Jupiter’s transits of expansion

There is a lot of excitement with the recent entry of Jupiter into Scorpio so thought of writing on Jupiter transits generally.

Transits is a very detailed part of astrological studies. Transits are used to time events scripted in your horoscope and also to understand that an ongoing phase of life is going to last for how long. I had written about Saturn’s transits about Moon’s transits In this post will write about Jupiter. Transits of slow moving planets set the stage for a longer period of time, eg. Saturn stays in one sign for 2.5yrs, Jupiter for 1yr, Rahu and Ketu for 1.5yrs. So these deserve special attention. Moon is the agent of the Mind so its transits of 2.25 days per sign are especially important. Sun transits 1 month per sign, and the other planets normally stay for 2-3 months in each sign.

So Jupiter, the agent of conventional knowledge, wisdom, teachers, magnanimity, philosophy, expansion takes about 12yrs to transit across the 12 rashis. So every 12 yrs it passes over your birth Jupiter. If you have lived long enough, you can look back to when you were 12yrs, 24yrs, 36yrs, 48yrs, 60yrs, 72yrs old and try to notice the patterns of expansions operating during these years. Depending on the Birth position of Jupiter and aspects he must have granted you, abundance, fertility, generosity, positivity, openness and maturity during this period. This was Jupiter return!

Jupiter is comfortable in the signs of his friends, Mars, Sun, Moon and his own signs. But his natural expansion is constricted by Saturn, especially so in rigid, structured Capricorn he feels utterly handicapped (debilitated), but feels slightly better in the extended market places of Aquarius. And in signs of the chatty Mercury he feels out-of -place but he manages to cope.

So if you are to analyse the transit effects of Jupiter, count the current sign through which he is transiting.

  1. From the birth moon sign for emotional effect
  2. From the ascendant sign for physical effect
  3. From the birth Jupiter sign for subtle effects.

(A quick note on natural house/lord. eg. in the zodiac, Aries is the first natural house and Mars the natural first Lord. Thus in a horoscope wherever Aries and Mars are located they will always subtly influence the matters of the first house.)

Jupiter's transits of expansion

Transit Jupiter in 1st house – Mars here makes Jupiter fight for the truth. Jupiter here expands all the matters of the 1st house, social status, ego, physical body will expand (either fat or muscle you decide!). Sources of wealth will increase. Higher education and intelligence will get a boost. Overall it can be a good position, if you make the most of it.

Transit Jupiter in 2nd house – Here the natural host Venus treats his fellow teacher Jupiter to pleasures of the senses, balance and beauty. You might get access to family resources and the family supports you in all your ventures. A generally good time for all activities which generate family wealth. However keep a eye on your personal wealth and health during this year.

Transit Jupiter in 3rd house – The natural ruler here is Mercury. Here Jupiter takes on the role of a teacher. But his topics are a bit ‘small’. You will be required to spend more energy in dealing with your extended family, neighbours and brothers. Petty issues will crop up which will require you to step in. Money will be coming in. You might do some large scale pujas or participate in religious functions. Your business partnerships may increase and marriage may be indicated.

Transit Jupiter in 4th house – The natural ruler here is Moon thus Jupiter expands the scope of security and stability. You might buy a new residence, new vehicles, property. Your mom’s health will remain good and you will spend quality time with her and your tradition, culture-related events. Your traditional philosophies may suddenly make more sense to you. You may get married and your new wife/husband will be a very strong emotional anchor for you. As Jupiter is a multiplier, you may be blessed with children. A good transit.

Transit Jupiter in 5th house – The natural house of the Sun. Here Jupiter is very confident, creative and can channel divine intelligence. He increases your scope to claim power. You may interact with political issues and persons successfully. You will be lucky in your speculative and gambling activities eg stock market. Always remember that Jupiter will provide bright opportunities, making the most of these avenues of expansion is your personal effort. He will not increase your intelligence, but temporarily provide you more options which you can use at your current intelligence level. This is a transit full of good options, choose wisely.

Transit Jupiter in 6th house – The natural ruler Mercury is a number-cruncher analyst with limited deep understanding. Here Jupiter is exploited by endless, detailed, tasks and duties. You may be required to endlessly help those who are victims of disease, arguments, legal issues. These matters related to the 6th will expand in your life and drain you. Be careful of your own health, financial situation here. You may be required to give money/loans. Your enemies will suddenly get active. Professional front will be good and you will earn money from your job and family assets.

Jupiter's transits of expansion

Transit Jupiter in 7th house – Here the natural host Venus treats his fellow teacher Jupiter to pleasures of the senses, balance and beauty. You will experience a good time with profitable partnerships and time spent with your spouse. Your earnings from business will expand, and you may venture out into more partnerships. Your local contacts, trades and luck will support you. You may go on a pilgrimage and visit temples and feel the peace there.

Transit Jupiter in 8th house – Here, Mars/Ketu host Jupiter. Their energies will present you with avenues for deep healing, surgeries may occur. Anything that might have troubled you and disturbed you in the past will be brought up for resolution. There will be a period of uncovering of secrets, hidden realities, mysteries, puzzles and confidential information. All the matters of the 8th will seem more acceptable and on a deep level understandable. It is the house of reproductive organs so you might conceive a child. Your in-laws may be of some help to you. You will be more philosophical in the face of death and disaster around you and may be able to comfort others who are going through trauma. If other aspects permit you can increase your spiritual understanding. Or might even leave the physical body.

Transit Jupiter in 9th house – This is a good placement. In his own natural house Jupiter expands and gives. You will receive patronage from influential persons in your profession. You can develop your ideas and findings from your research activities (from last year 8th Jupiter=research). These will be put to practical use in the next year (10th Jupiter). You might go for pilgrimages and do religious ceremonies.

Transit Jupiter in 10th house – Here the natural Lord Shani, restricts Jupiter’s enthusiasm. You will be forced to work in a generally restrictive environment and social issues will occupy your attention. These issues may be in your local groups, caste groups or in your office and profession. Should be careful about your relationship with the bosses and persons in authority. The tasks allotted to you need to be completed as per the practical requirement and not on theoretical philosophies. However your ambition will be rewarded and more powers granted to you. Just remember to be practical not philosophical during this one year.

Transit Jupiter in 11th house – Saturn and Rahu, natural rulers of the 11th, host Jupiter for a year. Here you will increase your participation in the society, specifically the business arena and with like minded groups. Sources of income will increase and Rahu energies can offer unusual money sources which will be profitable. This is quite a good placement, Jupiter’s expansion, Shani’s constriction and Rahu adds his own exotic to this mix. Be alert to new ways of making profit in this one year!

Transit Jupiter in 12th house – This is Jupiter in his own natural house thus comfortable. This is the house of loss of the physical and gain of the astral. Thus take care of your physical body and the assets indicated by the houses/signs owned by Jupiter in your birth horoscope. There will be issues simmering under the surface. During this transit you will receive guidance from your inner mind. Dreams visions and messages from the astral will be available. Do contemplative mediation/dhyan during this period to make the most of this opportunity. Use this astral guidance to build on, you will be needed to convert this guidance to the physical environment in the next cycle of Jupiter, Jupiter in the 1st is just a year away.

Jupiter's transits of expansion