Results of planets placed in the 6th house

I wrote on the 6th house in the previous post. Now am continuing on the results with the planets in or aspecting the 6th. Planets posted anywhere in the horoscope have karmic lessons that they teach. In the 6th, the planets engage in logical analysis, litigation, accusations, anxiety, tend to get into details so much that they lose the big picture and want problems of which there are no possible solutions. A loop!

Sun in 6th 

The Father figure in the house of arguments. The Sun stands for the father, the government agents, politicians, bosses, senior males etc. In the 6th their behaviour becomes a source of misery. They tend to be toxic, adversarial, criminal, unbalanced, exploitative, abusive, dominating and conflicted. They are supposed to be glorious, radiant and noble but here they betray trust. The actual father may be ill, poor, weak, unfair or even have addictions. This has a deep impact on the psyche of the individual.

This Sun has two options here, he can offer his service and his divine confidence to help those victim-others indicated by the 6th. Or he himself can use his sense of entitlement and arrogance to exploit and create victims. Such a Sun may indicate a doctor, an army-man, a lawyer, in social service etc and may spend his time and energy tending to others. But Sun is always self-referential, selfish, he cannot sympathise with others, and in due course may become immune or even resent the persistent ‘victimhood’ of those whom he serves. Can turn cold and even cruel. If there are other aspects to tone down this typical nature of the Sun, or if Leo sign is well placed in the chart, this 6th Sun can actually play out quite well in life.

Moon in 6th 

The Mother figure in the house of imbalance. Protective figures, caretakers, school-teachers and sheltering figures tend to be exploitative, accusatory, dominating, devious, criticising. Persons who are supposed to shelter, nurture and protect betray trust and create emotional guilt. Advise taken from these figures will always create problems. Relationship with the mother will always be toxic irrespective of other aspects. The mother may be working for the lower classes or may be from the servant class herself. Such a mother is often ill herself. She may be a doctor, nurse, social worker, criminal lawyer etc.This Moon makes the person and his maternal figures work, work and work, either because of some physical, financial or emotional need. Childhood is traumatic and a lifetime of unexpressed and un-understood sorrow is the result. This person is often rootless and hyper-sensitive to the undercurrents of emotions in the relations around him. Is always emotionally upset, unwanted and alone. And the worst, this Moon causes attachment/emotional comfort, to the objects/agents/circumstances of imbalance.

Results of planets placed in the 6th house

Mars in 6th

Brother-figures become adversaries and agents of conflict. These include challenging, competitive and champion males. These males will either be the victims of the factors of the 6th or will try to make you their victim. Conflicts with military men, criminals, comrades, men in peer roles, and brothers, aggressive servants, sexual violence, heat and metals. However Mars himself is full of vital energies and crushing force so will ensure that you win your wars in the 6th. He provides enough energy for you conquer both, your internal and external enemies. The conflict is continuous and challenges relentless but Mars gives success in this placement. You can be an excellent in arenas which require continuous actions against injustice, arguments, litigations, diseases, war etc. This is a good placement for Mars.

Mercury in 6th

Communications of conflict. Conflicts and betrayal from siblings and team-mates. Here the scene is set for anxiety, stealing, petty crimes, financial crimes, criminal scheming, mis-understandings, crimes in the administration, dealing with criminal paper work and communications. Medical papers, pharmacies, over-medication, addiction, juvenile crime and accusations. Mercury himself in his own natural house confers certain advantages. He can logically argue, analyse, and come to a conclusion based on data in the legal, medical, military strategy, financial fields. So he can be the criminal himself or the agency who sets right these criminal situations. He can track with his methodical mind and deduce, a Sherlock Holmes perhaps! He is the Messenger himself and thus can speak. He articulately explains details of the un-balance, un-justice, diseases, debts, hurts, accusations, exploitations of the 6th. A successful doctor, lawyer, researcher and a strategist.

It can be a good and highly fruitful placement if the energies of Mercury are better channelised and given focus by aspects from other planets.

Venus in 6th

The force of balance in the house of un-balance. Venus utterly fails to resolve the karma of the 6th. He is the force of fairness and cannot function in this toxic 6th. He just tries to superficially cover up the problems. These problems are often cheating, breaking promises, marital, sexual, spiritual, legal, divorces, addictions, drugs, alcoholism or psychological in nature, often involving women. But he cannot find the solutions to them, he just tries temporary fixes, cosmetic make-up! He is pleasant and diplomatic and may temporarily smoothen out the situations, but in this ‘serve or suffer’ house he generally tends to suffer.

Such a personality also tends to suffer in his legal partnerships, marriage and business contacts. He cannot save much and tends to spend more. He often engages with those who cannot be trusted and with those who should never be trusted. He can form close associations with servant classes, criminals and may derive pleasure from serving and working for those who suffer including animals. He is well received by the victims and those who are working to help the victims. Thus Venus superficially performs well in this house but creates several hidden problems for the individual.

Jupiter in 6th

This is sort of an existential conflict. These people are conflicted by the philosophies that they live their lives by. There is rarely a spiritual base to their lives and it leads to deep internal issues. These persons are in perpetual conflict with his teachers, patrons, priests and guides. And these also are unbalanced and betray his trust. Jupiter here gives abundant diseases, enemies, debts and litigations. The root cause of this is that the eternally over-optimistic Jupiter over-estimates his abilities. He feels that he can resolve all these toxic issues so takes on even more till the physical tension reaches breaking point.

If there are supporting aspects in the 10th house, this person can take up professions which can help the victims of 6th by philosophical teachings or taking up the crusade for them. If done properly this can help the victims by making the rest of the world more aware of their sufferings and generate empathy for them. But even here, he needs to understand that there are limits. Mercury the natural lord of 6th does not like the force of expansion residing in his house. This eventually has its repercussions and the sufferings start.

In a woman’s horoscope the Jupiter also represents the first husband. Thus she may be married to a sick person or her husband might be working in any of the professions indicated by the 6th.

Saturn in 6th

The representative of social service and social equality in the 6th creates issues with the elders, service-class, bureaucrats, law and judges. If aspects permit he can be a bureaucrat or a judge himself. This position can get toxic when law-givers and those who are supposed to be impartial figures betray trust. This has its effects on the entire society. However as Shani is quite comfortable here so he can sustain and endure. Saturn is a malefic in a toxic 6th so he also helps by offering resistance to its problems and constraining them. He also constraints the problems arising from the other dusham-sthana 8th and 12th (3rd, 7th aspects). May reduce the neighbourhood related issues too (10th aspect on 3rd house).

Saturn is all about karma, so he ensures that the karma of litigation, disease etc is slowly completed in a scheduled step-wise manner. However here things are dragged out eg long-term illnesses and very slow recovery times.


Rahu in 6th

Rahu enjoys himself in the unstable and unlawful environment of the 6th. This house of betrayal allows the trickster Rahu to indulge in activities which are not allowed in lawful society. Here Rahu takes his risks in all illicit-enslavement and unfair activities like, war, crime, litigation, drug trafficking etc. He makes his profits from activities which are generally terrifying for the common human. His preferred partners here are the ambitious criminals and rouges who operate on the outskirts of human society. Rahu in the 6th may be someone who disrupts and takes advantage of the system sucessfully.

And following Rahu’s typical pattern, these risky activities always give profits but then he dramatically over-reaches and falls.

The 6th is a successful and effective position for Rahu. However as we all including Rahu are enslaved to some force, so the usual victim narrative of the 6th should be seen from the owner of the sign in the 6th.

Ketu in 6th

Malefics are comfortable in the 6th, two negatives make a positive perhaps. When Ketu occupies the 6th, all those agents and experiences of dissociation, apathy, disinterest and release are at a loss! When these agents represented by Ketu operate from the accusatory and unbalanced environment of the 6th they fail to have any significant effect on the person as they are diffused by their ketu-nature. There may be some interference from disembodied energies like ghosts or spirits at the maximum but it will be of no physical effect.

The 6th is a harmless position for Ketu. However as we all enslaved to some force, so the usual victim narrative of the 6th should be seen from the owner of the sign in the 6th. But again Ketu to the rescue. He is by nature incoherent, thus ensures that the toxicity and negative energies originating from the 6th do not link on to the person.

This placement is of exceptional advantage as Ketu disperses all enemies, all debts, all diseases, all litigations and accusations in all aspects of life.

And finally whoever is active in this house of unbalance, will be affected by its negativity. Thus doctors, nurses, lawyers, attorneys, and social service workers who are required by karma to live and earn their livelihood from here need to be extra-careful. An intellectual appreciation of the toxic environment in which they earn their income along with regular grounding and cleansing will help them live a better balanced life.