Navamsha, 9th divisional chart

Astrology is a bottomless ocean of information. Jyotish is one of the 6 branches of Vedanta and is the science used to find out the events which are going to happen in a life time and their timing. Thus it is high mathematics coupled with deep study and intuition. Divisional charts are extremely useful, however you need the exact birth-time, an error of even 15 seconds is not acceptable. If accurate birth time is not available the divisional charts are extremely misleading and should never be calculated.

For a complete analysis of your personality you will need to analyse at least the following

  1. The birth chart with the ascendant as the first house – This is the 1st divisional chart or D-1. The basic chart which we always refer to, the birth chart with the ascendant as the first house. The D-1 is rooted in time/space. This determines the physical, material and social aspects of your life. It is ideal for predicting the tangible events which occur in the ‘real life’, marriage, education, children, travel, business, health, death etc.
  2. The birth chart with the moon sign as the first house – This sets up the emotional context and the comfort zones of your personality. This is how every tangible event affects you on the emotional level. Eg, the Saturn influencing the Moon will restrict emotions, the person’s mother may die, a tangible event, but he will not be so emotionally disturbed because Saturn restricts the mind and emotions.
  3. The Navamsha, 9-th divisional chart – D-9, is used to analyse the astral, spiritual, emotional and psychological planes. These are the real source from which the chart D-1 derives its power and context.

Navamsha, 9th divisional chart

Professional astrologers will not do all this as they have no need or time. Most clients have very materialistic questions. However for knowing more about your own self, everyone should do this analysis for his own horoscope.

You are not just the physical self which you see in the mirror, you have various sides to your personality and also several parallel states of existence. Jyotish has ways to look deep into all these personalities and planes of existence. And these charts are called divisional or Varga charts. In this post we will discuss the 9-th divisional chart or navamsha. The mathematics for calculating varga is quite different but we have software that does this, for Indian/Vedic system, for windows, “Jagannatha Hora” or “Parashar’s Light” gives all the several types of divisional charts. But if you need just the Navamsha/9-th divisional chart, for iphones “Drik panchang” by developer “Adarsh apps” is quite accurate.

The D-9 is used to determine the strength and pre-dispositions of the astral self. We spend about 8 hrs completely in the astral realm when we are asleep. But even when are are awake, the events from the astral are going on side-by-side with the conscious self. If you are aware, you can ‘see’ these from the corner of your eyes, or register them as a 6-th sense. If you engage in some spiritual practice it will be easier to notice these events. The D-9 will not make much sense to you unless you are a bit spiritually inclined.

The D-9 is not used for predicting the tangible life events. The D-9 is sort of a complicated continuous ‘Now’. You ‘are’ your D-9 which is manifested in the physical environment as the D-1. The D-9 is not linked to time/space and it represents everything from your past and parallel lives which is influencing your reality/D-1. You are your astral self, you manifest portions from your astral periodically with the placements of the D-1, and then again go the astral to recover. This happens temporarily while you sleep and permanently when your body dies. Do read my post on Moksh trikon to understand more.

The D-9 tells you, what is possible, what you actually want. So, in a way, it sets the range for the D-1. The D-1 happens within this range. The indications of the astral are slightly in advance of the physical, so if you can see the astral body/aura you can predict a disease or death upto 6months in advance.

Navamsha, 9th divisional chart

Most astrologers will use the D-9 to determine the actual strengths of the planet positions in the D-1. Or for marriage predictions. But in reality all the graha in D-9 should be analysed. The relationship between the D-1 position and the D-9 position of a graha will determine if the astral expectations are in harmony with the material reality that it manifests.

Eg, one of my clients has the D-1 Saturn in the 12th house and in the D-9 it shifts to 4th house. The astral D-9 Saturn restricts emotional shelter, comfort, maternal love, deep healing and recovery. He enforces un-protection, rootless-ness, homeless-ness and not-belonging. This astral expectation is manifested in the D-1 12th house Saturn which further restricts access to the sub-conscious, rest, sleep, guidance from the astral and spiritual. Thus this person never had an emotional connect with his mother or relatives, is working and living away from his home town, shifted residences several times. Has a need for emotional support which will never be granted and his spiritual practice is also highly restricted, he never sleeps properly. So the readings from the D-9 and D-1 match. The karmic/Saturn solution for him is to learn by the negative example. He will be required to comfort/help others who suffer the same problems as him. And because he knows exactly how bad it feels, he will be required to ensure that these others do not feel the same. Thus he will heal slowly/Saturn.

So how to link the D-1 and the D-9.

Our life is a sequence of events. These events are neutral by themselves but when emotional labels put on them, they become ‘experience’. The D-1 is the ‘sequence’ and the D-9 is the ‘label’. Check out the planets in the D-9 charts, their placement houses and their keywords. These will be important as significant emotional labels/experiences will be associated with them. If a particular house has more planets, this house will be in the center stage for ‘experience’.

D-9 placements are like emotional triggers. If you can analyse them, you can heal them. E.g. D-1 South node/Ketu in the 5th will give a disconnect with the children. Now if the D-9 also affected, eg Saturn in the 5th, this reality of disconnect will be accepted internally. But if the D-9, 5th house has a Moon placed in it, the physical reality of disconnect to the child will be severely traumatic on the sub-conscious emotional level.

Navamsha, 9th divisional chart

The most intimate relations can be the cruelest teachers linked to the deepest ‘experiences’ requiring re-balancing and healing. Thus the experience of marriage is always seen in context of the D-9. The more intimate the relationship, the more intensely emotional the interactions. So in matching horoscopes for marriage, you should also match the two D-9’s. There should be some linkage between the two D-9 charts at the deepest sub-conscious levels to avoid trauma and pain of failed expectations. The other in a relationship is often the mirror. The significant relationships of our life follow this rule to a great extent, mother-child, father-child, husband-wife, teacher-student, boss-employee are some of the relations which deeply affect our psyche. So all these experiences can be interpreted from the D-9 so you can try to improve your responses in these relationships and learn your lessons so that you can escape being caught in these learning situations again in the future lives.

The D-9 is the basis on which the immediate next life will be created. The astral moves a bit faster than the physical, thus the astral is also the seed for rebirth. Your emotional affinity and the direction of your energies is already shown here. Most important is to remain calm, focussed and actively participate at the moment of exit, this can be achieved by intellectually analysing your deepest motivations and expectations. If you can interpret the D-9 you can change your choices for the next birth by actively redressing the imbalances shown in it. Generally no one thinks on these lines but you can redress the imbalances by

  • actively helping others who are suffering in the same manner as you are. Learning by negative example is the domain of Karma. Eg if your parents never looked after you, you could go help out at a children’s orphanage.
  • doing mantra pujas for the unbalanced planets. I had written a whole post on this, but perhaps this is too technical.
  • sending energy to the unbalanced planets. Sounds too wild? But as I have repeatedly said, you can do anything with your intention. Reiki, chi-balls, or even the natural energy of the Universe can be directed to the planets in your horoscope. Planets are energy!
  • doing regular spiritual practice where you silence your conscious mind and allow your sub-conscious mind to operate.

So do remember that you always manifest what you sub-consciously expect. The truest indicator of these sub-conscious expectations is the D-9, these are the seeds of the future which will be manifested soon. Studying the D-9 and taking remedial actions can resolve un-balanced planetary energies which would otherwise impact several lifetimes.


8 thoughts on “Navamsha, 9th divisional chart

  1. Radha October 29, 2019 / 3:30 pm

    Hello Tejaswini,
    Thankyou for all wonderful info that you post regularly.
    Can you please tell effect of retro jupiter in marak sthan in navamsha (D9), but 11th house gemini in D1. What should we learn from this position of retro jupiter? Can you please reply.


    • astrologerbydefault October 29, 2019 / 6:05 pm

      Hi there

      R-Jupiter in 11th house Gemini
      Retrograde Jupiter will mean that you are slightly off-beat about your religious practices, maybe you don’t like external pujas, private prayer is more your thing. You do not express your own ideas about spirituality, you are private about all this. You think and rethink about what philosophy you should follow in life, do not blindly follow etc. you don’t jump impulsively into major decisions of life, you think and evaluate and then act.
      He is lord of 5th, 8th houses in the 11th.
      5th lord in 11th is excellent, the personal creativity and genius is converted to gains! What could be better? He is a natural benefic and remains a benefic fr your chart.
      As the owner of 8th, placed in 11th is also excellent. He is Jupiter to begin with and every planet in 11th gives increasingly auspicious result with time, as you grow older.
      Jupiter in Gemini in the D1 in 11th house, he is inwardly a bit uncomfortable, but after the age of 16yrs he will be able to work more easily here. In the background of every physical action indicated by Jupiter, there is analysis, a deliberate weighing of options and decision. You will look for gain on spiritual or material or emotional levels in your actions/thoughts. The planet will also grant the boldness+hope to take actions. You are kind hearted and wont like to do anything which will hurt others, take everyone along style. You also have a friend circle of genuinely good and intelligent people.

      Jupiter is not Marak for your chart, Mercury and Saturn are, as Virgo is 2nd house and Aquarius is 11th house of D1.

      Jupiter in 2nd or 7th house in the Navamsha. In navamsha the house placements are not so important, the signs or more correctly the Nav-amsha are. So check which sign he goes to in the D9 to know more about his potential.

      However Jupiter in 2nd house has this classic effect, the person never wants financially in life. Its overall a good placemnt, he supports the 2-6-8-10 houses so all these aspects of life are covered, even if you get into trouble here, you will bounce back soon. Jupiter in 7th house is another very good placement, he covers, 7-11-1-3 houses. Jupiter in the 2/7 houses gives satisfaction in family life, married life, children, financially etc and all the keywords of life he covers by his aspects on the other houses as above. Marak means he will decide the timing of physical death, which is nothing to be afraid of! If your horoscope has reached the extent of longevity physical death is a reality. The soul will leave this body and come back with another life. In fact Jupiter as Marak often gives an easy transit to the pitrulok.


      • Radha October 29, 2019 / 7:41 pm

        Thankyou for your fast reply. Retro Jupiter in navamsha D9 sign is capricorn. Loved your explanation.
        When i was searching for bach flower remedies related to astro signs few days back i came upon your blog. From then on i have been going through your posts regularly. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge. 😊


  2. Anurodh May 9, 2020 / 7:55 pm

    I am highly impressed with the depths you touch in your article and most importantly, the simplicity of your writing. Thank you for insightful article.


  3. Sunny June 28, 2020 / 1:53 pm

    Best article explaining connection between d-1 & d-9, I really appreciate.
    Thanks a lot ma’am.


  4. P July 13, 2020 / 3:36 am

    Namaste mam. My query s related to your above reply regarding jupiter position. You have explained bit of thought process in retrograde jupiter’s 11th house position in d-1 n then its physical manifestation/ significance also. So now in d-9 when you consider about jupiter’s aspect from 2/7 saying, the person will never want financially in life etc. So obviously a person has sufficient wealth or may be indivisual s content with wealth n its seen from Jupiter position in d-9chart(subconscious expectation!)and externally the wealth significance is in d1 11th house . Am i m right? ? Or you are saying about actual physical aspects of Jupiter in d-9 here ?

    Like for example moon in one sign of d-1 moves to another sign in d-9. So now how to interpret moon’s strength/weakness apart from it’s sign shifting? I mean interms of aspect! do we consider the aspect on moon only in d-1 or aspect on it both in d-1 well as d-9?

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  5. Sohail singh July 17, 2020 / 11:33 pm

    Hi mam
    Wonderful posts. After a long time I am reading some blogs with inherent will to help people at large rather than self propaganda.
    I want someone learned like you to have a look at my troubled brother’s kundli (DoB- 05/02/85, 11am, Ghaziabad, UP, India).
    He has had a disturbed education, almost zero career, broken marriage and no fixed income till now at age of 35.
    Now, since he is entering second half of life, do you see any betterment in any terms, income/work-wise/marriage-wise or will he die like a lonely and poor old man ?


    • astrologerbydefault July 18, 2020 / 8:26 am

      Hi there
      I do not do readings anymore . U will have to consult ur regular astrologer fr this.


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