Cancer ascendant, the depth of disinterest

I got this comment, ‘What is your advice on removing any fatalistic view on certain placements? There is such a massive emphasis on countless articles of the malefic effects for a Pisces ascendant that it is overwhelming! How would you suggest interpreting this info?’

I do not consider any ascendant to be evil or bad or good or anything. Each of the 12 ascendants have their particular attributes. Some of these attributes favour the material or the intellectual/ mental or emotional or the spiritual facets of life. Ultimately they are all beneficial. So I will try to write a few posts on the ascendant signs, the typical challenges that they face and their unique plus points from my perspective. These posts will be in the nature of a study.

Cancer ascendant, the depth of disinterest

I have always considered Cancer ascendant to be the most challenging of the lot. But gives the biggest prize if you dare reach for it.

It is ruled by Moon, a luminary, linked to Ajnya chakra, his primary work is to take you within yourself ie spiritual. Cancer is the natural 4th sign of the zodiac and linked to the principle which sustains and binds you to this life.

  • Moon is considered to be a friend by Sun, Mars, Jupiter.
  • Neutral by Ketu.
  • Moon is considered to be an enemy by Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu. In addition its 6th house Sagittarius is owned by Jupiter and this is his Mooltrikon sign. So these 5 planets cannot be expected to give very good results outrightly, they need to be examined (People think that if Jupiter is aspecting something it is all well, it is actually not so!) Whatever is represented by these planets generally, also will be uncomfortable in life. Mercury particularly hates his father, Moon so Mercury-linked things will be distorted. Venues hates Moon’s brand of ‘needy love’ so all one-one relationships are going to be severely affected. Saturn is the worst for the changeable Moon and here for Cancer he is in charge of one-one partnerships and catastrophic traumatic changes both together! Rahu can drive him crazy with his endless desires. Jupiter will just smile benevolently and expand the karmic service requirements!

So broadly the personality will be something like this.

Cancer ascendant is generally a confused mix of contradictory attributes, extremes are the norm. Analytical process, communication skills, ability to think logically, mental stability will be compromised. There will be streaks of rebellion, immaturity. The vitality and energy of Cancer sign will decide the entire physical functioning. It is a watery sign, shy, gentle, unable to express his innermost feelings completely. The constitution is delicate, prone to bloating or salt imbalance type of cryptic diseases. Moon himself rules Cancer, so passion, emotion and mentality will also be significantly controlled by the 1st house itself. His attitude, perceptions and outlook will always change drastically depending on what is influencing him at that time. So analyse aspects/ dasha/ transits minutely and their influence especially on the ascendant sign and its lord/ Moon. He will be encouraging, sympathetic, over sensitive, emotional, sometimes high strung. Likes luxury items, sometimes interested in spiritual stuff and likes a comfortable life. There will be unexpected changes in his personality and environment, cyclic rhythms can be observed. He has a variable nature ranging from mild to furious, overall erratic. He cannot sustain his interest in one thing for long, does not get deep satisfaction from anything. He may live a grossly materialistic life or attain Moksh! Either way his life is not completely natural. He does not have the endurance or interest in maintaining any sort of one-one relationships for long. Fickle minded, can get into a series of affairs, marriage is unhappy, cycle of marriage-divorce-remarriage is possible. He needs love, it is not an ‘equal love’ it is ‘needy love’. He requires support and security. If he does not get this, he collapses.

His over riding quality is a deep internal ‘disinterest’ on all levels, material, emotional and spiritual.

If I get a horoscope, I try to find out if the person is materially inclined or spiritually. Thus I can speak what he understands best. With Cancer ascendant, he is always at extremes. Even if the chart is spiritually inclined he can deny it completely and sincerely talk on the material and the other way around! And this behaviour will change again soon. So counselling him is difficult. If his material life is going well, he will long for the spiritual. And if the spiritual is going well, he will long for the material. He longs for the things which he cannot have at that point of time and always remains dissatisfied internally.

If Cancer is occupied by some planet then it will exert an inordinate amount of influence on the personality. Sun makes him passionate, dominating unable to get along with the spouse. Moon is better, can help endurance in marriage, but health is generally weak. Mercury gives medical problems and issues in marriage. Venus gives many physical affairs and unstable marriage. Mars makes him an active leader, so intense that he burns up within, impulsive, attracted to sex but marriage in a mess. Jupiter can give good results here if the rest of the horoscope is supportive. Saturn here is not good, later in life he may turn to spirituality or remain miserable. Rahu/ Ketu axis here can grant spiritual gifts but marriage is again a bit dowsy.

Similarly if there are planets conjoint/aspecting the birth Moon they will also expert significant effect on the entire personality. If the Moon is in the 3rd 6th 8th or 12th the houses of turmoil especially, do analyse him in depth.

Cancer ascendant, the depth of disinterest

Now let’s go deeper into his watery depths.

We have learnt about the Bhavat bhavam concept earlier. The 1st house is the bhavat bhavam for the 7th house and only for the 7th. Here the 1st house is ‘partnership of partnership’. The potential attributes of the 7th house will be given scope and actualised by the power of the 1st house. To ‘activate’ the 7th, the 1st has to give its energy. ie the 7th house is the potential related to marriage, business, partnerships, practices which take you to your own reality etc, but to make full use of this, the 1st has to divert its energies into the 7th.

Eg if you want to make the best of your marriage you have to give your own personal time, physical strength, mental energy, spiritual strength etc else the marriage will not realise its full potential. And since the energy of a house is limited, if you focus too much resource on your spouse, you might see yourself neglecting your business commitments or your spiritual practices or the other things linked to your 7th house. This is a general concept applicable across ascendants. (Similarly if you want to secure your 4th and 10th houses, your 7th house has to contribute its energy.)

The 1st and 7th houses are different from the rest, the rising and setting degree, ‘dawn and dusk’? The 1st is the morning dawn, things are coming out in the light. Things are more optimistic and if you have equal malefic v/s benefic influences on this, the benefic ones will give more results. The 7th house is the house of evening dusk, twilight, things are being obscured. Here the malefic influences are more powerful than benefic influences.

So always analyse this 1st/ 7th axis in depth to know about the entire personality. The 7th is the shadow part of the 1st. And choose your life/ business partners, spiritual practices and one-one relationships with the due diligence. They have a very direct effect on your personal energy.

Cancer ascendant, the depth of disinterest

And back to the Cancer ascendant with this 1/7 axis concept.

He has the most difficult 7th house. His biggest trauma comes from one-one relationships. This spills over all the one-one relationships in the family/ friends, profession/ business, spiritual practice etc also, and can poison his life subtly. (Leo ascendants also have a similar possibility.) The basic premise remains the same,

(1) The ascendant lord moves rather rapidly. Moon covers one sign in 2.25days so the ‘ascendant return’ is around every 28 days. Sun covers one sign in every month, the ascendant return is once a year. Whenever the ascendant covers one complete movement around the zodiac the personality also completes one cycle and noticeably changes. Thus the rate of change (personality/environment) for these two ascendant signs is rather high, Cancer is the highest.

(2) These two are the luminaries, the Kings of the zodiac. They preside over the highest chakras, Ajnya-Moon and Sahasrara-Sun. Sun represents the self-ego and the Moon represents the summary of all your present, past, future, parallel selves. They both are different from the rest of the graha. (The lower 5 chakras are the 5 non-luminaries. The forces which push the perfection of the energy structure out of order are the two astral Rahu/ Ketu).

The 7th house for these two ascendants is either Capricorn or Aquarius, both owned by Saturn. Saturn considers both Sun and Moon as his enemy. The slowest Saturn completes his round of the zodiac in 30yrs. So the preferred partner does not change his basic personality for 30 long years and also dislikes sudden changes. Coupled with point (1), this factor alone is reason sufficient for disagreement in partnerships of marriage or business. Saturn is linked to the lowest Mooladhar chakra. He is earthy, bound by karma, hard-working, dour, resistant to change, servant class, very serious, the divine spark is dimmed to the lowest denominator here. This with reference to point (2) above can ensure that ‘love’ or agreement in the marriage partnership soon becomes irrelevant and only duty remains. The person and the spouse, both are uncomfortable on the internal levels, often frustrated and alone. This affects the children if any. On the outer levels they may continue in a marriage of convenience or divorce. True companionship is always denied.

Both Capricorn and Aquarius are owned by Saturn but there is a subtle difference between the two. Aquarius is the Mool trikon sign for Saturn and he is more comfortable here, ie the energies represented by Saturn are more easily expressed in Aquarius. Moon’s mooltrikon is in Taurus not Cancer. And the Sun’s Mooltrikon is Leo itself. Mooltrikon is an important concept when interpreting planets placed in own signs. In this analysis too Cancer ascendant gets the raw deal.

Cancer ascendant, the depth of disinterest

Back to our analysis, now partnerships. The 7th house, Capricorn.

Spouse prefers personal privacy, is highly secretive, he will never let on how he feels or what he is doing. Dour, restrictive, hard, unfriendly, attracted to material stuff, serious, rigid, careful about money/ assets, miserly, harsh, hard working, conscious of social structure, somewhat cruel. If someone is in trouble will not help as thinks that they got what they deserved, not bothered? unkind? He is unemotional, also indifferent to other’s emotions etc. (For a Cancer ascendant guy, such a spouse is very traumatic). Then this spouse will not be in the least interested in religious or spiritual stuff. There may be severe arguments on this specific topic between the two. (This factor is very important. When I see charts for marriage, if the material is a bit dim but the emotional/ spiritual is supportive then the marriage will have its problems but mutual sympathy for each other’s emotions and faith in a common divinity can help the marriage survive. For Cancer ascendant this is typically not possible.)

Now the weird part, inter-linked karma. When you marry someone you take on the characterises of his/ her 7th house. Marriage means that you really take on additional karma. If you observe people married to Cancer ascendants, they become all this as above, more so after the marriage. So if our Cancerian guy marries someone with the expectation that the tiny niggling doubts will ease out after marriage, he is sorely mistaken as these tiny things will immediately flare up in a negative fashion as Saturn and Capricorn change him and his spouse both after marriage. (I have seen a lot of Cancer ascendants. eg in my own family, have been observing my two maternal uncles, their wives+children in depth all my life.)

Though Saturn is its ruler, Capricorn can easily bend or even break rules, ethics and morals if it thinks that this in its best interests. Capricorn is very clear on its personal level what it wants and has the determination to get it at any cost. Highly individualistic. All partnerships, one-one relationships of the Cancer have this energy at the core.

(Families can be a great life-time study sample. Observing them, we learn a lot about ourselves. Eg I have 3 people with my similar ascendant+Moon sign under observation. When I got married, my Dad pulled out couples from his client database who have the same ascendant+moon sign as me and my husband as reference samples. Transits give similar results.)

Cancer ascendant, the depth of disinterest

Deeper into our Cancer ascendant guy.

The 1st house is Cancer so this sign nourishes these attributes of its 7th house Capricorn and allows it full expression in his own personality. Pure Capricorn is not a friendly sign for one-one relationships and it is the fill-in-the-blanks for the Cancer ascendant. Cancer allows other impressions to register on itself. Overall this will be expressed as a very complicated mix in him. Cancer mixed with Capricorn is supremely uncomfortable. All the attributes of Cancer now overlaid with Capricorn. Quite passionate, amoral in a way, traditional only till it is convenient for himself, mixing with others only till he wants to, argumentative, to some extent immature etc. On the inner side there exists a core of harshness, cruelty, indifference to the other’s emotions etc the Capricorn traits. This is how a Cancer ascendant will behave especially after marriage as Capricorn gets fully ‘activated’. Now his own personality becomes very uncomfortable for him. And also to his family and friends. (He generally loses his pre-marriage close family/ associates/ spiritual practice). Remember Saturn causes maximum problems for Cancer.

So he takes emotionally charged decisions. He will leave a stable job and start an ill-considered business with an unsuitable business partner who will cheat him. He will take up some weird spiritual practice which will damage his energy body. Or join some cult. He will marry under a temporary attack of passion, romantic notions, infatuation. He will give himself over to his spouse in a frenzy of emotion only to realise that his understanding was unrealistic, done in a hurry, against all common sense, or against societal norms, or in expectation of some gain etc. This marriage then becomes a mill-stone around his neck and a source of life-long regrets.

If Capricorn is occupied by some planet, then the person will generally get married and then lead a typically difficult life. In this case, the personality becomes extra susceptible to the influence of the spouse and this carries on to his other relationships also ultimately spoiling them. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter if here or aspecting, cannot give a good marriage. Saturn, Venus, Mars can give a marriage of convenience if other positions support.

But if Capricorn is vacant, then there is a real possibility that marriage with another person will not occur and the person will prefer to find the deepest relationship within himself. This perhaps is the best option.

On the marriage front, I have seen that several of these Cancer ascendants do not get married nor into serious relationships. They do some regular spiritual practice. Second possibility is that they have a distant marriage where the job involves travel or something so that they never get to really be at home. Third situation is that they get divorced or widowed or get into flings or illegally keep more wives than allowed by law. There have been several exclusive studies and actual books on Cancer ascendant and its failures in marriages. Invariably Cancer ascendant with the Capricorn 7th house has the unhappiest marriages. (Leo ascendants too often do not enjoy a happy married life.)

On the business/ profession front, I have seen that these people generally do better in service, working in a company etc. If they start their own business, the possibility is that at least one business partner will cheat them. If they restart with another partner, the same pattern can repeat. Best would be to go solo in business.

The take away point for Cancer ascendant is that he should be willing and able to endure (this is extremely difficult given his basic nature). And second keep zero expectations from the material and emotional fronts (again this is practically an impossible feat). And the third, to involve himself in spiritual practice on a regular basis. Try doing Dhyan using the Mantra Soham, it will take 30 mins daily. This will help you gain internal stability to endure the disappointments of the material and emotional lives.

And all this is a reflection of Cancer’s deepest tendency, ‘disinterest’.

Cancer ascendant, the depth of disinterest

The current Saturn in Capricorn for Cancer ascendants is a sort of a make or break. They should be very very careful about defining what they exactly want in their one-one relationships. Whatever path they commit to now cannot be revisited in future as it will be powered by the irreversible Saturn+Capricorn power. Excerpt from my earlier post on Saturn transits “Transit Saturn in the 7th house, all your partnerships will suddenly develop issues. All activities which require fair play, negotiation, balance will fail. You will develop problems in business partnerships, marriage, contracts and legal situations. Patience and perseverance is the key. Do not make it worse by ill considered rash acts or immature behaviour.”

In addition, Jupiter is transiting your 6th house, Sagittarius, there is increase in ‘unhappiness’. Here is an excerpt from my earlier post on Jupiter’s transits. “Transit Jupiter in 6th house – The natural ruler Mercury is a number-cruncher analyst with limited deep understanding. Here Jupiter is exploited by endless, detailed, tasks and duties. You may be required to endlessly help those who are victims of disease, arguments, legal issues. These matters related to the 6th will expand in your life and drain you. Be careful of your own health, financial situation here. You may be required to give money/loans. Your enemies will suddenly get active. Professional front will be good and you will earn money from your job and family assets.”

Cancer ascendant, the depth of disinterest

After all this, finally the wonderful plus point for the last. The most challenging ascendent sign can grant the biggest prize, Self-realization.

If you analyse the horoscopes of enlightened Guru-s, the sages who attained Mukti, most of them are Cancer ascendants. (There are books which have these horoscope collections and analysis, do study them, they are fascinating). He can be extraordinary on the spiritual, unless he spoils his outlook and wastes his potential by getting married to unsuitable persons. He is capable of secluding himself, withdrawing from the society, doing spiritual practices, deep mediations. He is inherently dissatisfied with everything, so if he can divert this energy in the pursuit of the most highest it would be its best use.

And the best part is that spiritual conquest also does not appeal to him, so there are less chances of him failing. He is not fascinated by occult powers, Siddhi and thus naturally avoids the pitfalls. He pursues the Ultimate in the same ‘it is of no consequence’ mindset, disinterest here too. If he has grace/Guru-krupa on his side, he meets someone who constantly emphasises that he should continue doing his practice. He sort of drifts into Moksh. My own Sat-guru, Shri Muppin Kadsiddheswar (12:40 pm 23rd April 1905, Sangli, Maharashtra) attained Moksh in April 1934 at the age of 29yrs. Thus this theme of ‘disinterest’ then finds its real purpose.


(Have written about the Leo ascendent in my post here. Do read this post too. Both Cancer and Leo ascendants are similar in many ways.)

Cancer ascendant, the depth of disinterest

28 thoughts on “Cancer ascendant, the depth of disinterest

  1. princevinz27 April 28, 2020 / 2:18 am

    Realizing this article given me hard burden becoming a cancer ascendant and scorpio navamsha. but this is my karma so still moves on for the better, this is probably my destiny should at least face it.

    but this thought me a valued lesson of expecting something after marriage. i had saturn in the 4th house and 1 book told me that il get convenience after marriage a promised of money and fame from spouse but from i see here i might get it but it might also be a fail relationship.. this article might change my life today. just turn 37. sad and optimistic in the challenge il face in my second part of life.

    thank you for its so helpful realizing

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    • astrologerbydefault April 28, 2020 / 9:08 am

      Hi there
      There would b some typical issues no doubt but i have seen this specific combination can grant extraordinary focus of the mind, very high intelligence, independence of spirit., ability to work relentlessly coupled with a desire to know.. if u have a strong asc / asc lord / moon this can give very good results
      esp as u hav crossed 36yrs of age
      Saturn in libra is exalted so carries with it the ability of systematic behaviour pragmatism and sustained work .. profession shud b quite good and home life too. yes romance may not exist perhaps but stability will.
      Cancer asc is on the border of material and spiritual thus its typical nature.. if u spend some time in ur spiritual practice life will b more understandable

      the posts discuss individual placements , and one planet never makes a reading.. tte entire horoscope has to be seen in totality..

      then there are remedies, do some mantra jaap offer some gratitude to ur own higher self, things do ease out, being aware of potential issues is the first step in resolving them .. so do take things in tht spirit..
      the dasha/transits also play their roles eg
      if in ur life u never have a malefics dasha the issues indicated by him will not be so intense etc..
      u ur self chose the chart, so no doubt tht u gave urself some positives also .. just think deeply and u will see those also..

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      • princevinz27 April 29, 2020 / 12:56 am


        Thanks for replying, really appreciate it. about my chart, at least an idea about it saturn also retrorage simultanouesly exalted and has mutual aspect from venus at the 10th house. Dasha of Rahu – Saturn. Moon in the 2nd leo

        i had seen youtube videos and few advise from astrologers but not define exactly as you explain in your article about my ascendant, most specially the other article about scorpio navamsha.

        right now, im just focusing about your advise on spiritual practice life and working for paying debts.

        Thank you so much, this is really an eye opener.




      • astrologerbydefault April 29, 2020 / 11:13 am

        Hi there,
        Jyotish is about recognising patterns in your chart and also in your life,
        you have to learn to observe things, the more dispassionately the better
        once you identify the patterns, its easy to reset them to their best possible positions
        but rather than someone else telling you, if you can understand for yourself tht is the real deepest learning

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  2. Deepak May 13, 2020 / 10:33 pm

    Well, i have been going through various sites trying to learn and understand what makes me, me .. and the one word that caught my attention is “Disinterest”. i cannot express how much it defines me and my choices around me. nothing interests me like i could lie down all day without thinking anything. I have same cancer ascendant and the saturn resides in 7th. i just realised how much you have properly explained me which i have not been able to think myself. when it comes to books about self analysis or which could make me better or force me to think about me, i just try to avoid them it feels so much of a burden to read about what could change me, i just try to avoid whatever i can about me. the rahu ketu axis in the 6th and 12th house also makes me think maybe i am inclined to spirituality but i just try to avoid thinking about it. utterly confused. i am about to turn 29 and i already feel marriage is the most energy consuming thing for me. i am in a relationship and it feels good on the surface but i just keep worrying inside. i do not know what life is in store for me. all around it feels negativity.
    on a previous comment you mentioned we choose our own charts. is it really true…. hoping for a comment from you. Cheer !

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    • astrologerbydefault May 14, 2020 / 2:43 pm

      Hi there
      i am glad you found the post useful in exploring your own self, i have written about cancer and the moon in my several posts, do use the index to find them in case you wish to read more..
      Jyotish is also a tool for self-discovery ..
      esp for you as its Saturn return , u should be careful about your physical health while Saturn is transiting in Capricorn ..


  3. Kev May 14, 2020 / 11:28 pm


    You have written a very perfect article on cancer asc. One thing i would like to point out that when it comes to spiritual practices for cancer asc, the society at large does not approve with them and often criticized for being “too spiritual” which as an additional setback for cancer asc.

    I always wonder what happens if cancer asc marries cap asc or leo asc, wouldn’t the synergy match up ?

    I agree with you 100% on cancer asc being difficult one speically if asc lord is not in natal favorable position.

    I can relate to your article being cancer asc myself.

    Thank you

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    • astrologerbydefault May 15, 2020 / 5:25 pm

      Hi there,
      each one shud follow one’s conscience.. ultimately we live with our inner-voice..

      as per Jyotish, astrological principles, horoscopes are matched first as per the Naksahtra/Lunar mansion the birth Moon occupies.. in this the asc sign is not as important..


  4. Unlucky Cancer May 18, 2020 / 3:42 pm

    Does this mean we Cancer Ascendants are just doomed to a life of misery? Better to die then.


    • astrologerbydefault May 18, 2020 / 4:56 pm

      Hi there,
      this comment is exactly why Jyotish is not for everyone,

      If you are not willing to understand what the post says and just read what suits your negative mind-set, no one can help you..

      I have started my post on Cancer with this line in case you did not read it through…
      ….. “I have always considered Cancer ascendant to be the most challenging of the lot. But gives the biggest prize if you dare reach for it.”…..

      I consider this to be the most rewarding ascendant sign if these people are aware of their potential and focus..
      The sample chart I use in my blog, Aleister Crowley, is Cancer ascendant! This is an indication of how powerful and significant i consider the people with this ascendant sign. But only if they realise it!
      I have studied this sign to the depths as my own several family members are this. It is immensely powerful only and only if you put your perspective in line and use what you have ..

      Jyotish is an enabling tool. It is not fatalistic not does it encourage morbid thought patterns. It is “Illumination”.. so it destroys negative thought patterns as it tells you exactly how you are and what are the challenges and strengths you have chosen for yourself in this life..
      You chose your moment of birth, so work with what you have chosen proactively rather than wallowing in self-pity…

      What actions you take in life are between you and your conscience, no one else. .This statement of yours “Better to die then.” .. Do check if your inner voice, your Antaratma approved of it?

      Everyone leaves the physical body, its no big deal. I have written several posts on the spirits, hauntings and what happens after physical death too, do go through them, they are all in the Index page.. leaving the body does not mean that karma are over…

      And finally do read the last paragraph of the post again .. This is the biggest gift that any ascendant sign can give, and the Cancer ascendants have a fast track on it…

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      • Unlucky Cancer May 19, 2020 / 1:27 am

        I have a huge desire to get married though. Is there really no hope at all that I would have a chance for at least a long and enduring marriage as a Cancer Ascendant?


      • astrologerbydefault May 19, 2020 / 11:43 am

        Hi there,
        Cancer nor any other ascendant sign is ‘unlucky’ . this is faulty thinking

        Success or otherwise of a marriage is not dependant on just one combination!

        the 7th lord, 7th house, 9th house, 9th lord are all auspicious, then the marriage is generally successful. esp if you marry after matching,
        and there are several more factors which contribute, like the dashas which will come after the marriage event etc.. if the D9 etc support then it is can be even better,


  5. Lakin's Labyrinth June 1, 2020 / 5:09 am

    I am Cancer Ascendant, with nothing in my first house except for chiron. Capricorn Sun. Leo moon. Sagittarius sixth house with Sun, Uranus, Neptune, and North Node. Moon in the second house. South Node in Cancer in 12th house. MC alone in Aries. Capricorn in 7th house with Saturn. 5th house in Scorpio with Venus, Mars, and Pluto. A lot of paradoxical patterns.


    • astrologerbydefault June 1, 2020 / 1:22 pm

      Hi there
      i am a vedic astrologer and use the Parashari principles ..
      so to use this blog u will need to get a vedic chart as there is a difference of about 23deg in vedic and western math..


  6. Pari June 11, 2020 / 3:02 pm

    Very nice article but very sad and depressing to know that cancer ascendant can never have a good married life and can’t do any business in partnership. Maybe cancer ascendant should choose spiritual path as their home front is really bad. I am a cancer ascendant. I never did anything wrong to anybody, got married, had a child, good career, bought properties at the right time, Pretty much had everything and then had to go through separation, court cases and divorce. I am still not over it and people who did wrong to me are nicely living their life. I am young and sometimes i feel why i had to go through so much pain. Wish i could have read about it before marriage.

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    • astrologerbydefault June 11, 2020 / 3:51 pm

      Hi there
      if u r aware of how ur mindset works u can actively work on the situation.

      being aware is the first step.
      if u know that these are the possible typical issues you can take preventive action

      eg get married (or re-married) after matching horoscopes and do pujas etc if needed

      or choose ur business very sensibly .. choose the partners carefully .. monitor the business periodically.. keep an eye on the financial records etc or hire proper staff who can help you

      jyotish is not fatalistic.. its self illumination.. learning more about urself so tht u can live a more richer and happier life

      and yes fr cancer ascendants, spiritual practice is very important.. do something fr urself fr 20 mins daily and u will see the difference fr urself..
      as u intend so will u attract ..

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  7. dpsood June 22, 2020 / 12:38 pm

    You have described me.I have cancer ascendant. My Saturn,sun and mercury are placed in 6th house in moola nakshatra.Venus-Saturn is going on.Got married in Venus-Jupiter.There are daily quarrel with wife.I am suffering financially and personally.Please show the way mam.


    • astrologerbydefault June 22, 2020 / 2:23 pm

      Hi there
      for marriage related problems the charts of both are examined, so do consult your regular astrologer for the precise one-time solution..

      for peace and success in a marriage its necessary tht the wife understands that she is the Gruh-Laxmi,
      so both of you either recite or listen to the shri sukta, this will bring prosperity to your house and relationship..
      If you can daily, it will also bring money, comforts, benefits for the children, health etc etc always.


  8. Shintia 1994 9 July 15, 2020 / 12:00 pm

    Hello, thank You for the post. I must say, reading this was difficult because I can relate to many points you made about cancer ascendant. The points about marriage worried me especially my moon is in capricorn and influencing my 1st house from the 7th. Does it makes the matter of marriage worse for cancer ascendant?

    I want to get married and have kids but I have always known that I won’t be satisfied with a spouse because I need a lot of personal space and get easily dissatisfied with things including people. However, I am pretty determined to get married because to me it’s just part of life I have to do.

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  9. Yash Hanj July 19, 2020 / 5:48 pm

    I really loved this perspective on cancer ascendants. I feel people like me, also might be same, having this ascendant. I would also like to add more that my moon is in the fifth house which is Scorpio. A usual saying says that moon is debilitated and this and that. A mind of darkness, emotional baggages etc. Well I see it as somewhat true but most of the times I have grasped all these aspects with acceptance most the times. Although I am just 24, so still a long way to go… What is there to surprise me, I don’t know. But this theme of disinterest really must have shaken us most the times, having this ascendant. I have felt this pattern is decreasing in me. I mean earlier in life I used to find disinterest in every subject very fast. Now it takes time to find disinterest in a particular subject. Sometimes event triggers and I become a very fast learner in subjects. I started learning astrology rapidly… It happened automatically. So yes, one thing I can say prominently that I am in the shocking state most the times yet I am very positive in my state. Some (I have them somewhat) astrologers say that some placements and charts show that person will dive into spirituality later on in life. But I find myself in Spirituality. I had disputes with my mother, maybe due to scorpio moon but still I find a motherly nature in myself for other people, healing the other people. Such things make me curious more and more about myself but then I stop analyzing my own chart. But really Tejaswiniji, I loved this article. Thank you. Much Love and Positivity.


  10. Arun July 20, 2020 / 1:24 am


    Very nice post about cancer ascendant, I’ve certainly seen this in many cancer ascendant friends and relatives. I’m a cancer ascendant myself but I would say that I tend to switch interests very often and will explore that to its depths and I’m also very attached to family and friends. I wonder if certain placements like the 7th and 9th lord exchange that I have gives me more social drive, my moon is also in the 7th with Jupiter in pushkara and I have to say that the start of the Jupiter dasha was challenging but now things are outstanding, is Jupiter always malefic for cancer ascendant though? My experience seems different in that regard

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    • astrologerbydefault July 20, 2020 / 8:15 am

      Hi there
      This is a general post. A analysis. Naturally things will vary as per individual charts. But the character of the asc sign will remain like this.
      Jupiter is malefic. The agents or situations represented by jupiter in life will cause trauma.
      Eg diseases will b related to ‘expansion’. may have to work as a counsellor to help people with problems, might become a good astrologer, life’s philosophical system will be confused etc. eg today devi puja, tomorrow shiv puja, day after full on meditation etc.. People whom you think are teachers will misguide .. i have seen several examples of this sort.
      If the 9th house and virgo sign is well placed then the effects will b lesser .. but this undercurrent will remain.


      • Arun July 20, 2020 / 9:00 am

        Ohh ok this makes sense, so the underlying current will be the same! So as you said all things represented by Jupiter will start off as a malefic thing and can get lessened depending on other placements! I’ve learned a great deal about vedic astrology from your unique insights, please keep up the great work!!

        I would love to see a follow up on divisional charts, I’ve heard some stories about nakshatra padas but haven’t been able to find an authentic source anywhere. Would be great to hear any insight that you have on that!


  11. P July 22, 2020 / 4:25 pm

    Namaste mam. You have mentioned about books on analysis of cancer ascendant. Could you please name those books.


  12. Unknown July 27, 2020 / 9:59 pm

    You have penned down my life in this article and deep down my complex mind. Indeed perfect.
    I am a cancer rising also cancer navamsha.
    My chart is most complex of cancer ascendants life before 30 was fun and success in profession and education. After hitting 30 it’s a UTurn loss in job, marriage alliances, high into spiritual realm. After 30 heard navamsha gets active. RAhu in cancer, exalted Saturn with mercury, two planets in Capricorn with south node.
    I can visualise how my life would be. ……. also very often I get Saturn coming in dream and disappearing as coal smoke. Not sure what we talk. I believe let’s take this challenge relying on lord Vishnu.


  13. Deepika July 29, 2020 / 2:55 pm

    This is one of the best articles describing the dilema of cancer ascendants life. We are the people who dream of having a happy family & kids since we are kids ourselves, yet lack the skills to achieve the same. I have mercury,Mars and Jupiter in the ascendant with saturn in the 7 house, moon in 9. Turned 29 last month.. personally for me material achievements are a big part of success in life yet I feel that I lack the mental strength of achieving the same.. emotions play a big part in my decision making.. slightest discomfort just wrecks havoc on my mental health.
    I am fearful of Partnership & relationships.. yet want them so bad. Disinterest & extremes are the two words in this article that I relate to the most.
    All in all I can say mind is our biggest asset & also biggest enemy in our case.

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