Colorful planetary energies

Using colors, fragrances, food and water to enhance your planetary energies and your spirituality are all subtle remedies and can be easily incorporated in your daily life. No complicated mantras, yantras and tantras, just a mindful shift in how your go about your daily life. It can as simple as being aware of the food that you eat (as it is we have to watch our diets), what kind of water you drink (can’t be too careful about this!), the fragrance you use and the colors of the clothes you wear! In this post let’s check out colors and how they can dress you up in physical, emotional and spiritual ways!

Colorful planetary energies

The planets/graha of astrology are the different rays of cosmic light which ultimately merge to become the light of Consciousness! Color is energy, our eyes (wonderful machines) see energy as ‘color’. You can use Colors! You can actively choose the colors of your rooms, your clothes, your curtains, bedsheets even your dining plates to the best possible option. Fashion and trends is one thing but always choose colors which relax your mind and comfort you. And finally your aura is also colored, we actually display our emotions and comfort levels as color. So color is important and we need to use it mindfully, With this, now to astrology, a quick go through everything. These below are the basic colors of the planetary forces and you can use them for increasing/decreasing/modifying their influence in your life.

  1. Sun – Red (transparent bright red) to pomogranate pinks. Want to be center stage and feel the confidence in your self? So wear this color.
  2. Moon – White (milky, opaque, snowy white), dressing in white snowy clothes will help calm the mind and provide emotional stability. So wear a snowy white shirt for that important interview!
  3. Mars – Red (more opaque, blood red). Now if Mars is of the lower energy type in your chart, you will prefer murkier reds, olive-greens, blacks and greys rather than the blood-red pure color of Mars. Want to display your aggression? Use this color.
  4. Mercury – Green. Spending time with nature in a forest or even a park , where there is green will stimulate the mercury, thus the intellect. An important exam coming up? Change the curtains of your room to a beautiful green.
  5. Jupiter – Yellow to Golden. Need support from your patrons, peers and paternal figures? So go wearing  yellow. You have to participate in a religious ceremony or getting married? Wear gold!
  6. Venus – White (more transparent brilliant white) But again if the Venus is of lower energy it will prefer rainbow colors, feminine pinks and flowery colors. Need help from your business partner? Wear this white.
  7. Saturn – Blue (Crystal clear blue) The easiest way is to stare at the clear blue sky or the ocean waters. This will increase the positive saturnine qualities of calm and detachment. If the Saturn is not well placed then it tends to prefer black or darker blue colors. Have a hard work-day coming up? Wear this blue!
  8. Ketu – infra-red or bright red/orange produces weird illumination. This is better avoided, normally such colors have no place in society. If you are drawn to this consciously change your choice.
  9. Rahu – Ultra-violet to smoky/black has a shadowy effect. Again out of normal behaviour, will cause problems in daily life, try to change your choice.

Colorful planetary energies

Now a few general comments on using colors as a remedy.

  1. Pure brilliant and bright shades of the color increase the positive effects of the planets and darker/murkier shades increase the negative effects of the planet.
  2. If you are under the influence of dark malefics like Saturn and Rahu you should wear bright colors and live in a bright cheerful environment. Will take some efforts to drag yourself out of the blacks and greys but do make the effort, life is quite colorful and brilliant.
  3. If you are under the malefic influences of colourful malefic planets like Mars, Ketu and Sun, you should avoid excessive color and combinations of red and black. They will trigger your pomposity eccentricity and violent streaks when you least expect!
  4. A bit of color is healing but then too much can also become a problem. So get small things of the colors you need, like a kerchief, a purse, socks, scarves, jewellery and stuff (frankly women have this option of wearing a pop of color, so many things we can buy in colors), perhaps a belt buckle, tie, umbrella?, thread bracelet! (men! you will have to think for yourself now). Basically something small and vibrant that draws your attention to it and reminds you of it. Then the other way is if you are doing your rooms, paint them in soothing plain colors, you can add accent pieces for that pop of brightness. Do not overwhelm yourself!
  5. When you are under the influence of darker emotions (eg. dullness and depression), tamasic energies, you should opt for brighter colors (rajasic energies). This you will have to consciously choose if you want to improve your moods and energies. And it is nice having bright stuff around, do try buying a pretty colorful scarf at least!
  6. But when you are overly agitated, over-stimulated (rajasic energies) (e.g. anxiety, chattering mind in a loop) you should opt for plain white and mild/pure shades of green, orange or yellow (satvik energies). You can even eat a spoon of curd and sugar! This may sound easy to do now while reading this post but you will forget it when you have to actually do it.

The energies of colors that you see around you are all primarily Rajasic (they pull towards the materialistic things of this manifested Universe). They promote the concept that fulfilment is outside of you, in these objects. Our minds are attracted primarily and sub-consciously to the colors of the things around us. And the artificial colors of modern life agitate and disturb. But the colors found in nature are considered to be satvik (pull the mind towards the Higher Self, Parabrahma). Thus try to be with Nature in any way possible once in a while, go for a walk in the park or keep a potted plant!

We tend to chose colors of planets who have the maximum influence over us. So do this test now, open your wardrobe and check out how many clothes you own of a specific color (At one point of time 80% of my clothes were white and then at one time 80% of them were blue!). So the next time you go shopping consciously buy clothes  of the ‘missing’ colors and wear them! Then the easiest way for ‘color therapy’, if you cannot re-paint, buy new clothes and stuff of the color you want to increase, simply tie a cotton thread of the color you desire on your wrist! Even this tiny thing done mindfully with intention will work. Your mind is very very intelligent, it just needs the cues on which it can act. Even this tiny reminder on your wrist will snap you out of whatever mood you have gone and got yourself into!

Live a colorful Life!


Colorful planetary energies


5 thoughts on “Colorful planetary energies

  1. Dhanya June 10, 2019 / 11:59 am

    Why do some people feel weak and tired in crowded places like malls, supermarkets, railway stations? Is it because of the energy of the place.


    • astrologerbydefault June 10, 2019 / 2:40 pm

      Hi there,

      1. It is the energy of the place, too many non-living/non-pran things, processed foods have no energy… all within a closed space A/c, no fresh air ..
      Earlier when there were open markets it was not so draining, (I remember from some 30yrs ago)

      2. the building is of iron, too much metal is bad for the aura,

      3. no living plants/trees left to recharge the areas..

      4. and the worst is, touching/brushing/being very close within the aura fields of other people,
      Especially as all are tired, physically mentally and spiritually…
      all are with less than optimal pran, everyone lives a low -energy life in cities..
      so if you are doing some pujas or even a ‘good-hearted person’, you will subconsciously give away the energy to whoever is lower than you are and in need..
      touching is the worst, you cannot protect your aura from leaking if someone even brushes by you..
      Energy cords also form which drain.

      Drink lemon-salt-soda and dip your feet in warm water with sea salt for 10 mins,

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  2. Sharmila M July 15, 2020 / 6:40 am

    Hi Tejaswini,
    Thank you for this post.

    Could you please expand and explain re drinking lemon-salt-soda?
    How, when, how much for example; I assume this is to help replenish lost energy?

    Also If you have any additional advice or suggestions that you could give me, these would be gratefully received as I feel I lose much progress in my spiritual focus.

    After days of duty bound visits, where I am in daily close proximity with a person of extremely low and negative toxic energy, in a highly rajasic-tamasic environment (yes -odd) I can cope whilst there, but am completely drained for quite a few days when back at my home.

    I am trying to reduce the time spent to a few days only, to provide emotional and practical support, but not quite managed that as yet.

    It takes me quite a few days to replenish my energy back towards my spiritual focus.

    Many Many thanks for your help and guidance.


    • astrologerbydefault July 15, 2020 / 12:58 pm

      Hi there
      if you are required to work in a negative environment always i suggest you remove the negativity everyday using any of the ‘cleaning up methods’ i had written about.. if it is too much then use a fistful of rice ..
      if you can make an amulet or even tie a black thread with intention on your right ankle or right wrist it can help..
      drinking the lemon/salt mix works as it neutralises the negativity in addition to the general refreshing taste

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  3. Sharmila M July 15, 2020 / 1:38 pm

    Thank you. I will go over all those posts and see which works for me.
    Many thanks.


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