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Hi there !

Welcome to my blog on the psychological and little known aspects of astrology, Jyotish. I am quite excited about sharing my thoughts from my years of experience of over 30yrs (I started really early) in reading charts.

I come from a family of astrologers with the sum of my Grandmom’s, my Dad’s and now my experiences in Vedic Jyotish. I am an astrologer by default as I became one as a part of the family tradition.

Over the years I understood that the current way of reading horoscopes and the way it is taught, needs a change in perspective. The psychological aspect is always more important than the predictive aspect. The fatalistic perception on pre-determined fate is incorrect. I believe that Jyotish is an empowering tool in our hands helping us live a fuller and happier life while on Earth. 

I also am a Reiki teacher. I enjoy reading with Thoth Tarot, Lenormand Cartomancy, IChing and sometimes I use the Elder Futhark runes.

We are all a part of this Great Game of Life and I believe we should feel the happiness of being alive and be able to exercise our free will.

I do not do astrological readings anymore, that karma for this life is complete. I do not correspond over individual emails or by phone. I am not practising Jyotish as of now and neither am a medical professional so will not be able to answer such questions. (I am still getting comments for personal consultations. I delete these type of comments).

This blog is in the spirit of sharing my perspectives with those who are studying Jyotish. 

(Some people are, despite my forbidding it, copying the text or posting excerpts from my blog in their own blogs/ pages. One person was reading out these posts on their youtube channel! Those plagiarising my blog are doing a disservice to their readers. Things taken out of context are meaningless and can get dangerous. The entire blog is interlinked.)

Thanks for reading!


And the legal stuff,

This blog, http://psychologicallyastrology.com and all the material in it, is my personal experiences, copyright and my intellectual property, do respect this. This material may not be used in any way whatsoever, sold, incorporated in any sort of documents or products, or used for promotional purposes without the express permission of the author, Tejaswini Arvind Patil.

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Edit : If you wish you can contact, Nikita here. She reads Tarot, Cards, iChing, teaches Reiki etc and is quite good at it. She does not read using Jyotish. She has her own T&C so if you contact her, its between you and her.

Edit : Someone asked me about my education. It is not relevant to this blog, but fyi, I hold a Ph.D from the University of Mumbai.