Indications for wealth in a horoscope

Wealth is always important. We need money, assets, property and lands to survive in this materialistic life. In a chart there are several indicators from where we can analyse the assets available. The basic indicators are these following houses, counted from the ascendant in the basic chart with the ascendant as the first house. Depending on the interaction between these, the planets and the aspects, the house owners etc the extent of finances can be determined.

  1. House 1/Ascendant which indicates the social status, situation and environment at birth. Benefics, and aspects by benefics raises the quality of this house which will have life time effects.
  2. House 2 –  This is the house of family wealth specifically available to you. Your family may be rich but if this house is afflicted this family resources may not be made available to you. I have seen a chart, with Aquarius as the 2nd house with Mars, Sun and Ketu in it aspected by Saturn from the 8th. This person’s family is very wealthy but the parents kicked him out without a rupee and he had to build his own wealth himself. Ketu here shows disconnection from family assets.
  3. House 3 – This is the house of local connections. It shows your self made wealth in the environment of the local markets, extended family and neighbours. A strong 3rd house gives you your boldness and confidence in this wealth making behaviour. It also indicates your early education. This same person has Pisces with Mercury and Moon in the 3rd giving him a very analytic mind and he is earning his wealth as a trader and on the stock-markets. He has amazing memory, is walking database of figures and uses his computing powers to generate even more money.
  4. House 5 is the house of creativity and divine intelligence. Thus all sorts of games of chance are located here. Speculation, gambling, genius work here. Higher education is seen from here which in a way leads to future profession.
  5. House 9 is the house of Auspiciousness ‘Bhagya’. It shows your mindset, the beliefs and philosophy that you live your life by. It is the anchor, the foundations of your life, your Conscience. It also indicates the patrons and the paternal figures who are always available to provide help to you. Patronage is a very important component of wealth generation. If you are apprenticed to a well-known personality your way in your profession becomes easier.
  6. House 11 is the house of networks and gains from every possible source. Inter-connected similar-minded groups and interactions with strangers, foreigners, and exotic traders. Fortune and luck in all things possible and storage of personally earned money. A chart I know has Jupiter and Moon in Virgo as 3rd and Ketu in the 11th. He has been earning his own money since he was practically a child of 12yrs, but is not interested in saving, he gives away all his money, to poor students and to needy persons on a one-one basis.

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(If you have access to the exact birth time, the divisional charts can be calculated and used for confirmation, the D9 called Navamsha, the D-24 called the Siddhamsha and the D-60 called the Shashthiamsha. But if you are not sure about your exact birth time even by 1 minute, never draw the divisional charts, they will mislead.)

In addition to these houses the following planets also contribute to the money flow

  1. Venus is the agent of beauty, harmony, pleasure and comfort which are generally rooted in having sufficient finances. He also controls bargains, partnerships, businesses, legal dues and equitable sharing.
  2. Jupiter is the natural agent of expansion and magnanimity. He brings abundance in the house he is located in, the 5th from it and the 9th from it.
  3. Mercury is the agent of commerce and communication. he controls transactions, trade and naturally brings manipulative skill with data, finance, and critical analytical skills required to make money.
  4. Also any graha even Rahu if placed in suitable environment can provide wealth.

Now each house is capable of conferring ‘wealth’ related to the matters of that house. Even the 8th house of death can confer wealth in terms of legacies and monies left in wills. So from every house the following houses should be counted to gain a fuller perspective of the real gain from that house. These can also be counted from the position of each planet to analyse gain from the matters governed by that planet.

  1. The 2nd house counted from any house will give the type of and amount of resources and treasures derivable from that house.
  2. The 5th house counted from any house will indicate the creativity and divine intelligence that this house channelizes.
  3. The 9th house counted from every house will show how much wisdom, philosophy and understanding you have gained from the experiences of that house.
  4. The 11th house counted from any house will indicate the profit, the luck and the full and final achievements from that house.

But wealth is a complicated thing. Someone may have plenty of money but may not use it just hoard it, never use it, not even to help the children. Some may earn lots but then spend equally lots, net nil savings. Some may have little money but are happy. Some have lots but are unsatisfied, want even more. These emotional aspects are to be seen from the birth moon sign and its placements. Our Shastra/scriptures say that the person who does not want anything is truly wealthy, this then is the realm of the spiritual!


Indications for wealth in a horoscope

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