Mata, the Mother in Tantra

In our Dharma, we always refer to the Devi as Mata in Sanskrit and Maa, Amma, Maiyya, Mai, Aai, Mauli, etc in the local languages. We worship her in many forms. We see her in the land, in the rivers and in the forests. We address older women with respect as ‘mata-raam’. We also have a strong tradition of referring to the Guru and even the male deities as the Mother, eg in Maharashtra, Sant Jnyaneshwar, Shri Vitthal are also referred to as ‘mauli’, ‘mother’.

And this is not a random whim or mere sentiment. There is a reason why we do this. We first look for maternal love in the deity we adore, the Guru we follow and the consciousness we seek.

There are three levels of spiritual sadhak, viz. the Pashu, the Veer and the Divya.


If you have zero inclination towards the spiritual you are called a ‘pashu’. And when you start on your spiritual path, the energy is still ‘pashu’.

  • पशु means a creature, to see, an individual soul, jivatma, animal like state, etc.

At this level of consciousness you are convinced that you are a mere individual soul, a jivatma at the mercy of fate. You are convinced that this creation is totally real. You consider your body to be the complete reality, there nothing beyond the physical. You are confined only to that part of reality which you can sense with your 5 basic senses. You do not have the intellectual capacity nor the emotional stability nor the spiritual strength to accept/ realise that you yourself are the Para, Shivah, Advaita, Parameshwar etc. You need a prop, an anchor, a foundation, some support to survive in this unpredictable and dangerous universe. Unknown and uncontrollable forces driving you like a beast of burden. There is very limited free will available to you and also a very limited capacity to act intelligently. Your life is on auto pilot, your karmic fruits of your own past lives are the cruise control and you have no option but to endure /enjoy the ride. Whatever life serves, you have no option but to accept the situation. Just like the animals you see around you, you too are completely under the control of these nameless, irresistible forces. The world is a unpredictable place and you wander through aimlessly. In this state you first try to find support from other humans, your loved ones etc or in activities or even in addictions. Most of us are in this lowest stage of awareness where we don’t even realise that we are Pashu.

But there comes a time when you realise that these other humans are not capable of supporting their own selves in the first place, so them supporting you is out of the question. So you search for support elsewhere. If, through some positive karmic fruit, you choose a deity as your support then this is the first step of your spiritual journey. You become a spiritual aspirant, a sadhak. You progress slightly and consider yourself to be a small child, led by the hand of destiny. This is how the spiritual journey begins, with the Pashu mindset. This mindset neither understands its Reality nor the real power of the human birth. (Only in this human form can the limited soul realise its real limitless nature.) At this Pashu level there is a strong belief in duality and multiplicity. And the only support in this cruel world is the adored deity.

And it is for this beginner level of sadhak, that the worship of the Mother, the Mahamaya, Prakruti, Shakti, Shri, Mata, Devi is prescribed because at this stage the Eternal is most naturally seen in the aspect of a Mother. The aspirant must feel himself to be a child in the hands of the Mother. In every aspect, in his mind and also in his actions he must be able to trust her, worship her, respect her, all the time. He should feel a sense of Motherhood emanating from everything around him. The moorti of the Devi in the temple, the beggar woman standing on the street, a small girl walking on the road, the earth itself, the rivers, the wind, the skies. He must feel that the Eternal Mother is looking at him from everything, everywhere and at all times. He does pujas, mantra, pilgrimages, pujas and all sort of spiritual practices which make him constantly aware of the Mother’s love and protection at all times. He now feels that he is secure, a child sitting in the Devi’s lap. Once he grasps this essence of the ‘divine motherhood’, does he progress onwards.

माता Mata is the nominative singular of मातृ Matru and one of the meanings of Matru is ‘to know’, ‘the knower’. So Mata is the one who Knows. The Matru grants the knowledge which negates (Maa) your experience of creation and thus helps you transcend this game.

Devi Mahamaya has created the apparent duality, ie the jivatma/ individual soul. She is the Creator, the ‘Mother’. All of us who believe in duality are her children. She is the initial Creator. And to transcend this illusion of duality and to reach the non dual reality we have to go to her and through her, there is no other option. Or in other words, she is the route, the only one which will take you to your Self.

  • eg You start from home and go to your office via a particular route. After doing your work, you go back home via take this exact same route. You have to exit from this game of creation by the exact same route by which you arrived here. But over time, you have forgotten the route, so you have to first study it only then walk it. This ‘study’ is the worship of the Mother.


Initially this Mother is seen as a beautiful Devi carrying weapons, Veena, garland of severed heads, lotus etc. This is her sthool form, ie a form with an outer physical human-like shape. Later as the sadhak moves inwards, she shows him the geometric Yantra, the Mantra, energy forms of the Matruka, the seeds of the sound from which the creation is born. Then, as she, the Mahamaya, Kundalini, Chit Shakti, Vishuddha Shabda Shakti ascends through the chakra sequence, she dissolves the ‘seed sound mothers’ the Matrukas into the foundational Naada and this gradually destroys the appearance of duality. It is a long journey but if the sadhak trusts the Mata, she gradually and safely brings him to the next stage, the Veer.

  • वीर means a hero, brave, energy, fire, strength, son, reed, power, man, actor, eminent, chief, adept, someone who has achieved control over the power to create/ destroy.

The Veer state is technically when the kundalini crosses the Vishuddhi chakra. In this stage the sadhak is not a child in the Mother’s lap anymore. Nor is he an animal driven by desires, conditions, destiny, past karma etc. He has subdued ‘nature’, in the sense that the Mahamaya now creates/ destroys/ balances/ works/ changes as per his desire. He has taken the control of his life in his own hands, he is no more on autopilot. He has developed the intelligence and confidence to lead nature/Prakruti in any direction as per his wish, creation, equilibrium or destruction. However here too there is still a sense of duality as the sadhak still cannot fully comprehend the Eternal.


In the third stage called Divya, the sadhak with practice, fully identifies himself with the Non dual and realises the Self.

  • दिव्य means splendour, playful, heavenly, promise, oath, ordeal, sky, beautiful, supernatural etc.

Here the Naada is dissolved into the Bindu or Paranaada. And the Bindu further dissolves into the Non dual. Now the inner and the outer worlds are the same to him. He is ‘I’ Aham Brahmasmi as well as ‘this’ Ayam Atma Brahma. The concepts of Shakti, Mahamaya, etc are all reflected in the Para Shivah, Advaita, Self. This stage is realised via Vedant and Shri Vidya/ Tantra. (The Vedant gives the theory and the Shri Vidya/Tantra is the practice.)

The beginner Pashu has to learn cleanliness, physical and mental. Purification of the mind and the body is the basic requirement for starting on the spiritual path. Then he has to learn devotion towards the Mother in any form which comforts his mind. Then he should acquire the correct knowledge of the eternal Advaita and the limited Jivatma. As he refines his discerning intelligence, (vivek) he must also develop the strength to finally discard faulty concepts (vairagya). He has to choose the path of liberation/Moksh, after due study, practice, analysis and after drawing his own conclusions about it. If he, at any stage, feels that he wants to enjoy creation some more then he is always free to leave his sadhana. He is tested by his own Self, several times. Only when he conclusively chooses Moksh, does he reach that state of supreme consciousness.

In this journey from the Pashu to the Self, the aspirant has to first hold the hand of the Mother, there is no other way.

In my blog, I have recommended the most beautiful Sukta, Shri Sukta as the best, the easiest daily practice (post here) as the one sure shot solution for the prosperity. of your choice, the material or the ultimate.

(This post is in response to a question.)

Penumbral lunar eclipse May 2023 astrological predictions

Today night, ie the night of 5th / 6th May there is a penumbral lunar eclipse in the skies. In a ‘penumbral lunar’ eclipse, the penumbral portion of the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon’s disc. And this ‘penumbral lunar eclipse’ has nil astrological significance. For lunar eclipses, only the umbral variety have astrological significance.

We all are still experiencing the effects of the major solar eclipse which occurred 2 weeks ago in Apr 2023. On the national and global levels, after the major Apr 2023 solar eclipse the weather is still being unpredictable. Erratic rain, storms, etc are making their presence felt which will have its impact on agriculture. There will be a few accidents/ deaths in water related disasters in the next 1 month or so. Most significantly, the global economy has started collapsing at an accelerated rate. The collective West will suffer more during this impending economic disaster.

But today we have a rather exceptional planetary line up. All the planets are inter connected, making the current time quite intense.

  • Aries – with Rahu and Jupiter who are in Ashvini nakshatra connected to Ketu. Combust Mercury and Sun are in Bharani nakshatra.
  • Gemini – with Venus who is the owner of Libra and Mars who owns Aries.
  • Libra – with Ketu and the Moon. Both are in Svati nakshatra which is connected to Rahu.
  • Aquarius – with Saturn who is aspecting Aries and the planets in it with his 3rd aspect. He is in Shatataraka/Shatabhisha nakshatra which is connected to Rahu.

If you observe closely, the transiting Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Moon, Jupiter, are in nakshatra connected to either Rahu or Ketu.  And the current Sun and Mercury are actually conjunct Rahu. Mars and Venus own the signs in which Rahu and Ketu placed in at present. Thus at present, Rahu and Ketu are subtly dominating everyone and everything.

Thankfully the lunar eclipse today is just the penumbral variety so there are no true eclipse energies adding to this mix. But this influence of Rahu and Ketu on all the other graha is significant in itself. Students of astrology should observe their sample charts/ people in this time. I have written several posts on this sort of energy (index page).

The prediction for the coming 2 months or so is quite simple – you will get whatever your Rahu and Ketu have promised you in your chart, birth /transit. You will have no option to enjoy/ endure these results as right now Rahu and Ketu are influencing every other planet in the skies. You will not be able to draw on the energies of the other planets in channelising the effects of Rahu/Ketu.

Rahu and Ketu are generally malefic for all ascendants (post here). So for most of us this time will lead to stress.

In rare charts, they can function as Yogkaraks (post here). So for some of us, this period is going to give extraordinary advantages.

If you are undergoing a Dasha period of Rahu or Ketu you will see major changes in your life. And depending on their birth position these changes may be desirable/ undesirable. If you are undergoing a Dasha period of Moon, then too you should be careful for the next 1/2 months as unexpected events might pop up.

First analyse your birth chart in depth before scaring yourself with negative readings.


In brief for the Moon signs, currently,

The most affected is Libra, Tula rashi. You will face stress from multiple levels and with restlessness, lack of sleep, quarrels with the spouse and at home, things can get uncontrollable. Avoid reacting emotionally to the situations around you. Try to think logically and act practically as much as you can. Next affected is Aries, Mesh rashi. In addition to the general turmoil, you will feel restricted and in a sudden resource crunch due to Saturn’s 3rd aspect.

Kanya rashi, Virgo must be alert. You were enjoying the best time in the past few months, (Dec 2022 to Apr 2023) and now suddenly everything will go in the 180deg opposite direction. Everything that you felt hopeful about in the past few months will start going wrong. Projects will be delayed and plans will not materialise. Stress will be high in all aspects of life. Do not trust others unless you are very sure.

Scorpio, Vrushchik rashi will face secret enemies, malicious gossip and ill health. Your subordinates will cause trouble. Losses and thefts are possible. Spouse will be in stress or give you stress, in either case, need your attention. Home life will be disturbed. Overall a lack of energy and self doubts as you cannot think clearly.

Next are Karka rashi, Cancer and Makar rashi, Capricorn. Both will face ill health and the overall hopelessness when nothing seems to go right. Situations at home and in the office will be uncertain and you will feel unprepared for the situations which will suddenly pop up. Parents and boss will give you stress. Avoid following the advice given by the parents as they might misguide. Your boss too may try to get you into trouble.

Aquarius, Kumbh rashi, is going through the main Sade sati period but Rahu will grant courage to get through things. However behaviour of neighbours, cousins, teammates in office will be less than ideal and a source of stress. Unnecessary travelling is possible. Not a time for stock investments even if these options look attractive.

Taurus, Vrushabh rashi,  will face ill health and lack of rest. Negative thoughts, nightmares and hauntings as possible. Budgeting is necessary, spend your money only on the essential things. Expected returns/ gains will be delayed and you might face a few typical moments due to a resource crunch.

Sagittarius, Dhanu rashi will face a few sleepless nights caused by their children misbehaving or getting into trouble. Relationships breaking up can cause heartbreak. Investments will not give expected results and this is not a time for speculation. Do not expect much support from your friends in this time.

For Leo, Simha rashi, for some time at least, luck is on your side. Important people, seniors or lost contacts may suddenly turn up in your life to provide timely help. New job opportunities can open up. Avoid over confidence in this phase and do only that much as is reasonable.

Pisces, Meen rashi, went through the worst period in these past few months. Now you will see some positive changes in the near future especially so if the birth chart is strong. Your past investments may suddenly give unexpected gains or some new source of income may open up, blocked resources will open up.

Gemini, Mithun rashi, is poised to make some significant gains in this period. In case you have a favourable birth Rahu or Ketu then a once in a life time opportunity can open up in the next 1/2  months. But as always think twice before acting.

Remedies, as per Rishi Parashar, as always are only the two, Mantra and Daan. And if you have a strong chart and are aware of yourself then acting intelligently and modulating your behaviour is the third ‘remedy’ option. (Ref the index page for posts on these topics)

(I had received several requests that I write on the penumbral lunar eclipse today thus this post.)

Pujas during an eclipse

Eclipses are caused when Chandra, Surya and Pruthvi are aligned on a Purnima or an Amavasya. There can be a maximum of 7 eclipses during a year.

  • A Lunar eclipse is possible when the distance between Chandra and Rahu/ Ketu is less than 18.5 arc degrees and it is certain when the distance is less than 15 arc degrees on a full moon day.
  • A Solar eclipse is possible when the distance between Rahu/ Ketu and the Surya is less than 12 arc degrees and is certain if the distance is less than 9 arc degrees.

All eclipses continue to indirectly influence global affairs for weeks/ years. In case of a solar eclipse the results last for as many years as many hours. And for a Lunar eclipse, the direct results last for as many weeks as many hours the eclipse was visible. For the people, the land and the seas witnessing the eclipse, direct effects will last for weeks/ years depending on the type of the eclipse and the duration for which it was visible at that particular place. People living here should ideally do some pujas to manage the eclipse energies. If the eclipse is not visible at the place where you live then it will not have any direct effects on you and no pujas or remedial measures are necessary. Obviously the indirect effects affect the population of the entire Earth.

A ‘total’ eclipse is where the entire disc of the Sun or the Moon is completely obscured. ‘Partial’ is when the shadow partially obscures their disc. And there is a ‘penumbral lunar’ eclipse, where the penumbral portion of the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon’s disc. Areas witnessing totality will obviously face stronger effects than the areas where partial eclipse is visible. And the ‘penumbral lunar eclipse’ has nil astrological significance.

Eclipses release pending karma in a burst and this energy is often overwhelming. There are only two ways of addressing this karma burst, ie Daana and Mantra (index page). You can do any of the following, depending on what sort of mantra you practice, or what sort of deity (Kuldevata/Ishtadevata) you adore. Remember that all mantra jaap should be ideally mental, ie do not move your tongue while you recite them. As always use your common sense and do only that much which is advisable and as per your level to absorb the energy.

The a period before the actual eclipse is called the ‘Sutak’. This is generally 12+ hours in duration and we ideally should not eat or drink anything during this period. But in modern times this is not possible, we all have our daily work to do, so you can eat minimal food or fasting type of food so that you do not get tired as you go about your day.


Before the eclipse becomes visible in your town, you should get ready. Have a bath or at least freshen up and wear clean clothes and sit on your Asan. As the eclipse starts you should do at least one of the following.

1. If you wear the Yajnopavit sutra then the Jaap of the Gayatri mantra is yours by Anushthan /right / Sanskar. And you should make use of the energies of the eclipse and the power of your this mantra.

2. Any mantra you wish to make siddh, eg Soham, Gayatri mantra, Mahamrutyunjai mantra, mantra of the grahas, mantra of your Kuldevata/ Ishtadevata etc. Just be sure that the mantra you choose is a proper Vedic mantra, ie should have a proper reference from the Ved. Do not get caught in fancy mantras propagated by ‘new age gurus’. Recite the mantra 1, 3, 27, 54, 108 times or in multiples of 108 as possible.

3. Recite stotras of the Bhagwans – Vishnu, Shankar, Ganapati, Skandh, etc or the Devis – Laxmi, Parvati, Sarasvati etc or any Sukta, Kavach or any stotra of your adored deity. Again these should be recited 1, 3, 27, 54, 108 times or multiples of 108 as possible. If you do not have learnt the stotra by rote then you can read it from a book. Again, worship only those deities who are mentioned in our Shastra Granths (Ved/ Itihas/ Puran).

4. Read any book, eg the Bhagwat Gita or the Upanishads or the Devi Mahatmya etc during the eclipse. Or any book written by an Atmajnyani Mahapurush / Jivan Mukt Guru, in your favourite language is also a good option.

5. Dhyan with the Ajapa mantra ‘Soham’ is the easiest and the most natural practice (post here).

6. If you have a Guru available then ask him in advance for any personalised practice for you during this time and then do it as per his directions.

After the eclipse gets over, get up from your Asan, have a bath, wear fresh clothes etc. Do a basic puja in your household puja ghar/ altar. In case of a solar eclipse, offer Arghya to the Sun. Go to a nearby temple and offer Daan to the deity there. If you live near a river or the sea then you can also offer the daana into the waters.

In case you at work and unable to do all this as above, then at least avoid eating/ drinking anything during the actual eclipse time as much as possible. During the eclipse try to mentally visualise your adored deity, recite your mantra in your mind etc. ‘Soham’ is the easiest, it is as easy as breathing.

And if you are travelling or driving then pay attention to your safety first. You can listen to audios of stotras, Bhagwat Gita, Devi Mahatmya, Upanishads etc as the safest option. Or recite Soham with your breath as the easiest practice. Only do that much as you are easily and safely able to do.

This was the bare minimum that you should do during an eclipse in order to harness its energies.

Solar eclipse Apr 2023 astrological predictions

Eclipses are trigger events which release significant karma in a short period of time. Solar eclipses are more powerful than lunar eclipses. Especially the total solar eclipses impact everyone on this earth, directly or indirectly.

(I have written detailed predictions for this year in several posts – index page).

The month of April 2023 is quite happening with

The first eclipse event of 2023 is the upcoming solar eclipse on 20th Apr 2023. Totality will be visible in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Australia, Indonesia etc as per this map (from The intensity of the results will vary depending on whether the eclipse was visible or not in the nation you live in. Those areas who will witness totality will see the complete results of the eclipse. But as it is a major solar eclipse all of us will feel its direct/ indirect effects.


First the configuration of the planets.

  • Aries – Ashvini nakshatra with Sun and Rahu. Bharani with Moon and the retrograde Mercury.
  • Taurus – Venus in Rohini, he is not involved.
  • Gemini – Mars in Aradra, the eclipse is in his Aries so he is involved to some extent.
  • Libra – Ketu in Svati, the other half of the eclipse axis.
  • Aquarius- Saturn in Shatataraka is influencing the eclipse by his 3rd aspect. This is not good as he will trigger restrictions, delays, karmic events etc connected to Aries sign and the planets participating in the eclipse.
  • Pisces – Combust Jupiter is in Revati at the very last 29th deg, at the gandant of the zodiac on the verge of entering Aries. He is within 15deg from Rahu and is involved in the eclipse energy.

The eclipse is occurring in the Ashvini – Svati nakshatra axis in the Aries – Libra signs. Analyse what these signs/ nakshatra indicate in your life as there will be some significant change linked to these around the eclipse. The eclipse energy is going to be channeled through the Ashvini filter. This lunar mansion is ruled by the Ashvini Kumar deities and is linked to Ketu. (On the other side, Svati is linked to Rahu and ruled by the Marut).

The total solar eclipse is visible more over water than land. So there will be extended effects over the weather patterns which originate from these water bodies. Weather patterns will be significantly affected for the next 1-2 months, there will be excessive rain, wind, cyclones etc. An undersea earthquake or tsunami like situation is likely. These seas/ oceans may see small/ large war like situations in the near future. Accidents related to water and in water bodies will happen. Political disturbance is possible in the nations who witness the eclipse. National economy will see some setbacks. Scarcity of essential items or medicines is possible. Rifts in the society, ie religion, race etc will come out in the open, civil unrest is likely in these nations.

Especially one fortnight before and after the eclipse most of us will feel the maximum effects. And it there will be an increase in impulsiveness, everyone will take decisions without thinking of the long term consequences, behave in ways which will be regretted later. There will be impatience and an inability to endure. Everyone will feel frustrated for some reason or the other. Short temper, pointless arguments, selfishness, self centred behaviour especially in relationships are all possible. There is a possibility of breakups and separations as long term commitments/ relations will feel like bindings. It might get difficult to choose correctly between options, most of us will suffer from indecisiveness. There may be a lack of confidence during this time due to which some of us will miss certain opportunities. Some might feel restless, want to change the job, residence, travel etc. This time will see the endings and beginnings of things and these actions will be fast. Some of us might be forced to go on sudden journeys especially within 1 month before and after the eclipse, and these will be karmic in nature. We all will need courage to navigate through the situations which will emerge after the eclipse. The long term effects of this eclipse will gradually fade over the next 5-6yrs. However during the one fortnight before and after the eclipse it is best to be aware of what all can go wrong in your life or if any unexpected opportunities come up and to be prepared for it.

Transit results are always seen as per the the birth Moon signs. But if you have a strong ascendant sign (check the ashtakavarga scores), then you can read from the ascendant sign too. For Aries and Libra signs, this eclipse will be associated with life time changes. For everyone else, the following results will be seen for about 1 month before the eclipse and 2 months after it. In brief,

This eclipse is bad to worse for Aries, Cancer, Virgo and Aquarius.

  • Aries will have a stressful time. Personal health needs attention. You will be restless, will not get time for yourself. Avoid changing your job or residence or taking life time decisions in this time.
  • Cancer will face confusion mainly in the profession and in the social arena. There may be a forced change of job or salary cut. You might face humiliation at work or in the family. Your father or your boss will be unsympathetic to your issues. Avoid unnecessary confrontations and risks as later you will be at the receiving end of the consequences of these actions.
  • Virgo will have a tough time both in the profession and in the home. Health might be an issue and you might suffer from some acute illness or surgery during this time. Be careful while driving etc. Some dramatic change in your life now will cause you long term turmoil, so be alert.
  • Aquarius will face financial issues as your investments do not give you the desired returns.  Past decisions/ mistakes will haunt you during this time frame. This is not a time for speculation or trading in stocks. Your siblings, cousins will cause you stress. You might be required to travel unnecessarily.

It is average to bad for Taurus, Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn, but still there will be some positivity depending on the individual  charts

  • Taurus – There will be over work, anxiety and you will feel tired all the time. Evil eye may trouble you. Health will suffer, if you have any chronic complaints be careful. Health of elders may give you some anxious moments. Ensure that you get enough rest and do not overthink.
  • Libra – You will suffer from undefined health issues, emotional and psychological issues. Evil eye and astral/psychic issues are also possible. Constant tiredness and physical weakness will make you lethargic. Behaviour of your spouse will cause stress. Removal of negative energy, cleansing etc will help. Make sure that you get enough rest.
  • Scorpio – Progress in profession/ business will be slow and the family life will turbulent. You might feel like giving up because of lack of results. However enemies will be silent so you will be secure on this front at least. So persevere in your projects. If you have done some good karma in the past it will help you now. Avoid confrontations at home.
  • Capricorn has some positivity going on for it but this will be mostly overshadowed by stress at home. You will regret your past mistakes and feel anxious for the future. Your time is improving but slowly, so be patient and keep working.

And Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces have some potential for positivity depending on the individual charts.

  • Gemini has some positive energy after a long time. You might receive some gains from your past investments and actions. You can reconnect with your friends etc and generally have an average to good time.
  • Leo will get unexpected support from unexpected people. Try to make the most of their help, avoid disagreements with these people. Luck will work for you. Especially if you have been doing your daily pujas regularly, this time will bring you a positive news with long term implications. You can start new projects etc during this time but only after rechecking everything.
  • Sagittarius will be able to use their intelligence and get their dream projects, job positions, exam results etc. However, even if you feel that you can get away with it, do not cheat anyone during this time. Disagreements with children and loved ones will continue. Overall the time is more on the favourable side and you can take calculated risks.
  • Pisces will see fluctuations in finances which will get sorted out once Jupiter is in Aries. But till then, it is advisable to budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. One life time asset will be created for you in this time frame, so if you see any likely opportunities, you can take them up after due risk analysis.

Remedies are as always the two, Mantra and Daana (index page). And if you are a student of Jyotish you can analyse your chart and modulate your expectations and behaviour intelligently to navigate through the time.

Analysing the ascendant lord using friendships

A simple technique to help you gain deep insights into your motivations, expectations and things which silently support you. Also the subtle dissatisfaction which seems to forever surround certain aspects of your life. (For overt problems, this post) And this analysis is derived from the planetary natural friendships.

Our Jyotish texts are in the sutra form, where one word in Sanskrit actually means several things. मित्र Mitra which is loosely translated to ‘friend’ in English means ‘someone who reciprocates positivity’. Sakha सखा is someone who does positive stuff for you out of the goodness of his heart without expecting anything in return. (Bhagwan Krishna is always called Sakha never Mitra. And the Sun is always called Mitra, not Sakha.) 

For this analysis you need to know just the beginner level stuff,

This is the sample chart I use on this blog. Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. He is dead, has lived quite a happening life, with recorded incidents and is a good study subject.

Birth chart Aleister Crowley

The ascendant sign is Cancer and the ascendant lord is Moon. The sign is summary of the personality and the environment in which the person moves. And its lord determines the ability of the person to coordinate his personality and the environment he is in. A strong ascendant lord is better able to use the innate traits of the personality and turn the environment he is in to his advantage.

The 2nd lord is the Sun. The Sun and Moon consider each other to be natural friends. So Crowley was quite comfortable in the matters of the 2nd house, ie close family, accumulated resources, personal history, speaking, small gatherings of known people etc. And the people/ activities of the 2nd were also fruitful for him in a positive feedback loop.

Then the house opposite to the 2nd is the 8th ruled by Saturn. Moon considers Saturn to be neutral. But Saturn considers Moon to be an enemy. So Crowley was neutral about the matters of the 8th but the keywords of the 8th house had great potential to harm him on several levels. And because he felt neutral towards these 8th things, he would have neither noticed the damage nor acted to control it. 

The 3rd house has Virgo ruled by Mercury. Moon considers Mercury to be a friend but Mercury considers Moon as a natural enemy. So though Crowley felt hopeful and optimistic about the matters of the 3rd house, these people/ activities had a greater potential to cause him stress. This means his extended family, teammates, trade and small business activities, writing, short travels, etc would not really support him. And because he felt positive towards these things, he would not have even believed that these could harm him so he would have not acted in time to reduce the damage.

The house opposite is the 9th house ruled by Jupiter. Moon considers Jupiter to be neutral and Jupiter considers Moon to be a friend. So though Crowley would not have had much expectations from the people/ things that the 9th house represents, but these same things would have supported him in numerous ways. The 9th house is the elders, ancestors, luck, karmic merits of the past lives, blessings of the Guru etc. But the personality being neutral to these things means that Crowley would not have been interested in making the most of the positive potential that his 9th represented.

The 4th house is ruled by Venus. Moon considers Venus to be neutral while Venus considers Moon to be an enemy. So though Crowley would have been neutral about the matters of the 4th house these same things would have caused him pain on several levels. The 4th house is the mother, maternal relatives, homeland, school level education, residence, lands, property etc. And feeling neutral towards the 4th things also means not proactively working to nip these issues in the bud.

On the other side, the 10th is ruled by Mars. Moon is neutral towards Mars. And Mars considers Moon to be a friend. So though Crowley was neutral towards the profession, salary, social status, etc there was a significant potential for these things of the 10th things to support him. But he was not interested in making the most of these 10th keywords.

The 5th house is ruled by Mars and its opposite 11th house is ruled by Venus. So similar dynamics with the Moon as the 4/10 houses above.

The 6th house is ruled by Jupiter and the house opposite is the 12th ruled by Mercury. Again similar dynamics with the Moon as the 3/9 axis above.

And finally the 7th house is ruled by Saturn who considers Moon as an enemy while Moon is neutral towards him. Thus the partner that Crowley desired the most actually considered him to be an enemy. He felt neutral towards his partnerships, business dealings, legal issues, profits from business, adored deity, spiritual practices like meditation, etc, but these things had the potential to cause great harm to his personality, his environment and the interaction between his personality and his environment. And his neutrality towards all this 7th stuff would have not let him act for resolving these stressful issues.


This basic understanding can be improved by factoring the planets present in the houses.

  • Eg the 7th house – Saturn, the owner of the 7th in the 7th itself increased the potential for damage that the 7th could inflict on the personality. Mars, the owner of the 5th and 10th (yogkarak) in the 7th would have been great if he were alone here, but he is conjunct Saturn, which spoilt his capacity to give positive results. His energy is channelised by Saturn and this has allowed the 7th /Saturn even greater potential to harm the personality. 

If you have noted in the series above, the houses opposite each other are never ruled by mutual natural friends of the ascendant lord. This rule is applicable to all the ascendant signs/ lords and across all the houses axes but with one notable exception. The Venus Mars pair are both neutral towards each other. This dynamics is clearly reflected in the people with Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio ascendents ruled by Venus/ Mars. Both Venus and Mars tolerate each other and neither sabotages the other’s significations. If you have such charts in your collection, then note the interaction these people have with their spouses, business partners etc, the 7th house things. These four ascendants have the most balanced relationships with their mirrors, significant halves, shadows, ‘fill in the blanks’. And as per the Bhavat bhavam concept, if the 7th house is secure then the entire personality as a whole remains balanced.

These four ascendants of Mars and Venus are special in another way. Their kona ie 5th and 9th house owners are mutually natural friends and also friends with the ascendant lords. This is a great advantage – the creative intelligence, life foundations and the personality are in a positive feedback loop. This is applicable for the Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants too. These seven ascendant signs potentially have a powerful Dharma trikon which can propel them onwards on a fast track to a fulfilling life.

In your chart, check if the 5th or the 9th lord considers the ascendant lord as an enemy or vice versa. In this case you will have to take extra efforts in these critical aspects of life. 

For the four ascendants ruled by Mercury and Jupiter, there is a typical situation. Jupiter sees Mercury as an enemy. Mercury considers Jupiter as a neutral. So in the chart, the four kendra houses suffer because of this tension between the two. The kendra, 1 4 7 10 houses are the pillars of the chart, responsible for the material support that the personality gets in life. If you observe your sample charts/people of these ascendants you will see that they have several issues simmering below the surface. Their personality/ environment, family life, profession, relationship with father/boss, money flow, relationship with the spouse etc reflects this discomfort between the 4 kendra house lords.


When you analyse your own chart, note the following ‘enemies’. 

  1. For those houses whose owner considers your ascendant lord to be an enemy, but your ascendant lord considers to be a friend – You will have to tone down your expectations from these houses. Pay attention to the small things which start going wrong, the red flags. Do not ignore early warning signs and take corrective action immediately to avoid major damage.
  2. For those houses whose owner considers your ascendant lord to be an enemy, but your ascendant lord considers to be neutral. Here you will tend to ignore the house and its issues. So try to pay attention, get involved even if you do not want to and resolve the issues of these houses in time, before they become unmanageable.

You can similarly find out the houses which are supportive to your personality, ie the houses owned by planets who consider your ascendant lord as a friend. You should change your attitude towards these facets of your life depending on whether your ascendant lord feels friendly, inimical or neutral towards these.

Analysing your horoscope in this way will add to your understanding of the dark and bright halves concept (here and here). Do note how the thread of karma weaves through the houses from the perspective of the ascendant.

If the house in the dark half is supportive to the personality then the house opposite to it in the bright half is not and vice versa. So you are more comfortable or really happy only in one of these two houses opposite each other, never equally comfortable in both. You can either turn inwards or outwards, never both at the same time.

(Use astrology to decipher your own personality, it is a more fulfilling way of applying Jyotish. If you can consciously channelise your personality and use your environment, you will be more successful in life.)