Retrograde planets, Jupiter

Jupiter tends to be retrograde for about 4-5 months every year. So, you can expect Jupiter moving in the apparent reverse motion in about 22% of your client’s charts.

Retrograde motion happens quite regularly, most of us have at least one graha retrograde in our horoscopes. These retrograde planets affect deeply on the psychological levels, on growth and development. Their energies are channelised differently, turned inwards towards the non-rational dimensions. They offer subtle challenges, and if you can over come these, you are granted greater access to your inner self. If you consciously use their energies, they will support heightened intuition and self-awareness, but if left to themselves they will deny access to these. These are the subjective, unconscious motivations of your self, you cannot understand them in the context of your rational, objective, conscious and motivated actions.Retrograde planets, JupiterJupiter is considered the biggest benefic planet in the chart, benevolent and gentle. He is the agent of knowledge and wisdom. Depending on what he signifies in your chart, he can help you on the material or spiritual paths. Based on what Jupiter means in your horoscope, he will make you understand and experience its true value. Education, career, law, religion, metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, marriage, children, he gives and expands the potential for all these. Jupiter is also about being ‘visible’ in public, fame. Jupiter matures rather early in life so generally by the time the individual enters active society his thought processes have already taken a definite direction. Colleges and Universities are the places where these thoughts are first expressed, this patterns then continue throughout life.

A retrograde Jupiter increases the psychological dimensions of the experiences he controls. He will be successful in the roles assigned to him, but now he will look for the inner subjective meanings, the patterns linked to these roles. He might have money and fortune, but he will question the use of these things in life and in a broader social perspective. Jupiter retrograde is the courage of conviction. Questions like ‘what is good for me/society’, ‘what is personal/societal progress’, ‘what is personal/societal good’, are pondered upon. He will think very deeply on the matters of the house he is placed in. Jupiter retrograde will have an inner hope, righteousness and faith. He knows himself to be right, will never give up hope and can turn into a crusader of his faith, in benevolent but insistent ways. He is quite positive in approach. A retrograde Saturn thinks for a change in material benefits for the society. A retrograde Jupiter thinks about the society’s collective ‘soul’!

Jupiter is the natural owner of Sagittarius and Pisces. Both these signs are located in the second half of the zodiac. These energies are directed outward from the person, more social in context, more distributive. This is where the personality diffuses, the larger picture comes into focus. He sacrifices his individuality for the sake of the larger perspective. So when Jupiter turns retrograde, he thinks and rethinks on larger issues very deeply. He develops his unusual perspectives on philosophy, religion, law, learning, losses of the material, gain of the spiritual, etc. Such a Jupiter values subjective humanitarian values, like kindness, generosity, compassion etc in an abstract way. He might not actively give money to a charity but might prefer being a spokesperson motivating others to contribute. This ‘visibility in public life’ usually happens after mid-life, for the simple reason that in his younger years, his unusual opinions will not be taken seriously or he may lack opportunities. The initial years may be accompanied with self-doubt or lack of self-confidence but there is usually a complete change with middle-age. Retrograde planets, JupiterRetrograde planets are always linked to a ‘inner voice’ who evaluates the gifts linked to the planet very strictly. You will not bother about how your opinions are being received in public as long as your inner conscience is satisfied. You prefer to learn from your own experiences and reactions to them, rather than from others. You will also not expect returns for the actions you perform, e.g. you know that this is your life path and you are following a greater force, so walking on this path is satisfaction enough.

Retrograde planets in the horoscope invariably delay some things in life, e.g personal achievements, marriage, wealth, etc can come later than you expect. And spiritual growth and philosophical understanding will invariably come earlier than you’d expect it!

If your retrograde planets are conjunct with a direct moving planet, e.g. retrograde Jupiter conjunct Sun, you should analyse the Sun and Jupiter as a combined unit, as Jupiter will subconsciously influence the actions indicated by the Sun in your horoscope. Jupiter will in a way, use the Sun’s energy to express himself. And the Sun will use retrograde Jupiter’s thought processes as his back up.

As with Saturn, Jupiter is retrograde for a significant period, 4-5 months, every year. So if you have retrograde Jupiter in your birth chart, these transits of retrograde Jupiter will  be felt quite intensely. You will seem to work overtime without a break during this period. If you observe yourself over the years, you might notice that you take decisions which have far-reaching impacts during this period. Jupiter retrograde at birth has marked out whatever is stunting your personal and spiritual growth. Transiting Jupiter retrograde will make you resolve these issues in earnest. And this will happen every year. These 4-5 months is where life will be in fast-forward for you. So try to remain aware of events. Try to clarify your internal understanding. You will reap the benefits of your this hard work when Jupiter goes direct in transit again.

‘Fulfilment’ is a very subjective. To be really satisfied about the aspects of life controlled by retrograde planets, you will have to tread on unusual paths. There will be hard karmic lessons or extra effort required this life to be genuinely happy and content. So be patient and persevere.

And finally, because he is Jupiter and he is retrograde, replaying the lesson of faith, ethics and values, you will not follow established religion blindly. You will find your own truths and deeper meanings, with time. There may be disappointments on your spiritual journey as you follow others. Try and listen to your own inner voice and have faith in yourself. Be kind to yourself and you will find your own way, which will be perfect for you, with time.


Retrograde planets, Jupiter

Rahu and karmic relationships

Matching charts for marriage is a routine job for an Indian astrologer. There are several rules prescribed for matching charts for a successful marriage. If the astrologer is good, he will also give an overview of the two charts seen together, a snapshot of what their life together can be like. Everyone brings in their own karma into relationships, and karma is best defined by Rahu/Ketu. I always consider Rahu- Ketu to be very valuable indicators in a chart. Even if the client has no specific questions regarding these, they should be analysed. They tell you where the subconscious is directed, pulled by the ‘desire to experience’ energy of Rahu and pushed by the ‘apathetic to experience’ energy of Ketu. Karmic relationships are those which are carried on from past lives and are more focussed on completing the unfinished karma. Relationships which are linked by Rahu are quite powerful, they are forward-oriented and focussed on growth potential. Rahu indicates karma linked to the present and the future you look forward to. A Rahu linked relationship offers a chance to both for growing and learning together in this lifetime. Also an opportunity to accomplish the work together which perhaps either could not complete alone in this life.rahu in karmic relationships, synastryPull out your and your best friend’s chart for this mini exercise. This ‘friend’, would be someone close to you, with whom you have the most intense relationship in terms of ‘experience’. Your brother/sister, parent, husband/wife, child, best friend etc. This is how you go about it,

  • e.g. If your Rahu is in your 3rd house and your friend’s Venus is his 3rd house, the 3rd house matters will usually be the focus of your relationship together. Matters of the 3rd house will be lucky for both as long as the relationship lasts.
  • You can check out the signs too, if your Rahu is in Aries and his Mercury is in Aries, both will benefit from Aries-related matters. But this effect will be less intense as compared to the houses as above.
  • Generally the matters of the other planet will be in focus in the relationship together.
  • The one whose Rahu is involved benefits from the planet of the other. This other planet provides direction and guidance to the Rahu. And Rahu provides his energy and the thirst for experience to the other planet.

Rahu – Sun

This is a very deep connect and can last a life-time. Rahu amplifies the Sun’s powers which can be good for both. The Rahu-friend gives the power, strength, desire, luck and optimism for the future. The Sun-friend gives inspiration, self-confidence, creativity, healthy sense of self-ego and leadership. The Sun-person will drive the relationship, i.e. decide the common goals that the two will pursue together. However both will have to ensure that this does not create ego problems. There may be an undercurrent of ‘father’ or ‘mentor’ type of feelings between the two.

Rahu – Moon

An emotional connect between two people which can last a life time. The Rahu-person amplifies the Moon associated qualities of the Moon-person. The relationship is more nurturing and ‘feelings’ dominate. The Rahu – person provides support of the outgoing type, physical protection etc and receives emotional nurturing from the Moon-person. Both should take care that the relationship doesn’t turn into ‘needy love’, it might then convert into a mother-child type of relationship. The Moon is the sum of your existence and Rahu is an astral force, so this relationship can be quite intense and both may remember past life incidents from their common lives.

Rahu – Mars

This is a very intense connect which can go both ways. Initially the two attract each other with their outgoing natures, high energy activities and even enjoy arguing with each other. But with time, disagreements and conflicts will increase, thus this does not make for a long term success. This relationship will be very exciting, dynamic and at times challenging. There is abundant energy, luck, desire and cooperative spirit, together against the world. They can be good in technology or brotherhood type of activities together. The Mars-friend needs to be careful about his self-ego and not hurt the Rahu-friend’s self-ego in this relationship. Also might manifest into to a on-off type of relation where both are often separated and then meet up for short intense periods.rahu in karmic relationships, synastryRahu – Mercury

This combination is quite good for long term relationship. Rahu will amplify Mercury-activities, communications, team-spirit, playing, being together etc. Both will support each other in their hobbies, interests, learning skills etc. Talking on the phone always, messaging and being in touch, both might share the same tastes and have common interests. Both find it very easy to relate to each other, laughing at the same jokes. Best friends who can complete each other’s sentences! This connect is the best possible for ‘best-buddies’ or even a successful business partner duo. Mercury is quite intricately connected to ‘desire, his Gemini is the first 1/3rd of the Kama trikon. So Rahu-Mercury can give a very successful relationship on whichever level it manifests.

Rahu – Jupiter

This is a good combination of two grahas who apparently seem to be opposite in nature. Both share hopes, higher learning and wisdom. Rahu provides the drive and Jupiter the benevolence. These two can grow with each other long-term. Both may have different view-points but in the background they both think on similar lines. This is a combination of ‘desire to experience’ and the ‘ability to philosophise’, thus together they make a great deal of sense. This connect supports both material, philosophical and spiritual growth. If these two people meet when they are older/more mature they might be better able to support each other. Experience and wisdom both balance better with age.

Rahu – Venus

This is a good connection and tends to grow deeper with time. There is scope for romance and also respect for each other. The Venus-person will give his wisdom/ love/ ‘relationship-glue’ depending on the level he is operating. The Rahu-person will protect, provide the luck, the fierceness and the common direction in their lives. This is one combination where Rahu actually feels responsible. Depending on the house in which this is happening this can lead to romance, physical relationships, marriage and other common relationship interests. ‘Attraction’ is the word around which this connection will evolve. And then the secret, there is enormous potential here, of esoteric wisdom and growth in metaphysical/ occult. Venus is not the ‘planet of love’, he is Daityaguru Shukracharya, with all the knowledge and seriousness that goes with it. The strictest Teacher of the most difficult students. And Rahu is a Daitya. So Shukracharya is Rahu’s Guru! There will always be an undercurrent of teaching and learning in this relationship. (I know two friends with this combination, they have tantric abilities way beyond their ages.)

Rahu – Saturn 

This connect can get difficult because Saturn is restriction, discipline and constriction. If Rahu amplifies all this Saturn stuff, it can create issues and the relationship might remain a short lived one. However if the house in which this is happening is a suitable environment for Saturn-Rahu then it might work wonders. e.g this can work nicely in the 3rd (personal courage), 6th (service and sufferings), 8th (death and catastrophic transformations), 11th (gains) house energies. This is quite a serious connection overall, Saturn-person helps the Rahu-person in various material ways, e.g. by systemically organising things for him in profession and work. The Rahu helps the Saturn by bringing in ‘luck’, to find legitimate short-cuts etc,innovative ways to to reduce his work load. But a Rahu-Saturn background is always serious. It is a good connection for non-personal relationships, distant relationships, group activity type of interests etc.rahu in karmic relationships, synastry.jpegRahu – Rahu

Both friends are very similar in what they desire in this life. Both want the same sort of experiences, Rahu in the same house (or sign) in each’s chart, will ensure that both are attracted to similar things. Both thus have a very deep understanding of each other’s deepest motivations and inclinations. Then Ketu-Ketu will also exist as Rahu-Ketu are 180 degrees apart. So both have similar past experiences and learning from them. This is a good combination for companionship and friendship. The only possibility where Rahu-Rahu connect can lead to a conflict is if both want the actual same thing/object/person rather than the experience. Then this can get ugly with no limits on what each can do to the other!

Rahu – Ketu

This is very good for companionship in the real sense and is usually a life-time connect, growing deeper with time. A connect of two opposites who are actually One. This gives each an understanding of the other which can neither be articulated not understood completely, just experienced. There is genuine sympathy, affection and each appreciates the other’s life path intensely. The simplest reason is this, the Ketu-friend knows at the deepest levels what the Rahu-friend is going through at present, and will go through in the future. The Rahu’s present/future is Ketu’s past experience. And vice-versa! Both are astral graha, complete when with each other. Thus the two friends feel the other as the missing-link which completes each at the deepest level. (I know a couple of friends, with a Rahu-Ketu linkage in the birth chart and the same combination in their divisional chart-9, navamsha chart also. Unbelievably linked on all levels.)

So this was just a frame work on which the Rahu-linked synastry relationship will evolve. The finer details will depend a great deal on the house in which this combination is happening. Also keep the social and cultural background in mind. Rahu does not mean that the two will break out of the socio-cultural norms and engage in aberrant behaviour. These are mental and psychological patterns you are analysing. And, since it is Rahu involved, they will always be significant, ‘the desire for experience’. If you have someone in your life with such a Rahu – synastry, analyse your this relationship in great details. It will help you understand your own self better.



rahu in karmic relationships, synastry

Retrograde planets, Saturn

Saturn is the planet most likely to be retrograde in a chart. Approx 26% of the charts you get will have Saturn in his apparent backward motion.

Retrograde planets are teachers with a different agenda. They teach you by rewinding events in your conscious life. You review and re-analyse, again and yet again. The conscious event is never directly in sharp focus, your feelings, instincts and indirect impressions add more dimensions to the experience. You may not be able to clearly express yourself in the matters ruled by the retrograde planets. A jumble of feelings, you may not be sure about what you ‘feel’ and what you should be ‘doing’. On these matters your conscious and sub-conscious are in conflict.

If you have more than one planet retrograde in your chart you will need to find out the relative strengths of each to know their relative influence on you. As a starting point you can consider the planet which has advanced most into its sign, i.e. with the highest degrees, to give more results.Retrograde planets, Saturn.jpegSaturn teaches you to maintain the society and helps you maintain your public/visible role in it. Saturn is the owner of the 10th and 11th house of the natural zodiac. Thus he is the natural agent of your work, profession, your birth father, your luck, gains from every aspect of your life, like-minded groups etc. (The father in the spiritual sense, the Guru, is the 9th house). Most importantly on the spiritual context, Saturn gives you the work-plan which helps rebalance your karma systematically. He keeps a tally of how much work has been done and how much more is required to balance your this life’s karma target. The strength to persevere. All of us hope and are optimistic, but the next step towards success is to work steadily without faltering, this is Saturn. On the emotional front, Saturn is often dour, forbidding, causing restrictions, constrictions and not-happiness.

On the inner levels, Saturn’s job is to reduce ‘self-ego’, the inflated sense of personal self.

A retrograde Saturn will often start with a complicated relationship with the father or people in authority who discipline you. This begins in the childhood itself so has implications throughout life. We are required to live our life with self-discipline and responsibility. Often it is the father who teaches the child the value of discipline and corrects his behaviour if required. But a child with retrograde Saturn may subconsciously resent his father and all that he teaches. He might perceive his father to be distant, not-loving, emotionally unavailable or absent.

In life, resources are limited and you need to plan and be systematic about using them. As you grow, the ability to organise life and its resources becomes even more vital. You live in a society and its norms and legal/social behaviour is important. A retrograde Saturn is sometimes a balancing act. You have to think of positive goals which support Saturn’s natural role and also his role in your personal chart. Saturn signifies society in all ways, so retrograde or not, he will find ways to make you work for the society. So over time, especially after Saturn matures at the age of 36yrs, you might find your own ways of contributing. You tend to choose an external apparent freedom which is strictly regulated by your internal self-discipline. A retrograde Saturn allows you to use your talents differently, you may work in a profession considered ‘odd’ by the society. If the chart supports, you may be an eccentric professor who thinks differently, a brilliant artist who creates unusual works, or even an astrologer! All forms of jobs and professions are Saturn.Retrograde planets, SaturnSaturn’s energies are turned inwards, so the conscience is always hyper-alert. This internal voice reviews every step you take and every word you speak, always, non-stop, to an extent that you might feel an underlying fear of everything you do. ‘Are you doing things the way you are you are supposed to do?’, The internal self is hyper-strict, always finding faults. This over time can lead to low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence and an inability for self-love. The solution here is to direct the energies. Try to develop your own frame of reference, Saturn will allow this. You can develop your own internal sense of self-discipline so that you are more comfortable with what you do. Try to intuitively feel what is really important to you than what you were taught is important in life. You are required to be more subjective than objective. Look for patterns not separate events.

Retrograde Saturn will work with and through the planets he is associated /conjunct /aspected by /aspecting /house owner etc with. So e.g. if he is with a direct Mercury, try to find Saturn’s subjective influence on the Mercury-linked actions you do. You might think on what society needs, a thought, an intellectual reform, you might initiate a ‘process’ for the welfare of the society, speaking out, communicating, writing! Several social reformers had a retrograde Saturn who powered their thoughts and actions. These individuals were highly convinced of the correctness of their thoughts and were considered radical by the society of that time. Retrograde Saturn does provide the internal energy to work hard, the person knows he is right and unaware of the odds, perseveres and brings about fundamental changes.

If you want to come to terms with the power of retrograde planets, you have to go through a highly introspective process. Self-reflection is key. This however happens over a life-time. As you contemplate, your powers of intuition also increase, this will lead to increased trust in your own feelings. You will be able you love yourself, ‘self-love’. Only then will the subjective, seemingly irrational influences on your psyche be gradually accepted and integrated. However odd these subconscious feelings may seem, they are a pattern which will gradually synthesise and make sense. Retrograde Saturn is a great power-house, if you can use it in the sub-conscious levels, it will manifest in your physical reality too. Try to be comfortable with these inner dialogues and self-doubts, as they will make sense eventually.


Retrograde planets, Saturn

Rahu Ketu, experiences of gain and loss

The orbit of the Earth around the Sun and the orbit of the Moon around the Earth intersect at two points, Rahu and Ketu. Astronomically these are just points where two curves intersect twice, but astrally these are huge chunks of conscious energies. Thus these satisfy the condition of being a ‘graha‘, a force and are called ‘planets’ in astrology. These are highly significant points representing how energy is pulled in into your psyche and then again released out from your psyche.

They represent the flow of your Experience.

You and me, all are part of the Ultimate Consciousness/Parabrahma.We are here to ‘experience’, the ‘one who experiences’ has priority. My experience is different from yours.Rahu Ketu, experiences of gain and lossRahu represents the inward pull of energy. Depending on his placement, you will want to experience the matters of his house, house owner, sign and conjunct/aspecting planets. Your sub-conscious self wants, desires, the energy of these experience. This energy is needed to balance out the karmic agenda you have decided on at your birthRahu represents all the aspects of life experience which you have ignored in your past lives. You are required to go through these aspects now. These have gained importance and urgency in this life, you have procrastinated long enough. And with Rahu pulling you, these events will satisfy you in a way nothing else will. Accept the energy. Maximum potential for growth exists in these areas of your life and if you sensibly use your Rahu, you will benefit.

The trick is to be aware of how much experience is experience enough. For e.g, You love your bike, the vehicle of your dreams, it can go upto 240 kmph, but would you drive so fast? No, it would create stress for you and would be dangerous too! A spectacular ride culminating in a disaster. You know you are a good driver and 120 kmph is your safe limit. It is logical that you drive safely and enjoy yourself during your drive, so you stick to 120 kmph. It is the same with Rahu, he has unlimited energy which he pulls into your inner self, but you are required to know your limits, so that you can be safe and enjoy the ride with Rahu.

Rahu is energy, how you use it is your decision. This decision requires a favourable placement of the other planets who are linked with Rahu’s matters. If he is aspected by benefics, benevolent planets, caring and loving energies, you are able to manage his desires more effectively. In a strong horoscope Rahu can take you to the heights of glory, both spiritual and material. This is a misconception that Rahu is a material planet, he is not! He is just the power of ‘desire’. Your entire horoscope, i.e. your mind-set and your conscious Will, these will indicate where this power of ‘desire’ is to be channelised. The power to manifest is always yours, You choose what you want.

The challenge that Rahu presents is this, you have extraordinary power of being able to ‘experience’ within you. How you open and channelise it is upto you. But it is essential that you immerse yourself in the ‘experience’, without getting attached to it. This is the secret of Tantra. Immerse yourself completely in the experience so that you can transcend it. If you have experienced it all, the object loses its power to attract. Once you are satisfied, your stomach is full, you cannot eat even one more piece of your favourite sweets/mithai, you push the dish away. The desire has ended, the experience is complete. This is the challenge that Rahu puts forward before you.Rahu Ketu, experiences of gain and lossKetu is the other node – point of intersection, 180 degrees away from Rahu. Here you release the energies which are of no use to you. You have experienced these to your fill in your past lives so much so that they are of no consequence. You are apathetic to them now.

There is a hidden challenge here too, and because it is Ketu you are indifferent to his disinterested challenge. These patterns represented by Ketu are in-built, comfortable routines, which you unconsciously replay all the time. You are unaware of these patterns, but if you pay attention to your self you will notice them. And if you rely too much on these patterns you will not be able to gainfully leverage the new experiences of Rahu. See, Rahu/Ketu are always 180 degrees away from each other, the houses they occupy will be in the mirror image, fill-in-the-blanks format, seventh from each other. Rahu is offering you a load of experience, so the house he is in will experience rapid and spectacular changes. But to make sense of these changes, the house occupied by Ketu cannot remain inert! These two houses, the 180 degrees axis is linked very deeply to each other. To take control of Rahu, you have to become aware of the diffuse headless Ketu.

e.g Rahu in the 11th will desire the experience of gain, like-minded groups, luck, etc. And Ketu in the 5th will ensure that you remain apathetic to your personal self-ego, self-creativity, self-confidence etc. But if the self of the 5th house remains apathetic to the gains of the 11th, you wont know where to stop! You will continue being pushed by Rahu’s energies till you fall off! In the nebulous, market-place, environment of the 11th, the self-personality has to assert itself else you won’t even realise were you might end up. Thus this is the hidden challenge presented by Ketu which very few individuals comprehend in life.

If you have Ketu conjunct with other planets or if he is in your rising sign/1st house, know that in your past lives you have completed a large chunk of your desire for experience. These events were linked to these planets and in your past lives have changed your understanding of your self on very fundamental levels. You have transcended the experiences that these planets signify. And you have those learnings, these gift’s of experience with you on deeper levels. These gifts are often unusual, e.g. a highly developed intuition or an ability to roam in the astral dimensions. Ketu lessons are very necessary for you to progress on the spiritual level. Thus Ketu’s role as a Moksh-karak, agent of the Ultimate realization.

Ketu is linked to ‘loss’, thus you experience this astral energy of loss in this life too. Loss of relationships, loss of love, loss of parents, loss of security, loss of wealth, loss of home, etc depending on his position in your chart. It is also a challenge here. Can you accept this loss on the material, emotional, spiritual level? Will you fight to keep this energy from moving out? The experience of these losses starts early in life and continues till you become conscious of them. e.g. If Ketu indicates a ‘loss of maternal love’, try as you might, you will not be able to experience it in this life. You may search for it, you may try to hold on to it, or try to get it from others, but they cannot give it and neither can you receive it.  Realistically, you cannot stop Ketu. Sometimes you have to let go of some things so that you make space for the new (Rahu) experiences entering your life.

But for the lesson to be complete, you have to be aware of what is happening, you have to be conscious of their experience-energy dynamics. Unless you register what is happening to you on the experience (Rahu/Ketu front), you will be made to repeat these again and again. Thus their perpetual retrograde motion. The movement of the nodes is quite erratic, so is averaged out and this is called as a ‘Mean Node’

Rarely I get a horoscope where the person seems to processes his experiences in a fundamentally different way. So I check out the mathematically correct nodes (True nodes) for this chart. In these cases, the nodes move in the direct motion. Direct motion occurs when eclipses occur, and eclipses are very important events creating an explosion of energy. If the birth occurs around an eclipse, there are undercurrents of different energies in the chart, which is linked to the direct nodes. These individuals can progress faster if they turn their attention to the spiritual and metaphysical.

So if you feel like it, do open your own horoscope (Vedic software). Look at the positions of Rahu/Ketu and the aspects of your life that they influence. If you have major planets conjunct with them e.g the ascendant lord, Moon, Sun or if they are located in the ascendant sign. Analyse yourself in terms of your life experience. It will be a very personal and instructive exercise which will help you know your innermost motivations and life path experiences.


Rahu Ketu, experiences of gain and loss.jpeg

Predictive v/s Psychological Astrology

There is a perception that Indian astrology is only about predictions, this is incorrect. Most clients today are concerned about physical things, material gains and promises of promotion. And most astrologers too are interested in making money, charging by the hour. However Jyotish is not just predictions, it has the psychological aspect built-in. We Indian Jyotishi-s, give prime importance to the position of the birth Moon. The Moon is our psyche. When you go to a good astrologer, he will do a quick analysis of your Moon first to determine your innermost personality first and then talk to you.Predictive v/s Psychological AstrologyThe sequence should be this,

First is the important physical event. This is seen from the chart which starts with the rising sign and where the ascendant lord plays a major role as the chart is made with the ascendant sign as the focal point. Most astrologers stop at this stage because clients want just this much.

  • If you are doing this mini-exercise for yourself, you can look back to the past year and think of which event has been most important to you? Perhaps the birth of your child? Marriage? A new job? Mother’s physical death? New house?

Then the second stage is to evaluate the effect of the physical event on the psyche, this is the domain of the moon. But it is a rare client who waits for so long and tries to listen and understand. For this you have to turn around your birth chart, so that the birth Moon sign occupies the first house. All the houses /signs /planets will be realigned now with the Moon as the focus.

  • Now you are analysing how the birth of your child has affected you on the inner-most, psychological, emotional levels, etc levels. The children are seen from the 5th house. Look for the 5th house counted from the birth moon. If there are benefics here/aspecting, its owner planet is well-placed etc. the birth of this child as been very positive for you emotionally too.

And the third stage is the corrections, the astrologer will evaluate all the potential this event has. For this the divisional chart 9, navamsha is used.

  • e.g. for birth of a child, check out the planets associated with the 5th house of the birth chart, the planets aspecting/placed in 5th and the owner of the 5th. Now look to where these planets shift in the D-9 chart. If they increase in power here, e.g. if get exalted or in the kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) or kona (5th, 9th) houses etc the event has overall a very good positive potential.

Then after this analysis of the potentials, if necessary, the astrologer will prescribe some remedies to balance things on the internal (moon) levels and the physical environment. But practically nil clients interested in listening to such in-depth analysis. So most astrologers will just tell the client to wear some gemstone or do some puja without explaining why. They will just say, ‘if you want a job, wear a yellow sapphire’. This will work, but the rare client who wants to know all the inner details will go away dissatisfied.Predictive v/s Psychological AstrologyYour psyche, links to the planets/signs/lunar mansions/houses which are conscious energies. Your psyche is interpreted in the language of Jyotish, not the other way round.

  • The graha/planets represent the basic potential and direction of energy, the motivation. Of the nine graha, two Rahu/Ketu, are completely astral working on the subconscious levels.
  • The signs are the 12 divisions of the zodiac which are ‘natural agents/’karak’ of the various aspects of life in general. These are the basic archetypes. (I give about 15% weightage to the natural karaks while analysing a horoscope.)
  • The houses/bhava are the aspects of your individual life. These vary as per the positioning of the rising sign. The ‘functional agents/karak’. Your life experience is linked more to these. The ‘one who experiences’ is most important. So when analysing as per your individual horoscope, the houses have more weightage than the natural archetypes/signs.
  • The lunar mansions/Nakshatra are the finer nuances. The innate nature which lies beneath the surface. For a Jyotishi, Nakshatra and knowing how to use them is quite essential.

Predictive and psychological are two faces of the same coin. One gives rise to the other and the other helps us understand the first more deeply.

In the predictive approach, you think systematically in terms of causes, you classify and discriminate. You look at the horoscope as if it were a problem. You are going to solve it. You have the maths, the 1+1=2 systems. You are aware of the details of the entire horoscope, the rules on interpretation and all the important combinations. You have read all the authoritative works of your seniors. You use precise words, there are very clearly defined events occurring. You finally reach a static conclusion on the physical event. And the baby is born!

When you enter the realm of the psychological, you cannot take the apparent causes as enough, there will always be more. More things corresponding and combining, the past, the present and the tendencies for the future. Nothing can be defined completely, there is always a potential. You look and try to combine, synthesise. You look for an event but really you are trying to define a process. You observe how this event changes things on all levels. You are inclusive and qualitative in approach here. You are delving into the inner worlds so you look behind the meanings of every symbol, you feel. You use the 1+1=2 math but you listen to your intuition and your experience. You look at the horoscope as a mystery, you want to find the interconnections, the patterns so that you understand. You now hold the baby in against your cheek and feel his tiny self in your arms!Predictive v/s Psychological AstrologyOf the ancient Sanskrit Jyotish texts available to us, only about 20% have been translated in the past 100-200 yrs. Earlier, Jyotishi-s could read and understand Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the real mother tongue, though we don’t know how to speak it now, (a sin committed by the invaders, just 300yrs were enough to wipe out our ancient culture). Devbhasha Sanskritam, the perfectly arranged language of Light, cannot be completely translated to any other recent language. Then again those texts related to the physical effects were translated on priority, because the current trend is of the physical. Maybe in the future if there are sufficiently learned Jyotishi-s who can translate the remaining in the real sense, we would know about the other not-in-the-limelight aspects of Jyotish.

So till then, this will remain predictive v/s psychological rather than predictive and psychological!


Baal-Arishtha, Sufferings of children

Baal-arishtha means the misfortunes and sufferings that occur during childhood. There are certain combinations in the chart which indicate that the native will go through troubled times in the early years of life. In ancient periods this was equated with ‘physical death‘ in childhood. But with modern science and the easy availability of cheaper medicines these combinations rarely mean ‘physical death‘, but often are restricted to illness and troubles on the physical/emotional/spiritual context.

If you are required to analyse a child’s horoscope you should first check of such combinations are active and address them first. Even if you get horoscopes of adults who are suffering, you should see if there were such Baal-arishtha combinations in his childhood. Most of the problems faced by adults are often linked to issues of the childhood, especially so for the psychological/emotional issues.Baal-Arishtha Sufferings of children.jpegWe are not stand-alone beings, our lives are interwoven with others. A child is most closely linked to his parents, so if you get a child’s horoscope (less than 7yrs of age), do examine the parents charts too. The 5th house represents children. There will be malefic influences on their 5th house /ruler (transits of Saturn  or Ketu etc), which are causing problems to the child’s well-being.

If in the child’s birth horoscope there are combinations like this,

  1. Ascendant lord is weak and unable to give positive results – Retrograde, combust, debilitated, in dushamsthan i.e. the 6th, 8th, 12th houses, with/aspected by malefics, no benefics supporting him
  2. Ascendant sign i.e. the 1st house afflicted with malefic influences, either malefics placed here or aspecting.
  3. Birth Moon weakened – in the waning phase, debilitated, in dushamsthan i.e. the 6th, 8th, 12th houses, with/aspected by malefics, no benefics supporting him
  4. Birth in the Gandant nakshatra
  5. Specifically Moon in dushamsthan, aspected by Saturn.
  6. Presence of 3 or more malefics in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses (kendra houses).

If among the above, you see 2 or more conditions in a horoscope you should counsel the parents and prescribe some basic remedies for the health of the child. If the situation is severe and the you see several of these combinations in the chart, you can prescribe specific mantra pujas etc remedies for health and increasing longevity (Ayu). For the Gandant nakshatra births, the specific Nakshatra pujas/Graha shanti pujas should be performed for the baby’s well-being as soon as possible after its birth.

The four Kendra houses, 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th have benefic influences and their owners are capable of giving good results. Also the Kona houses, 5th and 9th and their owners. Check out if these are giving positive results, then the intensity of Baal-Arishtha will be reduced.

Then check the Vimshottari Dasha, (the most popular and well-studied Dasha system), see which planets rule current Mahadasha and Antardasha that the child is under. Check out the roles that these planets play in the chart, what kind of results are they capable of giving?

  • If these two planets are the rulers of 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 12th houses or placed in these houses, this period will affect the health. (owners of Dushamsthan and the Marak give painful results)
  • If these planets are in the adverse 6-8 axis in the birth chart, the period will give uneasy results (as they don’t have a good working relationship with each other)
  • However if the two planets are rulers of the 1st, 4th, 10th, 11th generally the period will give good results.

Then go through the current transits, where are the planets located in the sky currently in relation to their birth positions? Use a different colored pen to write these current placements on the birth chart so that you don’t confuse yourself. See if any malefics in transit are affecting the 1st house, the ascendant lord or the birth Moon.

The turn the birth horoscope around so that the birth Moon sign is in the first house, this is called the Moon chart. Use this to determine the effect of the planetary positions on the emotions, psyche, comforts, home environment, emotional security and nurture and nutrition, very important as it is a child. This is analysed on the same lines as the birth chart. This will fine-tune your readings.

Finally open the divisional chart 9, Navamsha. There are a lot of things which this chart can be analysed for. But here just check these few things. If the lords of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th of the D-1 are placed in a better houses in the D-9, they gain more power to give good results. If the weak looking Moon or the ascendant lord or the ascendent sign goes to a better position in the D-9 they will support the well-being of the child.

Baal-Arishtha, Sufferings of childrenSupporting planetary positions which help the child’s well-being (Arishtha-bhang).

  1. Most important is the child’s birth Moon – he is still highly influenced by ‘nurture’, so the Moon is given more importance. The benefic qualities of the Moon can be enhanced by Moon mantra jaap, and the lifestyle qualities of moon, food, colors, activities, fragrances, wearing silver, etc. Presence of parental love, or at least if possible grandparents love on a regular basis. Good nutrition, nurture and the sanskar (the right actions which are taught to the child by the parents) will also indirectly link to the Moon’s strength.
  2. Next is the Ascendant lord – A strong ascendant sign and a strong ascendant lord indicates good physical health and environment. So their qualities can be enhanced by the ascendant lord’s beej mantra jaap and the lifestyle activities associated with him. Also the activities which help the child express his personality, i.e. an enabling supportive environment will indirectly link to the ascendant lord.

Then you will have to counsel. In the current times, medical facilities and generally good nutrition is available. So in 75% of your cases, these combinations will manifest as parental neglect, emotional neglect and psychological neglect. Parents too busy in their lives, no more joint families, grandparents not being able to help. So the child feels the ‘sufferings of childhood’ as an emotional vacuum not as a physical hardship. This suffering is the seed, which leads to emotional and more problems in teenage and later adulthood.

Children are precious and should be taken care of. Bringing a baby is a complete change in life, the parents are responsible for a new life, they are to ‘give’, selflessly, without expectation and with love. Baal-arishtha conditions indicate that there is something missing in the child’s environment which is causing it pain. And this is linked to the parent’s karma more than his own karma. If the parents do not address the first sign of Baal-arishtha type conditions, they might worsen and the child may choose to leave. Children till they are 7yrs old (complete formation of the 7 chakras is at 7yrs), can subconsciously review their choice of birth. Baal-Arishtha is thus to be viewed more a signal to the parents to review and improve their parenting.


Baal-Arishtha, Sufferings of children.jpeg

Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog way..

Our ancient Rishis were supermen, they investigated into every aspect of existence. From birth, death, rebirth and beyond till Moksh! The science of breathing and intake of vital energy is called Swar Yog, you being aware of the way pran enters your body. The Ida, Pingala and Sushumna naadi are the three possible options, so practically Swar Yog is,

  1. knowing which Naadi, Ida, Pingala is active,
  2. knowing how to shift them,
  3. knowing the best possible naadi for the work you intend to do.

So here is how you can choose the gender of your child at the moment of conception, using Swar Yog. Some tips on conceiving a baby and further choosing the gender of the baby at conception. This assumes that you have analysed your horoscopes and there are no problems associated with naturally conceiving a baby. Your horoscope has to have the basic energy to produce children naturally. At the very basic, for both parents analyse,

  1. the 5th house from the ascendant, the sign, the ruler planet and the planets placed in it. These should have power to give good results. This indicates the available creative energy.
  2. the 8th house from the ascendant, the sign, the ruler planet and the planets placed in it. This indicates the health of the reproductive organs.

Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog wayNow the days from the 7th day to 16th day (counted from the start of the menstruation) are favourable for conception (there have been exceptions but this is the average time limit). Successively later days in this time frame are considered more favourable for the child’s physical health. No one knows the exact minute of natural conception, it is not possible. So from as astrological point of view the physical act, specifically the release of the sperms is considered to be the moment of ‘conception’.

As per the ancient Rishis, if conception occurs on the 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 days from the start of menstruation, generally the child will be a happy and healthy boy. Conception on the 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 days would generally give a happy and healthy girl child. This was considering the days, odd and even. If in this time frame, as per the Vedic Panchang, if the lunar days/tithi, of Ashtami, Ekadashi, Trayodashi, Amavasya or Pournima fall, these are to be avoided as conception during these lunar days (of both dark and bright fortnight), generally does not give a healthy child.

Now using Swar Yog principles. If during the physical activity/conception, the husbands’s Pingala is active and wife’s Ida is active, it will be a boy. If the opposite happens, i.e. Ida active in the man and Pingala active in the woman, the child will be a girl. If in both, the same naadi is active, the embryo will not form. If in either or both the Sushumna gets active, the embryo is not viable, there will be chances of miscarriage. The energy of the breathing patterns i.e. the movement of vital energy/praan in Ida/Pingala, in the parents-to-be provide the energy for the creation of the enbryo, a safe pregnancy and a happy baby. If the naadi changes mid-activity then one must pay attention and bring it back to the desired naadi else the outcome will not be as desired.

If the parents are a bit more spiritually inclined they can reinforce the Swar and the generative cells by using the energy of the Panch-tattva. The panch-tattvas are linked to the five lower energy chakras of the body. Mooladhar chakra is linked to the Pruthvi tattva/solidity, beej mantra is ‘Lang’, Swadhisthana chakra is linked to the Jal tattva/fluidity, beej mantra is ‘Vang’. Doing jaap of the beej mantras of the Panch-tattvas will increase the ‘taking-in tendency’ of the mother and ‘giving away energy’ of the father. The creation of the embryo and its subsequent growth in the womb will be easier. The child will be healthy. Here also you can reinforce the sex that you have chosen for your baby. Increasing Prithvi tattva will support a boy and increase of Jal tattva during the act will support the formation of a girl-baby. If these two tattvas are lacking and the other three predomiante, the embryo may not survive pregnancy or result in a sickly short-lived child. If akash-tattva is active during the act, the embryo will not form at all.

So if before the physical act, doing the jaap will help as follows,

  • First combination is the mother with Ida naadi and Pruthvi tattva, and the father with Pingala naadi and Jal tattva. A healthy boy would be born with desirable qualities, intelligence and a balanced personality.
  • Second combination would be, mother with Pingala naadi and Pruthvi tattva and the father with Ida naadi and Jala tattva, this would give a girl who would be intelligent, balanced, happy and healthy

Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog wayA couple of stories on babies and mantras, from ancient India,

In the Mahabharat, there a story that the Queens Ambika and Ambalika after the death of their husband Vichitravirya had sons. These boys were considered the sons of Vichitravirya but they had no physical father. They were born by the mantras of Maha-Rishi Vyas. The kids were not born of Rishi Vyas as modern ‘scholars’ seem to think! The Rishi manipulated the generative cells of the Queens with mantras to create boy DNA and then further to get the cells to become embryos, thus the queens became pregnant. And because he was a Maha-Rishi he could code in them traits which were necessary for them to become Kings, which they did. (recent research is now realising that you can change DNA by mantra/Sanskrit).

One more interesting story of Seer/Maha-rishi Ruchik. His wife was a Princess and she wanted an illustrious son who would be a Maha-rishi himself. His mother-in-law at the same time requested him to bless her, as she wanted an illustrious son to be the future King (she had no sons). He agreed and created two ‘charu’/food infused with energy. One for his wife, a designer Rishi-son, and one for his mother-in-law, a customised King-son. Unfortunately the ‘charu’ got exchanged, the women ate the ‘charu’ meant for the other. In due course, Maha-Rishi Ruchik’s wife gave birth to Vishvamitra who though a Maha-Rishi (the son of a Maha-Rishi and a Rishi-Patni), had a temper and behaviour which suited kings and warriors. And the Queen gave birth to Jamadagni, who though a King (the son of a King and Queen) was known by his temperament and behaviour to be a Maha-Rishi.

There are several stories of this type, where Mantra were used to produce children. In fact in the Mahabharat, a story of five generations of the Kuru family, I think the only child born normally was Abhimanyu!

In Sanatan Dharm/Hinduism, there is a Garbhdharan Sanskar, where the newly married couple are fortified with energy to have babies. This Sanskar/energy-ritual, is to be done on the 6th day of the monthly cycle, after which the two are supposed to get physical and conceive immediately. But we modern Indians club it with the marriage ritual or the first cycle after marriage then practice birth control for 2yrs and then worry that they are not being able to conceive.

So the thing is, having children is a big responsibility and if you can give them a good start right from conception it would make a very big difference in their lives. So if you intend to start a baby, maybe you can make use of Swar Yog and mantra to boost your and your future baby’s energies.


Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog way