Peacock feathers as an energy tool

Today will be sharing my experience with peacock feathers. Of course Shri Krisna wears a peacock feather in his crown and it is a synonymous with Vishnu Himself. But why? Curious? A peacock feather is one of the most effective ways to clean out the aura. Try it the next time you have a stress headache. Make a brushing off motion with a bunch of peacock feathers around your head and feel your headache disappear.

And this is how you make a high positive energy charged peacock feather bunch. Choose 108 perfect clean peacock feathers. I bought them for Rs 10 per feather in my local market. The “eye” on the feather should be perfect and brilliant. Use a red/yellow cotton thread which you can get in any puja material store. Sit in front of your puja ghar/altar in your house or else face the east or north. Recite the Siddhakunjika stotra once and arrange the feather in a bunch with the “eye” of each feather facing outwards. After you have arranged the feathers properly tie all of them securely using the red/yellow cotton thread.  All the while doing so recite the navavarna mantra ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चे 108 times. And it is ready.

You can use this bunch of charged feathers to clean out the negative energies from your house, your own bodies, to protect your astral self during sleep etc. Just keep it in which every room you want to clean out or once in a while wave it on the doors and windows of your house. You can also keep it on your night stand, in a cute vase, next to your bed so that it looks pretty and also protects you from negative energies as you sleep.

Its an indispensable tool which is very easy to make and is extremely effective too. A must have in every house. And there are no rules on how and where to keep it. Just that a basic amount of respect for it as a tool in your energy kit is all thats needed.

And if you don’t believe all this, keep it in your living room as a decorative item at least. Keep it in a cute setting so that every visitor to your house sees it. I guarantee you will see the results for yourself very soon.


Peacock feathers as an energy tool


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