Your hands give away your secrets, practical palmistry

You might keep a secret but your hands cannot. Your hands are your basic tools, you do everything with your hands, push, pull, love and hold! Your hands, specifically how you hold your hands, tells a lot about what you are thinking and what you are planning to do. Gemini and its owner Mercury are astrologically linked to the hands so its quite natural that your hands give away valuable cues on your thinking process and action. Analysing the personality using body features is an ancient science called Sa-mudrik shastra.

Your hands give away your secrets, practical palmistry

Here is a fun post which you can actually use in real life. Most of these hand gestures are done unconsciously. Often in comedy movies or cartoons you see characters making exaggerated movements with their hands and you know what they are going to do. So in real life too, if you pay attention to someone’s hands, you can gain valuable insights into that person.

  • If someone hides their hands, maybe puts them in the pockets or something, so that they are not visible, most likely he has a darker side to his personality. He might be dishonest by nature or in the instant case about to lie.
  • But if the hands are hidden out of sight and clasped behind the back indicates extreme caution. Perhaps the person is not convinced about what he is about to do and is thinking internally and being very cautious about what he may say or do.
  • A palm held upwards with the fingers loosely closed indicates self-importance. You might see this in self-confident individuals. Or if you go to meet someone in their office, they have their hands placed on the table in this position.
  • If the hand in its normal repose has the fingers are partially closed, it indicates a self-contained person, somewhat cautious but trustworthy, an average person in a normal mood
  • Tightly clenched fists indicate temper about to burst and aggression barely contained. Be careful in dealing with such a person in such a mood.
  • Hanging hands with firmly closed fingers indicates determination and an internal struggle. Maybe he is nerving himself up to say something which is not expected or acceptable, maybe he expects resistance, but he is determined to say/do it.
  • If someone unconsciously waves his hands, hands which are not still. This indicates a suspicious mind, the person is constantly noting everything going on in his surroundings. He is also thinking and re-thinking on what he should do or not do.
  • If someone is playing with a kerchief, buttons or fidgeting with something it indicates that he is nervous and under temporary excitement.
  • Palms resting one on the other indicate attentiveness and a calm personality with an even temper.
  • If the hands are limp and dangling, aimless, without any sense of purpose, it indicates an indecisive personality. Such a person has no decision making ability and also cannot keep secrets.
  • However if the hands are heavy and limp, like a dead-weight it indicates a low intellect, dense and coarse personality.
  • If someone cannot decide what to do with his hands, he keeps on moving them, touching his collar, putting them in his pockets, crossing them, folding them etc, this means that he is temporarily not in control of his emotions, he is uncertain about what he is going to do, he feels out of place and out of his depth. Otherwise he is a normal average person.

Your hands give away your secrets, practical palmistry

If you wanted to learn palmistry and didn’t know where to start, I would suggest you start with the thumb. It is considered to be linked to your inner-most self. In fact when someone is seriously ill and has given up hope the way he holds his thumb changes, the thumb moves inwards and bends towards the palm. Here are just a few guidelines you need to learn and the rest is to observe. Astrology or palmistry requires a lot of practice and observation skills. Observe people around you, how they behave and their thumbs. Once you are a bit confident on the thumbs you can move to the rest of it.

  • If it is a straight thumb, stiff, at right angles to the palm, ie. the tip of the thumb does not curve. Highly independent, strict, will tolerate no opposition, will dominate and have his way. If opposed, can go to extremes of temper and behaviour. Can indicate a closed personality, will not let display emotions and keeps secrets.
  • On the other hand the more flexible the thumb, the more its tip bends backwards, the nature is more adaptable, imaginative, versatile and impulsive. The the movements of the thumb are more flexible, the mind is more agile and active.
  • If the thumb seems longer/larger in proportion to the rest of the fingers/hand, such a person has considerable intelligence and will use it with confidence. He has the capacity to succeed and defeat his opponents.
  • A thumb which seems shorter and thicker in comparison to the rest of the hand/fingers, indicates a person who will wait for opportunities to arrive and then in a swift violent burst of energy achieve his objective. Can be dangerous.
  • A medium sized thumb, indicates an average sincere person who is willing to wait for his opportunity and chance in life, cannot get violent.
  • A thin small weak thumb naturally indicates a person with weak will and less confidence, insecure, easily influenced, a man of imagination/ideas, cannot act, not bold,
  • The thumb has two segments, generally these are equal in normal average persons. If the upper half is longer than the lower half, it shows impulsiveness, recklessness, action without thinking through the consequences. If the upper half is shorter than the lower half, the person acts steadily and after deliberations, logic and due reasoning, can be successful in life if he can balance practicability with his thinking.

When you meet someone for the first time, you interact with your hands, some shake hands, some do the Namaskar, either way you use your hands. So if you cannot see auras or cannot use your gut-feel, use the hands to get an idea on what kind of a person you are meeting up with. Thus Palmistry is a very useful, if not the details, at least read up on the basics. It will help immensely in reading other’s secrets or protecting your own.


Your hands give away your secrets, practical palmistry