Your birth chart and your birth

Your horoscope defines your own personality and how your whole life is going to unfold. The instant of your physical birth to the moment of the physical death and everything that happens in between. So today a study type of a post which will help you appreciate the accuracy of your horoscope.

The horoscope indicates the energy of the instant of your birth, ie the moment when your umbilical cord was cut and you became an individual, separate from your mother. The energies of this moment are also subtly connected to the moment of your real birth ie the instant of your conception. In Jyotish, the instant of the release of the sperms is considered as the time of conception, the energy of this moment is the entire life energy of the baby. You can choose this time of conception for your future children if you wish.

If you read our Itihas analytically, you will realise that children were very often created with desired qualities programmed into them. The Rishis ‘designed’ children for specific purposes. Examples are, Rishi Vishvamitra, Rishi Jamadagni, Draupadi, Drishtyadyumna, Dronacharya, the Kauravs and Dusshala (100 boys 1 girl), the Pandavs (6 boys including Karna), Dhritarashtra, Pandu, Shri Ram and his 3 brothers, Maruti etc. There are several events from ancient history where Kings and Rishis would perform a Putra-kameshti yajnya where the desired child (boy/girl) was created by the power of the mantra. eg Draupadi and Drishtyadyumna emerged full-grown from the yajnya-kund, no mother or father. Dronacharya had no mother, he was created from his father. The Pandav-s directly created from mantras. These are neither fantasy nor mythological stories, they are history, Itihas. (Modern science is trying to replicate these types of births now.)


Now, Garbha-daan pujas are performed with the marriage to ensure that the couple is blessed with a healthy baby. This is an essential Sanskar in Sanatan Dharma. This ensures that the parents-to-be have the best possible energy, there is auspiciousness around them and the child also will have auspicious qualities in life.

The energy around the time of conception is similar to the energy around at the time of birth. If you know when your child was conceived and the events around you at that time, you can tally this with the child’s birth chart. Whatever was actually happening around the parents at the time of conception will repeat in some way around the time of birth too. If the parents were happy, unhappy or there was trauma, arguments or inauspiciousness etc around them. What the parents, grandparents and other relatives were doing/ thinking/ feeling. It is repeated. And all this can be seen in the baby’s horoscope, it is a part of the baby, it is the energy with which he will live out a lifetime. It might sound unbelievable, but it is true. 

The birth horoscope is the configuration of the planets as you were born. This also reflects what was physically happening around you as you were actually being born. eg, for a child born on a festival day or a puja day where lots of relatives etc have met, the 11th house will show a lot of auspicious planets. And this baby must have been conceived on a similar auspicious day where friends/family had met with his parents.

Your every relative can be seen from your birth chart. eg Moon-mother, Sun-father, Mars-brothers/ sisters, Mercury-maternal uncles, cousins, Jupiter – elders in the family or Guru, Venus-women in the family, Saturn-father especially for night births, aged persons, servants, etc. Rahu is paternal grandparents, Ketu – maternal grandparents. (This is the generic list, these will vary as per the individual chart.) If you analyse the planets in your chart, you can clearly analyse what these relatives were doing when you were being conceived/ born.

All these following examples are from the charts I have seen in real life. These people, or their parents, knew the actual day of conception and what was happening on that day around them, this is a rare data. Everyone knows their and their children’s birth dates and generally what was happening at that time.

eg. One woman was living alone because her husband was posted on the border. Conception was when he was on a brief leave and delivery too when she was alone. The child has the Moon alone/ kemadruma and un-aspected. Even the lord of the birth Moon sign is in the 6th house. Indicative of the loneliness the mother had faced, the burden she must have felt and this emotion is now part of the child’s lifetime energy.

eg. Too many planets in the 6th house of a child indicate that the parents did not receive blessings from others and/or close family members disapproved of their marriage. ie There were people in the house who were ill-wishing the parents the day conception/ birth took place. Check which planets are in the 6th house to get a more detailed idea on which relatives were involved. Eg Mercury will indicate the extended family/ uncles/ aunts of the child. Rahu/ Ketu will indicate the grandparents. Sun/ Saturn in the 6th can indicate that the father was in unbearable stress. Moon here will indicate that the mother was in turmoil etc. And the baby will not really get along with these relatives in his life time.

eg. A 4th house with an afflicted Mercury in it, the maternal relatives had a serious argument inside the house the day the baby was conceived and also later when he was being born. This child did not have a happy relationship with them. These relatives were around this child when he was younger but left him with unhappy memories. Later in life, these relations snapped.

eg. Ketu represents maternal grandparents, so if he is in the ascendant sign or with the ascendant lord, they were actively interested in the mother’s pregnancy/ delivery. They were physically in the same house with her. And the baby will be closer to them in his life. They will have a key role in shaping his personality, perhaps will give him a spiritual foundation if Ketu is auspicious for the chart.

Rahu represents paternal grandparents. I have observed this difference between maternal and paternal grandparents, paternal ones are more materialistic than the maternal ones, the maternal ones are more spiritual. It is strange, but evident if you observe. The same grandparents, the same persons, behave differently with their grandchildren by their daughters and with their grandchildren by their sons.

eg. There are a lot of inter-faith, inter-religion etc marriages these days. If you can collect a study sample of such children, you will find Jupiter in these charts will be afflicted/ uncomfortable in some way. Especially if one parent was from the Sanatan Dharma/ Hindu and the other parent was from an Abrahmic religion where the fundamental philosophies are radically different. The subtle conflict between the spiritual/religious values of the parents/ families will be reflected here in the Jupiter’s position.

eg. There are so many Caesarean deliveries these days, study several such charts. Babies delivered in such a way will have their Moon in dushamsthans, Moon aspected by or conjunct malefics, etc typical positions which indicate stress to the mother. Mars and Rahu will be in prominent positions indicating cuts, blood and pain, especially will be connected to the 5th, 8th houses. Or in the house 8th from the birth Moon. This will be seen either in the main chart or even in the D9 navmasha chart. (If seen in both the D1 and the D9 it means a deep set karma from several lives.) Such combinations indicate that the mother was suffering and the rest of the family was also in stress physically/ emotionally during the birth. If the mother can remember the day/ events when she conceived, she will have 100% had some emotional stress, injury, cuts, etc on this day.


If you analyse the sixteen Sanskar-s, compulsory for all who follow Sanatan Dharm, three of these are connected with conception/ pregnancy. Garbhadharan is pre-conception puja performed on the day chosen for conception (these days its done at the time of marriage itself). Then Pumsavan and Seemantonayan are performed during pregnancy. Till the baby is 1yr old, there are six more Sanskar-s to be performed on him. These Sanskar-s enhance auspiciousness of the baby and reduce the malefic influences on him. I have seen a very significant difference in charts of people whose parents had performed the correct sequence of Sanskar-s. These horoscopes were better balanced and there were lesser inauspicious effects seen in them. (Or perhaps it is the other way around, ie the charts were better balanced so the parents performed the necessary Sanskar-s on the new baby. Maybe you can do your own research and come to your own conclusions.)

The energy of the horoscope is the energy of the moment of birth in so many ways. So when there is a marriage in your family make it a point to genuinely bless the couple. And later when their baby is being born, pray for an easy delivery and a happy baby. You may be an uncle, aunt, grandparent etc to this baby. The actions you undertake during this time will affect the baby’s horoscope in a very visible manner and also indicate the quality of relationship you will share with this child throughout his life.

And if you intend to have a baby yourself, do so with positive mind-set and try to follow the Sanskar-s. If you cannot do the full-fledged pujas at least pray to your favourite deity, universe, source of faith etc before doing anything. If you invest some time and energy in this, you will have a life-time blessing in the form of a happy and auspicious child.


(I saw a news item, a young woman was giving birth as the Beirut explosion was occurring. This child’s choice of birth energy!)