Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog way..

Our ancient Rishis were supermen, they investigated into every aspect of existence. From birth, death, rebirth and beyond till Moksh! The science of breathing and intake of vital energy is called Swar Yog, you being aware of the way pran enters your body. The Ida, Pingala and Sushumna naadi are the three possible options, so practically Swar Yog is,

  1. knowing which Naadi, Ida, Pingala is active,
  2. knowing how to shift them,
  3. knowing the best possible naadi for the work you intend to do.

So here is how you can choose the gender of your child at the moment of conception, using Swar Yog. Some tips on conceiving a baby and further choosing the gender of the baby at conception. This assumes that you have analysed your horoscopes and there are no problems associated with naturally conceiving a baby. Your horoscope has to have the basic energy to produce children naturally. At the very basic, for both parents analyse,

  1. the 5th house from the ascendant, the sign, the ruler planet and the planets placed in it. These should have power to give good results. This indicates the available creative energy.
  2. the 8th house from the ascendant, the sign, the ruler planet and the planets placed in it. This indicates the health of the reproductive organs.


Now the days from the 7th day to 16th day (counted from the start of the menstruation) are favourable for conception (there have been exceptions but this is the average time limit). Successively later days in this time frame are considered more favourable for the child’s physical health. No one knows the exact minute of natural conception, it is not possible. So from as astrological point of view the physical act, specifically the release of the sperms is considered to be the moment of ‘conception’.

As per the ancient Rishis, if conception occurs on the 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 days from the start of menstruation, generally the child will be a happy and healthy boy. Conception on the 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 days would generally give a happy and healthy girl child. This was considering the days, odd and even. If in this time frame, as per the Vedic Panchang, if the lunar days/tithi, of Ashtami, Ekadashi, Trayodashi, Amavasya or Pournima fall, these are to be avoided as conception during these lunar days (of both dark and bright fortnight), generally does not give a healthy child.

Now using Swar Yog principles. If during the physical activity/conception, the husbands’s Pingala is active and wife’s Ida is active, it will be a boy. If the opposite happens, i.e. Ida active in the man and Pingala active in the woman, the child will be a girl. If in both, the same naadi is active, the embryo will not form. If in either or both the Sushumna gets active, the embryo is not viable, there will be chances of miscarriage. The energy of the breathing patterns i.e. the movement of vital energy/praan in Ida/Pingala, in the parents-to-be provide the energy for the creation of the enbryo, a safe pregnancy and a happy baby. If the naadi changes mid-activity then one must pay attention and bring it back to the desired naadi else the outcome will not be as desired.

If the parents are a bit more spiritually inclined they can reinforce the Swar and the generative cells by using the energy of the Panch-tattva. The panch-tattvas are linked to the five lower energy chakras of the body. Mooladhar chakra is linked to the Pruthvi tattva/solidity, beej mantra is ‘Lang’, Swadhisthana chakra is linked to the Jal tattva/fluidity, beej mantra is ‘Vang’. Doing jaap of the beej mantras of the Panch-tattvas will increase the ‘taking-in tendency’ of the mother and ‘giving away energy’ of the father. The creation of the embryo and its subsequent growth in the womb will be easier. The child will be healthy. Here also you can reinforce the sex that you have chosen for your baby. Increasing Prithvi tattva will support a boy and increase of Jal tattva during the act will support the formation of a girl-baby. If these two tattvas are lacking and the other three predomiante, the embryo may not survive pregnancy or result in a sickly short-lived child. If akash-tattva is active during the act, the embryo will not form at all.

So if before the physical act, doing the jaap will help as follows,

  • First combination is the mother with Ida naadi and Pruthvi tattva, and the father with Pingala naadi and Jal tattva. A healthy boy would be born with desirable qualities, intelligence and a balanced personality.
  • Second combination would be, mother with Pingala naadi and Pruthvi tattva and the father with Ida naadi and Jala tattva, this would give a girl who would be intelligent, balanced, happy and healthy


A couple of stories on babies and mantras, from ancient India,

In the Mahabharat, there a story that the Queens Ambika and Ambalika after the death of their husband Vichitravirya had sons. These boys were considered the sons of Vichitravirya but they had no physical father. They were born by the mantras of Maha-Rishi Vyas. The kids were not born of Rishi Vyas as modern ‘scholars’ seem to think! The Rishi manipulated the generative cells of the Queens with mantras to create boy DNA and then further to get the cells to become embryos, thus the queens became pregnant. And because he was a Maha-Rishi he could code in them traits which were necessary for them to become Kings, which they did. (recent research is now realising that you can change DNA by mantra/Sanskrit).

One more interesting story of Seer/Maha-rishi Ruchik. His wife was a Princess and she wanted an illustrious son who would be a Maha-rishi himself. His mother-in-law at the same time requested him to bless her, as she wanted an illustrious son to be the future King (she had no sons). He agreed and created two ‘charu’/food infused with energy. One for his wife, a designer Rishi-son, and one for his mother-in-law, a customised King-son. Unfortunately the ‘charu’ got exchanged, the women ate the ‘charu’ meant for the other. In due course, Maha-Rishi Ruchik’s wife gave birth to Vishvamitra who though a Maha-Rishi (the son of a Maha-Rishi and a Rishi-Patni), had a temper and behaviour which suited kings and warriors. And the Queen gave birth to Jamadagni, who though a King (the son of a King and Queen) was known by his temperament and behaviour to be a Maha-Rishi.

There are several stories of this type, where Mantra were used to produce children. In fact in the Mahabharat, a story of five generations of the Kuru family, I think the only child born normally was Abhimanyu!

In Sanatan Dharm/Hinduism, there is a Garbhdharan Sanskar, where the newly married couple are fortified with energy to have babies. This Sanskar/energy-ritual, is to be done on the 6th day of the monthly cycle, after which the two are supposed to get physical and conceive immediately. But we modern Indians club it with the marriage ritual or the first cycle after marriage then practice birth control for 2yrs and then worry that they are not being able to conceive.

So the thing is, having children is a big responsibility and if you can give them a good start right from conception it would make a very big difference in their lives. So if you intend to start a baby, maybe you can make use of Swar Yog and mantra to boost your and your future baby’s energies.




One thought on “Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog way..

  1. Dhanya June 13, 2019 / 2:35 pm

    Wish i had this knowledge before the birth of my child 🙂


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