Analysing transits of the Moon

One of my major reasons for writing this blog was to inspire everyone to take control of their own lives and try, really try to make it better on a deep internal level.

And I do not mean this in the materialistic physical sense. Buying a new car would be so awesome and would definitely make you happy but this this happiness will evaporate the instant you see a better car model on the streets.

It is so easy to blame too. I can blame my mom for not giving me tasty food to eat as a child or blame my husband for not taking me for a vacation, or even worse blame my child for creating a nuisance just when I want to sleep.

My clients invariably blame their horoscopes. “This Saturn is in this house and that is causing my problems!”. And most of the astrologers you meet will also ditto this very same line. But why do you forget that the horoscope charts out the moment when You were born! You Chose to be born at that instant of time and space. It is Your Own Choice. We have so many unresolved and unbalanced karmas to go through and naturally this huge quantum cannot be gone through in one life. We take a series of lives where we work off certian portions of this accumulated stuff. So your horoscope just shows you in black and white what you have chosen for yourself in this life. I hope all of you must have seen how your horoscope looks like? If not, I strongly suggest you use any of the free sites on the Internet to check how it looks like. (I am a Vedic/Indian astrologer so whatever I write on will be based on this system.)

The moon in the horoscope is the primary determinant of your emotional state. If you are in a happy place emotionally the disappointments of life seem insignificant but if you are already under an emotional stress even the tiniest upsets will shatter your heart. It is all about perspective, your birth moon.

So how do you know what your moon is upto today. Here is a basic astrology lesson which can help you set your mindset for the day. And it will take only 1 minute of your time now and then 5 seconds everyday. This is how your mindset changes with the transits of the moon. The moon is the fastest graha, moving through the 360 degrees of the zodiac in 28 days flat.

Check out in your birth horoscope, which sign your birth moon occupies and mark out the 6th, 8th, and 12th signs from this. If your birth moon is in Aries then the 6th would be Virgo, counting Aries itself as one, Taurus as two, Gemini as three, onwards. Scorpio would be 8th and Pisces would be the 12th.  Now download any of the phone apps for vedic astrology. For android I have found “Hindu calendar” by developer “Alok Mandavgane” and for iphones “Drik panchang” by developer “Adarsh apps” to be quite accurate and user friendly.

Check out the present position of the Moon in the sky from the Panchang submenu. If the current day’s moon is in the 6th, 8th and 12th signs which you have counted above, be mentally prepared for possible unpleasantness.

Now for the pleasant days, count the 1st and 11th from your birth moon sign/rashi, for this example it would be Aries itself as 1st and Aquarius as the 11th. When the current moon is in any of these signs rest assured that the day will be generally quite pleasant. The remaining days of the month will be average ones generally.

The Moon’s Transit from birth Moon sign Rasi, some very general readings.

  • 1st house i.e. the same sign as your birth Moon sign – Good to Excellent
    • Comforts, good mood, good health, good time in office/home
  • 2nd house – Average to Bad
    • some stress caused by family/friends, unnecessary expenditures
  • 3rd house – Average to Good
    • Gains, happiness, some monetary benefits, some skills learnt/used, good work in office/business
  • 4th house – Average to Bad
    • Unnecessary travelling, disturbance to peace of mind,
  • 5th house – Average to Bad
    • Arguments, heated discussions, heat related small health issues
  • 6th house – Average to Bad
    • illness, physical fatigue, arguments, needless money spent
  • 7th house – Average to Good
    • Respect, gains, good times spent with partners business/personal.
  • 8th house – Bad to Worse
    • Losses, tension, worries, traffic, injuries, ill health
  • 9th house – Average to Bad
    • Mental uneasiness, needs help from seniors/teachers
  • 10th house – Average to Good
    • Success, gains, good times in office or things related to social status
  • 11th house – Good to Excellent
    • Prosperity, comforts, gains, good health, good mood and conducive surroundings
  • 12th house – Bad to Worse
  • Injuries, expenditure, sadness, loneliness

And the major reason that I want you to do this small baby exercise is that you will…

  1. check out your birth horoscope
  2. find the position of moon in it
  3. try to count the rashis from your moon rashi
  4. get in the habit of checking the current moon sign for the day (it changes every 2.25days)
  5. do a small prediction for yourself
  6. be mindful of your thought process throughout the day
  7. get interested in astrology after a few days, I mean really interested and soon be on your way to learning astrology yourself.

So here is your first step at learning practical astrology. Do try it.

If you open your Vedic astrology app, there might be a section on Chandrabalam, this is based on this same concept of the Moon’s transits in relation to your birth Moon’s position. (I use the Drik panchang app which both andriod and iPhone versions.)

analysing transits of the moon