Temples in India where I have been to

Since I wrote on the 9th house and the deeper meanings of travel and pilgrimages, I got a question on how many temples, pilgrimages, I have been to. I had never really listed them out so was a fun exercise for me and perhaps an interesting reading for you.

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  1. Devi Kalika, Haat Pithoragad, Uttarakhand – Been here a few times. It is a yantra installed in a temple in the middle of the Deodar forests. The yantra is carved on a rock in the floor of the inner sanctum, it is beyond powerful. There is an additional moorthi of the Devi Kali, but the power is in the yantra. Most people do not notice it. It is beyond powerful, it feels like Kali Herself is standing there in all her magnificent terribleness. But so full of love. I have lost track of time whenever I have stood in this temple located in a valley of Deodar trees. In these mountains the separation between dimensions is very thin. You can sense the presence of other beings called Naag, Yaksha, Gandharva etc here (Similarly in the nearby temple of Kotgadi). Temples in India where I have been to
  2. Devi Kasar, Almora, Uttarakhand – You can feel golden pran radiating from a small tunnel into the earth. The people have placed a Moorti of Devi in front of the tunnel, most worshippers look at this moorti and ignore the tunnel and the energies whirling out from it. Very welcoming, loving and you feel it, a huge dense quantum of energy beneath the earth, it silences the mind. And you can feel the presence of other dimensional beings here too. This temple belongs to the Yaksha.
  3. Shri Badrinath, Uttarakhand – This is one of the Char-Dhaams of India, located on the west coast (the others being Somnath, Jagannath, Rameshwaram). Been here thrice in this life. It is a black moorthi of Shri Vishnu. Very high energy and very gentle, a compulsory pilgrimage for all Hindus. River Saraswati flows here for a bit (Brahmakapal) and then vanishes underground. This is the place where the final death related rituals/ tarpan are performed for the deceased ancestors. The entire place throbs with energy, and those who can see auras can see the brilliant golden shine of the moorthi and also the entire village and the surroundings. Was able to go here three times in this life.  Temples in India where I have been to
  4. Shri Kshetra Yamunotri, Uttarakhand – The origin of the river Yamuna in Uttarakhand. Another must visit location, the energy is awesome, shiny, sparkly. There is a temple here dedicated to the Devi Yamuna and the prasad that you get here is a small pouch of uncooked rice, you then dip it in the nearby hot spring, it gets cooked and you eat it with the blessings of Devi. It was the tastiest spoonful of rice I have ever eaten. Ice cold Yamuna and the boiling hot spring are a few meters apart. Nature is so cryptic!
  5. The Mahakumbh – I have been to Haridwar during the Brahmamuhurt of the Makar Sankranti at the start of the 2010 Mahakumbh. Ice-cold water. The Ganga is exceptionally loaded with pran during the Mahakumbh time, so a dip in these waters is a must for every Hindu. It can be a life-time recharge if you do it with intention. I was able to go to the 2021 Mahakumbh too.
  6. Shri Kshetra Gaumukh, Uttarakhand – the origin of the river Ganga at the base of the Gangotri glacier. Ganga wherever she flows, Devprayag, Rishikesh, Hardwar, Kashi etc. brings in her tremendous quantum of pran. As you go nearer to her source, the higher the energy of her waters. The Gangotri glacier feels like a chunk of gold and the the flowing waters rippling gold/ silver pran. Do visit it if you are physically able to, if you keep putting it off to the next year, chances are you will never visit. The Gangotri temple is on the way to Gaumukh and this too is a beautiful place. The entire Himalaya are a huge source of power and energy in itself.Temples in India where I have been to
  7. Shri Kedarnath, Uttarakhand – The top of the mountain is the pyramidal Shivlingam on which the temple is built. It is mind-boggling, I think the entire mountain you climb is the lower part of the massive Shivlingam. The very top is worshipped in the temple. The temple was there for thousands of years, first the Pandavs worshipped here, it was renovated a few thousands of years ago by Adi Shankaracharya and then by Shrimant Ahilyabai Holkar a couple of centuries ago. Been here twice, a must visit. After you do the Darshan, just sit outside the temple and soak everything in, if you do this with full intention, this ‘recharge’ will last several life times. I have been here three times in this lifetime. Temples in India where I have been to
    • Then there is the Samadhi of Adi Shankaracharya nearby. One of the most important Sat-Guru is relatively recent history (a couple of thousand years ago). And you can feel his blessings/energy here.
    • Enlightened Gurus in Sanatan Dharm/Hinduism are special, after they discard their physical body, it is entombed above ground/’Samadhi’ and Anteyshti is not performed. When a soul attains moksh, it is not linked to the energy structure of the body, the brahmanadi has fused, the circuit is complete. The individual soul does not exist as it has realised itself as the Ultimate. The energy of anteyshti breaks the soul’s bonds to the physical body. But a real Sat-Guru has already broken this bond to ‘Creation’ by the energy of his internal fire, Dhyan. The real reason for the Samadhi system is different. It is a threat, if some common human fools others into believing that he is a Guru, his disciples will give him a Samadhi after his physical death and he will remain tied to the physical body, a ghost with no scope of evolution. The worst possible punishment.
    • This is an aerial view of the Kedarnath temple in deep winter, you can just see the top of the temple as the entire town is under snow. Our ancient Rishis identified Shiv-lingams and built temples in such locations several thousand years ago, it is mind-boggling.
    • Temples in India where I have been to
  8. Devi Dhaari, Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand – This is one of the fiercest Kali temples I have ever visited. The moorthi is just the head of the Devi, and She seems to shoot volcanoes from her eyes! I love Her in Her every mood, so enjoyed sitting in front of Her and soaking in her blessings. This temple is in the middle of the Alakhnanda river, and is energy-linked to Kedarnath, She is His Wife. Whenever people have tried to shift this temple for hydel power projects, Kedarnath has showed His displeasure, last was in 2013. They shifted the Moorthi and on that same day clouds burst bringing in disaster. Temples in India where I have been to
  9. Shri Jageshwar Shivlingam, Uttarakhand – This is a Shivlingam in the Deodar forests of Almoda district. I think this is the Daruka-van Jyotirlingam as Deodar trees are called Daruka in Sanskrit. It is a very high energy location and is very beautiful too.
  10. Shri Hemkund saheb, Uttarakhand – This is a pristine lake and a Gurudwara. The lake water is very high energy. It is said that Pandu from the Mahabharat worshipped the Devi here. Also Lakshman from the Ramayan did some pujas here. It is a hard trek, especially the last few kilometers, so you need to be physically fit. But you can also visit the Valley of Flowers which is near here, which is an added advantage.
  11. Devi Chandrabadni, Tehri – The Himalaya is home to highly aware energies. In this temple, She is in her Yantra form. The temple is on a very tall peak sharply rising above the surrounding peaks. The Devi is in a very small cave like structure at the very top. No one can see this Yantra and it is always covered, in addition the ceiling of the cave is also always covered with cloth. If anyone tries to see Her, the overwhelming energy will be enough to kill him on the spot. It is her kindness that She has at least allowed us to adore her through this veil of red cloth.
  12. Devi Varahi, Devidhura, Uttarakhand – The Ugra form of Devi Laxmi and Bhu Devi who is married to the Vishnu in the Varaha avtar is here in the form of a Shila. The Shila is never left uncovered, it is veiled with a red cloth always. And another moorti of the Devi Varahi is always kept locked in a chest. Its worshipped only once a year on the Rakhi Pournima, by one Brahmin who keeps his eyes blindfolded during the process. It is a very intense energy but still very gentle and loving. The Himalay is home to such terrific energies that I think people born and living in his shelter with Dharma are the truly blessed ones.cave-temple
  13. Devi Vaishno, Katra, Jammu & Kashmir – The deity of this shrine is a rock, which is a part of the mountain itself. This shrine is very famous, a regular very dense concentrated Himalay energy added to the energy of the Devi.
  14. Shri Kshetra Pushkar, Rajasthan – It is a very cryptic dense energy, not for everyone. There is a misconception that the pujas of Brahmadev is forbidden. But it is actually that the we, the current humans, are so degraded that we are incapable of performing his ultra intense pujas. Performing the Gayatri puja properly is in itself a feat for the humans of today, and so the puja of Brahmadev is another level altogether. There is an entire Brahma-tantra and all Rishis and Sadhaks of the earlier ages did pujas of Brahmadev to attain Moksha on a fast track. Today you won’t get anyone who understands the use of even the Gayatri-tantra. (Brahmdev and Devi Sarasvati are the stable and the kinetic parts of Raja-gun. If you consciously control ‘movement’, you Realise your Self.)
  15. Devi Ashapura, Bhuj, Gujarat – The deity in this temple is a huge rock, there is no separate Moorthi. This rock is placed in a temple. It is so utterly powerful that the few minutes I stood stupefied. Such tremendous energy. Something like the energy of the 10 Mahavidya Devi-s. If you are the slightest bit insincere she will cut off your head then and there. But if you are sincere she will pick you up in her arms like a mother loves a child and give you whatever you want. The entire area for kilometers was resonating with her energy. The rock does not seem to be from this Earth, more likely it is a meteorite, but very conscious, very very aware and very dangerous. Temples in India where I have been to
  16. Shri Koteshwar Mahadev, Bhuj, Gujarat – A wonderful location on the sea-shore with extremely high levels of pran. The Shivlingam was also quite powerful gave off cool, peaceful pran. Loved watching the Dhwaj/ flag on the temple swirling in the wind. This is the last temple on the west coast, the land beyond is Pakistan.
  17. Shri Dwarkadheesh, Jamnagar, Gujarat – This temple is dedicated to Shri Krishna, a lovely moorti made of black rock. Highly energy and very calm gentle, it soothed the soul. Do visit this temple if you can. But avoid the priests who try to try to fleece the tourists outside the temple. Keep your mind on your mantra and the deity in the temple. Try to mentally recite your mantra 108 times in the temple complex, while you wait in the lines etc, it is an energy rush. And around these temples and pilgrimage site you will also find petty pickpockets and such, so take care. It always surprises me that these people forget Who is watching them. Shri Krishna could give them anything they want but they are more interested in the tourists and their money than the deity Himself. Temples in India where I have been to
  18. Shri Naagnath Shivlingam, Gujarat – This is near Dwarka and said to be one of the twelve Jyotirlingams. It is a newly constructed temple and is energies are average. In Sanatan Dharm/ Hinduism, a Shivlingam is not carried into a temple. A temple is always built over a Shivlingam. This means that our ancient Rishis/ seers, ‘saw’ the energies and identified stones which had the energy of a Lingam and constructed the temples over them. It is always to go to temples which are old, older the better for that high energy rush.
  19. Shri Somnaath Jyotirlingam, Veraval, Gujarat – I have been to this temple 4 times in this life and each time it is a home-coming. Very high levels of energy flow from the Shivlingam, very gentle and conscious. I can never pray for things in temples. What should I pray for? He knows everything. This is a must visit temple for all Hindus. Temples in India where I have been to
  20. Shri Siddhivinayak, Mumbai, Maharashtra – Have been to this temple several times. It feels like he is angrier every time I see him. This Ganapati moorthi has his truck folded towards his right side. Embodiment of ‘nivrutti’, destruction of Illusion, destruction of the material and tearing apart of the veils of Maya, the highly disciplined Sanyasi, ‘Brahmachari form of Ganapati. If you are not prepared to leave Her ‘funfair’, praying to such a moorti can be quite traumatic on the material levels. It is the same effect as blowing on a left-handed conch (Dakshinavarti). It will destroy the material and bring in the spiritual, in any way possible. In our homes we do not keep a moorthi or photo of Ganapati with the trunk at the right side. In temples it requires specific pujas and there are several restrictions on what is allowed in such temples.
  21. Shri Trayambakeshwar Jyotirlingam, Nashik, Maharashtra – Extraordinary high levels of energy. It is such an old temple, all stone. The stones of the temple itself have absorbed the energies of the pujas and the whole structure is one conscious entity. The Shivlingam radiates huge chunks of energy, not as peaceful as Somnath. The energies can be used for ‘destruction’ related pujas too. Bhagwan Shiv is more serious here, more turned inwards, more intense. I have been here a few times and it is always beautiful. Temples in India where I have been to
  22. Shri Bhimashankar Jyotirlingam, Maharashtra. This is located in a the middle of the forests, with a river flowing near it. All Hindu temples need to have a natural source of water at its north-east side, it is compulsory. This Shivlingam has a rather secretive energy. I think there must have been intensive practices of tantra, mantra, yantra in this temple. Perhaps no one knows or does this now, but the ancient past is felt in the energy of the temple and its stones too.
  23. Shri Kailas, Ellora, Maharashtra – This architectural marvel is very famous, our ancient Rishis 3D printed in the igneous rock, no one knows how. But the Shivlingam! It is a good 5 plus feet tall and loaded with power, I went silent in front of its energy, the mind was completely silent. I wonder how the ancients knew that this stone under the hard lava stones of the Deccan plateau was the Shivlingam and they created the temple around it. It is the most fascinating Shiv temples I have ever been to. Ellora was called Elapuri earlier, the ‘town of the Devi’. Temples in India where I have been to
  24. Shri Ghrishneshwar Shivlingam, Ellora, Maharashtra – This temple is very ancient, but felt low on energy, not what I expect a Jyotirlingam to be. I think that perhaps the actual ‘Jyotirlingam’ is the one inside the Kailas temple less than a km away.
  25. Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra – This Shivlingam has always showered me with love and ‘home-coming’ energies. Just like a father giving gifts to his child. Beautiful old temple and with routine pujas being performed. My Sat-Guru was the 26th Mathadhipati of this Math. When I was a child my family would stay here for a couple of weeks every year, these are the most precious moments of my life as I would get to see my Guru every day and several times a day.
  26. Shri Khandoba, Maharashtra – His temple is located on a plateau of lava-basaltic rock. There are moortis in the temple, but the energy comes from a yantra set into the floor of the temple. The mountain is alive with very intense energies. Exceptionally fierce. If you wish for protection and the energy to fight, he is more than willing to give it to you. He is the Kuldevata of most Marathi people so this temple is always bustling with people and jai-kaara of ‘Jai Malhar’.
  27. Then the several temples in Goa, the more famous Devi Shanta-Durga, Shri Mangeushi and my mother’s ancestral god Shri Narsimha at Veling. I always feel a deep rooted sadness whenever I go to Goa. Perhaps my DNA picks up things or remembers them. The Portuguese invaded Goa and killed our temple Brahmins, carried out an Inquisition here, killed most of the Hindus in horrible gruesome ways. Some Hindus and Brahmin priests escaped to Maharashtra and remained alive albeit as farmers and traders, some of them my mother’s ancestors. Narasimha temple, Veling
  28. Shri Kshetra Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu – it is a magical place, there was no need for a formal temple, the oceans themselves are alive here, Bhagwan Varun in all his glory. The temple of the Devi is peaceful, gentle energy, it is like She is relaxed, watching the waters play around Her. Outside, the south-most tip of India, where 3 waters meet. It has to be experienced, the clean freshness is so deeply peaceful yet so full of high intensity energy. More white than gold pran, so much and so freely available!
  29. Shri Thirupati temple, Andhra Pradesh – A very famous Vishnu temple (but I feel it more like a Shiv temple and they are all ultimately the same Non dual energy, one Eternal Illumination). Humongous amounts of energy. The lines are so long that they don’t let you stand for very long in front of the moorti, but even standing in line within the stone walls of the temple is a high energy experience. I have been here twice in this life.
  30. Shri Jagannath, Puri, Odisha – One of the Char-Dham-s, I have been here twice, a very enigmatic temple. The idols of the deities are one thing, but the real energy is from inside the ground under the sanctum sanctorum. I make it a point to sit down somewhere inside the temple and recite my mantras for 5 mins, if I can. What one sees in these 5mins in such powerful temples is indescribable. If you go here, do a Namaskar for the Sudarshan chakra on the temple top, it radiates power. Temples in India where I have been to
  31. Devi Kamakhya temple, Guwahati, Assam – She is extremely no-nonsense here. She is not in her ‘kind-mood’. Visiting this temple is not for everyone. This was the first temple where I saw her in her really strange virakt mood, so has made a life-time impression on me. Devi Sati in her Jal roop. She is so beautiful. The second time I was summoned by her, she was in a very different mood, all ready to give her blessings. Each time it was a home coming. There is also a powerful temple of Devi Tara and the other Mahavidyas in the same complex which one should visit.
  32. Shri Hayagreev Madhav temple, Guwahati, Assam – It is in a place called Hajo, a hour’s drive from the city. He is in his shila form, very powerful and aware. There is a pond nearby with turtles and fishes which are worshipped as the Matysa and Koorma avtars of Shri Vishnu. A must visit. The energy of this pond is similar to the power of the Manomaya chakra pond in Naimisharanya, very auspicious.
  33. Shri Vishveshwar Jyoptirlingam, Kashi, Uttar Pradesh – The best part is that they let you touch the Shivlingam. Everyone should visit here once in a lifetime. Bhagwan Shiv is very kind here, it is like coming back home. The original temple was destroyed by the mughals. This current Shivlingam was installed and this temple was built by Shrimant Ahilyadevi Holkar. This entire city is pure, no other word, it is pure, bright very very clean on the energy planes. Try to book a seat for viewing the Saptarshi Arti if you can. And touch the Shivlingam, Darshan and Sparshan both are necessary.
  34. Shri Kshetra Kashi – The Devi Ganga flowing northwards here is in herself a Tirth, a temple and her Ghats, there are several but each has its own very different and specific energy. Book a boat and go for a boat ride on the river from Varuna to Assi. Read the names of the Ghats and do your namaskars to the important ones. If you can try to walk to the important Ghats and sit there, meditate on your mantra, let the energy of the presiding deity enter your soul. I have been here twice in this life.
  35. Temples in Kashi – There are several temples here, it is the city of temples and Ghats. Of these very many temples I have been to the ones where I was to go and the deities have been so very kind. Shri Kaalbhairav, Devi Annapurna, Devi Vishalakshi, Devi Varahi, Shri Sankat Mochan Hanuman each one of these is in itself a source of power.
  36. Samadhis in Kashi – Several Rishis, Sants Sadhus have lived in this Anandvan Kashi. Doing namaskar at the Samadhis of Guru Kinaram Baba and Guru Telang Swami was like going home to my loved parent. A very powerful but a very gentle parent. I went and did namaskar to Shri Lahiri Mahashay’s house too. I had a neutral view of him because I had read the ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ where Yogananda refers to him as his Guru and I know that the meditation technique which Yogananda’s Society is teaching is incorrect. When I stood in front of Lahiri Mahashaya’s house, I touched the steps of the locked house I felt his presence, a Realised Soul, his students later distorted his teachings. The house is always locked and in a state of disrepair.Temples in India where I have been to
  37. Shri Kshetra Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. The name is in itself so evocative and with the temple under construction I am expecting so much for our Bharat. Here the Shri Hanuman mandir has very deep energy as if Maruti himself is in deep Dhyan here. And of course seeing the moortis of Shri Ram and his brothers was a very moving experience. I prayed for Shri Raam to come out of his child-form, ‘Ram-lalla’ form and assume his Raja Ram form, so that we can all experience Ram-Rajya once more. The banks of the river Sharayu are always bursting with power and blessings.
  38. Shri Kshetra Nimisharanya Uttar Pradesh – This is a rather secretive place, very much on the map but with very cryptic energies. If feels like this place is not fully on this earth, the dimensions overlap here especially at the central pond, ie the Manomaya chakra of Brahmadev. The shakti-peeth of Devi Lalita here is also very radiant. However the temple priests are an utter nuisance, a disgrace, the worst I have seen till now.
  39. Shri Kshetra Girnar mountain, Gujarat – The entire mountain is full of energy, I don’t know how such a huge mountain can even geologically exist in that flat place. If you ever travel to Junagad to visit the Gir National Park, do try to at least travel to its foot and feel its energy. There are very high number of spirits and beings from other dimensions here. In fact the first time I ‘saw’ these beings it was here. Been here a few times in this life.
  40. Devi Baglamukhi and Devi Dhoomavati Datia, Madhya Pradesh – Both Devis are the Dasha mahavidyas and are very very dangerously awake here. Visit only and only if you have a clear conscience, no more can be said, there are secrets here which are not for everyone. I was summoned here twice in this life.
  41. Shri Raja Ram temple Orchha, Madhya Pradesh – I had the good fortune to visit this utterly beautiful place on the day celebrated as the marriage of Shri Ram and Devi Sita. The celebration here on this day is a must see. Been here twice in this life.
  42. Devi Amba bai, Kolhapur, Maharashtra – I have loved this temple since I was a child, She has summoned me here several times, most significantly after I got married. She is quite powerful here and quite ready to grant blessings. But one must not really ask for anything in such temples, simply put yourself in her hands and let her decide what is best for you.f4c7215a-c501-4bab-99b8-29fd2985a387
  43. Devi Vajreshwari, Kangra Himachal Pradesh. This is a beautiful ancient temple spread over a large area. The Devi is in her shila form here, very caring and protective, it is a Shakti peeth. Apart from the power of the main temple, I saw immense two Peepal and a Banyan trees their branches touching each other in this temple complex. Their energy is stupendous.
  44. Devi Jwalamukhi, Kangra Himachal Pradesh. Again a Shakti peeth, Devi Sati is in her Agni form here, very intense. A must visit, but obviously you can come here only if she summons you. Interesting to see a Mimusops elengi tree right in front of the temple. In the south, the flowers of this tree are specifically offered to the Devi. If you go there, collect a few flowers from here to keep in your puja ghar. And remember to go to the temple of her Shri Bhairav too, it is located some distance away from the main temple. This Shri Bhairav temple felt like he was waiting for me and by doing Namaskar to him, I have achieved something that cannot be put in words. The love radiating from him was so intense. www.psychologicallyastrology.com
  45. Devi Baglamukhi Kangra Himachal Pradesh. Devi Baglamukhi is very dear to me, she is just so protective, gentle and strong. (There are three main temples in Bharat, Datia MP, Nalkheda – MP and Kangra – HP). In this temple, she is in her shila form. There is also a Shri Bankhandeshwar Mahadev temple with a huge 4 ft Shivlingam in the same complex.
  46. Shri Kshetra Dakshineshwar, West Bengal – It is a very famous temple, Devi Kalika is utterly magnificent here. The temple is always bustling with devotees. It was established by Shri Ramkrishna Parmahans. Interestingly his Guru Totapuri Swami’s Guru was Shri Kaamraj Maharaj who had established the Shri Dakshineshwari Kali temple in Haridwar. Devi in all her forms is essentially the same.
  47. Shri Kshetra Kali Ghat, West Bengal – This was one of the most memorable darshans for me were the Devi Kalika allowed me and my family to perform an Arti for her. She is in her Shila roop, so exponentially powerful in her glory but so kind, so loving, the mother of all creation.
  48. Shri Kshetra Tarapeeth, West Bengal – This is the most powerful location for sadhaks who revere the Devi Tara and it is not for the faint hearted. She is in her extremely Ugra form. If you go for darshan after 9:30pm, her Shila roop is uncovered and you might get to touch her Shila roop, this is an out of the world experience. Her temple is located next to her Mahashmashan. Here you can do darshan at the samadhi of Gurudev Vamdev Baba, but enter the Mahashmashan only if you feel up to it and after invoking her name and protection.
  49. Shri Kapil Muni Ashram, Gangasagar, West Bengal – We all know the story of Sagar, the ancestor of Shri Ram. The 60000 Sagarputra were burnt by Kapil Muni at this location which led to the eventual descent of the river Ganga on the earth. The Gangasagar island is located at the boundary of Bharat and Bangladesh. One must try to visit this ultra high energy location if possible.
  50. Shri Tarakeshwar Mahadev, West Bengal – A very high energy location, in fact all the old temples in West Bengal are very highly potent with energy. When you go to a temple with a Shiv lingam, you must try to touch it, Darshan must be completed with Sparshan. The first time I went to this temple, only Darshan was allowed because of the pandemic. Later I was summoned once more to complete the sparshan. Several temples have stopped Sparshan and allow only Darshan. This is a disservice that they are doing for the devotees who come for worshipping the Shivah.

Here are some of the well-known temples that I am sure you must be aware of. And there were several smaller ones and high energy places which I have not listed here. I keep adding more as I keep going to do Darshan at even more temples. Temples are energy banks, they recharge me on so many levels.

We are Hindus, followers of Sanatan Dharma, our ‘god’ is the Parabrahma, the Nirvishesh Brahma the Conscious Intelligence but these temples are necessary as they contain a part of this Awareness and going to temples reinforces the Bhaav, ‘feeling of Self’ within you. Pilgrimages are necessary for all spiritual aspirants and if you have the time and the inclination you  must do Tirthatan.

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    The image of Dhaari Devi is really very powerful! I closed my eyes and felt like crying as if some emotion is emerging from the heart, and going through the throat to the eyes and the mind.


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    Madam, Pranams! I have been regularly reading your posts and did notice that you many times mentioned contacts and experiences with Other Realms, as you mentioned semi-divine beings in this post. Can you please author a detailed post and your experiences with them, as you are a realised self. This will help re-enforce our beliefs, and guide us on way to developing more spiritual quotient and realization to the meta physical realms. Please consider this request, as from my experience as a avid meta-physical enthusiast,your posts are quite to the point. Jai Matangi!


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      Hi there
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