Saturn transits in Dhanishtha nakshatra 2022-23

Saturn will be exiting Shravan nakshatra, entering Dhanishtha धनिष्ठा on 18th Feb 2022 and stay here till 15th Mar 2023. (Again from 15th Oct – 24th Nov 2023). Saturn’s transits at sign level give an overview of a time frame of 2.5yrs. Nakshatra level transit helps analyse things over 13months. And navamsha arc or quarter/pad level transit analysis narrows down his effects to 2-3month time frames. 

(I have used the dates from Drikpanchang)

धनिष्ठ literally means very swift or very rich in Devbhasha Samskrutam. Dhanishtha in the skies has 4 stars visualised as the Damaru of Bhagwan Nataraj. Thus its beat has the potential to destroy or recreate and for the rare few, illuminate. Dhanishtha is connected to music, beats, rhythm, systematic actions and the higher energy. So its energies can be usefully channelised by reciting Sanskrit stotra, learning to dance especially Bharatnatyam or learning classical Raga or playing percussion or wind instruments.

Its devata are the Ashta Vasu, Apah, Dhara, Anila, Anala, Dhruva, Soma, Pratyusha and Prabhas, so it is deeply linked to the very fabric of time, space and Consciousness. These eight primordial energies combine to create this one lunar mansion giving it very diverse and powerful resources which it confidently uses to achieve its goals. 

Dhanishtha is connected to Mars, so it has initiative, confidence, aggression, militant mindset, powerful personality and secrets. Sometimes it does bring catastrophic change causing a complete change in structure and society. A Chara nakshatra, it is suitable for all activities which require adaptive quick changes and fast movement. Its results are not very deep nor very permanent, but they do push towards expansion. It is the several stepping stones to ultimate prosperity.

It is located partly in Capricorn and Aquarius, both ruled by Saturn. So it has the capacity to work, achieve professional success, social mobility and recognition. It desires to use the power of the individual for the establishment of the collective. It creates leaders from the masses who have the vision to structure and regulate the society, expand it and bring it wealth. Or conversely lead the society down the perdition way.

Now Saturn entering Dhanishtha will primarily cause a general slowing down, a sobering influence, and situations where dedicated work over longer times is necessary. Everyone will be internally alone though outwardly a part of the community. Generally during this time, human activity will be on a high high, people buzzing about doing something or the other, ie laziness and complacency will reduce. There will be a sense of urgency, of movement with several events racing along in quick progression. Undesirable influences will try to vitiate the social fabric and challenge the structure of democratically elected governments. Breakdown of harmony in the society and amicable relationships in personal lives is possible. Resources will diminish or remain unavailable.

Generally fire and wind related activities will increase on all levels. Fire related accidents, road rage, industrial mishaps etc might increase. Possibility of sabotage, civil unrest, armed aggression and military activity remains high at the national/ international levels. Cheating, immoral, unethical and underhanded behaviour can cause trouble. Expect pitta or vata imbalances as per your body’s tri-dosh constitution and diseases of the legs and knees are possible. 

If Saturn is favourable for you as per your individual charts, then you will be able to systematically analyse the situations unfolding around and act decisively. Time will be favourable, you will be able to put your abilities to use, work hard and create wealth slowly but surely. Self discipline and following the ethical path will help realise your long term goals. Short term goals may disappoint, but you will remain patient and broadminded even under trying circumstances. Travelling might increase and profits from foreign lands are possible. The month of Shravan will give some significant gains. 

But if Saturn is unfavourable for you now, then you will be stubborn, tactless, unable to understand the situations, needlessly aggressive, unwise, destructive, crass, worried, depressed, deceptive, argumentative, narrow minded, bad natured etc. Tendency to avoid work or escape responsibilities will cause further complications depending on your planetary positions. Especially advice from others or following others without thinking will cause issues. Breakdown of marital harmony, hurting others and loss of opportunities are common results.

Briefly let’s note its Navamsha or quarter/pad energies. Remember that Saturn will be occupying them in forward, retrograde and again forward motions during this year. If you are using the drikpanchang app, the quarters occupied by the planets are mentioned in it.

  1. Dhanishtha 1st pad is a Leo navamsha – People will suddenly get ambitious and confidently try to break rules. Personal ego will try to dominate public opinion. Disharmony selfishness and aggression will increase. Social structures will be attacked by unfavourable and intolerant mindsets. A negative impact on or caused by the executive wing of the governments. Some areas of the world are restless, inching towards open hostilities, this may be a flash point for some of them.
  2. Dhanishtha 2nd quarter is a Virgo navamsha – Here coordination on several levels will fail. Rules will be challenged. Communication will be hampered. Media will cause problems. Narratives will tailored to try and cause division. Negative impacts on or caused by worker, labour class etc due to lack of understanding or whipping up of passions.
  3. Dhanishtha 3rd quarter is a Libra navamsha – A negative impact on or caused by the law, legal issues and judicial wing of the government. Turbulence will exist but more on the elegant philosophical and pontificating side, less physical.
  4. Dhanishtha 4th pad is a Scorpio navamsha – These times will have the potential to cause explosive aggression and permanent changes on several levels. Again military movements and clashes are possible during this time. A tragedy or deaths of important people in the military or the government is possible.

This 13 month Saturn’s Dhanishtha transit will also be influenced by other planets transits. Mainly,

  • Jupiter will be sitting in Uttarabhadrapada from 28th Apr 2022 to 24th Feb 2023, for 10 long months at a stretch! This nakshatra is linked to Saturn so his power to give results here in Uttarabhadrapada will be linked to the support he receives from Saturn. Also Jupiter will indirectly enhance Saturn’s agenda, hopefully temper it with his kindness and wisdom. So in your birth horoscope if Jupiter is favourable then this period will be better for you. 
  • Saturn’s activities in Dhanishtha will be aggravated when Mars amplifies them by his simultaneous transits over Dhanishtha and later Mruga. The times when they aspect each other will also be a turbulent time. Mars being connected to Dhanishtha energies means that if he is favourable for your individual chart then you can expect some positivity in some parts of your life.
  • And Rahu will be in Aries soon. Saturn will soon be aspecting him from his position in Aquarius from 29th Apr to 13th Jul. This time’s energy will be a variant of the Shapit dosh so some form of severe destruction or upheaval etc is indicated. (I am anticipating problems triggered by the environment, ie drought or heavy rainfall, flooding and to some extent unexpected earth movements. Keywords of Rahu graha, Mesh rashi, 3rd aspect of Shani, Shani graha and Kumbh rashi. And humankind under the influence of Rahu can always overreach and then fall flat on its face.)

Specifically for Bharat, this Saturn in Dhanishtha transit is not good.

  • The first phase of Mars in Dhanishtha over Saturn 30th Mar to 16th Apr 2022 will trigger disaster (or a series of turbulent events) which will consume our collective energies till mid Jul.
  • Then Mars will be going retrograde/forward in Taurus in 2022-23 and this will be especially problematic for us as Taurus is the ascendant sign for India. Mars will be in Taurus from 10th Aug – 16th Oct 2022. And again retrograde/forward during 13th Nov to 13th Mar 2023. There will be several potentially explosive events as perpetrator groups and the governments both take confusing about turns.
  • In this, there will be especially harsh results when he transits forward/retrograde/forward over the Murga nakshatra, ie 24th Sept – 24th Dec 2022 and 25th Feb to 27th Mar 2023. There are full chances of a damaging tragedy in this phase.  
  • One can only hope that Jupiter, ie the Guru and the deities who protect Bharat with the wise men, learned elders, advisors etc of this nation will provide the necessary help us to tide over with minimal damage. 

For determining the fate of the nations, draw the ‘birth chart’ of that nation, ie the time/date linked to some significant point in their history where the nation is considered to have formed. These above trigger times are the same for everyone, but they will trigger different things for different nations depending on the positions of the planets.

  • eg Ukraine is in the news these days. Considering the ‘birth’ chart 24 Aug 1991 12am, Kiev, its real trouble will start as soon as Rahu/Ketu shift into Aries/Libra and Jupiter enters Pisces. Saturn is unfavourable both in Capricorn and Aquarius. Turbulent times for the next 1.5yrs at least.

Now briefly as per the Janma navtara nakshatra chakra,

  • This transit is not favourable for those with birth Moon in Dhanishtha as they will be at the very core of their Sade sati period. Similarly Mruga and Chitra birth Moons will face emotional stresses and physical weakness. It is Janma tara for them. Trigger factors and affected parts of life will be as per the individual charts during this time. (eg Saturn in the 7th house will cause problems with spouse, or even trigger physical death if longevity is at end)
  • Rohini Hasta Shravan – Sampat tara is average to favourable.
  • Krutika, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarashadha – Vipat tara average to unfavourable
  • Bharani, Poorvaphalguni, Poorvashadha – Kshema, average to favourable
  • Ashvini, Magha, Moola – Pratyari so average to unfavourable
  • Revati, Ashleysha, Jeyshtha – Sadhak so average to favourable 
  • Uttarabhadrapada, Pushya, Anuradha – Naidhana but Uttarabhadrapada has Jupiter in it for a significant part of this transit and this set is linked to Saturn himself. So I have put them at average results.
  • Punarvasu, Vishakha, Poorvabhadrapada – Mitra so again average.
  • Aradra, Swati, Shatataraka – Atimitra so average to favourable results are expected. 

Additional points to analyse would be,

  • If you are undergoing a significant Dasha period of Mars or Saturn then the results during this time will be more exaggerated for you.
  • Or if this Saturn in transit is transiting a significant birth position. eg Saturn transiting your ascendant lord, or over your birth Mars, or your birth Saturn etc.

Finally remedies. Worshipping the Eternal in his Nataraja form, or invoking the Ashta Vasu. Or taking up mantra or giving away Daana for Saturn or Mars. Daana for the planets on the day they transit is especially useful. Pujas for graha shanti for Saturn will also be helpful.

Remedies basically mean that you are strengthening your 1st house by powering on your 9th and 5th houses, harnessing the 9/5 axis. Your purva punya protects your personality and your environment if you perform activities linked to the 9th house. Similarly your mantra shakti feeds energy into yourself if you perform activities of the 5th house. Adding energy to your Dharma trikon, your capacity for weathering events in life increases.

Managing transits through behavioural changes is possible if you are able to understand your chart and what Saturn is upto in your life. If you do regular pujas then you can more easily manage and get through unexpected events in life. Regular routine spiritual practice helps train the Mind. Being in control of the mind lets you take correct decisions and better navigate through life. 

At this juncture, the simplest practice for everyone would be listen/recite the Shiv sutrani, it takes just 15 seconds/day. (Strangely I had the Shivsutrani draft for the past 1yr on my scrivener and randomly posted it 2 weeks ago) Or listen to the listen to the Shiv tandav stotra (Shri Kalicharan Maharaj’s recitation is superlative), Teekshna Danshtra Kaalbhairavashtak or the Shiv Mahimna stotra as per your inclination , even on your way to work is fine, but listen to it daily. Or offer water on the Shivlingam with the ‘Om namah Shivaya’ mantra, or Mahamrutyunjai mantra at least on Mondays, or this can be done daily at home if you have a Shivlingam in your puja ghar. And in this Shravan month, do some puja of the Shivlingam. This can be as detailed as Parthiv-pujas and Rudrabhishekams, or as simple as offering water to a Shiv Lingam, the Bhagwan Nataraj. 

Kuldevata and Ishtadevata 


Every family belonging to Sanatan Dharma has a Kuldevata, ie a family deity. This ray of the divine eternal specifically protects your family and must be worshipped as per culture and tradition. Your this body, in fact your current existence, is derived from your ancestors and you maintain this with the blessing of the family deity. There are references to the Kuldevata in several of our Puran. Also examples in ancient history where kings built temples of their Kuldevata. The Kuldevata demands pujas at auspicious events, eg before solemnising a marriage in the family, at the birth of a child, at Yajnopavit sanskars, a yearly puja at the temple of the Devata etc. 


In the current times several of us live physically away from the hometown. ie regularly going to the Kuldevata temple may not be practically feasible. So if you really cannot make it then here are some via media which you can adopt,

  1. Offer the fruit, coconut, sweets, sari/cloth, money, specific items etc to a local temple whereve you are and think of your Kuldevata with all intensity. Request him/ her to accept it as you have offered these items to him from your heart. Even if this is not at his actual temple this does work if you have deep gratitude for him in your heart, ie your intention/ Sankalp is pure.
  2. Keep the offerings in a separate bag in your own puja ghar. Think of your Kuldevata and sincerely tell him that you have kept the offerings ready and whenever he calls, you will go to his temple and offer him these exact offerings. When you do this generally something unexpected helps you complete your pilgrimage soon, eg a few days off or some bonus money.
  3. If your extended family members still reside in your hometown then you can request them to offer the yearly offerings to the temple on your behalf. For this you must make a full set of offerings, ie cloth, money, sugar crystals etc which can be sent by post to your family member’s house. Before sending the items everyone in your family should pray to the deity and touch the offerings before packing them securely. 
  4. Keep in touch with the pujari Brahmin family of the temple and from time to time send some offerings, money, Dakshina to the temple and request them send the prasadam to you by post.

Another more serious problem is that several of us have forgotten the Kuldevata’s name itself. Forgotten the ancestral village. Or the elders of the family are dead. Either way the identity of this deity is lost to you which is highly unfortunate. So here is something you can do to help yourself,

  • Make a small pindi (small rounded mound) of the purest soil you can find. Or take a green coconut with the peduncle intact. Keep this with due respect in your puja ghar, adorn it with a nice cotton cloth, saffron, turmeric, unbroken rice, flowers etc. Intend that your Kuldevata, whoever he is, resides in this and do its puja just as you would do the puja of a regular moorti. You can keep this as a full-time set up or a temporary set up for specific days, ie during auspicious events, festivals etc. Generally what happens is if your intention is pure enough, there will be hints on the identity of the deity, ie dreams where you see the temple, deity’s moorti, hear his name, or his mantra/stotra etc. When this happens, if you want, you can get a proper moorti of your deity and put this coconut / soil in flowing river or sea. 

For women, after you get married, the Kul devata for you is now of your husband’s family. During the Vivah sanskar, the bride formally does the final pujas of her birth family Kuldevata. And immediately after marriage she does the first pujas of her new family deities.

(The Gram devata is the deity of the village where your family has its ancestral home. Generally the oldest temple in the village. So if you go to your ancestral village do go to this temple too.)

Ishta devata

Ishta devata is the deity which you personally feel drawn to and want to worship. But this does not mean that you forget your Kuldevata. First puja is always offered to the Kuldevata, for protection of the family, the departed ancestors and the future generations. In some cases, the Kuldevata can also be worshipped as the personal Ishta devata. Your Guru, if a genuine Atma jnyani Mahapurush, a Jivan Mukt Satguru can also be adored as an Ishtadevata.

Jyotish gives some pointers on the Ishtadevata. Let’s first use the basic birth chart D1,

  • The Deity connected to the 9th house of your basic birth chart helps you live a balanced life as per Dharma. He ensures that you get the benefits of the 9th house as and when you need them. Your role in this process is a bit passive as even if you do the bare minimum it will be enough to trigger the 9th house benefits. This is an ongoing background life time support. 
  • The deity connected to the 5th house of your birth chart helps you fructify the sadhana you perform in your life. To reap these benefits you are required to be active, ie do your mantra, jap etc. After you complete it will you get the huge and evident result, all at once.
  • Functionally benefic planets placed in the 1st 5th 9th houses of the birth chart and the deities linked to them can also be a choice for the Ishta devata as they protect and help you grow.

But if you have the exact birth time available then open the divisional charts. 

Birth chart Aleister Crowley

Navamsha Aleister Crowley

BPHS Chapter 33 shloks 63-74 Using the D9 Navamsha chart to find the Ishta devata 

  • First find the Atmakarak, ie the planet who has traveled the highest degree in any sign. In our example chart it is Saturn at 27deg 24mins. 
  • In the D9 chart, he shifts to Virgo navamsha. This is called the karakamsha navamsha. 
  • Check if any planet placed in the sign 12th from the karakamsha. Here it is Leo and it is vacant.
  • So we try the second option given in the BPHS. Find the Amatyakarak, ie the planet who has travelled the second highest in any sign in the D1. This is the Sun at 27deg 10min. 
  • Locate the Sun in the D9. He is in Virgo navamsha. Now count the 6th sign from Virgo. This is Aquarius and it has a planet, this is Jupiter.
  • So our example Aleister Crowley, could have worshipped the deity linked to Jupiter as his Ishta devata. 
  • (If there are no planets in either of these two locations then the planetary owner of the sign can be used to locate the Ishta devata. Eg here Leo – Sun or Aquarius – Saturn. This is not given in BPHS but can be inferred in practice)

BPHS chapter 16 shloks 17-21 – The D 20 is seen for spiritual progress so you can choose a deity from here. Either the one associated with the ascendant degree’s Vimshamsha or the deity of the Atmakarak planet’s Vimshamsha. (This is not given in the BPHS explicitly but I have seen in several cases that this deity is very close to the person and always willing to help especially so if you are doing tantra sadhana)

Let’s do this with the example. A bit of math. One division in D20 is equal to 1deg 30min. In the example,

  • Ascendant degree at 15deg 55min Cancer sign (even sign) – Devi Pingalaa
  • Atmakarak Saturn at 27deg 24 min (even sign) – Devi Mangalaa

Sequence of deities for even signs – Daya, Megha, Chinnashirsha, Pisachini, Dhumavati, Matangi, Bala, Bhadra, Aruna, Anala, Pingala, Chuchuka, Ghora, Vaarahi, Vaishnavi, Sita, Bhuvaneshi, Bhairavi, Mangala, Aparajita.

Sequence of deities for odd signs – Kali, Gauri, Jaya, Lakshmi, Vijaya, Vimala, Sati, Tara, Jvalamukhi, Sveta, Lalita, Bagalamukhi, Pratyangira, Sachi, Raudri, Bhavani, Varada, Jaya, Tripura, Sumukhi.

Now for the deities associated with the planets. This is always a source of confusion so I am directly copying from the BPHS.

BPHS chapter 2 shlok 1-13 – The general Vishnu Avtars connected to the planets.

  • Surya Sun – Shri Ram avtar
  • Chandra Moon – Shri Yadunayak Krishna avtar
  • Bhoomiputra Mars – Shri Nrusimha avtar
  • Somasuta Mercury – Shri Budha avtar
  • Vibhudejya Jupiter – Shri Vaman avtar
  • Bhargav Venus – Shri Bhargav Parshuram avtar
  • Bhaskarputra Saturn – Shri Koorma avtar
  • Sinhikeya Rahu – Shri Sookara Varaha avtar
  • Ketu – Shri Meen Matsya avtar

(One point to be noted – the Budha avtar is not the generally known Siddhartha Gautam. As per the BPHS the actual Budha Avtar of Bhagwan Vishnu was before his Krishna avtar. We can only wait for more texts to be translated or recovered or brought into the public domain to know more about this Avtar.)

BPHS chapter 3 shlok 18 – General deities/ Adidaivata connected to the planets

  • Sun – Bhagwan Agni
  • Moon – Bhagwan Varun
  • Mars – Bhagwan Subrahmanya
  • Mercury – Bhagwan Vishnu
  • Jupiter – Bhagwan Indra
  • Venus – Bhagwati Sachidevi
  • Saturn – Bhagwan Brahma

BPHS Chapter 33 shloks 63-74 – The planets in the 12th from the Karakamsha or 6th from the Amatyakarak’s position and the deities/ Adidaivata

  • Sun and Ketu – Bhagwan Shiv
  • Moon and Ketu – Devi Gauri
  • Venus and Ketu – Devi Laxmi
  • Mars and Ketu – Bhagwan Subramanya
  • Mercury and Sun – Bhagwan Vishnu
  • Jupiter – Bhagwan Shiv
  • Rahu – Devi Durga in her Tamasic form
  • Ketu – Bhagwan Skanda or Bhagwan Ganpati
  • Saturn if inauspicious – Tamasic deities
  • Venus and Saturn if inauspicious – Tamasic deities

Point is, there are several deities which can be chosen as per the BPHS. Choose one who appeals to you. Generally while you are thinking about this, you will get some signal ie in your dreams or some shakun, ie omen which will help you discover your Ishta devata.

Finally do read this one post on the real nature of the deities. The deities are not ‘gods’, they are conscious aware and intelligent energy, a ray from the same Non dual source. You are also a ray from that very same source. As you express your gratitude to them on the outside, you in fact enhance your own energy on the inside.

Phonemes of Sanskrit Shiv Sutrani

A phoneme is the the smallest unit of sound which makes sense in a language. The Shiv sutrani शिव सूत्राणि also called the Maheshwar Sutrani महेश्वर सूत्राणि (सूत्राणि is the plural of सूत्र) are the phonemes of the Devbhasha Samskrutam. The highly intense building blocks of the perfect language of this creation, the perfectly arranged definition of Illumination. All common languages spoken in this world today are degraded versions Apabhraunsh अपभ्रंश of Sanskrit. 

In my several posts on the Kundalini, Chakra system, beej akshar etc I have written on the Consciousness that Sound really is. We worship sound as Shabda Brahma, the Eternal Divine. Then the indestructible sounds, the Akshar of Sanskrit are the sounds that the pran makes as it moves in the energy channels/ Nadi inside the Pranmaikosh of the five sheathed body. As you speak Sanskrit, normally in conversation or as a mantra during your pujas you are actually enhancing the power of your own Pran and Nadi system. This is why I reiterate that everyone must be able to speak simple conversational Sanskrit, read one Sanskrit article/ day and recite one Sanskrit mantra for a life time. Sound is Awareness and Sanskrit is the accurately precise mathematically perfect raw power that you directly derive from Sound as Self.

Maharishi Panini arranged the grammar of the Devbhasha Samskrutam in his book Ashtadhyayi. He did not ‘write’ the grammar, this language is the Devbhasha, ie the perfect description of the Illumination, it is in-built. He merely ‘saw’ the grammar in the Akash and wrote it down. In this following shlok he gives the origin of the Shiv sutrani.

नृत्त अवसाने नटराज राज: ननाद ढक्कां नवपञ्चवारम्। उद्धर्त्तु कामः सनकादि सिद्धान् एतद् विमर्शे शिवसूत्रजालम्॥

For the students of Pravrutti, this shlok can be understood as,

  • At the site of the act of Dissolution, the supreme actor of the drama, Nataraj, made loud sound using the large drum, Damru, fourteen times. The intention was to elevate the Maharishis Sanak and the other Siddhas Seers. This mesh of the Shiv Sutra, the auspicious phonemes of the  Devbhasha, is truly inside the real Knowledge of the Divine.
  • ie Bhagwan Nataraj danced the Tandav, ie caused the dissolution of creation. At the end of the Tandav, ie at the end of dissolution ie at start of new creation, he played his Damru fourteen times and created the first sound seeds of this present creation. These are 14 lines of the Shiv Sutrani. The realised Seers, the Maharishis Sanak, Sananda, Sanatan and Sanat and other Siddha Rishis etc witnessed this evolution of the Nada. ie the Conscious energy of sound vibration further differentiated into phonemes. As the language of light, Devbhasha took birth, it acted as a catalyst for further creation and subsequent evolution.

For the students of the Nivrutti, the same shlok can be understood as,

  • At the location where movement was occurring. (This is the perceived Creation itself, the site of movement, ie duality.) The ruler of the best of the actors made a large sound, to the disappearance of the newly spread out multitude (All individual souls are the actors. The Paramatma is the sovereign of all these individual jivatmas. The Nada is the source of Om itself. Here the Eternal is has made Om itself disappear). The intention is to draw out the most ancient eternal by subduing the plural. This is verily the the illusion of the web which has the Intelligence of the auspicious thread inside it.

Sanskrit is a palimpsest. The same words will give different meanings depending on the intelligence, awareness and intention of the writer/ reader. This is the true beauty of the Devbhasha, it speaks to the individual soul and always describes splendour of the Eternal Soul.

The phonemes of Sanskrit, the Shiv Sutrani are,

  1. ण् |
  2. क् |
  3. ङ् |
  4. च् |
  5. ट् |
  6. ण् |
  7. म् |
  8. ञ् |
  9. ष् |
  10. श् |
  11. व् |
  12. य् |
  13. र् |
  14. ल् |

This is me reciting them in one breath in the first audio, because I could not find anything suitable online. The effect is clearer when they are recited at one stretch. I have recited them slowly in the second audio. I am not a professional singer so do bear with me on these recitations. (For some strange reason, the Shiv Sutrani  are the first mantra I have put up in my own voice on my blog.

Even though the mantra is in my voice, it is always and ever the Shiv Sutra by Nataraj Raja. One can read, recite and hear the mantra only if the Bhagwan desires/allows it. So do be grateful to the Parmeshwar as you recite/ read/ listen to them. It is by his Krupa.

Ideally the recitation should be in one exhalation, this will come with practice. And remember to start and end your mantra jaap with Om. Recitation of the Shiv Sutrani is called the akshar samamnaya अक्षर समाम्नाय and this is a mantra.

Try to get the pronunciation of these ऋ ऌ ङ् ञ ङ ञ् ष right. Very very few people can pronounce these correctly. The remaining vowels and consonants in the Sutrani are the usual ones we use in our daily life.

  • ऋ – is Rrhhu, the tongue touches the upper teeth on both sides and the tip flicks the palate and you say ‘Rrhhu’, in a short burst (People in Uttar Bharat pronounce ऋ  as ‘Ri’ which is incorrect)
  • ऌ – is Llrrhu, the tongue first touches the sides and tip to the palate. and then flicks out and the sides of the tongue come down to touch the upper teeth. You say ‘Llrrhu’ in a short burst.
  • ङ- ङ् + अ = ङ For the proper pronunciation of this ङ, first recite – Ka, kha, ga, gha, क ख ग घ and keeping your throat and tongue in the same position, elevate the middle part of the tongue towards the upper palate, but do not touch it. This is the nasal ङ of the ka-varga क-वर्ग. I cannot find a suitable english letter combination for this sound, it is something like a breathy ‘nng’. If you follow the rhythm of the Ka, kha, ga, gha, the last nasal ङ will also flow in the same style. Do not overthink. Once you get its pronunciation you can say it stand alone. Like this,
  • ङ् – Here the pronunciation is a bit typical. ङ – अ = ङ् This is the same as the above but only the pure consonant ङ् is to be pronounced, ie do not pronounce the अ. This will come with practice.
  • ञ – This is the last nasal consonant of the च-वर्ग. It will be easier to learn to pronounce with the rest of the Cha-varga. cha, chha, ja, jha, च छ ज झ . And keeping the same throat and tongue position, try to elevate the middle part of your tongue towards the upper palate but not touching it. Again I cannot find an english letter combination for this sound, something like ‘ynn’. As you follow the rhythm of the Cha Chha Ja Jhha, the last nasal ञ will also flow in the same style. Like this,
  • ञ् – This is the pure consonant energy. ञ  – अ = ञ् You will pronounce it in the same way as above but avoid the last vowel अ, speak only the pure ञ्  consonant. Again this will come with practice.
  • ष – This is Shha. In this you will fold your tongue backwards and say ‘shhha’. (This is different from श, here your tongue lightly touches the upper teeth on the sides and you say ‘sha’.)


The Damaru that the Nataraj plays is not a drum, it is so much more.

  • It produces binaural beats and the ‘soundless’ vibration of the Nada is embedded in it. Binaural beats are formed when two slightly dissimilar tones are played together. They subtract from each other and leave an undefinable ‘soundlessness’ which is very beautiful and intense. In fact, do this as an experiment. Buy a properly made Damaru and play it yourself for 2-3 minutes. See for yourself what it makes you feel. You should experience a mental state equivalent to what you get after your 108 Dhyan mantra repeats. 
  • Playing the Damaru with specifically varying hand movements can create a series of two or more sounds. This is exactly what the Bhagwan did. He played it 14 times and created 14 sequences of sounds. He created the Devbhasha from the primordial conscious non-dual sound.
  • Finally the Damaru is a representation of the continually evolving consciousness. Its shape represents expanding and contracting energies which follow each other ad infinitum.
  • This shape is a representation of Dissolution and Creation perfectly balanced around the central Bindu. Cyclic Shrushti and Pralaya. The Eternal Nataraj plays the Damaru as he dances the Tandav, ie dissolution. And he also plays it to initiate a new cycle of creation. 
  • Playing the Damru while reciting the Shiv Sutrani is an energy high.

You are saying aloud the smallest elements of the Devbhasha, the building blocks of the perfection of Illumination. When you recite them faster and continue, it sounds just like the Damru playing, the same energy. Channelising the power of creation and dissolution within your self with the power of these vibrations. Trying to find that central Bindu, to stabilise yourself at this point. To become the Observer, the Pivot around which creation and dissolution are perfectly balanced. And the speciality of the Damru, the binaural beats, so in your jap a state will come when the Sutrani literally vanish in a burst of indescribable light/ sound/ energy. This is the state of Samadhi. And it happens.

In families who follow Sanatan Dharma, this sequence is taught to the boy child at the time of the Yajnopavit Sanskar and he is required to recite it during his Gayatri puja sequence regularly. For girls, wearing the Yajnopavit sutra is not compulsory, but all girls should be taught the Gayatri mantra and also these Sutrani on their 6th birthday.

So if you can, do add the Maheshwar Sutrani to your daily routine. Also teach your child and other family members, it takes less than 15 seconds to recite it once. On the very mundane levels, they are healing in nature and regular recitation will ensure that your physical and mental health remains balanced.

This will improve your pronunciation of the Akshar. Today people are unable to pronounce certain sounds, either they purposely spoil the sound or possibly they cannot say these. Spoiling the pronunciation of the Akshar affects your own energy, so always try to be as clear in your pronunciation. स्पष्ट उच्चारण is an asset. Do not unnecessarily fake accents or twist the sound, it will spoil your pronunciation for ever.

(Some people where I live pronounce र Ra as ड Da. eg Hindi Parso as Padso, Mirchi as Midchi, Kar lo as Kad lo. Then Ya as Ja, like Yug is pronounced as Jug! Some add an extra ‘A’ sound, स्त्री stri as istri इस्त्री  though funny is actually common. But the heights was when an astrologer was pronouncing स्पष्ट spasht as अस्पष्ट aspasht, which was actually sad.)

Pronouncing the Akshar correctly means that your tongue is touching the correct parts of your mouth. This is what grants you the complete energy of the Akshar. (For Sadhaks, control over the tongue is critical. Ever wondered why it is attached only from one end?) As you improve your pronunciations, you will be able recite your mantra, stotra etc perfectly, this is invaluable. First is verbal jap, the tongue and the mouth, then as you perfect this, the jap moves inwards, manasik jap at the 3rd eye. And then you see what you are meant to see. Illumination.

How to analyse the Vimshottari Moon Mahadasha

Vimshottari dasha  analysis is something that every astrologer needs to know. The planets control parts of your life in a sequence which is called a Dasha. There are several Dasha systems but Vimshottari deserves a special place of its own and is the first Dasha system you will learn.

In case this detailed analysis is beyond you at the moment, I have written two basic posts, here and here with a brief analysis of the Mahadashas based on which houses the planets own in your chart.

The Vimshottari Maha-Dasha cover a human life span of 120 yrs and the sequence is,

Depending on which Nakshatra your Moon is in at the time of your birth, ie your Janma Nakshatra, you will begin your sequence. This start point is most important so ensure that you have your accurate birth time before doing Dasha analysis.

If your birth moon Nakshatra/ Lunar mansion is Rohini, Hasta or Shravan, then you will have your Moon Mahadasha/ main period going on at your birth. The balance of the planet’s dasha period remaining at birth is calculated using the location (arc degree/ minute/ second) of Moon in the nakshatra. If you get this birth time wrong, your starting point will be wrong thus your entire life-time’s calculation will also go wrong.

For the other birth Nakshatras, the Moon Mahadasha can occur at any point of time in the above sequence. But the Moon’s sub-periods/ Antardashas in the other planets Mahadashas will also carry his flavour.

Open your Vedic Jyotish software and open the Dasha section. If there are options here, input the ‘Vimshottari’ system. You have to see two things from here,

  1. At the present time, which planet’s Mahadasha/ main-period and which planet’s Antardasha/ sub-period is going on for you
  2. And at the time of your birth, which Mahadasha was going on.

If either of these, ie your ongoing Mahadasha or the birth Mahadasha is/ was of the Moon, then this post is for you,

First a generic description, assuming that the Moon in your birth chart is favourable for you.

If you were born in Moon Mahadasha then, you are more comfortable around women in general, you are especially close to your mother, feel strongly about your traditions and homeland. You have a family who cares for you. Your basic mind and body are both strong and healthy and the overall personality remains balanced. Communicative, reasonable, attractive, popular, pleasant to be with, a generally active personality. You are receptive to external influences and often modulate these to help you grow. But you are not very forthcoming about your own self, you keep your secrets well and trust only rarely. You have a caring nature, a supportive sort of a person, generous by nature but you can equally get shrewd, narrow minded, jealous and self-centred.

If you are undergoing the Moon Mahadasha now in your life then in this Moon Mahadasha, you will be more focussed on yourself, your needs, your comforts, your growth, your family, your love, your ancestral traditions, family gods etc. Your mother or other maternal figures will be more important in life. You will be taken care of, ie given the nurture, nutrition, love that you need. More settled in life, you might develop regular habits, feel creative, improve personal care, opt for a healthy lifestyle etc. That things which support you as a person will help you grow significantly. You will be able to set up routines for a healthier you. Buying your own house or landed property is possible or shifting into your own personal home is possible. People in professions related to the 4th house or the Moon will see growth, ie homeland security, teaching, home-makers, dealers in liquids, transport, drugs, architects, etc. You might be recognised for something, get awards. Marriage and child-birth is also possible in this period. In these 10yrs you will be required to balance karma related to the position of the Moon in your chart. Caring for others or ensuring that your emotions were being satisfied. Whatever the Moon is supposed to give you in your life will be given in this time. You will go through an emotional period, uplifting or damaging.

If the Mahadasha comes at an age after the maturity period of the Moon then the energies of the Dasha can be utilised consciously thus more effectively. If you are older than 48yrs, then during this Mahadasha it is likely that you will become the understanding and mature elder yourself. You will gain more insights into the working of your own Mind. It can be a very enriching experience. Even if you are older than 28yrs, this time can help self-discovery as you understand yourself more deeply. If you are younger than 28yrs then you will receive what you need from your elders to grow.

If your birth Moon is in Cancer or ascendant sign is Cancer then this Mahadasha will be especially significant for you.

Now to tailor these predictions for your personal life. This requires some basic understanding of Jyotish. (Here is a post on how to begin learning astrology systematically).

Step 1 is to know the aspects of life represented by the Moon and the power he has to deliver his results. You should know what he is going to give you, only then predicting the timing will be of any use. One graha is going to be directly responsible for so many things and indirectly influence so many more things in life. To keep things simple, learn to use keywords and create patterns using these.

  1. Moon in your birth chart (divisional chart 1/D-1).
    • He is placed in which house and in which sign? Thus which parts of your life is he controlling?
      • Eg Moon in 3rd house will be in charge of your siblings, income from trade, your hands, the internal confidence to take necessary actions, skills, practicality, etc. So in his Mahadasha expect these aspects of life to be more prominent in your life.
      • Eg if the Moon is any way connected to the 2nd or 7th houses then he can help in gaining money/ resources, good family life etc but this Dasha can also be linked to the timing of physical death. So do a quick check on longevity.
    • Which houses does he own? i.e. Cancer is placed in which house?
      • Eg Cancer placed in the 11th house will mean that the Moon is in charge of your friend circle, like minded groups, all gains in life, money from speculation, older siblings, etc. naturally these things will be more significant in your life now.
    • The ruler of the sign he is placed in, is he a friend/ neutral/ enemy planet. How comfortable is he in the sign he is occupying? 
    • Is the Moon exalted/debilitated? Naturally an exalted Moon will give more pleasing results than a debilitated Moon.
    • Which planets is he conjoint/ aspected by? Thus which other aspects of the personality is he influencing directly and indirectly. If he is influenced by benefics then more favourable and pleasing results if by malefics then stress.
      • Eg Moon conjoint Mars in the 10th house. This will mean that Moon is in charge of the profession, social mobility, social image etc. But the Mars is now going to help by making his soft nature more bold, courageous, and allow him to take more risks in life. Thus the natural softness of the Moon is reinforced by the Martian qualities. And the natural aggression of Mars is tempered by the softness of the Moon.
    • Has he matured? Is the Moon’s maturity being held back by conjunction with later maturing planets?
      • Planets give more sensible results after maturity. His Dasha period after maturity will give more useful results.
    • What kind of power does he have.
      • His shadbala, avastha etc also can be seen for more insights into his nature in your chart. You can go deeper, depending on your level of study.
    • And since this is the Moon, you have to analyse the Nakshatra that he occupies at birth, ie your Janma Nakshatra characteristics. 
  2. Repeat this same analysis from the birth Moon sign, i.e the birth Moon chart. (Do this only if you feel upto it, this is for advanced students)
    Re-orient your chart around and count your birth Moon sign as the first house. This is the Moon chart and this tells you about the psychological and emotional aspects of your life. How you will ‘feel’ about the Moon Mahadasha. The psychological and emotional aspects. These aspects of life can be completely different from what is happening on the physical level. 
  3. And this same analysis using the divisional chart 9, Navamsha chart will give a perspective on the sub-conscious expectations and the sum total of Moon’s potential. (Not for beginners. Do this whenever you are a bit advanced in your study, else you will end up confusing yourself.)

Step 2  Smaller sub-periods within the main period/ Mahadasha are called successively Antardasha, Pratyantardasha, Sookshmadasha and Prandasha. The logic on how to analyse these even smaller units remains the same for each planetary owner of the sub/ sub periods. In this post we will learn to analyse up to the Subperiod, ie the Antardasha.

  1. Find out the power of the sub-period planetary lord and the aspects of life that he controls just like you did for the Moon above.
    • Eg if you want to analyse the Moon Mahadasha and Jupiter antardasha, then you will have to find out both Moon’s and Jupiter’s power to give results.
  2. Then analyse the relationship between the Moon and the sub-period owner planet. If they are in the 6/8 or even the 12th from uncomfortable aspects, then that sub-lord’s sub-period will not be comfortable. If they are in the 5/9 axis it will be a favourable sub-period. The interaction between the planetary owners of the main-period and sub-period is quite important, take your time over it.
    • eg Jupiter is in 5th house and Moon in 9th house this will be an extraordinary time. Both are in the pivotal Kona houses, and in the 5/9 axis from each other. This could be one of the best periods of your life. This would also be a Gajakesari yog. So they will give tremendous progress in the Moon Mahadasha’s Jupiter Antardasha.
    • eg Jupiter in 11th house and Moon in 6th house in the birth chart. This time will not give good results. Moon in the 6th house of turmoil. Jupiter in the 11th is better placed for positive results. But they are mutually in the 6/8 axis. This is the Shakat yog, will give instability, ups and downs and significant confusion in the Moon Mahadasha’s Jupiter Antardasha.

Step 3 is the routine planetary transits /gochar. (Not for beginners. Do this analysis only if you have a good grasp of the fundamentals.) Transits can modify the results indicated by the Dasha system to some extent. So draw your birth chart (D-1) on a paper and superimpose the current planetary positions on it. Use a different pen so that you can make sense of the composite chart you are drawing. This is the last step you do.

Now to analyse the sub-periods/Antardasha of the Moon’s main period/Mahadasha. This is just a starting point for you to base your own analysis on.

  • Moon antardasha
    • If the Moon is capable of giving pleasant results, this can be a very significant period of growth depending on which houses he is in charge of in your chart. There will be internal stability which will trigger prosperity in all forms. Personal and professional successes, marriage, birth of children, promotions, good investments, increase in wealth, good health and emotional stability, your instinct will work for you etc. If this is so, then you must make the most of this Antardasha.
    • If he is badly placed in your birth chart and inauspicious for you then emotional trauma, mental stress, physical ill health, loneliness, etc are possible in this first sub-period.
    • This is the first sub-period, so observe events around you and yourself carefully. This will set the tone for the entire Mahadasha. If this period has been favourable, you can expect continued generally favourable results. If this period has given mixed or unpleasant results you must take care. Then predicting favourable results will depend on power of the Subperiod rulers of the subsequent Antardashas.
  • Mars antardasha
    • If Mars is powerful, then in this sub-period you will take risks to achieve what you want. Highly motivated, confident, during this time you will bulldoze your opponents and gain your desires. A favourable Mars allows to to change yourself and your surroundings as per your desire. This period can be very fruitful especially if you are connected in any way to the land, eg army professional, agriculturalist, builder etc.
    • But if he is unable to give favourable results then overwork, have no time to rest, over-confidence, carelessness, anger, etc will be triggered. So pay attention to your health especially the blood related aspects. Your close family and siblings will be a source of trouble for you.
  • Rahu antardasha
    • If Rahu is capable of positive results, then this sub-period will make you want more than you have. Satisfaction will be less, you might spend more than you earn. Family may not support and professional life will not give happiness. But conversely all this will motivate you to work even harder and strive to gain more and more. You might achieve a lot of material gain during this period. However do not lie or cheat others during this time as it will backfire on you later. Try to do some Dharmic activity, eg pujas, pilgrimages, Mantra, Daan so as to keep the positivity coming in.
    • But is Rahu is going to be unpleasant for you then, this time will give you stress, losses and trouble on the physical as well as the emotional levels. You will feel tired and dispirited. If Moon or Rahu is connected to the 2nd or 7th and the longevity is at an end then physical death can occur. Even otherwise, you will be surrounded by people and things which drain you. Especially beware of any new women in your life as they can cause you harm. Legal issues are a distinct possibility during this time.
  • Jupiter antardasha
    •  If Jupiter is favourably disposed then this can be a great sub-period. Money, family, profession etc will all give happiness. Promotions, new jobs, better salary, more income are all possible. Long term investments or life time decisions during this period will be favourable. Travelling, pilgrimages etc will give pleasure. Education and learning will be encouraged. Both Moon and Jupiter are natural benefics so make the most of this time for growth and expansion. You will be known for something and there will be positivity in your life. Marriage, birth of children, job openings, educational prospects, health, wealth, spiritual mindset, pilgrimages, etc should be predicted as per the age in which the antardasha occurs. eg if the chart has some form of Gajakesari yog or a favourable Jupiter – Moon interaction you can achieve a lot during this sub period.
    • If he is not aligned favourably with the Moon then he will give erratic results. Avoid getting into any illegal or dubious activity during this time as it will give you pain later. Your luck is not with you at this time so you might think that something is surely in your hands, but it will slip out at the last moment. eg if the birth chart has the Shakat yog then be careful about predicting highly positive results.

  • Saturn antardasha
    •  If Saturn and Moon together in your birth chart are capable of favourable results then this period can give some benefits. But you will have to work harder. Tiredness, delays, frustrations and loneliness will be there to some extent. You might feel afraid internally. Increase in stress will naturally affect health and happiness. You will be harsher with others and this can spoil relationships. Disputes with your family or mother specifically related to land, home and assets can occur. But try to see the fair and legal position of things rather than giving way to emotions. Try to work with facts and see the practical side of things. If used intelligently, this period will give you long lasting gains. Doing some puja will help you magnify the positivity.
    • In case he is not favourable then these negative effects as above will continue with no respite. You will be unable to make sense of the events around you and remain distressed.
  • Mercury antardasha
    • Both Moon and Mercury are natural benefics so this sub-period can be quite favourable to you. Here you can expect better relations with your siblings, trade related gains may pick up, stock market and investment options may be good, education opportunities will open up. Marriage, children, job etc whatever is a ‘happy outcome’ for your mind, will occur. Your logical mind will support you and you will have the necessary boldness to achieve your goals. You will have and use your skills to resolve any lingering issues from the previous Saturn sub-period.
    • But if they are unable to work together they will cause you pain, disappointment, ill health, mental stress, legal trouble etc. Avoid breaking the law or engaging in high risk speculations as loss of money is quite possible.
  • Ketu antardasha
    • if Ketu in your birth chart can give favourable results, then this can be a short but intensely spiritual time. You will feel disconnected from the people and things around you as your inner worlds are more alluring to your mind. Or if your birth chart is of the material sort then gains from secret sources, unexpected opportunities and gains are possible. Secret tips, insights, lucky guesses etc will help you as your intuition will be high.
    • But if there is a possibility of unpleasant results, then this time can be disturbing, mental stresses, loneliness, psychic interference, restlessness, etc. If Moon or Ketu is connected to the 2nd or 7th and the longevity is at an end then physical death can occur. 
  • Venus antardasha
    • If Venus and Moon are capable of giving auspicious results together then this sub period can be a very rewarding one on several levels. Value, validation, nature, nurture, nutrition will be provided to you. Both the types of love ie needy love and equitable love will be available in your life. All your desires and wants will be fulfilled and you will be happy. Inner satisfaction, balance, fairness etc will be on a high. Depending on the physical age in which this sub-period comes, you might start some meditative practice or get married or birth of children or higher education is possible. Either way this will be a good time and do make the most of it. Money, family and good times are indicated.
    • But if Venus and Moon are unable to give pleasant results together then these very same things will be denied to you. There will be imbalance, unmet needs, loneliness and scarcity. Loss of money, resources, assets is possible.

  • Sun antardasha
    • this is the chidra dasha, the ‘cutting off’ sub-period, the last antardasha of the Moon’s mahadasha. This is a time of review. You consolidate all that you experienced in your Moon mahadasha and cut off all that you failed to learn. The Moon will have given you opportunities for emotional fulfilment. Your relationship with your mother, maternal relatives, home culture, traditions, landed property etc were in focus. ‘Need’ based love relationships or nurturing relationships. 
    • Now the Sun is personal confidence, ego, self entitlement. ‘Selfishness’ will clean out the Moon persona and prepare for the Mars persona which is to follow. You feel a new rush of energy in you. The Sun will prepare a dispassionate list of things of what you gave and what was received. If you have given more, you might suddenly find these dependant others being systematically cut off. Only the basic unavoidable relationships which you intellectually feel necessary will be sustained by this Sun. All the opportunities for emotional fulfilment, ‘Need’ based love relationships will be consolidated. The softness and gentleness of the Moon will be gradually replaced by qualities of Mars, which is the next Mahadasha in sequence.
    • But in the last Sun Antardasha, you will decisively end all emotionally draining things. And for those emotionally uplifting things, you will remove their emotional parts and appreciate them on an intellectual level.
    • If the Sun is capable of giving positive results, there will be improvement in personal health, vitality, finances, status and power. You will also become more distant from others. ‘Neediness’ will be reduced in all ways.
    • If he is not auspicious for you, even then he will work in the same direction but the process will be painful, stressful. You will face arguments, fevers, ill health, exit of a maternal figure, cut off from the homeland, selfishness from others etc sort of results.

Everyone who wants to learn astrology should analyse their own horoscope first. It is quite easy to predict major events in life and with some practice you can predict minor events too. Get into the habit of pulling out your own chart for a detailed analysis every 6 months. Look at the Dasha periods and transits that will happen over the next 6 months, try to predict 1-2 things which might happen. These can be very simple things to being with, eg some disturbance over the 4th house = some issue related to mother. Some positivity over the 10th house = a pleasant time in the office. Tally these predictions 6 months later, be systematic about it and evaluate for yourself how accurate you are getting.

Finally remedies can be used to set any unbalanced energies right. These are basically three,

Behavioural, ie you understand what is happening to you and try to intelligently and consciously modulate your behaviour in a way most appropriate to the situation. This requires significant control over the Mind and not everyone can do this. But if you are doing your regular spiritual practice then this becomes inbuilt in your nature.

Mantra- You use the power of the Devbhasha Samskrutam and your own intentions to change the course of the event energies. Mantras of the Moon can be used during his Mahadasha, especially do something every Monday. Or any of these activities which enhance his power. Or mantra of the Bhagwan Shankar also work well enough.

Daana You give away the unbalanced energies to a Consciousness capable of absorbing them, a worthy Brahmin, a deity or a river/sea, this is the real meaning of Daana.

Makar Sankranti 2022 predictions

Sankranti means the transit of Surya into the next Rashi. There are 12 Sankrantis in one solar year. Makar Sankranti, ie Sun’s entry into Capricorn is possibly the most important Sankranti of the lot.

In each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, the Sun appears in different forms, the twelve Aditya. The form of the Sun in Capricorn sign is called Bhaga Aditya. He is the giver luck, fortune, prosperity etc. In this solar month we are expected to work hard for what we want and not give up. We have to earn the comforts we desire. To be reliable, responsible, use our intelligence and be honest with ourselves. There may be legacies, inheritances, windfalls etc during this time, some unexpected opportunities. We have to use our intelligence get into the details. If any problems arise we should break them down and deal with them. If this Sankranti is good for you then you will enjoy the above advantages for the coming new Samvatsar, if not then you will be mean, stingy and unyielding thus cause problems for yourself and others.

This year Makar Sankranti occurs on 14:43 IST 14th Jan 2022 afternoon. The best time to do pujas is from 14:43 to 16:34 IST, this is the Maha punya kaal. But the time till sunset is generally auspicious, this is the Punya kaal. Make use of this time to perform some auspicious actions. Whatever you do in this time will help you in the oncoming new year, ie in the Shri Shubhakruti naam samvatsar. 

As the actual Sankranti is on the afternoon of 14th, you will have to do some pujas on 14th from 14:43 to sunset. And also give Arghya etc to the rising Sun on 15th Jan.

What to do on Makar Sankranti is a common question so I am listing out the easiest possible options. You can add more as per your culture and family traditions.

  • Wake up before sunrise and get ready etc, as usual. 
  • Make sure to put sesame oil on the body before bathing and put some sesame seeds, white Til seeds, in your bath water. 
  • Wear fresh clothes, Tilak on your forehead etc. Do your morning Agnihotra at the exact sunrise minute/second. Give Arghya to the risen Sun at the eastern horizon. Recite the Aditya Hrudaya stotra. Do puja of your household deities/ Kuldevata. (This is a daily thing for followers of Sanatan Dharma)
  • The special naivedya for this day is sweets made of white sesame seeds and jaggery (Til-gul) and sugar candy.
  • Do your morning Gayatri puja, ie the complete Sandhyavandanam or at least recite the Gayatri mantra 108 times. (Again this is a daily schedule)
  • Next do some puja of the Sun ie make a Surya yantra and do its puja, or in any way as per your family traditions. 
  • Go to a nearby temple during the Punya kaal. If possible go to a Navagraha temple, but if there isn’t one nearby you can go to any temple. Take your family, children etc also with you. Offer sweets made of white Sesame seeds and jaggery to the deity. 
  • Give Daana as per your capacity to any worthy Brahmin or to the deity or the running water/sea. This can be as simple as pouring a bottle of sesame seed oil into the Deepak lamps around the temple. Daan and Mantra are the sure shot remedies for all astrological problems.
  • If you live near auspicious rivers and water bodies, ie Ganga, Narmada, Yamuna, Kavery, Sindhu, Godavari etc then you can take a snan in these rivers and give Arghya to the Sun with their waters.
  • As per local culture and traditions do participate in whatever activities are prescribed for this day. Eg flying kites, lighting up a Fire and worshipping it, doing puja of the cow, having fun-fairs Mela, etc. We are one Bharatvarsha and we celebrate the Makar Sankranti together, Suggi Habba, Lohori, Pongal, Uttarayani, Magh Bihu, Maghi, Khichadi, Shishur Sankrant, etc, it all a celebration of the same energy of the Sun entering the Capricorn sign.
  • All followers of Sanatan Dharma intend happiness and positivity on this important day.

Now the phal, ie the fruit of this Makar Sankranti. If you open any standard printed Panchangam, you will see a description of the Sankranti purush. For this Makar Sankranti 2022 it is as follows. 

  • Naam Mishra – Name – Mixed 
  • Drushti Nairrutya – Looking at the South west.
  • Gamana Purva – Traveling towards the East
  • Vahana Bagha – Main vehicle Tiger
  • Upa Vahana Ghoda – second vehicle Horse 
  • Vastra Peeta – Robes Yellow
  • Ayudha Gada – Weapon Mace
  • Bhakshya Padartha Payasa – Eating a sweet dish made of rice, sugar and milk 
  • Gandha Dravya Kumkuma – fragrance applied is saffron
  • Varna Bhuta – color is pale 
  • Pushpa Jati – wearing jasmine flowers 
  • Vaya Kumar – age teenager 
  • Avastha Bhoga – desirous of enjoyment 
  • Karana Mukha Dakshina – thought process towards the south
  • Sthiti Baithi – posture sitting 
  • Bhojana Patra Chandi – Silver vessel for eating food
  • Abhushana Kankana – wearing a bracelet as a jewellery
  • Kanchuki Hari – upper body cloth of green color. 

Interpreting all this, overall there will be an environment of fear and uncertainty. Advisers, philosophers, scholars etc will not be able to give very sensible or practical advice. People will feel afraid for no real reasons, imaginary troubles will disturb the mind. War like situations are possible. Fast moving and unexpected events will occur. People will not be able to act in time as required by the circumstances. There will be a tendency to get things by illicit or illegal means. in the age groups, teenagers may face typical issues. Silver, jewellery, water, white colored items, sugar, rice, milk, green colored items, perfumes, flowers, saffron, essential commodities, yellow colored items will increase in price. South western and Eastern parts of Bharat will face troubling times. The south will face more challenge times compared to the north. The indications are overall mixed for our nation for this month of Jan-Feb and this will carry on subtly in the incoming new Samvatsar.

This time a lot is happening around this Sankranti. Let’s also take a look at the planet positions. 

  • Partial Kaal sarpa, the Moon is outside the hemming. 
  • Conjunction of Sun Saturn Mercury in Capricorn.
  • Mercury retrograde in Capricorn.
  • Venus retrograde in Sagittarius.
  • Moon exalted in Taurus at this time is helpful. Will ensure health on the physical and emotional levels at least.
  • Mars in swa-kshetra, Scorpio adds to his power to be auspicious.
  • Ketu and Rahu are very powerfully placed in Taurus and Scorpio, their potential can be harnessed.
  • Saturn is powerful in his own sign, so can be used intelligently.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius though average can still be used to create good in your life.

So though the Sankranti Purush is not very favourable, if you perform some pujas for the Sun or Graha shanti etc you will be able to make the most of the power of these graha. Will highlight the possible positives for the birth Moon signs,

  • Aries – must try to make the most of the Dharma Karma yog operating. Profession and gains are favourable if you make the efforts.
  • Taurus – Jupiter is favourable for you so try to create opportunities for gains in your life. Profession may feel a bit dull, but you are building a base for your future so persevere here. Travel may create opportunities.
  • Gemini – if you are in business, this Jupiter can give you good results. In your personal life too, partnerships can act as a foundation for something bigger in the future. You have to work but also be patient.
  • Cancer – for you hold on to your personal spiritual practice as this will give you the necessary strength to carry on in life. There can be some scope for those in business but only if you have done your ground work systematically earlier. 
  • Leo – This is one of the very best times, enemies are ineffective. Jupiter is bringing you close to important people and to your spouse, money from business too should be coming in. Make the most of it.
  • Virgo – there is a limited scope for calculated risks, if you have done your homework well. But do not break rules and think everything through before taking any step. Do your spiritual practice as this will help you generate positive energy during this time.
  • Libra – You will feel very creative but will not have the time to take up these things. But note down your ideas, they are all good and their time too will come. Your children will be a source of happiness to you in this time.
  • Scorpio – For you this is a very good time. You have the necessary opportunity, courage, intelligence and resources to take up any of the things you want to. Make the most of it, all life aspects are generally favourable. 
  • Sagittarius – Money flow can increase so you can take up investments after thinking them through. Your extended family and teammates may unexpectedly come to your assistance.
  • Capricorn – Focus on your spiritual practice to generate positivity during this time. Be patient. 
  • Aquarius – Traveling can generate opportunities. There is good scope for expansion but remember to keep your health first in all cases.
  • Pisces – You continue to get positive results, with several opportunities for gains of different types. But focus on getting yourself fit on the physical, emotional, financial etc aspects as your Sade sati will be starting soon.

(I am using data from Drikpanchangam for place Ujjain.)

Mercury retrograde combust predictions 2022 Jan Feb

Mercury will be going retrograde and combust soon,

  • Retrograde on 14th Jan 2022 – Forward on 4th Feb 2022 – Total 21 days in Capricorn (14th Jan is also Makar Sankranti, Sun enters Capricorn.)
  • Combust from 17th Jan to 30th Jan, 13 days,

He is very closely associated with the Sun and Saturn during this time. This is his first retrograde and he will be travelling back from Shravan to Uttarashadha nakshatras. One good thing is that Mercury is not changing his sign while in the retrograde motion. This means that the changes that he brings in will not be very intense.

However the general readings will be somewhat like this. 

Misunderstandings, errors in communication, a subtle change in logical and reasoning ability, increase in irrational behaviour as people will become more adamant and unable to see their own mistakes. People will be more willing to see the bad in everything rather than the positives so you will need to put more efforts in convincing your bosses, clients etc.

Anything that involves ‘two’ can suffer. Obviously communication and relationships will see arguments. Also physical activities like travelling from one place to another will face trouble. Transport, roadways, and other transport means will see tiny niggling things which will cumulatively cause problems. Then media will twist words/events be overall irresponsible and try to cause anarchy. IT firms and software dependant systems will see issues. People involved in these professions will face trouble.

This is not a good time to start new projects as your planning may have some errors in it. Being impulsive now can cost you later. Avoid giving irrational responses to the situations which unfold around you. Best avoid anything that requires planning, foresight, logical thinking etc and continue whatever you have started before the retrograde began. Error in judgment is likely, trigged by imaginary fears. Loss of money by self triggered actions is possible. A strong sense of commitment will be essential to tide you through during this period.

Mercury controls upper respiratory tract and digestive tract. Also the nerves and skin. So if you are prone to any medical issues to these organs they can get aggravated now. He is the embodiment of the mental process so can cause depression, emotional instability, sleeplessness, anxiety etc when retrograde. Importantly from the COVID 19 point of view, colds, cough, fevers etc will increase. Lungs are paired organs and under the control of Mercury (through Gemini) so the respiratory system can take a hit. He is going to be here with Saturn and all are combust. Also skin and nerve diseases are possible depending on the individual charts. If you are going for some medical procedure do it before the retrograde starts. Any optional or new procedure during the retrograde must be avoided as misdiagnosis is possible. Obviously in case of emergencies do not delay. 

Political movements will be governed by mean mindedness and selfishness. This may have significant effects on the 5 states due for elections. There is a good possibility that people will vote for independent candidates rather than party candidates.

He is changing the Nakshatra from Shravan to Uttarashadha. While he is retrograde in Shravan, established law, conventions, rules and regulations will be challenged by people guided by their own petty interests and self ego. While retrograde in Uttarashadha, expect impractical, misplaced ideas to interfere with actual work that needs to be done. The greater good will be sacrificed for the sake of individual ego. 

Several major things are happening at this time (post here) and Mercury retrograde will add to the confusion.

Generally Mercury retrogrades are good for finishing pending past work. A possibility of rare flashes of intuition helps you find the exact solution for pushing these old stuck projects but he does not allow consistent efforts. In addition now he is combust, ie working very closely with the Sun and conjunct with Saturn. Sun is in Capricorn the zenith of the zodiac. This sign is owned by his own son, Saturn. Saturn respects the elders, ie he has a sense of duty towards his father and Sun admires his own creative expression, ie his own son. If you can grasp this concept you will be able to make use of their combined energy. This time is good for performing certain specific jobs where you repeat your responsibilities and honor your creativity but only after deep introspection. If you do not do this, you will face problems, restrictions and delays due to your faulty thinking, inability to think of others, egoistic behaviour and selfish logic. 

You can fine tune the readings by considering the house counted from the birth Moon in which Mercury is going retrograde. 

He is more favourable when he transits the 4th 6th 8th 10th 11th signs from the birth Moon. So the signs Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra will be better able to navigate through and also benefit in some way from this retrograde. His positive effects will be boosted as per the individual chart. You will tend to take more efforts in doing things so will be able catch possible errors before they cause you harm. However his combust status can add a dose of selfishness to your actions, so take due care. But for Gemini as it is ruled by Mercury and he is combust and retrograde both, he will cause problems.

And he is troublesome when he transits over the birth Moon and also in the signs 2nd 3rd 5th 7th 9th and 12th from the birth Moon. These would be the birth Moon signs, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer, Taurus and Aquarius. Here you must take adequate care as the negative effects will be amplified. You may fail to understand the significance of events around you and get involved in sudden unpleasant events.  Especially Virgo, Capricorn and Cancer should be vigilant as sudden reversals in fortune are possible.

If you are undergoing a significant Vimshottari Dasha of Mercury care must be taken.

General remedy for all issues is listening or reciting Vishnu Sahastranama or worship of the Vighnaharta Ganpati and of course the Gayatri mantra.

But in this time, you can also try eating foods and wearing colors or perfumes linked to Mercury. Or giving Daan of the items linked to him or his mantra on the day he turns retrograde. On the behavioural side, keep in mind what can go wrong and modulate your behaviour accordingly. Finally keep up your personal spiritual practice and daily pujas. 

How to analyse your birth Moon chart

I have referred to the birth Moon chart in several of my posts. There were some recurring doubts on this so writing a basic post for analysing the birth Moon chart. Use this step wise framework to know more about your emotions, innermost tendencies, feelings and the astral body.

In Jyotish, you first analyse the Ascendant sign/ lord, and the basic birth chart. This gives you the physical and material stuff. The vitality of the physical body, the power of the overall environment around you. And how you make use of all these physical stuff.

Next in importance is the birth Moon. He represents your astral body, (there are 5 layers to the the body you are in post here). He is the sum of all of the individual you, ie your past present, future and parallel lives. He is your needs, your capacity to receive, your ability to change in response to the external/ internal stimuli, your entire potential. He is your experience, perceptions, feelings, emotions, instinct, nature and nurture. A strong Moon in the birth chart significantly elevates the quality of the entire life. You can never ignore the birth Moon chart.


Let’s use the example Aleister Crowley. A genius occultist, creator of the Thoth tarot deck, a spy, a mountaineer, writer, highly confident, intelligent etc and also the other negative stuff which you can get from the internet. He is dead, accurate birth data available and a well documented life, an ideal subject. His birth data 12th Oct 1875, 11:43 pm Leamington UK.

The ascendant is Cancer and so the birth chart is this,

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

The birth Moon is in Pisces sign and he is in 9th house from the Ascendant sign. For deriving the Moon chart, we redraw the same planet positions but put the Moon in Pisces sign as the first house. The rest of the planets and their signs remain the same as the birth chart. We just count everything in relation to the Moon. Birth Moon in Pisces is our focus point. We want to know more about the Moon and how the other planets are interacting with him.

So this below is his birth Moon chart, Pisces as the 1st house containing Moon and also Rahu.

analysing the moon chart

Step 1 –

  • First to understand how the Moon functions in Pisces sign.
  • Then to work out how Moon in the 9th house will behave.
  • And finally how the other planets conjunct (Rahu) and aspecting (Saturn, Sun) will affect him.
  • If you have studied the lunar mansions, then use the keywords of the Purvabhadrapada nakshatra to get more information on Crowley’s personality.

This analysis will tell you what exactly is his birth Moon capable of.

(You can also use the Ashtakvarga points of Moon in Pisces, the total points of Pisces sign, the Shadbala, the Vimshopaka bala, the Navamsha etc if you are an advanced student)

Step 2 –

To find out how this person ‘feels’ about the various aspects of his material life.

  • We will refer to the birth chart for the actual physical material life event and the Moon chart for the connected feelings etc (revise the basic keywords).

The birth ascendant sign (Cancer) is placed in the 5th house from the Moon (in Pisces). So he felt his entire personality and the overall environment to be very strongly a part of his creative power. He felt all the keywords of his ascendant sign to be capable of pushing him on the center-stage, he felt confident about his genius. He felt his physical existence to be a ‘child/ product/ extension/ creation’ of his astral immensity and he deeply felt this to be true. No wonder he used the occult so extensively in his life, his personality was defined by the occult. (‘Occult’ is nothing but a way of connecting to the astral dimension controlled by the Moon)

The birth chart’s 5th house (Scorpio) which represents the physical expression of creativity is counted 9th from his birth Moon. So his physical genius felt like the foundational philosophy of his life. ie he physically created several things, books, Thoth tarot deck, secret societies etc. He perceived his these actions to be his anchor on the internal levels. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces form his Dharma trikon in both the ascendant chart and the moon chart.

(Having the birth Moon in the 1st, 5th or 9th house from the ascendant sign always drives you upwards, it is a self feeding positive loop. You feel emotionally good about the material events. This motivates you, your creativity, foundation, personality, feelings all are working together, ie the astral and the material work together perfectly.)

Next his birth 2nd house (Leo) is placed 6th from the birth Moon. So he must have felt the matters of the family, the time spent with the family /friends to be a waste of his energy, a drudgery. He must have felt saving money to be stressful activity. Maintaining a link with his family history must have felt draining etc.

His birth 3rd house (Virgo) is placed 7th from the birth Moon. He must have felt a business-like bond with his teammates and group members etc. Similarly link up every house of the ascendant chart to the birth Moon to get a sense of how he interpreted the physical things around him on the deeper levels.

Here you have combined the keywords of the houses (1) as counted from the ascendant sign and (2) as counted from the Moon sign. This analysis will give you precious insights into how the subject feels about every physical aspect of his life.

What you ‘feel’ about something is paramount. eg someone may ‘feel’ good even if living a life of a beggar. Or someone may not ‘feel’ satisfied even if he is the richest man in the world. Your feelings about the reality surrounding your individual soul are decided by the Moon, ie the birth Moon chart.


Step 3 –

Locate the other planets from the birth Moon sign to know how they interact with the Moon’s energy. In our example, Rahu is with the Moon. Ketu is 7th. Sun is also placed 7th from the birth Moon. Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are placed 8th from the Moon . Mars and Saturn are placed 11th from his birth Moon. There are several combinations/ yog which are seen from the birth Moon, do find out more about them in case the chart shows any. Here is a basic analysis,

  • Rahu with the Moon is the Shakti yog. He will not hesitate to ‘use and throw’ others on the emotional levels, an inherent desire for destruction exists etc. Plus it means the Moon’s maturity is held back till Rahu matures in the late 40’s.
  • Jupiter in the 6/8 axis from the Moon is the Shakat yog. It gives a delay in marriage/ failed marriages/ multiple marriages, immaturity in love affairs, lack of judgement, headstrong nature, arrogance, vacillating nature which ultimately causes damage to oneself. There are cycles of misery and happiness in life.
  • Venus in the 6/8 axis from the Moon will give inappropriate love affairs and unnatural intimate relationships. Secret affairs and problems with the legal wife. Highly sensitive to emotions which can cause problems. Can grant intuitive abilities and spiritual growth later. But there are severe shocks and changes to be gone through first.
  • Saturn placed 11th from the birth Moon gave him a lot of communities/ associations of the occult and also non-occult kind. Mars adds his energy here. Crowley lived a rather happening public life, had several colleagues with whom he cooperated and also competed. Plus the aspect ensured a deep set fear.

Step 4 – 

Analyse the birth Moon chart just as you would analyse a regular chart.

  • the 1st house, (here Pisces) defines the emotional personality and the astral environment this person live in. Here you will use the keywords of Pisces but in the context of emotions, nature, nurture, astral, occult, intuition etc.
  • the 2nd house here Aries is vacant but aspected by Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. Also aspected by its own lord Mars. Mars in the 11th. So Crowley was capable of using emotionally charged words to gain his like minded groups, create fundamental change in the people he was emotionally close to by catastrophic means etc.
  • Similarly analyse the remaining houses as counted from the Moon.

This is a brief framework which you can use to analyse your own birth Moon chart and get more pointers into your own Mind.

There are several more things which you can deduce from the birth Moon chart but one particular thing of interest will be the Dasha analysis. The Vimshottari dasha is the first Dasha system you will learn and it is based on the position of the birth Moon.

  • In this example chart there are 3 planets placed 8th from the Moon. In the Dasha periods controlled by these planets, there will be sudden transformative shocks to the emotional self, to the mental make-up and to the astral body. ie during their Mahadasha and their Antardasha in other planet’s Mahadashas. There will be significant pain to the self, deep seated changes in how the subject feels himself to be, his innermost subconscious tendencies desires etc will change drastically, occult, secrets, explorations, danger to the mind etc are all indicated in such dasha periods.
  • Similarly if there were any planets placed 6th from or 12th from the birth Moon we would have predicted emotionally turbulent results in their Dasha periods too.
  • If there were any planets placed in the 5/9 axis from the birth Moon then their Dashas would be expected to go well. The mental, emotional component of the life during this time period would be stable and show a positive growth.

There are two typical situations with the birth Moon.

  1. The birth Moon is in the ascendant sign itself, then your birth Moon chart is the same as your basic birth chart. You feel about the material situations in the same context, there is no conflict, no difference in what is happening and what you are feeling about it.
  2. The Cancer ascendant. Here Moon himself is the ascendant lord. The ascendant lord is responsible for creating the physical environment, the physical personality and specifically controls how the material environment and the personality interact. So the person’s feelings about his reality and what is actually happening will not vary much. However even then, the birth Moon chart still will have to be seen for more details.

Our Bharatvarsha the Aryavarta

Our nation, our Bharat भारत is one, we are the residents of Bharatvarsha भारतवर्ष , we are all Bharatiya. We are the oldest civilisation, the mother of all civilisation. We are older than history itself. Never forget that. We are the Arya आर्य , residents of Aryavrat आर्यावर्त, we are the last remnants of Sanskruti संस्कृति .

We have lost information, we have forgotten our own history to the extent of forgetting our own language but still we are on the right path. Several of us have forgotten themselves completely, but still there is a significant percentage of us who feel the beat of Dharma in our individual souls and are willing to walk on the Sanatan path. Hold this thought in your heart and be proud of what you are, a Bharatiya भारतीय, above all.

The Vishnu Puran gives the definition of our Bharat and us its children, the Bharati. The first shlok is this,

उत्तरं यत्समुद्रस्य हिमाद्रेश्चैव दक्षिणम्। वर्षं तद्भारतं नाम भारती यत्र सन्ततिः।।

The land at the North of the Ocean and at the South of the snow clad Mountains, this is called Bharat and the children of this land are called the Bharati भारती .

Go through the Vishnu Puran to read what this our land, our Bharat भारत, is really all about. The several  dynasties, the numerous kings who ruled this Aryavarta from the time of Manu मनु are all recorded in detail here. This, in the Vishnu puran, is the history of us humans on Earth.

I will emphasise two essential points from the Vishnu Puran’s description of our Bharat, the rest you can read from the Puran itself.

  • The name of our nation, Bharat, comes from Chakravarti Samrat Bharat चक्रवर्ति सम्राट भरत, the eldest son of Chakravarti Samrat Vrushabh चक्रवर्ति सम्राट वृषभ and his wife Merudevi मेरुदेवी. This is way back in history, it is beyond ancient, tens of thousands years possibly. His capital was at Ujjain the city of Bhagwan Mahakaleshwar, this is the oldest capital city in the world. (I hope some Bharatiya government does deep archeological digs in this area soon)
    • Our nation is not named after Raja Bharat who was the son of Raja Dushyant and Shakuntala as is popularly propagated. This Raja Bharat was comparatively very recent in history, just a few thousand years ago.
  • Bharatvarsha is the only land on this earth where you can attain Svarg or even Moksh, the entire land pulsates with power. No other land has this inherent quality. This is the only karma-bhoomi in this world. So if you act with positive intention in this land you can achieve the exclusive Svarga/ dimension of highly auspicious energy. Or even the Eternal Advaita, your own Self. Also if you perform inauspicious actions in this Bharat, you will as easily achieve the lok/ dimensions of the lower energy levels.
    • If you are born, live and physically die here, it is because of some auspicious karma of very many lives. Use this time well, it is only a limited breaths long.

Our Bharatvarsha is the original Aryavarta, the land of the wise, the elevated and the Seers. 


In the current times, the land north of the Devi Narmada is called Uttar Bharat and the land south of this river is called Dakshin Bharat. And this has led to such complications that Adi Shankaracharya himself had to come up with several energy solutions to bridge these two superficially divided mindsets. Most important is this one energy exchange, 

  • Anyone worshipping at Shri Kshetra Kashi Vishveshvar Jyotirlingam has to take some water from the Ganga river here and take it to the Shri Kshetra Setu Bandha Rameshwaram Jyotirlingam and do Abhishek over it there.
  • Anyone who worships at the Shri Kshetra Setu Bandha Rameshwaram Jyotirlingam has to take some sand from the Setu Bandha and immerse it at the Ganga in front of the Shri Kshetra Kashi Vishveshvar Jyotirlingam. 

Ideally every Bharatiya has to perform this once in his/her life.

Today I was reading a random article by a Jyotishi and Vedic scholar. (I had found an interesting Jyotish article and was looking up more work by the author.) To my utter shock this person is claiming that the Jyotirlingam at Rameshwaram (Dakshin) is more powerful that the Jyotirlingam at Kashi (Uttar). A Vedic scholar or even a Jyotishi must understand that it is all the same Bhagwan. One Lingam cannot be more or less than the other, it is the same. The same Lingam, the same Jyotih is reverberating throughout creation. Whether one goes to Kashi or Somnath or Kedarnath or Rameshwaram or Ujjain or Dwarka or Puri or Badrinath or Ksheer Bhavani or Purnagiri or Hinglaj or Jwaladevi or Kamakhya or Himalay or Sagar or Ganga or Narmada or Sarasvati or Yamuna it is the same Bhagwan of the singular Bharatvarsha.

There is only one Bharatvarsha. And we are all the same, Bharatiya.

The Lila of the Devi is utterly mystifying. Our own history, philosophy and intelligence is right in front of us, in own our mother tongue Devbhasha Samskrutam, and we cannot read it!  

We all have to revive our language, the Devbhasha, in our homes, in our lives, in our hearts. This is the only way out of this morass in which we find ourselves today. We have lost our identity and our language Sanskrit is the only way we can find ourselves again. Let’s give our children the gift of being able to read our own books, the beauty of the Devbhasha. The easiest way is to subscribe to the Sudharma Sanskrit daily newspaper, its just Rs 600/per yr. Reading this one page daily news will help you learn simple daily Sanskrit.

We have to reclaim our language, thus our books, our history, our identity and thus our essential Non-Duality.

Black magic and compelling love marriages

We generally marry for positive emotions, love, for social or financial security, for companionship with expectation of happiness. But sometimes marriages are also solemnised because one of the two has malicious intentions ie intends to oppress, hurt, cheat or otherwise use the spouse in some way.

‘Black magics’ or more correctly psychic attacks of negative intentions with the desire to harm, manipulate, cheat, torture etc have always existed. These can be used to compel the victim to behave in a way completely opposite to his/her basic nature. And this happens.

As per the law, you can marry as per your choice after the age of 18/21yrs. But despite this complete freedom, it is better to think seriously on the social, professional, educational, financial etc angles before taking this lifetime decision. After marriage, despite whatever anyone says, the woman is more vulnerable, so she should decide on emotional as well as practical grounds. She should marry only if she is convinced that her husband is capable and willing to support her and their future children in every way possible for a lifetime. (In my experience with the marital dispute cases I have seen, the wife was at the receiving end about 75% of the time.)

But today if you look around, you will see several examples of beautiful women or from wealthy families, or professionals working in good positions, highly educated etc marrying barely literate drivers, vegetable vendors, out of work etc highly unsuitable men from completely alien backgrounds. You would never expect such women to take this sort of decision in the normal course of life. They completely change, ie their personality, thinking patterns, likes/ dislikes completely change overnight. eg someone who lives in a bungalow now thinks that living in a slum is acceptable. Whatever one says about the power of ‘love’, is not normal that a good looking woman, well educated, articulate, professionally well placed, etc, would marry an unemployed man who lives in a slum. I do believe in love as an enabling emotion, but I certainly do not believe that it can change someone to this extreme extent. Marrying for love is a good thing as long as it is backed by intelligence, common sense and practicality.

So in such cases, there must be some other reason why these women take this illogical decision. Most often this is a result of a malicious psychic attack, popularly called ‘black magic’. 

There are two easily available substances which ‘hold’ intention and remain ‘charged’ for a longer time. We regularly use them for their this ability very often in a positive sense.

  • Water ‘holds’ on to energy very strongly. This is the reason why in temples, the Tirtham is offered to devotees. This water is charged with the mantra of the deity and often camphor, saffron strands, tulsi leaves etc are added to enhance its auspiciousness. The pujari Brahmin will use a special spoon to put this Tirtham in your right palm and you will drink it from here adding a highly positive energy to your self. This is why we revere the waters of the Devi Ganga, its loaded with auspiciousness and drinking it brings this same power into ourself.
  • Food, specifically sugar is the second substance which ‘holds’ the energy of intentions very strongly. This is the reason why we offer sweet food or even plain sugar crystals to the deities as Naivedyam. The sugar absorbs the mantra of the pujas and later when you eat this as a Prasadam, the mantra energy is absorbed into you. In temples this type of sugar candy is given as Prasadam, this is a positive use of this substance.

(There are several substances with this typical property eg spices, but they are a bit expensive)

But for those who have malicious intentions, it is easy to get these two items, water and sugar, charged with negativity. And there are several unscrupulous occult practitioners who do this for a fee. There was a reason why our parents would tell us to not eat sweets offered by strangers. Just because we are grown up now does not mean that we forget this basic concept.

The easiest way to perform ‘black magic’ ie a penetrating psychic attack on someone, is to offer him /her negatively charged water to drink or some food containing charged sugar to eat. Generally we do not think much when others offer us water or food. We are not used to thinking that people around us can be so actively malicious. So we eat this stuff and fall into their trap. Obviously the best way of protecting yourself from such black magic attacks is to never eat water/ food offered to you by others, even if they say that it is some Prasadam or some rare sweet or something very tasty or something which you feel that you have to taste.

Now for the solution to this.

Someone you know suddenly expresses her wish to marry someone very unsuitable, unemployed etc and literally wants to move into the slums with him, ie this person starts behaving completely differently from what he/she is generally. (I have seen this happen several times with my and my parent’s clients. Women targeted more often than the men.)

The first thing that you should do is to check the aura.

Being under a psychic attack of this intensity is very painful for the person. He/she is very tired internally and the damage to the aura is clearly visible.

  • The aura will have streaks of blackness, greyness, a dirty brown brown color etc, especially more around the shoulders, head, chest.
  • The entire aura seems to be enveloped in a black film
  • There will be indications of severe strain, ie a painful red orange etc colors in the aura
  • There will be dirty looking cords or inserts like hooks etc in the substance of the aura.
  • Small babies will refuse to be held by such persons. Small babies can sense the auras of people quite clearly so this is one of the definitive tests of negativity in a person.
  • If the aura shows damage then it is 100% a negative binding. This person is a victim of an insidious and malicious attack on his/her very self.

Next would be to remove this psychic binding.

The best way to do this is to seek the protection of Devi Varahi देवी वाराही. This form of the Devi removes the bindings caused by negative energy and ‘grounds’ the energy of a person very firmly. You can think of this as an ‘earthing’ process where the negativity is ‘earthed’ by her power.

Devi Varahi is very Ugra intelligence, a very ferocious deity. I found some images from the internet. Note the typical Shrungar with bhasma on her forehead and malas made of red hibiscus flowers and lemons which indicates her fierce Ugra nature. I cannot recommend any of her stotra or mantra randomly for my readers, she is too intense an intelligence. eg She is the Kshetra palika of Kashi and also Uttarkashi, you can imagine her intensity just with this one sentence.

Regular people can simple do a namaskar to her with a simple ॐ श्री वाराहीदेवै नमः And as she is a Devi, the Shri sukta can be recited in front of her. At max regular people can recite the Tantrokta Ratri Sukta from the Devi Mahatmya for her.

So this is what you can do for your loved family member.

  • Take the person to a Devi Varahi temple. Ask the temple pujari Brahmin to give this person Tirtham or Prasadam infused with her power. You can ask for a flower from the deity’s moorti which he/she can always keep for protection. Ask the temple Brahmin to remove the evil eye using vibhuti of the Devi or any other way as per the local temple practices. In most Devi temples there is a Bhairav moorti where this is done using a mixture of raw unbroken black gram and unbroken rice. Devi Varahi is worshipped all over Bharat with equal devotion. The older the temple, the more powerful is the Moorti there.
  • If there is a reliable practitioner, Jyotishi, Brahmin etc whom you trust, approach him and suggest that he invokes Devi Varahi for removal of this specific negative influence. These pujas need not be too complicated, eg doing a Homa for invoking her or making a typical amulet for the victim to wear is generally effective.
  • (This can also be as simple as touching the person with the tusk of a boar after invoking the Devi Varahi. This may sound weird but amazingly it works. The black film over the aura pops like you would pop a balloon with a needle.) If you can do this with a clear intention in your mind that the Devi Varahi helps the person as a loving yet fiercely protective Mother, she will remove the negative compulsions and neutralise the malicious attack.
  • Keep an image of the Devi Varahi in this person’s room or encourage him/ her to use it as the phone/laptop wallpaper.

Finally after all this is done, hold some puja in your home. eg Satyanarayan puja or Mahamrutyunjai Homa or a Graha Shanti puja or your Kuldevata puja etc whatever you like. This will ensure that any negativity from the malicious intention if tied to the house itself is destroyed.

And if this was actually a psychic attack on your family member to force him/ her to marry an unsuitable person against the will then try to be kind to the victim. He/she has been attacked in a deeply invasive way which we others cannot understand, ie do not further scold or traumatise your loved family member.

Briefly the allegory/ story of the Devi Varahi.

In Satya yug, Devi Bhumi is imprisoned by the Asur Hiranyaksh in the Patal, the lowermost lok/ dimension. So Bhagwan Vishnu takes the form of Shri Varah to rescue her, his third Avtar. He fights and kills the Asur, then carefully holds Devi Bhumi between his tusks and carries her upwards. Thus he crosses the lower 7 lok/ dimensions carrying her (Patal, Rasatal, Mahatal, Talatal, Sutal, Vital and Atal). He stabilises Devi Bhumi again in the Bhu Lok, her own dimension. Bhu Devi expresses her thanks and says that now she is his wife. The logic being that Shri Varah has crossed the seven dimensions carrying her, ie he has performed the Saptapadi, the seven steps of the Vivah sanskar with her. (In the Vivah Sanskar, the husband and wife take seven steps together, Sapta-padi, after which they are considered married.) Here one dimension/ lok is equivalent to one step of the Vivah Sanskar. This is acceptable to him, but the wife of Bhagwan Vishnu is always Devi Laxmi, none else. So a part each of the energies of Devi Bhumi and Devi Laxmi is merged to create a specific wife for Shri Varaha, ie the Devi Varahi.

Varah वराह is a sanskrit word which has several meanings like a bull, wild boar, dolphin, a cloud, etc. वाराही Varahi is the energy which causes motion in the substance of the Varah.

There was a question on this topic with some very personal details. And I felt that real reason on the energy level and the simplest yet most effective solution had to be made known so that it remains here and anyone who needs it can use it.

I feel that these solutions should have been transmitted from one generation to the next in the family itself. But our parents/ we have failed to treasure our knowledge, thus today find ourselves in trouble.

Today it is a genuine problem where women are targeted with malicious intentions and compelled to marry men whom they wouldn’t even look at twice in the normal course of life.You must also be reading about such incidents and their increase in recent times in the news and in your neighbourhood.

Marriage is a life long commitment. Sanatan Dharma does not have a concept of ‘divorce’, simply because everyone is supposed to get married after using Jyotish and after application of basic common sense. In our Devbhasha Samskrutam there is no word for ‘divorce’. ie remember that once you marry someone, the energy of the Vivah Sanskar will be broken only with the physical exit of one of the two. Marriage is a life changing decision and if you get it wrong, you will face immense pain and sorrow. So even if there is no psychic attack visible, it is always advisable to think 10 times before deciding to marry someone with a different social, educational, financial etc background. Be very careful.

On the safe side at least do a darshan of the Devi Varahi before taking this drastic step.


Astrologically real friends and fake friends

In today’s superficial world we have lots of social ‘friends’ who ‘like’ us, ‘besties’ and ‘bff’s’, but then when we look around for that buddy when we really need someone, there is no one. Life time friendships and close friends are a thing of the past and most of us labour on through life without shoulder to cry on. And we too never attempt to really try to give our friends a boost when they need it. All of us are very busy in our lives and most best-friend-forever’s are the fair weather variety who disappear at the first hint of trouble.

Having no or very few genuine friends is a reality of our times. So let’s try to analyse our friends or the lack of them astrologically.

First to check out which sort of people do each of the houses bring into your life.

  • The 1st house brings in people who are like your own self and are generally supportive. People who help in creating your personality and are a huge part of your environment.
  • The 2nd house brings your family members closer to you, people you have known throughout your life. These people help you and your family grow and gain in several ways, its a close knit thing.
  • The 3rd house is siblings, the neighbourhood, all those linked to you by a common purpose or a team with common skill sets. They support you only upto limited levels and later will become your competitors.
  • Anyone you meet through your 4th house is a maternal figure in some way connected to your homeland and traditions. You are comfortable with these, but there is an undercurrent of need based love which can become suffocating later.
  • The 5th house rarely brings friends, it is the house of self-referential genius. You prefer self-love here and do not allow friendly relationships to emerge from its depths.
  • The 6th brings in people whom you owe service, money, debts, emotions, worry or work. No friends here, it is the breakdown of all amiable relationships.
  • The 7th house is that one real best friend, the closest one-one relationship that you will have with one or rarely two people in your life. The one whom you instinctively yearn for. Someone whom you instantly know to be your own, a spouse or a platonic friend. You just know that he is your partner and friend for life.
  • The 8th house is all those people you’d rather not meet. Harbingers of catastrophes and traumatic change. Your interactions in the 8th are are generally painful and thankfully short.
  • The guides who support are brought in by the 9th house. Good people, peer and patrons but you wouldn’t be very comfortable partying with or sharing your innermost feelings here.
  • The 10th is all sorts of fatherly figures, even the boss who teaches you how to conduct yourself in the office. They expect best behaviour and work from you. No friends here.
  • Now the 11th house is your friend and it supports your like minded groups. All the interactions, the help that you may give or receive from people you would like to spend time with, go out with, enjoy with because you all are alike in some way or the other. It is the gain in terms of emotional support and the physical presence of having your friend around when you need him the most.
  • And finally the 12th rarely brings in actual people as friends. It can allow entities or spiritual helpers during your mediative or dream states. Or people who can lead you astray, cause you losses or make you feel alone.

eg. Open your chart, note the sign placed in the 11th house. Note where its lord is placed. eg suppose it is Gemini, ruled by Mercury. And Mercury is placed in your 3rd house. So your ideal friend is the one who is more of a team-mate, someone with whom you can learn new things and later compete with.

So to have ‘friends’ as we understand it, the basic requirement is a strong 11th house supported by an auspicious 7th house. In case these two are working against you, then there are no real friends for you.

Here I am listing some possible combinations for friendlessness which indicate people whom you initially think to be your ‘friends’, but they will be inimical to you and your interests. If you think of anyone as your ‘friend’, the inherent imbalance will start affecting the relationship.

If these combinations exist in your birth Moon chart, then the effects will be seen on the emotional levels more than physical levels. Lack of emotional satisfaction and emotional suffering from your friends.

Malefics in the 11th house

Natural malefics – Wrote about the role of the natural malefics ie Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in the 11th house and your friendships in this post.Natural malefics in the 11th house do not grant genuine friendships.

If this planet is either your ascendant lord or a yogkarak for your chart, then he will always support you, not harm you. But the types of people he indicates will still enter your life posing as ‘friends’ with ulterior motives. But the difference is that you will be able to manage your ‘friend-circle’ so as to always gain from them. Especially so if this planet is powerful. But if this planet is debilitated, then be aware that your friends will try use your talents or cheat you in ways you do not expect and cause you harm.

Functional malefics – There are 3 houses of turmoil the 6th 8th and 12th. (The 3rd house can go both ways depending on the chart)

  • The 6th house and its lord. Any connect between the 6th and the 11th house does not give genuine friendships. You are required to be there for your friends and will lose money or get stressed because of them. People will briefly come in your life, take something from you and vanish forever. They will make you serve and suffer. You might lose your time, money, emotions or energy in these interactions. So be careful about people whom you meet especially in the course of your profession or in social settings, those who try to get close to you. Unhappiness is often a result.
  • The 8th house and its lord. If there is a connect between these and the 11th house in any way, then your friendships will not prosper. There will be an initial fascination because of some common secrets, mysteriousness, occult interests etc. The initial spark will entice, but as time passes this will fade. Often explosive arguments or actual physical fights, after which the friendship ends. Suppressed rage issues are often a result.
  • The 12th house and its lord. A connection between the 11th and the 12th house/lords means that you might meet people in isolated places, eg treks in remote areas, at retreats for meditation, in hospitals, or if the chart is bad then even in jails etc. You will be drawn to them because of undefinable reasons, pinning down the exact reason this person came close to you will not be easy. But eventually these people will cause losses in your life. You might take this in a philosophical vein but sorrow is often a result.

The power of the 11th lord. And if you have any planet in the 11th then analyse him too. If he is affected in any way he will not be able to provide you with life time friends. A simple interpretation would be something like this,

  • debilitated planet – mean minded people will come into your life posing as friends. They will try to put you down, injure your self confidence, diminish your self ego, make use of your assets for their purposes, cheat you.
  • combust planet – your ‘friends’ turn out to be selfish and self-centred. They expect praise and recognition form you but never notice the important things about you. No real interaction is possible with such self-referential egoistic people so the friendship will naturally be short lived.
  • You can further check the power of the planet using Shadbala concepts and their interpretations. A planet with low power cannot give pleasing results.
  • Especially check his Ishta Kashta phala, a planet with high Kashta phala will grant you friends who give you pain.

You can also cross check with the Ashtakvarga table.

  • The score of the 11th house sign, should be more than 27 points in order to give favourable results.
  • The score of the 11th lord in the sign he is placed in should be more than 4, for auspicious results.
  • If you have a planet in the 11th house check his score for the sign he is placed in, ie your 11th house sign. This less than 4 will grant failure in friendships.

Use the Navamsha chart for checking the potential of the 11th house things. (detailed post on Navamsha analysis). Any connect with the Dusham sthan here can affect things.

  • eg. Suppose your main birth chart 6th house is Virgo/Mercury so naturally the 11th house will be Aquarius/Saturn. In your navamsha chart, check if Saturn has been allocated to Virgo navamsha. Or Mercury is placed in Aquarius navamsha. If this is so, then your friends will seem very good on the face but will have a rotten core. They will hurt you and eventually exit from your life.

If your 11th house is very strong then this means that you will benefit from your friends. For this to happen your friend has to first have something which he can then give to you. So your own 11th energies will act as a catalyst on him and give him several benefits. On the subconscious levels it is expected that he will give them back to you, thus sustain that loop in a positive feedback situation. Now we will have to see his Dharma trikon, if this is strong then he will happily give it to you and the self-sustaining loop will continue. But if his Dharma trikon is afflicted, he will not be able to hold up his part of the subconscious bargain and you will not get the benefit that your 11th house has created in him, to give to you. And the loop will sense a negative feedback and the friendship will be severed. This is a rather convoluted logic but this is the way it works.

A strong 11th house will not allow a sneaky person to enter your life as a friend. So if you are having issues with ‘friends’ it is your 11th house that needs to be addressed. Ultimately you are responsible for what is happening to you and there are several ways to resolve these negative patterns.

Everything that happens in our lives is for a reason, basically karma. It is possible that you do not understand astrology much, but even then, reading these posts will be helpful. Knowing that the reason your bosom friend kicked you in the ass had something to do with 6th house or something like that and was not your fault per se, can help bring acceptance and closure.