Deaths of loved ones, astrologically

At this present point of time, Jupiter, the agent of expansion is transiting through Scorpio, the natural house of traumatic transformations including death. I am seeing deaths in the families of several of my friends and in my social circle. So thought of writing on how the death of a loved one affects us and our horoscope. You would be surprised to know, it affects us in a positive manner generally, if we could but appreciate it, and take advantage of it. It is a touchy topic but someone has to write about it!

A 30yr old man lost his 26 yr old wife. It was scripted in their horoscopes. In the chart the 7th house represents all sorts of legal partnerships. The wife is the most intimate legal partnership thus her horoscope is linked most strongly to the 7th house. Thus his 7th was, in a way, operating through the lens of her horoscope, and most of the energy of his 7th was being channelized into his relationship with her. It was a highly karmic interaction to be sure, and in these few years of marriage he completed his entire life-time karma of ‘blockages in partnerships’. Now with the house’s energies being free again, his other legal partners are so ready to rush in. He is grieving at the moment, but within the next 6 months his business is going to boom like crazy, he will expand with more business partners, he will also buy a property and his second wife (unknown as of now) will be in partnership with him within the next 1.5yrs.

Deaths of loved ones, astrologically

A 10 month old baby lost his mother. Tragic to be sure, but the baby had completed all his duties to his mother by acting as an energy recharge-station during her illness. This was on the level of the astral and aura exchange, Ultimately the baby’s aura had gone grey and he was exhausted. Then when he had no more to give, his mother also stopped asking, she went critical and left her body within 2 days. A karma balanced beautifully. And in his horoscope the early death of mother was indicated, and now with this vacuum, his entire family, grandmother, grandfather, uncle and his father are all nurturing him with their maternal love. This is also as per his 4th house combinations. And the child is demanding and accepting this love from all and growing very rapidly. I can see it in his aura, he is barely a toddler but actually is equivalent to a 4year old boy. His birth mother was a barrier to all these other maternal energies which he had to receive from his other family members so her going was scripted. They exchanged as much as they had decided, as per her and his chart and she left. And this child is also due to receive maternal love from another woman, (unknown as of now), who will marry his father within the next 1.5yrs (if he chooses to, individual’s always have a freedom of choice).

A 72 yr old man lost his 71yr old wife. A partnership of 40 odd yrs completed. But as soon as the energies of his 7th became free of the influence of her chart, he found his new partner waiting and welcoming him. His spiritual practice blossomed, with him doing Dhyan for over 4-5 hours daily. His new partnership is with his deity/and ultimately with his own inner self.

I have seen when children leave their homes, to study in college and go to live in hostels, their parents back home the find a ‘replacement’ child rather quickly. The neighbour’s child or some child arrives to receive his share of affection from these parents. The energies of the houses do not like vacuum. There is always an object for the energies of every house at every point of time. These parents feel their love for their son reflected in their interactions with these other children.

If you have experienced your life, not just gone through it mindlessly, you must have realised that we meet people and then lose them quite regularly. School-friends, college-friends, then work-mates, apartment-friends all come and go with regularity. Their karma with you was quite limited and the emotional context not very deep. You might keep in touch superficially with some but generally you accept that when someone goes, someone new turns up to take his place.

There are 12 houses of the horoscope, each signify a type of energy/relationship. They are always present, unbalanced or balanced, directed or mis-directed. There is never a vacuum.

Deaths of loved ones, astrologically

So in life it is inevitable that you will lose your loved ones with time. The loss will be temporary or permanent, and you will deeply feel the loss on an emotional level, intense grief to ‘just missing you’, the entire range of emotions will affect you. Do indulge in these emotions, these are valuable experience. But never forget that when someone leaves, it is because the karma has concluded for that time at least. You and him scripted this event together before you were born. You choose your moment of birth, your horoscope and thus your life-story. And these are the best possible choices you have made to successfully balance your debts.

So grieve, set a time limit and think of your departed loved one with gratitude. Think of all the experiences and times you spent together, learn from them. And with this understanding bid them good bye. When someone departs it is like they are back in the staging room. And you will find that some new energy is to enter your life. Welcome it and work with it.

I have met 2 friends who have a long association through their lifetimes, teacher/student, brother/sister, brothers together, husband/wife, mother/son, father/daughter and even tantrik/willing sacrifice. And they are still together, they argue, they make-up and again bicker, cannot live without each other. Hearing them remember their past lives together has been very enlightening for me, a complete change in perception.

No one goes anywhere.

3 thoughts on “Deaths of loved ones, astrologically

  1. BHARTI May 9, 2020 / 7:08 am

    Greetings ma’am,

    Thank you so much for this lovely article! But how long does it take to clear energies of the particular ‘partnership’ house denoting the deceased? What is the shortest and longest length of time you have known/experienced?
    Also ma’am, is there any other way apart from regression to know if two people have been linked through various lifetimes?

    Thank you!


    • astrologerbydefault May 9, 2020 / 7:29 pm

      Hi there
      if the person is doing spiritual practice, it happens the instant the other person leaves the physical body,
      but if not then it can take a few years till the other soul takes its new birth..

      again if you are doing your dhyan you wll see flashes of your past lives,

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      • BHARTI May 9, 2020 / 11:38 pm

        I honestly cannot thank you enough for writing this article! It helped me find my closure!
        And many many thanks for writing this blog too! Please never stop!

        Much love!


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