Twelve Aditya, the Sun Gods

The 33 koti devata are the 33 classes energy which make up your mind/body. The 12 types of Aditya, Indra, Prajapati, the 8 Vasus and the 11 Rudra. The 12 Adityas are the energies of the Sun placed in various signs. This is Vedic astrology and we use the correct mathematics. We use the correction factor called Ayanamsha, which ensures that the position of the celestial bodies is accurate. Thus the Sun changes his sign around the 15th date of the month (English months are 28, 29, 30 or 31 days in length!).

The Sun is your individual soul/Jivatma. The Jivatma is tied to Creation by the law of karma. Whenever you do an action with the label ‘I did this’, it is registered as karma. Thus karma is an expression of your ego. The apparent motion of the Sun around the earth, creates the zodiac and its 12 signs. The 12 signs are each ruled over an Aditya. Analysing the sign in which Sun is placed in your chart, tells more about your inner resource set which you then manifest in the outside world. Every month a different Aditya shines in the sky. Thus Adityas represent time, specifically the change that comes with time.

In Jyotish philosophy, the 12 Aditya describe the timing of the changes that occur in the human individual soul/Jivatma

Twelve Aditya, the Sun Gods

Sun enters Aries (Mesh Sankranti) around April 15th  Solar month – Madhu

Aries has the energy of Dhata Aditya. He has boundless creative energy and can use it too. He is intelligent and quite the idealist, he is blessed. He can become a good leader and perform excellently if placed well in the chart, Sun is exalted in Aries and is radiant and full of confidence. However if he is afflicted with malefics or gets placed in an unfavourable house can cause much damage with his misdirected energies.

Sun enters Taurus (Vrushabh Sankranti) around May 15th  Solar month Madhava

Taurus is the energy of Aryamaan Aditya. Aryaman means the Noble-one. He grants a good family, resources, lineage and traditions. A Sun in Taurus recognises the value of family culture and tradition and is quite well known and distinguished himself. He channelises the creative energy of Dhata to create a flow of ideas and abstract notions which can be potentially converted to reality. Aspirations, determination and perseverance. He is capable of taking the long view and putting aside personal concerns for the good of the family.

Sun enters Gemini (Mithun Sankranti) around Jun 15th Solar month Shukra

Gemini is linked to Mitra Aditya. He grants an easy going and comfortable attitude, quite friendly on the outside. But on the inside he quite firm on what he has decided on. He enforces his wishes. He acts. He is knowledgeable, fair and values contracts and agreements. He uses his practical knowledge  and converts the ideas of Aryaman to reality. Mitra is quite intelligent himself and values intelligence in others. He is quite liberal, inclusive and ready to mingle with other people and small groups. Can easily form alliances and has quite the bargaining power. Is quite easy going and appreciative of others.

Sun enters Cancer (Kark Sankranti) around July 15th Solar month Suchi

The sign Cancer is the energy of Varun Aditya. He rules the infinite ocean, very serious about moral behaviour and the laws of the Universe. He is quite tireless when the job appeals to him. Can hold positions of authority and work. But can get overbearing and overly attached to his way of thinking. Thus generally does not get along with people who think differently. Does not tolerate dissent and has the power to silence his detractors. But if he is upset or the ideas do not appeal to him, then it is like the energy of the Sun has drowned. He feels deeply.

Sun enters Leo (Simha Sankranti) around Aug 15th Solar month Nabha

Leo carries the energy of the Aditya named Indra. This is the sign he owns and this is linked to the Ultimate Reality itself. He likes showing off, is learned and holds power wherever he may be placed. A well placed Sun in Leo gives considerable power to control both the self or the surroundings. Can destroy enemies and take cruel but necessary decisions. Is not needlessly cruel! Has significant restraint if required. He is capable of dispassionately indulging in political manipulation to retain power.

Sun enters Virgo (Kanya Sankranti) around Sept 15th Solar month Nabhasya

Virgo is linked to the energy of the Aditya named Vivasvan. Bright and radiant, full of energy and fire. Sun in Virgo will desire perfection and purity. He is into service in a big way and can sacrifice his personal comforts for others. Spiritually inclined and learned. Can get interested in medical professions. He also likes to cook. If linked to the 5th house such a Sun can grant twin children. Can be susceptible to heat-related medical problems himself if he just sits without work.

Sun enters Libra (Tula Sankranti) around Oct 15th Solar month Isha

Libra has the energy of Tvashtha Aditya. The Sun is debilitated in this sign. Thus his divine intelligence is converted to superficial stuff. He thinks a lot but may not act on his ideas. If he acts, it will be in the realm of the material universe. He creates material possessions for the ego to get trapped in. He might be into agriculture, animal husbandry where living things are involved. He likes travelling and learning more about this material Universe we live in. He can take up causes against authority or against unsurmountable odds. Not interested in the occult or spiritual, even if he has the ability, he will simply ignore the ‘other’.

Sun enters Scorpio (Vruschik Sankranti) around Nov 15th solar month is Urja

Scorpio is linked to the energy of the Aditya named Vishnu. He purifies, gives secret knowledge and has infinite resources in his depths. If aspected well this Sun-Scorpio can be a defatigable researcher, explorer, surgeon, tantrik, healer, shaman etc. He is never scared of what he might open up. He has the skills and the will to transform himself and the situation and people around him. He is the change manager. Can get vengeful and wont stop till he utterly destroy his enemies.

Sun enters Sagittarius (Dhanu Sankranti) around Dec 15th Solar month is Sahas

Sagittarius has the energy of Anshuman Aditya. Anshuman is radiant, learned, religious, respected, spiritual and has the capacity to remove doubts and bring clarity. He has the power of discrimination, of that intelligence, where he can pick out a nugget of gold from mud. He has a liberal world-view and looks for the good in everyone. He has hope in every situation and can fight for justice and humanitarian causes. Sharp perception, clarity and intelligence coupled with the personal bravery and confidence.

Sun enters Capricorn (Makar sankranti) around Jan 15th Solar month Sahasya

Capricorn is linked to Bhaga Aditya. Bhaga is luck, fortune, prosperity. Sun in Capricorn is very hard working, reliable, strict and does not give up. He wants the luxuries of life and will work for them. He might benefit via legacies, inheritances, windfalls etc. Nothing under the table, he will earn the comforts he desires. He is intelligent, detail-oriented, can break down problems and deal with them. If well-placed he can be a leader of the masses and devoted to serving the public. But if afflicted he will be mean, stingy with others and unyielding in nature.

Sun enters Aquarius (Kumbh Sankranti) around Feb 15th Solar month Tapah

Aquarius is Pushya Aditya, the ‘nourisher’. He increases the supply of food, nourishes and increases everything. He can be a builder, or a designer of practical stuff. He can use tools and work with his hands, from making weapons to agriculture. He is very systematic and always has a grander design in his mind. May appear to be quite simple, but has drive and hidden ambitions. He is the perfect diplomat, willing and able to engage on various fronts with various people/groups.

Sun enters Pisces (Meen Sankranti) around Mar 15th solar month is Tapasya

Pisces has the energy of Parjanya Aditya. He is the ‘other-created’ one. He is not of this Universe. He allows the consciousness to enter the ‘other’ places, only when the time is right. He is the force that drives you to search for the Ultimate Reality. He is calmness and intelligence. If the Pisces-Sun gets placed in a good house and with benefic influences he can give good spiritual results. Else this can manifest as a dreamy personality, not completely in this Universe. He can take risks, gamble against odds or even practice deception to get what he wants, thus depending on aspects can even become a politician!

Now the 12 Aditya, in the energy sense. There are 12 chakras in the body, the 6 Shatchakras in the spine till the third eye and the 6 secret ones in the skull. These 12 are ruled by the 12 Aditya. Om is also the sound of the 12 Aditya combined produced at the dwadashant (end of the 12 ones). Devi is called Aditya-Varnaa in the Shri Sukta. Varna has so many meanings – color, tint, measure, quality, covering, type, outward appearance, cloak, form, shaped by, sound, praise, doorway, fame, gold, beauty, covering, lock, letters, glory, the one who wards etc. Thus the Light/Creation is linked to the energies of the 12 Adityas who together comprise our individual soul/Jivatma. (The Ultimate is Paramatma- the Ultimate Soul)

Twelve Aditya, the Sun Gods

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  1. jenna July 27, 2019 / 10:40 am

    Can you speak a little about the effects of being born with 0 degree/Sankranti Sun in the natal chart? Thank you!


    • astrologerbydefault July 27, 2019 / 3:32 pm

      Hi there,

      The results that a Sun is capable of giving are based on, mainly,
      1. Which sign is he placed in?
      2. Which house is he placed in?

      And the subtle influences will be from,
      1. Where is his natural sign placed? e.g. Leo is placed in which house of the chart?
      2. Which planets are aspecting/conjunct him?
      3. Where is the owner of the sign he is in placed?
      4. Which planets are placed in Leo?

      So to interpret the a planet placed at the very start or the very end of a sign, you can do this analysis,

      1. First draw the Bhav-chalit chart. ‘Moving houses’. For this find out your exact rising degree, 15 deg before and after this rising degree will be your ‘house’, e.g if your rising degree is at 25deg Pisces, your first house will be -15deg to +15deg of this 25deg Pisces.

      So your first house, will be 10deg Pisces to 10deg Aries. All the 12 houses of the chart will shift accordingly.
      Now if you have your Sun at 0 deg Aries he will give the result of ‘Aries sign+1st house’. This would be very powerful as an exalted Sun in the 1st house would give a very strong physical body+favourable environment too.

      2. Next option, use the 9th divisional chart. This is the most important divisional chart as it tells you your complete potential. There are software online which calculate the D-9.

      e.g. your Sun is at 0deg-Aries. When you calculate your D-9, this Sun will be placed in the Aries sign in D-9. Thus it becomes ‘Vargottam’, it occupies the same sign in the D-1 and D-9. This is the best possible placement and he will be the most powerful planet in your chart, with the most potential+actual power to give his results.

      So to analyse, check where is this planet is being placed in the D-9,
      – if he is shifting to his sign of debilitation /exaltation /own sign /enemy’s sign?
      – Or is he coming under the influence of malefics/benefics?
      – Or is he is going to 6th , 8th 12th, houses of turmoil/dushamsthan?
      – Or is he going to some good house 1st/5th/9th? Etc.

      In cases, where you are unable to analyse the planet from the birth chart D-1, use the D-9, it gives very valuable insights.

      3. Use the Jaimini system (also called KP system) – the 7 planets (excluding Rahu/Ketu), are arranged in the descending order of the degrees that they have in their signs. As your Sun is at 0deg, naturally he will be the last one/7th, in this order.
      This 7th planet in the Jaimini system is called the ‘Darakarak’ and represents the Life partner, business partner, travel abroad, married life, finances, happiness and satisfaction in relationships etc. You can read more about the Darakarak to know about your Sun at 0deg.

      4. From the concept of planetary war (graha yuddha), of there are 2 or more planets in a sign, any planet at 0deg will have lost the war. The planet who has progressed more into the sign will dominate the other in giving results.
      e.g. Jupiter at 0deg and Mars at 20deg Aries. Jupiter will not be allowed to give his results freely, Mars will dominate with his results.

      (However Sun, Moon, Rahu, Ketu do not participate in graha yuddha, only the other 5 planets do. So this point is not applicable to your question)

      5. Then there are several software which will give you the ‘strength’ (bal) and ‘states’ (avastha) of the planets. You can use these to gain an insight on the power of the Sun to give results. But I would advise you to start this, only if you have some background on reading charts and the maths involved.

      However as a general statement a planet placed at the very start/end of a sign has the power to influence the sign/house that he is in and the sign/house, before/after it. I give such planets more importance as they are a merger of two things so have double the potential, you can use their potential in two ways.

      Hope this was of some help to you 🙂

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