Sookshma sharir, cracked auras and health

The body that we live in has five layers. The inner most body is the causal body and has one layer, Anand-mai-kosh. The subtle body is the next 3 layers, the Praan-mai-kosh, Mano-mai-kosh and the Vidnyan-mai-kosh. This subtle body is in part ‘seen’ as the aura, some of us can see this. The solid material body is outermost Anna-mai-kosh, everyone with normal vision can see this.

The Sookshma sharir is the most ‘accurate us’ and is linked to the aura and reflects the health of the entire self. It is controlled by your Moon. The birth Moon and the influences on it define how it was made in the first place. The transit Moon and the effects of the transiting planets on the birth Moon show how it is modulated with time. In Indian/ Vedic astrology, the Moon is given very high importance because of his control over the Sookshma sharir. For normal householder type of people like us, of these three bodies, the subtle body is the most important.

So what has this to do with cracked auras or leaky auras?

Sookshma sharir, cracked auras and health

An example.

In this current age we are all obsessed with body weight. Everyone you see around you is interested in losing some weight! But weight loss/ gain is more connected to your subtle body rather than your solid material body. You can bring your body to its healthiest possible self and your body weight to the best possible number if you focus on your Sookshma sharir. But of course your dietician or your gym instructor will differ on this!

And remember your Sookshma sharir is linked to your Moon. He also controls your emotions, instinct, intuition, body liquids, nutrition, nurture etc. If your birth Moon or the transit influences on him are adverse, he will give bad results for all of these. You might find yourself in mental stress, argue with your mom, not get along with women, the home environment becomes stressful. emotional turmoil is possible etc. if this continues for a longer period then his influences on the sookshma sharir will trickle down into the material shell and you might see issues like water and electrolyte imbalances, weight fluctuations, improper eating/drinking habits, addictions, the nutrients of the food you eat not being absorbed etc. Eventually this will result in ill health.

One client, a woman was quite over-weight and there was no reason for her to be so. She ate sensibly, exercised etc yet was fat. But there were several reasons why her sookshma sharir was doing this ‘holding on to weight’ thing. She was the only woman in a family of men (post here). The birth Moon was very badly placed in the 6th house, aspected by Mars and Saturn. Moon/ Jupiter in the 6/8 axis added to the stress (Shakata yog post here). The Moon was debilitated in Navamsha, shifting to Scorpio. Neither the ascendant lord nor her Sun were strong enough to support the personality’s health. Ketu was placed in Aquarius which controls the lower feet and ankles. And Pisces in the 6th house was the feet. This was her birth chart so she was over-weight since she was small. This got worse after she got married and had children. (Her husband’s chart was not supportive for his wife’s health. Her children’s charts did not support the mother’s health).

All this finally was seen as actual cracks in the aura around her ankles and feet. The energy was ‘leaking’ out of her body through these cracks and her sole chakras. So though she was eating good food and resting etc, her subtle body did not have enough energy to sustain itself, it was desperate for ‘nutrition’. This stress to the subtle body, over time percolated into her physical body. This was translated into weight gain, or more correctly holding on to the weight. Her subtle body on the other hand was thin, tired and drained and urgently needed ‘food’/energy.

If you want to be a successful astrologer, Tarot card reader, Reiki healer or anything to do with energy or predictions, learn how to see auras it is a great help. And it is quite easy to do so (post here). Try to exercise your subconscious mind so that you become more aware of these non-material things (post here). Then you can literally ‘see’ the organs which are damaged, the damage to their individual auras, also negative energy curses, evil eye effects, black magic and spirits attacking the client, energy cords which drain their energy etc. This ability goes a long way in correct diagnosis of problems.

Sookshma sharir, cracked auras and health

So the solution for this client was to actively seal her aura everyday. There are several ways of sealing the aura, but the most important thing is the intention has to be strong. Reiki was a good way of doing it so she was told to visualise wearing knee high shimmery gold-silvery socks. She would visualise her legs from her knees to the tip of her toes to be covered by Dai-ko-mu and Cho-ku-re symbols. In addition she would intend that all the negative energy would be allowed to exit the body safely. No positive energy would be allowed to ‘leak’ out. All positive energy would be absorbed in her body and be used for her own rest and rejuvenation. She continued her life style as usual with an extra care to try to feel happy, rest and eat the thing she likes eating. And the whole thing worked, in about 2-3 weeks her face lost that ‘bloated’ look and she lost a couple of kgs. She continued doing this and within 3-4 months she was at the best possible weight for her body. This was not as low as the recommended weight for her height, but a few kgs more than that. She looked physically healthy and her subtle body had regained its ‘shine’. The aura was looking relaxed and energetic. She herself was feeling overall healthier and happier on the inside.

This leaky chakras and cracked aura was not a disease, but a part of who she was. It was an in-built thing depending on her own horoscope. So when the time came for her to recover her health, she met someone who could tell her what the real problem was and how to address it. As her Sookshma sharir started getting its proper energy nutrition, her physical body stopped ‘holding on’ to unnecessary weight and released it in the safest way possible over a period of few months.

Cracked or leaky auras are very common. This woman had a leaky aura from birth but intense negative emotions, stress, depression etc also cause leaks and cracks in the aura. Psychic attacks by negative entities, spirits and black magic also rupture auras. Being in a place where there are intense emotions of the negative types can also rip at the aura causing temporary cracks. So seal your aura daily either by Reiki if you have been initiated into Reiki. If not, here is a very easy way to do it, just keep your intention strong. Visualise two knots in the aura at your feet. Intend that only negative energy can exit, not positive energy.

Take care of your Sookshma sharir, ie do things which uplift your mind and make you happy. Stay away from depressive stuff, chaotic noises, low energy food/water. Do your regular spiritual practice and practices which increase pran flow in your body. Take care of your aura, do your shielding, cleansing and grounding. We are much more than the material self we see in the mirror.


Sookshma sharir, cracked auras and health

(The images in this post are the Kirlean photos of a leaf, an onion and an orange. Kirlean photography is used to record the auras of living things.)

Capricorn the Mystic, Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn is the slowest planet, Mandatara and transits each sign in about 2.5yrs. He is the ruler of Capricorn/ Makar and Aquarius/ Kumbh signs and will be entering Capricorn again in Jan 2020 after about 27.5yrs. He will stay there till Jan 2023 (he will go forward into Aquarius, then come back retrograde into Capricorn and then finally go forward into Aquarius in Jan 2023).

In Sagittarius he is contraction placed in the environment of expansion. He is hard-work in the site of luck, disciplined work in the place of inspired leaps of faith. Saturn is not much into finance and investments. Frankly he is rather uncomfortable there and so when he leaves Sagittarius to enter his very own Capricorn it is with a sigh of relief.

Capricorn the Mystic, Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn allows calculated moves, not risks, but if you are sure about something, if you have worked through it, analysed it then he will make you act. This will be a highly karma-linked period for all of us as wherever Capricorn is placed in our birth charts we will see destined events being put in motion.

Capricorn is the natural mid-heaven, the zenith, the highest point of the zodiac, the 10th sign, the Karma-sthan, we are all expected to perform out karmic work here. It is represented by the ‘Makar’, a massive sea animal living in the depths of the oceans. It is the last sign of the Arth trikon. It is an earthy sign, it builds slowly. It is also a trader/ Vaishya sign which means it is very calculative and very alert about things. It represents the solidification and motion at our deepest inner being and also the mighty power that rises up from our very depths.

Saturn in Capricorn shows us our vulnerable points and we are expected to work to strengthen them. Pragmatic, disciplined routine work. And Saturn expects us to learn our lessons well. Students are expected to study well in school. Office-going professionals are expected to work sincerely and be trustworthy. At home we all are expected to help out with our chores. And in the society, he expects us to help others and be kind to those others who are suffering from their own karmic burden. If you have done all this, it will be recognised and respected. If you have worked diligently in the past you will be rewarded now. If you have respected others, so will you be respected. And if you have cheated, taken short-cuts, broken the rules even this will be recognised and you will be taken to task. In Capricorn, Saturn wants to create something solid and permanent. Future success, stability, long-term planning is all favoured. Do not waste these energies, Saturn, in any case, dislikes waste!

It is a feminine sign, it gives us many opportunities to cause change or act. It is rather the silent worker, so anything indicated by Capricorn will enter your life quite unobtrusively, you may not be aware of it for quite some time. Its is slow but steady eg if you have any illnesses represented by this sign these will not be really noticeable till it is quite advanced. If your actual profession is indicated by Capricorn in your chart, you will add up small pluses without even realising it till one day you get a sudden significant pay increase. Capricorn when aspected/ occupied by planets becomes even more capable of giving results. It slowly rounds off your rough edges, a process which can be painful but the end-result is wonderful.

Capricorn is the first double digit sign, 10. The binary duality. I have seen clients with Capricorn ascendant, then some with Capricorn moon signs, several Capricorn-heavy charts and have seen that this sign go both ways. Such persons can be extraordinarily attached to the material world or completely detached from it. Mostly they are obsessed with money and more money. But despite gaining their money and other assets they are quite empty inside, but they are still after the material stuff. It is a very rare Capricorn who actively enters the inner realm and thus gains everything. ‘Disillusionment with the material’ is the fuel for the slow determined inner fire which ultimately leads to Moksh. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, Jupiter is debilitated here while its owner, Saturn is the slow grinding of Time which says a lot about the esoteric nature of this sign.

After Capricorn comes Aquarius where the individual soul realises that is is but one of a group of similar-minded individuals. The zodiac also represents evolution. The sense of individual self ego starts dispersing and then comes Pisces in all its glory. Pisces takes the shreds of the self-ego and scatters it to all the dimensions as it realises its universal nature. Thus Capricorn is, in a way, a link between the definite  1 and the infinite 0.

Capricorn the Mystic, Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn’s transit over Capricorn is quite long so to analyse it we will need to consider his behaviour in each of the three lunar mansions/Nakshatra of Capricorn. his behaviour in them is influenced by their Nakshatra devata and their planetary rulers. Capricorn consists of three lunar mansions/ Nakshatra.

  • the last 3 of the 4 quarters of Uttara-ashadha (situation after becoming victorious). Ruled by Vishvedeva and the Sun.
  • entire Shravan Nakshatra (hearing, understanding the Ved). Ruled by the Nakshatra deity Vishnu and linked to the Moon.
  • and the first 2 of the 4 quarters of Dhanishtha (very rich, prosperous). Ruled by the eight Vasu-s and Mars.

If you observe, the Nakshatra deities are quite typical energies and the three planets ruling these Nakshatra are also the Sun, Moon and Mars. (These three planets are quite esoteric as Sun is Pingala nadi-right eye, Moon is Ida nadi-left eye and Mars is the nadi structure of the entire body including the Sushumna and also the pran/vital energies flowing through it, Mars represents Agni the energy of the third eye.)

Then the other planet’s transits in this long 3yr period will also affect Saturn’s behaviour.

  • Whenever Sun is with or in the 7th house from Saturn do pay attention to your birth father/professional issues.
  • Whenever Moon is with or opposite the Saturn, there is mental stress, health issues and difficulties. Not a day to take risks or speculate.
  • Mercury when conjunct or in the 7th house from Saturn can increase your family related responsibilities or you might be required to live away from your family.
  • Venus when with or opposite Saturn has the potential to grant a luxurious life, girlfriend/boyfriend or good spiritual progress depending on your personal placements. Stay away from frivolous affairs during this period.
  • Mars when aspecting Saturn will make people fearless and can encourage risks and injury.
  • Jupiter will be with Saturn for quite some time during this period so whatever Saturn signifies in your chart will be given to you during this time.
  • Rahu and Ketu are not going to be with or opposite this Saturn in Capricorn during this entire period.

Saturn is linked to old people, the birth father, the office boss, people suffering under heavy karmic burdens, labourer class, servants and the faceless unwanted. Helping these, being responsible or even being kind to them help make your own karmic burdens easier to bear. And its nothing to do with money, giving your seat in the bus to an old lady is a help. This is the only real ‘remedy‘ for Saturn.


Capricorn the Mystic, Saturn in Capricorn

Sasa yog, Saturn in 2020-2025, spiritual aspects

Sasa yog is one of the Panchapurush yog also called the Pancha-Mahapurush yog.

  • It occurs when Saturn is in Libra (his sign of exaltation), Capricorn or Aquarius (own signs) and also lies in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house of the birth chart.
  • It will get cancelled if Saturn is conjunct Ketu or if Jupiter is conjunct Saturn in the chart.

Obviously this is a rather rare planetary combination, but for the next 5yrs Saturn is going to transit Capricorn and Aquarius. He enters Capricorn in Jan 2020 and exits Aquarius in Mar 2025. So for about 30% of the babies born during this period, Saturn can give his Sasa yog results (subject to the conditions). The power of the Sasa yog will depend on the power of the Saturn (refer the Navamsha and the Ashtakvarga tables). Some of these babies will be quite extraordinary on the spiritual front and some of them will be evidently different on the material fronts too.

Saturn in his own sign or his sign of exaltation is capable of giving extraordinary results. The 1st house represents the rising degree, 10th house is the degree at the zenith, 7th house is the degree of the zodiac which is setting and 4th house is the degree at the nadir at the time of your birth. These 4 positions release tremendous amounts of energies. Each of of these houses is a part the Dharma trikon, Moksh trikon, Kama trikon and Artha trikon respectively. Saturn in his own sign or sign of exhalation in these houses at birth, will create extraordinary individuals with special responsibilities. This is the real meaning of the Sasa yog.

Normally these 4 positions correspond to sunrise, mid-day, sunset and mid-night. The sunrise, midday and sunset are called the tri/ three-sandhya periods where everyone is required to do Gayatri mantra jaap. The midnight is a sandhya of the highest intensity, only genuine spiritual aspirants will use the energies of the midnight.

Saturn is the son of Sun and his wife Chhaya. The Sun has two wives, Sanjana/Usha the energy of dawn and Chhaya the energy of the dusk. His son by Sanjana is Yama, he controls the Pirtulok and supervises the karmic work which we are required to perform when we live as spirits in the Pitrulok. His son by Chhaya is Shani/Saturn, he supervises our karmic work when we are born on the Martyalok ie Earth.

Saturn is deepest understanding of karma, the disciplined work needed to rebalance the karmic bindings. The solidification of the divine spark/ Sun/ individual soul. Saturn is linked to the Pruthvi mahabhoot. He linked to the conscious energies of the Mooladhar chakra, he is survival. He is responsible for the endurance of the Sthool sharir, the physical body, the anna-mai-kosh. He regulates the society and the environment that one lives and works in. He is the Father who teaches you how to live and flourish in the world (especially if you were born after sunset and before sunrise). The auspiciousness of material stuff in life needs a strong Saturn in the horoscope. Transits of Saturn are necessary to time important events like prizes, jobs, marriage and conception of children. He is fair, patient, disciplined and helps you unravel the bindings of your own karma. His role in the horoscope is very important. Most people are scared of Saturn and rightly so. He is responsible for so much that if he goes inauspicious, crucial things in our lives will go wrong.

Saturn’s real nature is actually quite esoteric. If you think deeply, what is the innermost deepest goal of life and the act of living? It is to experience, transcend and finally to observe. This is the real job that Shani performs. He ensures that you systematically experience, transcend and then finally become the Sakshi. He represents the laying of the bindings of ignorance and also release by realisation of inner knowledge. His names are Shani, Manda, Mrutyunjai, Mahakaal, Mahagraha, Kaalpurush, Kroorgraha, Brahmamaya, Toya, Bhishma, Krishna, Kala-jnya, Krusha-tanu, Sananda, Kala-krut, Yogeshwar, Kala-atmanah, Siddheshwar, Vaam-drashta, Vakra, Ati-kroor, Rashinaath, Rashigaya, Rashibhokta, Rashibhramankarana, Sameer, Yamagraj, Tvashtha, Sangharaka Rahu-sakha etc. These are all Sanskrit words so are definitions not just plain names. These define Saturn’s nature in detail.

Sasa yog, Saturn in 2020-2025, spiritual aspects

As per the texts, Sasa yog is supposed to make one a king, a minister, a military general, wanderer of the hills and the woods, cruel natured, bountiful, can defraud others, spirited, devoted to the mother, brave etc. But these are literal translations of the Sanskrit shlokas. Devbhasha Samskrutam is a palimpsest, there are deeper meanings always. As we cannot read it or understand the original words now, we have to use logic and practical experience in understanding these astrological combinations. Sasa yog opens a direct channel to the flow of divine inspiration into the person. And this energy is put to work, it is utilised very intensely in the spiritual plane. This person’s ego is astrologically and psychologically different. There is a high degree of individuality, self-assurance, quiet confidence, inner potential and untapped power, this does reflect on the material planes too. But the real effect of the Sasa yog are always on the inner psychic levels.

The Sasa yog is possible only with the following ascendant signs and in these positions,

  • Aries – Libra is the 7th house
  • Taurus – Aquarius is the 10th house. (Saturn is Yogkarak for Taurus ascendant so very auspicious.)
  • Cancer – Libra as 4th house, Capricorn as 7th house
  • Leo – Aquarius is 7th house
  • Libra – Libra is the 1st house, Capricorn is 4th house (Saturn is Yogkarak for Libra ascendant so very auspicious. One of my brothers has this.)
  • Scorpio – Aquarius is 4th house
  • Capricorn – Capricorn is 1st house (a young man, practically family, has this)
  • Aquarius – Aquarius is 1st house

For analysing the Sasa yog in depth we have to look into the Nakshatra/ lunar mansions involved. Their characteristics and ruling deities will influence the Saturn in very deep ways. If you analyse this the planets connected to these Naksahtras are Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and Sun/Moon. Their Nakshatra devata are also quite typical. Also their symbols are quite symbolic.

Libra consists of – last 2 of the 4 quarters of Chitra, entire Swati and the first 3 of the 4 quarters of Vishakha.

  • Chitra – This is ruled by Tvashtra and carries the influences of Mars. Tvashtra is basically the DNA, your internal architect. DNA is a highly cryptic molecule and its structure etc can be manipulated by the use of Mantras. Evolution is always internal as your mantra jaap actually changes your DNA. Mars is again the pran/vital energy directed by Saturn.
  • Swati – This is ruled by Maruta and influenced by Rahu. Marut are the conscious energies of pran/vital energies. Rahu is desire for experience. Under the influence of Saturn, Rahu’s wild leaps are contained and his mindless desires are regulated. The energy of desire is a powerful tool and Saturn uses it well. The pran are channelised and the Rahu-desire is turned towards Realisation.
  • Vishakha – Its nakshatra devata is Agni and associated with Jupiter. Agni is the power of motion. Jupiter is the energy which provides Agni its fuel. Humility and an appreciation of the lower classes (Saturn’s folks) reduces self-centred behaviour and selfishness. Jupiter’s traits of universal inclusion, benevolence, kindness and real knowledge is ignited by the influence of Agni which finally results in Illumination.

Capricorn consists of – 3 of the 4 quarters of Uttara-ashadha, entire Shravan and 2/4 Dhanishtha.

  • Uttarashadha – Ruled by Vishvedeva and the Sun. This grants inner humility. A sense of the immenseness of the energies pervading the universes and later the immensity of the Soul. The individual soul is granted a glimpse of the Ultimate and if the rest of the horoscope permits is allowed Moksh. The hidden qualities of the ego are allowed expression.
  • Shravan – Ruled by the Nakshatra deity Vishnu and linked to the Moon. Intensely sensitive, intuitive, receptive, willing to learn/the perfect disciple, harmony with the inner self seen at the third eye/ Ajnya chakra, able to hear the inner Anahata-nada/Om, a capacity to control the lower chakras in sadhana, inwardly able to restrain his organs of sense/action.
  • Dhanishtha – Ruled by the eight Vasu-s and Mars. The eight Vasu-s are part of your own body (post here).  Removal of imperfections thus individual soul realises the Ultimate. The expansion of the limited consciousness. Dhanishtha is represented by the Mrudunga, a drum which continually emits the sound of Om.

Aquarius consists of – remaining 2/4 Dhanishtha, entire Shatataraka and 3/4 Poorva-bhadrapada.

  • Shatataraka – Ruled by Varun and Rahu. Varun is the ruler of the cosmic waters (Jivan or life) and Rahu is again the energy of desire. The flow of experience is restricted by Saturn as the desire to dive in deep exists. Emotionally controlled. Valuing truth and selfless-service. Interested in metaphysics desires to solve the puzzle of life, fearless. Saturn gives structure to these energies and finally he gets to the bottom of things and eventually understands creation in its entirety.
  • Poorvabhadrapada – Ruled by Aja-ek-pada and linked to Jupiter. This deity can be roughly understood as the ’unborn singular time/space’. Jupiter and Saturn together bring in the detachment of Sanyas, devotion, hope and luck. Impartial, logical, clever, visionary, imaginative and a fighter with spiritual depths.

Sasa yog, Saturn in 2020-2025, spiritual aspects

The outward characteristics of Sasa yog can be a bit disconcerting as the person might come across as dominating, self-assertive, unbending, rigid, etc. Much will depend on the ascendant sign, the ascendant lord, the birth Moon. Then the sign /house in which such a Saturn is placed/ aspecting is important. This is a very general reading,

  • If the Sasa yog Saturn is in the 1st house, then there is a restriction on the creation of new karma and the illusion of duality is exposed (he restricts the 3rd house). There is disinterest in marriage and often these might prefer remaining single (aspect on the 7th house). The personality is rigid, self-confident, powerful and purposeful. Can adopt unconventional means to achieve his ends. Later the life purpose is directed away from the material to the spiritual as contentment in life is denied (aspect on 10th house).
  • Saturn in the 4th house with Sasa yog, reduces the impact of enemies and other difficulties represented by the 6th house. It often gives a rather ruthless nature as he would like to do things his own way. In the profession and the social arena he will be considered to be dominating (aspect on 10th house). Saturn’s real nature is to slowly consume the energies of the individual self and to illuminate the Ultimate (aspect on 1st house). This change is not really pleasant but the personality accepts it as it knows internally that this is for the good.
  • If Saturn is in the 7th house, with Sasa yog he creates disinterest in the marriage and often gives restrictions in business. He aspects the 9th house so grants dissatisfaction with outward religion, such a person may travel extensively searching for inner peace. His aspect on the 1st house will disconnect from his personality and fruits of the same and with time this leads to destruction of the individual ego.
  • Saturn in the 10th house. Here the individual’s life purpose is directed towards divine fulfilment. The Sasa yog actively creates disenchantment with marriage, reduces interest in intimacy with another person. Loss of the material linked to the gain of the spiritual is destined here. Emotional upheavals are restricted and the person might even appear to be hard-hearted. There may be a restlessness and there would be journeys in search for the spiritual. Later he may realise the futility of material stuff and find internal peace.

The primary function of the Sasa yog is to create a personality which is driven to spiritual growth using the highest essence of Saturn’s energies in its evolution. For this the material life is often outwardly hard and tends to rip off the illusions. This process can be painful but the personality welcomes the pain as it knows that the inner reality is something very different.


Sasa yog, Saturn in 2020-2025, spiritual aspects

Shadows and evil eyes

Our bodies are created of 5 layers divided into 3 zones, the Sthool sharir ie the physical body the astral/ subtle body called the Sookshma sharir and the causal or the Karan sharir. All of us are consciously aware of our physical body and the material environment. Some of us are aware of the subtle energy body and the astral/ psychic energies which surround us. These energies are visible as aura or the shadows that we see at the corner of our eyes or as flashes of random lights, colors, tastes and even thoughts. And a rare few are also aware of the innermost layer of the body the Karan/ causal body.

Our subtle body is a very happening place. This energy body controlled by the Moon is very sensitive and it also provides us security and protection from the random energies floating around us. However this energy body can be attacked, pierced and openings created through which discordant energy can enter the body and cause damage (Chhaya-chhidra). This discordant energy is called the chhaya, the projection or the shadow of the attacker. Sometimes the subtle energy body is also called as a chhaya.

Evil eye’ is a generic term used for psychic attack. But the underlying mechanism is somewhat similar. Conscious negative beings are involved. There are several spirits, entities, conscious beings who are essentially noxious and who can cause energy imbalances to humans. If someone goes to areas where such spirits are active at certain particular times, then they can create openings, chhidra in his subtle energy shields and exploit him, this is the first possibility. (I am using the work chhidra or crack as this is exactly what the evil eye attack looks like on the astral levels.)

A second possibility is this. If someone’s horoscope shows Ketu’s involvement with the ascendant lord or the birth Moon and there is further affliction to the thought processes by malefics, such a person is an ideal host for these spirits. Menstruating women are also susceptible during the 5 days of the cycle, and so are young children. These people are more like involuntary hosts. These spirits attach themselves to his energy body again by creating cracks (chhidra). Now this person is capable of casting an evil eye on others because he has now become a tool for these negative energies. These spirits use his subtle body as a channel to further create cracks in others. In this process the host also shows typical symptoms of stress and exhaustion.

(I live in the Himalayas, there are wild and dangerous places still on these mountains. Here if someone falls ill, the villagers will first contact the village shaman, who will set right the person’s energy body and the illness also vanishes. If the shaman is genuine he will tell them that the problems are purely physical and then they will approach a medical professional. It might sound crazy to city-folks who have never seen spirits in action but this sort of cure happens quite frequently.)

There is a third possibility, there are such hateful people who actively call such negative beings to cause harm to others ‘black magicians’. This is negative karma and its repercussions are horrible for the one doing it but still they do it.

This overall process is commonly called ‘casting a shadow’ or putting the ‘evil eye’. The gaze is the commonest way of accessing other’s energies. And here ‘shadow’ means the ‘chhaya’ a projection which is used to send these energies to the other person.

The weak points of a person’s aura are linked to the weak planets of his horoscope. The physical body parts controlled by these planets are, as it is, quite weak so its quite easy to inflict damage on these parts. (Eg a client has leaky aura, his sole chakras leak energy. So as he sleeps he shivers internally intensely even if the room is warm. So the solution was to seal his sole chakras using Reiki every day. Taught him how to do it, it has worked for him.)

Shadows and evil eyes

Am listing out some physical symptoms which the recipient of the evil eye might feel. I had listed out the astral symptoms in my earlier posts. These are the purely physical symptoms which all of us can observe. But do remember that these are also indicative of genuine medical conditions so do refer to a medical professional. It is only if you suffer from a symptom from each of these lists that it can be attributed to an evil eye attack.

The common symptoms is a type of headache, there is generally no pain just pressure migraine, an internal pressure, pressure on the forehead, pressure in the center of the head, sense organs can be affected.

Voice timbre and pitch may change. Choking sensations and loss of breath are quite possible, you might actually gasp for breath. You run to a doctor thinking you have got asthama but the doctor gives you an all-ok calls it a psychological condition and sends you away with a pat on the head.

Then nausea, stomach upsets, cramps, noxious farts, loose motions are very common as the body tries to expel the negative energies through this physical channel.

Muscles freezing, sprains and paralysis of muscles. (This had happened to me once, someone had poked a pin in a doll, right in the neck. I could feel the thing in my neck and ultimately had to go to a senior shaman to get rid of it.)

Tiredness, general fatigue, emotional swings, hysteria, misplaced outbursts of emotions, illogical arguments, going emotionally dead to someone you love deeply, depression and general hopelessness. (I have experienced this a few times. Once this was done by someone so strong that I couldn’t see it, finally my Devi had to come and tell me that someone had cut a goat over me and then I took remedial measures.)

Dreams are quite indicative during this period. Out of body experiences, sleep paralysis, unnecessary astral travel, dreaming of getting lost in mazes, dreaming huge water bodies in an overall scary dream, leaking water, dams breaking, floods, being chased by monster animals, dreaming that you are dying but not dead. If you are in the habit of noting down your dreams you can get important information on what is happening to you on the sub-conscious and conscious levels. These sort of casting shadow stuff always shows up in dreams.

Then in the material life, losing objects, forgetting things, finding it difficult to concentrate, facing obstacles in life, frustration, losses, isolation, violence, accidents are also possible.

Once this ‘casting the shadow’ or ‘evil eye’ attack happens, it turns into a vicious vortex as negative energies invite over even more negative entities further complicating the situation.

(One person I know suffered from an attack a few years ago. Atheist types, so no pujas and no consulting shamans. A year later he developed a particularly severe cancer. Then he started consulting several astrologers/ shamans who all gave him the same reply, the negativity has now percolated fully into the physical body, only hope is a life-long medical assistance.)

Shadows and evil eyes

There are several ways to get rid of these energies. I have written about them in my several previous posts. Shielding, cleansing and grounding are the basic things which everyone should practice routinely. Recovering from the evil eye is an active process which you should take up with a strong intention.

But the essential thing is that these negative energies also have been created by the same Shiv/ Shakti duo. Thus pujas and mantra rituals for Shiv, Shakti are equally effective in getting rid of any negativity. This will also stop negative entities latching on to you or attacking you. These negative energies are a part of the universe we live in and they will always be there. Their nature is to attack and cause harm. The only thing you can and should do is improve your power. There are shamans and practitioners of ‘white magic’, genuine tantriks. The easiest way of keeping your energy shell intact is to do your regular spiritual practice. Self-defence is always the best strategy.


Love matches, genuine or fraud

You will get clients, young couples who wish to get married despite their parents objections. Or you might get parents who have reluctantly agreed to the match but want an astrological reassurance that their child is not being cheated. Or a young man/ woman who wishes to cross-check if his lover genuinely loves him before taking the plunge. Here your position should be of that of a spectator, not get involved emotionally and analyse the charts professionally.

Love affairs are the domain of the 5th house and formal marriage is governed by the 7th house. For a love match to turn into a successful marriage these both houses need to be strong and in addition the 9th house also should give its blessings. I have seen several cases where the attraction turns out to be temporary and some cases where the subsequent marriage turned out to be better than what anyone could have imagined.

So first analyse the birth Moon in-depth. The Moon is the clarity of the mental processes, the strength of emotions, stability of understanding and the lens of perception. A powerful Moon elevates the quality of the entire horoscope, there are fewer inauspicious events in life and the person has the capacity to bounce back easily. An inauspiciously placed Moon gives a fickle and immature mind. It cannot identify people who are out to cheat him.

Love matches, genuine or fraud

Here are some typical combinations of a stressed out Moon, if either of the charts show this then it indicates that this person might be led into unsuitable situations.

If the Moon is placed alone and both the houses on either side are vacant (Kemadruma yog). This person feels alone and isolated emotionally. He may have had a childhood of neglect perhaps. It is easy to get him dependant emotionally, an easy prey for the unscrupulous others. And these people can be quite successful professionally, are quite intelligent especially in theoretical sciences. But are emotionally alone. Later you might see cases of cheating where such a person signed away his property in favour of someone and was left with nothing.

If the Moon is placed with malefics, the person has a weak mind which is easily led. He feels victimised and under stress for no reason. He can get easily depressed or swayed or can get dependent on someone who shows him superficial love or sympathy. Easy to trap him in marriage.

If both the houses on either side of the Moon are occupied by only malefics, (Paapkartari yog). This person feels stressed out, feels that he is targeted by others, feels hurt and is again an easy target for someone who wants to get him to marry. Can be trapped by a show of sympathy and superficial love. Later this combination can go on to indicate domestic violence also especially of the psychological kind.

If the Moon and Jupiter are placed in the 6/8 axis. (Or sometimes in the 2/12 axis.) This combination (Shakata yog) invariably causes delay in marriage, immaturity in love affairs, lack of judgement, headstrong nature which ultimately causes damage to oneself. However one good thing is that this is a cyclic thing, the person falls to the depths of misery and then rises again. But this can grant a vacillating nature which is again not a good thing.

A Moon in stress makes the personality go either way. One is either the sufferer or the perpetrator. eg If one was neglected emotionally, he might be rather gullible, believe someone who offers him sympathy, not logically think on what could be the real motives. Or he can go the other extreme where his emotional responses to life are stunted and he will behave in an emotionally hurtful manner to some one who genuinely loves him later.

Now in these combinations, if the Moon is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th 5th or 9th houses the effect is somewhat reduced in intensity. Aspects or influences of benefic planets will immensely help such a Moon. The native will feel emotionally and mentally positive and stronger. If the ascendant sign and the ascendant lord is well placed then the person can somehow manage to adjust to his circumstances even if there are adversities in life.

Remember that one of the charts shows such a stressed out Moon then then there is a possibility that there is something not good about the ‘love match’ scene. (Confirm the same with an instant Prashna kundali)

One another thing you should be aware of is that, often mantra are used to control persons. This is a use of the Vashikaran mantras. (This is negative karma for the one doing it, often they suffer some life time disbility, progeny is affected or physical death occurs in a bad way.) I have seen Vashikaran mantras being used several times, before marriage and even after marriage.

Influence of Ketu active in the horoscope at that time is a very potent indication of psychic energies being used to control the other.

(There is a young man I know, practically like a son. He is the only son of an ultra-rich family. Amavasya birth, Sun/Moon/Venus/Mercury in the 7th house, all aspected by Saturn. Ketu mahadasha on, current transit of Rahu on this Ketu. Birth Ketu placed 12th from his Moon. A woman has used vashikaran on him. He introduced her, wanted me to do the chart matching, but she did not give her correct birth date nor her palm prints. But the aura does not lie, she is several years older than him and unsuitable. Now he’s called up saying that the wedding is next month. Astrologically it is an impending disaster for both the woman and the man.)

(One of my brother’s client’s daughter went to USA for higher education and has fallen prey to vashikaran there! She refuses to come back and insists on marrying a highly unsuitable man. There are traces of Vashikaran in her aura which the Thoth Tarot cards also confirm. But she is just too far away and living with that man now to do anything about it.)

Love matches, genuine or fraud

The Dasha periods and the current transits of the planets are used to time events. Naturally Dashas/transits will also trigger episodes of love affairs. The planets involved are,

  • The planets placed in the 7th house or aspecting it or its planetary owner.
  • Venus can trigger affairs or marriages during periods controlled by him. He is the permanent agent of marriage and male-female relationships.
  • The planets placed 7th from the birth Moon.
  • The sign placed 7th from the birth Moon and its planetary owner.
  • The planetary rulers of the navamsha sign where these above planets get placed in.

(If you are following a sign based Dasha system then the periods controlled by the 7th house sign. The sign in which Venus is placed. The sign in which the 7th lord is placed. The sign placed 7th to the birth Moon can also trigger marriage or serious love affairs. Or the navamsha signs in which these planets are placed)

You have to analyse one thing here. The Dasha /transit should be capable of granting a strong bond. ie whatever planet/ sign is triggering the event, it should be capable of giving auspicious results. (Best refer the Ashtakvarga charts for their power) If the energies involved are not strong enough, then some sort of emotional relationship can occur. This can be a one-sided affair, physical intimacy or a temporary attachment. For a formal marriage to occur the Dasha /transit has to be strongly linked to the 7th house of both the charts. This is the essential requirement, the trigger planets/signs have to be auspicious, not damaged by malefic influences, strong and connected to the 7th house. If there is any damage to these then it is a clear sign that there will be issues in the future.

Finally you can check if the horoscopes match astrologically (post here).

There are several types of marriages from an astrological point of view, some are socially acceptable and some are not. A marriage is a life time event, the energy of the union is retained till the physical death of one of the two. There is nothing called a ‘legal divorce’ from the energy point of view. So analyse carefully when you get clients of the marrying kind.

Love matches, genuine or fraud


Travel and your horoscope

Travel is an essential part of our lives. We travel for business or pleasure but we do move from one place to another at some point of our life. Some people travel continuously while some travel maybe once a year. So here is a quick post on how to analyse your travel tendency from your horoscope. Check out these houses,

The ascendant sign is the environment around you. And the 4th house is the traditional home that you are comfortable and familiar with. The permanent place of residence and your interaction with it, is a mix of these two houses. If these two houses are powerful, with benefic influences, the person remains stable in one place for longer lengths of time. If these two houses are afflicted by malefics the home tends to shift often, there is frequent dislocation. These ‘homes’ can be your temporary homes, or hotel rooms or vacation camp tents.

Then here are the houses involved in travel and journeys.

The 3rd house indicates travelling for regular work or routine profession related  journeys. Eg a commercial traveller, pilot, bus driver, or the daily commute that you do for getting to and from work. Here the journey may be thousands of km/ pilot or a few km/ getting to office, yet it is covered under the 3rd house.

The 4th house, apart from the comforts of the home, also signifies the comforts and security that one has when he travels. This house especially governs the vehicles you own and the vehicles you use when you travel. If you have a few good influences here, you might buy a nice car or a cool bike and go travelling.

The 8th house signifies compulsory travel which can be so extreme that is can cause a change in residence. You have no option. This might be short travel or long or a temporary or a permanent shift. But you are forced to move. (This house on the spiritual side also decides the journeys into the inner self. So dreamers, spiritual aspirants and astral travellers can be seen from here)

The 9th house signifies long journeys, tourism, pilgrimages, holiday, vacations etc. You may have a specific objective in mind or be excited about it or feel the spiritual pressure, but you know why you are doing this. Aimless travelling or backpacking also is covered here, as you desire to experience the journey in a different way. You know why you are moving.

The 12th house shows travel to distant places often after stress and strain. You are often cut off from familiar culture and are required to adopt new customs alien to your regular life style. (Also journeys into the other dimensions, so astral travel, dreams and spiritual aspirants also need a strong but auspicious 12th house)

Travel and your horoscope

Journeys are of two types, short and long. There is nothing called ‘foreign’ travel as political boundaries are entirely artificial. Eg for someone living in Chennai, Colombo may be a foreign country with somewhat similar culture. But if he is travelling to Mizoram it might seem to him to be a foreign culture but it is definitely a part of his home nation.

The potential for the travels will be seen from the birth horoscope and the actual timing from the Dasha and the transits.

Now a quick look at the planets involved.

Moon is the natural agent for travelling. He likes change, cyclic motions, new-ness, voyages and long journeys are his thing. If he is in charge of any of the houses we have seen above he will create a desire to travel, a need for change. If you are required to predict a journey for someone, the Moon is the first planet you need to look for.

Mercury if benefic for the horoscope will also prefer a comfortable travelling experience with every ticket bought in advance and every hotel room reviewed before booking it. You might be made to travel if he is linked to any house, Dasha or transit linked to movement. He likes change and would like going with his siblings, same age group or teammates group, office picnics  perhaps. He also likes to trade, he runs those small shops with lots bargaining. So small tours for buying or selling are his. And then those frenzied tourists who want to ‘cover every sight’, these highly excited ones are expressing their Mercury-energy!

If Jupiter or Venus are involved in any way they tend to discourage random travelling. They will want luxuries and a relaxed programme. If they do venture out of their comfort zones they will want the same food and routines that they follow at home to be available to them on the tour. They stand for comfortable lavish or expansive living and generally do not bear well in travel unless the objective is a spa, resort or a pilgrimage. Venus sometimes encourages business travel, but only the executive class types.

Mars, if linked to any of the above houses and capable of directing your travels, is rather abrupt. You will be made to travel suddenly, on short notice, often without a clear direction. Wandering type of unproductive journeys are possible. Mars is a natural malefic. You might face resistances or conflicts during your journey and it will be tiring overall. Horoscopes of soldiers often show this influence. I have seen medical doctors who attend emergencies or accident trauma type of work also show this. (Maybe it is linked to their going to the hospital at all odd hours dealing with life and death.)

Saturn can also get you involved in travels. But being a natural malefic, he will ensure that you are subdued, alone, isolated during your journey. There might be some serious or somber objective at the end of your travel which saps you of all excitement and turns the entire experience into a dull duty. Eg one client travelled back from his residence in the USA for the medical emergency and eventual death of his father. This was his Saturn in transit’s doing.

Sun is a natural malefic and also makes one travel if he is linked to the above houses or the Dasha/ transits connected to journeys. I have seen this in the charts of tour guides, those who are a part of the group but are away from them, organising and directing the group. Or in government or executive level officers who travel for important work. Rarely does he give tours for pleasure and company.

Rahu is excitement and sudden surprises. If Rahu is directing your journeys you will be the one person in the group always excited about everything. The beauty of every sunset, the waters of the lakes, the flight of birds, you will feel the excitement of every sight and you want more. Rahu will make you want to experience the food, culture and everything about the place you are visiting. You are the one who is taking photographs and posing for more. And you won’t delete them, you will look back on them with pleasure. You are willing to be happy in the tour and are a good companion to go along.

Ketu also can at times cause you to move. He is primarily the force of separation and detachment. So any journeys directed by Ketu will be because you are to be separated from something in your current situation. And often with force. If this journey is undertaken with a spiritual undercurrent then you might benefit, else Ketu is often an inauspicious reason to travel.

And a quick test. You know that the signs are divided into Moveable/ Chara (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), Stable/ Sthira (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), Dual-natured/ Dwiswabhavi (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces ). Check out the planets placed in your chart, especially the Ascendant sign, Ascendant lord and the Moon. If most of your planetary forces are placed in stable signs, chances of travel will be reduced, if in moveable signs then you will travel more. Dual natured signs go either way.

So if you find yourself always travelling, look up the planets/ houses involved you might get more insights on why you are on the move so often. What experience are you after? What objective have you in your mind. If you find that you have been travelling more in certain periods, look up the Dasha/transit during that period.

And finally our travels are not always in the physical realms, we also travel when we dream, ie our astral body travels or our dreams are so vivid that they grant us the experience of ‘travel’. If the planets are not strong enough to cause physical travel they will cause you to travel in your dreams or grant vivid dreams. In this context too, the same above houses and planets will be involved. The intensity and the context of the experience will be different. If you feel that you have been travelling astrally or dreaming too vividly about same topics, do go through your charts, especially your birth Moon chart, you might find interesting influences.


Travel and your horoscope

Kaalchakra Dasha, Deha Jiv, Gemini-Sagittarius

The Dasha systems are necessary to time events in astrology. I have written several posts on the Vimshottari Dasha. It is the first Dasha system taught to students, there is a lot of material and research on Vimshottari, it is the easiest to understand and is accurate. But there are more Dasha systems which are applicable in certain cases. A professional astrologer has to be familiar with at least 3-4 Dasha systems.

The Kaalchakra dasha system gives very accurate results for everyone at all times if the accurate birth details are known. I know most of my readers have not learnt Kaalchakra or perhaps not even heard about it, but writing this post in the hope that someone might be inspired to read and learn it eventually. (If you intend to learn Kaal chakra Dasha refer to the book by Shakti Mohan Singh, it gives the correct method of calculating stuff.)

The Deha and Jiv rashi concept is one of the unique features in the Kaalchakra Dasha. Even without learning the entire Kaalchakara Dasha system you can use this concept and it will give you one more tool to cross-check your predictions or make sense of what is happening to you at the moment.

Open your Vedic astrology software (any software will do), check that the Ayanamsha is Chitrapaksha – Lahiri, then input your birth time and location. Note your birth Moon’s position, ie his Nakshatra/ lunar mansion and its quarter/ pad. Now refer to the table below. There are two types of signs mentioned against your birth Moon’s Nakshatra quarter. ‘Deha’ and ‘Jiv’ signs. Deha means the body. Jiv means the individual soul.

Nakshatra Quarter Deha Jiva











First Aries Sagittarius
Second Capricorn Gemini
Third Taurus Gemini
Fourth Cancer Pisces






First Scorpio Pisces
Second Aquarius Virgo
Third Libra Virgo
Fourth Cancer Sagittarius





First Cancer Sagittarius
Second Libra Virgo
Third Aquarius Virgo
Fourth Scorpio Pisces









First Cancer Pisces
Second Taurus Gemini
Third Capricorn Gemini
Fourth Aries Sagittarius

These two signs, Deha and Jiv, are the most sensitive signs in your birth chart. Locate them in your birth chart, see the influences on them. If there are any planets placed in them at birth they will give rather intense and sudden results. Benefic planets influencing them will indicate sudden rise in life and malefic planets influencing them will indicate sudden distress. If there are no planets placed in these signs at birth it is relatively a better situation as there are fewer unexpected changes in life. Too many changes in life, even if they are auspicious, tend to disrupt the smooth flow of the life experience and need to be navigated with care.

The Deha sign is linked to your body, the physical environment and the material stuff.

  • If there are malefics here at birth then one should be careful when these connected planet’s Vimshottari dasha-s change. This Dasha change period makes the body most susceptible to ill-health. If you have learnt to use the Kaalchakra system then you should keep track of the Deha sign periods and be careful accordingly.
  • Malefic influences on the Deha sign in transit will almost always give sudden illness. Depending on what kind of planet and which sign is involved you can predict the type and intensity of illness.
  • Benefics naturally will give pleasing results, good health, mental and emotional happiness in the time periods controlled by them and these signs. But no one comes to the astrologer to know why he is having a good time. They will come to ask when the good times will come, for this you can look up the future transits and analyse.

Jiv sign is linked to the individual soul, karmic bindings, mental and emotional stuff. It indicates the issues of the individual soul very deeply. eg Moon under stress can cause emotional breakdown but an malefic affliction to the Jiv sign can cause the person to be in the depths of despair, the soul itself is in torment, which will not be visible to others around him.

  • Malefic influences here at birth will make the person labour under a burden of the soul throughout life. There is an underlying despondency and an overall listlessness.
  • Malefic transits over this sign can cause intense trauma to the soul. A dark night of the soul type of trauma. Mental anguish, depression, isolation, betrayal, abandonment by the loved ones, separations etc are very common results during this period.
  • Benefics involved here will also give sudden changes but these will be naturally auspicious and supportive in nature.

If both the Deha and Jiv signs are afflicted by malefics in the birth chart, this lowers the quality of the horoscope. Such a person should perform remedial measures, do a regular spiritual practice or at least some mantra jaap regularly to keep his body and soul in balance. If both the Deha and Jiv signs have benefics placed in them at birth these will give auspicious results but life will be quite happening with sudden rises happening frequently. This is also can become a disruptive thing if the personality is unable to adjust to the sudden rise in fortunes.

During the transits of the nine planets, it is natural that sometimes they will transit over the Deha and Jiva signs both. ie both these signs will have some planet transiting over them. These times in life will be rather happening and there will be sudden changes depending on the natures of the planets transiting. If two or more malefics transit these signs then expect severe stress. In case the malefic influence is very severe, it can manifest as temporary separation or death of relatives, loss of job, loss of wealth or ill-health. This period is invariably very dangerous for the person’s body, mind and soul. He should be prepared for rough times ahead. If several malefics including Rahu/ Ketu are involved they can also cause physical death. If these transiting planets are benefics then they will give sudden changes in life but these will be agreeable changes and ‘sudden rise’. If there is a mix of malefic and benefic influences transiting the Deha and Jiva signs, then the results will also be mixed.

And one more simple way of using the Deha and Jiva concept. Locate these two signs, Deha and Jiva in your birth horoscope.

  • If either of these signs fall in your 6th, 8th or 12th houses, you should beware of sudden changes in life which lead to turmoil.
  • In case these signs fall in the Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) houses or the Kona (5th, 9th) houses they will give sudden changes in life but they will be for your good.

Venus and Mars placed in the 8th house

Now let’s do a small practical.

Right now Sagittarius – Gemini is going through a lot. Such events are perfect study periods for Jyotish.

Tally this Deha and Jiv concept with what has just happened and is still happening in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is, as it is, one of the most happening signs of the zodiac. During Nov 2019 to Jan 2020 things have been even more happening in transit for Sagittarius. So many planets together, the slowest trio, Saturn + Ketu + Jupiter together, total solar eclipse, combust Jupiter, combust Mercury, combust Saturn, a total solar eclipse, Rahu/ Ketu nodes in forward motion almost stationary etc. A huge burst of energy, malefics and benefics all mixed up.

People born with their birth Moon in the following Nakshatra+pad will be suffering because their Jiva sign is Sagittarius. Refer to the table above, Sagittarius can only be a Jiv sign for anyone born in the,

  • first quarter of the nakshatras at group (1) of this table.
  • fourth quarter/pad of the nakshatras listed in group (2).
  • first quarter of the nakshatra listed at group (3)
  • fourth quarter of nakshatra at group (4).

Almost all of these individuals will go through an intense period of soul searching and mental anguish during the period Nov 2019 to Jan 2020.

The next high voltage sign would be Gemini which is in axis with Sagittarius. Gemini too is facing the brunt of the energies being released in Sagittarius and has its own energy burst, a penumbral lunar eclipse coming up on 10th Jan 2020. So people with Gemini as their Deha sign (Group 1 nakshatra= birth in second or third quarter) or Jiv rashi (Group 4 nakshatra = birth in third or fourth quarter) are also going through their version of sudden traumatic events.

If you have anyone around you with any of the above birth Moon nakshtra-quarter, observe him/ her analytically, you will learn a lot about the dynamics of the Deha and Jiva rashi concept. Gemini Deha rashi guys will be in some physical discomfort eg someone I know is in danger of being evicted from her house, she lost a legal case recently. And the Gemini Jiv or Sagittarius Jiv sign people are suffering through their own private emotional turbulence which they can neither understand nor express.

The effectiveness of signs (this post) is a very important part of astrological analysis. Focussing only on the planets we forget that the signs and also the houses are equally important. Sagittarius and Gemini are the signs of surprises, the highest energy signs. The periods controlled by these are quite full of action. The houses they are placed in, show quick moving events (even Vimshottari dasha is to be analysed on these lines, posts here). Now these two signs are the axis of an energy maelstrom. And the worst part is that the individual has no control over these events or his response to these events. It is like being caught in this whirlpool of events and trying to keep oneself above water.

If you look at the current situation, there are so many planets in Sagittarius, Rahu in Gemini, Moon transits fast at 2.25days/sign, Mars is in Scorpio and Venus in Capricorn. So if we refer to our table, people with these signs as their Deha and Jiv signs will be rather under stress at present.

January end will bring some respite to the beleaguered Sagittarius-Gemini axis when Saturn moves out into Capricorn. Jupiter can then try to repair the damage by adding his dose of hope and philosophy. But Ketu will add his own mix of spirituality into the repair work. Interesting times in any case.