Of Evil eyes and Children

All of us have auras which are extensions of our personalities. Auras do a lot of things including protecting us. Aura is the biological energy of the body. Similarly our thoughts also have energy. All such energies generated by a conscious living being is something like a ‘bio-energy’.

When someone looks at a sweet-looking child with wishful eyes it is said to be an ‘evil eye’ on the child, and the child might actually suffer. That person may be childless so might be longing for a child herself, or may just be watching the child very intently, or may be just casually watching with a penetrating gaze, no ill will for the child as such. Her subconscious mind thinks, ‘I wish I had such a lovely child’, ‘Such a sweet child, I wish he were my child’, etc. These subtle thoughts are not deliberate or malignant, they are just subconscious ‘longing’.

What is ‘evil eye’ really? It is basically a minor version of a psychic attack. Now a child is small with very little defence mechanisms in his aura and the energy link created by the adult’s gaze is so strong that it is a shock for his energy body. A large chunk of energy gets pulled out of his aura and he feels the energy shock followed by a physical illness.

Of Evil eyes and Children

Staring with intense longing attracts the person who is being looked at, irrespective of age. If your husband is going away for a few days and you bid him bye with penetrating wishful eyes, he is also going to feel uncomfortable for a while as he travels.

In India, small children are intentionally protected from the ‘evil eye’. The mother puts a dot of her kajal/kohl behind the child’s left ear, or left side of the forehead. She thus creates an energy-link supporting her child. Tying black threads or amulets around the child’s neck is also a common way of protection. Children are kept presentable, not heavily dressed up so that random people stare. Small children are not taken out on days when there is thunder and lightening in the sky, on such days the atmosphere is charged with electricity and the body can lose some of its bio-energy. Babies, until the ritual of Annaprashan (eating the first food other than milk), are cuddled only by their parents and close relatives. Children less than 1yr of age are generally not taken out in public gatherings etc where random strangers can see or touch them. Most adults here do not kiss or cuddle babies from other families as a matter of tradition.

Here we also do not let our young children sleep alone. Sleep is not ‘shut-down’, it a state of existence where there exist different energies and dangers. The child always sleeps next to his mother so that while sleeping her bio-energy supports him. She is the only one who gives to her child, even subconsciously she will only give, never take. In some modern Indian houses, I have observed the parents send the child to sleep with the grandparents rather than keeping him with them at night. This causes a very different problem for the child, it is strange and rather difficult to understand but this happens. The older person has a very strong bioenergy field and subconsciously drains the vitality of the child. The grandparents love the child dearly, but the subconscious reality while sleeping is different. Children have very weak defences and a thinner bio-energy shield so are very vulnerable, so might even fall ill. (It is something like a tree, an older tree has greater capacity to draw nourishment compared to a young sapling. And if you have observed, small saplings do not grow in the shade of older trees.)

Where I live now, the local tradition is that the husband is generally 10yr or so older than the wife. I have attended a few local weddings where the rosy cheeked young women looking so very pretty and within a year of the marriage they age, often with some illness. Conversely, the husbands seem to glow with health after the marriage. The reason is the same. After marriage when these women engage in physical activity and also sleep next to their much older husbands, their bio-vitality is being drawn off by them. So marry someone around your own age, too much of an age gap is not advisable. In some cultures there is a system where a man marries several women younger to him. If you are observant you might see that the man is glowing with health while his wives seem weak and ill. The bio-energy reason is the same.

Of Evil eyes and Children

Back to children. We do not allow children near places of negative energy. Places like hospitals, sites of tragedy, ancient wars, or violence, or a house where someone has died, cemeteries etc. The imprint of these negative events in these places is enough to cause a bio-shock to the energy of the child. A small child is neither completely aware nor unaware of things. He still carries with him the impressions of his immediate past life as these have not yet been wiped off and neither has he gained sufficient new experiences of this life. He is also willing to learn in every way. He does not have the will to resist impressions from people and environments yet. So his personality will be moulded as per the environment he lives in and the people he interacts with. So protect your small children.

Another problem is that parents think that their baby is unable to understand things, so often get physical with each other with the small child sleeping near them. But the child has fully functional ‘extra-senses’, and his aura shield is also weak and thin. So the energy of the physical act is pulled deeply into the subconscious of the child which causes great damage and will affect his behaviour as he gets older.

When two people meet, who will influence the other? It is like a fight at the bio-energy level. The one who has the greater bio-energy wins. We are electromagnetic beings and we all interact at levels much deeper than what can be sensed by our limited 5 senses. We all love our children, and it is our responsibility to protect them while they are young and vulnerable to ‘evil eye’.


Of Evil eyes and Children


10 thoughts on “Of Evil eyes and Children

  1. Sam April 26, 2019 / 10:00 am

    You write such enriching posts when it comes to how our auras work and interact, and this one was no different. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Would love to learn more!


  2. Dhanya May 8, 2019 / 12:54 pm

    I live in a rented flat with my husband and child in Kerala. My mother in law passed away due to cancer few months back on December 4 at 12 pm. We have done mritunjaya homam by a Pujari at our husbands home in native place and sprinkled the holy water in the flat where we live now. Is it good to live in a flat where someone dies…


    • astrologerbydefault May 8, 2019 / 8:27 pm

      Hi there,
      There is no problem in living in a house where there has been a death, especially as you have done all the pujas and rituals as required for the soul to move on in its next dimension.

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  3. Sunny July 19, 2020 / 11:42 pm

    Methods you have mentioned to cleans (lemon, salt etc) can be used for children too? Or it is harsh for them?


    • astrologerbydefault July 20, 2020 / 8:08 am

      Hi there
      Can be used fr children too, generally Indian mothers will do this once a week ..

      But fr infants, ie upto 6mths, a flower which has been offered to the household deities is used. Or after giving it a bath a mug-full of water is used. This is the gentlest means and this is done everyday.

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  4. KP July 21, 2020 / 4:15 am


    Ever since I came to this website, I’ve had a lot of questions answered. Sometimes I would have a question and you would post about it. I’m also learning a lot, for that many many thanks.

    In regards to the above topic, my 18 month daughter cries in her sleep several times a week. She also seems to get scared of small things. I do the Tuesday/Saturday evil eye removal as you’ve suggested and also deepam twice a day. You’ve mentioned somewhere else in your post that babies really are experiencing the parents karmas until the age of 7.

    So, is there something else that we can do to make the situation better.



    • astrologerbydefault July 21, 2020 / 9:19 am

      Hi there

      Children crying in sleep. Do a “clean up” of the house too once a month or so. There is a post on doing this with sea salt etc .

      And before sleeping put a vibhuti if u make it on the childs forehead with the intention tht she sleeps well.
      If u do not have tht then at least think of ur kul-devata and request him to help her .
      Or request Hanuman to protect her while she sleeps . If u can recite any Hanuman mantra if u know?
      Try it fr a week. Things shud get resolved.

      I have a new nephew, he is now 4 mths old, he has a overactive 12 th house so i have told my sister in law to recite the maruti stotra as a lullaby.. helps him sleep and also protects him, later he will recite it fr a life time.

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      • KP July 21, 2020 / 8:37 pm

        Thank you.

        Indeed, my wife observed that this started happening since we moved into a rented apartment 6 months ago. We will do the cleansing with salt as per your post. But the bedroom is carpeted, so is it OK to keep salt in a small vati in the room and then drain it in water next day? Does it have to be covered?

        Also if it matters, she’s Pisces lagna with Mangal in it. Ascendant Lord Guru with Venus in Scorpio aspecting Moon in Taurus. 12th L Saturn with Mercury in the 10th. Rahu-Ketu in 5-11.



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