Rahu Ketu and existential sorrow..

Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the Moon are very powerful forces in your chart. These two are life, the experience of living. These astral planets are linked to the karma you have to balance so that you can transcend creation. Forces generated by this axis, affect you at your deepest core. If you go with their flow and allow them to transform you, you will with time gain your own Self. These are not very prominent in souls who have just started their evolution in the human form. For those souls who are nearing their goal in the soul’s evolution their role is crucial. (I assume that my readers are either students of Jyotish or spiritual aspirants, given the content of my blog!)

Suppose you are put in jail and given good food, nice rooms and other comforts etc, will you be happy? You might feel good about the comforts for some time, you might watch the TV provided, play some games etc to distract your mind/ soul. But deep down you know you are in jail, you cannot go out. The very act of being in jail is enough to make you internally unhappy. This is Rahu-Ketu, they are the jail. The comforts etc provided in the jail are the 5 tara-graha connected to the 5 lower chakras. The Sun and the Moon are the tiny twinges which you feel from time to time which make you desire freedom from this jail. Rahu affects the material, Ketu the spiritual. They churn the very soul. Thus Rahu and Ketu are the existential sorrow caused by the very act of your individual soul being bound inside this jail called creation.

Rahu and Ketu represent the karmic forces created by your own actions from your past incarnations. And you cannot escape them. They are always 180deg away, one below the horizon and one above the horizon. One Node below the horizon will represent the past ‘fruits’ which you have no option but to enjoy/endure. This is the sub-conscious side, the choice made by your higher self at birth. The other node above the horizon, this indicates the scope of conscious choice, the actions that you can perform and the options that you will have in this respect.


Rahu/Ketu are said to be more powerful than the luminaries, Sun/Moon as they have the power to obscure them from time to time. They are the Kings of Karma. Results linked to Rahu/Ketu cannot be predicted with accuracy. The material results can obviously be predicted to some extent. But their real effect is on the astral and causal body, the mind and soul levels. This effect is very intense and cannot be predicted unless you are able to read the Sudarshan chakra chart. They indicate how you convert your life experiences into your mind/soul learning. This is actually a part of the soul’s evolution.

Eg. You marry well, a nice spouse, good children etc and your material life changes for the better after marriage. This is under the influence of the 5 Tara graha. But how does this experience affect your mind/ soul is your soul evolution. This impression is what you carry on with you in your next lives not the material life part. If Rahu is connected in any way to your 5th/ 7th houses, he will cause disenchantment with child/spouse. Depending on his power this may be more intense or less. Eg a single powerful Rahu will de-link your mind/soul more sharply and give more intense sorrow from these things on the subjective level.


Some authors say that Rahu is like Saturn and Ketu is like Mars. But do not take this literally! The nature of Rahu and Ketu is always subjective never objective.

Saturn is discipline, working out your karma systematically, restrictions, fear etc. eg If in the 5th house, Saturn can cause issues with your children. You know the specific reason for your unhappiness and you endure it as a continuous unhappiness. It is rather objective. But if Rahu is in the 5th house, the experience is very different. He will grant disillusionment with all the things connected with the 5th house on it is on the subjective level, ie he hits on the astral, psychic, soul level. First he will make you try and try for all the stuff related to the 5th house. Each time it will seem like you are going to succeed, you can taste the victory but at the very last minute it slips out of your hand. Or you over-reach and fall flat. Or you get the thing but it feels hollow. He shatters the material hopes very thoroughly. He will cause this high-low, hope-disappointment cycle again and again, grinding into your soul that this is ultimately an illusion. The deepest lesson taught very minutely. Both Saturn and Rahu ultimately will detach you from the material but they way they work is very different. Rahu, just like Ketu, operates under authority of the highest Eternal. Rahu will cause eventual dissatisfaction with the material things, shatter the illusion. Ketu will cause eventual dissatisfaction with your spiritual things! If anything shatters it gives pain, but once you look up beyond this shattered barrier, because these things were a barrier, you see your Own Self.

Mars is an explosion of raw energy, challenging, pioneering, likes explorations, is very active. Ketu also does the same thing but on the mental and soul levels. Ketu has a rare incisive intelligence which can cut through the bindings on the mind/ soul. Unafraid, actually emotionless, he uses his intelligence to rip open all illusions. This is the most cryptic and difficult to understand thing about Ketu. Your spiritual concepts, philosophy, practice, mantra etc are your life-line to the spiritual realm. Ketu will cause systematic detachment from these. (You might wonder at this statement, it sounds so crazy.) Ultimately to realise your real self, you have to leave your material desires and also your spiritual desires. ‘Spiritual desires’ again sounds like a paradox, but people feed their ego with their spiritual activity, eg you can get proud that you did some complicated puja, or learnt some cryptic ritual, or learnt by rote so many stotras or did so much pilgrimage, bought a rare 1 mukhi-rudraksh etc. These things very subtly bind you to the illusion of creation. You ‘practice’ spirituality, it is something you do for some time every day. Ketu cuts this ego created by outer spiritual practice. He forces you to search for the core, the easiest, most natural spontaneous continuous state. From ‘regular spiritual practice’ you move towards ‘continuous awareness of self’. For this to happen an apocalyptic breakdown occurs sometime in life, a sense of sheer helplessness is induced, you feel small, humiliated, you are knead to dust. Ketu thoroughly annihilates the sense of individual self-ego with his incisive sharp intelligence. After this life changing event shatters all the limits on the thinking process, the mind and the soul both are set free. He forces you to think, to contemplate, the mind is forced to enlighten itself, the soul is made to realise itself.

This existential sorrow is more intensely felt for those who have chosen to test themselves with combinations connected to Rahu/ Ketu. The Kaal-sarpa, the partial Kaal-sarpa, the Guru-chandal, or a single powerful Rahu or a single powerful Ketu in pivotal houses. If you have such powerful Rahu/ Ketu know that this life is an exam-time for you. Eg. In school there are 15days of exams in a year. For these 15days, you don’t watch TV, don’t go out with friends, you sit at home, stay up late, revise your syllabus, focus, ketugive your exams. If you are firm with yourself for these 15days, you do well in your exams, you get promoted to the next grade. The prize is worth those 15days of hard work and tests. For you similarly, this life is an exam, you have chosen it yourself. You have been preparing for so many lives now. In this life you are ready, the syllabus is all revised, now you need give your exam. Rahu and Ketu is an axis, they work together. They enforce the eternal law of Karma. To make sense of the most hard hitting life experiences which you will go through, analyse your Rahu/Ketu. Once you do this, you will come to terms with what you have chosen at birth. Because even if the tests are rather typical, the prize is well worth it.


The sorrow created by Rahu/Ketu makes one ultimately desire for Realization. The depth of emotion is so weird, so subtle, so elusive, so radical and so beyond all other remedial measures. The mind/ soul gets so disillusioned with all these material stuff and their deep impacts that it finally accepts that the only way out of its jail is self-realization.

There will be periods of periodic despair triggered by the transits/dashas. So you must find some real solid support for your mind/ soul, ie reading philosophy eg Bhagvat Gita, or Gayatri mantra jaap, or practicing Dhyan using Soham etc. These typical periods are very critical as the mind can choose to take up short term fixes like addictions, or you might take emotionally charged inappropriate decisions which will cause life-time repercussions. You might realise later that your action was ill-considered, against logic, against common sense but by then it might be too late. You will fail your life-test, thus wasting all the preparation you had done for so many lives. And you will be required to repeat the same thing, re-take the same test again a few lives later. If you have Rahu/ Ketu in power but the rest of the horoscope is unable to support their power or if you consciously choose the wrong direction in a fit of temporary passion, the effects are often dismal and can carry over life-times. Also there can be psychological or mental imbalances or addictions or immoral and perverse behaviour triggered by this.

Anything to do with Rahu/ Ketu forces you to find the strength within your own self. Go through the experience, endure and grow. It is like being initiated into the highest mystery. You are in confusion for some time, your past experiences are meaningless now, the new knowledge before you requires some time before it can be assimilated. For this small period you are vulnerable. Persevere. It is like an eclipse on the soul. During this eclipse period you have to be very careful. As soon as the eclipse opens up you are New.

The Rahu mahadasha and the Ketu mahadasha can be quite happening. Keep track of Rahu/ Ketu’s transits and the patterns that they will make with the slowest ones Saturn and Jupiter. These periods will be fairly long as Rahu/Ketu transit a sign in 1.5yrs, Jupiter in 1yr and Saturn in 2.5yrs. The faster planets will also naturally interact with them in transit, but their results will be for lesser lengths of time, ie a few month or lesser. However the intensity of the effect can vary as slower planets give rather subdued results spread over a longer time. And faster planets give intense results concentrated over a short period of time.



Exorcisms and releasing spirits

I got this question, someone was being asked to remove spirits trapped in a plot of land. And a spirit was asking this of him.

Land or homes can be affected by negative energy. It is quite common. This negative energy can be actual spirits, a shadow ‘chhaya’, or just generic ill-wishing. I have written about this in my posts on hauntings, how to remove the spirits etc. If you believe your personal house or land is haunted by negative spirits then you should get rid of them. You can do it yourself or get a professional to do it as per your wish. But if you are being asked by another spirit to go to a plot of land and clean it out of the negative bindings and to release the other trapped spirits there, you must think first on what you really want to do. Does your higher self agree with what this spirit is asking? If so, and you are confident about your capabilities then go ahead but with adequate precautions. If not then stay away.

This ‘cleaning up the land thingie’, has happened to me several times. The most recent was this, I was to go to Moscow and I was specifically told to carry a small bottle of Ganga-jal with me. Water from the river Ganga has the highest pran/ vital energy on this planet. Then I was told to sprinkle some of this water on one specific place there, this place was shown to me in a vision and also described in words. I was to put some of it into the Moskva river because apparently it meets the Volga river later. I did ask before doing all this, why? and why me?. The answer was that I would be completing a significant chunk of my own karmic work by doing so and some very specific reasons were also given. It was a very clear-cut direction. So I did all of this and it worked well, I saw the energy of the land and the waters changing before my eyes in a blast of explosive gold-silver glitter. I had several dreams about some people and past lives in ancient Russia. Overall a very satisfactory experience.

Then there was another episode, very long ago, when I set free a very large number of spirits trapped somewhere. (The how and the whys of this incident would be too much for this blog). The next day my brother called up, scolding me. All the spirits I had released, had latched on to me and were absorbing my energy, so many tiny hooks embedded in my aura. So if you intend to release spirits trapped somewhere, remember that they will be down on energy and after you release them they will want to possibly drink up some of your own clean, pure, positive energy. All spirits are not benign, some are actively bad and will take a chance for free energy and attack. So shield yourself carefully. Create multiple layers of energy around yourself and protect yourself from the psychic attacks which will come. After you finish your work, cleanse your own energy adequately. Boost your own energy. I have written posts on these topics too earlier, do re-read them before attempting this task.

Exorcisms and releasing spirits

And finally decide for yourself if these spirits really need to be released? And are you supposed to release them yourself? In that same Moscow tour, I saw some more spirits who wanted me to release their bindings, but their time was not done yet. They were souls of people who had committed grave crimes against their own people and were going through their due karmic rebalance in spirit form while tied in that place. It was their karma to continue for some more time like that and it was not my karma to free them. So I did not do anything despite having that small Ganga-jal bottle with me.

Cleaning a plot of land can be as simple as putting Ganga-jal on it or putting some curd/rice in it or lighting an incense stick or reciting a mantra on it. But do it only if you are really have to. If your conscience agrees that it is your karma.

And entities attach to us through the weak chinks in our aura. These cracks are most commonly seen around body parts linked to the ascendant sign, the moon sign and the sign occupied by Ketu in your birth chart. So when you seal your aura or make your shields pay more attention to your these areas. eg If Pisces Moon – around the feet. Or if Libra -Ketu then around the back the aura will be weak etc.

There are a few people who can see the astral and other realms more easily and this is because they have to work there. Or they face dangers from these places and their denizens. So this additional ability has been given to them. It is not wonderful or charismatic. It can be tiring at times and sometimes outrightly dangerous. So if you are required by karma to work in these other places, do your spiritual practices, increase your own energy and always shield, first protect yourself.


Sun and the Sudarshan chakra chart

I got a feedback that I write very little on the Sun. But to really analyse the Sun in the chart the way he should be would be very typical. He is the highest divine, the most powerful planet in the chart, the individual soul and your link to the Eternal. The Sun is a channel from the Eternal to the physical via the astral/ psychic. He is the biggest spiritualising agent, his only job is to take you to your destiny, to take you to your deepest desire. And very frankly every soul’s deepest desire is to know itself. Analysing the Sun means to talk about the esoteric and the philosophic also which does not appeal to the average client. (Imagine if someone comes me to ask for her marriage prospects and I tell her that her soul purpose in this life is not physical marriage but the inner spiritual? She would laugh at me and go out. Maybe she will remember what I had said a decade later, as the marriage would have flopped by then and her mind would be sad. But then the spiritual opportunity would be gone.)

So in Jyotish we use several types of charts. This one is called the Sudarshan chakra. It is used to see the combined influence of the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant on the personality as a consolidated whole. This is the Sudarshan chakra is for our sample horoscope, Aleister Crowley the famous occultist, birth details, 12th Oct 1875, 11:43 pm Leamington UK. (He is dead, I don’t like using living persons charts as samples)

sudarshan chakra

This like seeing how your three bodies, causal – Sun, subtle – Moon and the solid – Ascendant intermingle and produce a unified personality. Doing this for clients is a waste of time, they are not going to appreciate the subtleties of Jyotish, but you should attempt this for your own birth details if you are so inclined.Or if you are interested in your spiritual growth. Or if your client has a life/ death problem and you need more data to work on. Most softwares will draw out this chart for you and there are online free calculators.

The singular importance of this Sudarshan chakra is to examine how the power of the Sun percolates through the Moon and then is evident in the physical body. The outermost space, the paper on which you have drawn your chakra is the Eternal.  The Sun first picks up a ‘ray’ from the Eternal. This ‘ray’ is described in the outermost circle of your Sudarshan chakra, this is the soul section. This is the same alignment of your planets as your birth chart, but the house/ sign occupied by the Sun is placed as the 1st house. Then the middle segment, the mind section contains your birth Moon chart. The birth Moon sign is considered as the 1st house in this section. The Sun-circle first draws in the energy from the Eternal. The Moon-circle is the bridge, the mental-psychic, the reflecting surface, this filters the Sun-energy downwards into the gross. The innermost circle is your body and material environment section. This section contains your birth chart with the rising degree/ ascendant as the first house, the regular birth chart.

Now when you analyse this chart, you will be analysing your integrated personality frmo the soul to the mind to the physical body/environment.

If the physical body section has some problem, look into the mind section if the problem has roots in the mind also or is it a superficial issue of the gross body only. If the problem is seen in the mind-section too then check if it exists at the soul-levels too. Depending on the depth of the problem you will have to prescribe the solution. Eg if the client does not have children or has one specially-abled child and wants to check before trying for another. Then his 5th house at the body-level will naturally show the problem. But then check how deep is the imbalance. If this imbalance is also at the mind-level but the soul-level energy is ok then he will have to do some pujas and energy remedies. These will help him on the emotional levels and astral-subtle body levels. These will set right the issue at the reflecting filter level. But if the problem has roots in the soul level also then it will very difficult to resolve. And he will also be suffering a soul-level anguish because of this. So counsel him as best as you can and if his 9th house is in a better position advise him to adopt a child instead. If both the soul and mind level energies are favourable, and only the physical level shows an imbalance then the physical remedies of going to a specialist doctor etc will work.

For a well-balanced personality, these three circles should work together. Else there is physical stress and psychological pain or anguish to the soul itself. Reading the Sudarshan chakra chart comes only with practice and observing your life-time sample charts.


Now use your own birth details. Start with one house at a time, don’t overwhelm yourself, it is a life-time study which evolves as you learn and experience more. Take an hour for every house to begin with.

Let’s see how Crowley was on the soul, mind, body levels and if it was an integrated personality! In our example to begin with, the 1st house.

  • The Sun-segment has Virgo sign, Ketu, Sun
  • The Moon-segment has Pisces sign, Moon, Rahu
  • The physical-segment has Cancer sign as ascendant, no planets here.
  • You are observing how the impulse from the Eternal is converted to the gross. The impulse is always auspicious, beneficial and promotes spiritual growth. This impulse is first modulated by the Sun, so you will have to read all about Virgo sign, Ketu in Virgo, Sun in Virgo, Sun in ascendant, Ketu in ascendant and Virgo in ascendant, Sun-Ketu conjunction etc all possible attributes. Everything that this house/ sign/ planets can tell us. This tells us how Crowley was on the soul level.
  • Next this impulse is filtered by the Mind-segment. Here you will read up on Moon in ascendant, Rahu in ascendant, Moon-Rahu conjunction, Rahu in Pisces and Moon in Pisces, Pisces as ascendant etc everything. Try to understand how this segment will work on the energy you have analysed at the soul level. How will it modify it? This is a subjective analysis. (Eg. Virgo is earthy, Pisces a watery sign, both dual natured, both mirrors of each other, now one is reflecting the other’s energy, how will it work?) Here we will know more about his Mind, perceptions, the intelligence, the mental processes, his feelings, etc
  • Now this Mind-energy will be solidified into the innermost body-segment. This is Cancer ascendant, so read all about this sign and how it behaves as the rising location. Everything that you can analyse will be used in the final subjective integration. Think about how this will anchor the Mind-energy we have analysed above. (Cancer is a watery, moveable sign ruled by Moon and so on). Here we will know about the physical body as a reflection of the Sun energy via the Moon filter. We can make a judgement on how these energies work together blending through layers.
  • From this first house analysis we can come to a conclusion that Crowley’s energies from the Soul to Mind to the Body flowed without too much disturbance. He was very clear about his Soul’s objectives but in a detached manner, highly intelligent, incisively intelligent, was aware of karma and its repercussions, able to act, bold and knew how to reach the highest awareness. The duality or mirror energies of the soul/mind were actually a fill-in-the-blanks. There were contradictions between the soul energy and the mind energy, but they later worked in tandem. His physical and mental make up was in accord, not much conflict. So the energy from the soul downwards and the energy of action from the physical body upwards all made a harmonious blend which must have improved with age. He must have achieved a very high level of spiritual growth in that life. This analysis is a starting point, as even more information can be pulled in using these 3 layered first house of the Sudarshan chakra.

This much would be just for one house, there are a total of 12 houses. This analysis gives very important hints into your personality. So give yourself time. Don’t rush it. This is self-discovery, it can be delightful, savour every bit of it. It is easier for the advanced students, as you will need to know the attributes of the signs and the planets and be able to subjectively analyse how they all interact with each other on the same levels and also how they blend with the levels below/ above them.


Sometimes I wonder at all my days studying Jyotish, maths and analysis. I love seeing the energies mingle in the charts, the charts are alive. Observing human nature through the horoscopes. All the secrets of the person sitting before you, his physical body/ environment, mind and soul. Seeing how his past was and how his future will be. Later I realised that observing others dispassionately has helped me so much. Observing people, their souls, minds, bodies at the mercy of the planetary movements, all chosen by themselves at birth. We choose our own horoscope ourself and then blame it. We shut down some options in this life ourselves and now are so desperate to try those very options. We wanted an experience so deeply that we chose it exclusively and now we are scared to reach for it. The human mind is so full of contradictions, so chaotic, yet so very beautiful. And the soul is the ultimate cypher. Understanding oneself, observing oneself, can be so absorbing, Jyotish is linked to the Ved, it is a path for self-illumination, may we all make the most of it.

The sure-shot solution for prosperity

I am getting several messages for readings. I have finished my karmic quota so will not do them anymore. If I were still doing readings, I wouldn’t have started writing this blog! I simply wouldn’t have the time to write. But if there is something which can help understand your horoscope better, I will write on it, in the spirit of explaining the thing.

But for those who have genuine problems the one perfect remedy for all your problems is Shri-Sukta. It is from the Rg- Ved. We think we are unique, but we are all the same, we all have very limited types of problems, health, wealth, relationships, litigations, profession, children, education. All these can be covered easily by this one all-round remedy. You have to do this yourself with the intention and the genuine desire to come out of the problem. Self-pity and expecting that someone else will pull you out of your problem never works. But luckily for us our ancient Rishis have given us so many tools from Jyotish to the Sukta.

This is the link to the perfect text of the Shri-Sukta, the verses/ shlok from 1 to 15 are the Shri Sukta. Verse 16 is the phala-shruti, ie it tells you what you will get if you recite this Sukta. (The remaining verses are Laxmi Sukta, that is a different sukta.) For those who can read and pronounce Sanskrit words, recite it. Will take 2 mins of your time. But most of us cannot read our own mother tongue, the Devbhasha Samskrutam, so here is the Shri sukta recited perfectly by the singer Uma Mohan. (Do buy this same track, here the pronunciation is perfect, there are no mistakes). She follows the Shri Sukta with the Mahalaxmi Gayatri. Very beautiful. You can listen to this if you cannot read. Will take 4 mins of your time.

When to recite or listen to it? Twice a day is ideal, once after you have your bath in the morning and once at evening twilight. If you feel like it you can listen to it on a loop throughout the day, it is an energy boost. Some of my businessmen clients play it on a loop in their shops as it is in itself Prosperity, Shri श्री.

Here you are invoking the power of the highest form of Prosperity श्री to come to you in every way possible. You are requesting Shri to enter your body, mind and soul. It is a very intense and deep intention and always works for your benefit. Highly auspicious in every way possible. ‘Shri’ means the goddess of wealth, Devi Laxmi, the active energy of the Satva-Gun, wealth, beauty, radiance, splendour, welfare, power, grace, shine, success, fortune, process, symbol, might, dignity, etc. All the meanings are extremely positive on all levels.

Shri- Sukta will work for all your problems, try it for 21days with full intention and see for yourself.

To activate the Navavarna mantra

Next, if you have typical problems, ie if you know what your exact problem is and what you want. Then you can recite one verse from the Ashta-Laxmi stotra to add specific direction to your Shri-sukta rendition. There are 8 verses in the Ashta-Laxmi stotra, one for each of the following aspects of Devi Laxmi. The Shri-Sukta works well on its own and quite powerfully too, this one verse would be an additional thing if you want to do it. Or you can listen to the entire Stotra. Here is a recitation by the singer Gayatri. She has sung it beautifully, you can listen to the entire stotra on the way to your office if you feel like it, rather than movie songs which have no energy.

  • 1st verse is for Aadi Laxmi – for spiritual progress and moksh
  • 2nd verse is for Dhanya Laxmi – for health, removal of poverty, for getting house/properties, medical emergencies
  • 3rd verse is for Dhairya Laxmi – for courage for facing a particular situation, intelligence, calmness eg before an interview, that flash of inspiration when you are stuck in work, issues in profession,
  • 4th verse is for Gaja Laxmi – this gives sheer power, physical/ emotional/ mental
  • 5th verse is for Santaan Laxmi – for children, for help during conception, pregnancy, delivery and for anything to do with children
  • 6th verse is for Vijay Laxmi – all round successes, eg during litigations, court cases, disputes
  • 7th verse is for Vidya Laxmi – for successes in exams or in learning technical subjects, when you start learning a new topic, to make what you learn work for you
  • 8th verse is for Dhan Laxmi – for money and material assets, prosperity in marriage

This will work for everyone irrespective of anything. The Sukta and the Stotra are both in Sanskrit so have inherent power, they are essentially mantra. These will not cause harm in any way to anyone. But they will not give you what is not yours, ie cannot be used to cheat others or to steal what is rightfully other’s stuff. Do it only if you are convinced of your right and positive intention.

If you want to, in addition, you can keep a small silver moorti of Devi Laxmi in your puja. Or an image. Or if you are more into geometry, an image of the Shri Chakra. At least keep such images as your phone’s wallpaper, rather than something random. It is perfect prosperity. This will help channelise the energies faster into your own self into your own life, rebalancing it.


Tripur, Tripurari, Tripursundari

Evolution of the Soul and the horoscope

These days anyone who wants to get into the divinatory professions calls himself an ‘old soul’. Btw, all our souls are the exact same age, we were all created at the instant this Universe was created. Some of these souls, at the moment of creation, vibrated with a higher intensity and some at a lower level. Starting point of every soul’s energy and consciousness was different. Thus some were born as humans and some as stones. Some souls have had to wait for eons before they could be born as stones! And some human souls were so evolved that they were well on the path of spiritual realisation while we were still living it out as plants!

When you see very many horoscopes, you start seeing patterns of ‘soul evolution’. The maturity of the soul is always reflected in the horoscope. Here is how you evolve in the astrological way.

If you get a plain and simple horoscope, with no outstanding feature, this would be a person who has just started on his human development. The horoscope is not bad but not exceptional either. A routine life. People who live a generic neutral and not a very happening life. The life events are not very intense and neither are the emotions. No shock therapy here. It’s like going to a fun-fair and not being sure which ride to try out, so you walk around seeing everything first. Here the person is trying out options, gingerly testing the waters. Learning and then developing himself. There are opportunities available to him, the planets in the bright half may be stronger giving him more options and more freedom to choose his path. The planets in the dark half would be more supportive in nature. Whatever he chooses will have its impact on his future lives. He is creating karma for himself. He has just started playing the Game consciously as a human. If you counsel him, do not talk about spiritual stuff, he will go blank. He is interested in the material stuff now, he wants to explore Creation in this phase.

The next type of horoscope would be where just one planetary force has more power than the rest. Now this person has chosen a path. One aspect of Creation has appealed to him and he is trying it out. This planet is the major force in his life. He is going to experience stuff related to this planet for this life. He might now get extreme experiences, happiness or shocks, from this planet’s keywords. The rest of the horoscope is still plain and easy, not much happening elsewhere.

Then you will get horoscopes where there will be a mix of planets, some powerful, some without power. Some giving benefits, some giving inauspicious results. This would be the experimental phase in the soul evolution. The person has experimented with single planets and their fruits in the previous step. Now he is being bolder. The person is obviously resolving karma as he does this. But is trying out different energies, different high/ lows in a ‘mix and match’ manner. Seeing what works best for him. There will be some minor but distinct patterns emerging in the chart now if you observe it carefully.

Till now the planets being ‘activated’ would be the Tara-graha, the 5, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, these are linked to the lower 5 chakras. They are in-charge of the tangible manifestation process itself. Till now the client would be interested only in knowing when he will get a job, not the karmic reasoning or the energy dynamics behind it. The life would be quite materialistic, food, shelter, basic enjoyments, rest etc. The higher faculties would not be accessible during this phase.

Evolution of the Soul and the horoscope

Then there will be some charts where there are distinct patterns, some exalted planets in the horoscope, not in their full power but definitely there. There is power but the Will to use it has not evolved yet. But now the Moon will also get involved in these patterns in some way. If you see the Moon in some crucial house or being influenced by heavy planetary influences then this chart is different. Now the person has reached a stage where he wants to involve the higher spiritualising energies in his inner evolution. The Moon is linked to the Ajnya chakra. He will start reflecting the power from the individual soul into the chart. This is an important event in evolution as now the person starts to realise that he is not just the tangible person but something very different. The lower consciousness now realises that it is more, dimly, but yes that first hint is here. The Mind is being ‘activated’.

In the next stages of evolution, the Mind is to be trained and the Moon will do it. The Moon will first work to pull the Mind more towards the higher self by reflecting to him the qualities of the individual soul. And he will cause a slow separation of the Mind from materialistic tendencies. The Mind will be trained by every way possible to remove the materialistic desires. It will be forced or enticed to dive deep into itself and search for its own deepest desire. You will see planetary combinations, Yog, involving the Moon in such horoscopes which cause powerful effects in the chart. There are several yog linked to the Moon, you will see at least 2-3 powerful yog-s in such charts. (Sunapha, Anapha, Adhi, Gaja-kesari, Dhurudhara, etc). Even if you do not know the names of these yog, the power of the Moon and the interconnected patterns he makes in the chart will be quite evident. Most important is an association of the Moon with Jupiter eg conjunction/ aspect/ Gajakesari, it does not let the Mind fall from the position it has attained, it strengthens it so as to better sustain the onslaught of the material desires. You might find Mind’s fickleness controlled by Saturn by his influence on the Moon. And conversely the Shakata yog too. ‘Negative’ Moon yogs are as important as the ‘positive’ yogs. They teach the Mind about the transient. These give him pain first and then the deepest disillusionment which detaches the Mind from the material world.

If you get such clients then they require different counselling. They will want to know when they will have their baby, but also why they were denied a child till now. And if you give an energy related remedy they will do it with some level of understanding.

Evolution of the Soul and the horoscope

Next Rahu and Ketu will come in focus, they are the actual Kings of Karma, the reason for separation from the Eternal and the reason why we all will again regain the Non-Dual. Important yog-s involving Rahu/ Ketu, Guru-chandal yog or Kaal-sarpa can be seen now. Or if there is a single powerful Rahu or Ketu in pivotal houses. These ‘negative’ yog test the soul, the soul has requested these tests and it is tested in full. And if it passes, it gets the prize of increased awareness. These yog-s will not be present in the very ordinary charts. Karma, its reason, its existence, its negation etc will be taught to the soul in the deepest way. Every force in your chart will try to destroy the materialistic tendencies and pull the soul towards the spiritual. And the Mind’s materialistic tendencies will fight them, there will be deep unrest within. This turmoil will ultimately resolve all the doubts of the Mind, and make it constant and steady. Unless Rahu/ Ketu give their blessings the soul cannot progress. (I know someone who was doing intense Sadhana of Rahu/ Ketu. When he finished, they appeared before him, joined together as One Singular being and blessed him. An extraordinary event.)

Another important indicator of the soul’s evolution is the power of the ascendant lord. (Cancer ascendant and Leo ascendant people have a short cut here) In highly evolved charts, the ascendant lord will always show typical patterns, eg exalted, combust, vargottam, conjunct Sun/ Moon/ Rahu/ Ketu, in some astrological yog or conjunct a powerful Jupiter-Venus combination etc.

Finally at the very climax of the evolutionary process, the Sun takes the field. He is the light of the individual soul, the most powerful force of the chart. The very light of the divine. He will push the evolutionary process by illuminating the path from the individual soul to the Eternal. A powerful Sun is a pre-requisite for the soul’s evolution. The deciding factor. You will find yogs connected to the Sun in such horoscopes (vesi, vasi, ubhayachari, budh-aditya etc). The patterns which feed this Sun energy will be very clear in the horoscope.

These two luminaries and the two astral forces now take a firm hold on the lower 5 Tara-graha and their energies. And in the appropriate dasha/ transit combination propel the soul into the waiting arms of the Highest Consciousness, the Nirvishesh Brahma itself.

Now the individual soul has stopped existing, ie it has gone beyond the very concept of existence/ non-existence. What Is, Is the Nirvishesh Brahma. After this Self-realization, if the Singular Soul is required to, it in its infinite mercy and kindness, can become a Sat-guru to guide others towards Itself.

This is how the Soul evolves from a very ordinary plain human life to an extraordinary Realisation of its Self and how it can be sensed through Jyotish.



(Someone close to me has a truly unique chart. Shakata Yog, a partial Kaal-sarpa with Moon outside the axis, Guru-chandal yog, vargottam ascendant sign, vargottam ascendant lord, vargottam Venus, vargottam Jupiter, dark half of the chart dominant, Venus-Jupiter mutually aspecting on the exact degree, Rahu/Ketu in 5/11 axis, Moon aspected by Saturn and more typical combinations all at once. This person is definitely going to remain my life-long study subject!) 

The energy of the Kaal Sarpa

I have written two posts on the Kaal-sarpa combination, one on the classic Kaal sarpa and one on the ‘almost’ Kaal sarpa. Do read them. They will help understand the concept and the mindset of people who have this combination. Also if you have this combination then you might get some tips on how to manage this energy in your life.

Sometimes the planets get arranged in such a way that all 7 planets are on one side of the Rahu-Ketu axis. This is possible when Saturn and Jupiter (the slowest planets) are on the same side of the axis. In the present year, this is possible from 25th Feb – 21st Jun, as all the planets will be on one side of the Rahu/ Ketu axis. But the Moon moves fast so will pop in and out of this axis every fortnight, breaking the Kaal-sarpa. Moon will move in and out of the Rahu/ Ketu grip every 15days.

So one tip, for babies being born during this period and if you have an option, try avoid birth between these following dates. Babies born between these following dates will have the Kaal-sarpa in their birth horoscopes, all planets on one side of the axis. And babies born in the other 15day gap period will have the ‘almost’ Kaal-sarpa combination as only Moon will be outside the axis.

  • 25th Feb – 5th Mar 2020
  • 17th – 31st Mar 2020
  • 13th – 27th Apr 2020
  • 10th – 24th May 2020
  • 07th – 21st Jun 2020

The energy of the Kaal Sarpa

Rahu Ketu are astral forces, chhaya-graha, I have written several posts on these forces, they fascinate me. They are Life, the reason for Life, the act of Living. They are duality interlinked with singularity. They create and destroy. These two are the reason you and I are alive as separate souls and only they will be the reason you and I will attain the Non-Dual Advaita. They are one Intelligence divided into two. They are 180deg apart from each other and operate in the dark and light halves of the chart both (post here). One is always in the subconscious half and the other in the conscious half always and so together unify the personality as a whole. (Do read some of my previous posts on these Kings of Karma.) 

Kaal sarpa is when the seven planets are hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu ie all are one one side of this axis. It is an imbalance but with a difference. If you have this in his birth chart then you are focussed only one aspect of life, something like a single-target missile. You are a special purpose vehicle meant to do one particular job with all your crushing force and focus. You have several talents but their use is denied to you. Only one of these abilities is given to you in all its intensity. Only one aspect of your personality is in your focus. All those other talents, capabilities, options to act and options to react are all in temporary suspension. You have them but are not aware of their availability. You have chosen to experience only one thing with all intensity possible.

The Conscious Intelligence of the Karmic agents (Sarpa) and Time (Kaal) itself have taken you in their hands. The hidden Karmic forces which are in the fabric of Time are now going to exert their full influence on you. You cannot escape its energy, you are required to experience it.

What this one thing or this one ability is will be determined by the position of Rahu. Your Rahu will use all the energy of the remaining 7 planets to achieve this one singular goal. It is a mysterious combination. It does not make a person unlucky, evil, criminal, ill, unfortunate or anything like that. It simply means that the entire energy of the horoscope is directed to those things which Rahu indicates in that horoscope. And the things represented by Ketu will be his innate learnings, the wisdom, the deepest knowledge, the incisive intelligence from his past lives which he will make full use of now.

Open your chart, note the houses/ signs occupied by Rahu and Ketu. Analyse these in depth. Rahu will give you your only life-time objective and Ketu will give your singular deepest learning. Then note which houses/ signs are occupied by the other planets, find out what kind of energies they generate. The energies of these planets will be consumed by the Rahu-Ketu axis to drive you towards that objective.

Check if you have 2-3 planets well placed and capable of giving auspicious results ie exalted, in own sign, or gaining power in the Navamsha or very powerful in the Shad-bala calculations or in the Ashtakvarga tables etc. Or if the owners of the 1st 4th 5th 7th 9th 10th houses are powerful. Then the more negative effects of the Kaal Sarpa are reduced. You will still be required to focus on that single objective but the rest of the life’s aspects will also remain in good shape.

This objective will be completed in one burst during the trigger dasha/transit periods. Till then these people might seem a bit strange to others, they are driven by a nameless objective, a one-sided personality, intense, maybe a bit sad, sometimes unbalanced, walking on the edge of a precipice types. One typical effect that you yourself sense is disappointment in life. You see that you are being denied some things and this is a regular feature of your life. And you can be denied the simplest things which we all take for granted, which can make it worse. But if you understand that your life energy is different and actively work with it, you will be more adjusted with your reality. You are very different internally. And this adjustment does happen very easily for you. You know at your internal levels what you are. Once someone points this out to you, maybe a good astrologer or a Tarot reader, you will be more confident about yourself. The focus objective that you have chosen is always well worth it! (A person who does not have this combination cannot understand you, your intensity, focus and behaviour. You have taken on a burden, consciously chosen it at the moment of your birth, for the greater good!)

The energy of the Kaal Sarpa

There are several eminent personalities who have this combination. The best example of a Kaal sarpa yog is Sardar Vallabh-bhai Patel, the genius statesman who should be really called the ‘Father of the India we live in today’. He maintained the integrity of the newborn nation, saving India forever. A very interesting case study, his exact birth time is unknown but the kaal-sarpa exists (his Moon chart is also quite powerful). Other personalities being Margaret Thatcher and Abraham Lincoln. Though their exact birth times are not available, Kaal-sarpa exists in their charts. These all had one-sided personalities. Very powerful in one single way, brought long lasting changes for a large section of people. Other aspects of the life were however not so good for them. But they wouldn’t have minded it, this is the real nature of the Kaal sarpa, sacrifice for the greater good.

The point is, at whatever level of society you are, at whatever level of consciousness you operate, you are sacrificing a significant portion of your own self for an extraordinary and complete experience of one single aspect of your life. You have chosen this for your own personal development, ie soul evolution. In this process you will help others too.

Think of it this way, the Kaal sarpa allows you to complete a very big chunk of karma in a way which benefits you as well as helps others. There are a few typical results but when the prize is so big, a few hardships are ok.

(There was a question, “If a person has all the planets in the bright half but there is also Kaal sarpa yoga will the person still have more control over his life”, and the answer became too long so put it as a full post).

So the answer is, the Kaal sarpa concept linked to the singular direction of desire to experience. The concept of Bhog-yoni and Karma-yoni (dark and bright halves of the horoscope) is understanding the freedom of choice and the availability of options during life v/s the choice made at birth. So,

  • If the Kaal-sarpa planets are all in the bright half, (one of the Rahu/ Ketu axis will be in the subconscious half), ie you have 8 planetary forces in the bright half. Then you will go after your chosen desire with full conscious intention. You will get more options to achieve it and you will be put in more situations where you will have to make conscious decisions related to it. It can be a very charismatic personality if the horoscope supports. The direction of desire etc as fixed by the Kaal-sarpa energy will exist, but you will have several opportunities for course correction in life within this limit.






Friends, the 11th house and Gain

Continuing on the friendly-theme. The 11th house is in charge of your friend-circle, social life, your comforts. The house of gains, Laabh-sthan. लाभ means advantages, benefits, profits, gains, acquisitions, knowledge, enjoyment, attainments, perceptions, meeting, getting, finding, conquering, etc.

This house is gives you tangible benefits, these may be on any level, physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, spiritual etc. But these are gains. You might not appreciate it at that moment but the 11th house always benefits at some level. It’s profits get better with age (upchaya house) just as your investments give better returns with time. Saturn is the natural ruler of the 11th sign of the Zodiac. The ‘karmic punisher’ giving us enjoyments? Sounds strange but is perfectly logical. You gain only when you have performed your job, you get your salary only when you work, you get friends only when you put in your time and energy in the friendship. You have to work on acquiring stuff. And finally to get something you will be required to give up something else.

Friends, the 11th house and Gain

Natural malefics, ie Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, here may give you untrustworthy friends, so be careful about selecting your friends. Trust them only till you have to. You will get temporary friends who will be with you only till they are getting some benefit out of you. But these planets here give you a bold fearless and courageous nature too. So even if you have some unscrupulous friends in your social circle you are more than able to deal with them.

Sun here will give you friends linked in to the government, bureaucracy, politics or high up in the corporate world. These may be self-centred, egoistic, ‘shining’, as per the typical nature of the Sun. So it is best to be on similar equal terms with them so that both of you can benefit from the friendship. Do not let them dominate you. Your father may give you some assets. You will have to work to gain what you desire and you will have all the necessary intelligence, confidence and ability to do so. Opportunities will be given to you to shine, but you have to choose to act. You will get all material benefits, house, cars, property etc which one needs for a comfortable life and more! As time passes these will increase. Generally others are jealous of you and can become hostile even. So guard against this factor. You are practical by nature and ultimately conquer over your ill-wishers.

Mars in the 11th will give you a large friend-circle. Your friends may be connected to sports, or goons, or from the lower sections of the society, the rough types. But he can also cause misunderstandings and arguments between friends. Do not get into risky adventures under the influence of such friends. You will have the courage and the knack of spotting a winner. Any venture you get involved in will profit ultimately. You will have all material luxuries with time. You do want to earn money/ power and you do so with your own efforts, a self-made personality. Disciplined, organised with an active body and logical mind. Do not get caught in unsuitable love affairs, take due care on this front. Essentially noble hearted, you help others in unfortunate circumstances. This position adds power to the entire horoscope, as Mars aspects the 2nd and 6th houses too reducing their malefic influences. His influence on the 5th house is good.

Saturn in this position is generally a very powerful personality. He will give friends who might try to take advantage of you in business or profession. They might want to use your talents but won’t come to your help if you need. Clashes of opinions and later you realise that these are in fact deep seated differences! Your friends will be older than you are or more mature in outlook. Or people from the labour class or the lower sections of the society. People who will demand your time/energy. Be careful as to how much you get involved. You will have material wealth with time and you will attain high material positions too. Serious by nature with a single point focus and very practical, you are hard-working. Your self-control is very high. You can reach the highest point that you set your sights on as once you out yourself on a job you are like a juggernaut, slow and steady, a crushing force impossible to stop or divert. Saturn also aspects the 1st and 8th houses which gives a very stable personality, less prone to catastrophic changes. His influence on the 5th gives a stable intelligence and confidence.

Rahu alone here gives friends who enter your life with a lot of hype. You also desire to mix with them and look forward to exciting times with them. They are charismatic and you are fascinated. They use you and you in your fascination allow it. Till later you realise that they were fakers and they fall deeply in your estimation. The illusions woven by Rahu shatter, these fascinating people vanish from your life, you are sad but a little wiser. Be careful of giving yourself, your assets, your emotions, your time to unworthy people who pose as your friends. You will face disappointment. But this is a upchaya house and all planets here give gains. So as time passes, Rahu will give you all possible material comforts and wealth. Most importantly he will make you Wise. These early experiences with the Rahu-tricksters will later give you complete control over your desires and actions. You will associate with people from all strata, foreigners, religious chaps, shady characters. You will be active, result oriented, fearless, a strategist and ultimately a philosopher. You don’t speak much, but yes, you will write!

Ketu here is very cryptic especially if he is here alone or powerful. Then he does not allow you to gain any material things. You will find your savings/material wealth disappearing, your friends/family vanish, wife/child do not exist for you, the material pleasures become irrelevant and all this does not affect you on any level. This might also mean that you will be cheated by unscrupulous people in life. You will have a rare incisive intelligence, secret knowledge, occult powers etc and you will also use them all, you are fearless. You really gain on the occult and the spiritual levels and this gain too holds no attraction to you! Detachments from all gains. Apathetic to achievements. You are attractive, well dressed, powerful, well-known in society. But you suffer from some secret disease or some secret fear. A powerful single Ketu in the 11th is a highly spiritual placement, you are internally an ascetic. The material desires will pop up briefly (as per transits/Dashas) and then again vanish as if they were never there. You might feel a vague unease or a tenuous memory of that material desire but it too vanishes. If you have such a Ketu in this house, do not commit yourself to any material desire without thinking/ sensing/ feeling it through, wait it out for some time, lest you get bound in an association from which there is no escape and it turns into a weight on your soul and causes real damage.

Every planet performs well here but there are shades. Eg If the planet is aspected by further malefics or debilitated or combust, then you should analyse it in depth before coming to a conclusion. These planets will aspect the 5th house directly from here. (Mars has extra aspects, so will also aspect the 2nd, 5th, 6th houses too. Saturn will aspect 1st, 5th 8th houses and Jupiter will aspect 3rd, 5th, 7th houses from here.) The 5-11 axis is a rather important one in your life. Malefics in the 11th will give good results in the matters of the 11th house matters, but their aspect on the 5th house so can sometimes adversely affect the 5th house matters, love affairs, children, creativity, divine inspiration, direct link to the internal divinity, inner confidence etc. So analyse the 5th house separately.

The Rahu/ Ketu axis operating here gives its typical results, have written two posts on this earlier. If you have Rahu/Ketu axis here do analyse your chart and mediate on yourself before taking life-time decisions. (The dark and bright half concept is ingrained in the Rahu/Ketu axis as they are 180deg away always, so one part of this axis operates, from your sub-conscious as chosen by your higher self, at birth. And the other half operates, in the realm of freedom of choice among the limited options, after birth)

Then if the planet occupying the 11th is debilitated then perhaps you are not a good friend to others. So do pay attention to your behaviour with them, do not cheat or hurt them needlessly lest you create more karmic tangles for yourself.

Jupiter aspects on the 11th house are very beneficial. He can reduce the malefic impact of the malefics or damaged planets placed here. He will polish off their rough edges and make you more philosophical and benevolent in your interactions with your friends/ social circle. ie if Jupiter is placed in the 11th, 5th, 3rd, 7th houses he will have his say in the matters of the 11th house. (Especially if Jupiter influences the single Rahu or Ketu in the 11th house, this combination is an indication of a highly evolved soul, these may grant you Moksh and then make you a Sat-guru for others!)

Friends, the 11th house and Gain

All  the benefics give good results in the 11th house and also exert a positive on the opposite 5th house. (will be modulated as per the aspects etc on them) Let’s run through them quickly.

Moon in the 11th gives material successes, money, wealth etc. It is an easy effortless run. The emotional/ mental states are relaxed. If he is powerful then your family, friends, social circle is good, spouse/ child give you comforts, you will have mostly girl-children. The mother is especially has a very deep effect on your life and you get some benefits from her.

Mercury gives an aptitude for trade or any profession where analytical abilities are required. You can work in any field, from bureaucracy to the scientific or even an astrologer. You have a wide social circle and like company, especially of intelligent people like yourself. Siblings and extended family members help in life. You get awards and recognition in your profession as you grow older.

Venus in the 11th house makes you successful on every plane. Material luxury or spiritual conquest as you choose. Your very presence is a ‘luxury’, you are a sought-after friend. You have an eclectic social circle, ready to promote you. Highly creative. You will gain through women, worship of the Devi and through the Sat-Guru. If your horoscope is materially oriented then you are a very glamorous personality surrounded by luxury and powerful friends. If your horoscope is spiritually oriented you will get that one Single Jivan-mukt Sat-guru as your spiritual guide. All this will happen more as you grow older as the results improve with age.

Jupiter in the 11th is a dream come true. You are wise, kind, like to learn/ teach, like talking on spiritual/ religious/ philosophical topics. Family, friends, spouse are good. You will have more sons, they too will be philosophically inclined. You work sincerely in any field you choose, you want to justify your salary! Your personal drive is to be perfect in your path. You can compromise with other comforts for this drive for perfection. Respected by society, dignified, independent mindset, priestly or kingly in demeanour. It is a comfortable life which improves with age.

This was a brief post on how planets work in the 11th house. To get the full picture examine the following.

  • These planets placed in the 11th and their power to give favourable/ pleasing results. Also see which houses they own. (eg if the owner of the 4th house is in the 11th house, you will gain from the things represented by the 4th house, the mother, homeland, professions linked to the home country/culture will appeal, your friends will be from similar culture etc.)
  • Aspects on the 11th house.
  • Position and power of the 11th lord and his ability to give you gains. In which house/ sign does he sit in?
  • if the 11th house is vacant then refer to this post on evaluating empty houses

Eg – Cancer ascendant, here Venus is the lord of the 11th house-Taurus sign. If Venus is placed in the 9th house-Pisces sign, he will be exalted. He is placed eleventh from his own sign, 9th is the bhavat bhavam for the 11th house! This is the most auspicious placement and possible only for Cancer ascendant. If you have this combination, it is very unique horoscope very highly oriented towards the spiritual, the rarest opportunity, if the rest of the horoscope supports.)

So evaluate your 11th house to know the source of your gains and the type of gains which give comfort to you on the material and the spiritual planes. This will help you understand your motivations better and you will be more satisfied in life.