Matching Charts for marriage

Families go to astrologers for matching charts of their children before getting them married. It is very important to match the charts before marriage rather than facing problems later. Even if the young man and woman are in ‘love‘ and do not want to base their decision on the charts, it is important that they go to an astrologer and at least hear to what the charts are saying. They can consider it as additional information to base their decision on. In Sanskrit, Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) and Vedic philosophy there is no word for ‘divorce’.

Matching Charts for marriage

You will get the charts only after the families have matched their gotra, social and financial conditions. So this is how you go about matching them. Each of these points are to be seen individually for each person. Also because marriage links the persons very deeply their charts also influence each other, so these factors are also to be seen as overlaid one chart over the other.

Longevity and physical health – this is perhaps the most important parameter which has to be gauged at the start itself. The life span of both should be reasonably beyond 50yrs at least. If either of the prospective partners have indications of premature death the matching should always be rejected. Early death is always traumatic and results in great pain and unhappiness to the surviving partner and also to the children if any. You are not required to calculate the exact life expectancy of the charts, but it should reasonably cross about 50yrs of age, as most activities related to the householder’s life are complete by this age.

For the individual readings check out the following.

  • Longevity will depend on the Ascendant sign, the planets placed in the ascendant sign, the position and placement of the ascendant lord and the planets conjoint and aspecting him.
  • Also the 8th house and its lord should be similarly examined for longevity.
  • The 6th house and its lord will give indications on the possibility of physical diseases so give them a once-over.
  • And the 12th house and its lord represent the loss of the manifested, physical and visible attributes so in a way linked to health. So a quick look on this house too.

For a combined effect of one over the other check out this one important house.

  • The placement of the 7th house, the planets present and aspecting.
  • The placement of the 7th lord and the planets who are conjunct/aspecting him.
  • eg. a 7th lord placed in the 12th will indicate that the person who marries this chart will have to suffer the diseases that are in the karma of this chart’s partner, in addition to his own placements.

Matching Charts for marriage

Mental and emotional health – This is very important that both partners enjoy emotional and intellectual company with each other and also that the mind and the emotions of both remain comfortable and secure. Else it is quite possible that one person ruins the happiness of the marital home with his/her faulty mental processes. For this you will need to analyse these 2 planets.

  • Moon – This is not only the agent of the mind and emotional stability but also if afflicted can reduce the longevity of the person. Outwardly normal seeming persons can suddenly change overnight into nut-cases fit for the psychiatrists.
    • Check out in the individual horoscopes the birth moon sign
    • The house that this moon get placed into
    • The planets is is conjoint or aspecting him
    • And to check out how this person will interact emotionally with his spouse? Will he derive satisfaction/emotional security/comfort etc from his spouse? Check out the 7th house from his birth moon.
  • Mercury – He represents the mental processes, what kind of conclusions (negative/positive) do you draw from the life-events you go through. Also the ability to communicate clearly, thus there are no doubts, misunderstandings, miscommunications and suspicions between the couple.
    • Check out in the individual horoscopes the birth mercury, the sign he is placed in
    • The house that this mercury gets placed into
    • Which planets are conjoint or aspecting him
    • And to check out how this person will interact on the intellectual level with his spouse, will their thinking processes match, do check out the 7th house from his birth mercury.

Matching Charts for marriage

Possibility of multiple spouses – Since this is a marriage between 2 individuals and our society and legal systems by and large allow one spouse only, it is important to check out if there is a possibility of multiple spouses in either of the charts.

Benefic and malefic influences in the overall horoscope – Look at the overall placements in the horoscope, especially strengths of the ‘good houses’ 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, the placements of benefics and the malefics. The dushamsthana 6th, 8th, 12th houses of turmoil should be vacant or not have benefic planets as far as possible. (a short explanation in this post)

The position of Mars has become quite the deciding factor in marriage matching. If someone is labelled ‘Manglik‘ then his/her marriage prospects suffer drastically. But if the above points are found to be satisfactory then this becomes more of a psychological issue about channelising the energies of Mars and with proper counselling and understanding is quite manageable.

And then we come to the last factor, the Ashtakoot matching – Here we give complete importance to the birth Moon nakshatra of the two. There are 8/Ashta groups/koot in this matching. There are a maximum of 36points and 18+ points is generally considered ok. There are several websites which can give you your score directly but have put the theory here so that you can appreciate the thought process behind this matching.

  1. Varna (1 point) – is the outward appearance/quality/strength, thinking ability and work and spiritual development.
  2. Vashya (2 points) – this indicates the interdependence between the two and whether the two will listen to each other’s opinions, i.e. the degree to which both will influence each other.
  3. Tara (3 points) – Mutual understanding, sensibility and destiny between the two is indicated from this.
  4. Yoni (4 points) –  Mutual sexual and physical compatibility between the two is given importance.
  5. Grahamaitri (5 points) – the rulers of the birth Moon sign are considered here. If both are friends, enemies or neutral to each other. The mental compatibility, mutual interests and desires, also the genuine friendship and affection that develops between the two can be analysed from here.
  6. Gana (6 points) – The 27 nakshatras are divided into 3 categories depending on their essential natures, peaceful-spiritual, materialistic-fair and aggressive-demanding. The match has to consider these essential natures else there will be discord. This indicates temperament and the emotional response to a situation (also potential for violence).
  7. Rashi Bhakoot (7 points) – The moon sign of the boy is counted from the girl’s moon rashi. This defines the daily behaviour between the two, is their daily life with each other going to be peaceful or tense.
  8. Nadi (8 points) – The 27 nakshatras are again divided into 3 categories (Vaat, Pitta, Sleshma) depending on their physical health. The Nadi koot has been given the maximum points in this system because the health of the couple after they get married and the health of the children they will have depends on this. If their Nakshatras belong to different Nadis the score is outrightly 8, if belonging to the same Nadi it becomes 0.

Of course in the present times, ‘arranged marriages’ are being phased out slowly, even ‘love marriages’ are on the way out perhaps. Live-in relationships or flings are more fashionable now. But do remember that Marraige/Vivah is a Sanskar, not just a religious/legal/social ceremony. It is the foundation of our society as it provides care and protection to small children, to the aged parents and is the thread which binds us all in relationships, mom, dad, child, brother, sister, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, grandmom, grandad and the in-laws. Our lives are more richer because of these relationships of mutual love and all these are based on the foundation of marriage/vivah.


Matching Charts for marriage