Be kind.. to yourself

The most important lesson that I have learnt experimenting with various ways of divination is to be kind. Unfortunately “Be Kind” has become quite cliched now with lots memes about “kindness” doing the rounds on our whatsapp chats. Its boring and anyways who has the time to be kind to others! (facepalm moment).

But no, I am not talking about being kind to others, that is necessary of course, but what I am insisting on is that you first be kind to your own self.

Being kind to others! Well, I am sure we all have done this, offered our seat in a bus to someone elderly or helped a lost child locate his mom in a store. But being kind to your own self, am sure you are not even aware of how cruel and hard you are being on your own self.

Anyways, how do you even be kind to yourself?

When I look at the charts of my clients, in that one moment, I know them very deeply. more than their wives/husband or even more than they themselves know their own self. I see the snapshot of their whole life, their childhood, their dreams their sorrows and even their deaths. So what do I do? Obviously I cannot tell them, but I am human too. Seeing their lives in the chart moves me deeply, and in my own way I empathise. For a brief instant, I live my client’s life vicariously, through his horoscope. Thus I understand. And then I try to be kind. In that limited time of my interaction, I answer their mundane questions and also gently encourage them to take up some spiritual practice so that they can better prepare themselves for what is to come in the future.

If you can give a few minutes for your own self every day, maybe just 5 minutes a day you are putting up a huge asset for yourself for later.

We work, our physical bodies work and then rest at night. During the night our bodies rejuvenate and then get ready for the next day. But what about our minds? During the daytime we think and think, in our spare time we think and in our sleep too, our mind is working, in our dreams we still experience and our minds keep working.

So the first step in being kind to your own self, is to stop thinking. The exhausted mind needs its rest. Try any of the following to give your mind a rest..

  1. If you have been initiated to Reiki, do a 10 minute healing on your 5 lower chakras everyday before you sleep. You keep your left hand on your third eye and your right hand, first on the muladhar, the swadhisthana, the manipur, the anahata and the vishuddhi chakras for 2 minutes each. While you do this just focus on your breathing, breathe deeply and slowly. Visualise silver-gold light entering in with each inhalation and blackness moving out with every exhalation.
  2. Do Dhyan (my favourite prescription) at least once a week!
  3. Choose your favourite mantra or stotra, only Sanskrit will work remember. Next check out which singer has sung it correctly and in the way you like. Then in your darkened bedroom, lie down, make yourself comfortable and play it softly. Place both your palms over your heart and feel. Feel each word, each sound from the mantra entering your mind and body relaxing it and at the same time energising it. My personal favourite is the Vishnu sahastranama stotra sung by Uma Mohan (on youtube), and its a good 20+ minutes long rendition enough for the entire body and mind to relax.

Give time to yourself. You always give time to others, the family, the job, but neglect your own self. You deserve your own attention. Remember if you ignore your physical body, you will ultimately fall ill and your doctor will take care of you. But if you do not take care of your mind, no one else will.


Be kind.. to yourself



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    Beautiful. Thank you


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