanga either.

    Even though he lost his father, he still has an envious life (I know people with non debilitated sun losing their father early in life) and doesn’t seem to have low self confidence (associated with Deb sun)

    I know we can’t just read a chart based on one planet and deduct but everywhere I read, ascendant lord seems to be very important.

    Thank you 🙏🙏


    • astrologerbydefault March 23, 2021 / 8:40 am

      Hi there
      I don’t use celebrity charts as these are not balanced regular people. Chart gives extraordinary results in one aspect of life, rest is not so good. And most of them hide their real birth details. Also hide their personal life details.
      So cannot comment on this.


  10. ahambodham March 23, 2021 / 12:32 am

    Namaste 🙏
    just wanted to learn if you give any significance to ‘Maandi’, considered an offspring (upagraha) of Saturn in south India..!

    Thanks 🙏


    • astrologerbydefault March 23, 2021 / 11:40 am

      Hi there
      Mandi/Gulika is used in predictions and there are several upagraha-s which are used.
      refer to BPHS, the translation by R Santhanam is good


  11. Chirag Pandya March 23, 2021 / 11:15 am

    My Pranams .

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

    Will u take a few spiritual questions which are bothering me and unable to find satisfactory answers


    On Sun, 21 Mar 2021, 10:01 psychologically astrology, wrote:

    > astrologerbydefault posted: “A longish answer for an oft repeated > question. The ascendant lord (post here) can never be a overt malefic for > the chart. He cannot give inauspicious results by himself. An ascendant > lord being overtly malefic would mean a complete damage to both the phys” >


  12. Ankur March 23, 2021 / 12:01 pm

    First of all, thank you so much for your blog. It is enriching and helpful in gaining insight into topics from an amazing person such as yourself. Your naishkarmyata reflects in your writings and I bow to you for sharing such profound wisdom with a strong emphasis on spirituality.

    This is unrelated to the current post, but something I’ve always wanted to ask you. Please pardon my ignorance at the outset and my apologies in exhibiting my lack of knowledge on the subject matter. moksha according to Adi Shankaracharya is not an “experience”. Any experience being in desh kaal vastu, by definition cannot be anant, as brahm/Atma is. Therefore according to him, moksha is the gyaan of one’s self, which is Sat Chit Ananda. Now, any kriya, siddhis, karm yoga etc can be preparatory steps towards chit shuddhi, but Advaitic moksha if you will, is that knowledge. Nothing more nothing less. Afterall, Atma doesn’t act or “do anything”. If the mind attempts to ‘be’ Atma, that’s objectifying Atma which is the ultimate subject. I understand that different traditions in sanatan dharma such as Kashmir Shaivism etc may closely follow the reasoning of Advaita and use slightly different terminologies (Tripura Rahasya) being a good example. Ramana Maharshi used to cite this as a perfect Advaitic text but there’s debate on whether it is an Advaitic text or not). In my reading of Adi Shankaracharya’s text I have not come across any reference to Brahm or Atma being a state one can attain to. It is merely claiming the I to be that, through gyaan nishtha. I see that you, like me, hold Adi Shankaracharya in the highest of regards and this dichotomy has been on my mind.


    • astrologerbydefault March 23, 2021 / 8:57 pm

      Hi there
      You are absolutely correct.

      But there is no dichotomy. There are simply perspectives. We students say that we wish to attain it, because we think that we d not have it. The Sat-Guru says that we cannot ‘attain’ it because he knows that we already are It.

      Understanding this takes lifetimes in this Lila. That’s why we students need to have Vivek and Vairagya, the most important tools. Vivek to understand what is incorrect. Vairagya is to completely discard these false ideas. Thus you discard all these concepts which are false and what remains, what Is is the Non dual awareness.

      My favourite book is his Bhashya on the Mandukya Upanishad. And my favourite composition is his Brahmajnyanavali mala. If anyone finds the Bhashya too complicated to read through, then the Mala is in simpler words.

      As I have mentioned several times, the course work has to match the student. Cannot teach a PhD level course to a 1st std kid. Advaita is PhD level.

      Now since you have asked this question, I will write these lines. Sort of PhD lines.
      In my blog I have written about energy/ pilgrimages/ yantras/ pujas/ mantras/ moorti puja. I have also written about Om as moorti of the Advaita. Dhyan is necessary with Soham, Hamsa, Om etc. But, and this is the paradox, these practices will not lead you to yourself. You Are everything that Is! How can something lead you to your self? There is nothing else but the Advaita.
      I have written about the pujas of Devi too. The Devi is Prakruti, Maya, the playground, the game and the players too. If you want any material stuff related to the Game, do worship Her, she will grant you your wish. But the Advaita is beyond this Game. This Lila is false knowledge. So if you really want the true knowledge, there will come a stage where you will stop doing Devi pujas. The deities will seem faded, paper cut-out types. You start sensing the inherant truth. Lila may exist or not exist, this question becomes irrelevant to you. What you want is not this, but what is within you. So you focus on your real desire. You focus on the inner energy that you are.
      But Maya will do her Lila and through her Vikshep and Avaran Shakti to keep you away from the truth. So you fight Maya with the tools of the same Maya, ie kirtan, tirthyatra, mantra, pujas, dhyan, listening to pravachan-s of the Sat-guru etc. These activities help you fortify your intention to know yourself.
      Pilgrimages and satsangs are very much necessary. But till what stage? You cannot go about clapping your hands singing bhajans and think that this is the highest level of Truth. These activities are at the beginning of spiritual route. It is like the 1st std. 40% of people who read this blog are at this level. (50% have not even started on this road.)
      I write that Soham Dhyan is necessary, but till what stage? This is like 10th std. Maybe 10% of my readers are at this stage. After that what? What is college course work? What is going to give your PhD? This, I cannot write in a blog. But if you do your Soham, ie pass your 10th std, this next stage will be shown to you from within. I have mentioned several times that you cannot be attached to your spiritual practice. You will have to leave this also behind. It is also false knowledge. It will not help you realise your own reality. It is in the domain of Maya, it can never lead you to the Advaita.
      This is clearly given by Jagat Guru in the Alatshanti prakaran. It is something like this, you search through several routes, several practices, reaching a dead end always. Kirtan will not take you to yourself. Tirth-yatra will not. Mantra will not. Dhyan also will not. But to confirm that these routes will indeed not take you there, you have to practice them. You have to experience the max limit of every sort of spiritual practice and only then the Vivek Vairagya thing will kick in.
      Then finally when you realise that you cannot be taken there by any route whatsoever, at that instant you realise that you are already there.
      I remember so very many of my past lives doing these spiritual activities to their max. And coming to this same conclusion. I am the truth myself. There is no coming nor going. There Is.
      (My Guru used to say this in Marathi “Amche na jaane aahe na yeene ahe, Amhi ahot” and i still remember the power of his words)
      Every jivatma does this thing coz this is the Lila/Maya. These concepts are very subtle and cannot be understood by everyone nor can be taught.
      If you want to play some more, focus on the Lila and enjoy its variety.
      If you want the Truth, focus singly on your Self and none but the Self.
      What do you want?
      We spiritual aspirants are those idiots who roam around searching for water, all the time unaware that we hold a full water bottle in our hand.

      In the last Alatashanti Prakaran of this Bhashya, the last 10 shloka-s he dismantles everything that we are traditionally taught. I still remember when I first read it, I was so filled with joy! It was such a relief to see the Jagat-Guru writing what I always knew from within.
      My Sat-Guru and his before him used to give pravachan-s. They all said these same things which I read now in this book. I still remember my Sat Guru laughing at one of his shishya-s. He was showing him some books. And my Guru said ‘you are going to shops and paying money to read what I am teaching so freely in my pravachan-s’. Hearing pravachans on Shuddha Jnyan, the pure Advaita from a Jivan-mukt, sitting in front of him, nothing else in my life even comes close to this.
      All rituals, all Dhyan, all Sadhana, all Samadhi-s, everything conceivable is thrown out.
      one of my friends was describing a samadhi avastha with rapt wonder and i was wondering that what is the use? if i have to do an extra procedure to experience this samadhi then it cannot be the Advaita. Advaita is a present state, It Is. not something which will be given as a prize. there are no two, its non-dual.
      Even the A U M of Om will b transcended, only the soundless, the silence called the turiya, which is not a part of the Lila, remains as the nearest to the Advaita.
      Omkaram Bindu Samyukta nityam dhyayanti yoginah, kamadam mokshadam cha Eva, omkaraya, namo namah.
      Its “Omkaram Bindu Samyukta”… So the Bindu is the most important part of the Omkar. This is the true knowledge.
      After this false knowledge is trashed what remains is the Advaita, your self. You will experience Jagrat Swapna Sushupti you realise that this is not the truth (Vivek dawns) and then you toss it out (Viragya dawns). Thus you remain with your Self.

      this was a rather rambling reply to your question, i enjoyed writing it,
      at least one of my readers appreciates that the state of advaita is the inherent state.
      It Is.

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      • ahambodham March 23, 2021 / 9:30 pm

        🙏🙏felt like i just read the gist of Vedanta, with the reverberations of Atma/Nirvana Shatkam in my ears🙏🙏….. There is nothing to be gained, which is already the ‘Siddha Vastu and the that aone IS’🙏🙏🙏


      • Ankur March 24, 2021 / 12:19 am

        Hello, I feel invigorated by your reply which is full of insight, even though you humbly titled it a “rambling”. I am so privileged to hear your thoughts on Advaita.

        As for Advaitic texts themselves, for the reasons you mentioned above: Ashtavakra Gita is my favorite (even more than the Bhagwad Gita). Not comparing or constrasting as one mundanely & flippantly does, these two serve different seekers (Arjuna and King Janak), but my love for both and also Avdhoot Gita (although for different reasons); Ashtavakra is the nectar of Advaita; in one place he says that for the gyaani, what is bondage and what is moksha. What a profound statement! Truth rather!

        And my thoughts go alone these lines. Just sharing them in the spirit of discussion. Perhaps you may agree. Leela for Ram, and Krishna was Leela because Ram (through Yog Vashishth) had tatva gyaan as a human name and form anyway, so did Krishna; so for them life was a leela. But for a lot of people (99.99% perhaps?) caught in sadness and happiness, identification of the I or the self with their mind and in some cases their bodies means that the ahankara simply cannot see life as a leela, because it’s so invested in it, controlling its environment, people & things etc. That is why some people simply Cannot laugh at themselves.

        As for Advaita itself, the cognitive shift of the I sense from mind body complex to claiming Atma as ol what one is (Chhandogya Upanishad) says you are that, not you will become that; so once one “realizes” (through Shravanna, manana, niddhidhyasana the Advaitic self as it were; it can be quite liberating but scary too. For once, even studying Advaita means the mind is exposed to ideas about itself, wherein the ahamkara hated it. It wants to perpetuate its existence. For a gyaani, it’s ahamabhasa (as though aham), and prarabdhha like roasted seeds (all karmas burnt up). In a practical sense, life continues and the mind body
        Complex continues to act. If I say I will do something, the question is who is this I? I the Atma doesn’t do anything. So, QnA thoughts memories everything really is just reflected consciousness. In my personal journey, Advaita was a natural culmination of a question that nagged me all my life despite material achievements, that there is something in my mind, that craves for infinitude and worldly
        Things are a poor poor approximation of that, and impermanent ones at that. To clarify, I am around 30. So take it for what is is. But the way I’ve understood is from a story attributed to Adi Shankar (not sure if correctly). He was walking with a disciple in a market place and his disciple asked him about bondage and freedom. adi Shankar pointed a man walking with his cow, her rope in his hands. Adi Shankara asked his disciple: who owns whom?. The man owns the cow, the disciple replied. Something happened and the cow ran away and the man went about searching frantically. Adi Shankara said to his disciples, who owns whom now? {the story could be a little different but the gist remains}.

        Finally, my own perception has changed dramatically, upon a study and niddhidhyasana on Upanishads, including Mandyukya that you referred to. That and Bhagwad Gita. I appreciate everything around me, as Krishna (it’s easier for nidhhidyasana), but this took away a lot of my existential dread or fear even otherwise. If everything is Krishna alone (call It Brahm, or Atma, or peace or चैन or Satyam), who is afraid of whom. So, outward activities continue but there is a constant point in my mind, doing neti neti silently). Has made my life a lot more
        Peaceful and ofcourse have dropped so many things I don’t consider relevant now. So yes, it’s a different kind of life (not as commonly depicted as going from super materialist to sanyasi), but just operating from a knowledge of inner fullness (purnamadah purnamidam). Again, I am just a super super novice at digesting Advaitic wisdom, but whenever I listen to Nirvana Shatakam, i end up crying tears silently. It happens every single
        Time somehow. There’s a gorgeous rendition on YouTube by two channels “RAAS family” and “Vichara”, of Nirvana Shatakam, which move me. There is also one by pandit Jasraj on YT (magical).

        In any event, I shall end my incoherent musings. And thank you again! For being so kind to share your knowledge through this blog and empowering so many people.


      • astrologerbydefault March 24, 2021 / 2:44 pm

        Hi there
        Every soul here is performing his own Lila.
        This ‘Lila’ word has been appropriated rather aggressively by certain sects who need ‘god-heads’. But Lila really means the Lila of every Jivatma.

        Lila – game, diversion, disguise, superficial appearance, amusement, a meter of prosody too.

        Lila is false knowledge.

        You are the center of your Universe/ your Lila and I am at the center of mine/ my Lila. We are all performing our own Lila. This is Lila or Maya or Prakruti or Devi.

        A beggar on the street, he is essentially the Advaita. He is amusing himself in the situation he is in, he is disguised, playing the game. Why should anyone think that the beggar is different than Krishna or Ram? He is the Advaita, same as them. The experiences of sadness, happiness that we ‘common people’ go through. These emotions are not lesser than the ‘bigger’ achievements of these avtars. The avtars, like us ‘common people’ are also in the domain of Prakruti. They and their games are also false knowledge from the perspective of the Advaita.

        If this was so simple, everyone would have gained Advaita in an instant. I am sure that when I said that the beggar, Ram, Krishna, common people are all essentially the same, it must have disturbed your thought processes for a bit.

        We have so many set ideas/ foundations which make up our Lila. Discarding them is a prerequisite for the Advaita. (I wrote a post on the BG shlok, sarvadharma parityaja, if you want to read use the index or the search bar.)

        But see, everyone wants to be happy. Everyone instinctively realises that no material thing can give permanent happiness. So they flit around, sampling the charms of the Maya. They know it does not satisfy, so desperately try one thing and then another.
        When they really want, from the inside to be really satisfied, they will start reading about the Advaita.

        The scene before Krishna narrates the Anugita to Arjun in the Mahabharat. Arjun wants to hear the BG again. Krishna says that he cannot recite it again word-word so tells him the Anu-gita. This indicates that when Krishna, part-avtar of Vishnu/Satva-gun, was reciting the BG, he was channeling the power of the Advaita. This apparently was not possible again in that life. Read the scene before Rishi Agasti recites the Aditya Hrudaya as a upadesh to Ram. Ram feels worried seeing the armies of Ravan so Agasti helps him. The part-avtars also needed someone to remind/trigger the higher energies within them. Krishna too had to go to Rishi Sandipani’s ashram. The avtar-s are bound by the rules of time/space, just like us all. If anyone has taken a birth on this earth, his soul is playing the Lila at his level. He will accept to being bound by the energy of birth and will disguise his real nature to be able to play the game.

        Similarly you are the Advaita, but are reading the BG and other texts now as a part of your personal Lila. You are enjoying disguising your real self, this is Lila.

        There are so many books.
        So many Atma-jnani mahapurush/ Rishi-s have written so much on pure jnyan. They all say the same thing. Yog-vashishta, Ashta-vakra Gita etc are all on the Truth.

        Adishankaracharya wrote a Bhashya on the Bhagwat Gita only after which BG became popular. BG is not about a human or avtar named Krishna, its about the ‘attributeless-ness’ that the Advaita is. Interestingly BG is very very similar to the Ishwar Gita and the Shiv Gita. Shiv Gita as you know was recited by Shiv to Ram! They are all the same as they talks about the same Advaita. the only thing worth knowing, the only desirable thing, in fact the only thing!

        ‘Aham brahmasmi’ describes the Aham as Brahm in the first person present tense. So is Aham so bad a thing? Aham is not so easy to understand there are so many shades of meetings to this word.

        Sanyas does not mean physically going away from society. Earlier the committed aspirant would physically go away. But today we do not have that many genuine Sat Gurus/Ashram-s. Best is to remain in the society but to internally practice Vivek/Vairagya.

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      • Sunny March 24, 2021 / 9:50 pm

        such a beautifully written…thank you so much mam.


  13. Ankur March 24, 2021 / 12:30 am

    I re read your reply and it’s brimming with so much wisdom that to even comment and share my thoughts would be short of the questions you poignantly raise.

    I absolutely agree with your views. Any samadhi if broken eventually (which it will, as time
    And space are in awareness (or consciousness), depending upon the term one uses for Brahm.

    And also agree on a blog post being not enough to discuss Advaita. As you yourself put it, silence is the best expression of it. It is the benevolence of the Rishis that they shared words with us in Upanishads. And I can imagine Rishis talking to their disciples about a sentient Brahman that’s nirvikalp, nirvichar. Imagine them having to come down to let’s say my level to share this knowledge when they had gyaan nishtha of an infinite degree.

    And finally, you’re absolutely right in the need for spiritual questioning coming from within
    In the Bhagwad Gita, Bhagwan himself says don’t disturb the peace of those who don’t wish to be disturbed.

    It is the greatness of Sanatan Dharm that when one is pregnant with an existential question, they find the Upanishads on their own somehow (through people, things of course).

    That is why, in my humble view, Upanishads remain the most exalted expression of human thought. They discuss the self in a way where ones questions cease, and silence ensues. That is peace.


  14. Ankur March 24, 2021 / 12:43 am

    Also, this is perhaps for some other readers, who may find it as useful as I did. This is from Bhagwat Puran 11:23:42. A beautiful exposition given by the current Pujya Puri Shankaracharya in response to a question by a person on what troubled her.

    “These people are not the cause of my happiness and distress. Neither are the Gods, the planets, my own past work, or time. The scriptures say that it is my mind that perpetuates the material life (sansar chakram).

    The Sanskrit words are majestic. Didn’t want to mistype them. So readers may have to look
    It up themselves.


    • astrologerbydefault March 24, 2021 / 1:35 pm

      Hi there
      Vedanta ie the Upanishad is the apex of all understanding. Of the very many Upanishad-s available at the present times, only the 10 on the shudda jnyan, the jnyan kand are relevant to the serious aspirant.

      I do not read the Puran-s so much as I find them too haphazard. I feel that over time they have been injected with nonsense. The original text has been tampered in almost all of them. So they do not make much sense to me.

      Eg the Bhagwat Puran which you mentioned.
      There are these glaring inconsistencies in this text which do not suit my mind. I do not feel confident about the veracity of this text.

      A compulsory condition is – A Puran has to be broadly in tune with the Ved (Ved, Brahmanaka, Aranyaka, Vedant) and the Itihas (Ramayan Mahabharat). There can be additional philosophy or discussion but the broad outline has to be of the Ved and Itihas.
      If there is any inconsistency then these two, Ved/ Itihas will prevail and Puranic narration will be rejected.

      So BP has to conform to the Mahabharat, it cannot go against it. Ved Vyas has also specially mentioned this. The Puran depend on the Itihas.

      here are a few of the very many inconsistencies
      – In the Mahabharat – Shuka muni takes final samadhi, leaves his body. Ved-Vyas, his father, wishes to meet his own mother Satyavati after this event. So he goes to his grandfather’s house. his grandfather tells him of Satyavati’s recent marriage to Shantanu. Devavrat had taken his Bhishma pratijnya at this time. Parikshit is the great-great-great-grandson of Satyavati and Janmejay is Parikshit’s son.
      – in the Mahabharat, Ved-Vyas clearly writes that Vaishampayan Rishi narrates the Mahabharat to Janmejay. This is the first time this text is narrated on the Earth/Pruthvi.
      _ there is no mention of Shuka muni narrating anything to anyone in the entire Mahabharat. He left his body at the very start of the Mahabharat timeline. And his own father wrote this book.
      – but in the Bhagwat Puran, it is said that Shuka muni narrated the Bhagwat Puran to Parikshit after being cursed! This is a very great blunder by the writer of the BP text. (especially when you think that it is claimed that Ved vyas wrote this BP too)

      The background setting where Parikshit gets cursed and his subsequent behaviour is very different in the Mahabharat and in the BP.
      The behaviour of Paraikshit after getting cursed is fundamentally different in both.
      The coronation of Janmeyajaya is again very very different.
      You must read both to really comprehend the continuously inconsistent narration of the BP. incredible errors in the basic events in BP.

      – In the Mahabharat – Ved-Vyas wrote an entire Harivamsha Parva as an additional khila in the Mahabharat to give more information of the life story on Krishna. And covered his life time incidents which were left out in the main Mahabharat parva-s adequately.
      – In the BP its said that Ved-Vyas felt bad. Then Narad Muni told him that he had omitted writing details of Krishna. So Ved Vyas wrote a Puran on him to feel better. Again very illogical.

      – funnily the BP tries to change the incidents of the Mahabharat!
      – BP says that Bhishma’s soul merged into Krishna,
      – but Ved-vyas clearly says in the Mahabharat that Bhishma went to svarga, ie became the Vasu Prabhas again and was sitting there when the pandav-s finally reached there.

      – Mahabharat gives the precise birth event of Ved Vyas as the son of Satyavati and Maharishi Parashar.
      – BP says that Ved Vyas was born before the birth of Ram. Contradictory.

      There are just so many of these blunders in BP. could write a book.
      – BP everywhere tries to hammer in the point that krishna was Vishnu himself 100%, then why call him Krishna? Call him Vishnu.
      – MB is very clear that Krishna was a avtar, partly Vishnu.

      But the biggest inconstancy is this
      – we know 100% that Ved-vyas wrote the Mahabharat
      – and it is said that Ved-vyas also wrote the Bhagwat Puran. How is it possible that he made such silly mistakes writing this text which was based on the Itihas he himself wrote??

      – So the logical conclusion is that BP was not written by Ved-vyas but by someone who was a devotee of Krishna.
      – And the text called ‘Bhagwat Puran’, is an imposter.

      So I prefer reading the Mahabharat and the specific Harivamsh parva from the Mahabharat for more understanding of Krishna avtar.
      I personally consider the Devi Puran to be more deserving of the title ‘Shrimat Bhagwat puran’.

      If anyone has doubts, read all these 3 books, and come to your own conclusions.
      Mahabharat – esp the harivamsha parva
      Devi Puran
      the text popularly known as ‘Bhagwat Puran’ (Krishna Puran)

      But for the genuine spiritual aspirants.
      It is infinitely better to read the 10 Jnyan Upanishad-s or texts composed by Atmajnyani mahapurush, like Yog-vashishtha, Ashta-vakra gita, Bhashya-s by Ad shankarachaya etc where the is lesser scope of tampering.

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      • Ankur March 24, 2021 / 5:31 pm

        I agree. And thank you again for sharing such a stream of wisdom. It will take days for me to process it.

        And I totally agree on Upanishads, especially the ones Adi Shankar wrote a Bhasya on.

        A couple comments/food for thought for readers (I assume some of them are enjoying your wisdom as much as I am. I remain utterly grateful for that. 🙂

        1. I mentioned that specific verse of the Bhagwat Puran only to indicate that the mind by its nature lives in dualities. So, the wise ones intellectually, cognitively dissociate from the happenings outside. Therefore, the verse saying “nayam jano me sukh dukh hetu…”.

        As to the accuracy of the Puranas, I agree. It also explains in some ways why modern Indians have turned away from “spirituality”.

        With times, the framework of story telling to expound the ultimate has to change. Otherwise fanatical adherence is a hindrance to personal progress as well as that of a society. For example, someone who has invested what the Upanishads teach, can never be opposed to scientific progress. In a manner of speaking, the Upanishads deal with an area that is all encompassing, and science studies a subset of it, that is, what we can “objectify”. This is why Upanishadic wisdom is beyond time, and will be relevant eons from now as it is today, sanaatan indeed.

        2. And you Mentioned a very important point: about adhering to the pure exposition of Advaita instead of reading sun texts without supervision too. That is where a physical guru is so important. You’re so lucky to have the privilege of your pujya guru in your life, and we benefit from your knowledge due to that. My respects to your pujya guru and his gurus.

        3. Modern Vedantins have somehow presented Advaita as anti- upaasna. Reference can be made to Adi Shankaracharya and the saundarya Lahiri. And despite his unsurpassed wisdom, he fulfilled the promise he made to his mother, of coming back to do the funeral rites.

        It speaks of the ego of people, that the very gyaan that’s supposed to sublate the ego, somehow becomes stronger upon reading Advaita without responsibility.

        And finally, thank you again. It is a pleasure to hear your thoughts on Advaita. A privilege indeed.


      • astrologerbydefault March 25, 2021 / 3:51 pm

        Hi there
        If someone finds solace in the Puran-s, who am I to comment on it? It is his choice, there will be repercussions later.
        Krishna, the avtar who killed the biggest forces which were supporting Adharma (he killed 18 akshohini armies) is reduced to something weird (I cannot even say the words) in a disgusting book passed off as a ‘maha-puran’.
        No wonder rational Hindus prefer not following ‘gods’.
        This constant hammering by some sects that my ‘god’ is the greatest is doing a great disservice to them and Hindus as a whole. (And Adi shanakracharya gives a reply to this too in his Alatshanti prakaran.)

        The 10 Upanishad are everything that one needs to understand himself.

        Advaita is not pro or anti Upasana. Upasana does not exist at that level of understanding.
        Upasana – to be near to, to worship, offer respect etc
        If there are no two then whom/what can be sat near to? Or worshipped? I really know from the core of my being that I Am then it is another level altogether.

        Eg, X sings bhajans in Hindi, plays the harmonium, clapping hands and beating drums in a jagran, the full night bhajan of north India. And Y does Sandhya puja will full nyas etc, and does not sit in these jagran-s.
        So can X say that Y is anti-jagran, anti-Puja, anti-dharma, anti-upasana, etc just because he does not see the point of the jagran?
        These two are at 2 very different levels. Y will eventually get Gayatri Siddhi and actively work with its energy. X will continue singing in jagran and receive the generic blessings of the Devi.

        it is said that Adi Shankaracharya has composed some stotras supposedly in honour of the deities, personally i find this a bit difficult to believe.
        (And Saundarya Lahiri, is a way to worship the Meru. A good Guru who practices Shri Vidya can teach you its secrets.)
        i feel that the Nirvan shatak, Brahmajnanavali mala, Dakshinamoorti stotra etc which expound the advaita are his original compositions, rest all do not match his intelligence levels.
        his timeline,
        From the age of 8-12yrs he was studying rigorously under his Sat-Guru. no Sat-guru will tell his disciples to worship deities, as they do not exist at his level.
        At the age of 12yrs his Sat-Guru said that he was ready, ie he became an Atma-jnyani mahapurush, ie a jivan-mukt, Advaita himself. Then he started writing his Bhashyas and other books on the pure Advaita. writing about Himself! At the age of 16 he was finished with this too.
        Then he went on to establish the 4 Math for the 4 Ved (not deities!)

        I have seen my Sat-Guru and the avastha that that such mahapurush exist in. He would say that Shankar and other deities do his Dhyan, and the power behind his voice cannot be described. No Jivan-mukt will even talk about anything other than the advaita.

        The episode with his mother is indeed very heart-touching. But, technically he was the Advaita at this moment, not her son, thus he fulfilled her desire.

        I will write something which no one has said anywhere.
        Suppose jivatma Z attains moksh. Now for him there is only the Advaita, as Z does not exist. But those who loved Z and are still playing the Lila want him again in their lives, it is an intense desire in their hearts. So the Advaita will re-create the jivatma Z and this will take a birth or do whatever is needed to fulfil these others desires. Z has finished the Lila. But temporarily, for these others, the Advaita can enter at any stage for fulfilling the desire of those who want him specifically as Z. This re-formed Z will continue living a life or whatever to satisfy the desire of these, but he will not create any more karma or anything like that. Once those others desires are exhausted, Z will go back to his Advaita nature again.
        The Advaita is very cryptic.

        My Guru would say that if there were disciples like us, he would have no problem in taking births again. Back then I was a kid, didn’t understand much, but now the shades of meanings in his words are more clear.

        It all depends on the Guru. I have seen so very many ‘guru-s’ in my life but not one of them matches what I saw/ see in my Sat-guru.
        When my Dad was searching for a Guru, he met several, and he would ask them if they have realised the Advaita. Luckily the Yogi-s he met were honest enough to say No. He searched on till he met my Sat-guru where he got the answer he wanted. Today if you ask a ‘guru’ if he is the Advaita, he might give you clever answers, beat around the bush or even abuse you for asking this Q.

        I really wonder at people’s egos. The Jnyan that they are so proud of is false knowledge of this Maya.
        The one who has real Atma-jnya is silent.
        How can one even retain any sense of personal ego after reading these Advaita texts is beyond me.


  15. Shala March 24, 2021 / 9:28 am

    Well worded question by the reader and beautiful and succint answer from maam as always.
    Reminds me of the Peter Russell line( whose a follower of works of adi shankara) ‘ seek and you shall not find’
    Also my own teacher telling me when I was 16 yrs( that was a while ago) seek, and seek and seek some more, ultimately you will have to come back to yourself. 🙏


  16. Anand March 24, 2021 / 6:20 pm

    Namaste Madam,

    I am overwhelmingly happy after reading this post and the beautifully poignant discussion on Advaita. Thank you. Reading your posts and the equally precious and enlightening replies is a very very self illuminating experience.
    My sincere best wishes and regards Madam.


  17. Shala March 25, 2021 / 10:05 pm

    I belong to a generation who lives half their life on Instagram and dating apps and remaining half worshipping celebrities!
    I am not surprised when pretty much anybody with some spiritual practice can claim to be a guru and will find buyers for the same.
    There’s one guru whose famous for hobnobbing with movie stars.. Another who says he’s an avatar of krishna . Am very low on the spiritual ladder to know the extent of their prowess but I felt uncomfortable during my search for a guru when I tried to listen to them and left it at that.
    I do follow adi shankaracharya based on a suggestion made by my father many years ago but have not met any ‘ existing’ guru that I feel convinced by. Maybe the time isint ripe yet.
    Your take on person x and y following different practices was so relatable. Trust you to word it beautifully.
    Personally when growing up my dad has not encouraged reading the puranas as he always told me they were watered down stuff for a deteriorating generation who could no longer handle heavier stuff, hence they were fed colourful stories in the hope that few might actually get to reading the real books. Of course I still ended up reading the markandeya purana and devi bhagawatam.
    But my fathers bedtime stories to me were from ramayan and mahabharat. I marvelled at the yaksha prashna to yudhishthir in the vana parva then as a kid and I still do as an adult.
    We can chose whatever text we want to read but they will always subtly sometimes overtly influence the path we end up taking.
    To each his / her own path… 🙏


  18. aashishghiya March 29, 2021 / 2:04 pm

    Respected mam..good noon..
    So the base malefic are sun mars and saturn..presently not counting rahu ketu..
    So for leo asc sun cannot be malefic..??
    if placed in 6-8-12 it can be..??

    For aries and scorpio mars cannot be malefic..?? If placed in 6-8-12 it can be..??

    For capri and aqu asc..saturn cannot be malefic..?? If placed in 6-8-12 it can be..??

    Pls help..thanks..


    • astrologerbydefault March 30, 2021 / 8:14 pm

      Hi there
      i think the whole point of this post was to clearly set it tht the asc lord cannot be malefic by himself,
      he can be prevented from giving his full auspicious results by other factors.

      traditionally ugra graha in dushamsthan give good results, even in this case they will, but the person has to have some benefics aspecting them or something, so that they will be auspicious
      eg you can make money by becoming a crime lord or by working for it in a corporate house. one is auspicious the other is not


      • aashishghiya March 30, 2021 / 9:02 pm

        Respected mam..thanks for your reply..


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