Seeing Energy, Learn to see your Aura

Most people are sceptical about humans having auras, especially doctors by profession shrug it off as being an auto-suggestion, ‘You see it because you want to see it, you have self-hypnotised yourself into seeing it’ was one of my medico friends laughing at me. So I told him that he was having a weak liver and would fall ill soon, (the energy of the liver had gone grey) unless he took some liver tonic. Naturally he laughed at me again and then fell ill couple of weeks later.

Seeing Energy, Learn to see your Aura

I have written about learning to see auras in my past posts, but it seems that I will have to write it down step-wise. Learning to see auras is vital and very easy. This is how you learn, stepwise,

  1. Practice during natural daylight, in a silent well lit room. Artificial lighting can affect the color of the aura you see by putting its own shade of yellow/white over everything.
  2. Take a piece of white paper for using as a background.
  3. You are going to try to first sense and then see the aura of your fingers and hands. Relax your mind and your body, deep breathe a few times.
  4. Now extend your both forefingers out, point them at each other and slowly bring them closer, till they are about 1/2 cm away from each other.
  5. First try to feel the sensations at both the fingertips. You will feel repulsion. Both the fingertips will feel like magnets which are repelling each other. Take them away about 2 cm from each other and bring them again 1/2cm apart, try to feel the energy of the fingertips as they interact with each other. As you bring them closer the feeling of repulsion will be stronger.
  6. Now the next part, you will try to see the aura with your open eyes with your peripheral vision. Keep your fingers in the same position as (3), with the white paper as a background. Unfocus your eyes and with your peripheral vision look at the fingers and their tips where they are almost touching. Initially you will see nothing different, just your fingers and the skin color. Within a few seconds you will see a white or colorless outline around your fingers. This is not an afterimage, it is an outline around your fingers. This white outline will be about a few millimetres in width. This is the aura or the energy of your fingertips.
  7. Now move your fingertips apart (same as 4). The outline will move with the fingers, it is clearly defined. It will be rounded at your fingertip as per the tip’s shape. When you bring your tips closer again, you will notice that when these fingertip outlines start touching, you start feeling ‘repulsion’. This is the energy of the fingertips interacting with each other.
  8. Practice this a few times. Let your eyes rest in between, it is easy, especially if you are relaxed. You could see auras as a child and you are just revising, so don’t get stressed while doing this.
  9. Then suddenly you will see that this white outline suddenly expands to a few centimeters depending on your personal energy levels. As it expands it gets filled with color. This color may be blue, green, pink whatever (very very rarely silver, gold or rainbow colored). The aura color is densest near the skin and gets fainter as it extends out fading to colorless. The first time this happens will be like a burst of watercolor. It will look just like how a drop of blue water-color spreads in a drop of water.
  10. And you have learnt to see auras. It is easy, most people I know managed to see their colored aura of the fingertips in maximum 4-5 attempts.
  11. Now you can practice seeing the auras of people around you, animals, food, objects, sounds, thoughts. Aura is basically your astral body (sookshma sharir), you have started seeing energy again and new dimensions have opened for you.

Seeing Energy, Learn to see your Aura

Sometimes the energy of a person/place can be registered through the other senses too, you might get a metallic taste or an unpleasant smell or feel the hair on your skin standing up when near negative energy sources.

Another thing is that the aura is not oval as its shown in pictures, it moves. e.g. when someone walks by you you will see the aura trailing behind him. A simple experiment which you can try, in a day-lit room, in front of a white background, keep your eyes unfocussed and slowly wave your arm in front of you. You will see the aura of your hand trailing as you move your hand. Practice seeing the movements of the aura too.

At night, if you sleep in a pitch dark room, the human energy is awesomely beautiful. Something like the videos of the aurora borealis! It is incredible that we are so utterly beautiful. But being so obsessed with the physical we don’t even know how utterly captivating our energy bodies are. And as there is no material sensory input to the eyes, in the dark, you can see this energy with your eyes open or closed. Ultimately the real seat of sense is in the third eye, physical eyes are just an excuse! With age we forget to use the third eye chakra directly. Try to see your energies in pitch black, it is mesmerising.

If your energy is being sucked by others or you are under psychic attack or in a place with conscious negative energies who are draining you, you will feel cold, start shivering, feel a windy movement around you, feel like crying, actually you might start weeping, extreme sadness, despair, may wash over you. (I suffered through a psychic attack once.) And if this is severe enough you might black out. There are some stories that people went to haunted houses and went to depression or committed suicide, this is the extreme effect of psychic attacks.

You can increase the strength of your aura field by powering with mantra, wearing amulets, focussed intention etc.  And then there are the energy techniques like Reiki etc which add power to your intentions and actions. Keeping your aura clean requires a regular (weekly) grounding and cleansing routine.

Once a month or whenever you have 15 mins free and you are relaxed, scan your own body. Lie down, relax, do some deep breathing, the room should be pitch dark or use an eye mask. You will use the focussed energy of your mind/third eye to scan your self. Whatever you do, you are actually doing it with your ajnya/third eye chakra, this is the seat of the soul /Jivatma. So it works best if scan your body using the third eye directly.

  • Start with the left leg, ‘look’ at the big toe, feel its energy, let your sub-conscious mind work. Examine every portion of your leg, the energy, the aura of every internal muscle and bone.
  • You might see lines of gold-silver running along your body parts, the naadi/vital energy channels carrying pran. You might sense the flow of pran too, it should be smooth. A jerky flow of pran means that the organ it is supplying is suffering. If you can intend the flow to be smoother it will become smooth, so exercise your Will.
  • Then your right leg, the pelvic region, your torso, abdomen, chest, every internal organ, its aura. Every organ will have a different color depending on its health. If any organ seems brown, grey, black streaks or angry red colored they are over-tired and under stress. In such cases, visualise the organ/body part in an envelope of shimmery silver/gold energy/pran.
  • Then the left hand from the fingertips to the shoulder, then the right hand, the neck, the head and all the structures in the head till the tips of your hair. Your hair are very important energy sensors and the longer they are the better they work.
  • After you finish your full body scan you will now energise yourself. Remain lying and create your pearly shimmery silvery/gold shield again over yourself. If you have a favourite deity/ source of faith/ mantra/ Universe/ whatever, visualise this deity blessing you and recharging you. Hold this visualisation for as long as you can.

If you can do this once a month at least you will be disease free, mind will be stable and you will remain shielded perfectly.

  • In case you are new to all this and cannot work directly through your ajnya chakra, you can use your hands a tools to help direct your energy and sight. (But always use an eye mask)
  • Keep your hands relaxed palms open, no gaps between the fingers, relaxed and the palms slightly curved inwards.
  • eg, for scanning your leg, run your palms in this position along your leg slowly. Do not touch the leg, keep your palm a few centimetres away. You are sensing the aura so do not touch the skin. Focus intently on the sensations you receive from your palms.

And finally, strange as it seems, aura leaks! There are several reasons for this, and it happens often. The effect is that you get tired and mentally exhausted out of proportion to what you were doing. So the easiest way to stop aura leakage is to ‘tie it up’. No one will tell you this, this comes from experience. First make your pearly shield in the morning, just 5 seconds of visualisation is good enough. Then visualise two knots in the aura near your both legs. These knots will be with the intention to tie your aura to your own self very strongly. It works and you feel ‘warmer’ immediately.

So this is all from my personal experience and over so many years of seeing and working with energy. A quick re-cap post on on how to see aura, to keep it clean, energized and to use it to diagnose your personal energy levels. Do try it, it is very easy, you could do it as a child, it is just like learning to ride a bicycle again.


Seeing Energy, Learn to see your Aura

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