Curses or Blessings are energy

Curses or blessings are an energy charged with intention. In case the intention is auspicious then it would be a blessing and obviously an intention linked to an unfavourable result would be a curse.

Curses शाप are possible in the current age. A curse is an imprecation, malediction, constraint, prohibition, restriction or a ban. An intention designed to cause negativity, suffering or harm to the recipient. And at low levels, this happens a lot. Eg your maid mentally curses you because you made her do extra work without pay, or you swear at that taxi driver who overcharged you. These low level curses are a part of the daily grind, at max they will make you feel bad briefly but will not cause much/ lasting harm.

Blessings ie Ashirwad आशीर्वाद are also possible. A very basic eg, you feel grateful to your spouse for something he does for you and this warmth in your heart is also a blessing, a positive energy which goes to him from you. Or your parents and elders give you blessings when you touch their feet, chunks of positive energy. These benedictions add to the generic shell of positive energy surrounding you.


But then there are the high powered curses which do cause genuine harm. Here are a few examples,

Curses powered by mantra siddhi and hurt emotions – Someone who has been living a very Satvik life, doing daily pujas and Sadhana, following the directions of the Guru, a high level spiritual aspirant.

  • Such a yogi level person in rare circumstances can still lose his temper. If he lashes out and curses someone in a fit of rage, then what he has said will happen to that person. His spiritual merit / punya powers this curse and causes harm to the recipient. His own merit also gets reduced a bit by this outburst. 
  • Another possibility is that this aspirant can, in rare circumstances, feel deeply hurt by someone else’s behaviour. And though he consciously may not say or do anything, the pain gets transformed into a curse for the other. This energy causes great harm to the recipient and also drains the spiritual merit of the aspirant. eg. I know such a person who cursed her own daughter in a fit of intense emotional pain and she suffered for years. Obviously the aspirant too suffered. 
  • So it is essential that a genuine aspirant first learn to control his own mind, reduce his sense of personal self-ego, only then increase the intensity of his sadhana and his energy levels. 
  • And if you are a regular person, then make it a point to avoid needlessly angering or hurting such high level aspirants. If you cannot respect them, keep away from them.

Curses powered by mantra siddhi and desire for power – There are aspirants who perform anushthans ie targeted rituals with intention for mantra siddhi and eventually achieve it. But their objective is not self-realization, rather a desire for material power and fame by using the power of this mantra.

  • Generally these practitioners do pujas for others for them to achieve their goals. They charge their clients money. If these people intend maledictions, they consciously channelise the power of their mantra energy they have gained to amplify the negative intentions. These intentions may be unethical or immoral but this does not matter to this practitioner as he is chasing money. These pujas damage the client, the recipient and also the practitioner. 
  • Astrologers who give scary predictions on purpose to create repeat clients fall in this category. When an astrologer reads someone’s chart, he is using the power of his own 5th house and the client’s 9th house to do so, ie this is a function of the astrologer’s Mantrasiddhi and the client’s Purvapunya. But rather than reinforcing the client’s 9th house he is using the power of his 5th house to damage it. This causes suffering to the client and the practitioner both. 
  • Such type of practitioners often die bad deaths. 

Curses powered by rituals which involve killing birds/animals – The lowest level of practitioners are those kill living beings and use the energy released by their physical death to power intentions of causing harm. People approach these ‘tantriks’ and pay them to get this sort of work done. Unfortunately these examples are extremely common and cause damage to the recipient, the practitioner and the people who get this ritual done. (If you are a practising astrologer, never read charts of people who do these things.) In Sanatan Dharma, you cannot kill another being and use its death energy like this, it is the worst karma possible. The only Bali permissible in Dharma is breaking a coconut with intention. And people do this too! Power their curses by breaking coconuts with negative intentions. One tip is to never eat ‘prasadam’, especially broken coconut, offered to you by people whom you do not trust. 

(A curse from a Satguru. I have seen only one example of this in my life. Needless to say, this will be the most inauspicious thing possible, from which there will be no escape.)

Then are the curses from your past lives carried on this life, which can be seen in the horoscope, eg I wrote on the Sarpashapa. And the curses from your past lives connected to your negative karma, eg if you mistreat your mother now, its possible that you will get the combination for a Matrushapa in your next life’s birth chart.


But even after someone creates a curse energy, it is not necessary that it will affect the target in the way he intends. Two houses, the 5th and 9th in the chart, protect in conscious and unconscious ways.

The 9th house is the house of Purvapunya. So curses will not affect much if,

  • If you have a strong 9th house at birth. Then this protection will be for a life time, there is a higher ability to passively resist negativity. Your own merits, punya from your past lives work as a shield around you all the time. But remember that with every attack you resist, this merit gets used up bit by bit.
  • You are undergoing a favourable dasha period or a significant transit of a strongly placed planet. Especially if this planet is connected to the 9th house, (ie owns it, in it, aspects it, or is conjunct the 9th owner or aspects him), then your ‘timely luck’ factor is active. Here, the overall time is favourable for you so even if the energy of the malediction touches you, it will not do much harm. At max it might manifest as some minor health issue like nausea or typical dreams etc. Or you will be given sufficient warning in time so that you can do something about it. And it is quite possible that the negativity recoils back to the person who sent it to you in the first place. 
  • If you have an extraordinarily strong D9 navamsha chart.

The 5th house is Mantrasiddhi. The conscious efforts you make to enhance your own energy. So, again the curses will have limited effect on you if, 

  • you are doing your own spiritual practice regularly and have generated significant reserves of power, ie you are reinforcing your own 5th house continually with your own actions. In this case you will simply absorb whatever it was, ie burn it by your energy, or briefly suffer something minor or send it back. Doing this also consumes your energy but as you do your regular practice you continue to replenish yourself.

The solution for all this cursing stuff is the same, increase the power of the 5th house by your own actions, ie do your mantra pujas. Or trigger the power of your own 9th house by doing ritualistic pujas, going to pilgrimages, doing tarpan for your ancestors and acting as per your Guru. Both these houses feed energy directly into the personality, the 1st house. This is the power of the Dharma trikon. You cannot be really harmed by someone with a energy level lower than yours. Or if you have more power than the stuff which was sent against you. This is the function of the Dharma trikon as a whole. 


Next, the blessings, ie Ashirwad. Only someone who has significant energy reserves can give blessings. As in cursing, giving blessings also depletes the energy reserve. These are chunks of energy which move from you to the recipient. 

  • A real Satguru has enormous power, ie he is the Advaita itself. But he will never ever give ‘direct blessings’, ie he will never say specific things like, ‘you will get married soon’ etc. He will use generic words like Ashirwad, Kalyan, Shubh, Sukh, Shanti, Prasanna etc, that too rarely. These words give the recipient a chunk of auspicious energy. What is to be done with the energy is the decision of the recipient. He will never interfere in the disciple’s free will, his choice of actions. One extreme example with my Guru, someone was asking him for clear cut directions for changing his job. He finally said ‘do whatever you want but do not forget why you are doing it’, he did not give him a clear yes/ no answer that he was insisting on. 
  • Genuine Yogis may give specific blessings or give specific guidance etc, again in rare circumstances. But these words also drain them of their own merit/ punya. In all my interactions with such higher-level Sadhaks, I have never seen this happening. In fact some of the Yogis I met, would not let others even touch their feet. Genuine Yogis also use generic words for giving their rare blessings.
  • So be careful if someone claims to be a Guru or Yogi and gives you directions regarding your life ie the business, job, marriage etc part. Or gives specific blessings for material gains. To gauge the genuineness of this person always evaluate the type of ‘blessings’ that they give to their disciples. 

Again, not everyone can receive such blessings from Yogis or the Satguru. The thing is that when a Satguru uses a word like ‘Ashirwad’, the quantum of energy that he sends is extraordinarily high. The recipient needs to have an equally high capacity of absorbing and assimilating it. And the mental stability to use it in a sensible way. So again only if you have a strong 9th house and overall Dharma trikon will these sort of blessing energy be give to you.

So in life, do not feel scared of random people cursing you, most of them do not have that reserve of power to do so. And do not get swayed by random people blessing you, not many have the capacity to do so. Do your own regular spiritual practice, keep reinforcing your own energy, that is always the best option. 

Mantra pujas the dos and don’ts

I wrote about practicing the Gayatri mantra daily and there were several questions, thus this generic post.

Everyone above the age of 6yrs should take up one mantra or stotra as a life time thing. ie Recite it every day during your daily puja routine. Choose this as per your convenience and inclination but dedicate yourself to this mantra, your life line for this lifetime. When you do a mantra jaap regularly, you are actually working very hard, focussing your mind, body and soul on this mantra daily for a few mins. This regular practice adds up over your lifetime. Eg exercising daily for 15mins is more sensible and useful than working out once a month for nonstop 24hrs. The mantra is pure Intelligence, it magnifies the work you have done on it and reflects it back at you.

The quantum of energy does not matter as much as your conscious control over your own Mind does. Read this line twice. 

Eg. someone I know, does intense jaap of Navavaran mantra but without the necessary lifestyle to be able to absorb such enormous amounts of energy. This has affected her negatively, her mind has become unstable. Generating power from intense mantras is dangerous if you cannot control it.

Sadhana is something that genuine aspirants, Sadhaks or people with a genuine ascetic bent of mind do. They will invest time, energy and sacrifice several things in this process. For doing Sadhanas, you need combinations for asceticism in your chart. Intense Sadhana creates Nivrutti in the mind of the aspirant, ie detachment from the material, from the Game of Creation, from the Lila. This intensity is not for everyone. And, in fact, it is not even necessary for everyone.

So when it comes to spiritual practice, do only that much which you can easily do. You should feel happy when you do it. If you ever feel that it is a burden, review and reduce the practices. Rather than trying for ‘high power’ mantra which others recommend, do what you feel is the best for you even if it is for a few minutes, eg do it for 3 repeats if you feel 108 repeats is too much. But do something daily.

Generally gruhast ie householders do not do such Sadhana. What we do is, perform our daily puja and sometimes Anushthans, ie a targeted pujas. Daily puja would be something quite brief, 10mins max, generally lighting a deepak, putting tilak, putting flowers and doing Arti of the family gods. Daily pujas do not have many rules and are simple. Anushthans are more intense and last for a few days. eg I might intend to do a Gayatri Laghu Anushthan, ie 24000 repeats of the mantra in 9 days of the Ashwin Navratri. In these 9 days I will be bound by several restrictions. I will follow these rules to safely channelise the energy I generate with this mantra into my body. As a householder we are used to certain habits which we cannot continue when we take up targeted Anushthans. The rules vary in the different Anushthans but there are common themes. The first restriction will be on food, ie tamasic foods like non-veg, brinjal, heavy pulses like masoor, highly oily food, very spicy food, alcohol and other addictive substances, food cooked by others etc will stop. Eating ghee, milk from desi cows, eat food you cook yourself, keeping to yourself, not speaking much, not touching random people, shaking hands etc or travelling in crowded public transport will not be possible, physical intimacy with your spouse will stop for that time. Sticking to the schedules determined by your Anushthan will be necessary. You have to discipline your body first, this discipline will then more inwards as the mind gets disciplined. Thus you will get the results of the Anushthan.

Common householders/ gruhast, cannot channelise much power, ie the entire ocean cannot be poured into a small cup. Householders are tiny cups, highly insufficient to hold the power of the mantras in their full-fledged form. So gruhast people are encouraged to slowly increase their capacity with all these festivals we have in the Sanatan Dharma. And we have a festival practically every fortnight. As you do the pujas associated with these festivals throughout the year, every year, you are actually training your mind. In Sanatan Dharma we have a plethora of options. You can choose your favourite deity, source of faith as per your wish. The beauty of Sanatan Dharma is that no one can compel you. You are responsible for your own actions and are required to follow your own Conscience at all times. We have the most beautiful life possible, genuinely happy from the inside. Our festivals are the backbone of our society. We worship pure nature, ie the Samudra Sea on Narali pournima, the Mountains on Govardhan puja, the Sun on Makar sankranti or Ratha saptami, Dawn and Dusk on Chatt puja, the Moon on Kojagiri pournima etc. We worship our Rivers, Sarasvati, Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada etc as our mother, we adore them. We worship animals with equal fervour eg Snakes on Naag Panchami, Bulls on Pola etc and plants eg Banyan tree on Vat Savitri. We worship human like deities ie the embodiments of the three Gun, Satva Vishnu-Laxmi, Raja Brahmadev- Sarasvati, Tama Shankar-Parvati with the rest of the pantheon. We even worship Mathematics with the same devotion, the Shri yantra and the other yantra are complex geometry. We revere sound, light, vibrations, energy. We recognise Divinity embedded in every aspect of creation. We worship Intelligence because we intend to recognise that same Consciousness inside us.

In my blog I have mentioned a few stotra, mantra, sukta which can be taken up as a regular practice. This practice helps still the mind. If the mind is still, you are more Aware, more focussed on the Real. I have written briefly about several including the Amrit sukta, Shri Sukta, Purush Sukta, Mahamrutyunjai mantra, Gayatri mantra, Guru stotra, Teekshna Damshtra Bhairavashtakam, Chakshushi mantra, Navavarna mantra etc. And referred to several books like the Ved, Upanishad, Vijnyan Bhairav Tantra, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Devi Mahatmya etc. All mantra (except the Ajapa mantra and Om) are generally linked to a ray from the Eternal, ie a deity, an Aware Intelligent Consciousness. Eventually all merge into the same Eternal Advaita. It is so elegant.

I have written on Soham, the Ajapa mantra which my Satguru ‘gave’ to all his disciples, the easiest option. It gives control over the Mind, slowly and steadily with every breath you take. You gently train your mind to become aware of the most natural rhythm in the world, the rhythm of your own breath.

Now for some specific dos and don’ts for women in general life. Two events in life are very stressful for women, the menstrual phase of the monthly cycle and the pregnancy.

I wrote a detailed post here on the restrictions during the menstrual phase of the monthly cycle, do go through it.

Next, during pregnancy, there are mantras and stotras which you can recite or listen for your and your baby’s well being during this time. Here your body is doing enormous amount of work. The astral bodies of the mother and child are highly intertwined.

  • So doing any sort of practice where you channelise mantra with your breath while sitting on the asan is not advisable. ie you can recite the Gayatri 3 times with your daily puja routine but do not sit on your asan and do a 108 jaap of the mantra with the breath. Or you can mentally recite Soham to relax your mind, but do not sit on your Asan for targeted 108 Soham sadhana. 
  • Then eclipses. If there are any eclipses visible in your town when you are pregnant, you must be very alert. Best would be to sit in front of your puja ghar/ altar and read something eg the Bhagvat Gita or recite or listen to mantra and stotra while the eclipse is on.
  • The Sutak time. In case there is a physical death in your close family ie this is the paternal family or after marriage husband’s paternal side of the family for married women, then from the day of the death till the pindadana on the 13th day, the dimensions of the spirits and humans, ie the Pitrulok and Martyalok are interconnected. This affects everyone in the family. If this event occurs in the same house you live in, try to keep away from the Anteyshti related activities as much as possible. A pregnant woman should not go for condolence visits to relatives or friend’s families, her husband can go if it is necessary.
  • The Natak time. Similarly if a new baby is born in your close family, then from the birth to the name ceremony day, again the dimensions are interconnected as the soul gets settled in his new life. This too is an intense time on the energy levels. A pregnant woman can see this new baby born in her family on the day of its Naamkaran sanskar.

Ideally a woman should stick to the daily pujas till the baby is 6 months old at least. Do not attempt Anushthans or other targeted practice during this time. This is the time when the baby is still absorbing your energy, ie breast feeding, and you are also working hard. So first focus on what the baby needs and on rebuilding your strength. After you do the Annaprashan Sanskar for the baby, if you feel up to it you can increase the intensity of your spiritual practice.


For men, the life is interconnected with the Gayatri, as every boy above the age of 6yrs is entitled to the Yajnopaveet Sanskar. This means wearing the Yajnopaveet sutra for a life time and doing Sandhya Vandanam, ie Gayatri puja three times a day. Ask your father or paternal relatives for any restrictions or dos and don’ts as this often varies from family to family. If your parents have not done the Yajnopaveet Sanskar for you but you really want to do the Gayatri mantra in a formal manner then you can do a simple intention on an auspicious Sunday, consider the rising Sun as your Guru and start. Do this only if you really feel and your conscience agrees with it. Never do anything against the Antaratma, the inner voice. At the very least you can recite this mantra even once a day when you do your daily puja.

Generally for major Anushthans, if there is a Sutak or Natak period in your close family then you will temporarily stop your Anushthans till this period is on.

Then there are several dos and dont’s which vary from family to family. This is mostly linked to the culture and the family deities. eg in my family we never wear black colored clothes, as the family deity does not like it. So you will have to ask the elders in your paternal family or husband’s paternal family for any such typical things.


The only requirement for a follower of Sanatan Dharma is that you have faith/ Shraddha in something. This can be in an external source, there are so many options. Or if you prefer, you can put your faith in your own Divinity, ie directly focus on the Eternal, the Advaita that you yourself are. Do not compare yourself with other’s. Don’t ever think that someone is doing so much and you are doing so little. This concept does not exist in Sanatan Dharma. Each one of us is an unique individual, but all linked to the same eternal foundation. We, the followers of Sanatan Dharma, adore Pure Intelligence in every way possible. Every route is acceptable, it only depends on the practitioner’s inclination and conscience.

Sun aspecting the Nakshatra Surya Upagraha

A practical post today on using the Sun aspects of the nakshatra or the Surya upagraha.

Eventually all astrologers have to learn the nakshatra and use them in their readings. If you can master any one of the Chakra, like the Ashtapadmadalachakra or especially the Sarvatobhadrachakra, you won’t even need to calculate dasha and stuff. These chakra are capable of giving both subjective as well as objective types of results.

The Sun is the source of all power. He is the specific ray which connects you to the Eternal Light. And he is considered to be malefic by nature so the nature of his results will always be kroor (post here). Even in regular life the Sun is bearable only briefly ie the early mornings and late evenings. If you go out under his light at other times of the day he will make you hot, uncomfortable, sweaty and finally give you a sun-stroke. Similarly in the horoscope the Sun’s energies are favourable only in certain positions.

This is the same concept with the Gayatri mantra. It is the light of the internal Sun. I always say that it has prachand oorja, ie a very highly humongous energy. Similarly Soham, its core strength is extremely condensed dense indescribable. Gayatri is the seed of this creation, you will know the creator through his creation. And Soham will take you directly beyond creation. In my blog I never recommend Gayatri Anushthan, that would be too much for regular householder type of people. Very few are capable of absorbing the quantum of energy generated in Anushthans. But a simple mental recitation is gentle suitable for everyone. Again do this only if you feel love, respect and faith for the Gayatri mantra in your mind. Mantras immensely magnify, highly energise and pointedly reflect back to you the intention you recite them with. This is true for any mantra you practice, do it only if you feel 100% convinced about it.


Back to the topic, the nakshatra, ie the lunar mansions, that the Sun aspect are sensitive points in the chart. These are also called the Surya Upagraha. They all give malefic results which are rough on the mind/ body. Here you have to consider 28 nakshatra in sequence including Abhijit nakshatra (post here). 

1. Bhukampa upagraha is the nakshatra that the Sun occupies. Bhu means earth or the material plane and kampa is shaking violently. So anything connected to this Nakshatra will give malefic results and will manifest as an inherent instability. There will be an inherent dissonance between you and the energies of this nakshatra. Events created by this nakshtra will shake you to the core and generally cause turmoil in your life. This will be generated by personal selfishness, self-ego and an inability to consider others point of view. 

2. Vidyunmukha upagraha means the mouth of electrical storms, it is the 5th nakshatra counted from the Sun. This nakshatra will give malefic results related to children, students, creative endeavours, intelligence, etc. Children are the most precious expression of the creative power and sometimes Vidyunmukha can give truly tragic results. Mental stress in personal life and wherever way you use your intelligence and genius. Remedy for the issues here is Shanti puja for the Sun himself. 

3. Shool upagraha is the 8th nakshatra counted from Sun. Shool means means a pointed spear, sorrow, stabbing pain, death etc. It can cause physical harm, like accidents, surgeries and other serious trauma in life. Specifically it can cause problems to the spouse, business partner, spiritual practice, income from business etc. Remedy for this is the Shanti pujas etc for the Moon.

4. Shanipat upagraha is the 14th nakshatra from the Sun’s position. Shani is ‘slow’ and pat means ‘fall’. This indicates that danger will be huge, slow but unstoppable, will loom in the distance for some time and then arrive when you least expect it, something like an avalanche or a landslide. This is a karmic thing and cannot be completely neutralised. You will be immobilised. Acting to get out of this situation will also be difficult. Whatever this nakshatra indicates in your life, it is better to be aware of it and take corrective action in time. Remedy for this issue is the Shanti puja and other remedies for Mars

5. Ketu upagraha is the 18th nakshatra from the Sun. Its nature is nebulous, unexpectedly piercing and you may not be aware of what this nakshatra is up to even when you are going through situations created by it. Relatives from the spouse’s side will either cause problems for you or suffer because of your actions. Enemies, diseases, debts, demands for service etc are more active under the Ketu upagraha. Remedy for this issue is the Shanti puja and other remedies for Mercury.

6. Ulka upagraha is the 21st nakshatra from the Sun. Ulka means a meteor, so this nakshtra will cause small stinging incidents in your life making you miserable for extended time periods. This hits most on the finances, there will be a resource crunch. You will receive wrong advice which will get up into trouble. Your support systems, luck, peers, patrons, life philosophy etc will fail to support you. Remedy for this is Shanti puja and other remedies for Jupiter.

7. Mahakampa upagraha is the 22nd nakshatra from the Sun. Mahakampa means  a very high level of violent tremors, discordant vibrations of the highest type. It gives inauspicious results, causes damage to the social standing, social prestige, public image etc. Issues in profession, disagreements with the boss and loss of job or reduction in salary. Expected gains do not materialise and you have to work hard for limited returns. there will be disagreements with your family and friends. Remedy for this issue is the Shanti puja for Saturn.

8. Varja upagraha is located in the 23rd nakshatra from Sun. Varja is something not allowed to you, something denied to you, omitted from your life. This Nakshatra causes harm in business, in spiritual practice, in partnerships, issues with spouse, separations and divorces. Relatives will cause problems or suffer problems because of your actions. It can be very inauspicious. Remedy for this issue is the Shanti puja for Venus.

9. Nirghata upagraha is located in the 24th star from Sun. This word means whirlwinds or thunderstorms. It causes all around negatively stemming from your own ill considered actions. It will encourage you to do immoral, unethical activities like cheating others etc. It can hit all aspects of life from emotional to physical, professional to personal depending on the nature of the nakshatra. Remedy for this issue is the Shanti puja for Rahu.

Their names are the names of natural disasters. So the idea is that you cannot do really much about them. This much is from the standard texts which you can simply open and read. 


Now to apply these concepts to your chart. Open your chart and find out these nakshatra counting from your birth Sun nakshatra. You will get your list of 9 birth Upagraha.

Here you have to interpret the Surya upagraha in two ways,

  1. as per the birth position, their effects will last for a lifetime. 
  2. from the Sun’s transit ie from his current nakshatra position in the skies. This will keep on changing every 13.2 days. (The Sun covers 1 deg per day.)

First for the birth positions. Let’s open our example chart. Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. He is dead and has a reasonably well-known life, happening on several levels, a good study subject.

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

So as per this birth chart,

  1. His Sun is in Chitra. So Bhukampa is Chitra
  2. Vidyunmukha is Jeyshtha
  3. Shool is Uttarashadha 
  4. Shanipat Uttarabhadrapada 
  5. Ketu Krutika 
  6. Ulka Aradra 
  7. Mahakampa Punarvasu
  8. Varja Pushya 
  9. Nirghata Ashleysha 

So the first layer of interpretation is that whatever these nakshatra mean to him in his life will be afflicted by the nature of the Surya upagraha. Try to match the keywords (post here) of the nakshatra with the qualities of the Surya upagraha as per the list above. This will mean finding out the houses in which these upagraha lie.

  • eg Jeyshtha nakshatra lies in the 5th house so the energies of Vidyunmukha will be seen in some of the results derived from the 5th house.

The next layer of interpretation – find out if any of the houses are completely afflicted by the Surya upagraha. Calculate the bhav madhya, ie center of the house of each house. As we are using the simplest equal houses concept in our studies this is rather easy as each house is 30deg in width. Check if the mid-point degree of any house falls in any of these Sun’s Upagraha points.

  • In our example chart the rising degree, which is the bhav madhya, central degree for the 1st house falls in the Mahakampa Sun upagraha point, subtly spoiling the significations of the 1st house.

The third layer of interpretation. Check the birth planets affected by the Surya upagraha.

  • Venus is in Chitra – so the things signified by Venus will give him inauspicious effects as defined by Bhukampa. So for his lifetime, equitable love, business partnerships, profits in business etc natural significations of Venus will be afflicted by a core of instability. His personal ego will not let these endeavours succeed as they should. In this chart, Venus rules the 4th and 11th houses and sits in the 4th, so the comforts of a home, support from tradition, gain in life, company of like minded friends etc will be afflicted by Bhukampa. 
  • Mars is in Uttarashadha – so the results that Mars gives will have shades of Shool. Natural significations of Mars, ie actions taken with courage, bold initiatives, his siblings/ brothers etc will cause him pain and sorrow. In the chart, as the ruler of the 10th and 5th houses, sitting in the 7th house, Mars will give him piercing pain from the professional life, social life, partnerships, money will be short, children and students will disappoint etc.
  • Rahu is in Uttarabhadrapada – the results that Rahu would give in life would have the flavour of Shanipat. Events triggered by Rahu will fall on his head like an avalanche and cause severe distress. Most of these will stem from his own moral turpitude, trust in unworthy people, non-support, conflicting life philosophies, trying for things which he can never have, wasted efforts, acting under illusions or delusions etc.
  • And finally the ascendant degree itself is in Mahakampa – so his entire personality and the environment that he would have moved in would be under the subtle effect of Mahakampa, ie Pushya nakshatra. If you go through the life history of this man, this one reading is sufficient to describe his entire life.


Next to analyse the transits using the Sun upagraha. 

Currently the Sun is in Poorvaphalguni nakshatra, so the current Surya upagraha are,

  1. Bhukampa is Poorvaphalguni 
  2. Vidyunmukha is Swati
  3. Shool is Jeyshtha  
  4. Shanipat Dhanishtha 
  5. Ketu is Revati
  6. Ulka is Krutika
  7. Mahakampa is Rohini 
  8. Varja is Mruga
  9. Nirghata is Aradra

So for our sample chart analysis,

1. Check if any of Crowley’s birth planets are in the transiting upagraha.

  • Vidyunmukha is Swati – Swati has Jupiter in his birth chart. So temporarily the Jupiter related activities will suffer the inauspiciousness of Vidyunmukh upagraha.
  • Shanipat is Dhanishtha – This nakshatra is occupied by Saturn in the birth chart so Saturn connected things in Crowley’s life will give him the Shanipat type of result temporarily.

2. Check if any transiting planets are in the Crowley’s birth upagraha. 

  • Currently the transiting Venus is in Chitra nakshatra. This is the Bhukampa upagraha for Crowley. So Venus related things in his life will temporarily gain the Bhukampa flavour.

3. Check if a transiting planet is occupying a transiting Upgraha. This will be common for everyone living on earth at this point of time. 

  • The current position of Jupiter in the skies, he is transiting in Dhanishtha. So the things connected to Jupiter in life for everyone will be subtly affected by Shanipat. 
  • The current Rahu is transiting in the Mahakampa upagraha. So for everyone including Crowley (if he were alive now), Rahu is causing subtle effects of the mahakampa type. 

This is briefly how to make use of the Nakshatra in predictions. The birth chart analysis will give somewhat subjective results. For objective and precise results, do use the transit positions. Advanced students should ideally start their own sample charts collection and make their own observations to learn astrology systematically.

The Surya upagraha describe the nature of the results expected. This you cannot change, but you can reduce the intensity by taking the remedial actions, doing the Shanti pujas, your personal practice etc (index page). The final outcome of these results will depend on the power, nature and function of the planet affected. Finally to absorb this event and to convert it into positive growth is a function of the ascendant sign, ascendant lord and the birth Moon. 


Rahu transit in Krutika, predictions for Signs and Nakshatra

Rahu and Ketu stays in one Nakshatra for about 8 months and in a sign for about 18 months. Currently Rahu is in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio (post here).

  • True Rahu has been in Rohini since 13th Feb 2021. (These dates are from Drikpanchang).
  • He will enter Krutika Nakshatra on 19th Sept 2021 and will be here till 12th July 2022.
  • In this, he will enter Aries sign on 17th Mar 2022 and Ketu will enter Libra sign
  • True Ketu had entered Anuradha on 9th May 2021 and will be here till 14th Feb 2022. 

This post will briefly touch general trends, events in Bharat and the sign/ nakshatra wise predictions.

This has to be seen in the background of Saturn in Shravan nakshatra (post here) and the movement of Jupiter in Capricorn/ Aquarius during this time (post here). Saturn is very powerful and Jupiter is weak so we all will go through Rahu’s illusions without adequate guidance from Devguru and under scrutiny of the karmic enforcer, Shani. The time when Jupiter will be debilitated in Capricorn will be especially sensitive, ie from 14th Sept to 21st Nov.

The underlying energies 

Krutika Nakshatra lies partially in Aries 1/4th and in Taurus 3/4th. The Nakshatra devata, is Agni, (fire, the conscious intelligence, energy of motion). Krutika is also linked to the Sun. Combining these keywords with the force that Rahu represents will give us a generic prediction on what can occur. During his time in Krutika, Rahu will encourage the following tendencies in everyone and everywhere. (These will be modified as per the individual charts.)

Everyone will want to be direct, to the point and take decisive action based on their own personal assessment of the matter. Diplomacy, social conventions and a sensible approach will be abandoned. Misplaced anger can cause enmity. Unfounded criticism and fault finding may cause rifts. Personal ego will be on a high. Misunderstanding will be created on purpose to cause harm. Bitter enemies and fast friends both will come out in the open. Krutika is a teevra natured nakshatra, it cuts sharply, so whatever is going to happen will happen intensely. Karma is calling, negative as well as positive will hit hard and fast. Economies will be hit, financial crimes may increase. Major nations may take the path to an open war. This may be paralleled by an unfair or secret war being waged on the general populace, eg bioweapons, cyber viruses, sabotage, perception management etc. Naturally these wars will cause instability. Critical hidden truths will come to light, however they will be used in a unscrupulous manner for giving gains to a few. Also important things will be hidden, secrecy will be high and danger imminent. Cheats may convince others to take action by pretending to be genuine. New courses, trainings, education etc options will seem attractive, but it is necessary to critically evaluate them before committing. People will chase after illusions. Harsh experiences coupled by sobering knowledge and perhaps wisdom are due for several of us. Rahu will not allow socialising, diplomacy, rest, relaxation but rather force you to strive unceasingly for your goals, whatever you think them to be. 

For the human body, Krutika rules over the face, neck, back of the head etc. So during Rahu’s transit these body parts may cause issues.


Now, let’s see how you can use this time for personal progress, the positives. To begin with, be very clear on your objectives, your purpose. You will be tested on this.

This time is ideal for doing personal Homa, Agni hotra, community Yajnas and all sorts of activities related to fire. I repeatedly stress on the Gayatri mantra as a daily routine. You can give up old habits which cause you pain and easily take up more suitable new ones with this Rahu. This time will let you make rapid and sudden changes in your life, beginnings and endings both. Rahu in Kritika grants penetrating intelligence and insights into what is really happening around you. The ability to delve deep into causes, reasons and analyse things in depth will be available. If you introspect you will come across several things which were not in their place, imperfect, inaccurate or not utilised properly. This is the time to resolve these pending things. This would include identifying and breaking barriers which were holding you back. There will be an increase in initiative, courage, desire for leadership and capacity to take decisions, use this energy. Stand up for yourself and end things which were pulling you down. Take care of yourself. Sincerely perform the responsibilities assigned to you, build up some positive karma, you will need it. Take new steps and learn something that will be of use to you, eg some training, education or abilities. For some this can be a purifying phase, as Krutika burns the past negative karma.

Doing all this will be easier if you are in your late 40s, ie Rahu Ketu have matured. Or if you have been doing some regular spiritual practice or specific remedies for Rahu during this period.

Those who are born in Krutika nakshatra, ie either ascendant degree in Krutika or the birth Moon in it, should be very careful for these 8 months. These above effects will be exaggerated in your life. Keep your mind steady work on your Gayatri mantra to use what is going to happen around you. If you have any other birth planet in Krutika nakshatra, you will see results somewhat like the above in matters related to that planet. If your birth chart is powerful, ie you have a auspicious ascendant sign/ lord and a powerful birth Moon, life become easier to handle.

Ketu in Anuradha

If illusions are Rahu then Ketu is the reality which everyone ignores. What is really happening has to seen from Ketu’s position in Anuradha nakshatra. The current situations created by Rahu are simultaneously being converted into these Ketu things. This process will not be obvious because of the obscuring effect of Ketu. But if you are in your late 40s or do regular spiritual activities or have done remedies for Ketu then you will be able to use his energy better. (I have written a lot on these astral forces Rahu and Ketu, index here)

Anuradha nakshatra is ruled by Mitra (friend, ally, Light) and linked to Saturn (Saturn is the son of Sun). Saturnine energies magnified by the limitless Ketu are behind everything that you see unfolding around you. This is the common denominator, past Karma due in a big way. So if you are supposed to endure karma then Ketu will create confrontations, threatening situations, loss of livelihood, sudden deaths, communal violence, fanaticism and even suicides. There will be a sense of rebellion, everyone wanting to break free from whatever is binding them. Several will leave their physical bindings too. General life routine will be disturbed in some way for everyone.

People will be relying on their ‘reserves’ in every sense. This may be health, spiritual or financial or any other type of reserves, but these will be drained. Actions taken during this time will more be in self-defence, self-preservation. Sensitivity to all things will be on a high, this may translate into an allergy or occult phenomena or whatever as per your own chart. You may be called on to help others during this period but be careful about draining your own resources. Exercise due caution in all matters, be logical not emotional. There will be loneliness, so be prepared. Diseases linked to the lower abdominal area are possible during this time. 

If you have earned positive karma which you are to enjoy during this period then wisdom will be given to you. You will learn deep things which are ordinarily not accessible. The ability of tearing illusions apart and thinking on new lines will be available. You will decisively win at whatever undertakings you take up during this period. Your resources will be converted into gains. There will be help from unexpected sources, opening of several options and attainment of goals. Logic, analysis and mental processes will support you, there will be an internal balance. Relocation to a new place might occur, this be good for you as your potential may find a proper outlet.

Ketu, during mid Sept – mid Oct 2021, will cause more wastage of resources, problems here will be more linked to personal ego issues. Till mid Dec he will be generally more supportive as he will have access to the Pushkar navamsha energies, but especially intense effects are possible from mid-Dec 2021 to mid-Feb 2022, positive or negative will be determined by the individual charts.


Readings on the global level

For individual nations, their ‘birth charts’ have to be seen. ‘Birth of a nation’ is associated with a defining moment in the history of that piece of land, independence from invaders, a proclamation of nationhood etc. In mundane astrology, detailed predictions require the use of the Koorma chakra which gives site specific results. You superimpose this chakra over the map of a city, a nation or the world to get a sense of the planets in action on the mundane levels. (Ujjain city is the center point for the world level predictions). In this Chakra, Krutika is placed in the center. And now Rahu placed in Krutika will deeply affect the ‘soul’ or the subtle core of each and every nation and the overall world. In the past, Rahu has given undesirable results while transiting in Krutika.

Overall everywhere, politicians will face the brunt as karma comes calling. You might see news of prominent politicians losing and other unexpected ones taking their place in power. Politicians will cause problems for the general public. Especially those with ulterior motives will try to whip up passions and cause turmoil. The easiest way to do this in the current age is via social media so we should verify such news before getting emotional and acting rashly. Wars, ie outright fighting and also insidious use of biological weapons are possible. COVID 19 and its aftereffects will continue in patches around the world, health and money should be in focus for all. There is a possibility of cyber attacks, as Rahu will encourage viruses of this type too. Leaders will perform in a decisive manner, some unpleasant actions will be taken, depending on the individual fate of each nation these actions will help it rise or ruin it.

For Bharat, apart from what spills over from the global arena, we must be careful as in the birth chart of Bharat, ie 15th Aug midnight, New Delhi, Rahu is in Krutika and in the ascendant itself. It is essential for every Bharatiya to invoke the Gayatri mantra as it is the only real solution to this Rahu in Krutika. We, as a collective have to use the power of Rahu transiting Krutika in the chart of our nation else he can very easily mess up things. Briefly in the past, when Rahu transited Krutika we faced the following events,

  • 1947 itself triggered horrible events, Partition where a very large number of Hindus and Sikhs were killed and even larger numbers uprooted from their lives. 
  • Death of PM Sh. LB Shastri ji in unknown circumstances, an assassination or a natural death, it is a secret till date. The nation went through turmoil.
  • Assassination of PM Mrs I Gandhi, followed by terrible riots where Sikhs were targeted and the nation went through a horrible phase.
  • In 2002, mid-Feb, Rahu entered Taurus, Saturn was already sitting here. The Godhra riots, started with several Hindus burnt alive. Terrorism, economic slowdown, SARS etc in 2003 as Rahu transited into Krutika. 
  • And now Rahu in Taurus has already caused significant havoc, this time his motif is primarily thorough the COVID 19 virus. What will happen next is for you to predict for yourself and to observe as it unfolds.

Readings on the individual levels

For individual charts, we use the Janma navtara chakra or the Ashtapadmadala chakra. Or you can use Moorti nirnaya. If you refer to the Ashtakvarga, check the total points for Taurus sign, if it has high points then you may be able to make some use of this Rahu. (Analyse the transit results of Saturn and Jupiter for a holistic picture.)

This following is very briefly for every birth Moon sign. I am using concept of transits of Rahu being favourable or not for the birth Moon sign, ie he is favourable when he transits the 3rd 6th and 11th sign from the birth Moon sign. And framework of the Janma nav tara chakra. The readings for the Nakshatra, ie the Tara should be considered in the context of the main rashi readings.

Aries – loss of saved money, excessive expenses, poverty, lack of proper diet, quarrels in the family etc are common readings. This can signal physical death if the longevity is at an end. You might take decisions without adequately thinking through. Lack of self-confidence and boldness to face issues, overall Rahu is unfavourable transiting 2nd from the birth Moon.

  • Ashwini – Vipat tara 
  • Bharani – Sampat tara
  • Krutika 1st – Janma tara
  • So in these three nakshatra, Bharani birth Moon will be better off than the other two. Ashwini will face more obstacles in life. Krutika birth Moons should be careful.

Taurus – Rahu transiting in Taurus itself is not favourable, so undiagnosable illness, unknown problems, secret issues are indicated. Parents, spouse and children will face issues and cause you stress. Personality and environment will be plagued by overall inauspiciousness.

  • Krutika 2nd 3rd 4th – Janma tara 
  • Rohini – Ati Mitra tara 
  • Mruga 1st 2nd – Mitra tara
  • Those with Rohini birth Moon will find some relief with Rahu shifting to Krutika. Mruga too will be able to cope to some extent. Krutika should be careful.

Gemini – Rahu is transiting the 12th from your brith Moon sign, which is not good. Personal and spouse’s health will be troublesome, undiagnosable diseases, psychological issues, lack of rest, disturbed dreams, hauntings, demands from the ancestors etc are all possible during this period. Losses on several fronts can occur, best would be to avoid taking important decisions during this time.

  • Mruga – 3rd 4th – Mitra tara
  • Aradra – Naidhana tara 
  • Punarvasu 1st 2nd 3rd – Sadhaka tara
  • Given the overall Rahu in Gemini energy, of the three nakshatra here, Mruga and Punarvasu will be able to manage things to some exent but Aradra will face turmoil.

Cancer – Rahu in Taurus is good transit for birth Moon Cancer, 11th from. So use this time to consolidate your gains in life. There will be support from the society, health will be good, you will be able to utilise all the opportunities that come your way, business or profession both will be successful.

  • Punarvasu 4th – Sadhaka tara 
  • Pushya – Pratyak tara 
  • Ashleysha – Kshema tara 
  • Of these three, Punarvasu and Ashleysha will be better able to manage the situations compared to Pushya, which will see confrontations and obstacles in life.

Leo – this will be a troubling time overall from Rahu’s point of view, Rahu occupies 10th from birth Moon. Loss or separation from parents, especially the father is possible, problems in the profession and in salaried income, resource crunch, health issues and loss of mental peace. Avoid taking major decisions especially related to your profession during this time. 

  • Magha – Vipat tara
  • Poorvaphalguni – Sampat tara
  • Uttaraphalguni 1st – Janma tara 
  • Here the birth Moon Poorvaphalguni will fare better than the other two nakshatra. Uttaraphalguni will fare better then Magha.

Virgo – As this Rahu occupies the 9th from the birth Moon, all that you think to be your life foundations will cause trouble, this will be from your seniors, ancestors, father, anger of the family deities etc. Beware of taking advice from the people represented by the 9th house during this time. Education will be interrupted, luck will not be there, timely help will be denied, spouse Dharma-pati Dharma-patni will act adversarial ways and loneliness will be high. You might act in morally/ ethically wrong ways during this time.

  • Uttaraphalguni 2nd 3rd 4th – Janma tara
  • Hasta – Ati Mitra tara
  • Chitra 1st 2nd – Mitra tara 
  • Here Hasta will be able to better cope with the situations created by Rahu. Chitra to some extent, but Uttaraphalguni should be careful.

Libra – Rahu transiting the 8th from the birth Moon can also signal physical death if the longevity is at an end. Even otherwise this time can be troublesome, with Rahu hitting on your finances, health, interpersonal relationships, depending on this position in your birth chart. Nameless and secret troubles will cause stress. 

  • Chitra 3rd 4th Mitra tara 
  • Swati Naidhana tara
  • Vishakha 1st 2nd 3rd – Sadhaka tara 
  • Here Swati birth Moons must take adequate care. Chitra and Vishakha will see comparatively better results.

Scorpio – Ketu is occupying Scorpio and Rahu transiting 7th from it. So this period will not be very favourable for you from Rahu’s point of view. Arguments, losses in business, health issues, discord with the spouse, you might be required to leave your home and travel, money will be tight. 

  • Vishakha 4th – Sadhaka tara 
  • Anuradha – Pratyak tara
  • Jeyshtha – Kshema tara 
  • Anuradha is going to be hit doubly as Ketu is sitting in it for most of this time, it could be a difficult time so due caution must be exercised. Vishakha and Jeyshtha will fare better.

Sagittarius – Rahu transiting the 6th from the birth Moon gives good results, so there will be destruction of enemies, you have the power and ability to fight back, you will be cured of diseases, debts and loans will be paid back, there will be stability and progress in life.  

  • Moola Vipat tara 
  • Purvashadha Sampat tara
  • Uttarashadha 1st Janma tara 
  • Moola and Uttarashadha will see worse times as compared to Poorvashada in matters connected to Rahu.

Capricorn – Here too the results are not favourable, 5th from, children will get into trouble and cause mental stress, loss of money, depression, the personality becomes overall negative, you might do some unethical or improper actions during this period which can bring infamy.  

  • Uttarashadha 2nd 3rd 4th – Janma tara
  • Shravan – Ati Mitra tara
  • Dhanishtha 1st 2nd – Mitra tara 
  • Uttarashadha will face more issues than Shravan and Dhanishtha in the Capricorn sign.

Aquarius – Rahu transiting 4th from the birth Moon means health will be affected, accidents, deaths in the family, house and property will demand attention or may be lost, stress from mother and maternal relatives and overall inauspiciousness will exist.

  • Dhanishtha 3rd 4th – Mitra tara 
  • Shatataraka – Naidhana tara
  • Poorvabhadrapada 1st 2nd 3rd – Sadhaka tara
  • Here Shatataraka should be very careful. For Dhanishtha and Poorvabhadrapada the situation is comparatively better.

Pisces – as I have mentioned in my earlier posts too, this time is quite good for Pisces birth Moon sign as compared to all the other signs. Rahu is favourable transiting the 3rd from Pisces. You will be able to take decisions boldly, choose the correct course of action, income will be stable, general health will be good, interactions with others in the society will be fruitful etc.

  • Poorvabhadrapada 4th Sadhaka tara
  • Uttarabhadrapada Pratyak tara
  • Revati Kshema tara 
  • Here Poorvabhadrapada and Revati are the best poised to gain from the energy of Rahu in Krutika. Uttarabhadrapada may see some obstacles in life but as Rahu is overall favourable for Pisces he will give sufficient energy for removing these barriers too.

Naidhana taraOne point to be emphasised, the three Nakshatra linked to Rahu himself, ie Aradra, Swati and Shatataraka are going to go through a bad phase ie the Naidhana tara. People with this birth Moon should be very careful for the next 8 months.


Remedies for this Rahu’s transit in Krutika nakshatra are several, from Homa, Daan, Mantra, addressing any pendency from the ancestors, worship of the family deity, regular personal spiritual practice etc. Doing any Fire or Sun related pujas will help, as Krutika nakshatra’s devata is Agni and Anuradha’s devata is Mitra, which is a form of the Sun. You can perform the Agnihotra Homa, give Surya Arghya, do Surya namaskar etc as per your convenience, but do some thing regularly, a daily puja routine is always helpful. Most importantly do a regular jaap of the Gayatri mantra in addition to whatever remedy you choose.

You can also do pujas on the day of the transit. This day is the Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturdashi, ie the Anant Chaturdashi. This day we do pujas of Bhagwan Vishnu in his Anant form, ie as the endless infinite. The power of this day’s pujas is the same as the power of the Mahashivratri pujas for Bhagwan Shankar. Most of us will do pujas of Ganapati on this day as it coincides with the Visarjan of Ganapati moortis. I think that this a grand coincidence, a blessing arranged by the Parmeshwar, so that we all do some puja or the other on this day, which will off-set whatever Rahu has planned for us as a collective.


Malefic benefic and planets compensating for each other

A short post for you to appreciate the planetary forces in your life. 

Let’s first see how to handle these much used words, ‘malefic’ and ‘benefic’. These are used so very often so that it seems that the planets will give either positive or negative results and that’s it. This is incorrect.

In Sanskrit the corresponding words are saumya and kroor.

  • Benefic is saumya सौम्य – pleasant, shining, happy, gentle, cool, cheerful, auspicious, agreeable, placid, mild, lovely, likeable, benevolent, beautiful, etc. You get results with this sort of flavour from ‘benefic’ planets.
  • Malefic is kroor क्रूर – cruel, brutal, hurt, wound, sore, sharp, pitiless, inauspicious, harsh, strong, formidable, fierce, disagreeable, frightful, evil, terrible, mischievous, etc. the ‘malefic’ planets give results with this kroor note.

Now planets will also give Shubh शुभ and Ashubh अशुभ results, ie the auspicious, good, fortunate, helpful, beautiful, agreeable, pleasant, clean शुभ etc or not अशुभ  results, this is more important during analysis than simple ‘malefic’ or ‘benefic’. And another common confusion regarding ‘malefic’ and ‘benefic’ is when you mix up the natural and functional roles and the inherent nature of the planet. So let’s decipher all these terms.

सौम्य Saumya Graha

Jupiter, Venus and Moon (with high Paksha bala) are the natural Saumya graha, loosely translated to have a ‘benefic nature’, but better would be to think of them as forces which give results in a gentle, mild, non-shocking, non-turbulent etc manner. 

If they are going to be functionally beneficial for your chart they will give their positive results with a lot of kindness, gentleness, and also keep you hopeful and happy during the process. 

Even if they are responsible for the Dushamsthan in your chart, ie are functional malefics, they will bring in turbulence with their characteristic ‘Saumya’ nature. In my personal opinion, Venus is the best benefic by nature and if he is going to behave as a functional malefic in the chart, he gives devastating results in very mild, gentle and almost unperceptible manner. And I have written on Jupiter being an over-rated benefic in this post here. These saumya graha in charge of the turmoil of the 6th 8th 12th give deceptively hopeful results which mask their core of inauspiciousness. Seemingly manageable troubles in the initial phases but later their functional inauspiciousness becomes evident and drains you of all hope and positivity. A planet who is a functional malefic for a chart will give his undesirable results in some way or the other, even if he is a natural saumya graha. Eg you might think that you can go ahead with your lifestyle of eating fats and sugars till one fine day you realise that you have developed very high diabetes thanks to Jupiter who rules the 6th house in your chart. 

क्रूर Kroor graha

Mars, Sun, Saturn and Moon (with low Paksha bala) are Kroor graha, ie they give their results with force, are dispassionate even to the point of being cruel, often work with turbulence causing trauma to the mind/body etc. They should not to be thought as ‘malefic’ or ‘evil’ in that sense. 

Even if they bring favourable results, ie Mars and Saturn are yogkaraks for certain ascendants, they will do so with their characteristic ‘kroor’ nature, ie the events which propel you upwards will be kroor in nature. eg You are due for promotion, it happens suddenly when you are least prepared for it, you get posted in an unexpected location, this causes upheaval in your life but soon you get very highly appreciated for some typical work you do there. They will propel you upwards, the path will be tumultuous but the end result will be auspicious.

And if they are in charge of the 6th 8th 12th houses they will give trouble. This will work in two ways. Either give you so many troubles and also remove hope from your life, you will be swamped. Or give you trouble but also the hope that things will slowly improve and the strength to do so.

Mercury is a neutral force and the nature of his results will depend on the planets who are influencing him. He can be Saumya or Kroor depending on the individual chart.

So when we use the words benefic and malefic in English, it is a sharp classification of the planets activities, this does not work in real life. The same planet can give saumya and kroor results depending on so many factors, so you start using the several techniques available in Jyotish, to be able to really analyse them.


Next let’s analyse the seven graha subjectively to see how they cooperate with each other, combine their strengths and help each other. The seven graha can be broadly divided into three groups.

(I am excluding Rahu and Ketu as they are the astral graha who work indirectly through the planets and signs they influence. They are the desire for the individual soul to either immerse itself deeply in the Game or to resolve to quit the game and go Home. They work on another level altogether.)

Sun, Mercury and Jupiter make up the first natural group together. If you analyse the attributes that are governed by these three planets, they are more about the individual person. How you identify with your self, your life philosophy, your resources, self-image, self-confidence and self-assurance. Also the outgoing part of you, how you project yourself, communication skills, people skills, actions, behaviour in public etc. Faith in your own personality, the inner power which comes when you know that you are right. Finally all this is linked to what people think about you and the image you are projecting. If all these three planets are strong in the chart then you are highly motivated, logical, confident, hopeful about things, have the necessary resources and also the ability to use them.

(‘Strength’ here is any of the following measures, Shadbala, the Vimshopaka bala (use the figure derived from the Dasha-varga) or the Ashtakvarga points they have in the sign they occupy at birth etc.)

In case one of these three is weak then the other two can make up so that the overall personality does not suffer much. 

  • A weak Mercury may not be able to grant logic, mental intelligence, practical skills etc. But if the Sun and Jupiter are strong, they will be able to make up for this lack by their own typical qualities of hope, benevolence, kindness, luck, confidence, creative genius, etc. 
  • A weak Sun may create a crisis with the self-confidence or lack of creativity, but if there is a strong Jupiter to give his support, philosophy, peers, patrons, teachers and foundations with a strong Mercury with his articulate skills and communication, will help partly ally the Sun’s weakness. 
  • If a weak Jupiter denies his support, then a strong Mercury with his skill to create options and choosing the correct one with boldness and courage will help a powerful Sun to make the most of the personality as an integrated whole.

However of these three planets, if two are weak then the third may not able able to compensate so well. Eg if the Sun and Mercury both are weak then the Jupiter alone cannot compensate for this group’s combined attributes. Or if Jupiter and Sun both are weak then Mercury cannot do anything much. And if Mercury and Jupiter both are weak, the Sun alone can’t carry the personality along.

And finally if all three are weak then this first group of attributes will be hit badly and the personality will be weak, non-confident, confused, unlucky, etc all together. 


Moon and Venus together are the second group of attributes. These two planets are more receptive in nature. Essentially Moon and Venus are the nourishing forces in your life. One nourishes your physical/emotional/astral bodies and the other nourishes your spirit. Both govern love, albeit of different types, one is need based love and the other is equitable love.

If both of them are auspicious and have strength then you feel secure in several ways. Emotional fulfilled, physically fit and spiritually at ease with your self. There is love in your life, in one way or the other. Self-love, needy love, equal love all exist. There is a sense of worth, belonging, value and validation. This is a powerful feeling, knowing that someone wants you to be there in his/her life. Knowing that someone fulfils your needs with their love. And the power of self-love is a spiritual thing. You are aware that you love your own self and are not dependant on the vagaries of someone else for this essential feeling. 

Even if one of these two is weak then the other can compensate in some way so that the personality does not suffer much. 

  • Ie if Moon is weak but Venus is strong, then you may not get the love you need. Or may be denied the nurture that you crave. But you will be able to love your own self deeply. This self love will compensate so that you do not miss this other sort of love in your life very much. You will grow to be a self reliant personality who remains satisfied with himself.
  • Or if it is the other way round, a weak Venus but a strong Moon. Here even if you feel non-confident about your personal ‘loveableness’, there will be someone who will want you in their life. Or someone will be able to give you the love you need and you will be able to accept it. This will help you become emotionally secure comfortable and stable. Your need for ‘love’ will be satisfied, so you will not miss the self-love component much in your life. 

But if both are weak then your life will be bereft of love. And the aftereffects of this will be insecurity, instability, lack of support or comfort etc on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 


Mars and Saturn are the third group of attributes – their theme is conflict of various types, things which can make you upset. But they also grant you the ability to handle this trauma. They indicate the adversities in life, but these adversities bring out hidden qualities within yourself. If auspiciously placed they will help you find solutions, resources and manage these issues. 

Mars indicates those problems which are sudden, catastrophic, dangerous, risky, fast to come and if addressed in time, fast to go. With Mars the human element is more significant, most of his troubles are linked to unnecessary risk-taking. Saturn indicates those problems about which you cannot do anything much, its more a systems generated problem. You are required to endure through eg issues created by someone dying or suffering a protracted disease, you are in a situation beyond your control. So when you need energy to tolerate the sufferings you need Saturn’s help. 

If both Mars and Saturn are supportive in your chart then you have the ability to deal with all sorts of problems in your life in all sorts of ways, you might fight back or suffer but you will be able to manage the issue well enough.

If Mars is strong but Saturn is weak it means that you prefer to resolve your issues in a direct manner, you cannot tolerate long standing and lingering disputes. So you will not let the issues turn into the lingering ones in the first place, ie act proactively to finish them off as soon as they rear their heads. A strong Mars will make you face the situation head on, fight for what is yours. You will face up to the oppression in an aggressive and defensive manner. If you facing problems which can be solved or need to be resolved, you need Mars.

If Saturn is strong and Mars is weak, you will prefer to go the slow way. You will be more meticulous and study the problem before attempting the solution. You will endure through the initial minor issues and then eventually systematically decimate your troubles. A stronger Saturn capable of giving auspicious results means that the troubles will be slow to arise, there will be several options for course correction and a capacity to endure.

If Mars and Saturn are weak in your chart, then the overall ability to weather the storms in life is low. You have neither the power to fight back nor do you have the reserves to endure.

Jyotish is objective as well as subjective. Today we are all so focussed on the objective that the subjective is ignored. Eg suppose a particular avastha’s result says ‘laziness’. But its quite possible that the planet is in Sushupti avastha, deep sleep, he is content at very high levels, so the person is simply not going to be motivated to perform in matters related to this planet. So calling him ‘lazy’ is not appropriate. Obviously you cannot do this sort of in-depth personality analysis for your clients but you can try doing it for your own planets at least.

‘Malefic’, ‘benefic’ and similar stuff, do not think of it as a sharp black and white, there are several grey areas and the planets do work together to support you as an integrated personality. So do try to observe yourself through your planets, your possible strengths and weaknesses. How you manage issues in life, the tactics you use to resolve issues. There are always going to be some pluses and some minuses, so try to compensate using Jyotish as a tool. ‘

Adopt the Gayatri mantra routine

The Gayatri mantra is an all-round remedy for all issues in life and everyone above 6yrs of age must recite this mantra. It should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. 

Ideal would be to recite the Gayatri mantra mentally 108 times, 3 times a day, ie dawn, midday and dusk, at the three Sandhya times. Simple mental recitation takes 10mins, you can do it wherever you are. But for some reason, if you cannot do 108 repeats, at least recite it 1, 3, 27, 54 times. It is a mantra, but you can even think of it as a prayer to your internal divinity or as a way of invoking your inner light or consider the Devi Gayatri as your mother, or whatever makes sense to you, even a song! but do recite this. It is the only way you can protect your Sva-dharma, your internal foundation, the philosophy you live your life by.

The Yajnopavit Sanskar is a compulsory rite for Hindus where the person takes a life time Sankalp to perform the Gayatri puja three times a day for a life time. This indicates the essential role of the Gayatri mantra. (These days, very few boys from Brahmin families take up this intention.)

But everyone can do this small self-initiation for the Gayatri. Start on a Sunday. Wake up before sunrise and get ready. Face east, look at the rising Sun, see the power of the Gayatri reflected in his light. Offer him some water, vermillion, flowers etc, request help and support and start your practice with the Gayatri mantra. Put your entire faith/ Shraddha in it and continue this for a lifetime. Recite it yourself and encourage your family members and friends to do so. Everyone who thinks of themselves as a follower of the Sanatan Dharma must do this practice, now more than ever.
The Gayatri is the mother of the Ved, it is the Ved-mata, its the source of all mantra, all power is from it, all intelligence is born of the Gayatri mantra, it is pure consciousness. 
I have written several posts on the Gayatri mantra like,

The Gayatri mantra

Gayatri Mantra, Devi Sarasvati, Raja-gun and Agni

(use the index page or the search bar for more).

(For women, no jaap, pujas etc for at least 5days of the monthly cycle as the body is undergoing controlled destruction post here)

The Gayatri mantra is the Adhar-stambh ie the pillar which supports in every way possible. For every other mantra to be effective the Gayatri mantra has to first give its support. eg if you do some Graha shanti pujas but are not doing Gayatri jaap in your life, the Shanti puja will not give full results. The Gayatri mantra is essential for everything. It is mentioned in the Rg Ved (3.62.10) and it’s Seer is Rishi Vishvamitra. Vishvamitra means, ‘Vishvasya Mitra iti Vishvamitra’. Thus Vishvamitra is the friend of the universe, the Sun of the underlying intelligent consciousness, the Illumination within everyone, the all pervading Consciousness. Thus the Supreme intelligence itself has Seen the Gayatri mantra. Thus the power of this mantra.

I am stressing on the Gayatri as a daily practice for a specific reason. Yesterday I thought of writing a post on the upcoming Rahu’s transit into Krutika nakshatra. I started analysing the transits of the other planets etc during this period and felt worried. I abandoned that post and decided to write this short one instead. Focus on the solution.

In the present context, the supreme importance of the Gayatri mantra is the Rg ved rk 3.53.12 which says this, ‘Vishvamitrasya rakshati brahmaedam bharatam janam’. In simple words, ‘This Highest Consciousness of Vishvamitra, ie the Gayatri mantra, continually protects the people of Bharat’. All people who follow the Sanatan Dharma, wherever they may reside on the earth are the ‘people of Bharat’.

Given the situations which might come in the future, it is imperative that everyone invokes the Gayatri mantra. If each one of us does our individual routine with the Gayatri mantra, the collective will also gain its protection.

Om, Bhuh Bhuvah Swah
Om Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo nah Prachodayat,

ॐ भूः भुवः स्वः ।
ॐ तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम ।
भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि।
धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात॥

Sarpa yog and Sarpashapa yog

There was a question on the Sarpa yog which is sometimes mixed up with the Sarpashapa yog. These are two different planetary combinations which give different results in life. The first one destroys the Kendra houses, ie the physical things which support life and living in the physical sense. And the second one destroys the Dharma trikon, which adds that quality of Life to the experience of Living. Both damage the personality in typical ways. The Sarpa yog does this by draining it of positive energy and the Sarpashapa does it by charging it with negative energy.

Sarpa सर्प in Sanskrit means a serpent, a snake, but in this context is more appropriately also a silent, crawling, tortuous motion. 

Shapa शाप means a curse, spell, ban, malediction or an abuse.


Sarpa  सर्प yog

As per the BPHS, Sarpa yog is a category of the Dala दल yog which is a category under the Nabhasa नभास yog. Let’s break this down. 

First the Nabhasa yog

Nabhasa yog are related to the configuration of the planets, how they are arranged in the chart. Their results, malefic or benefic, are seen throughout the life time and will be exaggerated in the dasha/ significant transits of the concerned planets. There are several types of Nabhasa yog.

Next the Dal yog

These are a category under the Nabhasa. Dal yog are formed when planets are placed in the Kendra houses, ie in the 1st 4th 7th 10th houses of the chart. If one, two or three Kendra houses are occupied then too the Dala yog will operate but at correspondingly lower intensities. The Kendra houses are the pillars of the chart. The personality and the environment, 1st house. The maternal home, nature, nurture, nutrition, culture etc is the 4th house. The partner, business, legal issues, money etc is the 7th. And the father, social prestige and mobility, profession, salary etc is the domain of the 10th. If the Kendra houses are strong, life is easier, if they are damaged life is going to be difficult. The importance of the Kendra केन्द्र houses can be understood by the Bhavat Bhavam भावात् भावं concept. Damaged 4th and 10th houses drain energy from the 7th house which in turn directly drains energy from the 1st house, ie the overall personality and its surrounding environment itself. So if these four are strong by themselves the drain on the main personality is reduced.

There are two types of Dala yog.

1. Mala माला yog – If the Kendra are occupied by only benefics, this is a benefic combination and grants a lot of stability in life. The four pillars of the life are supported and the personality is strongly helped by the agents of the 4th 7th and 10th houses. The pillars are auspicious and favourable thus do not cause a drain on the personality.

2. Sarpa सर्प yog – If the Kendra are occupied by only malefics then it is the malefic Sarpa yog. The pillars of the chart, ie the environment, the home, the partner and the profession are going to be adversarial to the personality. Several issues will be created depending on the nature and power of the malefics. The nature is typically crooked, cruel, there will be poverty, misery, home life and professional life will be disturbed, problems in marriage and with children. Spiritual growth will be negligible. Several things around the person will constantly drain the personality.

The combination will be aggravated if these malefics mutually aspect each other, eg Mars can aspect by the additional 4th aspect or Saturn can additionally aspect by the 10th aspect, thus adding their influences on the other kendra houses too. And all planets obviously aspect by their 7th aspect. The negative effects will be exaggerated during the dashas of the concerned planets, here the Mahadasha, Antardasha and also the Pratyantar dasha should be taken into consideration. Their major transits also can be difficult, causing tiredness and hardship.

The negativity can be reduced if Jupiter aspects these kendras using his additional 5th and 9th aspects. A strong ascendant lord and birth Moon will also help. But in case you have this combination in your chart, it would be advisable to do some remedial action, either Mantra, Daan or regular personal spiritual practice.

For the definition of ‘malefic’ here, consider both types, the planets who are malefic by nature and also those who are malefic by function. And also do a subjective analysis of their behaviour. The planets who are kroor by nature but functionally beneficial will give turbulent results which later become very helpful to you. And the planets who are saumya by nature but malefic by function will give gentler results but cause problems later.


Sarpasapa सर्पशाप yog 

This is a typical combination which destroys the 5th house. (Ref. 300 important combinations) You might get this in some of your sample charts, but as its results can be devastating it is better to be aware of it. If any one of the followings conditions exist in the chart, the Sarpashapa yog exists. 

  1. The 5th house has Rahu in it and aspected by Mars.
  2. The 5th house has Rahu in it and the sign belongs to Mars ie is either Aries or Scorpio
  3. The 5th house has Saturn with/ aspected by Moon and the 5th lord is with Rahu
  4. Jupiter is with Mars and Rahu in the 1st house and 5th lord placed in a the 6th 8th or 12th house. 

Let us briefly understand the implications of these combinations.

In the first and second condition, Rahu and Mars if associated in any way grant drastic and damaging results. The things associated with Mars occur very suddenly with high intensity and cause a lasting change. It hits on the physical as well as the astral body. These events are caused by illusions and over-expectations etc, or related to negative intentions like cheating. And as Mars is associated with heat, passion, rage, catastrophes, surgeries, reproductive organs, occult, openings of every sort, life and also death, it can get traumatic. The results can become worse if this Rahu or Mars is further aspected by Saturn. And its effect reduced if Jupiter aspects either by his 5th or 9th aspect.

Then in the third condition, Saturn in the 5th house generally means that the house is damaged. Plus the effect of Saturn on the Moon dries him out. Moon is nature, nurture, needs, nourishment etc and Saturn denies him all this plus creates a miasma of fear around the keywords of the 5th house and the Moon. Such a person may not have maternal support, neglected childhood etc and also may neither capable nor interested in having children himself. In addition this Sarpasapa condition requires that the 5th lord be damaged by conjunction with Rahu. There will be problems in expression of the self-genius, creativity and lack of confidence covered up by a superficial layer of assumed superiority. The negative effect will be reduced if Saturn is in his Capricorn, Aquarius or exalted in Libra. And enhanced if Saturn or Moon or 5th lord or Jupiter are further aspected by Mars.

The fourth possibility is that Jupiter is with Mars and Rahu in the ascendant. Jupiter is the natural agent of expansion, which naturally includes children. This Jupiter is damaged and with this damaged energy aspecting the 5th house. So he is not going to let the 5th house give very useful results. This person will not feel the internal divine connect, the urge to produce ‘off-spring’, to showcase his genius etc. In addition this Sarpasapa condition requires that the 5th lord to be in the dushamsthan, ie in the 6th house, 8th house or the 12th house. Any planet who owns benefic houses if placed in the houses of turmoil is spoilt and cannot give happy results. This position of Rahu also means that Ketu is in the 7th house so the marriage event may not happen or will be difficult. Relationship with the spouse will be indifferent and apathetic affecting the possibility of having children.

Rahu is a common factor in all these four options. When Rahu heavily influences the 5th house in any way he creates one typical energy problem. The energy of the 5th house is limited to what the person creates with his own actions. And because of the illusory influence of Rahu this point is never appreciated. Rahu connected to the 5th indicates that the person desperately desires to have some sort of ‘off-spring’ but the very nature of Rahu ensures that the intense desire for his illusions will cause over-reach and a fall in the end. As its most tragic result is connected to the possibility of having children so most books limit themselves to only this aspect, pain from the children. But Rahu here is more insidious than just physical children, he afflicts the entire personality by subtly poisoning the Dharma trikon. 


In Sarpashapa सर्पशाप yog, the house in focus is the 5th house. It is the house of personal genius, creativity, self-confidence, connect to the internal divinity, self-love, ie it is the house of positivity and a part of the Dharma trikon धर्म त्रिकोण. It directly connects the personality and environment of the 1st house with the foundations and luck of the 9th house. The 5th house also indicates your children, your students, your higher education, your ability to speculate, your capacity to judge the others whom you meet etc. It is the house of mantrasiddhi, मन्त्रसिद्धि ie if the mantras you work on are going to actually be useful for you. 

If the 5th house is damaged then this damage percolates very strongly into your personality, the environment around you and the foundations of your life, ie the 1st and 9th houses are also constrained from giving favourable results. The worst tragedy that one can have in life is seeing the death of one’s own child or having a insane or severely handicapped child. The Sarpashapa yog can give this pain. In addition miscarriages or childlessness is also possible. If you have ‘students’ in any sense of the word, they will cause you suffering. So be careful about choosing ‘students’, they will not be worthy of what you want to teach them. Whatever you desire to create will eventually give you typical pain. Thus this combination can grant a overall personality which is twisted, the personal genius and creativity will be used to feed the self-ego and selfishness will predominate. Such people are deeply disturbed on the inside and cannot interact with others in really positive ways.

An additional combination, since we are analysing Rahu in the 5th house. If he shifts to the Capricorn or Aquarius navamsha, he gains the power to grant severely inauspicious results in matters of children and the other keywords of the 5th house. In the other navamshas this Rahu gives less intense results.

These basic combinations will be aggravated by 

  • afflicted Jupiter, Moon, 5th lord, ascendant lord and sign.
  • a powerful Rahu, Saturn or Mars
  • more the repeating patterns means more intense results
  • you also have to see the D 9 and also the divisional chart D – which is specifically for children. If these same combinations repeat there too then the problem is a deep seated one.

And obviously the intensity of the malefic issues can be reduced by,

  • A powerful Jupiter, Jupiter, Moon, 5th lord, ascendant lord and sign and positive aspects of other benefics.
  • A weak Rahu, Saturn or Mars 
  • Any support you can see in the D 9 and D – 7
  • Finally despite everything if the ongoing Dasha is of a supportive planet or a significant transit during the marriage, conception and delivery of the child is of strong benefics then the intensity of the negative will be reduced. 
  • To reduce the intensity of the negative effects you can perform Mantra, Daan or pujas with a knowledgable Brahmin as you can afford.

Both the Sarpa yog and the Sarpashapa yog directly hit the personality. But before making negative assessments about your clients, do check if there are any ameliorating influences from the Navamsha chart for the general personality, from the D7 for the children etc. Do not make negative predictions without considering the charts as a whole. And finally as its your role to counsel and help the client, encourage him to perform the remedial measures and to take up the Gayatri mantra as a personal lifetime practice.

Ketu and the perfect remedy

Clients want remedies, especially so in emergencies. If you know a reliable astrologer who understands the Lal kitab (Arun Samhita), he can give instant results. Then there are the Vedic mantra, homa and pujas as remedies which a reliable Brahmin can perform for you. Or you can do your regular mantra-jaap yourself. Or Daan is a good option, giving away items associated with the unbalanced energies. All these activities will resolve the issue at hand.

But there are also behavioural readjustments which help in a deep way. If you understand how your innermost drive and motivations work, you can create your own solutions. Knowing why things are going wrong helps you get over them, completely. Being aware on the inside makes the external problems disappear. This is the first glimmering of self-realization and it is linked to Ketu the oldest and the most powerful of all the Graha.  


I have written a lot on Rahu and Ketu in my blog (index here). They are fascinating, the reason for Life and Living. These two astral forces which represent the flow of your ‘experience’. Rahu is the engine which drives you in this life, you desire these experiences. You are passionate about everything he signifies. And Ketu is the summary of the deepest learnings you have learnt so well that their associated experiences do not appeal to you in the least. You want to instinctively give away everything that Ketu signifies in your life. Giving away something means that you accept and understand its final lesson, its complete experience. 

This is secret of all Jyotish remedies. Give with awareness the things that Ketu represents. This satisfies you deeply and you start working instinctively in the right direction. The subconscious mind will guide you smoothly to what you really desire.

So analyse the following about the Ketu in your birth chart.

  • House he is placed in
  • Sign he is placed in
  • Planets he is conjunct with and the houses they own.
  • The planets linked to the Nakshatra he is placed in
  • The planets, if any, placed in the nakshatra linked to Ketu, ie Ashwini, Magha, Moola.

These keywords are those aspects of life connected with Ketu’s ‘give-away’. These things are inherently incapable of giving you emotional or spiritual satisfaction. It is likely that you are giving away the energy linked to these keywords on some levels but are generally unaware of this. The trick is to become aware as you give, this satisfies Ketu. 

So let’s check out Ketu in each of the houses of the horoscope and what simple activities you can do to balance out Ketu’s requirement of ‘controlled losses’ to trigger ‘deep learnings’. I have written only a few of the activities possible. You can fine tune this by adding more of these above keywords from your own planetary positions. 


Ketu in the 1st house – This means that you are apathetic to your own personality and your environment. In a way you are your own worst enemy. So be nice to yourself. Buy clothes which make you stand out, get that nice hair-cut, wear those classy shoes. Look at yourself in the mirror a few times a day. Set up your room, pay attention to the objects, colour combinations. Get some new curtains, choose them yourself. The the simplest solution for this Ketu is to pay attention to yourself and your surroundings. 

Ketu in the 2nd house – Here you are disinterested in your family, sometimes it may seem that they drain your energy. So your remedy is to try to be more aware of them. Perhaps the the easiest option is to cook something for your family with your own hands once in a while, even tea or a simple salad would be enough. Pay attention to them as they eat. Give your energy to them in a controlled fashion with awareness.

Ketu in the 3rd house – The 3rd house is about skills with the hands, siblings and the neighbourhood which you are apathetic to. So if you can teach your younger siblings/ children skills which involve the hands, like sewing or the small repairs which one does around the house or car it will go a long way in changing the energy dynamics. Or play some team game with your cousins, even if you do not like them very much. Do this small activity once in a while. 

Ketu in the 4th house – means a disconnect with the mother, homeland, ancestral lands etc, you feel tired around them. So try to pay attention to your mother, do some small things for her or buy some gifts for her. Or you can help older women who need help eg. giving up your seat in the bus? Also try to re-connect with the home culture, speak your mother tongue, eat the traditional foods etc. You don’t need to do this all the time, a small act once in a while would be enough.

Ketu in the 5th house – here you are a genius and everyone but you knows this. You do not care about your own intelligence levels. So the best option is to help your child with his homework. Or take up nature photography, but take care of your equipment and the photos you take. use your own photo as your phone’s wallpaper. And yes, do your Gayatri mantra and Soham regularly, do not simply stop for no reason. (You are apathetic to mantras as you internally know them all.)

Ketu in the 6th house – This is considered to be a good position so ideally should not need a remedy. But in my opinion being aware is always better than remaining unaware. So once in a while, just for a few minutes, try to keep track of your, maid, servants, drivers, assistant in your office, etc as they go about their work.

Ketu in the 7th house – Here you are unaware of your partnerships, your money and your spiritual practice. Even thinking of them drains you. So the ideal remedy would be to to go for a small 10min after-dinner walk with your spouse daily. It will be good for the digestion and for connecting with your spouse without the phone or the TV interrupting. Or use an app for keeping track of your regular family budget, remain aware of ‘money’ as an item. And do your ‘Soham’ regularly.

Ketu in the 8th house – the best option is to learn Reiki or some energy healing modality. Do energy related healings on your family members. This does not mean that you drain yourself for others. Do a brief healing for 5mins for someone in your family once a week or so. Or do this sort of energy healing on yourself regularly. If you want you can also call up your parents in law once in a while just to ask how they are doing.

Ketu in the 9th house – Here you are disconnected from the luck and blessings of the 9th house. To trigger this limitless Ketu in the house of foundations, bless your children every day, say the words out aloud. Or if you can afford it, you can engage a Brahmin to do formal pujas a few times a year, eg Satyanarayan puja, Mahamrutyunjai Homa, Shanti pujas etc can be performed. Or go for yearly pilgrimages to major temples in our Bharat. Else you will have to work for everyone, give out your energy helping others while no one comes to help you in return. 

Ketu in the 10th house – You have a knack for business and work. But this talent does not work for you. You can work for someone else, make his business work, turn around sick units owned by others, but you cannot run a business that is owned by you. So try to find employment in such sick firms or take up tough projects where you feel the challenge. Or if you see situations around you which need ‘fixing’ of any sort, actively do it. Again this does not mean that you sacrifice yourself for others, or take unnecessary risks with your profession. The concept is that a small act once in a while will nudge the energy in the correct direction and you will feel more fulfilled.

Ketu in the 11th house – Here the best option is to help your elder brother/ sister. This could be difficult as you cannot stand your elder siblings. But if you do not do this, your friends will take stuff from you which they never return. Also the promised gains in life will not materialise, there will be unexpected losses in life. ‘Help’ can be as simple as nicely talking to him/ her and avoiding arguing and fighting. If you can respect your older sibling, spend some quality time together, only then will your own life fall in place. 

Ketu in the 12th house – The easiest option is few minutes of mindfulness done daily are enough. Then a more relaxing way to become more aware of Ketu in the 12th is to get a good night’s sleep. Use an app to keep track of your daily rest-time. Listen to some relaxing music. Or if you can afford it, visit some wildness or natural area regularly, visit your local seashore, forest area or at least your local city park once a month or so. You should be more aware of the things which relax you even if you do not feel attracted to the idea of relaxing.


Give intelligently with Ketu, so that you make room for what Rahu gets for you in your this life. These instinct related remedies do not mean that you have to go out your way or do something which causes trouble for you. And never get too involved in the other’s lives. These remedies are tiny behavioural shifts which you do, a bit at a time. A tiny change goes a long way if done with consciousness. A small act to trigger your awareness of those energies which, because of Ketu’s nebulous influence, remain invisible to you. To set the apparently lost things back in their place.

Ketu, the agent of separation can even grant Moksh. But if the rest of the chart is not strong enough to cope with his incisive separative fiery cut, then he creates problems on the material, mental and emotional levels. Especially so if you are born in the Gandant areas of the zodiac. Or if Ketu is influencing several planets in your birth chart. Or if he is influencing your birth Moon, ascendant lord or the ascendant sign.

Ketu does not have a head, so no face, no ears, eyes, no mouth, no nose, no thinking brain etc. He is pure Instinct. So the supreme remedy is to become aware of your Instinct. 


Analysing the Karan in the Panchangam 

The Karan is a mathematical measure of the Sun Moon interaction on a half-day basis. There are two Karan in one lunar day/ Tithi. A Karan is a 6 arc deg difference between the Sun and the Moon in the skies. The Karan influence you more on subtle levels as they are connected to the lunar day/ Tithi. They are also the dynamics of the Moon moving in the lunar mansions. The energy as he enters the Nakshatra till halfway is the first Karan of that Tithi and the energy as he moves from the halfway point to the end of the Nakshatra is the second Karan of that lunar day. The Karan are very important as they are one of the ‘5 limbs’ of the Panchangam, the Vedic almanac.

The Panchangam is composed of five units

  • Nakshatra – the lunar mansion occupied by Moon at sunrise of that day.
  • Tithi – the lunar day at the time of sun-rise
  • Vaar – the day from sunrise to sunrise
  • Yog – a measure of how far the Sun and Moon are from each other 
  • And the fifth is the Karan 


There are 11 different types of Karan.

  • Of these, 4 occur only once in a lunar month, these are the Dhruv or fixed Karan. These occur during the Amavasya and the Karan before and after the no-Moon/Amavasya. These can always be very easily located as they are allocated permanently before, during and after the Amavasya.
  • And the remaining 7 Karan repeat eight times a month, these are called Charsanghak ie moveable Karan. Thus a lunar month has 60 Karanas in all, which repeat in specific patterns.

The fixed Karan are

  1. Shakuni
  2. Chatushpad
  3. Naag
  4. Kimstugna

The movable Karan are

  1. Bava
  2. Balava 
  3. Kaulava
  4. Taitila
  5. Gara 
  6. Vanija
  7. Vishthi

Open your vedic astrology app. There will be a section on the daily Panchangam. Here check the Karan for the time you are interested in. eg on 6th Aug 2021, it shows the first Karan to be Garaja (or Gara) till 05:53 am and the second Karan to be Vanija till 18:28. So at 4:30pm the ongoing Karan is Vanija. Similarly you can check the Karan operating at the time of your birth. Do remember to input the correct location in the app. 

Now that you know about the Karna you can use them in planning your daily activities too. This can be in addition to the the Janma navtara chakra, aka Tarabalam (post here), the Choghadiya (post here) and the transits of the Moon also called the Chandrabalam (post here which you already know about.


Birth in any of the Dhruva Karan ie in Shakuni, Chatushpad, Kimsthughna and Naag, or in the Charsanghak Vishthi Karan require remedies. These are the destructive energies. If you were born in these and the necessary pujas were not done after your birth then you will face certain situations in life. The solution for this is to recite the Purush Sukta (Rg ved 10.70. 1 to 16) or at least listen to it whenever that same Karan occurs in the next lunar month. Or you can add this Sukta to your daily practice. This will resolve any issues that are be connected to the Karan of birth. The Purush Sukta is the energy of creation. (I have specifically mentioned the Rg ved as there are several variations of the Purush Sukta from various reference books, the one from the Rg ved would obviously be the original version.) 

And if a new baby is being born in these 5 Karan then get a puja using the Purush sukta. The remaining 7 Karan are considered to be auspicious so no remedies are necessary. 

Lok you go to after physical death

Let’s briefly see how the Karan at the time of your birth affects you. And how to use the energy of the transiting Karan in your daily life. 

Shakuni Karan – शकुनि – This is a Dhruv Karan which occurs once a month on the second half of the 14th lunar day of the dark fortnight, ie Krishna Chaturdashi. It is ruled by the deity Kali. Shakuni in Sanskrit means the one who can read omens perfectly or a bird.

  • Birth reading

If you were born during this Karan then you are a free bird with a positive, forward thinking outlook. An intelligent, intuitive, courageous, clever individual who is capable of taking risks. An impressive balanced personality, you rarely get disturbed. You can sway others with your words and use your talents in a decisive manner. You are more a leader than a follower. You will be known in your profession for your problem solving abilities as you are able to find hidden opportunities for growth. You can be successful in areas related to chemicals, medicines, strategies, planning etc. You have a tendency to try shortcuts, unethical and illegal ways to get ahead. Do not act on these desires as they will land you in trouble. Then life will be full of tension and rewards will be less than anticipated.

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Shakuni Karan is suitable for all activities which involve significant risks. You can perform rituals related to removal of evil eye, destruction of enemies, waging war, spying on others, training animals and birds, etc at this time. This is also a good time to start new medicines, discussions with others, trying for Mantra siddhi, doing pujas of deities etc. 

Chatushpad Karan – चतुष्पद – This is ruled by the deity Vrushabh, ie the Bull, and comes once a lunar month, ie on the first half of the Amavasya, ie the no-Moon lunar day. Chatushpad in Sanskrit means the four footed, with four steps, with four stages, four wheels, four light rays, four pillars, etc

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If you were born in the Chatushpad Karan, you are a sincere person, ethical, religious, traditional in outlook. You respect your elders, teachers and try to learn what they teach you. You get along with everyone without much fuss. You are creative, think logically, read books, learn, travel and generally satisfied. Life is generally comfortable as you are willing to work for it, you prefer doing a business than working in a job. Some professions which suit your nature are medicine, chemicals, math and logic, professions related to animals and the physical land. Chatushpad Karan has significant energy level but it remains in the potential state. Hard work is necessary to get its energy moving, but once it is triggered it gives success in not-normal types of activities.

  • Muhurt reading

This is a good time for all ‘removal’ sort of work, ie removal of evil eye, Ucchatan of enemies, tantra activities which are risky, unusual or on the border of good/bad. This is not a good time for auspicious or pleasing activities like marriage, naming ceremonies, starting new projects, long journeys etc. This time is for the serious rituals done for departed souls, ie Shraddh or Tarpan etc. You can do Daan, mantra recitation etc especially for the departed ancestors.  This time can also be used for all activities related to 4-legged animals, as its ruling deity is the Bull.

Naag Karan – नाग – This is ruled by the deity Naag also called Phani. It occurs on the second half of the Amavasya, no-Moon lunar day. It is a Dhruv Karan so occurs only once a lunar month. Naag in Sanskrit means, cobra, metals and other resources derived from mountains, cruel person, clouds, most excellent, etc. Phani means the hood of the cobra or metals from the earth.

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If you were born during this Karan then you are a somewhat harsh, ruthless, irritable and a stubborn personality. You will seem attractive, mesmerising and hypnotic to others. Secretive and intelligent, you prefer keeping your business to yourself. You do not open up to anyone nor allow anyone to get close to you, this can lead to insecurity and depression if you are not careful. Avoid getting into addictions and try to speak the truth in life. Try to use your typical nature productively in life so that the energy is used in something that gives you happiness and progress. Typically professions are related to water, poisons, secrets, intelligent and logic, underground activities like mining, minerals, geology etc. However do not leave anything to chance in life, try to reduce dependance on others, never take loans etc and try to do auspicious works like Daan, pujas etc. 

  • Muhurt reading

The energy of this Karna is not suitable for auspicious or pleasing activities. So avoid starting new things, new projects, pujas, Sanskar like marriage, house-entering etc during this time. Destructive activities like, removal of evil eye, destruction of enemies etc can be successfully performed during this time. You can also do Daan, mantra jaap etc. Activities performed during this time require hard work as the potential of this Karan is more dormant. But once it is prodded into action it gives fast acting results. Its results are always permanent, often cruel, mostly forceful and sometimes hateful.

Kimsthugna Karan – किंस्थुग्न This comes once in a lunar month. It falls in the bright fortnight, the first half of the 1st day after the no-Moon. Ie in the first half of the Shukla Paksh Pratipada. It is ruled by the deities named Marut. This is a typical word ‘Kimsthugna’ and can be loosely understood as ‘what is the Devi?’. It is the first karan after the no-Moon/Amavasya so its possible that this word has some esoteric significance.

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If you were born during this Karan then you have a lot of positive potential, however to trigger this there have to be additional factors supporting your Moon. Overall this Karan is favourable and it’s results are fast and certain if the other planets support the Moon. Try to remain happy, enthusiastic, active and willing to work so that you can make the most of what you have. Follow your religious, cultural or traditional practices and stay connected to your parents, homeland etc as this will give you strength. You are friendly, helpful and fair in your approach. On the professional front, activities related to money, finances, accounts, gold etc will seem more attractive to you.

  • Muhurt reading

This time is good for new beginnings, work, journeys, all auspicious activities, also for restarting interrupted works, if there are other planets supporting the Moon. Otherwise, spiritual and religious work, like Daan, puja, mantra etc can be done during this time. 


Bava Karan – बव – is ruled by Vishnu and is a movable Karan. It occurs eight times a lunar month in its fixed sequence.

  • Birth reading

If you were born in this Karana, you will have a reasonably good life. There will be a sense of satisfaction and contentment. Innocent and optimistic you are a good person to be with. Genuinely interested in the welfare of others and the society as a whole. You are happy, kind, religious and spiritual by nature. You are interested in trying new things, exploring and learning. So professions connected to these keywords will interest you more. Whatever you do will have an inner core of stability. You have high energy, self-confidence and the ability to work for your goals. You have courage and conviction both so can do well in all types of work. 

  • Muhurt reading

Bava Karan is an auspicious Karan so is suitable for all positive activities like marriages, entering new house, starting new projects, making new contacts, appearing for interviews, completing unfinished work etc. Especially use this time for religious activities.

Balava Karan – बालव   ruled by Prajapati is also a Charasanghak Karan, occuring eight times in a lunar month.

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If you were born in the Balava Karana then you are rather religious. This is an auspicious Karan and gives a pleasing personality and a generous mind. You will be healthy, attractive and lucky. Creativity and the ability to create will be high. You will be interested in activities related to physical movement, travel, sports, learning, philosophy, social issues, etc. You may be recognised for some significant contributions to the society, religion, education etc. Professions suitable for your nature are those connected with ethics/ morals, religion, teaching, learning, etc which benefit a large section of the society.

  • Muhurt reading

This Karan is suitable for all auspicious activities, starting new work and taking up incomplete projects especially short term projects can be initiated during this period. 

Kaulav Karan – कौलव – is ruled by Chandra and is also a moveable Karan.

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Kaulava Karan is a generally auspicious Karan but there are some typical issues here. If you were born in this Karan then you tend to be unstable, keep changing your mind frequently. This gives results like frequent job change, change in residence, etc. You never speak about what you really want. Though you have several friends, you keep your secrets to yourself. if necessary you can easily break rules or get into unethical activities, but these later cause you harm. However you are a hard-working person who is generally successful in life. You are suited for all professions connected to support, resource creation and allocation, human resource, livestock, food and liquids. Your overall family and professional life will be good  if you engage in some spiritual activity which helps you control your mind. 

  • Muhurt reading

Kaulava Karan is an auspicious time so is good for initiating new projects or finishing pending ones. Anything to do with women will be encouraged during this time. You are determined to work during this time. Anything that is connected to change, resources allocation and growth will be supported during this period.

Taitila Karan – तैतिल is the next moveable Karan and ruled by Bruhaspati.

  • Birth reading

This is one of the more auspicious Karans. If you were born during this time, you are a strong personality. Physically, emotionally and mentally you have significant strength. Kind, agreeable, honest and firm you are convinced about your own thoughts and decisions. You will achieve a lot in life. Adaptable and versatile, you are quite fortunate in all that you do. Life is reasonably stable, pleasant and auspicious. Professions suited for your nature would be government jobs, managerial jobs, land related jobs, teaching, etc. You are good at managing people and get along with others easily. You are by nature serious, committed, feel responsible and want life to go smoothly. Not over-ambitious but neither are you a walk over. You value peace and personal growth over all else. If this is threatened, only then will you show your fierce and aggressive side. 

  • Muhurt reading

This is a auspicious Karan which gives slow, stable results, these gradually increase with time. Especially use this time for political or legal activities. This is also a good time to perform those activities which require sustained efforts spread over a longer period of time. Or regular work which does not require stressful or hard work. ie this is a good time for doing all those routine work which one has to do to survive and thrive. Projects initiated during this time will be your lifetime projects. Eg building  house, land related work, long term investments, etc. 

Gara Karan – गर – The Vasu rule this movable Karan.

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If you were born in the Gara karan then you have courage and tolerance. Outwardly a mild and down to earth personality, you need solid things around you. So occupations like agriculture, building houses, anything related to land, or connected to physical material things suit your nature. There is a higher possibility of relocating away from your family or ancestral lands or you may have to travel a lot in your line of work. You have the ability to plan, strategise and visualise. You are ambitious and willing to work for your life goals. You like taking everyone along, avoid hurting anyone, are generally pleasant and well-mannered. You sincerely try to follow your religion, traditions and culture, you live a generally good life.

  • Muhurt reading

This is an auspicious time for taking up new projects, starting a journey, marriage etc auspicious pujas or complete unfinished work. Especially this time is suitable for household related work. You can use this time to learn new skills, try for new opportunities, give exams, participate in competitions, appear for interviews or learn new things. Things started during the Gara Karan give sure successes with time. 


Vanija Karan – वाणिज ruling deity of this Charsanghak Karan is a Yaksh named Manibhadra

  • Birth reading

If you were born during the Vanija Karan then you are a businessman at heart. Good at negotiations, markets, finances etc, you weigh everything before doing it. Hard working, alert, aware of opportunities and ambitious, you will be able to capitalise and gain in several ways. There will be typical struggles in life but you will be able to get out them successfully. You may be required to leave your homeland in order to make your fortune. You are a restless nature, always in motion, working but you also know how to enjoy life. You make contacts and acquaintances who can help you advance in life. True friends will be rare as there is an undercurrent of apartness, superiority and arrogance. All professions where trades, bargains or exchange is involved suit your nature. Organised, talented, artistic etc you are a systematic person who will do well in life.

  • Muhurt reading

Vanija Karana is the best time for all business deals. All sorts of transactions can be performed during this time. Also good for initiating new activities or completing any pending work where profit is expected. 

Vishthi – विष्ठि – Karan is the last moveable Karan and is ruled by the deity Mrutyu or Yamaraj. It is also called Bhadra.

  • Birth reading

This is considered to be an inauspicious Karan. If you were born during this Karan you are a dangerous person, straightforward, unemotional, interested in your own concerns, hardworking, willing to go to any extent to gain what you want, ambitious etc. You do not trust anyone. Professions ideal for you would be the ones where violence, destruction are involved and where innate courage, fierceness, cruelty are also necessary. So choose professions which are connected to disasters, war, police, attacking enemies, adventure, spying, subversion etc as you will be highly successful here. Even surgeries/ medicine can be a good option. You can be famous in life as you have an innate desire to succeed, are fearless and inspire fear in others. You will have very few real friends and will decimate your enemies. Avoid getting into illegal or immoral activities. After getting married, avoid short-term affairs. Avoid getting into unnecessary arguments and make enemies only if you can handle them. ‘Destruction’ has an important role in the energies of the Universe and you need to understand this and its role in your life and life activities.

  • Muhurt reading 

This time is not suitable for all auspicious activities, starting new things etc. If you do start anything new during this time there will be obstacles and barriers which will not allow their completion. Best would be to postpone. This time is good for strenuous activities or work which causes stress, fights, arguments etc. A good time to wage war and engage in destructive activities. Or to remove strain causing things from your life, ie Maran, Mohan, Stambhan, Ucchatan type of activities.

Choose the best day for conception or IVF

Someone wanted to know the best day for starting a new baby through IVF ie a suitable Muhurt/ auspicious time for the introduction of the embryo into the mother’s womb using the IVF procedure. This is a pertinent question in today’s context with several couples opting for the IVF process. And these same concepts will be useful vven if you are starting a baby in the natural way. 

This post is for beginners who can at least read the Panchangam ie at least read the names for the following five items from the Panchangam app applicable for the location and time under consideration.

  • Tithi – ie the lunar day which is counted from the Amavasya/ no moon day or Purnima/ full moon day.
  • Vaar – the 7 days of the week, these are to be seen from sunrise to sunrise (not midnight to midnight).
  • Nakshatra – the lunar mansion occupied by the Moon
  • Karan – a calculation related to 6deg separating intervals between Sun and Moon in transit 
  • Yog – also a calculation for the distance between the Sun and Moon in transit


Conception, natural or artificial, is the same concept. The seed, ie either sperm in the natural process or the embryo in the IVF process, is introduced in the body of the mother. It is desired that the baby forms perfectly inside the mother and be born after a complete term. It is also desired that it give happiness to both the parents. This is an new endeavour in so many ways and you want success and auspiciousness from it.

Today conceptions are random events, as couples do not know or understand the value of choosing the ideal day to get intimate. But as per Sanatan Dharma, first the ideal day is to be chosen through calculations, a Garbhadhana Sankar is to be performed and then the couple should get intimate. The individual soul of the future baby is first formally called and energised by the mantra of the Sanskar. This ensures that of the few potential baby-souls hovering around the parents-to-be, only the most auspicious one is allowed access. Ideally the Garbhadhana Sanskar is to be repeated before every conception. (Today this this Sanskar is performed only once on the day of the marriage itself.) Even today, people who know Jyotish do choose the day for conception, do some puja for the new baby to come and then engage in intimacy. 

We can use the same principles for choosing the day for conception via IVF. This will depend on your doctor, ie if you are allowed to choose this time as per your preference. You can consider the time when the embryo is introduced into the mother’s womb as the time of ‘conception’. If you choose a high energy time frame for your IVF procedure, you will, with time, be a parent of a happy, healthy and auspicious baby.

So with this brief background, the auspicious times for natural conception or artificially via IVF are,

  • Tithi – Pratipada 1st, Dvitiya 2nd, Trutiya 3rd , Panchami 5th, Saptami 7th, Dashami 10th, Dwadashi 12th or Trayodashi 13th 
  • Nakshatra – Rohini, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarashadha and Uttarabhadrapada ie the fixed or Dhruva nakshatra will help the conception ‘fix’ strongly into the body of the mother. Of these Rohini and Uttarabhadrapada are the best ones. 
  • Days – Thursday and Friday are better than the rest, Wednesday is also suitable.
  • Yog – Ayushman, Saubhagya, Sukarma, Vruddha, Dhruva, Harshana, Siddhi, Shiva, Siddha, Sadhya, Brahma and Indra are preferable.
  • The best ‘moveable’ Karan would be Taitila, in addition Gara and Vanija are also good options. You can use Bala and Balava karan in a pinch. Of the fixed Karans, only the Kimsthughna can be considered but only if there is no other option.

Try to match the maximum of these 5 conditions as per your constraints.

And take 10mins to do this small puja / mantra on the day you choose for the conception, natural or IVF. This will improve both your energies and the energy of your future baby and take care of any malefic influences operating at the moment. Do this with the intention of getting a happy, healthy and auspicious baby.


And for somewhat advanced students,

The best option would be Amrit. But Labh and Shubh are also good for this process. In this do check if your chosen Choghadiya does not overlap with the Vara vela, Rahu kaal, Kaalratri, Kaalvela etc negative times as shown by your app, as these will add some tension to the process.

In the natural process both parents can use the Swar shastra to shift the Swar in their bodies. If done properly, it can ensure that you get the child of the sex you want. If you are doing it the artificial way through IVF, your wife can change her Swar to ensure the ideal environment in her womb for accepting the embryo, here the sex of the baby will not be as per your choice as the father does not have an active role at this point of time.

  •  If you know how to read the houses of the horoscope

Then refer to this post for choosing a good time for planned birth ie Caesarean section. You can do this same analysis to get the perfect time for your conception, either natural or assisted via IVF. The chart of the conception event is called the Adhana chart. You can try to give your future baby an ideal Adhana chart. And later when your baby is to be delivered, in case you have to go for a Caesarean section, you can refer to this post again to choose the best possible time. This post assumes that your doctor has given you a time frame of 1-2 days for choosing your preferred time for delivery.

Then you can open your Panchangam app and see if it is auspicious ie Sampat, Kshema, Mitra or Paramitra. This will ensure that you and your spouse are in a happy frame of mind during the process. If you both are happy then naturally the energy of the process will be positively affected.

There are even more things, but this much is enough for a beginner to be aware of. This improves the chances of having the baby of your dreams.


Next, these are the times when you must never attempt conception.

  • Eclipses – here the Sun or the Moon are eclipsed, so these times are not favourable on the energy levels. You are supposed to do some mantra puja etc during this time to make the best use of this energy.
  • Sankranti days – ie the day a planet enters into a new sign. Sankranti is a time for doing pujas, mantras of that planet, giving dana etc and not for indulging in intimacy. (For the Moon, his transits are quite fast at 2.25days per sign, so the preferred Nakshatra for him are mentioned above)
  • 45mins before and after sunset, sunrise, midday and midnight. These are the Sandhya times, where the energies are not suitable for starting a new life. You are supposed to do your regular Gayatri puja during this time.
  • 10days since the birth of a new baby to a close family member on the paternal side ie the Naatak period. And 13 days since the death of a close family member on the paternal side ie the Sutak period. During these two time frames, the spirits of the ancestors have access to this dimension and this interferes with the conception, ie entry of a new baby-soul in your body. I have seen 4 cases of my close family/ friends doing this, it ended in a miscarriage for all 4.
  • Days when you see bad omens around you. There is an entire Shakun shastra on this. But simply put, if you see something that upsets you deeply, then it is a negative omen. And if you see something that makes you happy it is a positive omen. eg you think of having a baby and you notice a small child walking by, this would be a positive omen. or you think of starting a baby and there is an accident on the road in front of you, this would be a negative omen.

Bringing a new baby into your life is always a big responsibility, so it will help if you take adequate precautions before initiating the process. If you are considering starting a baby, either naturally or artificially through IVF, do give yourself and your spouse an energy boost by choosing the right time so that you get a high energy, auspicious baby in the near future.