The 9th house, destiny, luck and blessings

The 9th house is called the Dharma-sthan, the house of right foundations and right actions. It is the Bhagya-sthan, the house of fortune, divine blessings and luck. Obviously the two are interconnected, if you perform the right actions you are going to get lucky and blessed in life. The owner of this house is called the Dharm-esh or Bhagy-esh and is a very important benefic for the chart. On the whole I find this this house rather difficult to analyse as most of its effects are linked to the spiritual not the material life. And generally clients have very material and practical questions.

One thing is true that this house is highly auspicious. If it and its owner are powerful you will lead a good life whatever the rest of the chart may signify. The 9th house represents ‘auspicious benefits’, which will include blessings from the divine, the Guru/ actual spiritual teacher, peers and patrons, elderly people who guide or help, right actions, ancestors, wisdom, charity, higher emotions, help, prosperity, travel and pilgrimages, etc. These ‘auspicious benefits’ are your own punya-karma/ meritorious actions from your own past lives which are giving their benefits now. You have accrued some positive karma in your past lives, the 9th house reflects this. These ‘auspicious benefits’ are invisible energies which help you when you most need it. The 9th house is a combination of the invisible and the visible, thus is rather typical to interpret.

The 9th house, destiny, luck and blessings

This is also the reason why Sagittarius the natural 9th sign of the zodiac ruled by Jupiter is considered to be a high-voltage sign. Your past lives positive karma is active and may provide you with sudden dramatic luck. The 9th house is just that small part of your past positive karma which is active in this current life. The 9th house indicates how the karma of your past meritorious actions gets allocated and active in in pushing you onwards in your spiritual journey. You may receive material benefits from this house but it is more like ’on the way’. You might be born in a rich household, get sensible parents, a good education, a good wife/ husband, children, enough money and a life of peace and prosperity. All this would be a reflection of your past merits. This has been made available to you so that you can focus on your spiritual life and create more positive karma. It is like you brought your groceries yesterday but cooked and ate them today. Now you need to buy more groceries for tomorrow.

Thus the ‘travel and pilgrimage’ motif of the 9th house. You are ‘travelling’ through life and your Ultimate destination is the ‘pilgrimage’ you are really aiming for. So from the 9th house’s point of view, travel is your life Experience and pilgrimage is your own Reality.

As you travel through life under the guidance of the 9th house’s energies you change. This change will be on the inner level often does percolate to the material level too. As you learn new wisdom, gain new foundations, perform the right actions under the guidance of a senior or your own conscience, you evolve, refine, mature. Depending on how powerful your active past life positive karmas are you will be given opportunities to ‘travel’ and experience Life.

And when do you really travel? If I want to go to Goa, why is it? My Mom’s ancestral village is there, she told me about it, I read about it in the magazines, it is attractive, I desire to go and I have the means to go there. Similarly why would someone want to travel to the Ultimate pilgrimage? Because your spiritual Guru told you that it is your real home, you read it in the Ved /Gita /Devi Mahatmya /Vidnyan Bhairav tantra etc, you saw attractive visions when you did your spiritual practice and you have the necessary positive merit from your past lives to make the journey and reach.

The 9th house, destiny, luck and blessings


Then there is always a confusion regarding biological father. Is he the 9th or the 10th house? Astrology is about the influences that the father has on the child. If the biological father taught the child how to live in society, the ethics, value of discipline, capacity to work, money sense etc he is pure 10th house. Most fathers today are pure 10th house. But in addition to all this, if the biological father taught the child spiritual practices then you have to see the 9th house for its influences in addition to the 10th. (This happens only in certain families where puja is a very important part of life, ie practicing Brahmin, priest, astrologer, tantrik etc families, the daily pujas are taught first by the father then the Guru). The spiritual father is the 9th house because it is through him that the child is re-born into the spiritual life, ‘Dwij’. Adopted parents are also to be seen from the 9th house.

A child who is auspicious in every way is born only in a deserving family. Such a child chooses an equally auspicious family where not only his material needs but also his spiritual needs will be catered to. Also parents who have ‘auspicious benefits’ active in this life will have such fortunate children. So for marriage and progeny related questions the 9th house needs to be referred to. In fact for any question where fortune and favour are necessary the 9th house should be checked. Pitrusukha is the happiness from the fathers/ ancestors and also the happiness from your own past lives.

The 9th house is the past auspiciousness and also the destiny of this present life. These two are interconnected. This destiny can be of any type, social, science, spiritual, hard or easy life. But whatever is is it will take you towards your own spiritual goal. If there are benefics here naturally it is going to be quite auspicious and favourable. You will grasp your destined fortune and also enjoy it. But even if there are malefics placed here and they are powerful, you will gain that destined fame, but the price that you will pay for it in your personal life will be heavy. If your 9th house is vacant look for the aspects on it. Look for the power of the 9th house lord in giving results. A powerful 9th lord can elevate the overall horoscope as he is in charge of the uplifting forces flowing in to the personality from the other unknown dimensions.


The 9th house, destiny, luck and blessings

7 thoughts on “The 9th house, destiny, luck and blessings

  1. Sam January 27, 2020 / 8:11 pm

    Hello, I have Sun in Cancer in the 9th. For me then it’s very literally the biological father who’s also the spiritual father (that has been the case for me), or is the interpretation misplaced? Also since Sun in debilitated in Cancer, what impact would it create?


    • astrologerbydefault January 27, 2020 / 9:39 pm

      Hi there,
      Sun in Cancer is a good placemnt
      (he is debilitated in Libra)
      and in the 9th house he should have given you a rather caring dad, he must have given you a sense of self-confidence and also helped you find your life philosophy.
      Sun in the 9th house is always a good placemnt.
      and he must have taken care of the discipline and social angles too coz the Sun owns Leo placed in the 10th house.

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  2. Hemlata June 18, 2020 / 9:51 am

    Dear Mam

    How would we interpret the result if 9th house is empty? 9th lord (sun) is in 12th with saturn. 9th lord gets debilitated in navamsa. Is there no hope for spiritual journey/guidance in this life?


  3. Himalayas13 July 5, 2020 / 2:24 am

    Dear Tejaswini,

    On this occasion of Guru Purnima, I wanted to write a message of thanksgiving to you as a Guru albeit virtual! I wanted to say thank you for making me feel that I have come home when I discovered your blog a few months ago. Thank you for making me feel safe and secure. Thank you for validating my existing spiritual practices which over the years whilst I felt consciously guided as I faced life constant challenges, I also doubted that perhaps I was being too extreme in my spirituality. In my quest to understand the patterns of life and to seek beyond and accept transformation, thank you for making me realise that my consciousness is my own Guru. Over the years, as I became acquainted with the forces of the planets in my life, thank you for making me accept their nature as Gurus who take us through life’s lessons either willingly or unwillingly. Thank you above all for altruistically sharing your knowledge, skills and expertise with the world. Thank you for caring so much for humanity as to leave such a unique and valuable legacy in the form of this blog. Your posts are tiny pieces of a huge puzzle that is human nature. I look forward to making my way through your posts as I piece together this impossible task of a puzzle.
    Thank you for the following posts:
    Jupiter and Venus conjunction in the 8th House; it allowed me to appreciate this placement and steered away from the scaremongering doomsday nature of the 8th House.
    Rahu 5th/Ketu 11th made me chuckled when you mentioned the native will write..hmm yeah not sure about that but thank you for your advice of not letting friends and group members take advantage.
    Unknowingly and innately over the years I have come to be thankful for that amazing energy of Mars in the 7th house contrary to popular beliefs. Thank you for showing me the true nature of Mars.
    I do have a question if you wouldn’t mind indulging in me please. In my 9th house of cancer, I have Moon in Pushya @ 09°07’ (showing as pushkara Navamsha & bhaga), Saturn @ 26°51’ and Sun @ 26°57’. In D9 Moon shift to Virgo still in 9th house but this time alone. Saturn and Sun (showing as Pushkara Navamsha) shifts to 3rd house with Venus. I understand the combination of Saturn and Moon placement has its challenges as does that of Saturn and Sun i.e. combust but it’s the trio of Moon, Saturn and Sun together that I would welcome some guidance if at all possible there a chance that what I believe is a highly karmic placement gets mitigated or even offset as indicated by the D9 placements and how likely does the Sun as lord of the 10th house where my mercury is be affected in D1? Moon and Sun are the only two forces that I have overlooked in spiritual practice and having read your posts, I wonder whether I should be focusing on those as well.

    And a last thank you for being serendipitously guided to you!

    Best Wishes


    • astrologerbydefault July 6, 2020 / 12:21 pm

      Hi there
      thank you for your kind words, ultimately ones own inner self, conscience, antaratma, higher soul is one’s Guru. Pulling you inwards towards your self always.

      your combination is with a Scorpio asc. asc lord mars in 7th tau is a good position for all sorts of partnerships including marriage. so life/personality/spouse etc should be well adjusted.

      Jupiter venus in 8th gemini are otherwise good but one typical thing is they can give opportunities for gain thru unethical means. Avoid such activities even if you feel that you can justify them in some way or the other.

      Rahu in pisces in 5th is a very good position, it grants a strong ethical backbone and the ability to take a stand on genuine moral values. A deep desire to know the Truth exists. Ketu in 11th virgo is also supportive so its all good on material and spiritual levels both.

      9th moon saturn sun in cancer. You have a very active sub-conscious current flowing in your life. You go thru several deep secret experiences and transform your innermost psyche from time to time. Several planet here means this is a happening area of your life. If you do some regular spiritual practice things will be very good for you as all planets work well in the 9th house.
      Here the energies are so transformational tht I would say tht Saturn’s role here is like a note of caution, a braking system, else sun and moon alone here would make unfold things very fast. Saturn is rather helpful here as he allows only tht much which you can safely absorb.

      Only one suggestion is do not sacrifice yourself for others to such an extents tht it causes you trouble.

      This would also be a kaal sarpa combination, I have written on its energies also. I have written posts on several of these combinations so if you feel like do go thru them, use the index page.


      • Himalayas13 July 6, 2020 / 5:32 pm

        Dear Tejaswini,

        Thank you so much for this priceless guidance. I can honestly say that I do not think I’ve had such profound feedback at least in this lifetime. I just breathed a sign of relief with regards to your take on my 9th house. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the reference to the self-sacrifice which has been teasing my conscious only recently as being a longstanding personal trait and a pattern in my life but I was denying it as this has already got me into trouble! The fact that you have put it out loud and clear made it the more relevant to me so that I can accept and transform. I do need to apologise for a typo in my original message: I have Ketu in 5th and Rahu in 11th as opposed to the other way round but I think you have previously written beautifully and extensively on this placement that I can draw from this resource as I do from your reference of the Ascendant falling outside of the Rahu/Ketu axis.
        No same article of yours have the same output when read at different times. To go back again and again to the same posts to try and seek the truth is a relish and so may you continue to prosper in your endeavour to enlighten us.

        Best Wishes


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