Men are men and women are women

Today I went for a cultural fest in the town where I live. There was a dance and drama troupe which performed 3 dances and 1 short drama. Excellent performances all of them. But there was one performer who amazed me, the likes of which I have never seen in my life and probably never will again. The best female dancer who also performed a solo dance as female was in fact a young man! He was much more graceful than all the other female dancers and most importantly felt feminine. He was so immersed in his performance as a female dancer that he was also giving out the energies of a female in his aura. It was beyond belief, but auras do not lie. Then I saw him perform as a dashing young man in a male role in the drama and again his immersion was so complete that he was the perfect example of masculinity. I met him after his performance to congratulate him and to see his aura when he was not acting. A simple clear aura of a normal healthy young man with a girlfriend or two.

Men are men and women are women

That got me thinking, men and women are fundamentally different, never can be compared and should not be compared ever.

Men are generally more selfless when it comes to giving to the Society at large. Men are protective of the entire society as such. Men are capable of immersing themselves, even destroying themselves in the greater interests of the society. They can do anything required for the greater interests of the group, rather than their own personal family. The men are not centred around their personal selves or the children that they father. They are centred around the society they live in. The physically robust male did not have to rely on ego games and selfishness to survive. Instead they could afford to spend some of their strength in protecting persons not related to them by blood. This mindset is very deep and the core of maleness, protect the group and the individual is taken care of automatically. If a few individuals die it does not matter because the group survives. Probably this is connected to their XY DNA structure.

So a man will generally be deeply more comfortable performing activities related to greater good of the group. Abstract concepts like patriotism, long term tactics, strategies  appeal more to the male mindset. A man would be a better spymaster than a woman. And you cannot expect a man to look after the tiny things around the house.

Anonymous soldiers and even more anonymous spies and those charismatic men who lead their nations often at great personal losses are just this example. A great leader will be a man and most often a single man. He may have a family but for such a man the nation will always be more important. A Man will always be for the protection of the Society. This is a general observation.

It is in the genes. This is the evolutionary trajectory and cannot be altered by a couple of feminist generations and media shouting.

Men are men and women are women

Now what about Women?

A woman is generally selfless only when it comes to her own children, her own blood. Only then. She is physically weak comparatively so has developed different survival mechanisms for herself and her offspring. She is psychologically stronger. She has more ego and more selfishness. These two traits are linked to her survival during evolutionary history. A woman is extremely vulnerable at several points of her life eg during the 5 days of the monthly cycle, during pregnancy, during rearing a small child, and has had to learn to play mind games just for survival.

A woman always remains aware of her individuality and cannot immerse herself deeply for anything other than her children/herself. In fact women are not so deeply connected to their their husbands even. If they find a better care giver for themselves and their children they can shift. A woman’s focus is on her and her children’s individual survival. She can do anything for this. She has a narrower mindset which limits itself to herself and her bloodline. Women are in this do not think much of the larger interests of the society. But she is extraordinarily aware of the tiniest things in the house, eg the sugar in the kitchen is finished, there is dust under the bed, the curtains need airing etc.

A woman will generally feel more satisfied when she does something for the good of her children/herself. She is more practical and survival oriented. She will prefer dealing with immediate issues rather than long term tactical strategies.

This is micro level priority and may be linked to the presence of XX DNA structures of a woman. Again this is a general observation.

This post is not for blaming either of the genders. This is how they are on a deep level subconsciously and they have become this over millions of years of evolution. Men manage the society and women manage the house and both these functions are equally important. There cannot be a vibrant society without families and there can be no safe families without a society existing over them.

One interesting example, Chefs or people who cook for village fests, weddings and in large volumes are almost always men. Women on the other hand generally cook just for their personal families. It is not about the taste or efforts, it is linked to the ability to “give”. Women can better “give” to their families. Men can better “give” to large groups.

And with due apology to both men and women, I am neither a feminist or a chauvinist. This is my observation and my experience. Both men and women exist so that the macro and micro levels are both taken care of. Both are different and both are essential. And neither can be compared to the other.

And that young man today, whose performance triggered this post. I will always remember him, his aura in a female role was feminine, as a male role was masculine and when I met him he was not even aware of the level to which he had immersed himself in his roles. An extraordinary performance indeed.


Men are men and women are women

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