Moon in Capricorn, Builder of society

Capricorn is Makar in Sanskrit. Makar is a massive sea animal of the deep oceans, maybe mythological or extinct, it is also considered to be a dolphin in modern times. Either way Makar is a very auspicious animal, if you are born with your birth Moon in Capricorn sign you are a formidable personality.

Moon is the ‘created you’ in every way possible. In Capricorn he builds a ‘you’, best suited to the society you live in. He grants you energy to dominate the society if you so wish. In this Moon placement, the focus is on the most material things, work, profession, career, money, salary, social reputation and social mobility. If the society survives you also survive, so you are focussed on the building, preservation and protection of the social structure.

Capricorn is an earthy sign ie it is a Vaishya. The Vaishyas are people who create movement. Trade is nothing but a movement of goods and money. A fair price is sought and paid so that the system remains balanced. A true trader never tries to exploit, neither his source not his customer. This sign is moveable/ chara. This means that energies associated here are always in motion, in change. It is Tamasic by nature, ie its energies are dense, enveloping but still. But once moved out of their stillness, these Tamasic energies are very powerful, like the jaggernaut, unstoppable. Then the sign is considered to be of the ‘vaat’ nature, it causes movement. So Capricorn is a potent mix of the still and the moveable. This sign when occupied by the Moon enters repetitive cycles of growth and consolidation which allow sustained and eternal growth. It is one of the three signs of natural Arth trikon, it signifies the things which being meaning to life.

Capricorn are the hardest workers. They feel emotionally comforted when they create and support society. This is a patriotic, conservative, conventional, law-abiding and yes, an ‘emotional’ citizen. You offer your emotions, your entire existence, ie your Moon to the society you live in. In return you expect the society to honor you, raise you and respect you. And this actually does happen. Saturn the ruler of Capricorn is the fairest and strictest teacher. If you have worked sincerely, he does bestow his appreciation.


So if you are a Moon in Capricorn you are a builder of nations.

You are not classically beautiful, you are built for endurance. The body frame is slender, typical with prominent bones, eg a defined jawline, long arms and legs, you might be taller than average. Ambitious, you are focussed on your profession/ business. You always seem and are mature for your age. Rules are important to you, so is discipline, you tend to follow a step-wise plan to success. You rise slowly but steadily. Especially after middle-age you tend to accumulate wealth and are financially comfortable in your old age. Very aware of your balance-sheet, you know exactly how much you earn/spend. A level headed businessman who keeps track of every rupee. You do not spend unnecessarily. (Your friends can think you are being stingy!) You never borrow/ lend money, and your investments are all carefully researched and always profitable. You are aware about your obligations and generally try to fulfil them.

The voice is not very pleasing and you tend to argue. Not witty but ponderous. Confident, you openly show your likes/dislikes and opinions. You come across as humourless, boring, pedantic, stiff and irritating. The reason behind this is that cannot convey passion in your voice. When one is deeply convinced about something, the general expectation is that there should be passion or logic or an emotional link with it. You cannot display this link so your expression grates. But you are fond of music, if trained you can sing or play an instrument. So the next time you listen to someone sing, do try to understand how emotions are expressed. If you can bring emotions into your communication, you will be even more successful.

You should be careful of what you speak/do when working in a group/team. Cooperating with others is essential at times, this is professional behaviour, so do try. Younger siblings, extended family, extended neighbourhood can be a source of conflict. Be careful if you speculate on the stock market or gamble. In your childhood, there must have been undercurrents of animosity between your mother and father at some level. Examine the individual horoscope for more on this, in case there are impressions which spill over in adult-hood.

Religion is an out-of-syllabus topic for Capricorn-Moon. You are so materially focused that you are not very involved in religion, metaphysics, philosophy, occult, spiritual etc. You identify with your birth father completely and have deep conflicts with the spiritual father. You might profess to belong to the religion your family/ society follows but at heart you do not believe in it. Neither do you believe in astrology or divination. You believe only in those things which you see with your eyes and touch with your hands.


The karmic partner of this sign is Cancer, Moon’s own sign. You are quite practical and methodical so do read on what Cancer really signifies (I have written a lot about Cancer and the Moon). Cancer is your mirror, if you can bring some of its qualities in your life it will be help you balance. Moon always allows the other planets to influence him ie allows them to use his energies. To make use of this placement you have to understand what the Moon really is. There is a misconception that Moon is all about emotions, it is not true. Moon is all your resources, all your experiences that you have gained in all your past lives. He is formidable.

Then your marriage (or love affairs) are strange mixture of passion and practicality. There is often a significant age gap between you and your spouse. The spouse is more delicate in health and largely a homemaker. She is not too concerned about social status or public visibility either and expects you to protect her. She is also quite patriotic and socially aware, so there are no conflicts here. But you might create issues by being miserly at home. If she likes buying pretty things and decorating the house, let her do it. It is her domain. Children are few and you are interested in caring for them.

Karma is the actions from your past which require re-balancing now. In this life you have chosen to resolve the karma which you owe to numerous people in huge chunks. eg a King owes to his subjects, so when he rules he serves each one of his subjects by providing for each one of them. You will get heavy responsibilities in life and you are equipped to perform them. At whatever level you work, you will be successful in time. Your profession will involve people, structures, government, large organisations, people’s movements, managing large diffuse groups etc. Your actions are going to affect several. If you ever feel over-worked do remember this and feel satisfied that you are working off a huge karmic load. In extreme cases, this sign can go to any extent for money and social recognition. (That background of abstract fear!). But before doing so, remember that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn himself. If you go against your conscience, you will suffer badly.

As a child you were not very strong with more than normal child-hood diseases affecting you. In adult-hood, diseases of the bones, body-frame, teeth and nerves are possible. Take special care of your knees. However whatever the problem is, you endure. Longevity is very good. Heart problems are possible in later life. Avoid eating cold foods and protect your body from the cold, this will ensure better health for a life-time. There is a hidden fear in the mind, but because you are so practical and pragmatic no one, not even you, believe that you can be afraid. But Moon associated with the Saturn in any way, creates a background of abstract fear. Do sit down sometime and try to think/ feel about this factor, if you can resolve this you will be more balanced.

Your deepest emotional need is satisfied by a regular routine. If you are a Capricorn-Moon, you must understand that orderly normal behaviour and social comfort brings you internal security, you dislike eccentricity. If your loved one is such a Moon then do not expect too much excitement, never embarrass them in public or tease them in private, they are rather humourless. If your friends are Capricorn-Moons never borrow/lend them money and listen to their opinions if you want a completely realistic dose of ‘life’. If your boss is such, you can depend on him, but be ready to work hard and submit that project in time!


Capricorn is composed of the three Nakshatra, Uttara-ashadha, Shravan and Dhanishta. The same three planets rule over the three Nakshatras in all the earthy signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

  • Uttara-ashadha is ruled by the Sun. You are a visionary leader, confident and convinced about your ideas and philosophy. If you take someone as a protege you will be a good peer/patron. Politically oriented thought process you desire to shine in society.
  • Shravan belongs to the Moon. Soft power. Here you are more involved in the nurturing aspect of structure. You desire to create security for the society, keep it safe. You work to ensure that the society remains in linked to its traditional and cultural mores. You might be an actual builder of homes by profession!
  • Dhanishta belongs to Mars. You are aggressive and dynamic but systematic about it. No rush of adrenalin here, but a step-wise plan to dominate. Your primary orientation is to protect your work from outside dangers. Alert to changes and decisive about taking action.

The Vimshottari Moon Mahadasha and also the sub-periods of the Moon in other planet’s Mahadasha-s are very fruitful periods.

  • For Uttara-ashadha-born the Moon mahadasha will come in your childhood, you will be building your body mainly during this period. This nakshatra falls partly in Sagittarius and partly in Capricorn. Be careful in the Sun sub periods in other planets Mahadasha-s, there will be upheaval caused by others’ and your egos during this time. If your child is Capricorn Uttara-ashadha-Moon born, you should take special care of him as a baby. He will be born in the Sun Mahadasha. Sun and Saturn do not get along at all, and this Mahadasha can trigger illness in the baby.
  • For Shravan-borns you will be born in the Moon Mahadasha. This period will be intensive in ‘building’. You will be building your body and your chakra-system during this time.
  • (And for the Dhanishtha-born, the Moon Mahadasha will come at the very end of life if you live to be exceptionally old! Most likely you will not experience it.)

In Capricorn, the infinite energy of the Moon is constricted, restricted, allocated by Saturn. He allows you only that much which you can realistically use. You are taught efficiency and effectiveness here. Moon does find this a bit difficult as his natural tendency is to spread out and shine. Here he is forced to focus, not on himself but on the faceless society. He who is fluidity himself is now required to use his energy to regulate the fluid amorphous society. This is perhaps the greatest building effort to bind fluidity by fluidity. The Moon who is always so personal now binds the society in a fabric of his making. Saturn provides the perfect environment  for this nation-building process in Capricorn.

Civilisation evolves by a mix of tradition and progress in cycles which repeat endlessly. This is Moon in Capricorn.



6 thoughts on “Moon in Capricorn, Builder of society

  1. Shiyam Marooz October 1, 2019 / 11:04 am

    Thx for the insight ! What if Saturn sits in 8th house (Cancer) in retrograde motion in janma kundali? Here we have a parivarthan yoga as the houses are exchanged by Saturn and moon. Guru being the ascendent lord and Saturn being the rasi lord , what kind of life path the person will lead ? Also the atmakaraka for this chart is Venus and it’s exalted in Nabamsha


    • astrologerbydefault October 3, 2019 / 12:45 pm

      Hi there,
      moon is the lord of the 8th, so he is considered to be a functional malefic for the chart. but he is a natural benefic
      any exchange with a lord of the 6th, 8th, 12th gives typical results which are more upsetting than benefic..
      the exchange here is with saturn who is the lord of the 2nd and 3rd house.
      saturn is inherently malefic but sort of functionally neutral for sagi asc.
      the exchange is shud give good results, overall, as both planets for this chart are average to malefic.
      so the 2nd and 8th house things should work well.
      Saturn as the 2nd house ruler is placed in the 8th, this is a good combination. The interactions with the spouse’s family shud be good, wealth from the 8th house things is possible, like legacies etc.
      saturn as the lord of the 3rd in the 8th is placed 6th frm the 3rd, so there might be issues with cousins/extended family/etc 3rd house things
      But Saturn aspecting the Moon will give his typical problems of health, mental fear, problems to mother etc..

      but this was just on the basis of these 2 planets

      If guru is placed well, then a lot of things get resolved, esp if he is aspecting these other planets

      Venus’s results as atmakarak will depend on where he is placed, just being exalted in navmasha is not enough. Here he is the lord of the 6th house -dusham and 11th house-upchaya.


  2. Shintia z Riva July 16, 2020 / 11:03 am

    Thanks for the post. My moon is in Capricorn in the 7th house. My question is, why not borrow/lend money from Capricorn moon? My Saturn is retrograded in Aquarius in 8th house.

    One thing about your post that I can’t resonate with is Capricorn moon not being into occult and astrology. Although, I am not religious and I do not follow my family religious truly, I am very much into occult, astrology, magical craft, divination. I do have an odd view of religion and philosophy but I thought that has to do with my venus-jupiter-rahu conjunction within 10 degree in libra.


      • shintia riva July 17, 2020 / 5:45 am

        Thanks for the reply. I am a workaholic and want to have material resources, but I am also often dissatisfied with material and run to to spirituality. I want materials but I also get disillusioned with resources after attaining them.
        My Saturn is not in the Capricorn but it is is the 8th house. What type of facet are you talking about? Could you write a blog why certain Capricorn moon may be exceptions to general Capricorn personality.
        Thank you


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