True nodes stationary during eclipses

There are two chhaya-graha/ astral planets, Rahu and Ketu. There is a mathematical oddity which is which needs to be considered before we analyse them. These two are the two points where the orbit of the Moon cuts the ecliptic. They represent the influence of the Earth on the individual. They are the mathematical relationship between the Sun, Moon and the Earth. They are mathematical points and move with time and in space.

The nodes are generally an averaged calculation, thus are called ‘mean nodes’. Mean nodes are always in retrograde motion. ie They move in the direction opposite to the direction travelled by the Sun/Moon. Their speed can change, they get slower or faster, but they are always retrograde. Their retrograde movement slows down during every eclipse. And twice a year their speed slows down to such an extent that they seem almost stationary at one degree of the zodiac.

Then there is the mathematical calculation which gives ‘true nodes’. Now if the calculations were not averaged and if their positions are calculated for a specific time, then they would be referred to as ‘True nodes’. These true nodes move in retrograde  motion generally but can move in forward motion only around major eclipses or during a cluster of back-to-back eclipses. And their forward motion is generally quite slow. That means that during these sensitive periods around eclipses, the true nodes move in the same direction as the Sun/Moon’s direction of movement.

I use true nodes while seeing charts. There is a distinct difference in people born with true nodes in forward motion and in retrograde motion. Especially so if the question is related to spiritual, astral or occult stuff or a prashna or connected to sudden rise/ fall in life or extreme events.


The nodes are especially important as they define the flow of our life-experience through several lives. They mature late so we are aware of their role in our lives only after the late 40s.

  • Rahu is the desire which we have ignored for the past several lives and now its become so urgent that it is our this life’s focus. He indicates qualities which need to be developed so as to achieve our karmic targets. He demands that his target for experience be met asap. His challenge is to consciously be aware when the targets have been achieved and to stop.
  • Ketu is the experience which we have had to our fill in our past lives and in this present life holds no novelty for us. We have with us the deepest lessons related to those experiences deep in our sub-conscious. We use these lessons as our fail-safe but we are unaware of them in our conscious life. The challenge is to become aware of them and then use them consciously.

Rahu and Ketu generally move in the direction opposite to the Sun and Moon, ie are retrograde. Their energies move in the direction opposite to the energies of the luminaries. Most of us have true nodes retrograde in our charts. Their this retrograde motion indicates that there is still a significant desire for enjoying stuff related to the manifested creation.

If you remember, Sun is linked to the Sahasrara chakra and Moon to the Ajnya chakra. Rahu and Ketu are not linked to any chakra because these are the forces which destabilise the perfection of the chakra geometry. But if you use their energy consciously to ‘churn’ the geometry you can set it back to its perfect alignment which is the Moksh. (This is the theme of the story-allegory of the Samudra manthan).

But for about 10% of us, the true nodes will be direct in the birth chart. If, in your birth chart, you have the true nodes direct, they indicate that a fair share of the accumulated karma has been rebalanced. The lessons of the past lives are less burdensome. And the drive towards the internal illumination is more. The nodes are moving the same direction as the Sun/Moon. The flow of the desire to experience is in the same direction as the luminaries. There is very high scope for further and fast spiritual growth in this life.

Here you will try to complete your karmic burden in this life itself. However a typical thing is that life upto the late 40’s goes in a haze, things become more clear only after Rahu/ Ketu mature. The personality is dynamic, but not deeply interested in anything. You might be well off, with a good job, family, children etc but these things seem hollow. You are not unhappy, it is not a depressive thing, but you are not focused on these material achievements. If you understand that your inclination is towards the inner worlds and you start your spiritual practice, you will feel more ‘alive’ while doing it. You are capable of working towards your spiritual goals with a single-minded focus.

If you have your true nodes direct in your birth chart, you will have been born around eclipses. The huge energy linked to that eclipse will be available to you as per your birth chart. And coupled to this the slowly moving or even apparently stationary True Nodes. If by by chance your Rahu Ketu position is poised to give auspicious results you should use them proactively. You should try to do some spiritual practices during every eclipse that you see in life. And during these periods in life when the true nodes go direct pay more attention to your dreams, visions and spiritual experiences.

Now even if you do not have Rahu/ Ketu in direct/ forward motion in your chart, do look out for these periods in transit. The planets give their results as per their speed and their direction of motion always. The nodes slow down and change their direction, go forward, there are eclipses and then they again go slow, turn around and resume their normal retrograde motion. This event happens generally twice a year, about six months apart. It is a massive potential, concentrated at a specific degree of the zodiac and it will release a huge amount of energy here. This is a highly magnifying effect on these degrees of the Zodiac. It is during this period that Rahu/Ketu have great powers to create events which have far reaching consequences. Thus they will power the actual eclipse event too. If this is happening in a sensitive house of your birth chart or over an important planet in your birth chart, there will be some important event during this period which will change your perceptions and your outlook in a very fundamental manner.

In this current time, from 29th Nov 2019 to 22nd Jan 2020, for almost 2 months, the true nodes are in forward motion and are moving extremely slowly, practically stationary. Rahu will remain in the 14th deg of Gemini during this entire period. And Ketu will remain in the 14th deg Sagittarius during this entire period. The Gemini – Sagittarius axis is already under severe stress with Ketu, Rahu, Saturn, Juipter, Venus and Mercury/Sun will be joining them soon. Moon will do his routine transits so will pop in and out. The energies are intense.

If you have your rising degree around these degrees or any of your planets at birth around these degrees or even in Gemini and Sagittarius sign, you might see some typical events connected to them. During this period there is to be a major total Solar eclipse on 26th Dec 2019 and a partial Lunar eclipse on 10th Jan 2020. Both these eclipses will be visible in the eastern hemisphere and more importantly will pass over India. There will be an extended negative impact on India and other nations of the eastern hemisphere where the eclipse falls. There will also be a negative impact on the oceans which lie in the path of these eclipses. So for all those who live in India or in some place where these eclipses are to cross over, use they energies. Channelise them so that they are productive, else such a big burst of energy can often cause problems.

So in short, use true nodes instead of mean nodes in your calculations. Especially if you have true nodes direct at birth you have a one-up in this life. And most importantly for everyone, use every time period where the true nodes go in forward motion in transit around eclipses.



Stationary planets, Stambhit graha in transit and at birth

There are 9 graha in Jyotish. There are the two luminaries, Sun and Moon. The two nodes, Rahu and Ketu are called astral planets, Chhaya-graha. Then the 5 ‘Tara-graha’, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The definition of ‘graha’ is completely astronomical and on the energy levels from the Surya-Siddhant written by Maya-danav.

The Tara-graha move in eight different motions, vikala, vakra, anuvakra, manda, mandatara, sama, chara and atichara. This is their apparent movement and occurs because they are revolving around the Sun but we are watching them from the Earth. Planets give their results as per their direction of movement and the speed of their moment. Most astrologers ignore this point. For example, the fastest Moon governs emotions which change the fastest. And Saturn governs work related to karmic rebalance which is the slowest thing. Do note the the direction and speed of the planets in your birth chart.

‘Vikala’ means no movement, the planet seems to be stationary. This can be for hours or upto a few days depending on the planet. e.g Saturn the slowest seems to stop / stambhit, for about 10 days before he changes his apparent direction of motion while the fastest Mercury is stationary/ stambhit for a few hours. So when a planet is about to turn from retrograde to forward he goes stationary for some time. And similarly when he is about to change direction from forward to retrograde he will be apparently still for some time. You will get very rare horoscopes which have stationary planets at birth. But these make for an interesting study so writing a bit about them.

First of all is the routine planet’s analysis from the birth chart which you have to do. You know it by now,

  • Which house/ sign is he placed in.
  • Is he exalted, debilitated, in friendly environments, has matured etc.
  • Which planet is aspecting or conjoint him.
  • Which houses/ signs/ planets is he aspecting.
  • Which houses does he rule over in that chart. ie where are the signs owned by him placed?
  • If you feel confident, check his Ashtakvarga scores. And check his sign in the Navamsha. This will add more to your reading on what this planet is responsible for in life. What aspects of life are linked to his energies. (If you find this complicated, drop it for now, do not confuse yourself)
  • After this, check if he is the ruler of the current Mahadasha /main-period or sub-period/ Antardasha as per the Vimshottari system. If so his influence on the person will be more.
  • Finally check if his current transit is favourable. You can use the Ashtakvarga chart for this if you know how to. Or you can use this general guideline that transit in 6/8  or 2/12 axis to the original position of the planet generally gives difficult results. And his transit to the 5/9 axis from his birth position generally gives favourable results.

Stationary planets, Stambhit graha in transit and at birth

Now that you know what all your planet in focus signifies, read on.

A stationary planet, with reference to the Earth, is not moving at all. It is still. All of his energies are converted from kinetic to potential. This planet, especially if he is Jupiter or Saturn, will be the strongest force in your chart. Its energies are very intense and the attributes and influence of the planet is highly pronounced. (Eg if you run along a muddy road, your feet will make light impressions in the mud. But if you stand still at one place, your feet make deep impressions at that one spot.)

This degree where the birth planet is stationary is hit by the planet’s energy very strongly. Here the planet is changing his way of expression from the outwardly directed to the inwardly directed or vice versa. This degree becomes very sensitive. It is like the planet is staring very fixedly at this point of the zodiac, pouring all his energy here. Note this degree and analyse your life events when other planets in transit cross it, you will definitely see a pattern emerging.

Such a big potential energy sitting in one of your houses can easily become a source of imbalance. His energies are amplified at that degree of the zodiac and he can confers extraordinary potential. If he is placed well and capable of giving auspicious results then its ok, you will use his massive potential at some point of time in your life. But if he is poised to give unfavourable results, then you will be denied the things linked to this planet, or you may not get opportunities to use his abilities or you may not have the confidence to act on his talents. So do analyse this point very carefully.

Having the potential but not being able to use it is always problematic. If in your practice, you see a chart is good but its promise is not being fulfilled, do check if any of the planets are stationary. Events linked to this planet are often delayed, but when they do occur they hit like a ton of bricks. Maturity of the planet is an important consideration here. The planet will give drastically different results before and after his age of maturity. This placement gives very high spiritual ability in later life, but this is almost invariably triggered by extreme events.

Now for the outer planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, they go stationary when they are placed 120deg from the Sun (this is called a trine aspect or the trikon). So in the birth chart, one of the trikons will be affected by the Sun-stationary planet energy. The 1/5/9 axis is the Dharma trikon, the 2/6/10 axis is the Arth trikon, 3/7/11 axis makes up the Kama trikon and the 4/8/12 axis makes up the Moksh trikon. Whichever trikon this stationary planet and its trine-placed Sun occupies, life will be more intense for these aspects of life on the whole.

  • Stationary Mercury – He goes retrograde 3 times a year and when he apparently changes his direction of motion he goes stationary for a few hours to a day.
  • Stationary Venus – He goes retrograde every 1.6yrs for about 6 weeks, and when he apparently changes his direction of motion he goes stationary for upto 2-3 days.
  • Stationary Mars – He goes retrograde once in 2 yrs and for about 2-3 months. And when he apparently changes his direction he goes stationary for upto 3-4 days.
  • Stationary Jupiter – He goes retrograde for about 4 months every year. He goes stationary for upto 4-5 days each time he apparently changes his direction of movement.
  • Stationary Saturn – He goes retrograde every year for about 4-5 months. Every time he changes his apparent direction of movement, he can stay still for upto 5-6 days.

Stationary planets, Stambhit graha in transit and at birth

Stationary Mercury – I haven’t come across any charts where a stationary Mercury caused problems. This is partly because of Mercury’s impressionable nature and the things that he signifies. If aspected by benefics and capable of giving good results this placement is quite good. He is more capable of adapting to things and quite skilful. So generally his gifts are amplified, creative writing, acting, media, politics, are all his forte. Our current world belongs to Mercury, it is all about communications. So a stationary Mercury in my opinion gives good results unless he is heavily spoilt by bad placement or malefic aspects.

Stationary Venus – In the charts I have seen, a Stationary Venus too has given good results. He signifies balance, beauty, spiritual growth, wealth and relationships of every type. The personality is emphasised by Venusian traits and often excels in professions indicated by Venus, creative arts, singing, voice, banking, finance, business etc and even the personal life seems to be good. However these individuals tend to be attracted by sensual pleasures and worldly things especially so while young, later in life there may be an abrupt shift to the spiritual side of life if the placement allows it.

Now the outer planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These, if stationary in a chart, have a more pronounced impact on the personality compared to stationary inner planets, Mercury and Venus.

Stationary Mars – Generally this shows repressed anger, an inability to express one’s aggression in a safe way. It can neither go outside to the outer world or can be channelised into the internal consciousnesses. Do analyse this Mars’s position very carefully. There is a sense of power around these individuals, aggression or assertiveness depending on the placement. There is almost always heightened sexual quality too. The person may be an active athletic type or into the occult or into the army or some place where he is seen as a pioneer. This Mars will give a highly prominent personality, it will be someone well-known in whichever field he takes up. But whichever profession he takes up, there should be scope for aggression or sexual activity. eg a politician who becomes a Defence minister perhaps, or a highly popular celebrity with a string of affairs or a psychologist who studies sexuality etc.

Stationary Jupiter – If this is in the birth chart, the person has a deeper link to the esoteric, occult, spiritual etc. The activities related to this house and the houses he aspects (5/9) will not progress, there will be suffocation and frustration. This is especially a concern as a Trikon will be affected in its entirety, thus disturbing the life as a whole. After Jupiter matures, he will be less attracted to material things. Jupiter linked abilities faith, benevolence, teaching, internal worlds etc will be more in focus. This may manifest as a religious vocation or as a more humanitarian and all-inclusive attitude in life.

Stationary Saturn – If he is able to give good results, or is a Yogkarak (Taurus and Libra ascendants), he grants more stability, structure and ability to work. His job is to ensure that your karmic targets for this life are met. So he does this with great intensity and focus. He matures late at the age of 36yrs so till then the personality suffers from restrictions. The person may seem older for his age, more serious, less able to take life easily. However later in life he can give significant social and professional success, an ability to stick to what was committed, a disciplined nature, willing to work and the ability to persevere.

Stationary planets in transit – The outer planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are especially important as they indicate events on a global scale. Extreme events like wars, natural disasters, heat waves, forest fires, industrial tragedies, bombings, assassinations of important people, political upsets are triggered. Jupiter especially will have his say in finance, gold prices, food production and general well-being of the planet Earth. Saturn going stationary in transit often triggers extreme events which are often linked to discipline or karmic retribution. eg important judgements in courts linked to justice, real and delivered.

Even if you do not have stationary planets in your birth chart, they will occur quite regularly in transit. It is always instructive to observe the planets going stationary in transit. Depending on where they occur in your chart in transit, life-changing events can be triggered. Especially so when its your ascendant lord or any of the outer planets. Or if your Mahadasha or Antardasha ruler planets. They will indicate a change in some area of your life. They might indicate job changes, changes in residence, disputes, career issues, health, rash behaviour, expenditures, losses, etc if they are adverse for your chart. Even if they are capable of giving positive results, they will first create such an emergent situation and then give you success in over coming it.


Stationary planets, Stambhit graha in transit and at birth

To observe Oneself is Moksh

  • Sankhya tells us that the Prakruti is the manifested creation which is put in motion by the presence of the Purush. Purush is the Aware catalyst. Prakruti is the inert matter.
  • Advaita further tells us that the Purush-Prakruti is the fundamental duality which is Created from the Nirvishesh Brahma or Parabrahma, the Ultimate Reality.

Now onwards,

My Guru would also tell us to ‘observe the Self’. This is a fundamental concept of Sanatan Dharm. But what does ‘observing oneself’ really mean? Let’s use the Sankhya and further the Advaita to understand.

The Purush and Prakruti though outwardly differentiated are fundamentally the same. They both are created from the Para-Brahma, they both are its part. And the part is also the whole. Creation or the later manifestation process is more easily understood as a fractal geometry, it is not a linear progression.

Purush is aware but still. Prakruti is unaware but in motion. The Prakruti moves around the still, conscious pivot of the Purush. So when you as the Purush, observe you as the Prakruti, you observe yourself. This is the point where the illusion of duality finally breaks down. This is the stage of complete self-realization, the goal. Attainment of Nirvishesh Brahma, Sadyo Mukti.

But its a long road back so we have all this spiritual practice and stuff. All this practice so that you change your position, you change your reference point. You change your perception.

Saturn, the wrecking ball

A very simplistic example again. There is a sweet dish on the table. I see it and my son from the other room smells it. For each one of us, this sweet is a different ‘matter’. It is a visual for me and a smell for my son. Both of these perceptions are correct and and from the view of the person concerned, they are also real and complete. Now my son comes into the room, he sees it. When the experiencer changes his position his perception evolves. Visual has added to smell. The perception of ‘smell’ was complete in itself while he was in the other room. Now that he is in this room, the ‘visual’ adds to the experience, but it this not deny the ‘smell’ perception. Both are correct by themselves but taken together too they are correct. If you think deeply, it is actually a paradox. What is real or complete or illusion or incomplete cannot be defined with exactness ever. Now he eats the sweet. He has changed his point of view again, his perception now adds taste. His inner self  then experiences the intention with which I have cooked the food. His perception has moved from basic matter to energy. The perception has evolved from matter to subtle energy. Now if he can also experience the ‘conscious intelligence’ embedded in every particle of the food, it would be Moksh for him.

Every experience is transcended till the point where you reach Yourself.

The angle of perception, the point of reference is paramount. Change the position from where you observe. If you focus on your Ajnya chakra as you do your Dhyan you change your position, so your observation and experience changes too. As you do your spiritual practice, you will realise that you actually see, taste, hear, see etc sense directly from your Ajnya chakra. ie you can read a book even if you are blindfolded etc.

If you bring your awareness to the position of the ‘pivot of manifestation’, ie the Purush you will be able to see the Prakruti around you. She is of the form of the Shri Yantra, in infinite dimensions, whirling around you. You see the Shri-chakra in 2 dimensions, the Meru in 3-D, now can you imagine this perfect geometry around you in infinite dimensions? You remain still, this geometry is around you in all its magnificence. This is how the manifested creation looks like when you put yourself at the central Bindu. It is fascinating, you are observing yourself. And if at this point the last step, if you can with conscious awareness, realise that both the Purush and Prakruti is essentially the same, the whirl stops and you achieve Sadyo mukti.

Right now you are aware of the matter moving around you. You are immersed in the dance of Prakruti. You are located in this whirl, your reference point is from within the dance. You know yourself as the body, you are seated in your room and reading this on your laptop. All of this is pure matter, of the realm of the Prakruti. You are fully engaged in experiencing Prakruti and her creations. As you should, for all this is for your entertainment. So do enjoy it.

But then there comes a point when you want to stop all this play-acting and immerse yourself in the Reality. How long will you be engaged in ‘matter’? You are experiencing only one-half of the duality which was Created. There is the other aspect ‘the aware pivot’ which you have never consciously explored. You are not aware of the consciousness embedded in every dust mite, in every thought, in every emotion of this manifested. For how long can we be stuck in pure ‘matter’? We should try to experience pure intelligence also. Even modern quantum theories have grudgingly reached this conclusion that everything possesses a fundamental ‘intelligence’. They now call this quantum mechanics and try to develop theories of ’entanglement’.

India, Bharat, was, is and always will be a land of the Seers, Rishis. These Rishis went within, into the inner consciousness and achieved the goal of observing the self, experienced pure consciousness and beyond it. These are the examples who drive us, the spiritual seekers. This is why we adore our Rishi-Seers or the Guru. They are the Jivan-mukt, they show us that you can be the experience, the experiencer, the act of experiencing and more all at once! These are what we strive for, their example reassures us that we can also do this ourselves.

Eclipses in the horoscope, birth and transit analysis

There is a very cute story where Shiv and Shakti are playing a game of dice. As the game gets over, Shakti playfully covers Shiv’s two eyes with her hands. There is pitch darkness. But then his third eye opens and there is Illumination. This rather romantic story has very deep esoteric meanings. Purush and Prakruti are involved in the Game, Lila, manifested creation. Purush as the catalyst and Prakruti as the performer and the performance both. Prakruti at the end of the game, by her own actions, shuts the perceptions linked to her game. There is actually an instant of pitch blackness at a crucial point of your Dhyan. If you can cross this, the third eye does ‘open’ and there is the Illumination of the Self. This light brings to you the real nature of duality, you realise that both Purush and Prakruti are essentially the same. There is no duality at any level whatsoever.

This is the experience of Nirvishesh Brahma or Advaita or Para-brahma. You have achieved Sadyo Mukti and become a Jivan mukt yourself. You are now a Guru.


The performer, catalyst and Creator

Hinduism/ Sanatan Dharma has very deep statements which cannot be understood but need to be experienced. My Guru would talk about things and we all used to listen. But it is only with practice that some of his statements are making more sense now.

There is only one origin called the ‘Nirvishesh Brahma’, the ‘intelligence where differentiation does not exist’ or Parabrahma, the ‘beyond intelligence’. This is the goal of each soul, your and my personal spiritual evolution leads here. This is the Ultimate Creator.

The first creation was duality, ie observer-performer energy was created. The Para creates infinite numbers of observer-performer pairs. The observer energy is called the Purush and the performer energy is called the Prakruti. Prakruti is said to be feminine as the energies are active, kinetic, capable of responding, changeable. Purush is said to be masculine as these energies are still and unchanging but are capable of eliciting a response. (The Purush and Prakruti are not a physical man and a woman, there is no sexism in the spiritual context.)

Only Advaita as discussed by Adi Shankaracharya is subtle and deep enough to pierce through all duality. It can take you upto the Real Creator, the Parabrahma. Advaita is referred to as ‘Non-duality’. It can be only expressed as a negation as what it really is cannot be described in the words of this creation, it needs to be experienced. This is the Reality which you and me actually desire to experience. Sankhya-shastra is a method analysing intelligence, energy, matter and the rest of it. This is a discriminative, rational, calculative and deliberate instrument directed to the understanding the Self. Sankhya is a prelude to the understanding of the Advaita.

The Prakruti is called Lalita, the one who plays the game. This game is of her devising, created out of her own energies, occurs within her and is not separate from her. The entire performance occurs within the energies of the performer. All creation theories or even modern science describe this Game that she plays, the secondary creation of the manifested Universes. These theories are limited to only Prakruti and the processes that go on with her body. These do not describe the Purush as they have not reached so deep within. And neither do they take you upto your reality, ie the Parabrahma.

Exalted and debilitated, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn

In my earlier posts, I have written about Prakruti and her active role in creating, maintaining, evolving and finally destroying the manifested. Whatever you see around you, your body, mind, environment, etc is all Prakruti. Now there is one twist here. Prakruti is described as being ‘Jada’ जड. She is without animation, insensate, still,  lifeless, paralysed, numb, dull, stunned, cold, apathetic as Jada means ‘matter without Intelligence’. She is capable of motion but incapable of initiating the motion herself. She does not have the intelligence or the consciousness. So why does the Prakruti start her performance?  What caused her to move, to start Playing?

The reason is the catalyst, the Purush.

The Purush has a very important role in all this Play. The Purush is called the ’Sakshi’ in Sanskrit. This word is usually translated to mean a witness or an observer. This is slightly incorrect as Devbhasha Samskrutam is a palimpsest, the deeper you go the more meanings you understand. Sakshi is a compound word ‘Akshasya sah’. Sakshi is the ‘intelligence which accompanies the Axis on which the individual soul exists’. Or the ‘self-awareness of the Pivot of the wheel of creation’.

Purush is Aware Intelligence.

The Purush is the catalyst. He, by his mere presence causes the Prakruti to start her performance. But the Purush does not interact with any other energy or get involved in any way. Purush is the ever-existing, steady, ever-pervading Intelligence. He doesn’t change and neither does he interfere. Manifested creation happens just because he exists. His existence is the reason why Prakruti goes about creating.

There are catalysts in every system, eg enzymes are catalysts in biology, they bring about all the cellular life processes but remain unchanged and unaffected. In chemistry, the neutrons are Sakshi, they do not participate but their presence makes things happen, eg electrons are captured by protons and chemical reactions take place. It is the same with the creation, Prakruti performs just because the Purush is there. Matter moves just because of the presence of the Purush.

In our usual life we all are actors, we perform. A very simplistic example, I interact with my son. I get cross and tell him to clean his room, he is irritated but cleans it. Both of us have changed. I was irritated, now I am satisfied. He was irritated, now he is tired. And a new reality has come to being, the room is clean. So two energies interacted and changed themselves and also changed the environment. This has happened within the realm of Prakruti. Emotions, physical realities which are capable of being changed are part of Prakruti and occur within her body.

Now if you look around you, there are also catalysts/ sakshi everywhere. These Sakshi do not engage with anyone else nor do they change, but events occur around them because of their mere presence. A very simplistic example again, I am at home just sitting and reading, my son comes home and because I am sitting there, carefully removes his shoes and puts them on the rack. I didn’t even look at him. But my mere presence, the catalyst, made him ‘perform’.

My Guru would say that I must bring in the ’Sakshi-bhaav’ into myself, ie bring into myself the reality of the Sakshi. He was telling me to be the unchanging center around which the whirl of creation unfolds. To change my perception from the ‘matter’ component to the ‘intelligence’ component. But how do I bring in this ‘consciousness’ within me? How can I stop being involved in ‘matter’. All my senses, my organs of action are oriented towards matter. I smell, taste, touch, move.. matter. I perceive only matter whirling around me.

The solution is to do Dhyan, when you sit still and focus only at your Ajnya chakra you are focussing on your personal consciousness. The Ajnya chakra is the seat of the individual consciousness. Once you identify with the fragment of the Ultimate consciousness within you rather than the matter swirling around you, your evolution gets easier.

Route from the Ajnya chakra to the Sahasrara and the Bindu within the Sahasrara gets easier. This is real evolution.

But when you are just starting your spiritual practice you cannot experience or imagine or visualise or even think of such subtle energies. So you start the ‘observe yourself’ thingie again by observing whatever is visible at your third eye during Dhyan. Dispassionately, you close your eyes and focus at your third eye. In the physical body, you, the individual consciousness, reside at the third eye Ajnya chakra. You start your practice of observing yourself from this chakra. Initially you see just darkness here. As your practice deepens you will observe yourself in all your increasing higher energy levels.

You have to traverse a distance of ’10 fingers’ from the third eye chakra to the top of the head. All this practice for this seemingly tiny thing!

The Sakshi is the pivot, the axis around which change occurs. The Sakshi is essential for evolution. Matter by itself cannot move. Intelligence makes it move, evolve. Consciousness is steady, it does not change, it remains constant, it is. This principle is applicable everywhere, from biology, chemistry to spiritual evolution. When you become your own catalyst, you further your own spiritual evolution.


More on Eclipses and their astrological results

Chakshushi Mantra and health of your Eyes

Our ancient Rishi-s had gone into such inner depths that they have given us mantras for everything. (I remember reading a certain tantra book, was surprised to find a cure for hair loss and also the process of calling the Ati-Ugra very terrible Smashan-Kali in the same book!) Mantra is energy-medicine which goes into your deepest energy body and rebalance things from there. Mantra are only in Sanskrit/ Devbhasha Samskrutam, no other language. And mantras from the Ved which were seen by Seers/ Rishi-s are effective.

There are 3 lines of checking if something is correct or wrong.

  • The Ved should say it is correct.
  • A seer-Rishi or a Guru must say that is correct.
  • And finally the over-riding, your own conscience should say that it is correct. Never do anything that is against your conscience, it creates the worst karma!

Chakshushi Mantra and health of your Eyes

In our modern world, most of us have some problems with the eye-sight. From the everyday eye-strain to the more serious ailments. Spectacles are very common right from childhood and after the 40’s most people get spectacles compulsorily. (An exception was my Mom, she didn’t need specs ever till she died in her 70’s.) 

A quick run-down on the astrological combinations for eye-sight problems,

  • The Sun or Moon afflicted
  • The 12th house or the 2nd house or their planetary lords afflicted
  • Signs of Cancer or Leo afflicted
  • The Sun combusting more than 1 planet in the chart.
  • In very brief, Sun is the right eye and the power of sight. Moon is the left eye and the power of sight. Mercury is the nerves and the sense of sight. Venus is the clarity and brightness of vision. Mars is vitality and energy of the eyes. Jupiter is overall health and especially the fatty nutrition. Saturn is darkness, pain and prolonged disease. Rahu is smoky and lack of nutrition or over-growth. Ketu is smoky and dryness. Depending on which planet gets involved you can draw a conclusion about the eye problem.

Now by ‘afflicted’ I mean, 

  • Debilitated, retrograde, combust or eclipsed.
  • Influenced by malefics, either conjunct or aspected by them
  • Placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses. 6th house is the chronic diseases, 8th is the acute diseases and 12th is loss of vitality or can indicate hospitals.
  • Influenced by the lords of the signs of the 6th, 8th or 12th houses
  • Placed in the navamsha of the signs located in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses of the D1 (for the advanced student).
  • The Ashtakvarga shows very low scores. The total of the signs of the 2nd and 12th houses low. The score of the identified planets from your above analysis in the sign they are placed in is low. (Do read the two posts on the Ashtakvarga, and for the advanced student)

Now these will be so very many many combinations. All of us will have at least one of them! But for the actual problem to manifest, there should be at least 3-4 combinations from the above list capable of giving the inauspicious result. Then, remember the inauspicious effects will be reduced if,

  • the ascendant sign, ascendant lord, Moon, Sun are placed well and capable of giving good results 
  • And the other planets/ signs/ houses under consideration are aspected by benefic planets. Also check the chart-specific benefics and yogkaraks influence.

Do not underestimate these two positive factors. So before scaring yourself with possible eye related medical issues, analyse your chart in detail. (For the advanced student, do start referring to the Navamsha and Ashtakvarga for more pointers)

I know a chart. Saturn in 12th house. Mercury combust. Venus+Ketu. Rahu+Mars+Jupiter in Leo. Moon aspected by Saturn. He had myopia as a child. In his Venus-Venus antardasha period his suffering started. There was no clear precipitating factor (Ketu), he started getting spots (Ketu!) in his vision. These patches increased (Rahu) throughout his Venus mahadasha. There was no physical abnormality in the eyes so the doctors thought he was going nuts, undiagnosable diseases are Rahu-Ketu. Then as his Venus-Jupiter sub-period started, he met a really good shaman/ tantrik who told him the problem was due to an ill-wishing, a black-magic done on him (typical Rahu-Ketu item), and the nadi-pran (Mars) of the eyes was twisted. The eyes were not getting enough nutrition (Jupiter), ‘drying up’ (Ketu). Left eye (Saturn) was more damaged than the right. This shaman did something in his way to help his eyes. There was a slow improvement in the vision. Then he did more personal targeted mantra/ pujas. Now he has reached his Venus-Mercury sub-period and the spots etc have gone away and his vision is clear.

Chakshushi Mantra and health of your Eyes

Now for ensuring your vision remains good, connecting with the Sun and the Moon always works. Sun related stuff read in this post. And the best way for taking in the Moon’s energies is this, in silver cup, take milk (from Desi Indian Humped-cow), keep it in the light of the full-moon/Pournima at night, recite any Moon stotra or mantra or beej mantra or just ‘Om Chandraya namah’ over it and drink it.

Now the Chakshush-mati vidya. This is for keeping your eyes and vision healthy

Om Asya chakshushi vidya ya
Ahirbudhnya Rushi
Gayatri chanda
Suryo devata
Chakshu roga nivruttaye viniyoga
Om Chakshush Chakshush Chakshush
Tejah sthiro bhav
Maam pahi pahi
Twaritam chakshurogan shamaya shamaya
Mama jatarupam tejo darshay darshay
Yatha aham andho na syaam tathaa kalpay kalpay
Kalyaanam kuru kuru
Yaani mama poorva janmopa-arjitani
Chakshush prati-rodhak dush-krutaani
Sarvani nirmoolaya nirmoolaya
Om namah chakshus tejo-daatre divyaya bhaskaraya
Om namah karuna-karaya amrutaya
Om namah suryaya
Om namo bhagavate suryaya akshi tejase namah
Khecharaya namah
Mahate namah
Rajase namah
Tamase namah
Asato ma sadgamaya
Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
Mrutyor ma amrutam gamaya
Ushno bhagvan shuchi-rupah
Hamso bhagvan suchi prati-rupah
Ya imam chakshush-mati vidyam
Brahmano nityam adheyate
Na tasya akshi rogo bhavati
Na tasya kule andho bhavati
Ashtau brahmanan samyak graha itva
Vidya siddhi bhavati
Om namo bhagawate adityaya
Aho vahini aho vahini swaha

This mantra is also called the Chakshushi Upanishad. This mantra is in Sanskrit, which cannot be translated, but here is the generic meaning for basic understanding.

Om, the Ultimate reality, your and my real name. Every mantra starts and ends with Om. ‘Chakshu’ is the physical eyes, the third eye, the act of ‘seeing’ and everything connected to ‘seeing’ and ‘sight’. In this mantra you are using the power of the Sun and unlimited power the internal Sun both. ‘Rog’ is disease, infirmity, imbalance and inability. The intention is to remove all the Rog that have got associated with your 3 eyes. You intend that your power of ‘seeing’ becomes more stable, firm, more brilliant and radiant. Your three eyes become capable of seeing what they are supposed to see. You intend protection for your eye-sight. You desire that all possible inabilities of your eyes and vision end immediately. The eyes become perfectly able. You want to see the pure conscious brilliance of the Internal Sun. ‘Andha’ is another Sanskrit word here, it means physical blindness, spiritual darkness, ignorance, un-coordinated movement of energy etc. You intend that you should never be an ‘andha’. Your perfect spiritual self should be visible to you. On the physical planes too, you should have perfect sight. You intend beauty, excellence, luck, happiness, perfect working, illumination, welfare, auspicious fortune, etc for yourself.

If there are any heavy-duty karmic acts from your past lives which are affecting the power of your Eyes now, you intend that these all are removed from their very roots. Empathetically, all of them, removed from their very foundations from you.

You acknowledge the glittering light of the internal and also the external Sun. He gives your Eyes the power of fire, brilliance and the ability to See. This infinite, beloved, Source of everything, gives his blessings out of kindness and compassion. The Sun in all his power, grants you the vitality/ fire in your physical body. You also acknowledge the internal Sun as he grants the divine connection to your individual soul. The Consciousness who resides unsupported in the skies and also in you. The great primordial Intellect, the source of all movement, the most highly desired, the highest superlative, the cause of all illusion and also illumination. You address this energy with its real name Om, which is also your name. You bring in all these qualities within yourself.

You want to move from the non-real to the real. From the state of immobility caused by ignorance to the movement caused by illumination. You intend to move from the cycle of birth-death-rebirth to the Ultimate Enlightenment. Brilliance or warmth or movement is the quality of pure Reality manifested in this creation. ‘Hamsa’ is the quality of the pure Reality which brings you back to the Reality (Read my post on Soham and Hamsa).

If this ‘Chakshush-mati vidya’, ie the pure science of Sight, is regularly recited by the one who knows its real meaning, he will never have any Rog/inability to his 3 Eyes. His ‘Kula’ will never suffer from being ‘Andha’. ‘Kula’ is translated as family or lineage, but the spiritual meaning is the Chakras of your body. These lower Chakras are called the ‘Kula’, while the top-most perfection of the Bindu is called the ‘A-kula’.

This mantra rebalances a lot on the inner levels.

Chakshushi Mantra and health of your Eyes

Now the practical part, there are several ways to use this Chakshushi mantra. And everyone can benefit from it.

  • Recite it 1 to 12 times a day, or once a week on Sundays or when you have time, as per your convenience.
  • Recite it in front of the rising Sun or in front of your household deities/altar. 
  • While reciting the mantra, keep some water in a silver bowl or in a glass bowl and put a silver or gold coin in it. After you finish, some of this energised water is applied to the eyes and the forehead. The remaining water is drunk. 
  • You can do a Homa with it. One drop of ghee is to be put in the fire/Agni with the last ‘Swaha’. (Read the basic homa post is here.) The vibhuti/ energised ash, from the Homa is applied to the forehead and a bit of it is eaten. This vibhuti will remain energised for about 15 days, store it in a glass bowl. If you can do a 108 repeat of the Mantra with 108 Swaha offerings to the fire, it will take about 1 hour. This highly potent Vibhuti can be put into a talisman/ amulet and worn on the body. This in case of severe problems with the eyes.

Now this is not a replacement for proper professional medical advice. But if you are taking some treatment for your eyes, you can do this energy rebalancing while you take your medicines, it will help. Also if you energise the water using this Chakshushi mantra, you and your family can apply this to the eyes before going to bed. It works.


Remedies for combust planets

Combust planets have their energy directed inwards. This combust planet will give more results on the internal spiritual levels rather the outer material levels. This is not a punishment, nor a thing to be afraid of. It simply is. This combust planet indicates a lesson in life which is to be learnt intensely. Maybe we didn’t appreciate this planet’s gifts in our past lives, so in this life our divine connection is intimately intertwined with this planet. This planet can give very good results if used consciously. If you remain unaware of its potential and not use it actively, it will manifest as imbalances of the physical life and as medical conditions. Often ‘over-heating’, ‘over-activation’ type of medical problems or surgeries are possible. Issues with the eye-sight are also frequently seen here. Depending on which planet is combust there can be other symptoms too. I have written about these topics in several past posts.

Eg Mercury combust is very common. But people with this combination also make for excellent writers, public speakers. (eg current Indian PM Narendra Modi. His birthdate is 17th Sept 1950, time unknown. But the Sun and Mercury are on the same degree, Caizmi Mercury.) So those, about 25%, of us with Mercury combust should write, learn skills, paint, knit, do something with those hands! Then depending on the position, placement and power of Sun+Mercury combo, you will be given more skills of other types too, including doing ‘magic’ or tantra if your horoscope permits. The dreams states and other sub-conscious states will give valuable cues which you will then use in your physical life. Mercury is about thought, action and use. And he has merged with the Sun. So you will use your creativity in every possible way!

The Sun now is not just ‘Sun’, he is the ‘Sun+the combust planet’ combination energy. In your chart, this combo now rules all their combined houses/signs. ie Leo and the signs of the combust planet. Eg if Gemini ascendant, Mercury combust, the ‘Sun+Mercury’ combination will together control the ascendant sign, is together the ascendant lord, the combined ruler of the 4th house-sign Virgo and 11th house-sign Leo. They together will subtly influence the 3rd house-natural sign Gemini, 5th house-natural sign Leo and 6th house-natural sign Virgo. So this combo becomes very important in this horoscope.

Remedies for combust planets

Now how to balance these combination energies? First of all focus on your Sun.

A good option is to do the Surya-namaskar. It improves physical fitness, mental strength as well as spiritual strength. If you are not physically fit, do it as you can, imperfectly, slowly. Start with one repeat per day and gradually increase as per your fitness levels. Do not strain yourself. Sit in the early morning/late evening sunlight, when the sun is yellow-orange and try to expose your skin to this sunlight. Never sit in the white bright Sun, it is very harsh.

Next option is to give Surya Arghya. This is how everyone is supposed to start the day, but now most of us have forgotten. In one small copper pot, take water. Add one pinch kumkum/ vermillion or a strand of saffron if you can afford, one red/orange/yellow flower, some grains of raw rice. Even one of these things is good enough if you cannot find them all. Stand in your balcony, barefoot, look at the rising sun, hold the pot in your hands, rise your hands and pour the water out in a thin stream. The stream will be at your eye level, between you and the Sun. See the light of the Sun reflected in the water stream. After you pour out the water, touch the water fallen on the ground with your right hand fingers and touch them to your eyes.

A mantra for the Sun is recited as you pour out the water. Options are

  • Surya arghya mantra – But might be too long for beginners (youtube from 0.25 secs to 2:12 seconds)
  • Mahamrutyunjai mantra ‘ Om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhiṃ pushti-vardhanam urvarukamiva bandhanat mrutyor mukshiya ma amrutat Om’
  • Gayatri mantra ‘Om Bhuh Bhuvah Svah, Om Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi, Dhiyo Yo nah Prachodayat Om’
  • Surya beej mantra ‘Om Hraang hreeng hrowng sah Suryaya namah’ Om
  • Or simply ‘Om Suryaya namah’ Om three times
  • Or at least, when you see him in the morning, do a simple Namaskar. Fold your hands in gratitude to the early morning Sun.

Then a fun option is adding Sun’s energy in the form of the food which links to him. The fragrances and spices with his energy. Or wear the colors which are linked to him.

If you are a Hindu, you can do a Satya-narayan puja or a Rudra-abhishek or a Nava-graha Shanti puja once a year on any auspicious day or your birthday etc. But do this only if you can afford to. This would be an extra thing but it is good as the entire family can participate and benefit from its energy.

But the best remedy is giving yourself at least 15mins everyday. You have to do personal mediation ie Dhyan. Look into your third eye and simply breath in and out slowly. The Ajapa mantra of Soham/ Hamsa will automatically take over and you will be more in connect with your internal sub-conscious self. The energy gets a safe channel to express itself. You should not be scared of the Sun or the combust planet. From my personal experience, unless you give your Sun+planet combo this inner level opening, you will face physical problems. Accept what is being offered to you by them, don’t worry. Once you start your Dhyan, the physical problems will lessen and your inner benefits will start becoming tangible. (My own horoscope’s most important benefic is exactly on the Sun. I give him a channel for expression so that I benefit on the inner levels. There were some unpleasant medical issues on the physical levels, but they got resolved as I allowed him an outlet. And in any case, what I gain from this Sun+planet combo is immense).

Remedies for combust planets

Now a quick look on the 5 Tara-graha, planets which can get combust. You have to do something about them too. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These are some thought processes for you to think about and if necessary change within yourself.

Mercury – The mind and the mental-processes are stuck. So exercise your mind, solve puzzles, write, read something new every day. Meet with your same-age people, eg join a creative arts club. Give your mental processes enough rest, sleep is important. Avoid over-stimulating your mind, avoid drugs etc. Do not argue or speak bad words unnecessarily. Healing of the Vishuddhi chakra helps.

Venus – Be fair in love, give and receive from your loved ones. Appreciate what you have. Avoid criticising. Do not be caught up in external beauty of cosmetics and expensive clothes. Venus is actually the Teacher of self-love. So meditation is important. Spend some time with yourself to know the inner you. If you know yourself, you will also love yourself. Secure in your self-love, you will radiate positivity, good vibes and everyone will reflect this. Healing the Anahata chakra is a good option.

Mars – Form your opinions, avoid being influenced by others. Do not get involved in unnecessary emotional drama or arguments. Try to develop patience, do not react unnecessarily or over-react. Develop courage, do not be afraid of life and its events. Your vital energy is stuck somewhere inside, let it out. Do healing on your Manipur chakra.

Jupiter – Read about religious or philosophical subjects. There are several ways to approach the inner divinity. Think or write about your personal philosophy. Find a source of faith which appeals to you. Personal meditation is very important to know your innermost thoughts, so start a regular spiritual practice. Healing the Swadhishthan chakra helps.

Saturn – Avoid being selfish, individualistic behaviour cannot sustain. Always follow your conscience. Try to help others, there is always someone who needs help. Be kind. Affirm that you are secure, do not fear or grieve. Open yourself to new things are coming in. Take a calculated risk sometime. Do smile, take a break from being so serious. Do healing on the Muladhar Chakra.

Healing the chakras linked to the planets always helps. I have written about doing chakra healing in this post. It takes about 10-15 mins for your entire chakra system, and it works beautifully. You can do it once a week if you have time. Or do it quickly a minute per chakra before you go to bed. Or you can do it as your daily ‘spiritual practice’. But do it. ‘Energy goes where attention goes’, is very true. When you consciously ‘look’ at every chakra for 1-2 mins, you are channelising tremendous energy inwards specifically for each one of them. It makes a very big difference. If you are doing this daily, try it for 21 days before you analyse its effects.

There are simple activities which you can do (post here) to balance the planetary energies. These are one-time remedies but if the adverse effect was intense you can repeat them 1-2 times a year. Or do their Homa (post here), this is also a one-time remedy, but you can do the Homa whenever you feel like it, it is quite an enjoyable experience in itself. Or just recite their mantra on their corresponding week-days, this would be a weekly thing then. Do what you feel like, all methods are equally effective. When you do these remedies, visualise blessings ie golden-silvery-shimmery light around you. Whatever you do, keep your intentions strong and focused. Also be grateful to these conscious energies represented by the planet. Use your will, the planets are but a reflection of your own self, they are not something separate from you. When you heal them you are actually healing yourself.


Remedies for combust planets

Rahu and Ketu in the 6th 12th house axis

Both Rahu and Ketu represent extremes of material prosperity/adversity and the corresponding extremes of spiritually nil/evolved persons. Both are capable of giving spiritual and material results. The 12th house is the house of mysteries and losses and its mirror is the 6th house of imbalance. Both are dusham-sthan, houses of turmoil. But the 6th is also a upchaya house, meaning that it’s results improve with age.

Rahu in the 12th house and Ketu in the 6th house

Rahu here desires to experience the strangeness of the 12th to the maximum. This Rahu in the 12th teeters on the edge. He is on the bridge of the conscious and the sub-conscious, the astral and the physical, the spiritual and the material. This can get quite strange and quite fast. Rahu here will want to experience foreign, strange, new, past lives, other dimensions, isolation in different ways, fantasy, sorrows, luxury, deprivations, dreams, visions, imprisonment and also liberation. Information from visions and past lives might be available. He wants to experience both sides of the coin and also the edge between. He wants to experience the privilege of privacy.

The house occupied by Rahu becomes the focus house. The personality desires its experiences, this house becomes the engine which pulls your entire chart behind it. Rahu in the 12th house is a placement difficult to judge. If he is aspected by even more malefics it can indicate imprisonment, confinement, addictions, drugs, to create fantasies and the desire to get lost in them. There can be a strangely fatalist mind-set, morbid even. There might be some irregularity in the marriage. The 18yrs of Rahu mahadasha can give extreme results of the 12th house keywords. During this period the Rahu-things become irresistible and fascinating. If you have a strong 5th house too, use your energy sensibly.

But if he is directed properly, he can generate interest in meditation and spiritual growth. A 12th house Rahu is subtly influenced by Pisces sign and Jupiter in your chart. Guru-s and spiritual teachers often show this placement. The desire then turns to coming out of this Maya enveloping the Inner Reality. So if you have this placement, keep away from drugs, alcohol etc. Avoid following an established religion without thinking about it. Such people can become fanatics! Personal prayer is always a better option. If you can discipline your mind in this aspect, 75% of your problems will be done with.

The positive aspects of this placement are relocation to a foreign land, or earnings from foreign lands. The profession might be away from the public eye, researchers, scientists are very much possible as Rahu here gives a piercing intuitive intelligence. New discoveries or more effective ways of doing work, automation etc. Healers, doctors, nurses, tantriks and occultists can also be successful with this Rahu. There is at least one dramatic rise in life. You might get opportunities for behind the scene deals and secret gains, use them only if your conscience approves.

A Rahu in the 12th house is complemented by Ketu in the 6th house. This Ketu if aspected by benefics can give very good results. However he finds it difficult to take orders from his seniors and cannot give orders to his juniors. Can work better in a self-employed or an independent business environment. However beware about over-extending yourself. Think logically about how much you can do often alone. You might find your workers quitting, so try to automate your business. You have very clear ideas on how you want to work and will not deviate from your personal work ethic. You have a very strict sense of moral behaviour and expect everyone around you to follow the same. Even if there are conflicts with your co-workers and boss you will stick to what you think is right. You are not diplomatic in the least and have quite a temper if roused. Enemies will be around you, ghosts and astral problems often exist. Ketu will grants unawareness and a strange immunity to these issues. But being too unaware can result in them exploding in typical dasha periods or transits.

However if this Ketu is incapable of auspicious results then this will result in irregular jobs, diseases of unknown nature, afflictions from ghosts, past life karmas will make their presence felt, there will be opposition in the lifepath, enemies and debts can overpower the personality. Overwork can lead to health issues. Medical help may not be available, or diagnosis may not be correct. One cannot mentally reconcile to failures in this Ketu position, hence depression type of issues can result.

One thing you should guard against is being too trusting. As Rahu ‘the trickster’ is in the 12th house, your own awareness of cheating and being cheated is rather less. You are incapable of cheating others. But you might get moved by someone’s sob-story and get into a mess yourself. Do strike a balance between the 12th house Rahu and 6th house Ketu energies. Rahu and Ketu are natural malefics, so can function well in the dushamsthan combo of 6th and 12th houses but it is better to be consciously aware of what they are upto.

Rahu and Ketu in the 6th 12th house axis

Rahu in the 6th house and Ketu in the 12th house

This is considered to be a good placement. Rahu is a natural malefic so works well in the 6th house. Rahu and Ketu mature late, so their effects are more understandable only after the late 40’s. Ketu is the agent of dissociation so has a natural affinity to the 12th house of secrets and losses. But if there are more malefic influences on them, with no supportive benefics, this can give perhaps the worst results.

Rahu directs the energy of the chart where he is placed. So the choice of service or suffering is brought strongly to the forefront. Work, health, enemies, debts, karma, imbalances, medical issues, etc are more in focus, a career-conscious mind-set. The 6th is the maha-dusham, the highest turbulence in life comes from here. It is a very sensitive house. Rahu here can indulge in activities which can have life time repercussions, so benefic aspects on him are necessary.

Be very careful about selecting your profession, if you are still in your school/college do think carefully on what you would like to do in life. You are ambitious, capable of hard work, quite fearless and can take risks. There are always inimical energies in this position. Enemies will always pop up. So you should be alert, also develop some philosophical background which will help you come to terms with this aspect. Be calculative and do not over-reach.

You can gain from foreign sources, import/export, shipping, long journeys etc. Quite analytical and methodical, if you can take up professions where you help others, doctors, healers, astrologers, etc you will also help yourself. Political career is also possible as you are quite capable of dealing with unsavoury and behind the scene things. A spy or a clever criminal is also possible here. You can exploit loop-holes or anything/anyone else too. Working with drugs, poisons, chemist type of professions. There will be challenges in your life, profession and karmic debts too, but Rahu does not run from them, but faces them head-on. This often gives very good material results. You can use Rahu intelligently to significantly reduce your karmic burden to meet with and work with a lot of people. Such a big chunk of desire-energy in the house of karmic payback can work both ways.

Rahu in the 6th is complemented by Ketu in the 12th. But this Ketu often works by neutralising Rahu’s over-arching behaviour. So you might ignore important things in your work which might cause trouble. There will be some strangeness in the marriage, divorce or affairs outside marriage. Ketu here desires privacy which he does not get. A sense of dissatisfaction may prevail over all relationships. There will be psychic experiences, dreams, visions, meditative states etc which may cause restless sleep. But again these experiences also do not satisfy. There is an underlying sense of grief.

Health remains good overall but death by mysterious or by unknown causes or suddenly without any illness etc is possible. The feet, skin and nerves can cause medical problems. This Ketu can give a spiritual outlook only if the rest of the horoscope allows it. In the 7yrs of Ketu Mahadasha there can be a possibility of a spiritual retreat or a stay in an ashram etc. But in your daily life, try to get some time alone, meditate or something for just 15mins. This will give your Ketu and your past life karma a safe channel. Rather than organised religion, personal approach to faith will be better.

Rahu and Ketu in the 6th 12th house axis

This Rahu-Ketu axis in the 6th – 12th houses requires a lot of balancing between the demands for service and material prosperity and the inner desire for solitude and spiritual growth. Too much of Rahu’s materialism will suppress Ketu’s asceticism which will in some transit/Dasha period burst up and over-whelm the personality. Or the other way around depending on the rest of the chart. This tilt towards the extremes will happen at least once, after which there is a back-lash from the other ignored energy. After this the personality balances better between Rahu and Ketu.

The 6th and 12th axis is, in my opinion, the most sensitive axis as it involves two houses of turmoil. Of these one is the maha-dusham and the other is the house of the unknown. So be very careful in analysing Rahu – Ketu placed here. Extreme or unexpected results are more likely than not.

So before interpreting Rahu’s or Ketu’s position, first check the ascendant sign, the ascendant sign lord and the power of the birth Moon. These three indicate your personality, your surrounding environment and your ability to coordinate between these two. The Moon is your mental strength and the power of your astral self. If these are capable of giving auspicious results, you are consciously more aware and confident about dealing with life and its challenges. Rahu/Ketu here need to be guided by other planets if placed here, if they are let loose they can be quite problematic. So also analyse the signs, the sign lords, other planets if conjunct or aspecting this Rahu/Ketu. Look into Rahu/Ketu’s Nakshatra characteristics for more cues on how they are going to manifest their energies. If you are confident about the Navamsha, do go through it to analyse your planet’s inner potentials.

If your chart as a whole is able to give positive results then this positioning of ‘desire and apathy’ in the most sensitive axis of your chart can be quite good.


Rahu and Ketu in the 6th 12th house axis