Rahu Ketu results in the 3/9 axis

Rahu Ketu are the direction your life experiences flow. Rahu is the desire for new experiences and Ketu is the learnings related to your past experiences. The 3/9 axis and the natural 3/9 signs of the zodiac, Gemini-Sagittarius are sensitive points in the chart. Your choices and your luck.

Rahu is the energy which pulls at you. His energies are visible by the actions they make you perform. If you ever see Rahu in your meditative states, he is a fierce-looking head, his eyes whirl in every direction, wild and terrible energies surround him. Rahu is the never ending desire for experience. He is the agent of Maya and cannot be classified as reality nor as illusion. Ketu on the the other hand is seen as a headless body, greenish in color. A weird sense of ‘oldness’ about him, an ‘ancientness’. He has seen it all and now cannot be tempted by anything anymore, he is the Moksh-karak. You intensely desire the experiences of the Rahu-things, you have been putting these off for several lives and now they cannot be avoided any longer, you have to experience them now. There is a terrible awareness linked to the Rahu-things. And the Ketu things? You have experienced them to the full and have the deepest learnings related to them. You are not interested in these now, you are consciously unaware of the energies of Ketu in your life. 

If your Rahu or Ketu is linked in some way to your ascendant sign, or ascendant lord, or the birth Moon or yogkarak or any major planet in your chart, you will be channelising their energies more consciously. Rahu Ketu act through the signs/ houses/ planets/ nakshatra they are associated with. 


The 3rd house is siblings, extended family, the neighbourhood, short journeys. Courage, strength, boldness, intelligence, ability to create options, the luxury of choice, the ability to act, human efforts. Communication in all its ways, the hands, speech, technology etc. Teamwork, skills, ie knowledge of the material world, aptitude, the ability to get along with others. It is an upchay house, so you are required to address the concerns raised here in time or they will multiply with time. If you do address them in time, your gains will improve with time.  How will you choose to utilise the power, abilities and the knowledge you possess. Will you boldly take your fate in your hands or follow what has been meted out to you? The 3rd house is this basic choice. 

The 9th house briefly represents the auspicious benefits, punya-karma from your past lives, the blessings of the ancestors, the presence of the Guru, your life philosophy, your virtue, the foundations you base your life one, timely luck, support from elders, peers and patrons in society. Also pilgrimages, outward religious actions, deep learnings etc. The Dharma, foundations of your life are a direct product of these subtle influences. Here you will decide if you will train your subconscious mind so that you can consciously use your luck in your life. 

If your 3rd house is more powerful you will take more efforts to do right actions and gain what you desire. If your 9th house is more powerful then it means you will get what you want with the minimum of efforts and by good luck. If they are both equally powerful then you can achieve significant fame and fortune. You will be very lucky in life and get several chances to enjoy the fruits of your luck. If both are suffering under malefic influences, you will have bad luck and you will not take adequate efforts to change this. This would mean enduring the negative karmic fruits. (In this last case see if there is some help from the 5th house ) 


Rahu in the 3rd house

There are often problems with siblings, possibly you are the youngest child of the family. Here, Rahu grants material comforts, ie house, cars etc will be available. You will want expensive luxury items in life and will earn wealth. But there is a possibility of being cheated by others, so be careful. The marriage and children part is generally good. You will be attached to your family but in a typical manner, ie as long as they are with you, you will be wrapped up in them, but once you are out of the house, you will not bother much about them. You do not ‘miss’ anyone. Social life is good and you will be well known, a good status in your community. Desire for intimacy is very high, so after getting married this aspect of life must be controlled consciously. If you get into affairs it will eventually cause loss of reputation. 

You are also capable of spiritual activity. You know what ideals are necessary in life but may be too lazy to actually put them to practice. Physically and mentally strong, capable of working hard, you persevere. There may be hurdles but you generally achieve all material goals. Sometimes you may use underhanded means to gain your objective, manipulation comes naturally to you. There is an inherent force in your personality and you overcome all opposition. Leadership qualities exist and your workers etc look up to you. You know what you want and how to get it.

Try to keep your goals reasonable, try to enjoy what you have, rather than randomly running behind what you do not have. You will meet several people with shady backgrounds, selfish people, cheats, criminals etc. Make use of these friendships, in a positive way. If you get into criminal or illegal things then you will be feared than respected. You have the ability to plan meticulously as you can see where things will go wrong. You can see the negatives in others, potential traitors, betrayers. So try to use this ability in positive ways, as you know the difference between moral right/ wrong. 

If this Rahu is incapable of auspicious results then things can get difficult. The nature can become bitter, secretive, vindictive, unpredictable, unethical, criminal etc. The family may not support and bad company may attract. 


Ketu in the 9th house

Rahu is in the 3rd will naturally have Ketu is in the 9th. You want to do so many things but at the last minute you might suddenly be made aware of the spiritual/ ethical/ philosophical implications of these actions. This may cause you to either be religious or Dharmic or on the other hand encourage you to disregard morals and freely engage in questionable actions. You have a unique ability to identify and solve problems in a completely dispassionate manner. Try to use this ability in the life for material and spiritual progress. 

There is a fundamental honesty and wish to reach the higher energy planes. The thought processes can be different, non-materialistic and philosophic. Religious fanaticism is possible, or a dogmatic adherence to a school of thought. Or it is equally likely you have your own radical ideas, which differ from established ideas. Eccentric, individualistic, with an inflexible nature, you will not compromise on your ideals. If there are benefics here, by the end of your life you will have gained significantly in terms of spiritual progress. Though living in society etc, there will always be an underlying existential sorrow, seriousness and a desire to know the meaning of life. You are able to keep a clean separation between the physical and psychological as Ketu in the 9th is often indicates a spiritually elevated soul.

There will be enough wealth etc for a comfortable life and if there are positive influences then significant power and status in society will be possible. In this cases you will be more a king-maker than the actual king. Marriage and amicable family life is possible but there will be separations from time to time, eg you might have to live away from your home or travel for your job etc. Material comforts and companionship is often denied. You like travelling and may not have a permanent home. This can also mean that you are spiritually oriented and interested in searching for the Reality within. There is a possibility of psychic powers or communication from the departed ancestors. Occult abilities are very much possible and you can use these powers to gain material things too. However when dealing with such things always follow your conscience, do not hurt others in your drive to get ahead. Till the mid-40s you might face frustrations as Ketu does not allow your ‘luck’ to influence your life so easily. But after he matures, everything suddenly falls in place. 

Others will quarrel or perhaps disagree often with you. But this is because you are more intelligent and they cannot understand what you are trying to explain. So if you comprehend that not everyone operates from your level of genius, you will live a more relaxed life. A powerful Ketu here grants, universal understanding, broad-mindedness, non-interference, character and honesty. 

If afflicted then obviously all these aspects of life will be affected negatively and life will be harder overall as you will be separated from the luck factor in your life. 


Rahu in the 9th house

Here Rahu can grant a very high capacity for spirituality and materialism both together. You will be able to grasp the hidden meanings in the religious Dharmic rituals and work with their energies. Outwardly you will seem like a regular traditional guy but there will be significant occult abilities. You desire material pleasures and will work to achieve them. The overall life is generally happy and comfortable.

You have a capacity to heal using energy, so will attract people in such trouble. Also interact with spirits etc. People with similar occult abilities, will come in contact with you. You will learn more on harnessing your unique abilities, teachers and guides will arrive in your life from time to time. A range of people from criminals to spiritual masters will come in your contact, but you will not let them deeply affect your personality and thought processes. Outwardly you will be with everyone, but on the inner levels you will remain apart. 

You have your own ideas which you do not give up. You can think deeply, contemplate and come up with radical ideas, solutions and philosophies. You are sure about yourself, internal courage is high. The mind is very sharp and you can comprehend the issues in a way which people with lower intelligence cannot appreciate. Thus they will argue with you to no end, often irritating you. But you have the ability to convert adversarial situations for your positive benefit. There is a capacity to work hard and you earn name fame and wealth with time. The period before your mid-40s may be a bit frustrating but once Rahu attains maturity things will go along smoothly. 

If this Rahu is afflicted then there is tendency to cheat others, deviant and anti-social behaviour. There will be a tendency for fatalistic, morbid thoughts and an unexplainable sadness as you are unable to access your divine blessings in the real sense.


Ketu in the 3rd house 

This Ketu can create a personality which prefers solitude, your enjoy being with your own thoughts. Other people may not be very comfortable around you either. You have several ideas in your mind but working systematically and transforming them to reality can be difficult. You have an original way of thinking and can solve typical problems in a unique manner. Try to harness this ability in some way which can give material successes. 

Ketu here can give the strength needed to to defeat your enemies. But guard against petty quarrels which can cause break up in the family/ friends. As it is there will be limited interaction or increased quarrels with your family members /siblings. If with benefics, he can grant wealth, but you may be not be interested in this. You might get cheated so pay attention to your finances. You might feel inspired to give away all your wealth in charity or in the extreme contrary case to deceive or cheat others. Either way, pay attention to your wealth generation and its maintenance lest you regret later.

You might suffer from fear of unknown stuff, anxiety attacks and general emotional instability from time to time as this Ketu generally affects peace of mind. Behaviour is not consistent, erratic because of the typical Ketu thought processes of apathy, disinterest and dissociation. You have to find some anchor for your mental/ emotional stability else there is a possibility of becoming a victim for psychological issues. Try to find a genuine well wisher who can be relied on to give proper advice and guidance should you need it. 

If this Ketu is incapable giving auspicious results then he can create mental unbalance which will spill over into your actions. Inability to adjust and fit in the situations you are in. Bad company or into affairs with unsuitable people is possible. There is an internal loneliness which can lead to depression and other psychological problems. 


The 3/9 axis is your desires, plus the activities aided by your luck which might help you secure what you want. Rahu Ketu in this axis means that 3/9 energies are yoked together even more strongly. Rahu Ketu generally give good results in the 9th house unless severely damaged by malefic influences. In the 3rd house too they can perform well especially so if influenced by benefic planets. Luck and efforts in focus.

(I have written posts on Rahu-Ketu in the 1-7, 2-8, 4-10, 5-11 and 6-12 axes. This post on the 3-9 axis was the last one in this series. Do use the index page or the search bar to locate these posts if you wish to read.)

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  1. Shruti March 28, 2021 / 11:14 am

    Thank you ! Been waiting for this post for so long (doing a little happy dance)
    When it comes to the strength and dignity of Rahu/Ketu, which one is deemed stronger – one with an exalted depositor or one in pushkar navamsha/bhaga?


    • astrologerbydefault March 28, 2021 / 4:04 pm

      Hi there
      Both are considered strong will give pleasing results.
      Types of physical results will depend on the nature/ strength of despositor / rashi / nakshatra etc.
      Pushar navamsha will add auspiciousness on the astral/ subtle levels. Happiness / strength frm within type of thing


      • Shruti March 28, 2021 / 9:25 pm

        Thank you and Happy Holi to you and your family !


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    Thank u for the article mam. The pictures you use in your articles are so powerful and convey precise information. 🙏


  7. Asha March 28, 2021 / 4:19 pm

    Hi Tejaswini….is there a simple spiritual practice that can help with the internal loneliness or feeling of detachment…


    • astrologerbydefault March 28, 2021 / 7:16 pm

      Hi there
      I have written on so very many simple practices which u can do regularly.
      Do use the index page or the search bar.
      It can b as simple as thanking the Sun everyday. Or listening to the Shri sukta. Or mentally reciting soham with ur breath whenever possible. There are several ways. Choose something which u feel happy doing.

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  8. Shala March 28, 2021 / 6:58 pm

    Maam,If rahu in 3 rd house is amatyakaraka too, then subtle effects will be much more of this axis?


    • astrologerbydefault March 28, 2021 / 7:13 pm

      Hi there
      I do not practice Jaimini. So u will have yo ask someone else.


  9. Thcricketfan March 28, 2021 / 11:40 pm

    Thank you Tejaswini ji. Your posts and your willingness, openness to sharing knowledge freely is what i am really grateful for.
    Would you have any thoughts on health impact of Rahu, Ketu in different houses? Someone in my family has Ketu in second house and they had to have a mouth surgery in Ketu antardasha. You have written about the “loss” aspect of Ketu in the 4-10 axis post. Can that be correlated? Thanks!


    • astrologerbydefault March 29, 2021 / 9:20 am

      Hi there
      Ketu’s position can cause injuries, surgeries amputations if severely afflicted etc. (but tht would need 8th lord and mars and scorpio sign too with afflictions. More afflictions more will b the probability)
      or at the very least birth marks like scars.
      Eg someone with ketu with asc lord has a birth mark scar on his head.
      But not necessary tht he will give surgery always. Naturally u will fine tune things with dasha/transits.


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    Dear Tejaswini, many many thanks for this post. Also for the whole endeavour of a Jyotisha blog (and much, much more). I am finding this the best, and sincerely spiritual offering for learning by doing and most generous sharing of a 3rd generation practicioner via the web. I believe your very first blog post said it all. Sincerely,


  11. vandana03 March 29, 2021 / 7:52 am

    Hi This is regarding your article of mantras of Durga Saptashati. I am seeking clarification regarding two related articles. You write in one, that the Navarana mantra has to activated by saying it 9 lakh times. Correct? In another article you write, recite Kunjika Stotram. Then say the Navarana Mantra, Intention Mantra (108 times), Navarana Mantra. So now you say the Navarana Mantra only twice. Did I get this right? So we first activate the Navarana Mantra ( 9 Lakh recitations) before we say the Intention Mantra. I just came across your blog today. It is very enlightening. Thank you for the good work.


    • astrologerbydefault March 29, 2021 / 9:29 am

      Hi there
      Do read tht post again.
      The mantra needs a 9lakh repeat

      On the first day ie on the u start ur anushthan, the siddhajunjika is recited first. Only once. and only on this first day.
      Then u recite the NM for as per your chosen daily repeats eg 108×9 times.
      (Depending on ur schedule u shud decide on the number of daily repeats. Eg 108X9 times daily or any other figure in repeats if 108 . )
      Then do the rest as per the post.


  12. Anu March 29, 2021 / 6:12 pm

    Hi Tejaswini .. the blog post is interesting , thank you for sharing your knowledge. Today is Holi and would you know anything about the four great tantric nights and why is holi called a darun ratri ? What is the esoteric significance of the phalgun purnima.


  13. pnaik11 March 30, 2021 / 8:05 pm

    Hello Tejaswini ji,

    Is the Bhav chalit chart more accurate to analyze the Rahu/Ketu placement? For eg, Rahu in 4th house in Rasi chart moves to 3rd house.

    Thank you.


  14. maviswa March 30, 2021 / 11:20 pm

    Hello Mam Namaskaram.

    I have an exalted Ketu along with Jupiter in third house of scorpio and an exalted Rahu in ninth house of Taurus.

    Does this make a person become a saint like person with no material attachments mam..


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