Power your Intentions

Sankalpa is intention in Sanskrit. Sankalpa literally means san+kalpa. Kalpa has several meanings including resolution, process, idea, wish etc. And san indicates proper, apt, complete etc. So Sankalpa or Intention at the very basic is the wish to create.

All that we do, every action, we do because we Intend to do it. We go wake up, get dressed, go to office, eat, rest and play all because we intend to. These are the daily intentions which do not require much energy. These intentions have become “routine”.

But now you are required to do something out of your “routine”, for example you want to start going to the gym. This intention requires a lot of mental energy. You have to force your mind to wake up that 1 hour earlier, go down to the gym, work out, get back everyday till this also becomes “routine”.  So you see, though you knew going to the gym was good for your body and you really really wanted to fit in that new classy dress you have bought, but still powering that intention required a lot of sustained mental power. But you did it! You were convinced deeply that you wanted to wear that dress and you knew that gym was the only way. So, you powered you intention, used your mind and brought about the change you desired!

So now you know that the mental power required for the intention is directly related to how much your new activity deviates from your “routine” and how deeply you are convinced about this activity.

If you have always drunk coffee the first thing in the morning, suddenly stopping this habit may well nigh prove impossible. But suppose you had a health complication, an ulcer, and the doctor advised you to stop. So here is your motivation, your health and then your intention (though unwilling) to stop drinking coffee gets powered up and you stop.

Sometimes you see confirmed atheists suddenly getting all spiritual and going and taking sanyas, actually renunciating the world etc. You ask them, “How!?”, and they reply that they had a life-changing experience. Something so severe happened in their lives that that they had deeply change. This was the universe intervening and making them change.

Now apply this same to your samskars, Samskar is a Sanskrit word which means the mental habits that you have picked up not just in this life but also over several previous lives. Our ultimate objective is to come out of these deeply ingrained habits which have affected our souls. This is the moksh that we all are searching for.

When we, tiny bits of the universal consciousness separated, we took lives, were born and died and were born again, we took on habits from these lives and carried them around with us. This excess baggage literally took on a life of its own and we started believing that the baggage is us. Freeing our consciousness from this accumulated baggage is the goal of all spiritual exercise.

Do think deeply within yourself. Are you “Priya”, “Deepak”, “Susan”, “John”? Are you a “officer”, “businessman”, “student”? Who are you really? Underneath all these words what is your real identity?

So Intend today, that you will find the Real You, pull away from the Samskars, dump the excess baggage!

So try to change, adopt a more spiritual lifestyle, do something that relaxes your mind and brings out the divinity inside your own self. Do it while you still can of your own violation rather than waiting for the universe to intervene with its “life changing experience”

Sit still and be with yourself.


Power your Intentions