The Scorpio ascendant is Secret

I had thought of doing a series on the ascendant signs. Not the regular stuff which you can read anywhere, something that will make you think about yourself and help you grow. The ascendant sign and its ruler are the most important forces in your life. I have written about the Cancer ascendant and Leo ascendants in depth and a bit on the Libra ascendant and its compulsion to balance.

Most of us are students of astrology, so we should not limit ourselves to the birth chart D-1. If you have the exact birth time, you should also open your Navamsha chart, D-9 and see how your potential D-9 translates into the manifested D1. Eg your ascendant sign in D1 is Cancer and in the D-9 the first house becomes Scorpio, you will be outwardly Cancer but your inner core expectations will be of Scorpio. Your overall personality/ environment will be a blend of these two signs. This is real self-discovery, delving into the layers of your personality till you reach your real self.

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mars, linked to the secret, mysterious hidden things and the sudden catastrophic transformations of the self. Let’s see how Scorpio works in the 1st house as the ascendant sign. If you have Scorpio as your birth chart’s ascendant, this will be your actual life, your personality, the actual environment around you. If you have Scorpio as your D-9 chart’s 1st house, these will be your innermost expectations and potential, the deepest foundation of your current life.

The Scorpio ascendant is Secrets

You are beautiful, mysterious and alluring, attracting others with your mystique. Your life, in one word, is ‘Secret’. A secret mystery, dark and dangerous. You keep secrets from your family, friends, spouse, children etc. You never open up to anyone, ever. You keep secrets from your own self! You are quite capable of saying one thing, doing something else and actually deeply you do something completely different. ‘Secrets’ is the motif of your life. Secret affairs, secret friends, secret doings, secret enemies, secret diseases, secret thoughts, secret businesses, secret secrets.

Highly intelligent, quick-witted, you always have a reply ready and are able to navigate every situation in life. But you also have rigid, prejudiced and unreasonable views combined with a razor sharp tongue and a vengeful heart. This is not good for you nor for the people around you. You have the wits to make the most of any opportunity in life. You can connect the dots between seemingly unconnected events and come to very unusual conclusions which are generally correct. You make use of this unusual intellect in your secret activities. Yes, you are exceptionally intelligent and use it for your own secret purposes.

Scorpio is typically vindictive, revengeful. You are very sensitive to criticism, alert to insults, ready to retaliate. You are very aware of your own position, power and the respect you deserve, you like to dominate others. If you ask your close friends, you will realise that you pick up quarrels very easily, you do not think twice about verbally abusing others. Egoistic. You cannot speak well, in the sense you cannot bring peace to others with your speech. There is no emotion in your voice which can inspire or reassure others. There may be a hint of accusation tingeing your every word. When you talk to others there is an undercurrent of ego, selfishness and secrecy in your voice, thus people do not feel confident about you on the personal levels. You might speak of evolved subjects but your actions show that you desire personal power and dominance. You can deeply hurt others with your speech. You may be actually be disliked by others, but you are neither aware of this nor is it actively expressed by others to you in your face. Your social circle is large, you have good people as your friends, people high up in the society are known to you, but you cannot establish a deep and genuine relationship with them. You do not value individuals, once your personal interest is done, you do not look back at them. No appreciation for the help you receive. Strangely you do not value your own existence either, you take unimaginable risks with yourself.

The Scorpio ascendant is Secrets

Highly ambitious, you desire a prominent and comfortable status in life. You expect so much from your materialistic life that you can delude yourself into believing you can attain the impossible. In this material pursuit you can get into shady, secret, criminal activities. You do not believe yourself to be under any other’s rule. Law, social mores, ethics and traditions are rather meaningless to you. You desire power, wealth and status etc material stuff, but you are not very concerned with long-term plans. Immediate situations are more in your vision. You want your immediate desires to be fulfilled and you fail to make life-time plans. This is a short-sighted personality, where the immediate satisfaction of generally sensual needs is given more importance than life term permanent gains. When later in life you look back and review yourself, you might feel deep disappointment, frustration and bitterness.

It is said that the Scorpion stings others but also stings itself. You quarrel with, dominate and hurt others, it is evident. But your own nature is essentially self-destructive and in the long run, metaphorically, you do sting your self. Short term achievements mixed with long term frustration. You are often your own worst enemy.

Health is generally average. But you suffer in secret. Mental and emotional upheavals are a routine part of your life. You are always alert thus under stress. You are intelligent, logical, you micro-analyse everything. This takes its toll on your emotional and physical health. Blood related diseases, haemorrhages, surgeries, psychic attacks, harm by the occult etc are possible. Diseases or abnormalities in the sexual organs are possible. In addition if there are other combinations, secret drug addiction can happen. You engage in risky behaviour, so accidents of different types also cannot be ruled out.

Marriage does not satisfy. Marriage is a compromise, a fair and equitable relationship where both partners mutually adjust to each other. But you can never adjust to your spouse’s wishes, you will always dominate. You generally marry into a good family but you are not satisfied with your spouse. You indulge in physical intimacy, affairs before and even during marriage are possible. You are concerned only about your own personal pleasure, your own satisfaction and your own needs. There may be some secret intimacy issue. You might not be faithful to your spouse. If your spouse sacrifices his entire existence and remains fully subservient to you, then this marriage can work. But no spouse will continue in this situation for long, there will be tension. Being continually repressed is practically domestic abuse for the spouse. This causes general unhappiness in marriage. Death of spouse, divorce, separation and multiple marriages are possible, conflict in marriage always exists in some form or the other.

Children are few and you cannot deeply connect with them either. Unless you have some planets supporting your 5th house, children can be a source of problems and frustration. (I have observed such children carry deep impressions of their early life marked by arguments and issues between the parents, which is a baggage in itself.)

In the professional field, you prefer jobs where secrecy, arguments, lawlessness, indiscipline, occult, trauma, etc predominate. So you might get into illegal activities, perhaps a smuggler?, become a lawyer, surgeon, astrologer, tantrik, shaman, etc. You will associate with a variety of people, unexpected alliances and relationships are quite possible. You will have occultists, philosophers, the odd-balls of society, negative people, immoral people also in your contact. Cruelty is an attribute of this sign and it will find its expression in your actions. You earn money by your efforts and are generally well-off. You do not like to waste money but will not hesitate to splurge when your sensual desires are to be satisfied.

The Scorpio ascendant is Secrets

You have an understanding of the other dimensions and the occult. You know that there is more to life than the material. Helping others, as a concept, appeals to you though you do not act on it. You do desire realization of the Eternal and you understand the importance of spirituality also. Maybe you practice something on this path too. But, and this is your Achilles heel, you are very passionate, stimulated by the sensual, sexual, highly materialistic and quite interested in gratification of the body. Your greatest challenge is on the sexual desire front, understand that this is actually an imbalance, the more you feed it energy/ desire, the more you pay attention to it, the more it will pull you down.

Torn between opposites is a very typical feature of Scorpio. You know what is the correct path, you know which action is the correct one, but your highly passionate nature frustrates you. You are unable to fully commit to the altruistic or spiritual path, the higher energy route, because you cannot control your Mind’s passions. And if you choose the lower materialistic path, you cannot be happy here as your spiritual ideals do not allow you to enjoy this sensual gratification either. This can lead to intense psychological frustration, which pours out in your typical hurtful behaviour with others.

Finally Scorpio at the very last stages of life annihilates material attachments. This is strangely sad that you, who for a life-time desired sensual gratification and chased after short-term desires, at the very last phase of life realise that all this was a waste. You are taught the lesson thoroughly, the tempting apple was rotten at the core.

Scorpio is mysterious for another deep reason. You are buffeted by the impulses connected to your past karmic actions. You have undefined fears, secret fears linked to these past karma. You cannot control them as you are consciously unaware of them. These impulses are kept secret from your conscious control. Your sub-conscious is highly motivated by these mysterious impulses. Life events and circumstances are most directly the fruits of past karmas. If you sink into the material then this can be thought of as karmic retribution, this results in immense suffering for you and the others around you. Or if you rise to meet your spiritual vision, this is a blessing from your previous auspicious karma, you gain the Eternal, there are obviously trials and frustrations, but your greatest ability to control the pran/vital energy and the Kundalini comes to the fore. Scorpio is the most occult of the signs just for this reason.

This choice of material/ spiritual will be offered to you only once in this life. Choose well. Once you commit your energy to the sensual slippery slope, getting back to the spiritual will not be possible in this life.

As you vacillate between hope and despair, you face your existential challenge. Your challenge is not to control your conscious actions, this is just a very small part of it. The real challenge is to understand and control your sub-conscious. A challenge worthy of your typical abilities. You will be torn by conflicting ideas, desires and possibilities. You know your motivation for the material is selfish, egoistic, short-sighted and your desires for sensory gratification are shallow. You have the gift of seeing your own naked self, but you somehow cannot bring yourself to look upon yourself. You are a secret to yourself! But your own unusual intelligence and abilities will show you your own incredible depth, with time. The trick is to not get enmeshed in tangles created by your materialistic actions in the meanwhile.

The Scorpio ascendant is Secrets

This was the very basic analysis on the psychological levels, the details and modifications will depend on your individual horoscope and the placement of the planets. I have always thought Scorpio to be a very typical ascendant. Dangerous if you do not handle your energies with intention and firmness. I have seen for people with Scorpio as their D1 birth chart’s ascendant, married life is always problematic. Death of the spouse, divorce, affairs, separations, multiple marriages, general incompatibility are a common trend. But Scorpio as the D1 visible energy, is evident on the face of it. Someone marrying this person will know what kind of a person he/she is marrying so perhaps can adjust to the Scorpio nature or come to some sort of terms with it. And you also know how your nature is, maybe you read posts like these and realise things about yourself.

But most strange are those people who have their D-9 chart’s 1st house with the Scorpio sign. Most of us are not aware of the Navamsha charts. So one never knows, in so many words, what their core expectations and potential is. Their outward nature is something else, eg Cancer ascendant in birth chart. But their core expectations are as per the underlying Scorpio nature! This transforms them more completely after marriage. So this person will show his Scorpio core with the spouse/ children. Which can be quite a shock for all concerned.

Scorpio sign is not a good or a bad ascendant, no sign is good/bad, all just exist. It just means that you have chosen a specific route to balance your karma. The sign is a collection of attributes, some are very base, some are very highly elevated. Choose the attributes which help you reach your highest goal in the best possible way. You always have a choice. One or the other.

If you are such a Scorpio, choose long-term goals, engage your energies in finding inner peace, this will mean mediation of some sort. Try to gain control over your pran/ vital energy. Try to think on what good you can do for the society, follow some sort of enabling positive philosophy in life. Surround yourself with people who wish you well, acknowledge their love and support. Control over your mind and its base desires is essential for you. There will be intermittent periods emotion/ passion which will put you severely off-balance.

There are two distinct types of Scorpio’s, the Highest Spiritual and the Worst Material, nothing in between. So Choose how you decide to lead your life. If you choose the Spiritual you will suffer karmic pain but the end result will be worth it. If you choose the Material your life will be complicated, frustrated, bitter and nothing to show for it as you express the worst traits of the self-destructive Scorpio. So your fire must be directed towards the Highest Spiritual to best make use of these high voltage Scorpio energies. Analyse yourself in depth and listen to your conscience always before you act. You alone are responsible for what happens to you in life.


The Scorpio ascendant is Secrets

20 thoughts on “The Scorpio ascendant is Secret

  1. Dhanya k March 4, 2020 / 11:36 am

    Hi Tejaswini,

    For a Scorpio ascendant if Jupiter and Ketu are in ascendant how will the personality be. Also how do you see children from this.


    • astrologerbydefault March 4, 2020 / 8:20 pm

      hi there,
      scorpio asc with jupiter and ketu would be a good personality, religious, well-off, educated, helpful etc.
      the life is generally good, no major issues. ketu here will add to the spirituality as he is with jupiter.. so its good

      children should not be a problem, maybe it will be a single child..
      no major issues here as jupiter aspects the 5th house, it is a beneficial aspect ..
      unless the 5th house or its lord is damaged..


  2. Sam March 5, 2020 / 6:23 pm

    Hello, being a Scorpio ascendant, this is very enlightening. Some thoughts/questions:
    1. What would it mean for a Scorpio ascendant if a. House ruler Mars is in Virgo (11th house) the D9, 1st house Rahu is in Sagittarius?
    2. When I was not acquainted with Vedic astrology, the Western chart showed my ascendant as Sagittarius. Is this because of the one-sign-behind logic or somewhere connected to D9 where Sagittarius is the first house?

    Thanks again. This was long awaited. Love. 💜


    • astrologerbydefault March 6, 2020 / 5:58 pm

      Hi there,

      Ascendant lord in 11th house is a good position. Friends and siblings are helpful. You are on good terms with everyone in general. You have an active life on social and professional front. Maybe you work in the army or in the medical field where you are required to see to emergencies? Gains can be good if from the intellectual abilities and your ability to work. But family responsibilities can be more, so saving money can be an issue. And with this combination things always improve with age.
      When the D1 is Scorpio and D9 1st house is Sagittarius it means that the attributes indicated by Sagittarius are your potential, your core personality, your deepest expectations.
      But these are expressed though the lens of Scorpio’s attributes.
      Look into your own personality to see how this works.

      If you ask a vedic astrologer about the western system…
      Western astrology is incorrect as they do not consider the precession of the equinoxes. The Earth wobbles like a spinning top and this wobble has to be factored in the calculations. Vedic astrology does this and this factor is called ‘Ayanamsha’.
      The western astrologers are stuck with the configurations of 2000+yrs in the past. There will never be precise predictions with western system’s faulty math.
      There must have been very intuitive western people who unknowingly use their intuition thus some results from the western math seem correct.
      Now they have added the outer planets and the asteroids and confused themselves even more.
      In addition they do not have any Dasha system so they do not have a tool which can predict timing of the events.
      Some western astrologers use something called ‘progressions’ but these charts and their predictions are not accurate either.
      Recently I read that they are doing something called ‘astro-locality’, apparently now they say if you change your location, your birth chart changes! It is unbelievable!

      So your Sagittarius asc as per western seems to me more like a random chance.


  3. Dhiraj March 8, 2020 / 3:13 am

    Hi Tejaswini

    This is very impressive article. Great learning about someone very close and can assert that whatever I have seen so far matched 100% with the article. Young age is going just like written above as the chart also has 12th house (Libra) Jupiter, Rahu and Moon. Mars in 6th house with Ketu. Any chances of turning around or life will take towards jail/hospital/isolation due to 12th house planets?

    Can you also please write –
    1. Similar article about Kumbh, Meen, Mesh ascendant?
    2. Sade-sati and Shani Mahadasha running in parallel highlighting if Shani in 4,6, 8 and 12 houses or houses of gain?

    Thank you!


    • astrologerbydefault March 8, 2020 / 2:28 pm

      Hi there,

      This is a very worldly materialistic person. Over-indulgence in physical relationships, marriage will be unhappy especially for the spouse. Superficially religious or an atheist or actively against religion/spirituality from time to time. Has a large circle but not liked by anyone. Other people might actually be scared of this person. There is a lot of struggle in life, but he never fears anything. People/situations will oppose and this person will have to take quite a lot of efforts to vanquish them. Very active life. Mindset is cruel, his aggression is always on the surface. Physical illness can be sudden and severe. Should take precautions eg go for yearly medical checkups in life and main control his mind. His temper will lead to several physical and psychological problems. Surgeries are possible. Karma is on a high and there may be cycles of bad-luck, fall in fortune, humiliation etc. An unstable life overall.

      He has significant intellect but most likely his mind and his life problems will not allow him to use it to the full. If there is some suitable transit/dasha then perhaps this can happen..

      But this person has an ability recover fast from any problem he gets into. Jail is possible depending on the transit/dashas. Death esp will be perhaps under mysterious circumstances, or unknown illnesses and sudden.

      And I will try to write on these topics in the future as i find time..


  4. Priyesh April 19, 2020 / 8:32 pm

    I recently discovered your website and liked so many of your articles. I see you write well with your years of experience makes it even more accurate. I am a Scorpio ascendant in both my D1 and D9 chart – it’s so true what you said about intelligence, mind, power, marriage life…I can go on. Thanks for this beautiful article.


    • astrologerbydefault April 20, 2020 / 1:08 pm

      Hi there,
      am glad you could make use of the posts in your journey to your own self..


      • Dhiraj April 20, 2020 / 10:09 pm

        Hi Tejaswani,

        Eagerly waiting for you to complete this series on Ascendant.

        And also your in-depth article shattering the myths over the internet on Shani Mahadasha and Sade-sati at the same time. It will be great if you can talk about the overlap for Shani in all 12 houses. There is lot of fearmongering and you can shatter those with your profound knowledge. I am sure it will help many of your readers/virtual students.

        Thanks again
        Sincere regards


      • astrologerbydefault April 21, 2020 / 2:27 pm

        Hi there,
        will try to complete the ascendant series,
        if you want to know about some specific ascendant ?will write about it first
        and these topics on shani i think you had asked this earlier too?
        will write next on shani
        time is as always a constraint so ..


      • Dhiraj April 21, 2020 / 10:11 pm

        Hi Tejaswani,

        I want to learn more about Kumbh lagna first.

        Yes, I had requested for Shani mahadashna overlapping Shani Sade Sati while Shani in an individual horoscope in all 12 houses. My keen interest is in 6th house which is great placement for Shani in D1 but also a dushmsthana. What kind of results one can expect when the two overlaps and how transits will impact. What about other malefic like Sun/Mars/Rahu along with Shani in 6th house. This case study intrigues me a lot.

        Sincere thanks and
        Best regards


      • astrologerbydefault April 23, 2020 / 12:13 pm

        Hi there,
        these are several topics! will try to write on them as i get time..


  5. Hima May 1, 2020 / 7:45 am

    Hi Tejaswini

    I have D1-chart in Aries and my D9 chart is Scorpio Navamsha, absolutely cannot connect with above written stuff, seems like opposite of what is written.
    None of below apply—-
    Highly intelligent, quick-witted, you always have a reply ready and are able to navigate every situation in life. But you also have rigid, prejudiced and unreasonable views combined with a razor sharp tongue and a vengeful heart.

    Also am not at all materialistic and generally happy with what I have…

    Probably need to understand my chart more



    • astrologerbydefault May 1, 2020 / 12:01 pm

      Hi there
      this is a general post and is to be used as a guideline,
      i am not writing about 100% predictive stuff, as tht is dependant on the personal horoscope
      if you have saturn or some other planet blocking things, or if some dasha/tranist is on the nature will be different,
      or if your birth time is off by a few mins your navamsha will be different

      Liked by 1 person

  6. BHARTI May 6, 2020 / 12:46 pm

    Greetings ma’am,

    I have been into astrology for over an year but I’m very grateful to have found your blog at a point of life where I’m delving into depths of spirituality. I am a cancer ascendant in D9 but with a heavy D1 ascendant carrying mars + venus in scorpio (venus 1st house in D9 too). venus is both my 7th lord and 12th sitting in 1st house with mars as my 1st and 6th. My 5th house of progeny holds saturn which is a karmic planet. Please ma’am, can you help me figure out if I am promised a good married life and kids (as opposed to what you have cited for scorpio ascendants) or what are the chances if I could lead a life of celibacy (with just spirituality and my career). 12th house holds my moon.

    Love and regards!


    • astrologerbydefault May 6, 2020 / 6:37 pm

      Hi there,
      marry someone after matching the horoscope will be better
      7th lord in 1st house with the 1st lord himself is a very good sign for marriage


  7. s May 8, 2020 / 8:32 pm

    very interesting article i should say.. i have mars in scorpio ascendent. kethu in 2nd and raghu in 8th.. can you give me your opinion on this placement?


  8. A June 8, 2020 / 12:07 am


    What would be the results of Scorpio rising with ketu conjunct venus 1st house?


    • A June 8, 2020 / 12:29 am

      Forgot to add that D9 is Capricorn


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