Kaalchakra Dasha, Deha Jiv, Gemini-Sagittarius

The Dasha systems are necessary to time events in astrology. I have written several posts on the Vimshottari Dasha. It is the first Dasha system taught to students, there is a lot of material and research on Vimshottari, it is the easiest to understand and is accurate. But there are more Dasha systems which are applicable in certain cases. A professional astrologer has to be familiar with at least 3-4 Dasha systems.

The Kaalchakra dasha system gives very accurate results for everyone at all times if the accurate birth details are known. I know most of my readers have not learnt Kaalchakra or perhaps not even heard about it, but writing this post in the hope that someone might be inspired to read and learn it eventually. (If you intend to learn Kaal chakra Dasha refer to the book by Shakti Mohan Singh, it gives the correct method of calculating stuff.)

The Deha and Jiv rashi concept is one of the unique features in the Kaalchakra Dasha. Even without learning the entire Kaalchakara Dasha system you can use this concept and it will give you one more tool to cross-check your predictions or make sense of what is happening to you at the moment.

Open your Vedic astrology software (any software will do), check that the Ayanamsha is Chitrapaksha – Lahiri, then input your birth time and location. Note your birth Moon’s position, ie his Nakshatra/ lunar mansion and its quarter/ pad. Now refer to the table below. There are two types of signs mentioned against your birth Moon’s Nakshatra quarter. ‘Deha’ and ‘Jiv’ signs. Deha means the body. Jiv means the individual soul.

Nakshatra Quarter Deha Jiva











First Aries Sagittarius
Second Capricorn Gemini
Third Taurus Gemini
Fourth Cancer Pisces






First Scorpio Pisces
Second Aquarius Virgo
Third Libra Virgo
Fourth Cancer Sagittarius





First Cancer Sagittarius
Second Libra Virgo
Third Aquarius Virgo
Fourth Scorpio Pisces









First Cancer Pisces
Second Taurus Gemini
Third Capricorn Gemini
Fourth Aries Sagittarius

These two signs, Deha and Jiv, are the most sensitive signs in your birth chart. Locate them in your birth chart, see the influences on them. If there are any planets placed in them at birth they will give rather intense and sudden results. Benefic planets influencing them will indicate sudden rise in life and malefic planets influencing them will indicate sudden distress. If there are no planets placed in these signs at birth it is relatively a better situation as there are fewer unexpected changes in life. Too many changes in life, even if they are auspicious, tend to disrupt the smooth flow of the life experience and need to be navigated with care.

The Deha sign is linked to your body, the physical environment and the material stuff.

  • If there are malefics here at birth then one should be careful when these connected planet’s Vimshottari dasha-s change. This Dasha change period makes the body most susceptible to ill-health. If you have learnt to use the Kaalchakra system then you should keep track of the Deha sign periods and be careful accordingly.
  • Malefic influences on the Deha sign in transit will almost always give sudden illness. Depending on what kind of planet and which sign is involved you can predict the type and intensity of illness.
  • Benefics naturally will give pleasing results, good health, mental and emotional happiness in the time periods controlled by them and these signs. But no one comes to the astrologer to know why he is having a good time. They will come to ask when the good times will come, for this you can look up the future transits and analyse.

Jiv sign is linked to the individual soul, karmic bindings, mental and emotional stuff. It indicates the issues of the individual soul very deeply. eg Moon under stress can cause emotional breakdown but an malefic affliction to the Jiv sign can cause the person to be in the depths of despair, the soul itself is in torment, which will not be visible to others around him.

  • Malefic influences here at birth will make the person labour under a burden of the soul throughout life. There is an underlying despondency and an overall listlessness.
  • Malefic transits over this sign can cause intense trauma to the soul. A dark night of the soul type of trauma. Mental anguish, depression, isolation, betrayal, abandonment by the loved ones, separations etc are very common results during this period.
  • Benefics involved here will also give sudden changes but these will be naturally auspicious and supportive in nature.

If both the Deha and Jiv signs are afflicted by malefics in the birth chart, this lowers the quality of the horoscope. Such a person should perform remedial measures, do a regular spiritual practice or at least some mantra jaap regularly to keep his body and soul in balance. If both the Deha and Jiv signs have benefics placed in them at birth these will give auspicious results but life will be quite happening with sudden rises happening frequently. This is also can become a disruptive thing if the personality is unable to adjust to the sudden rise in fortunes.

During the transits of the nine planets, it is natural that sometimes they will transit over the Deha and Jiva signs both. ie both these signs will have some planet transiting over them. These times in life will be rather happening and there will be sudden changes depending on the natures of the planets transiting. If two or more malefics transit these signs then expect severe stress. In case the malefic influence is very severe, it can manifest as temporary separation or death of relatives, loss of job, loss of wealth or ill-health. This period is invariably very dangerous for the person’s body, mind and soul. He should be prepared for rough times ahead. If several malefics including Rahu/ Ketu are involved they can also cause physical death. If these transiting planets are benefics then they will give sudden changes in life but these will be agreeable changes and ‘sudden rise’. If there is a mix of malefic and benefic influences transiting the Deha and Jiva signs, then the results will also be mixed.

And one more simple way of using the Deha and Jiva concept. Locate these two signs, Deha and Jiva in your birth horoscope.

  • If either of these signs fall in your 6th, 8th or 12th houses, you should beware of sudden changes in life which lead to turmoil.
  • In case these signs fall in the Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) houses or the Kona (5th, 9th) houses they will give sudden changes in life but they will be for your good.

Venus and Mars placed in the 8th house

Now let’s do a small practical.

Right now Sagittarius – Gemini is going through a lot. Such events are perfect study periods for Jyotish.

Tally this Deha and Jiv concept with what has just happened and is still happening in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is, as it is, one of the most happening signs of the zodiac. During Nov 2019 to Jan 2020 things have been even more happening in transit for Sagittarius. So many planets together, the slowest trio, Saturn + Ketu + Jupiter together, total solar eclipse, combust Jupiter, combust Mercury, combust Saturn, a total solar eclipse, Rahu/ Ketu nodes in forward motion almost stationary etc. A huge burst of energy, malefics and benefics all mixed up.

People born with their birth Moon in the following Nakshatra+pad will be suffering because their Jiva sign is Sagittarius. Refer to the table above, Sagittarius can only be a Jiv sign for anyone born in the,

  • first quarter of the nakshatras at group (1) of this table.
  • fourth quarter/pad of the nakshatras listed in group (2).
  • first quarter of the nakshatra listed at group (3)
  • fourth quarter of nakshatra at group (4).

Almost all of these individuals will go through an intense period of soul searching and mental anguish during the period Nov 2019 to Jan 2020.

The next high voltage sign would be Gemini which is in axis with Sagittarius. Gemini too is facing the brunt of the energies being released in Sagittarius and has its own energy burst, a penumbral lunar eclipse coming up on 10th Jan 2020. So people with Gemini as their Deha sign (Group 1 nakshatra= birth in second or third quarter) or Jiv rashi (Group 4 nakshatra = birth in third or fourth quarter) are also going through their version of sudden traumatic events.

If you have anyone around you with any of the above birth Moon nakshtra-quarter, observe him/ her analytically, you will learn a lot about the dynamics of the Deha and Jiva rashi concept. Gemini Deha rashi guys will be in some physical discomfort eg someone I know is in danger of being evicted from her house, she lost a legal case recently. And the Gemini Jiv or Sagittarius Jiv sign people are suffering through their own private emotional turbulence which they can neither understand nor express.

The effectiveness of signs (this post) is a very important part of astrological analysis. Focussing only on the planets we forget that the signs and also the houses are equally important. Sagittarius and Gemini are the signs of surprises, the highest energy signs. The periods controlled by these are quite full of action. The houses they are placed in, show quick moving events (even Vimshottari dasha is to be analysed on these lines, posts here). Now these two signs are the axis of an energy maelstrom. And the worst part is that the individual has no control over these events or his response to these events. It is like being caught in this whirlpool of events and trying to keep oneself above water.

If you look at the current situation, there are so many planets in Sagittarius, Rahu in Gemini, Moon transits fast at 2.25days/sign, Mars is in Scorpio and Venus in Capricorn. So if we refer to our table, people with these signs as their Deha and Jiv signs will be rather under stress at present.

January end will bring some respite to the beleaguered Sagittarius-Gemini axis when Saturn moves out into Capricorn. Jupiter can then try to repair the damage by adding his dose of hope and philosophy. But Ketu will add his own mix of spirituality into the repair work. Interesting times in any case.


Lunar eclipse 10th Jan 2020

The first eclipse of the year 2020 is coming up on the night of 10th / 11th  Jan. It is a penumbral lunar eclipse, visible in India from about 22:35 pm to 2:40 am Indian time. It will have its effect throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia etc.

It is just a penumbral eclipse and the shadowing of the moon will be extremely faint. There are no specific rituals that need be performed as such. During the actual eclipse if you feel like it you can perform some spiritual practice or do mantra jaap of Rahu/Ketu and Sun/Moon or Gayatri or whatever you feel like. However pregnant women should take care also consult your doctor and if possible avoid giving birth during this time. A pre-eclipse time of 9 hours is considered the ‘sutak’ period for a lunar eclipse. People avoid doing auspicious activities during this period. Generally a fast is observed or some eclipse-specific pujas are performed during the sutak period. For a solar eclipse the sutak period is 12hours before the solar disc starts getting occulted.

A lunar eclipse needs only the Sun and the Moon to be opposite each other with Rahu/Ketu. So in this scenario only those few people whose ascendant or birth Moon sign is Leo, Cancer and the sign axis in which the eclipse is occurring would be affected. But this time, in addition we have Saturn Jupiter Mercury caught up in this eclipse energy and are combust! Practically 80% of the population will see something of these energies generated affecting their life. As it is you can see world events have gone very erratic in these times.

Lunar eclipse 10th Jan 2020

Generally a penumbral lunar eclipse has limited energy so its effects are also rather limited. The main umbral eclipse where the Moon is visibly occulted is the real thing. But this time, though the eclipse is weak, it is just one more energy event in a sequence of events since Nov 2019 and which will continue till 22nd Jan 2020. The eclipse is occurring in the over-loaded Gemini-Sagittarius axis,

  • Rahu is going to eclipse the Moon in Gemini. Gemini belongs to Mercury. Gemini is a typical house, the 3rd natural house of the zodiac and has the potential to go either way.
  • Ketu is with the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury in Sagittarius. Also Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn are combust, ‘evaporated’ by the Sun. The Sun has taken in all the qualities of these planets and has become a ‘mixed-up-Sun’, combustion of planets changes the quality of the Sun. Sagittarius has been bearing the brunt of all this energy for quite some time now. Their this Sade-sati phase has been quite bad despite Jupiter being there.
  • Mars will be aspecting Rahu+Moon with his 8th house aspect. This is an intense aspect can trigger rash behaviour.
  • We have just had a humongous solar eclipse on 26th Dec 2019. I have written several posts on this energy event.
  • The nodes are in the forward motion and are almost stationary. This indicates past karmas are moving very fast, almost everyone is caught in a whirl of events over which there is no control.
  • Only Venus is away from all this, the only graha who is not involved. However his Taurus sign is a bit uncomfortable as Sagittarius is 8th from it, so triggering fast sudden changes in their lives.

People with Gemini or Sagittarius as their ascendant or Moon sign should be careful. To some extent Taurus, Cancer,  Scorpio and Capricorn signs also should take care. Some major changes are in the offing. For the rest of the signs the results are neutral. For Aries and Libra, if the rest of the chart supports, these two signs can benefit during this period.

People in the planetary Dasha of Moon eg Vimshottari Moon Mahadasha or Moon antardasha. Or if sign-based dashas are applicable to you, then those of you in the Dasha periods of Gemini or Sagittarius signs. If you can use the Kaalchakra dasha, then those with Gemini or Sagittarius signs Deha or Jiv rashis will be disturbed. All these people should expect significant changes in life in Jan-Feb 2020.

Some of the issues which can be triggered by this eclipse are as follows. These are general readings, the intensity will depend on the rest of the birth chart and the math. But these results will be seen at some level or the other, mild or intense everyone will experience these.

Respiratory problems, allergies, nervous issues are possible. Arguments with siblings, misunderstandings with teammates or office colleagues are possible. Take care to complete your office work in time. At home, there is a high chance of differences with the husband/wife leading to temporary separations. You might feel ‘out of tune’ with your best friends. Avoid taking major issues related to relationships till Jan end, ie proposals, engagements, marriages, separations or divorce. You might feel stressed out emotionally and mentally. Psychological issues and depression are likely for some. Take care of your money, relationships and health. Misunderstandings, rumours or even lying and cheating is possible, so think logically before you act. Avoid loose talk and gossip. Engaging in financial speculations can be risky at present. Risky behaviour, rash driving, trying antics while swimming can get dangerous.  Vehicles and electrical equipment can refuse to cooperate adding to the overall stress energy.

There are some things you can actively do to re-direct the energies swirling around you. Reading new books or writing something always works. You might just chance on that idea for a new book or something genius. Try to find common ground with other people, it might take some effort but do it. Go out for a walk or try and do something new, avoid sitting alone with your thoughts. Thoughts can be erratic or depressive during this period. De-clutter or do some spring-cleaning, rearrange your desk your room furniture or your wardrobe. There are changes due in the near future, try to keep your mind flexible. Avoid getting overly emotional, do not insult anyone. Mercury is combust and there is an eclipse in his Gemini, whatever you say can magnify and later backfire.

Again, by itself this lunar eclipse is not that powerful but can be the last straw for the over-loaded Gemini-Sagittarius axis people.

Lunar eclipse 10th Jan 2020

(eg me and my brother had a raging argument and we aren’t talking to each other for over a week now. It would be actually laughable if it weren’t for the intensity. And because both of us do our pujas and stuff, if we fight, we stop interacting till we get in control of ourselves and our energies again.

Sharing an old experience with my brother the planetary energies and the magic of the Thoth Tarot cards. I was feeling a constriction on my sub-conscious self and was too tired to work out things. The cards are quick solutions and when my brother does them for me they are magic. As he laid them out the answer was obvious. The ocean of my sub-conscious was being very turbulent (planetary movements at the time) and the cards were telling me to something to get them in control again. All ok till then. But the energies released by the cards were so intense that we immediately had a crazy-crazy argument. We both knew that it was crazy but still we couldn’t stop. I came back to my home. My sub-conscious mind was angry. The magic and the energies were trying to set it back to its calm state and it was rebelling. (It was 12th moon in transit for me, so as it is, the Mind was free to do whatever it wanted). This was followed by my subconscious creating a shadow, a Chhaya-purush, which went and psychic-attacked him. He called me up in the middle of the night, he had turned ice-cold, unable to do anything. Till then I was unaware, I was reading a book. This gave me the shock of a life time. I love him dearly, can’t even hit him, forget attacking him on the astral levels! I ‘looked’ into the astral around him, he was in a mass of black gooey tarry energy. So I pulled everything off him, destroyed the shadow. It took a day for us to get us back to our usual selves.)


Sometimes predictions do fail

No astrologer can give 100% perfect predictions all the time. If someone claims to do so, it is not possible on the basis of the mathematical analysis of the birth time. Some things are always in the hands of the creator and the free will of the client.

Often there is the so-called Nadi practitioner who will tell your past perfectly but cannot predict your future accurately. Most likely he has a minor ‘siddhi’ or a bound spirit who tells him things. I saw this once when one of my friends dragged me to check out a new  ‘palm-leaf nadi astrologer’, there was a spirit involved and this is quite a common ‘trick’.

Then I knew a very senior astrologer, quite well known, over 75yrs of age. He would predict what his clients wished to hear, the potential/ timing of the horoscope was secondary. And because what they wanted was relatively usual stuff, in most of the cases it would actually happen. When my brother realised what was happening, he tested him on purpose. He would sit before him for a consultation and think of wild stuff which could not possibly happen as per his horoscope. The astrologer would predict what my brother was wishing would happen. And the prediction would not materialise. What was happening here was very typical. The astrologer was a life-time devotee of the Gayatri mantra and he had developed a type of vak-siddhi over the years. This meant that he could read minds, also speak what the client wished to hear and for minor things the power of his siddhi would nudge things along towards the desired outcome. So his predictions were a mix of horoscope, experience and Gayatri-siddhi.

Then there are genuine Jyotishi-s who have done so much spiritual sadhana in their life that they don’t even need to use horoscopes anymore. They are the real ‘Daivadnya’, the ‘knowers of destiny’. They have used Jyotish more as a Vedang, a spiritual tool rather than just a tool for common prediction. But these are quite rare.


For most of us who visit professional astrologers, there will always be some inaccuracy in readings. Every practicing astrologer will make errors from time to time. The main reasons are these,

Birth details.

This is a basic problem. eg even 1 min off the actual birth time will put off the timing of the predictions by 3 months when using the Dasha systems. And the birth chart and divisional charts will misguide. And pin-point predictions are going to be difficult. Birth time rectification requires time and experience.


This is the rate of precession of the earth. Major astrologers develop their own ayanamsha factor eg BV Raman had calculated a new ayanamsha which several senior astrologers of that time did not agree with. I use the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha also called the Lahiri ayanamsha, this is the ayanamsha used in calculating the Indian official calendar. So in your software or if you are doing the calculations manually, use the Chitrapaksha-Lahiri and later when you have more practice and if you want to experiment, try with the others. (The authors whom I hold in high esteem, KN Rao, CS Patel, Shakti Mohan Singh use the Lahiri-Chitrapaksha)

Dasha analysis.

All astrologers will be taught Vimshottari dasha system first. It is most commonly used and quite accurate. But there are several other dasha systems. And there are rules on which one is to be used for what kind of birth. Or for what type of question eg the Shoola Dasha system is used to precisely time death. Vimshottari is the basic minimum, but a professional astrologer will know at least 3-4 dasha systems. Yogini or the Kaalchakra dasha is an all-applicable Dasha system. Knowing which Dasha system to use for which kind of birth details and for what kind of question will improve the accuracy of prediction.

(If you are a student of astrology, read the book ‘Kaala chakra Dasha system’ by Shakti Mohan Singh. At least do the maths and get your own dasha sequence. Tally it with your life and see for yourself. Doing this for clients can be difficult as the exact birth minute is essential. I don’t know if there is a software which calculates this Dasha accurately, I do the calculations manually as per this book.) 

Professional astrologers.

Most astrologers are here for the money. They do not have the time nor the inclination to get into the real details. They want you as a repeat client, to get dependant on them or every small decision in life. Then all the Jyotish books are in Sanskrit (Devbhasha Samskrutam) our mother-tongue, which we do not understand and then to interpret what is written is a big task. People have forgotten that it is actually Vedang Jyotish. Before going to an astrologer always try to find out more about him, from his other clients or from the books/papers he has published. There are genuine astrologers still available who take the time to read charts as they are supposed to be read. If you search, you will find them.

Verifying the life-details and the birth-charts.

The basic birth chart is calculated as per the client’s birth-time, also the Ashtakvarga table and the Navamsha charts too. Now all this math has to be tallied with the past events. It is the responsibility of the client to give the correct birth time but it is the responsibility of the astrologer to cross-check. Unless the birth time is established beyond doubt, predicting the future is going to be difficult. For this any of the following have to be tallied with the charts,

  • Events linked to the slow moving planets, Saturn Rahu/ Ketu and Jupiter transits help in verifying birth details. If any Saturn Sade-sati has occurred, its effects are good markers. Dasha will also give timing of life events.
  • Life events like, birth of younger brother/ sisters, deaths of parents/ grandparents/ spouse/ children, education and profession related milestones, marriage, divorce, birth of children, accidents, illnesses, purchase of house/ car/ property etc will be reflected in the charts.
  • These incidents are physical, psychological and spiritual events. Eg someone might have felt terrible pain on the birth of a younger brother, might have felt lost, that his parents have a new baby. This is a major impact on his outlook and will be strongly reflected in his charts.
  • The present life situation will fit into the current Dasha and the current transits situation. eg if someone just got a new job it will be reflected here.

And a good astrologer will predict one past event from the past using the chart, just to verify if it really happened. Only after this the future Dasha and transits are evaluated for predictions. Software will help but the astrologer has to give time for every chart analysis and the client too should be patient till the astrologer has finished his calculations.

Prashna Kundali

If the client has only one pressing question, the Prashna system always gives accurate results. Every astrologer should know the basics of Prashna analysis. Even if the client has his birth details always check the prashna kundali.

Prashna is also a look into how the energies of the present moment are going to influence the reading. Also when an astrologer is aware of that instant’s planetary configuration, he also knows how the planets are influencing him and his ability. If he is going through a bad patch himself, if his own perceptions are coloured, his ability to read will be affected.

Accepting mistakes and studying even more

Every astrologer has made mistakes. If he can accept them, re-examine and learn it will help further growth. But too many or silly mistakes cannot be tolerated. People want solutions and if the astrologer is wrong, he is cheating the client and also himself. Learning astrology systematically and getting experience in informal settings is important.

If you want learn astrology, be systematic and not let your ego get the better of you. If you want to be a professional astrologer first go through your own chart, check if you have the aptitude and the ability. There is no glamour in this, you will often see people in such horrid circles that you yourself can lose faith.

And if you are the client, the astrologer does not know everything, if he predicts wild things or you feel something is fishy, do not follow his advice. In our greed we often ignore our inner voice and get into a mess later.

Finally when some predictions fail, it is the failure of the astrologer and not Jyotish.


Education in the horoscope



Ashtakvarga for confirming predictions

The Ashtakvarga chart is of very great importance in Jyotish. And one should make full use of this tool. Checking the effects during transits and strengths of the graha in that sign is just one way of doing this. Here, I am listing out a few more ways you can use this table in making predictions. Ashtakvarga is very simple method, all you need to know is how to read the rows and the columns.

Residence in foreign lands can be easily seen using Ashtakvarga.

‘Foreign’ in astrological terms is a rather loosely defined concept. Foreign residence can mean different things to different people. A person from Chennai shifting to Sri Lanka just a few km across the sea is living in a foreign land. Someone from Maharashtra goes to live in Manipur. Or someone from India goes to USA. All these are examples of foreign residence. Foreign can mean a different town, different state or even a different nation. It basically means a place which is different from your home, in terms of distance or culture or both. The person feels it to be ‘foreign’. Several people want to translocate to foreign locations for better opportunities in life. The horoscope will support if the following houses have potential,

  • 7th house – travelling to to foreign lands
  • 9th house – long journeys
  • 12th house – journeys abroad which result in permanent residence (Rahu in the 12th house is a sure-shot prediction about having to leave the home town)

Calculate the Ashtakvarga or use the software. Then

  • check the total scores of the signs placed in each of the three houses above.
  • If there are any planets placed in these houses check their individual score for that specific sign and also their total score in the last column.
  • All these scores will be the least possible as leaving the home and going to away from it is considered to be an inauspicious effect.

eg. Here is just the Ashtakvarga chart. (I am not giving the rest of the birth details as the person is alive and I do not like using living people as general study subjects, but I wanted to use just this chart.)

The signs in this person’s 7th, 9th and 12th houses are Aries = 22 points, Gemini = 35 points and Virgo = 23 points. Saturn is in Virgo in the 12th house, he has 1 point in Virgo and a total score of a low 39 points. These are all very low scores so the relocation to the ‘foreign’ locations is quite evident. (Except Gemini in the 9th house has the highest score in the table = 35. The reason was because the client had a very strong past life connect with these foreign places, he was bound by the 9th house to go and complete his Dharma there.)

Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 8.55.33 PM.png

Confirming longevity

You can confirm the longevity and the quality of life using the Ashtakvarga scores. The following should have good scores,

  • the ascendant sign’s total, this is crucial.
  • the planetary lord of the ascendant sign wherever he is placed should have a good score in the sign he is placed in. The total score of this planet should be high. This too is crucial.
  • any planets placed in the ascendant sign should have good scores in the sign. And the total score of that planet also should be good. This will play a supportive role.

Verify this logic with your client’s charts, it will always be correct.

  • The average total for a sign is 28 points, if there are more points obviously the sign and its house is going to give good results. If there are less than 25 points, it is a cause for concern. Less than 20 and the sign is practically annihilated.
  • The average for a planet in a sign is 4 points. If he gets more points, he will naturally give more auspicious results. If his points are 1 or 2 he is unable to do so.
  • In our example above, the client’s Asc-Libra has 27 points, less than average but not too bad. Venus has 3 points in the sign he is placed in, its less than average. Venus has a total score of 52 points, this one is good at least. We can expect him to have a reasonably long life but there will be physical issues cropping up from time to time.

Predicting sudden rise and falls in life is easy using the Ashtakvarga charts. 

In our example, we can see that Capricorn = 32 points, Aquarius = 18 points and Pisces = 30 points. So when a planet transits from Capricorn to Aquarius whatever he signifies will go suddenly downhill, the client should be careful during this time. And when the planet again transits from Aquarius to Pisces there will be a sudden rise in that planet’s stuff. This prediction can easily be tallied using the Moon’s transits, he transits the zodiac in one month. (eg in one such transit the client managed to quarrel with his wife so seriously that it led to a temporary separation, there were other factors of course, but this Moon’s transit was the precipitating factor.) The falls especially can be dangerous and the client should be prepared and careful. This sudden rise or fall is even more dramatic if the totals are the exact 18 and 36 points, the minimum and the maximum possible scores.

If you get clients who have fallen ill suddenly or in serious accidents or sudden loss of wealth, sudden crash in relationships etc check out their Ashtakvarga table for confirmation and further predictions.

The dread of the Sadi-Sati

The transit of Saturn through the signs placed 12th, 1st and 2nd from the birth Moon sign are called the ‘Seven and Half’ years of torture, the ‘Sade-sati’. To check out how severe the Sade-sati is going to be for you, open your Ashtakvarga table and note the sign occupied by the birth Moon, the sign before and after it. (Remember the Ashtakvarga is about signs not houses, do not confuse yourself while noting down the points.) Now check out the following

  • The total points of each of these three signs. If these scores are less than 25 it is bad and its even lesser you are going to have a dreadful time. But if these scores are more than 30 points, your Sade-Sati will actually give you pleasing results!
  • Now see the individual score that Saturn has in these signs. if its less than 2 consider it to be a testing time, but if it is more than 6 it can give gains. The scores 3 to 5 are considered to be somewhat average.

Saturn can cause significant physical and mental stress even when he is not doing his Sade-sati. In our example above,

  • Saturn (though the Yogkarak) damaged the client’s body and caused severe stress in his profession when he transited Virgo (Saturn+Virgo = 1, Virgo= 23).
  • Before that when he transited Aries (Saturn+Aries = 1, Aries= 22) he caused disappointments in his education.
  • Now the prediction for Saturn’s effect on the client’s life. Saturn will transit Capricorn soon from Jan 2020. (Saturn+Capricorn = 7, Capricorn= 32). The client will see a sudden rise in his profession and gains (we just saw how to predict sudden rise in life). Then next Jan 2022, Saturn will transit Aquarius (Saturn+Aquarius = 2, Aquarius= 18) this client will go through a sudden fall in luck and will have to face stress in life unless he is strongly prepared to deal with with what will come. Saturn’s next transit through Pisces will offer only generic relief because though Pisces=30 a good score, Saturn+Pisces = 1 is an abysmally low score.

So as you can see, the Ashtakvarga table is a very useful item. You can use the total values of the planets and signs and also the individual values of the planets in the different signs to gain a clear idea of what kind of results they are going to be giving in life. So whenever you predict using the birth chart, do glance over the Ashtakvarga tables, this will be an additional confirmation step which will improve the accuracy of your predictions.


Ashtakvarga for confirming predictions


Ganapati, his trunk, Pravrutti and Nivrutti

Change is constant. There can never be utter stillness in the manifested creation. There is always movement. The energy of the manifested creation is visualised as the Shri – yantra. The top-most triangle of this geometry is the Tri-gun, Satva, Raja and Tama. These three are in continuous movement which percolates throughout creation. This movement is of intelligence, consciousness and awareness, an actual flow of intention and energy, of desire. There are two possible directions to this movement. If this movement is directed towards the outer worlds, it is called Pravrutti, an evolution towards the material stuff, the soul desires to enjoy the charms of creation. If this movement is directed inwards towards the inner self it is called Nivrutti, involution or spiritual evolution. The soul desires to know oneself and attain Moksh. A soul cannot have both at the same time. You are either wrapped up in the material or directed towards the spiritual. Both together are not possible.😉

Ganapati, his trunk, Pravrutti and Nivrutti

Now let’s see what Ganapati’s trunk has got to do with Pravrutti and Nivrutti.

The figures that we see of our deities are an approximation of their real natures. It was not wild imagination that our Rishi-s/ Seers designed the moorti-s as such. There is a reason behind every feature of the figure, right from the mouse he is supposed to sit on, to the snakes placed around his navel and as a yadnopavit. Ganapati is depicted as a chubby human body with an elephant’s head. The face is a cute elephant’s face with the trunk coiling towards the left side. The tusk on the left side of the face is broken. This is the usual depiction, the left coiled trunk, left tusk broken. This is the relatively gentler aspect, the Saumya version. We keep this moorti in the house, the office or the car for worship. There are no special rituals needed for worshipping this Ganapati and he is quite the playful adorable cuteness he seems to be. He represents Pravrutti in this form. He will grant desires related to material desires quite happily. And if you want him to satisfy the spiritual calling, that too he will grant equally happily.

Then there is a rare depiction where he is shown with his trunk coiling towards the right, the right tusk is broken. This moorti is seen only in some temples where dedicated brahmins offer it worship as per strict rules, this depiction is never seen in personal worship or kept at homes. The Ganapati Moorthi depicted with his trunk coiling on the right side represents Nivrutti. This is the Ugra or fierce form of Ganapati and if you perform rituals connected to him, he will systematically take you deeper and deeper into your own self till you find your own reality within. His gifts will be the gifts of self-realisation, ultimately Moksh. But the route will be painful as it will involve removal of all the illusions of the material world. When a child realises that there are no fairies, there is pain, but he grows up. Similarly when you are made to realise that the mother, the father, husband/wife, son/daughter are all illusions there is intense pain initially. He is then the Vighnaharta in the real sense. Vighna is uncontrolled movement, sudden motion, impediment to progress, opposition to the understanding of Reality. Harta is the one who destroys. He will grant you the ultimate prosperity of self-realization. So if you worship Ganapati in his Nivrutti form and ask for material prosperity, he will grant it to you, but it will not be satisfying, as he will also make you realise its temporaries. As you have invoked Nivrutti, you will be made to move inwards sooner or later.

This right-trunk form of Ganapati is considered by some to be the tantric form of Ganapati, this is incorrect. A Vigraha/ Moorthi designed for tantric use is made in a very typical manner, in a very specific location using specific materials and with specific mantras. It can be right or left handed both depending on what use it is going to be put into.

Ganapati, his trunk, Pravrutti and Nivrutti

All the iconic symbols of Sanatan Dharm are available in the outward evolving Pravrutti or the inward moving Nivrutti form. eg The Swastik drawn spiralling in the anti-clock wise direction is again a representation of Nivrutti. Only tantriks and spiritual aspirants who know what they are doing will use this anti-clockwise Swastik in their rituals. Then the Dakshinavarti Shankh represents Nivrutti. It is called Shiv’s shankh and is never blown by householders. It is very rare and it is against the rules of nature, it is a mutation in the animal which makes it create its shell in the reverse direction. This type of conch is now being marketed as being Devi Laxmi’s symbol and will give endless prosperity. Someone I know was desperate and wanted to buy it for doing pujas on Diwali Amavasya. She wanted wealth and money. But this Shankh is the same energy as the right coiled Ganapati’s trunk. It’s primary drive will be to grant spiritual prosperity. Materialistic people might get money in the short-term, but ultimately they are invoking Nivrutti. Devi Laxmi will remove their illusions as to material wealth eventually and offer them the spiritual path if they dare to take it (to know the real nature of Devi Laxmi read the Laxmi Tantra).

The nature of Pravrutti is clockwise movement, it is spiral. And the nature of Nivrutti is also a spiral but anticlockwise. One simple experiment you can try if you want to. When you stir stuff, eg milk, do it in the clockwise direction and while doing so recite any mantra eg Gayatri mantra. Drink this. Do this once a day for 21 days and see for yourself. (And in the converse experiment, stir things anti-clockwise and if you drink them, you will get a tummy upset.)

Ganapati is also called Ek-dant (having one tusk) or Vakratunda (curved trunk). Now ek-dant also means ‘one focussed point’. And Vakratunda is literally how the opening of the Sushumna is like. The opening/mouth of the tube-like Sushumna is highly twisted and curved. Unless you are extremely focussed, single-point concentration you cannot navigate and enter it. Ganapati is the guardian of the Susumna. His Vahan is the Mushak, ie he is shown sitting on the mouse. Or he controls the Mushak. Mushak in Sanskrit (Devbhasha Samskrutam) is an air-hole or a very small opening, in this case it indicates the opening of the Sushumna.

So to conclude, Ganapati is not the playful cartoon that our TV has reduced him to. There is an entire tantra devoted to him. If you want to achieve Moksh, a basic puja of Ganapati at home is the first step. Keep a Moorthi of Ganapati with his trunk coiling to the left side, the Saumya form and at least light an oil lamp or an incense stick before him every day. He is the Vighnaharta, he will remove all obstacles from your path giving you your hearts desire.


Cancellation of astrological combinations/ yog

There are hundreds of graha yog/ planetary combinations mentioned in the texts.  Some of which are benefic and some malefic in nature. A ‘yog’ means an extra result over and above what its position promises. You will get a list of these important combination in regular books, but applying these in actual practice requires that you be aware of how these yog get cancelled (yog-bhang). Else you will predict great stuff for your clients which will never happen in real life.

Mahapurush Yog

The combination for Mahapurush Yog is commonly seen in charts. This combination is possible with the five Tara graha, non-luminous planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They are given different names like, bhadra yog for Mercury, malava yog for Venus, ruchak yog for Mars, hamsa yog for Jupiter and sasa yog for Saturn. Mahapurush yog is a very simple combination, there are only two conditions,

  • The planet must occupy a sign owned by him or his sign of exaltation
  • And this should happen in a Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) house of the birth chart.
  • E.g. Jupiter placed in the 1st house for Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces ascendant charts. Here he is placed in a Kendra house which contains his own sign or his sign of exaltation. This is the basic combination which leads to the Hamsa yog for Jupiter.

The energies of the planet are utilised more effectively in a yog. The Kendra houses are the building blocks, the pillars of the chart. 1st house is personality and the immediate environment. 4th house is roots, home, nurture, protection, tradition etc. 7th house is legal partnerships, business, marriage, gain from contracts, legal issues in life etc. 10th house is the social status, salary, profession, social mobility etc. So if a planet which is highly comfortable in his own sign or exalted is placed in one of these he will naturally work very well and secure the house he is placed in and also the house opposite him (7th house aspect). So two pillars of your life are going to be in exceptionally good condition.

The specific results will depend on the nature of the planet, the sign and the house involved. If the planet is retrograde or combust or aspected by malefics or has low scores in the Ashtakvarga, obviously he won’t be able to deliver his full results. General indications are that the person will have significant leadership roles in life, successes in profession, fame, lucky, pleasing personality, healthy, long lived, intelligent etc. Eg if it is Jupiter, his body will be large, temperament will be expansive and luck will be on his side. Has the talent/power and also the confidence to use it. Eg Venus can give mantra-siddhi and also the temperament to use the mantras in life.

This is a rather common combination, about 30% of your clients will have at least one planet in this mahapurush yog combination. But 30% of your clients won’t show the results of these yog in life. The reason is the combination often gets cancelled by other factors. If you are interested in studying ‘astrological yog’, do not get carried away by just seeing it superficially in the chart, there are always terms and conditions.

All types Mahapurush yog will get completely cancelled if the following two placements exist,

  • Jupiter in the birth chart is conjunct/ aspected by Saturn.
  • The concerned planet who is making the yog, is conjunct Ketu.

In the present times, Jupiter is in Sagittarius (his own sign), so a baby born with ascendant sign Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo will have this Jupiter in a Kendra house. Someone might say this to be a Hamsa yog. But this is not, as this Jupiter is conjunct Ketu (off and on till Sept 2020) and also with Saturn (till Jan 2020).

In the coming years, from Jan 2020, 2021 and till Jan 2022, Saturn will be in his own sign Capricorn so technically Sasa yog can be created for babies who will be born with Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra ascendants during this period. But during this period Jupiter will be conjunct Saturn (off and on) so Sasa yog during these periods will get cancelled.

Moon in Cancer, power to your emotions

Adhi yog

Another common yog seen in birth charts is the Adhi yog. Its said to be an extraordinary combination propelling the individual to heights of fame and wealth. It is quite a simple combination to remember,

  • First option – Count from the ascendant sign, the 6th 7th and 8th house should be occupied by benefic planets
  • Second option – Counted from the birth Moon sign, the 6th 7th and 8th house should be occupied by benefic planets.

If either of these two are fulfilled it is called a ‘Adhi yog’. Benefics here can be either yogkarak, the chart-specific functional benefics or the natural benefics as they all will be able to give some beneficial results here,

Effects of Adhi yog will be as per the nature of the planets and the signs involved. If these planets are well placed, exalted, in own signs, yogkarak, or in good Navamsha or have good Ashtakvarga scores, they will give stronger results. Eg if yogkarak Mars (for Cancer and Leo ascendants) is involved he will grant bravery and nobility of the highest degree. The native will benefit from the energies of Mars despite Mars being a natural malefic. Generally Adhi yog will always give a comfortable life, family, wealth, heath, social status and offer more opportunities and the ability for advancement in life.

The 6th house is of karmic work, which will include service that one performs for others. And if this house is capable of giving benefits then the service you offer is appreciated and you might get returns in the form of money or social prestige. The 7th house is the house of all legal one-one partnerships from business to marriage and the gains thereof. The 8th house is sudden transformations of every type. If these three houses work together then there can be sudden leaps in fortune which though sudden are not disturbing but enabling.

But the condition for cancellation of Adhi yog also exists and is this,

  • If the 5th or the 9th house (counted from the ascendant sign or birth Moon sign as applicable) is occupied by any planet, the ‘Adhi yog’ does not exist. ie for the Adhi yog to give its results the 5th and 9th houses should be empty.

Cancellation of astrological combinations/ yog

Finally the over-riding condition for all yog-s is that the ascendant sign, the ascendant lord and the birth Moon have to be powerful. If these three factors are capable of giving auspicious results only then will any yog seen in the chart be useful. The physical personality, the environment, the dynamics between the two and the mind have to be powerful. The physical body and the astral body have to have the potential, because no ‘yog’ can work independently on its own.

An average horoscope will have 1-2 ‘yog’, but if these yog will actually give results depends on other factors which can cause cancellation. When a yog gets cancelled the extra stuff attributed to its placement gets cancelled. The basic results that the planet is capable of will be remain. The timing of the results as usual will be as per the Dasha and transits of the concerned planets.

So be careful while using ‘yog’ in your astrological predictions. Better would be to learn how to analyse the chart using the keywords first, then adding Ashtakvarga and Navamsha. As you get more confident with study you will add Dasha and transits too. If you train your mind to see the patterns from these, you won’t need to learn ‘yog’ combinations by rote.


Wealth combinations, Indu Lagna, Ekadashamsha

Everyone wants wealth and is interested in how much money can be made in life. Generally there are two things which influence money gain in your life. One is the wealth making (dhan yog) combinations in your horoscope and second is your efforts in that direction. Sudden wealth is also possible when the potential of the birth chart, the ekadashamsha, the D11 and the dasha/ transits all come together. A very basic post to pique your interest.

Birth horoscope 

From the birth horoscope the important houses are the 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th. These and their lords should be powerful. (Check out their condition in the Navamsha and their Ashtakvarga scores). If these are well placed the person does not face any money crunch in life.

  • The 11th house is also the house of gains and you can get some pointers on how this gain will be utilized by checking out the influences on the 11th house lord. Eg If this planet is in an earthy sign he will allow investments in fixed assets.
  • Further there should be some interactions among all these. Eg, if the 2nd and 11th lord are placed together in the 5th or 9th house it will give significant amount of wealth. Or if all the four lords of these houses are together in the 5th or 9th houses, it will give immense wealth.


Indu lagna

The Indu lagna is often used as a short cut. If you feel that reading the divisional charts is difficult then you can cross check the potential of the birth chart like this. First a small math to locate the Indu lagna house. Eg Libra ascendant, Moon in Pisces (This is a combination from one of my clients, is rich, has got wealth from the parents, from the spouse and has self-earned wealth too).

  • Step 1 – Find out your 9th house from the rising sign/ ascendant, your regular 9th house. Note its sign and thus its planetary ruler. In our example, 9th from ascendant sign is Gemini ruled by Mercury
  • Step 2 – Now find out the 9th house from the birth moon sign. Note its sign and thus its planetary ruler too. In our example, 9th from birth Moon is Scorpio ruled by Mars.
  • Step 3 – Here is a list of values, (Sun = 30, Moon = 16, Mercury = 8, Venus = 12, Mars = 6,  Jupiter = 10 and Saturn = 1) Add the values of the planets you have identified eg Mercury + Mars = 8 + 6 = 14. Divide this sum by 12, eg 14 divided by 12. The Quotient is 1 and the Remainder is 2. We discard the quotient and use the retainer figure further.
  • Step 4 – in our example the remainder is 2. So count the 2nd house from the birth Moon in Pisces. So counted second is Aries. Thus Aries is called the Indu Lagna or the wealth generating ascendant for this example. (If the remainder is Zero. Then the house counted twelfth from the birth Moon is the Indu lagna. If the remainder is 1, the house occupied by the birth Moon itself is the Indu lagna.)

The Indu lagna can add to your understanding of the wealth prospects of your birth chart. Analyse the Indu lagna like this. Reorient the birth chart so that the Indu lagna sign is seen as the first house. So you have one new chart with the Indu lagna as the first house. Keep your birth chart and this new chart both in front of you. So in our example we will consider the sign Aries as the first house and read like this for the new Indu lagna chart,

  • First of all, the sign Aries, planets placed in it or aspecting it, Mars and influences on him etc should be positive. Aries sign and Mars planet should be placed well. If the Indu lagna and its owner are well placed you will never want for money in life. Mars also rules the 2nd house in the basic birth chart. (There is a pattern emerging linking the basic birth chart and the Indu lagna chart)
  • Then the signs placed 2nd and 11th from the Indu lagna should be poised to give auspicious results and more importantly their owner planets should be strongly placed. This is the most important condition for generating wealth. In our example it is Taurus and Aquarius owned by Venus and Saturn. Now if you compare this with the basic birth chart, the ascendant lord himself is Venus and Saturn is the Yogkarak the biggest benefic, also the owner of the 5th house. (Venus and Saturn are now both playing an important role in the birth chart and the Indu lagna chart. Also Venus is the natural ruler of Luxuries/Relationships and Saturn of Luck/Money.)
  • This wealth generation will be augmented if the signs placed 4th, 7th, 10th counted from the Indu lagna are capable of positive results. In our example these are Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. (Cancer is the 10th house of the birth chart, Libra/Venus is the birth ascendant and Capricorn/Saturn is the 4th house in the birth chart. I hope you are seeing the patterns.)
  • Planets placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses from the Indu lagna are not considered favourable for the finances of the horoscope.

The 11th Divisional chart, Rudramsha or Ekadashamsha

The Ekadashamsha, the 11th divisional chart is used for checking out the entire wealth potential of the individual.

  • ‘Wealth’ is a word seen differently by different people. So if you have benefic planets, exalted, in friendly signs, with good Navamsha and Ashtakvarga positions naturally you will conclude that these are positive influences. The person will earn money and also respect in society, he will earn by legit means and earning money will give real ‘gain’.
  • But if you have planets which are debilitated, weak ashtakvarga scores, malefic, otherwise not very favourable but receive a benefic aspect from even a single powerful planet, then they also can generate sudden wealth. But such wealth might be gained by underhand means, by going against the conscience, or through crime etc. You might not be able to call it ‘auspicious’ in the real sense. Eg someone’s son dies and he gets the life insurance. Or he financial crimes and gets money.

The rules for seeing the divisional charts are more or less similar (I have written about navamsha analysis). Divisional charts are first and foremost linked to the ‘signs’. To interpret, you have to have the birth chart and divisional chart both open before you. Sometimes it is easier to work with paper/pencil than software. Listing out just two simple steps, which any beginner can attempt.

Step 1 – open your basic birth chart and see which signs occupy your 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses. Now open the D-11, check if any auspicious planets get placed in these signs here in the D11. These planets will add to the ‘gain’ possibilities.

Step 2 – open your birth chart and see which signs occupy the 6th, 8th, 12th houses. Then open the D-11 and check if there are any planets placed in these signs here in the D11. These planets will not give pleasing results with respect to ‘gain’.

  • eg Suppose in the D-11, Venus is in the sign of the 6th house, but he is strong in the Ashtakvarga, so this might mean that the person might gain from illegal means as a part of his profession, he might take bribes or expensive gifts.
  • eg Suppose in the D-11, Mercury is in the sign of the 8th house, but he is strong in the Navamsha. He might give gain eg legacies from the deaths of siblings.
  • eg Suppose in the D-11, Moon is in the sign of the 12th house. Suppose that he is just average in the Ashtakvarga or the Navamsha. Then such a person might make money but will be unable to save significantly

Evaluate the D-11 to know how the potential of the 11th house of gains unfolds. A powerful D11, can indicate easy gains without struggles. Eg lottery, stock markets, legacies, speculation, gambling etc, the exact source/nature of gain will depend on the connected signs/ planets and their dignities. Eg 11th house if connected with the 10th house in some way will give easy gains through profession, easy promotions, etc.

Look out for patterns, if you get 2 or more patterns giving the same interpretation, it is more likely to happen. Jyotish is all about patterns. We use so many divisional charts, tables, dashas, transits and stuff so that we are sure about what we are predicting. If an event is about to happen it will reflect everywhere. One single combination does not make a reading.

Wealth combinations, Indu Lagna, Ekadashamsha

As usual the events will be triggered by significant Dasha periods. Do not skip this step. Birth chart, Dasha and transits are all equally important. The promise of the birth horoscope is made real only when the appropriate time arrives. Dasha periods belonging to planets/ signs connected to the 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses are capable of generating wealth. So during these times keep an eye out for any likely opportunity.

For transits, draw your basic birth chart on a paper. With a different coloured pen write the current transits in it. I know that software does this, but there is no substitute for pen/ paper. In the transiting planets, check for the following at the very least. More planets transiting in the Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th 10th) and Kona (5th 9th) houses. Saturn should be transiting in the 2nd 5th 9th or 11th houses. And Jupiter also should be transiting in the 2nd 5th 9th or 11th houses or aspecting the lord of any of these houses. If any of these patterns exist, then expect a sudden gain sometime soon.

‘Wealth’ is a very dicey proposition to predict. My perception on wealth can differ from what the client wants. But this much is quite sufficient to predict periods when sudden gain of wealth, money, property etc is possible. We have combined 4-5 techniques of basic birth chart, navamsha, ashtakvarga, ekadashamsha, Indu lagna and tried to link all this with the Dasha and transits so our prediction will be reasonably accurate.