Try to sense your chakras

Believe it or not, all of us, at all the time are working with energy. We are a ball of energy ourselves moving in the vast continuum of time and space.

Our past lives and karma are the energy events which occur at intervals of time and these can be predicted through various tools. Some of these are horoscope, tarot, cartomancy, iChing, runes, cowrie shells and anything you can think of. I have learnt several of these methods and they all match. If as per the horoscope the period is good then all the other methods of divination also show positive results.

So in my personal experience the reader is the channel and the rest is just a tool. If the reader has developed an ability to tap into the vastness of the Information available then he can use any of these tools as a medium to access this information. Of course the great sages and sadhus are also such highly developed readers who can just close their eyes and see the information without any need for tools like horoscope or runes.

Our Sanatan Dharm always tells us to stop being the “doer”, in the sense that we should stop labelling our actions with the tagline, “I, did this!”. The moment we do this this action and the packet of energy it represents gets attached to us as a karma. This causes our personal energy to get unbalanced and then the karmic load makes itself felt which demands to be balanced. So if we stop tagging the action/energy with our name we can stop this vicious cycle of unbalanced karma.

If our personal energies are balanced and stable then we can more easily access the Information available to us. And for balancing our personal energies regular spiritual practice is a must. The easiest practice is doing Dhyan, mindfully contemplating the third eye and the breath (prana).

Our bodies are not biochemical but are actually electromagnetic. I would really encourage everyone to get initiated to Reiki from a responsible Reiki teacher. It is one of the easiest means to visualize the energy patterns flowing on our bodies. (But finding a good one would be rather difficult in this age of commercialised energy-techniques). So if you are not so sure about getting Reiki initiation try this easy method to sense the movement of the 7 chakras in your body.

  1. Sit in a quiet place with no external light or sound or in your puja room in your house. In front of your altar or deity. Sit simply crossing your legs or in some yogic posture or on your asan as you feel comfortable.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Briskly rub your hands on each other and then fold your hands in the namaskar position (palms joined together a slight hollow between the two palms, relaxed). Breathe deeply and focus on your third eye between your eyebrows.
  4. Now think of your source of faith, deity, Universe, mantra anything which makes you feel grateful, touches your heart. Request its help. Ask it to give you energy and strength.
  5. Now chant any mantra of your choice, gayatri or Mahammrutunjai or Shrisukta or any beej mantra or even Ganpati atharvasheersha or any of your favourite Sanskrit mantra. If you are not sure about mantras you can recite Om. If you cannot recite any of these you can recite your favourite hymn/song or anything which brings you close to your source of faith.
  6. Continue reciting with intention and focus and soon you will start feeling your palms getting warm, even hot. Remain relaxed, it is the easiest thing.
  7. Do this regularly once a day, for a few days and you will feel a tingling and then a whirring in your palms as the chakras/energy vertices in your palms get active. (should take max 4-5 attempts) It will get easier to activate them now onwards and the flow of energy will also be stronger.
  8. With time you will be able to see the color of the chakras and the direction of their movement. Generally they move in a clockwise direction. They go anti-clockwise only during the 5-7 days of monthly cycle for women (post here) Or in people who are suffering severe diseases where the body is actively deteriorating.
  9. Once you are able to sense your palm chakras, the energy of the universe is accessible to you. Remember your source of faith with gratitude every time you do this. If you start some spiritual practice and do it regularly your body will be able to channel more and more quantum of energy. You can use this energy to heal.
  10. To heal, the easiest way would be to hold glass of water in your palms. As your chakras move, intend healing and visualise the energy getting into the water. Charge the water for a maximum 5 minutes. Drink this!

So go ahead and try this small exercise. Start noticing the movement of energy in your own bodies.

Try to sense your chakras

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