Baal-Arishtha, Sufferings of children

Baal-arishtha means the misfortunes and sufferings that occur during childhood. There are certain combinations in the chart which indicate that the native will go through troubled times in the early years of life. In ancient periods this was equated with ‘physical death‘ in childhood. But with modern science and the easy availability of cheaper medicines these combinations rarely mean ‘physical death‘, but often are restricted to illness and troubles on the physical/emotional/spiritual context.

If you are required to analyse a child’s horoscope you should first check of such combinations are active and address them first. Even if you get horoscopes of adults who are suffering, you should see if there were such Baal-arishtha combinations in his childhood. Most of the problems faced by adults are often linked to issues of the childhood, especially so for the psychological/emotional issues.

Baal-Arishtha, Sufferings of children

We are not stand-alone beings, our lives are interwoven with others. A child is most closely linked to his parents, so if you get a child’s horoscope (less than 7yrs of age), do examine the parents charts too. The 5th house represents children. There will be malefic influences on their 5th house /ruler (transits of Saturn  or Ketu etc), which are causing problems to the child’s well-being.

If in the child’s birth horoscope there are combinations like this,

  1. Ascendant lord is weak and unable to give positive results – Retrograde, combust, debilitated, in dushamsthan i.e. the 6th, 8th, 12th houses, with/aspected by malefics, no benefics supporting him
  2. Ascendant sign i.e. the 1st house afflicted with malefic influences, either malefics placed here or aspecting.
  3. Birth Moon weakened – in the waning phase, debilitated, in dushamsthan i.e. the 6th, 8th, 12th houses, with/aspected by malefics, no benefics supporting him
  4. Birth in the Gandant nakshatra
  5. Specifically Moon in dushamsthan, aspected by Saturn.
  6. Presence of 3 or more malefics in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses (kendra houses).

If among the above, you see 2 or more conditions in a horoscope you should counsel the parents and prescribe some basic remedies for the health of the child. If the situation is severe and the you see several of these combinations in the chart, you can prescribe specific mantra pujas etc remedies for health and increasing longevity (Ayu). For the Gandant nakshatra births, the specific Nakshatra pujas/Graha shanti pujas should be performed for the baby’s well-being as soon as possible after its birth.

The four Kendra houses, 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th have benefic influences and their owners are capable of giving good results. Also the Kona houses, 5th and 9th and their owners. Check out if these are giving positive results, then the intensity of Baal-Arishtha will be reduced.

Then check the Vimshottari Dasha, (the most popular and well-studied Dasha system), see which planets rule current Mahadasha and Antardasha that the child is under. Check out the roles that these two planets play in the chart, what kind of results are they capable of giving?

  • If these two planets are the rulers of 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 12th houses or placed in these houses, this period will affect the health. (owners of Dushamsthan and the Marak give painful results)
  • If these two planets are placed in the adverse 6-8 axis in the birth chart, the period will give uneasy results (as they don’t have a good working relationship with each other)
  • However if the two planets are rulers of the 1st, 4th, 10th, 11th generally the period will give good results.

Then go through the current transits, where are the planets located in the sky currently in relation to their birth positions? Use a different colored pen to write these current placements on the birth chart so that you don’t confuse yourself. See if any malefics in transit are affecting the 1st house, the ascendant lord or the birth Moon.

The turn the birth horoscope around so that the birth Moon sign is in the first house, this is called the Moon chart. Use this to determine the effect of the planetary positions on the emotions, psyche, comforts, home environment, emotional security and nurture and nutrition, very important as it is a child. This is analysed on the same lines as the birth chart. This will fine-tune your readings.

Finally open the divisional chart 9, Navamsha. There are a lot of things which this chart can be analysed for. But here just check these two things.

1. If the lords of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th of the D-1 are placed in better houses in the D-9, they gain more power to give good results.

2. If the weak looking Moon or the ascendant lord or the ascendent sign goes to a better position in the D-9 they will support the well-being of the child.

Baal-Arishtha, Sufferings of children

Supporting planetary positions which help the child’s well-being (Arishtha-bhang).

  1. Most important is the child’s birth Moon – he is still highly influenced by ‘nurture’, so the Moon is given more importance. The benefic qualities of the Moon can be enhanced by Moon mantra jaap, and the lifestyle qualities of moon, food, colors, activities, fragrances, wearing silver, etc. Presence of parental love, or at least if possible grandparents love on a regular basis. Good nutrition, nurture and the sanskar (the right actions which are taught to the child by the parents) will also indirectly link to the Moon’s strength.
  2. Next is the Ascendant lord – A strong ascendant sign and a strong ascendant lord indicates good physical health and environment. So their qualities can be enhanced by the ascendant lord’s beej mantra jaap and the lifestyle activities associated with him. Also the activities which help the child express his personality, i.e. an enabling supportive environment will indirectly link to the ascendant lord.

Then you will have to counsel. In the current times, medical facilities and generally good nutrition is available. So in 75% of your cases, these combinations will manifest as parental neglect, emotional neglect and psychological neglect. Parents too busy in their lives, no more joint families, grandparents not being able to help. So the child feels the ‘sufferings of childhood’ as an emotional vacuum not as a physical hardship. This suffering is the seed, which leads to emotional and more problems in teenage and later adulthood.

Children are precious and should be taken care of. Bringing a baby is a complete change in life, the parents are responsible for a new life, they are to ‘give’, selflessly, without expectation and with love. Baal-arishtha conditions indicate that there is something missing in the child’s environment which is causing it pain. And this is linked to the parent’s karma more than his own karma. If the parents do not address the first sign of Baal-arishtha type conditions, they might worsen and at the worst child may choose to leave the physical body. Children till they are 7yrs old (complete formation of the 7 chakras is at 7yrs), can subconsciously review their choice of birth. Baal-Arishtha is thus to be viewed more a signal to the parents to review and improve their parenting.


Baal-Arishtha, Sufferings of children