Malefic results of Rahu Ketu

Rahu Ketu are the forces in your chart which indicate sudden changes, karmic events, U-turns, spectacular rise and falls. They are linked very deeply to your astral self and if they are going to be inauspicious, their results are hard to miss.

Rahu Ketu can be inauspicious in your birth chart, then you will face these sort of events for a life time. Their effects will be exaggerated in their Mahadasha-s, ie Rahu mahadasha and Ketu mahadasha and in typical transits. If they are auspicious in the birth chart, even then they can still go temporarily inauspicious in transit, so you can expect about 1.5yrs of such results in case you are going through such transits. And the weirdest part is that you won’t realise that you are under their malefic influences. They are the masters of illusion, they ensure that you do not understand what is happening. And the loved ones who care about you enough to point this out, you will not listen to them and also drive them away by your behaviour. It can get very difficult. These results are sudden, ie you will see someone going nuts in a short span of time ie within 1week to 1month max. If you see someone behaving like this around you, check his charts, Rahu Ketu have become inauspicious for him…

A generally happy routine life is suddenly disturbed. Rahu can spoil happiness in a flash. Mean-mindedness, selfishness, arrogance, inability to think of others, being rude, cheating others, etc are some of the typical trigger points. You, under Rahu’s influence, will now argue with family members, loved ones and friends. The behaviour can get irrational. You will refuse to think of the implications of this behaviour on your own self and the people who love you, self-centered. Megalomania and dictatorial behaviour, you behave like a mini-tyrant in the house. Break-ups are quite possible now. There will be conflicts on a regular basis around you.

You will stop listening to those old friends/ family who have genuine good-will for you. In fact, old trust-worthy friends will now leave you, disappear from your life. Lifetime friends can turn indifferent, pushed by your hurtful behaviour. New people will suddenly come into your circle and get very close to you very fast. You might get into bad company, people with questionable morals/ ethics etc who will eventually ruin you. Especially Rahu will bring in contact with you, people who are separated from their significant partners. This would include widows/ widowers, divorced or separated people, people who are failures in business, people who do not do spiritual practice etc. As these people who have no significant partnerships in their life stick to you, they drain your energy and separate you from your genuine partnerships.

In profession, you might lose your job or get a pay-cut or get demoted or be encouraged to do something illegal, risky or humiliating. There will always be less than you expect in the job. Ambitions become illogical, irrational and you might fail. Sudden legal issues, litigations etc can pop up. Loss of satisfaction internally, bravado externally.

Rahu wants new experiences and will take unacceptable risks to get these. Rahu is the master of illusions and he does not value genuine feelings, real love and deep emotions. He does not think about anyone else but him, selfish to the extreme. He is flashy, over-the-top, insincere and a gambler at heart. So there are possibilities of unexpected financial losses, losses is share markets, losses in gambling and in speculation. You might get into negative credit or fail to budget. There might be loss of physical property in severe cases. Especially ancestral property might be sold during malefic Rahu times.

The atmosphere of the house you live in will also show negative effects. eg there might be more repair work needed in the house, you might spend more on furnishings etc. Even your car might break down more often. There might be thefts in the house. Pest infestations might increase during this time. Anything that drains the happiness from the home environment can happen with characteristic suddenness.

Wasting money, buying flashy goods etc is a typical indicator of Raju’s influence. Especially you will buy electronic goods of high priced brands for no good reason. Buying too many branded luxury goods will disturb your budgeting. You will want to go to parties, high priced restaurants, movies etc. You suddenly start eating spicy, exotic, non-veg, Tamasic foods, instead of the regular home-cooked food you used to enjoy. The latest mass consumption trends, the latest fashion etc will attract you. Suddenly you are on the Internet all the time. There is an insatiable desire to ‘consume’ stuff, the more exclusive the better.

On the astral level there may be hauntings in your house. Or entities may latch on to you and drain you of your positive energy. The aura will show greyish streaks and blackness. The mind becomes shallow, incapable of introspection or self-analysis and it desires stimulation at any cost, literally.

Health can start going bad. If you have a chronic condition, it will erupt suddenly at the start of this inauspicious transit. If such Rahu Ketu are connected to Scorpio or the 8th house in some way, they can even cause accidents, amputations or serious illness which might require surgery. Especially for pregnant women, if they strongly affect you during this sensitive time, there will be chances of miscarriages, abortions and problems in delivery. 

Then the impact on the spiritual side. You will search for happiness in illusions rather than delving within yourself. You will stop doing regular pujas. This is a very significant indicator. If you used to do pujas for 2 hrs daily and suddenly become irregular or stop doing them, then it is Rahu at work. Often there is a change in belief systems, ie you can suddenly becomes an atheist or convert into another religion or get into occult, black magic, tantra etc for selfish reasons. Needless to say, this will have repercussions later.


If Ketu is more powerful than Rahu in giving malefic results, then some of the additional typical things attributed to his nature are these. You will take up smoking or taking hallucinogenic drugs, ie in some way want to escape into the dream life. You suddenly start talking about esoteric stuff, dress weirdly, look unkempt, ie hair is not cut properly, beard is unshaven, uncut nails, unwashed, mismatched clothes, shabby look etc, displeasing overall. The other material results will follow on similar lines as above, the only difference being that Ketu’s driving energy will be of apathy, disinterest, dissociation, lethargy etc. eg suppose you sell your ancestral properties because of financial problems. If it is Rahu driving this, the reason will be that you wasted your savings on speculation etc and now need money. If it is Ketu driving this event, then the reason will be you neglected to take some precautions in time so now had to sell these properties. Different processes giving the same end results. 

If you are more observant, then you will notice that these malefic effects are more exaggerated when the Sun is in his apparent southwards movement,  ie during Dakshinayan. In fact all malefics gain more power during the Dakshinayan.  (Read more on Kaala Bala for this logic.) Again Rahu Ketu have more power during the night than the day. So if someone is under their malefic influences, he will go out of the house in the night, maybe spend the night out with the bad company that they signify and create more negativity for himself.

If you realise that Rahu Ketu are the root cause of the problems you facing, then corrective actions can be in the form of Daana, Homa, mantra, pujas etc. Most importantly, if you can realise what is happening, do some introspection and change your behaviour consciously, it would be the perfect solution (which would be really difficult, as such Rahu Ketu will not allow self-analysis so easily.)

There was a question on this and I thought that it would be easier if I wrote a separate post . (I have written a lot of posts on Rahu Ketu do use the index page to locate them if you wish to read)


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    Thank you Ma’am… I am undergoing Rahu-Jupiter dasha.. kindly bless me… Pranaam


  2. Quotesofacrab January 17, 2021 / 3:08 pm

    Rahu in 6 house in Sagittarius.. this post couldn’t come at a better time as I entered my Rahu antardasha last month and started contemplating leaving my well paid job in pursuit of something better. Looking back I realised that last time during my Rahu antardasha I had dropped out of college.. in pursuit of better one and wasted lot of time and energy Guess I wouldn’t be repeating the mistake this time… My Saturn return happening in 7 house hasn’t been of any help either, sincerely hoping this too shall pass..


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    So well written…. Your posts are always awaited


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    Please consider writing something on runanubandha.

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