Simple energy practices to increase pran

The early morning when you wake up is a very valuable time and should be used very wisely. This is a very brief period when you wake up, those few minutes when you are half awake and till you get fully awake. Most important is to wake up naturally or if you need to use an alarm use the gentlest and most soothing tone you can, ‘drops of water’ type of tone. A screeching loud alarm jerks you awake causing trauma on the sub-conscious levels.

Simple energy practices to increase pran

1.You can increase the flow of pran/vital energy in your body in this half awake/asleep state. Our body is electromagnetic and we live in a an ocean of this pran energy called Hiranyagarbha or Samashthi pran. You can easily increase your energy levels by this simple exercise as you wake up in the morning or as you lie in bed in the night.

  • Lie flat on your back, spine and neck straight.
  • Put both palms on your navel.
  • Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Visualise yourself floating in an ocean of sparkly gold silver light. Breathe in this light through your nose.
  • As you exhale through your mouth visualise the negative stuff leaving your body as wisps of blackness.
  • Do at least 12 breaths, slow abdominal breathing. Do not force yourself. This will take you 2-3 minutes.
  • Wake up completely and get up to a new day.

2. You can power an intention. This will help your intention to manifest more quickly and easily as you are powering it with the energies of the awake and astral selves as well as tapping into the unknown depths of the universal energies found at the boundary of awakeness and sleep.

  • Think of your intention. You can intend health/happiness. You can ask for answers for something that is deeply troubling you. The ‘Why’ of something you deeply want to know. etc
  • Lie flat on your back, spine and neck straight. Put both palms on your heart.
  • In that half awake/asleep state focus gently on your third eye.
  • Think of your intention as gently yet deeply as possible. Do not force yourself, be as gentle as possible.
  • Breathe slowly/deeply, abdominal breathing for 12 breaths.
  • Wake up and get up from the bed.

3. You can do a small awareness exercise. I have written about it here. This helps the movement of pran/vital energy to every part of your body. As you become more aware of your own physical self you use all the energies available in these 2-3 minutes to consciously heal and energise every part of your body.

4. Or you can do this very minor routine. You can try this in the morning just as you open your eyes. This helps you energise your hands/your activities that you will do in the day, your mind/the thoughts you will think during the day and the support you will get from your environment and your inner self.

5. You can also do a small chakra healing on yourself if you have 10 minutes to yourself as you wake up. Lie flat on your back, spine and neck straight.

  • You keep your left hand on your third eye and your right hand, first on the muladhar (the joint of your legs), the swadhisthana (below your navel), the manipur (the navel), the anahata (the heart) and the vishuddhi (the throat) chakras for 12 breaths each.
  • While you do this just focus on your breathing, breathe deeply and slowly. Visualise silver-gold light entering in with each inhalation and blackness moving out with every exhalation.

6. Balance your naadis. The body has its energy channels/naadis through which pran/vital energy moves powered by the energy vertices/chakras. Doing a basic pranayam (which is very easy), for only 12 breaths as you wake up (or sleep) balances the two main naadis Ida and Pingala. This helps your energy body to regain balance. Sit up in bed, neck and back straight. Right hand dominant people to breathe in first through the left nostril and left handed persons should breathe in first through the right nostril. 12 breaths will take you 2-3 minutes.

The part is also the whole. As you consciously plant your seed of intention and energy you are starting on something new and reinforcing it every day. In this in-between state, the mind is silent, you do not have self-doubts, no self-criticism and you are leaving things in the care of your higher self. Trust yourself and it will manifest.

You get these few minutes of half awake/asleep state right before you drop off to sleep too so you can do one of these exercises again as you sleep. It will give you more energy overall and help you in several ways, tiny ways which will aggregate and manifest in your physical life. You can easily give yourself these few minutes, in a whole day of 24hrs. These are your own few minutes which you are investing in your own health and happiness. Still not convinced? Then try out any one of these exercises for 21 days and evaluate for yourself if they work for you or not.


Simple energy practices to increase pran