How to determine longevity, step-wise.

‘How long will I live’ is a fascinating question for all of us and we can arrive to a reasonable conclusion using our horoscopes. There are a lot of technical combinations which are linked to determining longevity. But for beginners this can be complicated so here is a step wise list to help you, determine if a person is to have a relatively longer or a shorter life.

  1. For the ascendant in question, which planets are the functional benefics and functional malefics (there is a table below for reference)?
  2. Analyse the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses (Kendra), are there benefics placed here? These houses and their planetary owners wherever they be placed should be strong. If so, longer life.
  3. The 3rd, 6th and 11th (Upachaya) houses, are there malefics located here?The owners of these houses should not be too strong. If so, longer life.
  4. Ascendant lord or the birth moon, is he placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses of turmoil? If so, shorter life.
  5. Are there malefic planets in the ascendant sign? If so, shorter life.
  6. Is the ascendant lord or the birth moon under malefic aspects? If so, shorter life.
  7. The first Mahadasha and Antardasha of this life, the one you start with at birth, are these planets capable of giving favourable results? i.e Have you made a good start in this life? e.g. if the birth is in Gandant nakshatra, or in the periods of the lords of the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, there will be problems in birth and early childhood, which will have impacts on the entire life-time.
  8. The ascendant sign, the ascendant lord, the birth Moon and the Sun are the basic energies which grant vitality and health. They should be strongly placed to give good results. If so, longer life.
  9. Then if asking about a medical emergency, or recovery.
    • The current transits, check if the malefics in transit are going to give evil results, then the life will be short.
    • If benefics in transit can provide strength to the horoscope, then recovery should be predicted.
    • Check which mahadasha and antardasha is on at the time. If these are of malefic planets or of planets capable of conferring physical death/Marak, then life will be short.
    • If the Mahadasha and antardasha are of benefics or of the ascendant lord, you can predict a longer life.
    • If you get questions on children or the very aged, the position of the Moon should be given more importance than the ascendant lord.

How to determine longevity, step-wise.

Some points to remember,

  1. Natural malefics are Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu/Ketu
  2. Natural benefics are Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mercury
  3. If Moon and Mercury are influenced by malefics they will not give good results.
  4. If benefic planets are retrograde, they give neutral to average results.
  5. If benefic planets are combust, they give neutral to average results.

Here is a table where the functional malefics and benefics for each ascendant sign are listed out, for your easy reference.

Sr. Sign Benefic Malefic Neutrals
1 Aries Mars, Sun, Jupiter, Moon Rahu, Ketu, Mercury Venus, Saturn
2 Taurus Saturn, Venus, Mercury Rahu, Ketu, Moon, Mars, Jupiter Sun
3 Gemini Venus, Saturn, Mercury Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Jupiter, Sun Moon
4 Cancer Moon, Mars Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury Venus, Sun
5 Leo Sun, Mars, Jupiter Rahu, Ketu, Moon, Mercury, Venus Saturn
6 Virgo Venus, Mercury Rahu, Ketu, Moon, Jupiter, Mars Sun
7 Libra Saturn, Venus, Mercury Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Jupiter Mars
8 Scorpio Moon, Jupiter, Sun, Mars Rahu, Ketu, Mercury, Venus Saturn
9 Sagittarius Mars, Sun, Jupiter Rahu, Ketu, Mercury, Venus Moon
10 Capricorn Venus, Mercury, Saturn Rahu, Ketu, Moon, Mars Sun, Jupiter
11 Aquarius Venus, Saturn Rahu, Ketu, Moon, Mars Jupiter Sun, Mercury
12 Pisces Moon, Mars Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Venus, Saturn Mercury, Jupiter

This might seem like a baby post, but this is the framework which you begin with. Only after you do this much, you shoud look for combinations/yog with complicated names to fine tune your analysis. This analysis is not very simplistic as you might think it to be, try it with the horoscope of someone in your family who is quite aged, e.g. grandparents, and if you can find reliable birthdates of people who died young. Practice.

And remember Jyotish has a significant component of intuition too. So we give special importance to Omens/Shakun in Jyotish, if while reading a chart you hear an accident on the roads outside, this has to be taken into account as a negative influence on the question being analysed. And finally, quality of life is more important than the length so try to live life with a positive and enthusiastic mindset!


How to determine longevity, step-wise.