Development of a child’s Chakra energy

We evolve always. From the moment of birth to the moment of death, then till we are reborn again we evolve. Our energies increase, refine and again. Our energy structure changes with time and our experiences. A new baby born is at very basic levels of consciousness, he goes through several sequential changes till his 7th birthday. At the 7th birthday he is considered to have half way entered society. This post is from the reference books and also my experience in observing my own son, my nephews/nieces and random babies. So a quick post on how a baby evolves in the first 7yrs of his life.

When a baby is born, till his 1st birthday the idea is survival. The Muladhar chakra is most active. The baby learns the essential things related to personal survival. He wants, he grabs stuff. He is like an animal in this sense, he breathes, eats and wanders about aimlessly, nothing much more than that. His parents teach him simple things which he learns with much effort. He is in fact more a pet than a full-fledged human being. 

Then in the one year till the 2nd birthday the Swadhisthan chakra things are brought into expression, baby now has the glimmerings of understanding. He has come up from his basic animal stage and now he understands emotions. If you scold him he knows why and if you praise him he knows why too. The seeds of the Swadhisthan chakra show their first basic expression. He wants to be cuddled and if you ask him for a kiss he responds with pleasure. These are very subtle observations but if you pay attention you can easily see.

In the 3rd year of life the child expresses his ideas. You sense that your son has a sense of self, there is fire within. You might see his first temper tantrum in this age. Not the regular crying, that starts from day one! But the sense of ego, an understanding of insult. He wants a toy, you refuse to get it. Now his sense of self is offended and he expresses it! The Manipur chakra has come to play.

The 4th birthday sees an increase in understanding, sharing and community concepts are put in as the Anahata chakra is powered on. eg If you ask him to share he will share with you out of an understanding. There is expansion. The expression of the chakra is still in its basic state but it has started. Try asking your 2month old baby to share, he won’t understand anything. But a child at 3-4yrs of age will share or not but based on a understanding on what ‘sharing’ means. Now he recognises that something called community exists.

The 5th year of life and the Vishuddhi chakra has developed. In this period of 4-5yrs the child matures in an indefinable way. He knows that in life things can come and also go. Now he wont cry so much if his favourite toy breaks. He us less possessive. He has realised that things can end. Some things are good/not-good. You can see the glimmerings of the adult that he is going to be. This has happened gradually but definitely over one year.

By the 6th birthday, the child has a sense of purpose, it is quite dim but it is there. He can develop his own priorities. If he demands something it is not from ego alone, he feels that thing to be important to him in some way. You can ask him to plan things and he will be able to. The Ajnya chakra has developed its basic function and is expressing itself. Allocation, how much do I have and how do I use it best. The child is evolving.


Then comes the most important year of his life, the period from the 6th to the 7th birthday when the Sahasrara chakra gets its finishing touch. The highest divinity expresses itself in the chakra system. This year is extremely important. In this year the boys are taught the Gayatri mantra and wear the Brahma-sutra. The girls are taught the Gayatri mantra but they don’t need to wear the Brahma-sutra. The children start Gayatri puja and now onwards are a part of society albeit in a small way. Now his own karma start affecting him. Till the 6th birthday the child is on the boundary of the past life and the current life. If he suffers some illness or dies it is not because of his karma but a reflection of the parent’s karma. As the child starts his/her Gayatri puja he/she stops being dependant on the parents for energy.

A child needs to be carefully and intelligently nurtured for the first 7yrs of his life. Whatever experiences he goes through in these 7years leaves a very deep imprint on his energy structure. This is the first foundation cycle of the chakra development.

In ancient times, the child would be sent to the Gurukul, the school-house of the Guru, at the 7th birthday. The child is now receptive to learning. His chakra system is now fully active and he can now take in external teachings and experiences more effectively. This child would be in Guru-kul for the next 7yrs. This next cycle of 7yrs sees the chakras taking in influences very readily. Not so easily as the first cycle of 7yrs, but the child is still malleable and the Guru molds his mind and intellect very carefully. The formative concepts of spirituality, conduct, Dharma would also be instilled here.

The child would return to the parent’s house at the age of 14yrs. Now the third cycle of the chakra evolution begins as the child is taught a profession. In the ancient times, the child followed the parent’s profession, so the boy-teenager would be an apprentice learning from his parents/ peers/ elders. The girl-teenager would be taught how to run a house-hold. Contrary to what some people think, managing a house-hold is a full-time job in itself, even now. Here too he/she receive an education but it is a functional education. Generally at the end of this period he/she is married off. Marriage is considered to be the Sanskar (a correct action) where a person formally and completely enters the society.

(There is one option here, if the person wants to take on a spiritual route and become a Sanyasi in the full-time pursuit of the Ultimate, he/she renounces the society towards the end of the third 7-yr cycle. Taking up Sanyas before this age was not considered.)

This 7year cycle is very deeply ingrained into the energy body as well as the physical body. Every year of your life, one chakra is in special focus. You might not be so aware of this at your current age, but it is obvious in the first, second and third cycles till the age of 21yrs. One thing you can observe if you have a small baby. Whatever experiences he has had in the first 7yrs of life will subtly repeat in every 7yr cycle. Eg if in the 1st yr of life he had some severe health problem, you will see its subtle repetition every 7th year after that, eg in the 8th yr you might see that his health is genuinely not well. In the 15th yr he might be slightly physically ill but more mentally upset. The intensity of the echo will diminish with every 7yr cycle.

Modern biology also says that every 7years our every body cell is replaced/renewed. They are actually measuring the 7yr cycle of the Muladhar chakra related to the physical body. If they could but see the energy, they could also notice the cycles of the 7 chakras, but then if they start seeing energy, they would stop being scientists and become seers/Rishi-s!


Men are men and women are women

This post is in part response to this comment I received in the Contact form,

(I read an article which mentioned about our age and chakras. Are chakras related to our chronology like one chakra is dominant or something? Also what is meant by opening chakras?)

Will write about the ‘opening chakras’ part in my next post.

2 thoughts on “Development of a child’s Chakra energy

  1. Dhanya k September 20, 2019 / 4:30 pm

    Hi Tejaswini,
    Is it ok for the mother to cosleep with the child if the mother is either sick or going through her cycles.


    • astrologerbydefault September 21, 2019 / 7:03 pm

      Hi there,

      First illness
      If a parent is seriously ill, the child should not sleep in the same bed. This is obviously to ensure that the parent can rest and recover.
      If the illness is something minor and non-communicable then there is no issue.

      On the energy levels it is not good for the child to sleep next to an ill adult.

      But as modern houses are quite small, so a separate bed may not be available. So if you are ill, your spouse can sleep in between you and the child on the other side..something like that!

      Second more typical, if the mother or the sister has periods..

      1. If the child is very small or is a girl then there is not much of a problem. But you can consider making your husband sleep in between for the first 3 days at least.

      2. If it is a boy then there are 2 options,

      a) he is very small or not doing his regular puja/Gayatri – then you can do as (1) above

      b) but if he is doing his Gayatri for 2-3yrs and is older, say above 10yrs, best keep make your husband sleep in between for the 5days.

      A lot depends on the child’s personal energy.
      eg My brother cannot tolerate a woman in her cycle sitting in the same room! This started since he was some 10yrs old. The discomfort was so bad that his entire body would get covered in red rash. This still happens. But then he is the most sensitive one in my extended family. Others are varying in their response, some cannot eat food prepared, or some wont touch etc. After marriage and esp after birth of child the sensitivity seems to go down a bit.

      Another thing is the energy level of the woman. If it is someone who is doing all pujas etc, high energy, then her energies will get very dramatically negative. Best sleep alone then, and avoid cooking for others and touching foodstuff etc.

      This is a very personal issue and yes there are energy implications.

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