Rahu Ketu in the 1/7 axis

Rahu and Ketu are the completely astral graha which ‘churn’ your sense of self. These are the chhaya-graha, forces which ‘blend’ or ‘shade’ your inherent energy, awareness and intelligence. Elusive illusions. 

Rahu is the desire to experience all that you can, he subtly drives the energy of your chart. Ketu is the deepest learnings from your past lives experiences, now expressed as apathy and limitlessness. They act through the signs/ houses/ planets/ nakshatra they are associated with. If they are conjunct important graha-s ie the ascendant lord, the Moon or the Sun, or conjunct highly powerful planets in the chart, or heavily influenced by Marak planets or by natural or functional malefics etc, then they have more influence on you. 


The 1st 4th 7th 10th are Kendra houses, foundations of the personality and the environment around you. The 1st 5th 9th are Kona houses, the potential for evolution. The Dharma trikon (post here) indicates how the 5/9 axis of genius and creativity evolves spirally using each other as a foundation. The 1st is both a Kendra and a Kona house and the connecting link between these two concepts. The 1st house tells you about your personality, environment, also how energy from the horoscope is channelized into you, and how you feed energy to your entire chart. If the 1st house and its lord are powerful and auspicious then you generally have an easier and well-adjusted life.

Any planet in the ascendant sign has an inordinate influence on you. Closer it is to the rising degree more will be its influence. It will significantly modify the attributes of the ascendant sign. (this post on the bright/dark halves of the chart.) And the 7th house is perhaps more mysterious than the 8th house. It is your partnerships, legal contracts, money, companionships, marriage, value and validation but on the other hand it also determines the time of your physical death, Marak, detachment from the game of creation, spiritual growth and possibilities of Moksh. This sign was setting at the horizon as you were being born, its attributes were going out of the light into the night. The mirror of your personality, it is also all the things which use you up (this post on Bhavat Bhavam).. The 7th is the only house linked to the 1st by Bhavat Bhavam. The 7th house has the maximum potential to drain the energy of your ego, it can destroy the your sense of ‘you’. The 7th is the Bhavat bhavam for the 4th and the 10th, the other 2 Kendra houses. So analysing the 7th in the real sense requires some analysis and any planet placed here has a subtly powerful impact on you.

The 1/7 axis is the most sensitive axis in the chart and Rahu Ketu here will affect you deeply. They can give material stuff, money, status, fame etc as per the power of the chart but on the psychological levels they can create typical issues. So first evaluate if they are capable of auspicious results. Then evaluate the power of the ascendant sign, ascendant lord and the birth Moon. If these are able to give positive results, the personality will flourish.


Rahu in the 1st house and Ketu in the 7th house

Rahu is in the ascendant exerts his power in a mysterious yet visible manner. If he is capable of giving auspicious results then you are a magnetic charismatic person with the capacity to significantly influence others. More visible in society, the force of your personality will be evident. Self-assertive, independent nature, good health, striking personality, recognition, etc are possible. Self-confidence, aggression, health, vitality, fame, career, social position, appearance and face, self-image are all boosted. The body is well-built and you have strength/ stamina. Rahu allows you complete experience of your own body, self and the environment around. Rahu’s energies are more active, changeable, adaptable, capable of responding to external influences, are fast and kinetic, often unexpected. This Rahu often gives acute senses, hearing, taste etc is very sharp, you are sensitive (not delicate) and aware of things around you. Lots of opportunities will be available in life and you will take advantage of every one of them. Often Rahu will create a very self-sufficient and individualistic personality. There is desire to know oneself in every way possible. This combination can produce thinkers, philosophers and even sages. There is significant intellect and analytical ability with a deep understanding of human nature and also an ability to manipulate it. Here you should guard against false-ego and always think dispassionately before you act. Try to act as selflessly as possible and always listen to your conscience. Then this Rahu will give great results.

Rahu in the 1st house can also mix up reality and illusion. You might feel that the physical things around you actually do not exist. Extrasensory perception, mantra siddhi, control over other-dimensional beings, healing energies, etc are possible. Flashes of intuition, insights or things which cannot be understood in a normal sense. The dream worlds are more accessible and you actively engage with the events seen in these other states. Rahu can make the material things seem illogical as the sub-conscious is more active. He brings out things from your past lives with unpredictable effects. It is possible that you are a reborn ancestor from the family. Rahu generally indicates the paternal grandparents so you might be closer to them in life. Rahu makes things more vivid, life as an overall experience is more exciting, more glamorous. You are passionate about everything you do, eg adventure sports? You desire pleasure, engage in love affairs, use expensive stuff, crave excitement, take risks. This might lead you to do unacceptable actions in life. So be careful.

Rahu gives more regular abilities too. High levels of creativity exist. You can keep secrets, you can find out secret stuff, good management skills, you are good at ‘invisible control’, ie you can handle back-end operations, you are also good at negotiating and striking bargains, stock markets. You can lie and hide the truth if it suits you, so choose professions where this ability can be used for the greater good. Lucky, cunning, crafty, you can become a champion for criminals and undesirable persons. You conceal your actions and also get into questionable activities, black magic, occult etc. You prefer being alone. 

All this will naturally depend on the nature of the rising sign as Rahu emphasises its qualities. In fiery signs he adds enthusiasm, ambition and self confidence. In earth signs, he grants innate intelligence and overall practicality. In Airy signs, an interest in research literary work etc. And in watery signs, he will enhance imagination, emotions, intuition and spirituality.

Rahu in the lagna, if incapable of giving favourable results creates situations which cannot be diagnosed and rectified easily. Diseases which have their origin in the sub-conscious, astral, psychology etc can mysteriously affect you. Depression, addiction, lack of common sense, skin diseases which involve discolouration etc. Susceptibility to black magic, attacks from spirits, evil eye, association with criminals and specifically poisoning. The ego is very high, miserly, deceitful, rigid, jealous, suicidal thoughts, anti-social behaviour, fanaticism, over-expectations, selfishness may predominate. There are possibilities of failed relationships, extra marital affairs, unconventional lifestyle, divorces, death of the spouse, loneliness. All this is a karmic suffering linked to childhood hurts, nightmares, emotional pain, trauma from past lives, fear of the unknown etc. General attitude towards life is spoilt.

This Rahu in the 1st house, will naturally have Ketu in 7th house, ie the agent of dissociation in the house of partnerships and spirituality. This has the potential to cause problems in one-one relationships.

A Ketu capable of auspicious results will enhance spiritual activities, occult and magic. You prefer being alone and even if you marry, conjugal happiness is lesser. You need space. Ketu can grant celibacy for spiritual reasons. A high level of intelligence and an aptitude for abstract thinking. You have an instinctive knowledge of the mind, psychology, psychoanalysis etc. Wise, and after mid-life you may be well-known for some reason.  Frank outspoken and you stick to your own way, cannot adjust. But you are good at all things which require you to ‘take on a role’, eg acting is something you can easily do. Or public speaking, or motivate masses, play politics in an impersonal manner, just like playing a role. One tip is to try to share what you have deduced through your intellectual efforts. This will help you adjust better in life.

He can make you a philosopher or disturb you on the psychological levels. Ketu in the 7th if afflicted, can give deviant sexual desires. Weird personal philosophies may prevent you from having meaningful relationships with others. The mindset can get bizarre.


Ketu in the 1st house and Rahu in the 7th house

Ketu in the 1st house even if auspicious makes you a bit hazed out. Subtly unaware of your own self, your environment and what is happening around you. Ketu is disinterest and apathy coupled with deepest learnings from the past lives. So you must learn to stand up for yourself, express your opinions, state what you want. You cannot let your partners, your family members, friends etc run rough shod over you. Even if you are not bothered about what you get, you must at least pretend to care. Eg if you are the father, you cannot let your children drive you the way they want, or you cannot let your younger brothers lead, or you cannot stay under your wife’s thumb. Speak out for what you should be having. Assert yourself even it is just for show. This is the most important behavioural change you must bring in you to function well in life.

Ketu’s energies are neutral, the pivot around which the entire life and its events whirl. We are generally unaware of the Ketu in our lives. If we every look on our life from Ketu’s position, it would be like watching the storm from its calm center. He is the catalyst which propels spiritual evolution. Ketu-dominant persons generally go through life with a sense of vagueness and anonymity. Ketu is the absolute non-desire which comes after you have experienced everything. You have been experiencing these things for several lives and now that desire is exhausted. The desire to experience these Ketu related things does not exist anymore. You have the learnings of those experiences within you. But such is the nature of Ketu that learnings are also of no value to him. So he keeps the conscious personality unaware of these. Things become more clear after the 40’s. So if you have Ketu in the 1st house you will seem to ‘blossom’ only after your mid-40’s. Ketu conjunct the ascendant lord also gives similar readings.

Ketu in the 1st house, you are a strange mix of maturity and immaturity. Philosophical and childish mixed together. The body will have some oddness, you might look younger/ older than you are, or something like  disproportionate limbs, scars especially on the head, there will be something distinctive about your appearance. In this position too, there is an underlying sorrow, you are never fully happy. You can be a good actor, or any profession where you are required to take up different identities or act out a role. You rarely express what you really feel, as you are unaware of this yourself. You might come across as a shy, self-conscious person. (Post here on Ketu conjunct the ascendant lord which gives similar readings. Any graha associated with Ketu is deeply affected by his typical headless, apathetic, spiritualising influence.)

This Ketu, if incapable of giving auspicious results, then mental suffering, internal conflicts, emotional imbalance are possible. You may come across as an unpleasant, superficial, disinterested, heartless etc person. You cannot retain your interest in anything much.  You have your own ideas of personal morality and ethics which might not be acceptable to others. Try to at least develop some stability in your interactions with others do not shock them too much. In business and profession, you might be disturbed and focussing on work might be difficult. Sometimes you can get intensely spiritual and sometimes intensely materialistic. Try to find a balance in between these two aspects else life will get very confusing. 

On the other side is Rahu in 7th house. If auspiciously placed then he can help you gain good social standing, a socially visible spouse etc. Wealth through business and eventually a better understanding of your own self. If you can, choose a profession or a business where you are your own boss. Or something which has to do with psychology, mind, counselling, writing, management, etc. This will help divert the energies more productively outside the home. Rahu in the 7th house brings into focus partnerships, from the baser ones to the highest spiritual ones. However the main reason you continue together in any one-one relationship, personal or professional, would be mutual ambition. The marriage will not satisfy much, your spouse will be Rahu oriented ie ambitious and driven, thus will not give you full attention. Similarly for business partners, they might cheat you if you remain unaware of their activities. There may be several relationships, marriages, business relationships and one-one partnerships. The 7th house matures in the 30’s so after this age the you might see yourself quite well established with partnerships. The married life, permanent social image etc will stabilise. Rahu also grants the social image required for public standing. You might be very spiritual, yet you will be thought to be quite materialistic.

But if Rahu is afflicted by even more malefics then his negative side can come up. The desire for union with the inner self gets converted to mindless physical gratification which by Rahu’s inherent nature fails to gratify. This affliction can be in the birth chart but even transits of malefics over this Rahu will cause temporary issues. The spouse may be odd. He/ she may be depressed neurotic and perhaps under severe strain. The spouse can abandon you, there may be quarrels, separation, divorce, death of the spouse or extra-marital relationships etc. In any case the marriage does not satisfy. You want heightened or irregular sensual pleasures which is unrealistic in regular life. You can neither live together nor can you both express what is going wrong with you. The marital relationship can be odd, unconventional, unbalanced or even abusive.

Rahu Ketu in the 1/7 axis generally create unhappiness in partnerships. Marriage for persons with the nodes in the 1/7 axis can be problematic or non-typical. The over-riding theme is that the spouse will, for a variety of reasons be unavailable. This is to force you to seek the deepest relationship with your inner self, but this depends on the maturity level of the horoscope (post here). If the chart is unable to manage Rahu-Ketu’s intensity, then negative effects are seen. Often undesirable partners exist who create problems for you. Secret relationships before and during the marriage. If you get into business, the business partner might cheat you. You might like travelling, changing jobs/ businesses etc but this will not give you job satisfaction. Disenchantment with all human relationships is a usual result and you feel resigned towards life as such. The nodes in the 1/7, make you realise the illusory nature of life through personal sorrow of the most private kind. This realisation can make you a philosopher or drive you crazy.


Rahu Ketu are 180 deg apart so always in opposite houses in the birth chart. I have written about Rahu Ketu in the 5/11 houses, the 11/5 houses, the 2/8 houses, the 6/12 houses and 4/10 houses earlier. There were several requests for posts on their effects in the birth 1/7 axis. Writing a generic post on this fundamentally ‘you’ axis is difficult. Rahu Ketu here have to be analysed carefully. I have highlighted some typical things about this position, however these will have to be modified as per other positions in your own horoscope.

The Vimshottari dasha periods controlled by the nodes, ie the Rahu mahadasha, Ketu mahadasha can get very intense. Especially the Rahu-Ketu antardasha and the Ketu-Rahu antardasha. Look out for transits of Rahu Ketu from time to time as they have the potential to cause surprising effects, unexpected results, disturbances and general internal sorrow. If a Rahu-Ketu dominant person does some spiritual practice, he gives them a safe outlet, he will be more adjusted to his spiritual as well as material life.

All planets essentially give benefits on the spiritual front, everything is subtly designed to pull us towards the inner self. But we are so materially oriented that we do not register these benefits. So a ‘good’ or a ‘bad result is applicable only to the material side of life.

Finally, if the ascendant lord and the birth Moon are powerful and if there are aspects of Jupiter, especially his 5th 9th aspects, on Rahu or Ketu, the intensity of the negatives results above are significantly reduced. The personality can make use of the more favourable abilities of Rahu Ketu and live a more well adjusted life.

(I have written several posts on Rahu Ketu including remedies, do use the index page if you wish to read.)


Elder Futhark Rune Isa

Isa is the 11th Rune of the Elder Futhark Rune set. Keywords for Isa include ice, stillness, immobility, harshness, restriction, constriction, frustration, coldness, ego, selfishness, blindness. If you draw the Isa Rune in your reading, it is like a cold shock, a harsh energy. Something is not right in your life.


Isa is a hostile energy, inimical to the experience of Life and Living. Isa appears in a reading when you are in some sort of danger. A slow moving yet a serious danger and you are unaware of this. If you can spot it in time, perhaps you can escape but once you are in a situation indicated by Isa, you are in trouble.

In inter-personal relationship readings, Isa indicates a lack of warmth. Things are frozen between the two of you. If you do not act in time, Isa will tear you two apart. This is not a kind energy, it is impersonally cruel. Isa shows you the harsh, cold, merciless, egoistical face of the person you are interacting with. You are dealing with someone who has an exaggerated sense of self-ego, a spear of ice. Do not expect him to come to a mutual understanding. Break-ups are possible during this time. If you are surrounded by Isa yourself, then you must think and feel yourself out of it. Try to feel the good times with your loved one or think on why this person is important to you. Try to do the things you used to enjoy together and unfreeze the love that you have for him/ her. Try to put your self-ego aside. Else the relationship or partnership will break down and you will suffer even more. 

Isa in a reading on business or finance represents a control imposed from the outside which will eventually create a bigger problem. If a business has to grow there has to be a flow, a movement of energy, money, goods, services etc. Isa does not allow this flow. Or if you are expecting a big profit or something, it will be delayed or not happen. Isa means that the situation is stuck and significant efforts will be needed to get things moving again. Taking critical decisions in periods indicated by Isa is treacherous. You will see only the superficial tip of the ice-berg, its real depth is always hidden. Your movement is limited, the flow of events is frozen. Try to find out more about the situation you are in before acting. Options will be limited. But act you must, if you do not, you will be stuck even more deeply.

In questions on personal growth, Isa indicates that your exaggerated self-ego is the root cause of the situation you find yourself in. Isa’s ‘stillness’ can easily become stagnation. You think you know everything and thus your downfall begins. Being a know-it-all in the spiritual path is dangerous. But taking corrective actions will be difficult as self-ego will obstruct. Isa in this context means that the life philosophy you are following is not helping you evolve, instead it has frozen you stiff.


Time periods indicated by Isa are generally quite long, 6 months or more. There will be challenges during this period, either emotional, physical, financial etc. Getting the ice to melt requires significant work. And the more you ignore these stalled things, the more difficult it will get to make them work again. Isa is the Rune of barriers, obstacles and mental blocks. It will prevent you from acting, when in fact action is most necessary here. You do not care, not about yourself, not about the other person, or the situation you are in. Strong hidden forces are working against you, stopping your thoughts and actions both. This can also mean that you are not willing to change your perspective when the time/ situation demands it. You are numb.

On the practical side, try to find out more about the situation you are in. Read books or listen to others more knowledgeable than you. Put your self-ego aside for a bit. As with the other Runes of the second Aett, Isa is linked to patience. There are things beyond your control and you have to endure. But this does not mean that you just give up and sit down. The energy is not going to vanish by itself, you have to take some efforts. Try to work things out, act in some way. If you do not, you will be frozen even more.

A typical thing with Isa. People who are right now around you are not the ones who will help you, because in fact they are the ones who are freezing you! You are lonely with them. And the people who can genuinely help you? The persons you really know you must be with? Isa will ensure that you do not meet them. Or even if you meet them, your self-ego will be so high that you will not listen to what they say. You are unaware of what is happening to you. The coldness of the winter, Isa, has put you in hostile situations and you are blind to the possible outcomes. You are blind to the implications of your actions on yourself, on your situation and on your loved ones. You are numb to the danger you are causing yourself. Positivity, creativity, potential, the will to live, the ability to enjoy life is frozen under Isa. Getting out of this will require a lot of work from your side. You may not be able to move much, but move you must.

And Isa’s final knock-out punch. Isa puts things on hold for a long-ish time. There might eventually after this long period, come a time when these things might start moving again. And this is the time where you will feel the most intense regret. As you realise that you have irrevocably lost something which was so important to you by your own blindness. Those emotions which were frozen by Isa, will flow in the form of bitter tears.

  • Eg you were emotionally distant with your loved one for 6 months and more. You also broke up during this time. Later, you realised that you have lost the one you love and you miss her/him dreadfully.
  • Eg in your business, you missed several opportunities because you were blind to them. A year later you look back and realise the extent of your losses.
  • Eg your health was not good but you thought that the situation was not that serious. You neglected going to a proper doctor. After Isa has done its job, you realise that your health has taken a huge hit.

Isa is not just a test of patience and endurance. Its real test is, ‘Can you put your self-ego aside? Can you recognise and also act to keep close what is important to you in the long run? Can you? Will you?’.


I do not think that Runes can be reversed. However depending on the question, the energy of the Rune can be in opposition. Eg What is the reason things are going wrong? and you get Isa means that the situation has reached a point of utter stillness. Getting Isa in opposition is even worse. This means that things have frozen over completely, there is coldness, lack of warmth, stagnation etc which is causing bitterness, arguments, numbness and overall blindness. You will have to act in a positive manner to make things flow again. Doing this will be difficult but you must try.

Isa is not a kind Rune, it is the power of offence and defence. You can use the power of Isa to still things in the following situations. When you are attacked by negativity, black magic etc and you cannot do anything about it, you can freeze the situation by using Isa. This will give you some breathing space till you find the solution. Always remember that Isa is not the solution. Forcing stillness on something from outside is not real stability and will not resolve anything in the long run. Or if you are emotionally overwhelmed and a meltdown is going to happen, you can use Isa to freeze the energies. But remember to release these emotions in a safer way later. Isa should not be used for extended times in these situations. Never use Isa to freeze things for long, as the power of ice gets stronger with time. You will create more issues for yourself if you do so. Releasing energies which have been frozen by the power of Isa can sometimes make them explode in a spectacularly dangerous manner. So when using Isa actively be very careful. 

These meanings are for Isa drawn as a single Rune cast. In case you get Isa in a multiple Rune reading, you have to blend its meanings with the others in the context of the question asked. In such readings, Isa can either intensify the meanings of the other Runes or block these too with its power of stasis. Interpreting multiple Runes together requires practice, intuition and finally the blessings of Odin.

One positive. Isa can sometimes indicate that there is significant unrealised potential hidden within you/ the situation, which can be released by acting decisively, if you can. Or you can use its energies of stillness in some spiritual practice where stillness is needed. Using Isa can be as simple as creating a chi-ball, putting the Rune with the intention into it and releasing it into the time/space desired. But to work with the energy of Isa requires considerable will-power, practice and the blessings of Odin. The Elder Futhark Runes are raw magic and should be used with proper respect and care. (Overview of the Runes post here.)


Post on Ansuz here.

It is possible that you might have felt the danger of Isa in reading this post. The truth is that there are often unpleasant situations in life and you have to make the best of it. There are these three Runes, Hagalaz, Isa and Ihwaz. I have used their energies also in my work and these are the proverbial double edged swords.

Some time ago, I was in a very typical situation. I asked Odin which way do I go. The person I was facing was in Isa. The Runes said that option 1 would take me the Hagalaz route and option 2 was the Ihwaz way. I had to choose one and use its energy for growth. This was the most difficult period of my life.


Mercury retrograde predictions for 2021

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. In this year, 2021 he is going to be retrograde during these time periods,

  • 30th Jan – 21st Feb – Aquarius – Capricorn
  • 30th May – 23rd Jun – Gemini – Taurus
  • 27th Sep – 18th Oct – Libra – Virgo

During retrogrades there are two possibilities. One is that the planet can go reverse in the same sign, ie not cross over backwards into the earlier sign. Or he will go backwards into the earlier sign. (There are 8 movements of the planets, post here). This year Mercury will be using the second option. In each of these three retrograde periods he is crossing backwards into the earlier sign, intensifying his results. When this happens you will be forced to redo things. There will be a lot of confusion in everything you do. 


Whatever Mercury stands for in your birth chart will see repeat, review, re-do, Reverse energy in action. eg this will mean you have to check out which house he is placed in and where do Gemini and Virgo sit in your birth chart. Then especially if you have your birth Moon in his signs, Gemini or Virgo, you will face the turbulence on your mental and emotional levels. And if your ascendant sign is the signs then your physical body will be more affected. And if your birth Moon is in the naksahtra linked to Mercury, Ashleysha, Jeyshtha or Revati then too you will feel his subtle effects during this period.  

Now let’s check out Mercury’s keywords to see how this Mercury retrograde affects you and everyone generally. 

Mercury is the mental processes, logic and rational thinking. So you might see yourself and the others around you thinking illogically and behaving irrationally. Mercury is also communication of all sorts. So expect to misunderstand and be misunderstood when he goes retrograde. If you are going to appear for exams or important interviews be careful, read/understand the questions asked before responding. Written and spoken words both can be twisted by the power of this Mercury, so try to be as clear as possible in your communications. If you intend to sign important contracts or legal papers, read everything again properly. During this time it will be difficult to concentrate, focus or think logically. So initiating new projects or activities can be an issue. In the office, your teammates may not cooperate with you. There might be delays in organising meetings, preparing presentations and important reports. 

On the family front, there might be issues with siblings, extended family and especially the maternal family members. There will be outbursts and arguments as everyone loses control over what they are thinking, understanding and speaking. Short journeys will be more tiring and these may not give you the results you had expected. Be careful while driving and performing other skilled activities where you use your hands. The choices available to you may not be appropriate and create more problems. You might take rash decisions and then hasty actions. Think before you speak and act, always. Finances will be affected, some of you might need to budget. Avoid taking risks in the financial markets during this time, invest in your tried and tested options. Medical issues can be triggered depending on the position of Mercury in your birth chart. Mercury controls memory, speech, skin, nerves etc, so if you get any issue of this sort during this period, do go to a doctor. (Post here)

For the remedy part of it, I have written on the Mantra and Daana in my earlier posts. Also on the behavioural aspects where you give this energy of Mercury a safe outlet. (Do use the index page or the search bar)



Now let’s look at these 3 time periods in a little more depth. This is a very brief analysis, you are supposed to think more on the keywords and come to your own conclusions.

30th Jan – 21st Feb – Aquarius – Capricorn

Mercury will move backwards in Dhanistha and Shravan nakshatras. Dhanistha is linked to Mars and ruled by the deity Vasu. Shravan is linked to the Moon and ruled by the deity Vishnu. Here the energies are all about Saturn who owns the two signs Aquarius and Capricorn and Mercury who is retrograde in them. In this time period both Saturn and Mercury are combust so Sun dominates everything. This period is quite confusing as Sun is combusting several planets all at once in Capricorn (post here). Plus Saturn in Shravan with this typical effects (post here).

So we have the keywords, let’s put them together like this. This time might see fake news, fake journalists and rumours. Shravan means ‘to listen’. There will be fake news about the activities of the government including the budget. Things will be misinterpreted by few people with vested interests. They will try to create faulty perceptions and create conflict with the popularly elected government, Sun, and the society at large, Saturn, using illogical thought processes and immature actions, Mercury. Do not trust anyone during this period. The economy might go down. Dhanishtha means the ‘wealthy one’. On a personal level we all must do some household budgeting. Do not put your money in risky things, you will lose it. COVID 19 vaccinations might show some side-effects. General public health will be overall affected. Moon rules nature, nurture, nutrition and need. Students will face a difficult time as this is the exam season. Rest and comfort will be affected. 

30th May – 23rd Jun – Gemini – Taurus

Here the planets in charge are Mercury and Venus. Mercury will go backwards from Mruga to Rohini nakshatras. Mruga is linked to Mars and ruled by the deity Soma. Rohini is linked to Moon and ruled by Brahmadev. Mercury will be combust during this time, transiting close to the Sun. Rahu will be influencing him, there is a total solar eclipse during this period affecting the northern parts of the Earth.

So let’s put the keywords together. Creative aspect of things will be used in an irrational manner. This time too, we will see fake news and rumours being peddled with the intention to discredit national governments. Mass movements may not mobilise so much but there will be some violence. Border disputes with neighbouring nations can flare up. Economy will take a hit and personal finances too.  The stock markets especially will show negative effects. Those in business must take care, smaller business might be wiped out. Agriculture too may be affected. Groups fighting for the environment will create problems for the society. Monsoon may show some irregularity. Cheats and frauds might happen. Suspicions will be on a high, loneliness too. Misunderstandings and arguments with partners, close family and friends will be more likely. Everyone will have very fixed opinions and will be vocal about them. Take care of your personal health especially the food you eat. Mental exhaustion will happen for most of us. Long term health issues, if any, will be triggered. Public health too will show some minor issues. Short journeys and business travel will show more delays and frustrations, so be prepared. Achieving goals during this time will be difficult. 

27th Sep – 18th Oct – Libra – Virgo

This time too the planets owning these signs are Mercury and Venus. Mercury will be transiting the Chitra and Hasta nakshatra. Chitra is linked to Mars and owned by Tvastra. Hasta is linked to Moon and ruled by Savitr. 

Let’s try to combine the keywords. In your team/group there will be a lack of trust and cooperation because there will be no clarity on the common Purpose. Wasting time, lethargy, sloth will increase. The work done will lack quality. You might be inclined to take risks as ego increases. There might be accidents and the physical body might suffer. You might engage in non-productive over-work so the mind will also get tired. Arguments stemming from criticism and aggression can happen. Tact and skills are lost for some time. There will be a tendency for selfishness and imbalance which will eventually cause frustration. At home, you might be required to do some costly repairs. In public again there will be a demonstration of breaking the laws. Everyone will be a little bit lonely. Negative karma will be more active during this period so best would be remain uninvolved and try to work in a positive manner. If you can do some spiritual activity to be more comfortable with yourself.


And did you notice, the Nakshatra-s involved this time?

Mercury is retrograde in all the 3 nakshatra-s linked to his father Moon. Just like any teenager, Mercury not comfortable with the Moon, so expect all the things linked to the Moon in your birth chart to take a hit when Mercury goes retrograde in Rohini, Hasta and Shravan. Pay special attention to your health, comfort and rest.

And the other three nakshatra involved are linked to Mars, Mruga, Chitra and Dhanishtha. So when Mercury goes retrograde in them you will see inexplicable increase in irritation, misdirected rage, everyone including you being quick to anger and less willing to listen. Try to think before you act always. 

Then the deities, are also the more powerful ones, Brahmadev, Savitr and Vishnu are the primal energies responsible for creation, illumination and preservation of structure and order of you and this universe. the other three Soma is nourishment, Tvashtra is skilled creativity and Vasu are the elemental energies which actually make you and your universe. One very simple way of navigating these upcoming 2021 Mercury retrogrades is worshipping these and invoking their energies within you.




Gratitude and the Sun

In your journey through life, gratitude is the first auspicious quality you have to recognise within yourself. Krutajnyata कृतज्ञता is the Sanskrit word loosely meaning gratefulness, gratitude. Krutajnya कृतज्ञ isto be grateful’. Gratitude is the fundamental way in which you change yourself. If you cannot feel grateful then you are always going to be unhappy, your spiritual progress will be blocked and auspicious things will not come your way. Feeling gratitude in some way opens up every positive quality within you.

कृतज्ञ is a compound word composed of kruta कृत and ज्ञ jnya. Being grateful कृतज्ञ means you understand that positive work that has been done for you. You recognise that some auspicious activity has been performed for you. You acknowledge that you have been given some help. Something good has been made available to you and you know it. You realise that you have gained a prize by some blessings. You are aware that some vital action has been accomplished for you. You know that  you have received something precious. You experience this magic of receiving and this elevates your soul. This is being कृतज्ञ. If you cannot experience this uplifting emotion then nothing will go right for you and if you are in trouble you will remain there. Gratitude is the basic energy which helps you from the inside out. It is your choice to feel grateful कृतज्ञ, so choose to recognise this emotion.

I am still getting so many comments with personal details. I have already written about the sure-shot remedy to all your material problems in this post here. If you cannot do even this much for 5mins daily then here is a even tinier 30sec daily practice. Do this much at least. You are doing this for your own self. If you do not do it, no one but you yourself are going to suffer. Do this for 21days and it will become a lifetime habit.


When you wake up in the morning, go to your window, look at the skies. If your window faces the east, you will see the golden disc of the Sun blazing in the sky otherwise you will see his sun-rays lighting up the world. Look at him, his sun-rays and his light with your open eyes. Fold your hands in a Namaskar. Feel his golden power entering your body, mind and soul. Thank him for being there in the sky, giving so freely of his energy. He is so utterly beautiful, pure shimmery gold. Feel his beauty, his strength, his warmth on your face. If you know any Sanskrit mantra you can recite it mentally or express your gratitude in any language you are comfortable in or just keep your mind blank, be in the moment. Relax in the pure energy he is showering over you and the world before you. Do this very simple thing as you wake up and you will change yourself from the inside out. Just for 30 seconds, daily.

There are so many deities you can pray to, use as a focus for your intention, then why the Sun? The Sun is special, he is different. He is the consciousness you can actually see with your own eyes. You cannot see Brahmadev, Vishnu, Sarasvati, Ganapati, etc with your open eyes. The other deities are worshipped in their derived forms, eg in form of Vigraha or Moorti.  They are visualised in the Sa-gun forms. Eg Shankar is visualised with attributes like a beautiful man, brilliant skin color, blue colored throat, Trishul, sitting in Kailas etc. You offer kumkum, turmeric, flowers, Akshata, coconut etc to this Moorti and thus do your daily puja. This is the simple way of worshiping the Parabrahma in the Sa-gun form. More difficult is Sadhana of the Nir-gun form of the Parameshwar. When you do your Soham mantra, you are doing the most subtle Sadhana of the Nir-gun Advaita itself. You are focussing on the pure conscious energy directly. But all this might not make sense to those people who are still struggling on the spiritual route.

So the easiest Sadhana for everyone, irrespective of anything, is to focus on the Sun. Surya is the only ‘pratyaksha devata’. He is the only symbol of the radiant consciousness which is actually visible to everyone always. You just focus on the visible golden sphere of the visible Sun. (later as you go deeper within, he will show you more subtle aspects of himself. Nature of the Sun post here)

  • प्रत्यक्ष pratyaksha – manifested, explicit, visible, direct, can be sensed, can be perceived, self-evident, real, actual, immediate, clear, etc.
  • देवता Devata – image of the Parameshwar, moorti, divinity, radiance etc.


There are atheists or people who do not follow Sanatan Dharma or ‘modern’ people who do not believe in the Non-dual Consciousness. But even these people have to believe in the Sun visibly shining in the blue skies. If not in the spiritual sense then at least in the material sense? He is responsible for Life on Earth. His power maintains the planet Earth and us on it. All the processes on the Earth from the water cycle, plant life, animal life, everything depends on the Sun. If there were no Sun, there would be no Life.

We understand the concept of Time, Kaal with reference to the Sun. Colors, light, warmth, all concepts that we know are in relation to the Sun. Everything that we understand or do has the Sun as the reference point, either subtly or visibly. Without the Sun in the skies, we are nothing.

Sun, the Surya, is the original Jyotirlinga. He is auspicious, pure, the brightest light that we all see always.

  • Jyoti ज्योतिः is brightness, fire, eye, celestial realms, dawn/Sandhya, lightning, life etc.
  • Linga लिङ्ग is image, token, power of generation, power to cause change, spot, sign, reason, proof, a invariable mark which proves the existence of something, evidence, conclusion, mark, movement etc.

We all believe in the power of the Sun in some way or the other. It is only irrational and illogical people who perhaps don’t. Sun is the visible source of energy in every way possible. So acknowledge this strength, be grateful to him and give him this 30 sec of your undivided attention daily.

I have written a lot on the Sun. He is always available in front of you and his worship is the easiest, ie you offer him Arghya, plain regular water. It takes just 1 min to offer him Arghya. What could be more simpler? But if you feel this to be random superstition, then at least accept that his warmth keeps the Earth and you alive. You are here on the earth and you can see the Sun in the skies. Be grateful for this fact. Acknowledging it is just 30sec of your time daily. This is the beginning of gratitude, कृतज्ञता, your first step towards real understanding.

The tiniest things done with positive intention have tremendous cascading results. In Sanatan Dharma, practice is given prime importance. And no spiritual practice is small or big, all are valid paths. Choose something simple and do it daily. Keep reminding yourself of your pure connection to the Divine. Practice so that you Experience. Experience so that you can Transcend. And know that you are the Advaita yourself.


Today is a special day for me so thought of sharing this simple practice.

Saturn in Shravan Nakshatra Capricorn 2021 22

Saturn is the karmakarak, he is the one who activates your prarabdha karma by his position, transits and aspects. Saturn is currently in the Capricorn sign, Uttarashadha Nakshatra and on 23rd Jan 2021 he will be entering the Shravan nakshatra. He will remain here till 18th Feb 2022. It is a long period of almost 13months so thought of writing a post on this.

If you study the world events, in the past, whenever Saturn was in Shravan nakshatra, there were problems at the national and global levels. There have been wars, economic collapses, deaths of kings/ rulers and general instability. This present transit is shadowed by the disaster that 2020 was. (As per the Vedic system we are still in the Sharvari naam samvatsara. I have repeatedly said that Sharvari is not good in my several posts and this is evident.)


Shravan nakshatra is linked to the Moon and ruled by the deity Vishnu. Capricorn, in which Shravan falls, is obviously ruled by Saturn. So to understand its energy we have to combine, Vishnu, Moon, and Shravan which means ‘to hear’. So this nakshatra is linked to communication, learning, listening, intuition, cleverness, receptivity etc. It also into maintenance of order, preservation of traditions, satvik inclinations, etc. Shravan is also gentle, nurturing, patient, contemplative etc. It is systematic, business-like, work-oriented and will persevere till it achieves its objectives. But it can go both ways, either selfish or selfless. Shravan Nakshatra has a negative side too, it can get restless, rigid, egoistic, calculative, stubborn, obstinate, inflexible, jealous, narrow-minded, materialistic, money-minded etc. If its goals become immoral, unethical or selfish then it can be quite dangerous as it never leaves things half-way.

A good way of using Shravan’s energy is to teach, so any profession where teaching is the theme will go well. Listening related professions like the music industry can do well. Communications industry should do well in this time. Anything to do with organizations and structures will also benefit. But only if these people allow themselves to work through Shravan’s selfless higher principle. On an individual level, try to be kind during this period, to yourself and to the others around you.

Saturn and Moon energies together can get very typical if the chart more on the negative side. To begin with there will be fear. Added to this will be over-work, loss of comfort, loss of sleep/rest, errors in judgement, emotional upsets, ill-health, loneliness etc. Work will be demanded of you which will tire you out physically, mentally and emotionally. If your horoscope is on the positive side then too you will be made to work, obviously Saturn is not going to let you off easily, but this work will satisfy you and in the long run give you a lot of gain. This mix of Saturn and Moon needs to be seen in depth because for this entire period Jupiter is not of much use. Jupiter is already in Shravan (till 4th Mar 2021) and now Saturn is joining him here. Jupiter debilitated has caused a lot of problems last year which will continue this year too. Even when he goes into Aquarius next he will not be able to function effectively. Only when he finally enters Pisces can we see a sustained positive change. Till then Saturn is wholly in charge.

Saturn in Shravan now will also enhance the karmic effects of the Moon in your birth chart. If the Moon is capable of giving auspicious results then you will see a period of growth depending on the Moon’s position and power. Best open your birth Moon chart and study it. It is the same as your birth chart, but drawn with the birth Moon sign in the 1st house position. This will give you a more clearer insight on how the rest of the planets, including the ascendant sign are placed from the reference of the birth Moon. Especially if you are over 49yrs of age, your will find your life patterns more following the birth Moon chart than the regular birth chart.

Next, if you are undergoing a Dasha period of the Moon then too his karmic effects will be enhanced. Whatever the position of this Moon signifies for you in your birth chart will prominently manifest during these 13months. If your birth Moon is in the 8th or 12th houses you must be careful, there may be unexpected inauspicious effects overall. Moon in the 3rd and 6th houses can give good results in the profession and service fields but may have adverse impacts on the emotional/ physical health. Moon in the remaining houses of the birth chart is capable of generally good results during this period, unless afflicted.


Saturn also will be giving his own results as per his own position in the birth chart (post here) and his transit position (post here). Those with Saturn in the 4th 7th 8th 10th houses in transit or in the birth chart must be careful. This is called the Kantak Shani (post here) Saturn in the 8th house is his most difficult to handle position (post here). Sade-sati is on for Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius signs. In these Sade-sati signs, if your birth Moon is in Shravan or Shatataraka it will be worse. Those with their birth Moon in Shravan nakshatra have to be especially careful for the next 13months.

Next, if you are undergoing a Dasha of Saturn, this can be a mahadasha or his sub-periods, you will see that the results expected are going to be exaggerated. I have written 4 posts on analysing the Vimshottari dasha you are in (do use the index page).

Especially if you are in a Venus-Saturn or Saturn-Venus Mahadasha-antardasha, or even antardasha-pratyantardasha combo you really should read this post. You will face the most intense karmic rebalancing with the one you love the most. This is the most traumatic aspect of these sub-periods. The one you love the most, the one whom you know loves you the most, you rely on him the most, he relies on you the most, but his love/support will be denied to you, your love/support will be denied to him in these two sub-periods. And this now will hit you both on the emotional aspects and the things controlled by your and his birth Moon. 

Finally analyse the interaction between Saturn and Moon in your birth horoscope. If they are by chance placed in the 6/8 axis from each other in your birth chart, you will face a difficult time. The 6/8 is the most traumatic axis for any two planets to be in. Their energies are sucked up in the vortex of karmic suffering/ catastrophic changes. Both are highly uncomfortable with each other and cannot cooperate to give auspicious results on the physical/mental planes. Birth Saturn-Moon in the 2/12 axis can also create some issues. Moon-Saturn in the rest of the axes in your birth charts will give better results.


Saturn is entering Shravan combust with Sun, Jupiter, Mercury. Later Venus and Moon too will add to this mix and all will be combust together in Capricorn briefly. Saturn during his combustions tends to give even harsher results. Most of us will experience difficulties in the home, office and health fronts. Unnecessary conflicts, spouse/ children/ parents under stress, ill health etc are expected. (Since Saturn became combust, I am seeing a sharp rise in the physical deaths/ serious hospitalisations in the people I know.) And if Saturn is inauspicious for you in your birth sign or in transit, then during his combustion period you must be careful. Especially if he is connected to the 8th house in birth/ transit he can give intense results. Feeling lonely, cheated, heartbreaks, conflicts and permanent separations are possible during this time. So many planets are with Saturn in his own sign! It is a very complicated scenario. The first half of the year will see quite a bit of confusion.

Shani is linked to the lunar mansions of Pushya, Anuradha and Uttarabhadrapada. People born with their birth Moon in Anuradha and Uttarabhadrapada will have a good time generally. There will be opportunities in the work place, you will be known in your social circle and there will be general happiness.

The only 3 signs who are going to enjoy positive effects are Leo, Scorpio and Pisces. Pisces Moon’s especially will have the best time this year. If your birth Moon is one of these and your birth Saturn is favourable then you will have opportunities coming up. If your ascendant sign is one of these and it is more powerful than your birth Moon then too you will have a good time. Saturn and Moon both will work together to give you gains which will satisfy. For the rest of the signs this is a below average period.

It is advisable that we all do some personal puja daily. As per Rishi Parashar mantra and daana are only remedies. So if you feel like it, perform some remedies for Saturn and Moon in this period. You can also worship your family deity, your favourite deity, the Nakshatra deity of Shravan ie Vishnu, or call on your source of faith. Best create some auspiciousness to help you tide over these typical times.




I am writing this short post because of a question I received on Bali. Apparently someone thought that killing birds and animals is a part of Sanatan Dharma aka Hinduism.

The short answer is, No!

And if you ever kill animals/ birds thinking the ‘sacrifice’ will help you, you are in for a traumatic time. If you ever kill any living being, thinking that this ‘sacrifice’ will take away your problems or give you happiness, you will create horrible karma for yourself. Such killing is not allowed, ever. This is applicable to everyone irrespective of the faith he follows.

बलि Bali is a Sanskrit word and has several meanings like levy, offering, oblation, revenue due to the king, tribute, worship, gift, offering, power, strength, might, karma etc. There was King of the Asuras named Maha-Bali who was extremely wise, strong, generous etc. The root word is Bala बल which essentially means strength. When you give ‘Bali’ you are essentially powering your intention with this act of Bali. In Sanantan Dharma, if someone says that you should give Bali, it means that you have to offer a coconut. Only this one item, नारिकेल coconut, is Bali. Nothing else is acceptable as Bali, ever.


You go to any temple in India, or at the ghats/ banks of sacred rivers, you will find that the flower vendors there always have the coconut as a part of the puja flowers set-up on sale. When you go inside the temple, you will offer this, coconut, flowers, sweets, kumkum, turmeric, akshata, camphor, incense sticks etc to the deity with your prayers/ intention. The priest will generally break open the coconut and give you half of it as a prasadam. Or he will touch the coconut to the deity’s feet and give it back to you, you are now expected to break it at a designated place inside the temple. This one fruit has the capacity to amplify your intention, to add power to your wish and will help in getting it fulfilled soon. You can offer a coconut /Bali in a temple or in your home puja-ghar or at sacred rivers/ sea etc. Bali is also performed when you start something new for the first time or when you need added protection or an added boost of power. eg when entering a new house, or entering your new office, when driving a new car for the first time, etc. All auspicious activities are powered by a Bali of the coconut.

dhd x

A brief procedure would be this.

You take a brown coconut which has water in it. This water part is necessary, so do check if you can hear the water sloshing inside the coconut. Then remove the excess fibres on it leaving a tuft at the point where its ‘eyes’ are. If you do not remove these fibres, breaking it with a single dash will be difficult. Stand in front of your deity. Keep the coconut in front of it. Pray for whatever it is that you want from the deity. Or wish for general happiness and prosperity. You can use Sanskrit mantra-s if you know them or speak in the language you are comfortable in. Just keep your mind clear and intention strong. Then apply Kum-kum, turmeric, unbroken raw rice/ Akshata, flowers etc, if you have these items, to the deity and to the coconut. Then hold the coconut in your hand. Express your wish again intensely in your mind. Then dash this coconut on the ground before the deity so that it breaks. It must compulsorily break in one dash. If it does not break then it is considered inauspicious. This requires strength, so this part is generally done by the men, father/ brother/ husband/ son or the pujari in the temple will do it. The water from the coconut will spill as it gets broken, if you can catch it in your palm, you can drink it as a teerth. Afterwards you can eat the coconut white as a prasadam.

A coconut is a scared object but obviously it is also used in the kitchen. Like I use 1-2 coconuts in my kitchen in an average week. But even if I am going to use it in a chutney or a curry, when it is being broken, my husband will say aloud the name of the family deity and break it cleanly in a single dash.


There are some videos where animals/ birds are being shown killed in the name of deities, especially Ugra-roop of deities, often Devi Kali. This does not feel right in the energy sense. I was watching a weird ritual on Youtube where Her Moorti  was drenched with the blood of these killed animals. The blast of negativity from the scene was unbelievable. So then I asked the Devi Kali Herself about this (even you can ask deities questions and they always answer). She clearly said that if you cannot give it life you cannot take its life. The energies of the animals/ birds who are killed are absorbed by Her Gana-s and not by Her. The Gana-s are the attendants of the deities and are capable of granting minor blessing, siddhi etc etc on their own. If you get caught in these minor things from the Gana-s you will never be able to focus on Her. This is a traumatic death of a living being, the energies are inauspicious so are more used for the maran, maaran,  vidveshan etc types of prayog. This is a tamasic activity which cannot add auspiciousness. But people who do not know better indulge in this as it does give results. The energy of physical death is a powerful force which can be used for hurting others. But it is a power born of trauma and will eventually give only trauma. It always turns back on the practitioners themselves. Regular people like you and me should never get into these types of prayogs, they will turn on you later and give spectacularly horrid results.

In some cultures all over the world, mass killing of animals as ‘sacrifices’ is practiced routinely. This energy of traumatic death increases the negativity of these people and the place too. In fact it feeds the energies of dissonance, discordance and strife in the subtle planes around the Earth. And obviously create negative karma for those doing it.

So if you feel that you have to do a Bali, go ahead, dash a coconut and power your intention, it will always help. But never ever harm an animal/ bird thinking that its death will help you gain your desire. This is short term gain for long term pain.


Elder Futhark Runes Ansuz

I will be writing a bit on the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark set. I am starting with Ansuz, the 4th Rune in sequence, as this Rune belongs to Odin himself. (Overview of the Runes post here.


Keywords for Ansuz are – Odin himself, power of sound, mantra, intelligence, consciousness, communication, inspiration, energy of breath, pran, ancestors and past lives, evolution, inner self.

If you pull out this Rune, you are required to get active. You have lazed around for too long now and divine inspiration, ie Odin himself, is around to pull you out of your stupor. The entire universe and every situation around you is composed of patterns of energy. With Ansuz, you are required to recognise and use these energy patterns to consciously to change yourself. You will be made to flow with the universal Order animating everything. 

Some sort of an integration is always indicated when Ansuz comes up. You will be made aware of the issues you need to work on. Ansuz will remove fear from your life. Everyone is afraid. Fear of falling ill, of speaking up, of losing someone, of uncertainty, of death, of pain, of loneliness, of not knowing etc. Ansuz will give you the understanding and the power to remove fear from your life. Freedom from the things which were weighing you down.

The Rune Ansuz means that you are required to listen and also speak. Words are power and you realise this. Mental skills, logic, reasoning and most importantly the ability to listen to your inner self is available in times governed by Ansuz. Creativity and intuition is enhanced. You intentionally change yourself or your surroundings as per your new perceptions. You are growing and evolving. You also understand that you can influence others with your words. 

Ansuz is blessings. The auspicious merits of your past lives are active now, helping you. New things, interactions, experiences, people, opportunities, timely help, advice and luck will come your way. You will be filled with enthusiasm, energy, happiness and wisdom too. A chance song, an overheard word, a dialogue from a movie, these are random messages which trigger things in your mind and in your life. There will be unexpected communications. You will receive gifts, things which you will use. 


Try to make the most of these gifts, build yourself up, gain power and knowledge. Be ready, soon you will be required to help others. It is vitally important that you first help yourself in this period linked to Ansuz. You will deeply heal from hurts caused by others misguiding/ cheating you. This can be recovery in health issues, emotional issues or improvement in finances, business or relationships. In life, the Ansuz energy can manifest as a new partner, a new business, a new baby, a promotion, new job, new ideas, new activities, new perspectives, etc leading to a form of self-realisation. Ansuz in a favourable context is a wish-fulfilling energy. Give yourself time, contemplate, introspect and assimilate, Ansuz will do the rest.

Ansuz can come up when you are genuinely stuck in communicating with someone whom you think matters to you. If this person is really to remain in your life, Ansuz will help resolve things. Else Odin will firmly remove the deadwood from your life so that you can make the most of the new things which are coming to you. There will be clarity in your life.

Ansuz will do one more typical thing. It will remove those people from your life who are misguiding you. Or remove you from such situations where you are a victim of deceit. You are able to understand that you are being cheated and you decisively withdraw from the person/ situation. There may be a brief period of pain. But Ansuz will ensure that you move on to a more comfortable situation soon. Ignore the ones who do not want to listen to you, instead focus on the new people who are waiting to learn from you. Ansuz, ie Odin, the highest intelligence, is with you. Trust yourself.


You can actively use the power of the Ansuz Rune in situations where you want inspiration, energy and guidance. If you are feeling particularly dull, or want more information about something, try this. Draw the Ansuz Rune on a piece of paper, look at it for a bit, think of Odin or your favourite deity, request help. Now keep this paper in your pocket and go for a long walk. You will find something in your route which will energise you. This is the easiest and simplest way of triggering the Ansuz energies in your life. After you are done dispose the paper under a tree where no one will step on it.

I do not consider that the Runes can be reversed but they can lie in opposition. This depends on the question being asked. Eg if you ask questions like, What is causing my problems? or What is holding me back? and you get Ansuz as the answer, then you have to analyse the negative meanings of Ansuz. Ansuz in opposition indicates that things are not what they seem. Ansuz in opposition is failure in communication, misunderstandings, cheating, deceit, delusion. You are unaware of all the facts of the situation you are in. Someone is not being frank with you, misleading you, keeping vital secrets from you. You might be offered something, but are unable to accept or use it. You may be misguided by someone you trust. Someone in a position of power over you is giving you wrong advice. Someone is intentionally causing you harm. You are interacting with unpleasant energies, so best be alert. Ansuz here is telling you that not everyone is kind, genuine and helpful. People do mask their evil natures and one cannot be too trusting when dealing with others. Ansuz in opposition indicates that you need to find out more information before going ahead. 

Runes are best used for delving deep into the personal psychology, though they can as easily be used as a tool for divination. If you want to change something using the power of the Runes, the easiest way is to use a chi-ball. Create a chi-ball, put the desired Rune with your intention inside it and release this energy in the time/ space you want to influence. Runes are raw magic, so use them with due respect and care.


(I am being driven to write on the Runes. Personally I am not very inclined to write on the Runes as they are pure magic. But it is something I am required to do, so will finish it as succinctly as possible.)

Malefic results of Rahu Ketu

Rahu Ketu are the forces in your chart which indicate sudden changes, karmic events, U-turns, spectacular rise and falls. They are linked very deeply to your astral self and if they are going to be inauspicious, their results are hard to miss.

Rahu Ketu can be inauspicious in your birth chart, then you will face these sort of events for a life time. Their effects will be exaggerated in their Mahadasha-s, ie Rahu mahadasha and Ketu mahadasha and in typical transits. If they are auspicious in the birth chart, even then they can still go temporarily inauspicious in transit, so you can expect about 1.5yrs of such results in case you are going through such transits. And the weirdest part is that you won’t realise that you are under their malefic influences. They are the masters of illusion, they ensure that you do not understand what is happening. And the loved ones who care about you enough to point this out, you will not listen to them and also drive them away by your behaviour. It can get very difficult. These results are sudden, ie you will see someone going nuts in a short span of time ie within 1week to 1month max. If you see someone behaving like this around you, check his charts, Rahu Ketu have become inauspicious for him…


A generally happy routine life is suddenly disturbed. Rahu can spoil happiness in a flash. Mean-mindedness, selfishness, arrogance, inability to think of others, being rude, cheating others, etc are some of the typical trigger points. You, under Rahu’s influence, will now argue with family members, loved ones and friends. The behaviour can get irrational. You will refuse to think of the implications of this behaviour on your own self and the people who love you, self-centered. Megalomania and dictatorial behaviour, you behave like a mini-tyrant in the house. Break-ups are quite possible now. There will be conflicts on a regular basis around you.

You will stop listening to those old friends/ family who have genuine good-will for you. In fact, old trust-worthy friends will now leave you, disappear from your life. Lifetime friends can turn indifferent, pushed by your hurtful behaviour. New people will suddenly come into your circle and get very close to you very fast. You might get into bad company, people with questionable morals/ ethics etc who will eventually ruin you. Especially Rahu will bring in contact with you, people who are separated from their significant partners. This would include widows/ widowers, divorced or separated people, people who are failures in business, people who do not do spiritual practice etc. As these people who have no significant partnerships in their life stick to you, they drain your energy and separate you from your genuine partnerships.

In profession, you might lose your job or get a pay-cut or get demoted or be encouraged to do something illegal, risky or humiliating. There will always be less than you expect in the job. Ambitions become illogical, irrational and you might fail. Sudden legal issues, litigations etc can pop up. Loss of satisfaction internally, bravado externally.

Rahu wants new experiences and will take unacceptable risks to get these. Rahu is the master of illusions and he does not value genuine feelings, real love and deep emotions. He does not think about anyone else but him, selfish to the extreme. He is flashy, over-the-top, insincere and a gambler at heart. So there are possibilities of unexpected financial losses, losses is share markets, losses in gambling and in speculation. You might get into negative credit or fail to budget. There might be loss of physical property in severe cases. Especially ancestral property might be sold during malefic Rahu times.


The atmosphere of the house you live in will also show negative effects. eg there might be more repair work needed in the house, you might spend more on furnishings etc. Even your car might break down more often. There might be thefts in the house. Pest infestations might increase during this time. Anything that drains the happiness from the home environment can happen with characteristic suddenness.

Wasting money, buying flashy goods etc is a typical indicator of Raju’s influence. Especially you will buy electronic goods of high priced brands for no good reason. Buying too many branded luxury goods will disturb your budgeting. You will want to go to parties, high priced restaurants, movies etc. You suddenly start eating spicy, exotic, non-veg, Tamasic foods, instead of the regular home-cooked food you used to enjoy. The latest mass consumption trends, the latest fashion etc will attract you. Suddenly you are on the Internet all the time. There is an insatiable desire to ‘consume’ stuff, the more exclusive the better.

On the astral level there may be hauntings in your house. Or entities may latch on to you and drain you of your positive energy. The aura will show greyish streaks and blackness. The mind becomes shallow, incapable of introspection or self-analysis and it desires stimulation at any cost, literally.

Health can start going bad. If you have a chronic condition, it will erupt suddenly at the start of this inauspicious transit. If such Rahu Ketu are connected to Scorpio or the 8th house in some way, they can even cause accidents, amputations or serious illness which might require surgery. Especially for pregnant women, if they strongly affect you during this sensitive time, there will be chances of miscarriages, abortions and problems in delivery. 

Then the impact on the spiritual side. You will search for happiness in illusions rather than delving within yourself. You will stop doing regular pujas. This is a very significant indicator. If you used to do pujas for 2 hrs daily and suddenly become irregular or stop doing them, then it is Rahu at work. Often there is a change in belief systems, ie you can suddenly becomes an atheist or convert into another religion or get into occult, black magic, tantra etc for selfish reasons. Needless to say, this will have repercussions later.


If Ketu is more powerful than Rahu in giving malefic results, then some of the additional typical things attributed to his nature are these. You will take up smoking or taking hallucinogenic drugs, ie in some way want to escape into the dream life. You suddenly start talking about esoteric stuff, dress weirdly, look unkempt, ie hair is not cut properly, beard is unshaven, uncut nails, unwashed, mismatched clothes, shabby look etc, displeasing overall. The other material results will follow on similar lines as above, the only difference being that Ketu’s driving energy will be of apathy, disinterest, dissociation, lethargy etc. eg suppose you sell your ancestral properties because of financial problems. If it is Rahu driving this, the reason will be that you wasted your savings on speculation etc and now need money. If it is Ketu driving this event, then the reason will be you neglected to take some precautions in time so now had to sell these properties. Different processes giving the same end results. 

If you are more observant, then you will notice that these malefic effects are more exaggerated when the Sun is in his apparent southwards movement,  ie during Dakshinayan. In fact all malefics gain more power during the Dakshinayan.  (Read more on Kaala Bala for this logic.) Again Rahu Ketu have more power during the night than the day. So if someone is under their malefic influences, he will go out of the house in the night, maybe spend the night out with the bad company that they signify and create more negativity for himself.

If you realise that Rahu Ketu are the root cause of the problems you facing, then corrective actions can be in the form of Daana, Homa, mantra, pujas etc. Most importantly, if you can realise what is happening, do some introspection and change your behaviour consciously, it would be the perfect solution (which would be really difficult, as such Rahu Ketu will not allow self-analysis so easily.)

There was a question on this and I thought that it would be easier if I wrote a separate post . (I have written a lot of posts on Rahu Ketu do use the index page to locate them if you wish to read)


2021 starts with Kaal Sarpa and combustions

There are a lot of things coming up in the next few months. I thought of writing separate posts but the events are occurring simultaneously and are interlinked. So this is a single post on the general astrological trends till Mid-April 2021. The major events are,

  1. Sun entering Capricorn
  2. Stellium in Capricorn
  3. Combustion of Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury in Capricorn.
  4. Combustion of Venus from 15 Feb to 17 Apr in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries.
  5. Against the background of the Kaal Sarpa energy cycle till mid-April.


We are already in the cyclic Kaal sarpa loop. All planets are currently transiting within the Rahu Ketu axis. There will be the Kaal sarpa combination for every alternate 15 days till April when Mars finally moves into Gemini. ie Between 10th – 25th Jan, 6th -21st  Feb, 5th -20th  Mar and 1st -13th Apr all the planets will be on one side of the Rahu Ketu axis creating the complete Kaal sarpa energy. (one tip, if you have a planned delivery of your baby, avoid these days where the Kaal sarpa is fully active). On the other alternating 15days during this period only Moon will be out of the Rahu Ketu hemming, temporarily creating a partial Kaal Sarpa. The Kaal sarpa will force everyone to complete a very big chunk of karma in a sudden way. The Kings of Karma provide a huge burst of energy during this period and you get ultra focussed on completing this one major pending karmic work with their blessings. What this karma will be depends on your birth chart and ongoing Dasha. Analyse what Rahu means to you in your birth chart and what he is up to in this current transit. This will give you the clues on what you are being made to work on now. Kaal Sarpa or even partial Kaal Sarpa can be a good thing, if you can consciously use the energy. If you cant then they will swamp you.

The Sun will be entering Capricorn rashi, ie Makar Sankranti on 14th Jan 2021. He will be joining Mercury, Saturn (post here) and Jupiter (post here) who are already there in Capricorn. On this day you should spend the early morning time after sunrise in some spiritual activity, in silence, in mediation, doing some mantra jaap, Dhyan, pujas, Agnihotra, going to Temples etc. Try to sit outside and let the sun rays fall on you during this time. This day is for specifically worshiping the Sun as he enters the 10th sign of the zodiac owned by his son, Saturn. Doing this will help you harness the power of your self-ego, your divine spark. You can actively complete karmic work and reduce the karmic bindings you have laid on your own soul. Sun transiting in Capricorn is generally considered to be useful.


This year, we are going to see a cluster of planets in Capricorn. At one point of time in Feb 2021, there will be 6 planets together in Capricorn, ie Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn. This will aggravate the imbalance in the skies. ‘Stellium’ is a hyped up word, actually having too many planets together in one sign is not a good thing (post here). It causes planetary war, graha yuddha (post here) and messes with the ability of the planets to give auspicious results. The planets are friends and enemies with each other so interfere. One planet may consider another to be his friend but the other may not necessarily reciprocate. The planet who has moved the maximum into the sign tends to dominate the others. At this point of time Mercury is the winner. But Saturn the owner himself, is in Capricorn, so he will always have the over-riding say over the other planets who will enter Capricorn. The over-riding energy will be Saturn, and as long as Saturn remains combust the Sun will dominate all. 

More planets in one house, disturbs the balance of the chart. So many planets focussed on one area of life and the other areas of life are relatively silent. So many planets are going to be in Capricorn. So whatever Capricorn stands for in your birth chart, be prepared to see lots of action here. eg For Libra ascendants, this is the 4th house, so you might see effects like this, old parents come over to stay, you do more housework, more cooking, rest is less, comfort is denied, house will be messy, car will break down, you are always tired at home. However Capricorn being the natural 10th house, all of us will see a lot of activity on the professional and social front, most of it confusing.

Capricorn is going to see some interesting energies. Saturn himself is there with Jupiter who is debilitated (post here). Mercury currently the winner of the planetary war is moving fast. Sun is coming in and he will be combusting the whole lot eventually. As he ‘evaporates’ the planets, he will absorb their energies and paint his self-ego all over the keywords linked to them. The ‘Sun-energy’ in the sky, during these days, will not be the pure Sun as he usually is. He is going to be a blend of so many energies, which will directly hit you at the individual self-ego level.


Jupiter combust from 19 Jan – 16 Feb. He is debilitated to begin with in Capricorn. (post here) His ability to give his regular auspicious results is constrained. And then the combustion will reduce it even more. In these times, malefic energies become more prominent. Generally Jupiter combust reduces public health levels, lowers gold and grain prices, reduces helpfulness, people are less inclined to do auspicious deeds, etc. Getting and giving proper advice will be difficult. As he is debilitated and together with Saturn everyones minds are constrained and self-ego is very active. People have become selfish and hard-hearted. Starting anything new during this time is going to be difficult. Positive energy overall is reduced. A combust Jupiter with Saturn is very bad for general auspiciousness. Saturn will unrestrainedly give his results and repaying bad karma from the past is now due for everyone.

Saturn is also combust from 12 Jan and till 14 Feb. Sun is Saturn’s father and they do not get along with each other. Your past karma or the more negative sort are in focus, things are harsher now. Plus self-ego interferes with your destined duties. Arguments with the father/ boss, more work at office and at home, aged family members needing more attention, etc will make you tired and frustrated, you will feel alone and helpless. Personal loneliness and emotional turmoil. 

Mercury going combust with Jupiter will affect businesses, stocks, finance and the economy. For students especially exams will be difficult. Overall juvenile selfishness will prevail over everything. Mercury has just come out of combustion on 8th Jan and will be again combust from 3-16 Feb. And again from 30 Mar – 28 Apr. Illogical arguments, misunderstandings, loss of tact and diplomacy, rash decisions, etc are all possible during this period. Expect differences with your teammates, officemates and siblings fueled by selfishness.

Venus combust is spanning 4 signs this time, he is continually combust for over 60days, this is a severe disruption. All things signified by Venus will be absent from life. You will feel disconnected from all personal relationships, finance, spiritual practice will feel a vacuum. Self-centred self-ego dominates all Venusian things. When Venus is combust, he cannot guide us. We cannot offer value and validation, nor do we get this from others during this period, loneliness predominates. Judging the true value of anything, people, actions, emotions, relationships, thoughts, desires etc is difficult. All creative endeavours suffer. Cheating, forgeries, immoral behaviour increases, inability to take decisions. You might get tangled in irrelevant issues. Avoid giving advise to others, else you will be blamed when things go wrong later.


While either Jupiter or Venus is combust, followers of Sanatan Dharma/Hindus will not perform any auspicious ceremonies. Jupiter and Venus are the two Guru-s, even if one of them is unable to guide us, then the auspicious activity etc will not give its full results. And we are going to have both combust back to back, so time from 19th Jan to 17th Apr is not very auspicious overall. The effect of combustion of so many planets together on you individually will primarily depend on the strength of the Sun in your personal birth horoscope. If the Sun is strong then you will feel very self-confident which can easily become a highly self-entered selfishness. If the Sun and is weak in your birth chart and his relationship with the planets he has combusted is uncomfortable then you will suffer from an inferiority complex and other people can take advantage of you.

(For remedies for combust planets read this post and this post)

A general reading for this time till mid-April at least would be on these following lines. The governments will be more strict, will enforce more rules. There will be unpleasantness as the public refuses to acknowledge government authority. Political turmoil, failure of administration and war like situations can develop in several nations. The budget sessions in March will see controversial measures for improving the economic conditions world-over. Public unrest and dissatisfaction will increase. Corruption and cheating will be on a high. Financial institutions and banks can go bust during this period. Religious fanatics will cause terrorist attacks and also try to disrupt the governments by planned protests world over. The COVID 19 vaccines will show some side-effects, but this situation should hopefully resolve after Mars breaks the kaal sarpa loop in mid-April. Overall and also because of this COVID 19 scare, people will turn more towards holistic wellness regimes including ayurved. So after this negative period, hopefully we will be a more healthier world.

This time till mid-Apr is actually not very good for everyone. But still is better for birth Moon signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces. The rest of the birth Moon signs will have a below average time till mid-April and should take care of themselves. There might be challenges, disruption in professional and personal life, health issues, litigations, humiliations etc depending on the individual charts. After the Kaal Sarpa breaks in mid-Apr things will improve to some extent.

There are too many variables and energies are changing very fast in these first 3 months or so of 2021. Kaal sarpa, combustion, graha yuddha, etc mainly in the environment of Capricorn. So events will happen with suddenness and have deep impacts on all of us. The testing times are not yet over. Jupiter is in Capricorn and Aquarius in this year, not of much use. Saturn is in Capricorn, and he will ensure that we all face our karma in 2021. 



Daana as an astrological remedy

Of all the remedies which are in vogue today, there are only two prescribed by Maharishi Parashar. Mantra and Daana दान. (I have written several posts on mantra., if you wish to read, do use the index page)

Daana in the physical sense is giving away of certain objects to temples, deities, Brahmins, or in running water/sea. What to give in Daana? I have written this post on the things connected to the planets which are generally offered as Daana. 

When to give Daana? The day which is linked to the planet/ graha is generally prescribed eg Sunday for the Sun and so on. In addition to this, you can do Daana on these following auspicious days.


The first day of Ayana. These are the two solstices, ie the start of the Dakshinayna or the Uttarayan, ie the apparent northwards or southwards movement of the Sun. Here there is a confusion. Popularly Uttarayan is associated with Makar Sankranti these days (there is a very detailed reason for this, which would involve too much math, so not going into this). The Uttarayan technically starts on the day when the length of the day time Din-maana starts increasing and the length of the night time Ratri-maana starts decreasing in the north hemisphere. This happens one day after the winter solstice, ie on 22nd Dec in the current times. Similarly the Dakshinayan starts when the length of the night time starts increasing and the length of the day time starts decreasing in the north hemisphere. So this, in the current times occurs one day after the summer solstice, ie on 22nd June. You can do your Daana on these days. 

On equinox days, these days are called विषुवत् vishuvat. They are currently at 21st March and 21st September.

During an eclipse of the Sun or the Moon.

The day when the Sun enters the Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces signs are particularly auspicious. In fact all the twelve Surya Sankranti-s are auspicious for offering Daana. ie The day when the Sun enters a sign/ rashi is called the Sankranti. The best one for Daana is the Makar Sankranti when the Sun enters the Capricorn sign (this is also celebrated as Uttarayan in the current times).

Daana can be performed on days when Jupiter transits into another sign.

Akshay tritiya is another auspicious day when Daana can be done.

Then the Tithi-s on which you can perform Daana in a month are these,

  • A Daana made on Amavasya is auspicious. Especially if it is a Somvati Amavasya, ie a no Moon day which falls on a Monday. This amavasya is also very good for snan/bathing in sacred rivers.
  • Daana on Purnimas, ie full Moon days especially the Purnima of the Kartik month is auspicious.
  • On Dvadashi, the 12th day from the no moon day or the full moon day.
  • A Chaturthi on a Tuesday, called the Angarki Chaturthi is a good day for doing Daana. Chaturthi is the 4th day from the no moon day or the full moon day.
  • Also a Saptami falling on a Sunday is highly auspicious. Saptami is the 7th day from the no moon day or the full moon day.
  • Even an Ashtami on a Wednesday is considered good for doing Daana. Ashtami is the 8th day from the no moon day or the full moon day.
  • You can give a Daana on a day where a Tithi has been suppressed/ Lopit tithi. The tithi-s or lunar days are calculated on the basis of the angular distance between the Sun and the Moon. And the regular solar days are calculated from sun-rise to sun-rise. The tithi for the day is the tithi which was in force when the sun was rising. And the lunar day/ tithi is slightly shorter than the solar day. So sometimes on one solar day, 3 lunar tithi-s can occur, this is also called Dina-kshaya, “loss of a day” and is auspicious for Daana.

Then Daana is not supposed to be given or taken during the Sandhya times, ie morning dawn, evening dusk and midday. It is given during the day time, ie between the sunrise and sunset. If you give Daana to a Brahmin, then make sure that he looks and feels like the genuine thing. His energy should be high. Also he should not be eating, sleeping etc when you go to give it to him.

Giving Daana in our powerful ancient temples is a very good option, older the temple better it is. Finding old temples is not an issue in India, most of our temples are at least 1000+ yrs old themselves or re-constructed on sites which are known for thousands of years. You can also put these items in flowing water, sacred rivers like Ganga, Godavari, Tungabhadra etc or the sea are best options. But if its not possible then any flowing river is also good enough.

Finally Daana is not ‘charity’. दान is a Sanskrit word so cannot be translated only experienced. It broadly means giving up, a gift, teaching, sharing, restoring, purification, paying back, imparting, cutting off, communicating etc. When you give away Daana you are restoring your own karmic imbalance. You are sharing your negative karma with someone who is capable of absorbing it. You are cutting yourself off from the negative karma by the act of Daana. You are paying back the energy, you are purifying yourself. So not get high on ego when you give Daan. There is no charity in the real sense ever, you are just re-balancing debts you owe. Be grateful that you are allowed to pay it back as Daana rather than having to endure/ suffer it through. As Daana given with the proper intention always works as a remedy to your astrological issues.