Sounds the planets make

Space is full of energy, ie vibrations. As every Sun, Planet, Moon and other objects in space move, they cause even more vibrations. Some of these vibrations created by the planets/ stars etc are visible as light. Some energies released are beyond the scope of visible light and are seen in the ultra-violet and infra-red spectrum.

Some vibrations are completely astral, eg the energies released by the Lunar Nodes, Rahu and Ketu. These cannot be sensed by any physical sense organ but they act on the sub-conscious levels and the sookshma-sharir/ subtle body.

The various probes and satellites that zoom through the space are capable of capturing radio emissions from astronomical objects. These vibrations in space are actually inaudible to the human ear. We humans can can ‘hear’ sounds within the range of 20 to 20000 Hertz with our ears. And there is no audible sound in space because sound needs a medium to pass through. ut our modern scientists have developed methods to convert these space vibrations into sounds which we can now listen to.

You will need to hear this first (do use headphones if you have them with you). The sounds that our Sun, the planets of the solar system and our Moon make.

Sounds of the Sun and the Planets
Sound of our Moon

The Sun sounds something like a huge generator, which it technically is. Or like a OM, deep down somewhere in his heart. Mercury sounds very ‘busy’, lots of sound, in several different pitches. Just like your chattering siblings, perhaps? The most beautiful sound is Venus. Most clearly resembling the deep gonggg of a bell, it is the closest to ‘Om’. I have mentioned in my several posts that Venus is the real Moksh-karak. The real Guru of the esoteric and the spiritual who brings you to yourself. Om.

Earth, our home planet, has a very busy sound signature, several sounds and with a sense of speed. We all live on Earth all the time so this is the sound energy that we are all deeply linked to. Our Moon has a very gentle sound, quite pleasing. Moon represents your emotional states, also the nature and nurture you receive in life. With Mars, you can just about sense the suppressed deep energy in the sounds he makes. Maybe these are the drums of war! Jupiter now has a soothing bell-like sound of Om. He is rather sedate and quite peaceful, the Dev-Guru. Wisdom, knowledge and protection is his domain and this is reflected in his sound too, mild and benevolent. But then at the last, Saturn makes a rather scary sound, like something from a suspense movie. Suits his image, he is the Lord of Karma, he will make you work hard to pay back what you owe.

These 7 are the Graha of Jyotish, we do not consider the planets beyond Saturn as Graha, there is a mathematical reason to this. (post here).

These sounds and the light that we sense from the Sun and the planets is a part of the energy they radiate out into the universe. And what is Jyotish? Essentially just another way of recording, interpreting their energies and the effect they have on our lives.

(One of my seniors in office pointed out this topic to me, I felt it to be interesting, so put it in a post.)

4 thoughts on “Sounds the planets make

  1. Anne June 23, 2020 / 10:33 pm

    Dear Mam,

    Saturn is supposed to be a hard core karma planet and usually saturn mahadasha is very karmic. But what happens if such dasha comes in childhood? I had this dasha from age 7 to 26. Then I didn’t even know about astrology, so how do we change our karmas when we are not even aware?


    • astrologerbydefault June 24, 2020 / 12:55 pm

      Hi there,
      Saturn does make you work hard but then if he is your asc lord or yogkarak for your horoscope he is a benefic. so he will give his very evident rewards after making you work for them,
      He is quite fair in this respect. If you work as he says, you will gain.
      so he will work well for Taurus, Libra, Aquarius and Capricorn ascendants.

      and even if he is the lord of your birth Moon sign and the Moon is placed in a relatively auspicious house, (any except 6th 8th 12th from rising sign) then the Saturn’s dasha periods can given work+gain both.

      it is best if the Saturn Mahadasha comes in the younger to middle age. He will make you work in a disciplined manner fr your education, profession, marriage, social responsibilities etc, so tht the foundations of life are made secure early in life.
      So if you look back you might have felt that you ‘grew up’ faster than your friends, maybe you had to work from an earlier age or were mentally mature earlier,
      in my opinion it is good, it creates a more grounded and overall practical personality ..

      knowing astrology has no connection with being aware of karma..
      if you are aware of your inner voice, your own conscience and act as per this, you are doing a good job on rebalancing your pending karma..


  2. A June 29, 2020 / 8:00 am

    Mam, I have been binge reading your blog and am thankful for your writings for furthering my spiritual quest.

    I am a Pisces Ascendant – Jupiter and Saturn in 7th, Rahu in 5th and Venus and Mercury in 8th house. My husband is a Taurus Ascendant with Moon and Venus in 4th and Mars in the 7th house. We have been together for 23 years, 15 years of marriage. Due to our tempers, the relationship has not been smooth, but there has always been a feeling of deep love and partnership. All of this has gone for a toss since January of this year. I have been a mental wreck due to some family circumstances that have put their shadow on our relationship. I feel so insecure because I know we will never be happy if these circumstances do not change. Is this the end of our story? I know you do not do readings anymore but can you please give me some guidance?


    • astrologerbydefault June 29, 2020 / 2:48 pm

      Hi there
      Jan 2020 has been a watershed for almost everyone in know as Saturn has entered Capricorn triggering a lot of karmic stuff in everyone’s life.
      If you have been together satisfactorily for 23yrs, I think there is no need to think on pessimistic lines.
      Whtever combinations you have mentioned, if they have helped you to remain together for this long then you should consider this period as a temporary situation.

      If you feel tht you are disturbed then you must do some spiritual practice. Only you can help yourself. Do Soham as a mental jaap, manasik jaap with your breathing. It will help you calm down your emotional turmoil.
      I have written about consciously reciting Soham anytime mentally while you are doing your daily work. Or doing a full Dhyan on it, 108 mental recitation with 108 breaths, if you have 30mins for yourself.

      If you have access to a cow, preferably a desi cow with a prominent hump on its back, feed it something with your own hands. Touch it. Its aura is the gentlest possible and this too helps take away the emotional turbulence.

      and finally as its a marraige, you can listen to or recite the Shri Sukta.
      this is the one single remedy for anything thts connected to prosperity, Shri. Devi Laxmi is the deity and the married woman is the Gruh-Laxmi, ‘the prosperity of the home’. so listen to this sukta and intend prosperity fr yourself..


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