Trimetal astro bangle..

I never prescribe gemstones but there is one tool which I wear, in fact everyone in my family wears. If my client is able to afford it, I prescribe a Kada made of copper, gold and silver. A kada is like a bangle / bracelet but it can be worn on the wrist or the arm either hand as per the convenience of the wearer. I wear it on my left arm so does my dad, my husband wears it on the left wrist and my brother on his right wrist. The best part about this kada is that it can be worn by everyone, men / women irrespective of the horoscope. Children should not until they grow up (16yr or so), and its rather an expensive item too!


If you can afford it, it will cost about 1.3 lakh in India at the current gold prices. You should ensure that the jeweller is trustworthy and is using only the purest metals and has a skilled craftsman to make it.

The exact proportions of the metals are,

  1. Gold – 33.33 grams
  2. Silver – 23.32 grams
  3. Copper – 12.44 grams

When you get it from the jewellers, you should do the following to cleanse and programme it.

  1. On a Friday, Monday or Wednesday in the bright half of the month in the morning.
  2. Sit in front of your puja ghar or altar and face east/north.
  3. Wash the kada in Ganga water or purified water.
  4. Then hold it in your hands and recite the Srisukta over it. This ensures basic prosperity and positivity. Intend the energy of the sukta to enter the kada.
  5. After that if you wish you can recite any mantra of your favourite God. It charges/energizes the kada. A mantra is always in Sanskrit. Eg If you favourite God is Gayatri, you can recite the Gayatri mantra over it 108 times.
  6. Then wear it.

On wearing it, if you can sense it, it will vibrate/buzz/get hot. The heat will spread to your entire body and your aura will change. Over the next few days you may fall mildly sick or not, it is the cleansing process. As your aura gets cleaned out the physical body will also get rid of negativity through a running nose, mild fever or upset stomach. But everything will settle down within 21 days. If you are doing spiritual practice, you will feel the difference almost immediately.

Such trimetal bangles are quite common in India. In fact here shops outside temples routinely selling kadas made of copper and silver. This one is a rather expensive thing as gold is also added. We also wear plain gold kadas. But a mix of silver, gold and copper seems to balance out everything in the horoscope. This design is age old and the exact proportions have been quoted by Sri Yukteshwar Giri, a world famous astrologer. He had prescribed one for his disciple, Yogananda as mentioned in his book, “Autobiography of a Yogi”.

So if you can afford it or want to wear a new piece of statement jewellery get this trimetal kada made. Wear it and feel the difference in you yourself.


photography of lotus flowers in bloom


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