Entities, how to remove them

One of my friends who is all into shamanism and whatever –ism catches her fancy, was gushing about some new online class she has bought for $35 on entity removal. After going through the material, I did’nt know whether to laugh or cry. In India, we have “shamans” practically in every street who can read everything about you from a fistful of rice that you touch and give them. And entity removal is like a daily thing that can be done with rice, vibhuti, lemons, coconut, mantras etc. Anything and everything can be used to deal with entities.

So let me save your $35 by writing a short to-do on entity removal. Very easy and you can do it in your own house with your own Intention.

If you feel something is wrong with you, your higher self which resides within you knows how to fix it. Feel confident about yourself, have faith in your own self.

Entities, how to remove them

Entities are chunks of conscious negative energy which gets attached to the aura of the victim and keeps feeding off the victim’s energy. This over time manifests as unexplained low level illnesses, dizziness, nausea, etc. A sliminess is seen in the aura, which may become grey/brown/black. The victim may get nightmares and a feeling that someone is with him all the time.

So this is what you do, either you yourself can do it or some one who cares for you or has some spiritual understanding can help you.

  1. Do this on a Tuesday or Saturday, evening twilight. Do a general cleansing of your aura  (and your helper’s too) using either lemons, sea salt, peacock feathers, this is a preparatory step. This will take maybe 5 minutes.
  2. Prepare the space, quickly clean the aura of the room using salt or lemon or peacock feathers. Keep a fistful of sea salt/one lemon, in the 4 corners/below windows and doors for 10 minutes then collect the salt carefully and flush down the sink or cut the lemons carefully and dispose in the trash outside the house. Or with peacock feathers do a brushing motion at corners/windows /doors, done in about 10 minutes. The room should be clean and pleasing, put on some camphor or musk or rowan or any other light fragrance.
  3. Keep a chair/seat facing east or north. Dim the lights, switch off your phones. You will sit comfortably on a chair/ground as you wish. Your helper will stand behind you and will be placing both his palms on your head for about 22 minutes. So make yourself comfortable. If you do not have a helper you will sit alone with your fingers crossed in your lap like in the picture below with the left hand positioned on top of the right hand (self healing pose/ bhairav mudra). Keep a fistful of seasalt or one lemon in front of you (1 foot away) in a glass bowl. Entities, how to remove them
  4. Feel confident about what you are doing. Make your mind frame and relax. Think of your favourite God. Then the intention that should be powered on. “Removal of negative energies gently and increase in balance and positivity”, words to this effect. Keep it simple and focus on the Intention. Remember Intention is Everything. Use the language you are comfortable in. This will take 2 minutes.
  5. Then play the Vishnu Sahastranama Stotra. Keep the volume at gentle levels. This link is from youtube but you should download and play it from a saved file. If you keep your phone on, you might get disturbed with messages/ whatsapp/ calls.
  6. While you are listening to the Stotra, you and your helper both will visualize every single sound, every single word entering your body, moving into every cell, every molecule of your body. You may not understand the words but your body will resonate with them and they will do their work. The sound energy is silver/gold in color and will clean out the auras very effectively and also do deep healing and rebalancing. I always prefer using this Stotra because it is a full 22 minutes long. A continuous stream of gold-white light for so long will naturally become intolerable for any negative entity which may fight back. You or your helper may feel like stopping in between or uncomfortable or any negative emotion, but do not stop.
  7. Eventually if you will feel like something is coming out, visualize it entering the bowl of sea salt/lemon you have kept in front of you. Let the negative energies soak in the salt/lemon.
  8. After the Stotra comes to an end your helper will take his hands off your head and visualize that he has disconnected from you and your aura. Both of you will separately for your own selves, visualize and feel a beautiful cocoon of gold/white energy around your own selves. Thank your favourite God for his love and blessings. Thank your own higher self which resides within you for always guiding you. Remain in a contemplative mood for a few minutes and get up.
  9. Clean up by disposing the sea salt in the bowl down the sink or cutting the lemon very carefully and throwing it in the trash outside the house. Wash the bowl with soap and water, no need to throw it!

This is it. Entity removal!

This also gets rid of tiny negative things which get attached to us. Do this once a month or 2 months. It will keep your aura and thus you in perfect health.


Entities, how to remove them