Kuldevata and Ishtadevata 


Every family belonging to Sanatan Dharma has a Kuldevata, ie a family deity. This ray of the divine eternal specifically protects your family and must be worshipped as per culture and tradition. Your this body, in fact your current existence, is derived from your ancestors and you maintain this with the blessing of the family deity. There are references to the Kuldevata in several of our Puran. Also examples in ancient history where kings built temples of their Kuldevata. The Kuldevata demands pujas at auspicious events, eg before solemnising a marriage in the family, at the birth of a child, at Yajnopavit sanskars, a yearly puja at the temple of the Devata etc. 


In the current times several of us live physically away from the hometown. ie regularly going to the Kuldevata temple may not be practically feasible. So if you really cannot make it then here are some via media which you can adopt,

  1. Offer the fruit, coconut, sweets, sari/cloth, money, specific items etc to a local temple whereve you are and think of your Kuldevata with all intensity. Request him/ her to accept it as you have offered these items to him from your heart. Even if this is not at his actual temple this does work if you have deep gratitude for him in your heart, ie your intention/ Sankalp is pure.
  2. Keep the offerings in a separate bag in your own puja ghar. Think of your Kuldevata and sincerely tell him that you have kept the offerings ready and whenever he calls, you will go to his temple and offer him these exact offerings. When you do this generally something unexpected helps you complete your pilgrimage soon, eg a few days off or some bonus money.
  3. If your extended family members still reside in your hometown then you can request them to offer the yearly offerings to the temple on your behalf. For this you must make a full set of offerings, ie cloth, money, sugar crystals etc which can be sent by post to your family member’s house. Before sending the items everyone in your family should pray to the deity and touch the offerings before packing them securely. 
  4. Keep in touch with the pujari Brahmin family of the temple and from time to time send some offerings, money, Dakshina to the temple and request them send the prasadam to you by post.

Another more serious problem is that several of us have forgotten the Kuldevata’s name itself. Forgotten the ancestral village. Or the elders of the family are dead. Either way the identity of this deity is lost to you which is highly unfortunate. So here is something you can do to help yourself,

  • Make a small pindi (small rounded mound) of the purest soil you can find. Or take a green coconut with the peduncle intact. Keep this with due respect in your puja ghar, adorn it with a nice cotton cloth, saffron, turmeric, unbroken rice, flowers etc. Intend that your Kuldevata, whoever he is, resides in this and do its puja just as you would do the puja of a regular moorti. You can keep this as a full-time set up or a temporary set up for specific days, ie during auspicious events, festivals etc. Generally what happens is if your intention is pure enough, there will be hints on the identity of the deity, ie dreams where you see the temple, deity’s moorti, hear his name, or his mantra/stotra etc. When this happens, if you want, you can get a proper moorti of your deity and put this coconut / soil in flowing river or sea. 

For women, after you get married, the Kul devata for you is now of your husband’s family. During the Vivah sanskar, the bride formally does the final pujas of her birth family Kuldevata. And immediately after marriage she does the first pujas of her new family deities.

(The Gram devata is the deity of the village where your family has its ancestral home. Generally the oldest temple in the village. So if you go to your ancestral village do go to this temple too.)


Ishta devata

Ishta devata is the deity which you personally feel drawn to and want to worship. But this does not mean that you forget your Kuldevata. First puja is always offered to the Kuldevata, for protection of the family, the departed ancestors and the future generations. In some cases, the Kuldevata can also be worshipped as the personal Ishta devata. Your Guru, if a genuine Atma jnyani Mahapurush, a Jivan Mukt Satguru can also be adored as an Ishtadevata.

Jyotish gives some pointers on the Ishtadevata. Let’s first use the basic birth chart D1,

  • The Deity connected to the 9th house of your basic birth chart helps you live a balanced life as per Dharma. He ensures that you get the benefits of the 9th house as and when you need them. Your role in this process is a bit passive as even if you do the bare minimum it will be enough to trigger the 9th house benefits. This is an ongoing background life time support. 
  • The deity connected to the 5th house of your birth chart helps you fructify the sadhana you perform in your life. To reap these benefits you are required to be active, ie do your mantra, jap etc. After you complete it will you get the huge and evident result, all at once.
  • Functionally benefic planets placed in the 1st 5th 9th houses of the birth chart and the deities linked to them can also be a choice for the Ishta devata as they protect and help you grow.

But if you have the exact birth time available then open the divisional charts. 

Birth chart Aleister Crowley

Navamsha Aleister Crowley

BPHS Chapter 33 shloks 63-74 Using the D9 Navamsha chart to find the Ishta devata 

  • First find the Atmakarak, ie the planet who has traveled the highest degree in any sign. In our example chart it is Saturn at 27deg 24mins. 
  • In the D9 chart, he shifts to Virgo navamsha. This is called the karakamsha navamsha. 
  • Check if any planet placed in the sign 12th from the karakamsha. Here it is Leo and it is vacant.
  • So we try the second option given in the BPHS. Find the Amatyakarak, ie the planet who has travelled the second highest in any sign in the D1. This is the Sun at 27deg 10min. 
  • Locate the Sun in the D9. He is in Virgo navamsha. Now count the 6th sign from Virgo. This is Aquarius and it has a planet, this is Jupiter.
  • So our example Aleister Crowley, could have worshipped the deity linked to Jupiter as his Ishta devata. 
  • (If there are no planets in either of these two locations then the planetary owner of the sign can be used to locate the Ishta devata. Eg here Leo – Sun or Aquarius – Saturn. This is not given in BPHS but can be inferred in practice)

BPHS chapter 16 shloks 17-21 – The D 20 is seen for spiritual progress so you can choose a deity from here. Either the one associated with the ascendant degree’s Vimshamsha or the deity of the Atmakarak planet’s Vimshamsha. (This is not given in the BPHS explicitly but I have seen in several cases that this deity is very close to the person and always willing to help especially so if you are doing tantra sadhana)

Let’s do this with the example. A bit of math. One division in D20 is equal to 1deg 30min. In the example,

  • Ascendant degree at 15deg 55min Cancer sign (even sign) – Devi Pingalaa
  • Atmakarak Saturn at 27deg 24 min (even sign) – Devi Mangalaa

Sequence of deities for even signs – Daya, Megha, Chinnashirsha, Pisachini, Dhumavati, Matangi, Bala, Bhadra, Aruna, Anala, Pingala, Chuchuka, Ghora, Vaarahi, Vaishnavi, Sita, Bhuvaneshi, Bhairavi, Mangala, Aparajita.

Sequence of deities for odd signs – Kali, Gauri, Jaya, Lakshmi, Vijaya, Vimala, Sati, Tara, Jvalamukhi, Sveta, Lalita, Bagalamukhi, Pratyangira, Sachi, Raudri, Bhavani, Varada, Jaya, Tripura, Sumukhi.


Now for the deities associated with the planets. This is always a source of confusion so I am directly copying from the BPHS.

BPHS chapter 2 shlok 1-13 – The general Vishnu Avtars connected to the planets.

  • Surya Sun – Shri Ram avtar
  • Chandra Moon – Shri Yadunayak Krishna avtar
  • Bhoomiputra Mars – Shri Nrusimha avtar
  • Somasuta Mercury – Shri Budha avtar
  • Vibhudejya Jupiter – Shri Vaman avtar
  • Bhargav Venus – Shri Bhargav Parshuram avtar
  • Bhaskarputra Saturn – Shri Koorma avtar
  • Sinhikeya Rahu – Shri Sookara Varaha avtar
  • Ketu – Shri Meen Matsya avtar

(One point to be noted – the Budha avtar is not the generally known Siddhartha Gautam. As per the BPHS the actual Budha Avtar of Bhagwan Vishnu was before his Krishna avtar. We can only wait for more texts to be translated or recovered or brought into the public domain to know more about this Avtar.)

BPHS chapter 3 shlok 18 – General deities/ Adidaivata connected to the planets

  • Sun – Bhagwan Agni
  • Moon – Bhagwan Varun
  • Mars – Bhagwan Subrahmanya
  • Mercury – Bhagwan Vishnu
  • Jupiter – Bhagwan Indra
  • Venus – Bhagwati Sachidevi
  • Saturn – Bhagwan Brahma

BPHS Chapter 33 shloks 63-74 – The planets in the 12th from the Karakamsha or 6th from the Amatyakarak’s position and the deities/ Adidaivata

  • Sun and Ketu – Bhagwan Shiv
  • Moon and Ketu – Devi Gauri
  • Venus and Ketu – Devi Laxmi
  • Mars and Ketu – Bhagwan Subramanya
  • Mercury and Sun – Bhagwan Vishnu
  • Jupiter – Bhagwan Shiv
  • Rahu – Devi Durga in her Tamasic form
  • Ketu – Bhagwan Skanda or Bhagwan Ganpati
  • Saturn if inauspicious – Tamasic deities
  • Venus and Saturn if inauspicious – Tamasic deities

Point is, there are several deities which can be chosen as per the BPHS. Choose one who appeals to you. Generally while you are thinking about this, you will get some signal ie in your dreams or some shakun, ie omen which will help you discover your Ishta devata.

Finally do read this one post on the real nature of the deities. The deities are not ‘gods’, they are conscious aware and intelligent energy, a ray from the same Non dual source. You are also a ray from that very same source. As you express your gratitude to them on the outside, you in fact enhance your own energy on the inside.


57 thoughts on “Kuldevata and Ishtadevata 

  1. Kinshuk Joshii February 6, 2022 / 11:55 am

    Thank you so much for detailed description. I am facing this issue to find our kul devta, due to multiple personal reasons.

    One more question, a family not knowing their kuldevta. Try to do setup a pinda and worship it. So, if they happen to shift country or their location, should they carry it or let it go in flowing river and reconstruct at new place? 🤔


    • astrologerbydefault February 6, 2022 / 1:26 pm

      Hi there
      It can always b visarjit if u want. Make ur sankalps accordingly. Thts why I wrote temporarily or permanently.


  2. DV February 6, 2022 / 12:35 pm

    My husband’s family has kuldevi but we do not know where is the actual old temple of the Devi.
    Some community members have come together to make temples in a few towns but they are all recently constructed around 40 years back.
    We do worship her in our homes.We have a photo of Maa.
    We were thinking of making an idol of her and do pran pratishta in our house. Is it okay?


    • astrologerbydefault February 6, 2022 / 1:27 pm

      Hi there
      Pran prathishthit moorthi required a lot of intense pujas. B clear on the schedule with ur Brahmin.


      • DV February 6, 2022 / 2:07 pm

        Thank you Ma’am
        Would it be better to have a silver idol or a black stone idol?

        And Ma’am if we have silver moorti of God’s and Goddess at home, do we have to bathe and clothe them everyday?

        We were thinking of doing the pran pratishta puja at the temple
        The main reason of doing so is that our kids feel connected to the kuldevi since we live in the city.


      • astrologerbydefault February 6, 2022 / 2:47 pm

        Hi there
        several materials are used for making moortis of deities depending on their natures, and the use that you are going to make of the moorti, eg silver, mix of several dhatu, granite, copper, mercury, specific woods, even termitaria soil and green coconuts.
        generally silver is suitable for all.

        best would be to ask your Brahmin or the Brahmin from the deity’s temple as you are going to need guidance for the pran prathishtha and the subsequent schedule of nitya pujas etc.

        it is good that you have taught your children to feel connection to the kuldevata and every family must have a moorti of the kuldevata in their puja ghar.


    • DV February 6, 2022 / 2:53 pm

      I am very grateful to you since I learnt the importance of all this from your writings.
      All the blessings of your Gurudev who understood that there ignorant person like me who need the knowledge.
      Thank you Ma’am.


  3. Ahambodham February 6, 2022 / 1:42 pm

    Beautiful post!! Never had any doubt about who my Ishta Devata is, as it has been a natural inclination since childhood. And this post would have cleared any traces, was there any at all..! Regardless of the methods you’ve explained here, every single one concludes at the same ONE! 🙏

    Thank you so much for this brilliant post 🙏🙏


  4. pranaychinni February 6, 2022 / 3:26 pm

    Tq u mam for wonderful post.Madam Iam getting D20 chart,I didn’t understand How to caluculate sequence of dietes thing.


  5. prem February 6, 2022 / 4:17 pm

    Dear Tejaswiniji

    Thank you for your posts always…….Its every time a gift !
    And thank you for the Sanskrit lesson! You have a beautiful voice.
    I already knew about shiv sutrani, but was not able to understand so deeply, so it is an extra special gift to read your post about…..

    After rethinking it many times I still have a question about the Gaja-Kesari Yog, if Jupiter is in his Moolatrikon degrees, but conjunct with Badhak Lord Mercury (advanced 3 degrees more inside the sign), would it be enough to cancel the Gaja-Kesari Yog?

    (Is there any any chance to read your post about Yonimudra? I practice it myself and would be so grateful to read your insights.)


    • astrologerbydefault February 6, 2022 / 5:32 pm

      Hi there
      Nothing gets ‘cancelled’, it might be modified or diverted into different ways but never ‘cancelled’


  6. sharshala February 6, 2022 / 5:02 pm

    Namaste mam,
    Thank you for the “kuladevata and ishtadevata” post. I took my janma kundali and worked per the post. Mercury and Venus, 6th from amatyakaraka in D9, was found and was happy, to know that Sri sukta , indicated in your posts inspired me to recite. Thank you.
    For Vishnu, can you suggest me , so that I can practice it too, mam.

    I wanted to share a thought and get your comments on it, mam: i feel to chant Soham while doing yogasana, like chakrasana. Will it help in fast burning of karma, this way? Please comment, mam.

    Mam, you indicated about no-dues, in the post “Real nature of the Sun and the deities”, how can I know my dues/no dues from my janma kundali, please advice mam.


    • astrologerbydefault February 6, 2022 / 5:35 pm

      Hi there
      so many options for Vishnu, Vishnu sahastranama, purush sukta, Om namo narayanaya, om namo bhagwate vasudevaya etc.

      yes, you should while practicing every yogasana, including the basic anulom/vilom
      doing yogasana without mantra makes it tamasic,

      thts why the entire Jyotish was devised!


      • sharshala February 6, 2022 / 5:42 pm

        Thank you mam for the advice. Mam,
        Mam, which house indicates dues in D1, can you please show some light.


      • sharshala February 6, 2022 / 6:25 pm

        Also, i do remember in one of the post 6th house dasha is more intense than Sade sati or Saturn dasha. Has it got link to dues? Please show some light mam


  7. sharshala February 6, 2022 / 6:51 pm

    Looking at all the complexity of life made by mahamaya, Soham is the only easy and simple thing in my life. However, I lack patience, but patience is virtue. I will very soon enter my 6th house dasha, my Soham will ease my life, hope satguru will guide me to navigate and maneuver my life. Mantra and daana, will be something i will remember.
    Mam, thank you.


  8. Shankar February 6, 2022 / 7:40 pm

    Namaste Madam,
    Thanks so much for this post on Ishtadevata and Kuldevata, this is profoundly deep knowledge. Sincere thanks!

    Regarding Ishtadevata, I find I am naturally inclined towards the deity of my D1 9th house lord, all forms of Devi. I was summoned ny the Devi to one of her Shaktbi peethas, and it was sudden, I cannot describe the feeling and it felt as if I was just pulled there. I thus “discovered” my Ishtadevata only recently. It felt so natural.

    On another note, I may submit my humble query in continuum with what the other readers have asked regarding the 6th house Dasha. Shani dev is going to transit to Dhanishtha (my birth moon) soon and also Aquarius which is also my 6th house. I cant help feeling anxious since it has been painful so far, my sade sati but it also got me started on the spiritual track, so I cant complain really.
    But I am really nervous madam, because of the double dose Sade sati and the 6th house (Aquarius) from the ascendant transit.

    Any advice or any guidance (if any at your convenience) would be helpful. I am nowhere near the levels of sadhana that so many of your beautiful posts discuss. Hence I am even more nervous..

    I have read about remedies in many of your valuable posts, so I am clearly not asking for remedies in this comment.

    Just felt like sharing this Madam,
    Best wishes and gratitude,


    • astrologerbydefault February 7, 2022 / 9:32 am

      Hi there
      Focus on yr asc chart related stuff. He will give several benefits of being 6th frm asc.
      If he has good score in ashtakvarga in aq he will give good results despite being sade sati.
      Not all sade satis r bad! Some can also elevate the person


      • Shankar February 7, 2022 / 12:52 pm

        Namaste Madam,
        Sincere heartfelt dhanyawad for this kind reply.

        Thank you.


  9. Quest February 6, 2022 / 9:02 pm

    Hi Madam,

    Interesting post.
    I calculated for my chart and coincidentally, according to first method i.e. using the D9 Navamsha chart, I get same planet, (Saturn as Asc in Aires) if counted 12th from atmakarak or 6th from amtyakarak.
    But by the end of the post, you mentioned that Saturn if inauspicious, it indicates tamasic dieties.
    Now, for my case, Saturn is in its debillitation sign Aires, so is it to be considered inauspicious?
    The mars placed in 8th scorpio ( neech bhang case?)
    Could you please elaborate this point.



    • astrologerbydefault February 7, 2022 / 9:32 am

      Hi there
      Best way is to check kashta phal also functional role


  10. Pankaj S February 6, 2022 / 10:31 pm

    Thanks Tejaswini Ji for another enlightening post wherein I got to know many new things regarding Kuldevata/Ishta Devata. While applying rules in my D9 chart, both the 12th from Atmakaraka, and 6th from Amatyakaraka are empty and both are Cancer sign, having 7th aspect of Saturn.In this case, the deity would be determined by Moon ( Cancer ) or Saturn ? Also, regarding Saturn, you have mentioned Tamasic deities, so who can be considered among Tamasic deities..Hanuman, Durga, Shiva..?


  11. Avinash February 7, 2022 / 9:02 am

    Namaste Mam,

    Using the D9, if there are multiple planets (ME, JU, VE) placed in the 6th from Amatyakarak, would it mean that there can be multiple Ishta Devata? Especially when there is no single God that I feel drawn towards particularly.

    Thank you!

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  12. ruslansg February 7, 2022 / 9:56 am

    Thank you Tejasvi madam, and greetings from snowy Russia! 🙏 Reading your blog always with great interest, thank you very much for writing


  13. sharshala February 7, 2022 / 2:52 pm

    Namaste mam,
    I need your comments on this one observation of mine. I have seen people wearing bracelet/ rings made of elephant tail hair. Looks like it’s kind of popular. Why is it worn and is it essential , mam.

    Mam, if our chart indicates a lot of enemies / drusti from people, is there any other shield / practice that you can suggest mam.I am wearing black thread on my right ankle. Only after reading your post I have started reciting Durga saptashloki and have energised my black thread shield. I have made it my every recital too. I normally observe that when I get ready at home and come out for either work /function, after few hours, my face turns dark and vigourless. Can you suggest me a solution to this mam.


  14. sharshala February 7, 2022 / 5:14 pm

    Thank you mam, i brought peacock feathers, i will follow instructions for it. I face intense drushti/ kind of vulnerable things, i think I need every day cleansing. I feel like do 7 of the prescribed ones, every 7 days.

    mam, the tri metal bangle. Can I make 3 seperate solid bangles of recommended weight and wear! Instead of twisting and soldering? will it be adviceable.

    Mam, I read post ” dushamsthan, house of turmoil, the 6th”
    the line “To tackle the 6th, first examine the 5th house, the sign and the planets placed in it. These will give some hints to what is the deep-rooted cause which is manifesting as the 6th”

    Mam, can you please correct me of my observation in interpreting myself, i have 6th lord ( mercury) in 5th(Leo), in conjunction with 5th lord(sun). So, applying the line above,
    Sun in Leo destroys enemy and my anger creates enemies and i will have good ego, Mercury the 6th lord in 5th makes my enemy to be with me or anybody with me will turn my enemy. Mercury is not combust, so enemies are stronger, but sun is aatmakaraka, so final win will be sun’s or my ego’s, which comes after facing pains and obstacles. Since 5th house is dharma trikona the sun god /Agni/ Rama will protect me if I ask his help.
    But please need your advice on the tackling part, how to tacke my 6th house.


    • astrologerbydefault February 7, 2022 / 7:34 pm

      Hi there
      i have not tried wearing them separately like that, so cannot comment.
      you urself are the best judge about this analysis,
      and fr personal readings consult your astrologer.

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  15. sharshala February 7, 2022 / 7:45 pm

    Thank you mam. Today I had a bit prolonged discussion with you. Thank you for your time and patience.
    Good night mam


  16. sharshala February 7, 2022 / 8:34 pm

    Thank you for another eye opening post “karma of giving away energy”. Looks like it’s high time for me on preparing for 6th house dasha and help myself with discipline of cleansing my energy.


  17. Shala February 8, 2022 / 10:46 pm

    Hello maam.. Was wondering since quite some time how is it that people who are supposed to have taken sanyaasa and have become sanyaasi continue to do range of occupation having nothing to with pure spiritual practise, spiritual teaching dissemination or ashram activity.
    How can you go about dabbling in business ,power play or similar activities and call yourself as ordained sanyasi.
    As far as the definition that i checked , refers to someone who has given up… The people I have in my mind are enjoying more material pleasures than most ppl I know ( albeit clad in robes).
    Just like a gruhasta can’t mix up sanyasa with gruhasta, vice versa also applies.
    If you want to practice spirituality and rituals or even celibacy if u must, sanyasa is not required. Thats totally next level commitment.
    How then can today’s sanyassis, most whom even manage enjoyments in public glare, yet claim to be sanyasi just on account of robe or belonging to a sampradaay .
    Isint it an abuse by them of the whole symbolism of sanyaasa, and also an assault on our intelligence, when we buy this act. Is this not using robes only to get material benefits and power?
    Pls correct me if am wrong in my understanding.


    • astrologerbydefault February 9, 2022 / 12:00 pm

      Hi there
      i had written on this in several linked comment, about the power that the Sanyasi carries within him.
      he carries his own Anteyshthi agni within him. he is technically ‘dead’.
      i think i will write a full post on this.

      if anyone has taken vidhivat sanyas then he is dead to this world and the world is dead to him. ie he has taken the ultimate blessing of Mahakaal, is sees the creation as the Mahashmashan always. he cannot be interested in anything of this creation.
      he is तटस्थित ie aloof indifferent, he is the observer, he is seeing things from outside the creation, like sitting on the banks watching the river flow, he is separate but yet observant.
      he is pujaniya, if you meet a real Sanyasi it can be a life changing experience.

      but these frauds and fakes! that is why i repeatedly say that one must be very very careful before placing their shraddha/faith in anyone


  18. Joel February 9, 2022 / 10:55 am

    I have a beginners question. Can you tell me what the purpose of the top horizontal line is on all Sanskrit letters?


    • astrologerbydefault February 9, 2022 / 12:01 pm

      Hi there
      its the devnagri script, its written like that.

      there are several scripts in which you can write sanskrit, but devnagri is the best at the current time.


  19. Shala February 9, 2022 / 5:50 pm

    Thanks for the reply maam. Another query since I am finally getting to read all the articles of last two months .
    There was a reply by you wherein you referred to a lineage dying out because of intense negative karma which will not allow further propagation of that blood line.
    Taking that reply further, though I do agree with your reply, I can’t help wondering how come a cult belief which has single handedly decimated 100 million inhabitants of Bharat along with its past and culture ( even by minimalist historic account) continues to propagate it’s lineage at such a rapid and vast scale across the world? Surely the negative karma that cult accumulated is larger than most can even fathom. But does not seem to affect continuation of lineage. .. In fact the opposite has occured…. If possible kindly clear my doubt.

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    • astrologerbydefault February 9, 2022 / 6:30 pm

      Hi there
      next 10yrs.
      those who indulged in Adharma and also those who had the power to stop them but did not (for whatever reason), both will be asked to pay their dues.
      i think i wrote somewhere that Bhagwan Mahakaal has become jagrut.

      examples from the past are so many, from Tarakasur to Hiranyaksh and the rest. Dev Asur sangram always continues, its a part of the Lila.

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      • Hemangini February 11, 2022 / 8:39 pm

        Dear Ma’m, this is so assuring to read..considering what is happening outside…and the corruption we face in day today life. Is the Bhagwaan Mahakaal’s opening of the eyes going to impact at the collective/humanity/geography level or we too will experience this at the personal levels as per our Karma especially the sins committed by us in the current life? Somewhere you have mentioned that he is responsible for the final moment / punishment for jivatma and the exit is led by him. If awakened , will he also be severe on the atmas who have sinned significantly in this birth or immediate past birth ?
        Warm Regards


      • astrologerbydefault February 11, 2022 / 9:46 pm

        Hi there
        how can anyone exactly predict what Bhagwan Mahakaal will do?
        the times coming up are turbulent. so expect karma to demand resolution.
        this should not be seen in the context of just ‘good/ bad’, there are always shades of grey
        he does not punish, no one can punish you but you yourself.
        you are your own judge and jail.
        you cannot blame the Bhagwan Mahakaal or ‘karma’ for anything that you endure in life. Especially so as you conveniently forget to acknowledge him for anything that you enjoy in life.

        i do not know what you have understood from the posts i have written.
        try to come out of this ‘sins punishment’ type of words. I have never ever used this ‘sin’ word in all the 9 lakh words I have written on my blog. we do not have this concept in Sanskrit. And for ‘punishment’ I have emphasised that ‘inertia is the worst punishment.’ Inability to evolve is the only punishment.

        you have the ability to act now!
        if you want, recite ‘om namah shivaya’ 108 times daily, or offer water on the shivalingam, or listen to Shiv tandav stotra, or the Shiv mahimna stotra, or Shiv sahastranama, or recite the Shiv sutrani or even one bilva patra with full shraddha bhaav

        here are some posts which are somewhat connected to the comment. for more use the index page or search bar.





        Bhagwan Shani is responsible for sorting out your karma in Martyalok and his brother Bhagwan Yam does the same when you go to Pitrulok. but who are they really? the sons of Bhagwan Surya? and who is he? he is your own personal ego, individual soul, jivatma creates them.. you yourself are responsible for what happens to you.
        you exercise your free will, you act, then the repercussions of this action are registered by your own self, you yourself will choose to enjoy/endure the fruits of this action at the time of your own choosing.

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  20. sharshala February 10, 2022 / 8:01 pm

    Namaste mam,
    Thank you for the post ‘Food has psychic energy’.mam, do you suggest anything specific to be consumed daily, i have heard of “shad-rasopeta bhojana” , but daily i taste/eat salt, sugar, sour(either tamarind, tomato, lemon,orange), chili, only. Can you please suggest something that should be consumed everyday either empty stomach / while eating our lunch/ as snacks / some good practices, please.


    • astrologerbydefault February 10, 2022 / 8:49 pm

      Hi there
      consult a good ayurvedic doctor who knows how to check the nadi and get a reading on your kapha/pitta/vaat. he will give you the necessary diet to follow in case they need balancing.

      i cannot randomly write on diet like this as there are nuances.

      eg triphala churna is taken in warm water, but to take it in the morning or at sunset or fr how many days etc can only be decided by the ayurvedic vaidya.

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      • sharshala February 10, 2022 / 8:53 pm

        Thank you mam, i will plan accordingly.


  21. Viju February 10, 2022 / 8:14 pm

    Dearest Tejaswiniji,

    Many, many thanks for this post and the previous one on Shiva Sutrani🙏🏻♥️ Am most grateful to you and Parabrahma Supreme to hear it in your beautiful voice🙏🏻♥️Some of my doubts were cleared by that post. I’ve had difficulty with pronouncing Lrhuu.

    In matriarchal societies the families worship the Kuldevata of the mother’s family. Is this ok?

    Lots of love and gratitude


  22. Viju February 10, 2022 / 11:20 pm

    Namaste Tejaswiniji,

    My Kuldevata came in my life years ago at a most difficult time, saved my life and helped me in miraculous ways; I didn’t even know who our Kuldevata was then, I did not deserve this, it was sheer Grace🙏🏻 My Kuldevata thus became my beloved Ishta Devata. I even stopped seeking a Guru. Often I mentally converse with and in times of difficulty I only pray to my Kuldevata. All my faith, my love and devotion are channelised towards my beloved Kuldevata only. In reality it is the only relationship and love I have in my life, given my utter failure with human relationships – both in this life and past lives.

    Both my Kuldevata and Gram Devata are in my native place in another state which I can’t visit often. I am truly grateful to you for giving tips for such cases in this post🙏🏻 These past few years because of the Covid situation I can’t travel as I’m living with senior citizens. Yesterday night my Gram Devata whom I love but don’t pray to came in my dream. I won’t share the dream here. The dream ended with the message that I should pray to my Gram Devata when facing problems. The most shocking and deeply touching part of my dream was that He appeared to me in the dream. I don’t mind mind praying to Him, I am touched beyond words that He even appeared in my dream. Whenever I pray, I pour all my love and devotion into the prayer and it is all quite intense. In my school and college days I used to pray to different deities quite emotionally. Sometimes I got results, many times I didn’t. On introspection I thought this was because my devotion was scattered. After my Kuldevata came into my life, my spiritual side and experiences changed a lot. I observe all Hindu festivals. But my devotion, my shraddha is focused towards One – my beloved Ishta Devata. Thanks to your blog, I am praying to Parabrahma too.

    As a strange coincidence I have been hearing a lot about this Gram Devata recently (He is widely worshipped and very popular, not restricted to our village temple). It began with hearing some great music (I am highly musically inclined) about this Devata few weeks ago and then 3 days back I heard someone talking about Him. Now this dream. Looking back now I think this was His way of getting my attention. But I didn’t realise it at that time. I did not even think of my Gram Devata while reading your post.

    However I am facing a conflict. Is it possible to pray to two different deities? I mean, will praying to two different deities dilute my faith and devotion?

    I am eagerly looking forward to your answer, please do reply 🙏🏻 Apologies for this long comment. But I wanted you to know the background against which this question arose.

    Lots of love and gratitude


    • astrologerbydefault February 11, 2022 / 11:03 am

      Hi there
      i see no conflict. the outer image is different but the inner Awareness is the same.
      there will come a time where your mind will be disolved in your practice and then all these outer shells will not even register.
      eg if you are doing sadhana of Devi Laxmi, everything around you will be Devi Laxmi as your mind gets absorbed in her energy.
      until you reach that level you can do pujas of every form of the Eternal as you wish and find joy in.
      i personally have done namaskar at so many temples, done so many pujas, but in every temple and in every puja i feel the presence of my Satguru, the power of my mantra.
      sometimes i worship him in the form of Bhagwan Mahakaal and sometimes i worship him in the form of Shri Ram.
      but i know that in every outer form its the Guru, or more correctly the Guru-tattva, the intelligence which pulls me inwards towards myself.
      the route may change from hills to plains or the vehicle may change from car to flight to car again, but the destination is the same.

      tht is why Vivek and Vairagya are the essential qualities of the aspirant.

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      • Viju February 11, 2022 / 9:27 pm

        Namaste Tejaswiniji,

        Heartfelt gratitude for your awesome response🙏🏻♥️ My conflict is gone. I needed your reminder to see beyond the form to the Supreme Essence. I didn’t realise until now how deeply attached and hung up I have been on the captivating form of my Ishta Devata. I look forward to worshipping my Gram Devata (whom I have loved and still do) with the same love and devotion I had been giving to my Ishta Devata and at the same time love and appreciate the Parabrahma, the Guru Tattva behind🙏🏻 त्वमेव सर्वम् मम देव देव ॥ This will be an exciting journey🙂

        Your analogy of the hills and car was superb. As always, I am forever deeply grateful to you and your poojya Satguru for this blog🙏🏻🙏🏻 To Parabrahma I am always in a state of love and gratitude🙏🏻 I have received answers to so many of my queries and doubts here. And knowing that I can come here to gain knowledge and evolve evokes much gratitude in my heart♥️

        Lots of love and gratitude


      • gumnaam007 February 12, 2022 / 4:35 pm

        I was reading this comment under mango tree . Stopped at Shri Ram and started thinking of him as i am born in Ayodhya . When i look back at comment , flower bud of the mango tree was fallen on the mobile screen . When i lift the bud .. like button was pressed .

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  23. JJ February 11, 2022 / 5:26 am

    Namaste mam,
    I have been following your posts on nonduality and how self realization is the highest goal. This could be off topic – but once you start exploring the concept of self realization – how do you stay motivated to do things which might seem “dual” like worshipping your ishtadevta (doing his/her puja). For example if I practice self-enquiry, Soham meditation and keep asking questions about my internal nature – do I “need” to worship my ishtdevta so make sure all my material issues/desires are cleared out?


    • astrologerbydefault February 11, 2022 / 11:13 am

      i see no conflict. the outer image is different but the inner Awareness is the same.
      there will come a time where your mind will be dissolved in your practice and then all these outer shells will not even register.
      eg if you are doing sadhana of Devi Laxmi, everything around you will be Devi Laxmi as your mind gets absorbed in her energy.
      until you reach that level you can do pujas of every form of the Eternal as you wish and find joy in.
      there is no ‘need’ imposed from outside, do whatever suits your mind and thought processes.
      i personally have done namaskar at so many temples, done so many pujas, but in every temple and in every puja i feel the presence of my Satguru, the power of my mantra.
      sometimes i worship him in the form of Bhagwan Mahakaal and sometimes i worship him in the form of Shri Ram.
      but i know that inside every outer form it is the non-dual Guru, or more correctly the Guru-tattva, the intelligence which pulls me inwards towards myself.
      the route may change from hills to plains or the vehicle may change from car to flight to car again, but the destination is the same.

      tht is why Vivek and Vairagya are the essential qualities of the aspirant.

      the real nature of the deities here

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      • JJ February 11, 2022 / 7:35 pm

        Thank you so much for your reply and helping me understand this.


  24. Shweta February 12, 2022 / 11:16 am

    Dear Ma’am

    Is there a way to measure spirituality (higher or lower)
    Is it based on character, psychic power or intention or anything else.

    Best Regards


    • astrologerbydefault February 12, 2022 / 3:46 pm

      Hi there

      if you want to gauge your own potential using Jyotish then

      also there are several qualities of the sadhak defined in our several Shastra which you can refer. eg bhagwat gita gives 26 qualities.
      in my opinion the one who has the firmest sankalp-shakti and the twin qualities of vivek and vairagya is the higher level sadhak.

      but you cannot measure spirituality. what can you ‘measure’ it against?
      you are moving towards the Advaita, which by definition is ‘Non-dual’, there is none other than it.
      so isn’t this question a bit illogical ?

      and comparing spirituality is not a concept in our Dharma.
      what you do is as per your mindset. eg you might think that giving Rs 10,000 in charity to feed poor people is a punya-karma
      what i do is as per my mindset. i might think that buying 10kg pure desi cow ghee with that money and offering it to the Agni in a yajnya is a punya karma.
      both are no doubt very good actions for punya karma. but is one better than the other? this can never be decided by anyone.
      how is comparison even possible in spiritual growth?

      and ‘who’ compares? the mind. and everyone’s mind is different. you are going to dissolve this mind eventually so this idea of ‘comparison’ will also vanish with it.

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