Sun Mahadasha in Vimshottari system

The 120 years of human life is divided into periods which are governed by the nine planets. This is the Vimshottari Dasha, the most commonly used system for analysing the effecs of planets in the periods and successively smaller sub-periods, the Mahadasha /Antardasha /Prayatnatar dasha /Sookshma dasha and Pran dasha. Thus every minute of your life is mapped out and linked to the planets. To know which planet’s periods are on, check any Vedic software, at the very least you will need to analyse the Main period /Mahadasha and the sub-period/Antardasha and their two controlling planets.

Not everyone will experience all the 9 graha/planetary forces’s Mahadasha during their lives. This post is about the Surya Mahadasha which lasts for 6 years.

As always there is no point to doing astrological predictions if you do not have the precise birth details. Even a difference of 1 minute will put off your Dasha calculations. Do your birth time rectification using maths or life-event matching or palmistry and only then get into the dasha predictions. If your birth moon Nakshatra/Lunar mansion is Krutika, Uttara-phalguni or Uttara-ashadha you will have your Sun’s mahadasha going on at your birth. The balance of the planet’s dasha period remaining at birth is calculated using the location (degree/minute/second) of Moon in the nakshatra. If you get this birth time wrong your starting point will be wrong thus your entire life-time’s calculation will go wrong.

Sun Mahadasha in Vimshottari system

So to evaluate how Sun’s Mahadasha is going to be in your life, there are basic 3 steps.

First check out these following about the Sun in your chart. You need to know the power of Sun to give results and the aspects of life which he represents. These keywords are going to be in focus during his periods.

  1. Location of Sun in your birth chart (divisional chart 1/D-1). Can you expect him to give its results completely or not? What is his ‘karakatva’? This is the most important step, give yourself time over this, understand your Sun completely,
    • Which house and in which sign is he placed? Thus which aspects of life is he influencing.
    • Is he in the sign of a friend /neutral /enemy planet.
    • Is Sun exalted /debilitated?
    • Which planets is he conjoint or aspected by? Thus which other aspects of the personality is he influencing?
    • Planets give better results after the age of their maturity. So has the Sun matured? Or is his maturity being held back by later maturing planets? This happens often, as in several charts you will find Mercury conjunct Sun.
    • e.g. if he is placed in the 4th house in the Capricorn sign, he will control your mother, residences, landed property, and your creativity, social linkages and intelligent work related to these physical aspects of your life.
    • e.g if he is the owner of the dushamsthanas or Marak, then due care is to be taken.
  1. Use the Moon chart, this is the same as the D-1  birth chart above, just reorientated so that the birth Moon sign occupies the first house. You can repeat this same analysis from the birth Moon sign to get the effects that this Sun Mahadasha is going to have on the emotional aspects. (You can skip this if it is too much)
    • Look at the house that the Sun now occupies in this chart and evaluate which aspects of your life he controls on the emotional/psychological front.
    • e.g if the Sun is located in the 4th house, in Capricorn, from your birth Moon he will tell you how you feel about these aspects, you might feel entitled and self-centred and more confident dealing with issues related to the mother, etc esp after the maturity of the Sun.
  2. And you can repeat this same analysis using the divisional chart 9, Navamsha chart to get perspective on the sub-conscious and astral expectations and potential.
    • Check out where the Sun is placed in the D-9, this will give you an idea of the potential of the Sun.
    • E.g. If an exalted Sun in the D-1 shifts to his debilitation sign in the D-9 it will
    • (If you find this too confusing, you can skip this step, don’t overwhelm yourself)

Step 2 – is now you will need to evaluate upto the antardasha/ sub-period levels at least. So do try to analyse how well these two, Sun and the second planet, work together. Take your time over it, you cannot skip this. For this you will need to,

  1. Find out the power of the sub-period planetary lord like you did for Sun above, the same steps. Try to find out what results this second planet is able to give you. e.g. lord of the dushamsthanas can cause problems, or Maraks can cause physical deaths etc.
  2. Analyse if there are any specific conditions, yogkarak, functional malefic, functional benefic, role of the signs etc.
  3. The mutual relationship between Sun and the sub-period lord is very important. If they are in the 6/8 or 2/12 uncomfortable aspects that sub-lord’s sub-period will not be comfortable.

Step 3 is the routine planetary transits/gochar which will modify results during their transit periods. On a paper draw your D-1 chart and then write the in-transit positions of the planets using a different pen. Try to make sense of what the composite chart is showing you now. (You can skip this step if it is too much to begin with.)

Sun Mahadasha in Vimshottari system

Sun Mahadasha/main period follows the Venus Mahadasha and lasts for 6 years with the following antardasha/sub-periods.

  1. Sun antardasha
    • If Sun is well placed, is aspected by benefics, owns powerful houses etc, he will give recognition, intelligence, idealism, education, love affairs, birth of children, religious activities, gains of every type and happiness. You will be in the limelight radiating positive self-image, heat, power and confidence.
    • Men of every type, especially from whom you ‘learn’, will be in prominence during this period. Even otherwise, males will be of more importance to you during periods controlled by the Sun. You might find new male figures entering your life.
    • If the Sun Mahadasha comes along when you are still a child the teachers /father /uncles will be more important. If it comes later in life, the other males, husband, boss, son, brothers may be more involved in teaching his lessons.
    • You will be less concerned with deep/emotional relationships during this period as the focus will be on the self completely.
    • If not able to give benefic results Sun, will cause problems with the government, problems with children etc depending on his karakatva and power to give results.
    • Sun’s periods are about experiencing the Divine within you. Whatever Sun means for you in your chart you will learn something deep about faith and spirituality during  his times.
    • A Sun as the owner of the 6th, 8th or 12th houses can cause problems. Diseases and issues related to ‘over-heating’ can occur. As the owner of the 2nd and 7th can cause physical death. But this depends on the other factors of the chart.
  2. Moon antardasha
    • The Sun and the Moon are the two luminaries of the zodiac.
    • If Moon and Sun are mutually comfortable in the horoscope this period will naturally give good results. Depending on the karakatva of both, relations with father, mother and teachers will be good. Personal health and outgoing vitality both will be balanced. Intuition and intelligence both will be balanced. There will be prosperity, emotional comforts, patriotic feelings, happiness from children and other expressions of creativity. Education/ professional avenues, help from the government, bosses, etc will be available.
    • For the spiritually inclined, this will be a good period. Look for those periods within these 6 months where Mars is also favourable for you for doing intensive spiritual practices.
    • But if the relationship between the Sun and the Moon is not good in your chart, you will face problems from all these above aspects of your life.
    • During this period you will need to be aware of Moon’s 2.25 days transits.
  3. Mars antardasha
    • Sun and Mars are very good friends, so the Mars sub-period within the Sun main period will be a very good time with complementary energies.
    • If both are mutually placed well in the chart, the body-Mars and the intelligence-Sun are in sync. Expect physical activity, movement, energy, self-focus, eagerness to take up challenges, competitions which support the individual as male-outgoing energies dominate.
    • For the spiritually inclined, look for those periods within these 6 months where Moon is also favourable for you for doing intensive spiritual practices.
    • However if both are in unfavourable aspects with each other, be careful about rash activities, unwonted aggression, overly masculine brashness and ‘over-heating’ types of things. It may not damage much as they are friendly to each other but better safe than sorry.
  4. Rahu antardasha
    • Sun and Rahu are natural enemies. Rahu’s role in the chart needs to be examined carefully as he is heavily influenced by other planets conjoint/aspecting him. He is the ‘energy of desire to experience’ so he will amplify the Sun related things.
    • If Sun and Rahu can give good results together then expect excitement coupled with intelligence, a desire to shine and be appreciated by others. You might cleverly break boundaries and push limits in your desire to achieve. And you might achieve it too. Just be careful not to over-reach. There is always a boundary between what is legit and not, be aware of this. Your professional/public life will be successful generally. You will be lucky.
    • In personal life however there will be tensions and unpredictable events. Be careful.
    • This period requires that you do some spiritual practice to keep in control of your personality. Rahu sub-period is somewhat like an occultation of the Sun.
    • If Rahu and Sun are in unfavourable aspects with each other be aware of unscrupulous men (generally) who might suddenly pop up, they will promise a lot but cannot deliver.
    • Towards the end of this Sun – Rahu sub-period, there might be heartbreaks as illusions shatter.
    • Sun Mahadasha in Vimshottari system
  5. Jupiter antardasha
    • Jupiter and Sun are good friends and work well together.
    • If they are both well placed and able to give good results then this period can give results that can last a lifetime. Wisdom, teachings, learnings, intelligence, expansion, optimism, charisma all will be enhanced by Jupiter. A deeper understanding and experience of faith, religion and spirituality. There will be emphasis on truth and self-reliance. There will be interactions with several groups in social/professional context.
    • Guidance from the husband, father or teacher can be valuable.
    • If Sun and Jupiter are in unfavourable aspects to each other then there will be stresses in all these above aspects of life. There will be rigidity in accommodating others which can be problematic. Also in personal relationships, inflated sense of self-ego and self-righteousness can cause disagreements.
  6. Saturn antardasha
    • Sun and Saturn are father/son and are natural enemies, thus this period can get quite troublesome. Evaluate both their karakatva very carefully.
    • If Saturn is in favourable angles with the Sun then you might gain in the social,  political field, government sector, bureaucracy, leader of the masses type of roles, professional successes, leadership linked to duty, social recognition after due hard work, promotion with increase in work, etc are some of the results.
    • An optimum mix of individuality and democracy will be required. You will gain authority but you will be required to channelise your intellect for the greater good. This Saturn focus might seem a bit uncomfortable to the Sun aspect of the personality. You have to remain aware of your life’s goals else you will find this period frustrating.
    • If Sun and Saturn are adversarial and uncomfortable with each other in your horoscope, this Saturn sub-period will create conflicts. Rather than intelligently making use of Saturn’s opportunities, you will create enemies by your selfish and self-referential behaviour. Social law, hierarchy and the system is important and Saturn’s periods will emphasis this. Discipline will be required else there will be an undercurrent of fear coupled with tension between Sun’s genius and Saturn’s demand for discipline.
    • Saturn’s structure and system allows the Sun’s creativity and genius to shine, both are interlinked. If you can understand this, you will build foundations if you don’t you will make enemies.
  7. Mercury antardasha –
    • Sun and Mercury have a neutral/friendly relationship with each other. As Mercury moves in a tight orb with the Sun, often he will be found in the same house as the Sun. Generally Sun and Mercury have a reasonably good working relationship. Mercury acts as a channel for the energy of the Sun. The genius of the personality is able to communicate using the skills of Mercury.
    • If Sun and Mercury both are able to give good results together, the communication style preferred by the house/sign they are in is enhanced. Social media, writing, speaking, acting, artistic outlets, creativity, glamour, touching, holding, teaching and learning skills, logic and analysis, data and its management, trade and finance is all given a boost.
    • This period comes after Saturn’s hard work and consolidates the public image which is again linked to the hard work that the person has put in.
  8. Ketu antardasha –
    • Ketu’s role in the chart should be examined along with the other planets conjoint/aspecting him. He is the ‘energy of apathy to experience’ so he will diminish the Sun related things. This is similar to an occultation of the Sun. Be careful about whatever Sun signifies in your chart, it will be cut off and its energies will not be available to you during this period. e.g. if this indicates your wife, you might have to go through a temporary separation. If Sun is a Marak for your horoscope, i.e. for Cancer and Aquarius ascendants there is a possibility of physical death.
    • This is a very intense and a very brief period which lasts for about 4 months. Ketu is linked to your past karma and the subconscious learning you have absorbed. Sun is self genius. Both together will create issues in the material, physical and manifested.
    • Use this period to move forward on your spiritual path. It is the best way to use these combined energies of Sun-Ketu.
  9. Venus antardasha –
    • This is the chidra-dasha, the last of the Sun Mahadasha period.In this final sub-period you release all the stuff related to the current mahadasha and get ready for the next planet’s mahadasha in the sequence.
    • Venus indicates balanced relationships and hoarding treasures. You are preparing for the next Moon’s nurturing type of main period. Then Sun is individuality, so overall this last phase will be a bit confusing.
    • Venus will not let this separation sub-period happen so easily. So try to appreciate the relationships and all the wealth you have generated during this period. This will help you make sense of this very dynamic period of 6yrs of the Sun.
    • From this Sun’s main period you are now moving towards the Moon’s Mahadasha of 10yrs. So at least for this sub-period, evaluate the emotional significance of Sun and Venus in your chart, counted from the birth moon.

This is the generic framework for analysing the Mahadasha, you should try to fit in your own planets and the patterns they represent in your chart. No analysis is same as no two charts are the same. Try this when you have some time free. First look back and try to tally the events with the past planetary patterns and then try to predict the future.

The flow of the Mahadasha follows a set sequence of sub-period planetary rulers. This flow of change in the personality during the sub-periods will be similar to the chidra-dasha sequence, though under the overall influence of the Sun. These are not sharp events but a flow of events. You and your environment will change gradually but definably. If you can intuitively understand this change you will be better able to navigate through.

The Sun in his Mahadasha and during the antardasha of the planet connected to the 7th house (counted either from the ascendant or the birth moon sign), can also indicate a formal marriage event. In this case the spouse will show some characteristics of Sun and the sub-period owner. E.g. if the marriage occurs in Sun-Mars period the spouse may be linked to the Sun and Mars in some way, professionally/ physically/ emotionally etc.

During any major periods/sub-periods and smaller periods controlled by the Sun or the Moon, if there are any eclipses on, you should be very careful. Eclipses are high energy events which release huge quanta of energy in a very short span of time.

The generic remedy for Sun during his period will be reciting Surya beej mantra, (Om hraang hreeng hrowng sah Suryaya namah), giving Arghya to the Sun, listening/reciting the Aditya Hrudaya Stotra, if not everyday, at least on Sundays. The second option is to help others who are suffering, e.g. charity to organisations which work for blind people or actually helping blind people.

The Sun Mahadasha is the shortest at 6 years, the next shortest is Ketu Mahadasha at 7yrs. Thus the Sun’s main period is going to be the most intense period in your entire life. Such high levels of energy can be sustained only for a very brief period thus this is a very short period of just 6yrs. Compare the Venus Mahadasha, which is a 20yr long period, the longest. Use this Sun’s main period mindfully, the gains you will get from here will be useful for your entire lifetime.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed by all his here is a tiny short-cut keyword post on how to analyse the planet’s time-periods based on the which house he rules over.


Sun Mahadasha in Vimshottari system