Wearing gold and other ornaments

I have written on wearing gold and charging the jewellery you wear in an earlier post. I have also written about an essential piece of jewellery a tri-metal bangle/kada made of silver-gold-copper. Metals are very important not just for aesthetic reasons but for their electric properties.

The body is positively and negatively charged in patches. The front is more positive, the back is more negative. The right side is more positive and the left side is more negatively charged etc. Depending on your health and mental conditions, this distribution of charges can change. This is connected to the movement of pran/ vital energy in the energy channels/ naadi in your body. These naadi/ pran are powered by the Chakras along your back. You take in pran with your breathing but pran also enters via your skin and also the top of your head.

Wearing metals on your body alters the pran movement in your body. eg rings especially studded with stones are worn in the specific fingers which triggers deep changes.

Gold is linked to the Sun, it is pure fire and also Jupiter as it makes one healthy and helps expansion. If someone is ill, make him wear gold, this will aid recovery. Indian women wear a gold chain on their navel, exact center of gravity of the body. This helps in all round health. Bangles of pure gold not only tap the accu-pressure points at the wrists but also serve as energy batteries. If you want to recharge your entire body, wear gold earrings  in both ears, at the exact center of the ear-lobe, this point is connected to the pineal gland, etc. If you want to gain weight wear a lot of gold on your body.

Gold should not be worn below the navel, ie not below the Manipur chakra. Ornaments enhance the energy at certain points of the body.  This Manipur chakra is the seat of the body’s internal heat. Here all the ‘energy food’ is burnt to cause growth in the body/mind. The function of gold is to increase internal heat, store more quantities of energy, increase the energy and energise the body. If you wear it on the Swadhisthan chakra portion you will suffer from emotional issues and also water balance of the body will be affected. If you wear it on the very hips, ie next to the Mooladhar chakra you will suffer from imbalances of the urinary system and the lower tract of the digestive system, diseases related to heat and expansion of body tissues. If you wear it on the feet you are directing the flow of energy completely downwards! This means that the pran will be earthed and lost from the body. Rather than using the pran to build a healthy body you will lose it. This will in the long run cause health issues to the body. So never wear gold below the navel. Recently I have seen women wear gold in their feet, toe-rings and anklets. This is highly damaging to the energy body.

Silver is linked to the Moon and the Ida nadi. If you want to get pregnant/ easy delivery, anything to do with the female reproductive system, wear silver toe rings in the second toe of both feet. Silver in the feet also helps earthing of the negative emotions and energies associated with them. If you need stress relief wear, silver anklets in both your feet. Silver is cooling in nature. If you are feeling overheated, in summers etc, drink water kept in a silver glass. Silver is worn more in areas where the environmental temperature is high, eg Rajasthan Kutch etc.

If you wear gold in the places more suited for silver, eg in your toes or ankles, you are heating up these delicate points of the body, if you are a woman you will suffer from increased mental stress and irregular functioning of the female reproductive system too.

This mini-post was in response to a comment, “Can you please explain in detail why gold ornaments cannot be worn below the navel? It will be good for some people to understand. Thanks”.


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