Ketu conjunct other planets

I find Ketu very fascinating. He is the oldest graha and the most powerful. In some texts he is considered to be a ‘dark Sun’ ie more powerful than the Sun. He is headless, the agent of dissociation. Ketu’s real results are all on the astral planes. However he can give some material results through the following planets. These planets linked to Ketu in some way will tell you a lot about your talent, aptitude and basic nature.

  • Any planet conjunct Ketu, ie in the same sign/house as Ketu. The closer this other planet is, the more intense will be the effect, especially if they are in the same Nakshatra/lunar mansion. Ketu internalises the energy of the planet he is with. This planet’s result are significantly modified by Ketu’s presence. You will see this situation quite often in your clients charts.
  • The ruler of the sign occupied by Ketu, applicable for all charts
  • The sign/house occupied by Ketu, again applicable for all charts

eg Ketu in your 5th house in Aquarius so your talent would be to use your intuition and intelligence in projecting your creativity and genius. (Here Rahu would naturally be in the 11th house, Leo sign.This talent would later be distributed to the larger collective as per Rahu’s corresponding 11th house position.)

Ketu conjunct other planets

Whichever part of life is linked to Ketu do analyse this part. Subconsciously you are aware that you know a lot about these things, you have perfected all this stuff in your past lives. You have with you all the lessons related to that experience. So unconsciously you can be ambitious and aggressive about these aspects of your life. And often most of your frustration can come from here. Ketu’s nature is separative and he is instinctively linked to these things but in a disinterested way. It can get very strange. You are also most vulnerable in these aspects of life as you are consciously not aware of what goes on here.

You may need to develop patience in all areas of your life which are linked to Ketu, which is never easy. Ketu is said to be something like Mars, but he is way more intense than Mars! And the way to use this energy is to remember that Rahu is said to be somewhat like Saturn. So you have to temper your Ketu aggression and irresistible impulse by patience, caution, discipline and understanding. Ketu is your past and you are required to use whatever you have been learning in the past to create your present. Unless you do this, the current life will remain confusing to you at the astral levels. Understanding your past is the first step to assimilating it and then moving forward into the future.

So before doing any thing with Ketu, first analyse the soul maturity level of the chart. This will tell you if you are going the material or the spiritual way. If Ketu is working with Pravrutti/ evolution, he will make you play the Creation Game some more. He will make you identify with your roots, your family, identity, society, etc. In extreme cases he will create racial/ religious fanaticism and problems associated with such a mindset. But if he is working through Nivrutti/ involution, on the spiritual route, he will grant you Moksh or at least significant progress in this direction. He will help you understand the past so that you can dissolve limits, penetrate through boundaries, destroy your attachments as he shows you the illusory nature of creation and sets your soul free.

Especially if you have an actual planet conjunct Ketu, (this in about 8% of the charts,) you are a bit different. Evaluate the power of this planet first, can he give auspicious results or not and what aspects of life does he control. Obviously the sign and the house in which this happens will have its typical effect, so analyse that too. Now as we are all students of Jyotish, we need to see at least two charts, the basic birth chart and the navamsha D9. One will give you the visible results and the other will give you the inner potential and sub-conscious expectations. Ketu gives his most startling results when he is with the birth Moon or with the ascendant lord.

Ketu conjunct other planets

Ketu with your birth Moon gives you an unique understanding of emotions, intuition, your astral self, your link to this creation etc. If your chart is highly evolved then you are aware of the other dimensions, astral/ causal bodies, past lives, the occult, tantra, spiritual stuff, have premonitions of the future etc. This in your young age can cause mental stress and unrest, especially during childhood. You are psychic, imaginative, you can visualise very strongly and are highly perceptive. You are highly aware but in a disinterested way of the emotions/ astral bodies of others too. (some one I know can sense the pain of mountains when landslides occur in the Himalayas where I live now!). Your mother or people in her family may also be psychic. You may be an astrologer, a shaman/ tantrik or in some way aware of extra things in your environment. You will be required to rebalance karma from your past lives by acting in your swapna-dream states. You cannot deeply rest as Sushupti state is limited. This extra activity in the swapna-awastha can take its toll on your physical health, so doing Dhyan is essential to balance things out. Most probably there will be something blocking your Ajnya chakra, actual karmic debris, if so, do gentle healing on yourself. Most people I have seen with this combination were already doing some regular spiritual practice in life. Ghosts, spirits, ancestors, incidents from your past will always confront you, so necessary precautions should be taken which include psychic shielding and healing. You might always feel that someone is around you, which is actually true as we always have spirits etc around us at all times. If this combination is in the 4th house or Cancer or if Moon is strong in some way, it will add to the power of the personality. You are then able to separate your mind from useless issues which drain your energy. Things improve after Ketu matures at 48yrs of age, allowing your Moon to mature too. But if this is not a high quality chart then this position can indicate mental issues, fears, paranoia, psychiatric problems, cruelty, morbid fascination with ‘black magic’, heartless behaviour, and at the extreme, suicidal tendencies.

Ketu conjunct Sun can cause problems as self-confidence is primarily affected if the Sun is weak. Sense of self, self-ego etc is hit. Introverted, pessimistic, you carry a load of guilt. You expect sympathy from others for your problems which does not happen so self-pity is a motif. Overall vitality is low, life is confused. But if the Sun is powerful in some way, ie in the 1st house, in Leo, exalted etc, then this can give a lot of physical energy and ability as Ketu adds his energy to the already glowing Sun. You will be short-tempered but capable of focussing and solving issues, will have penetrating insight etc. There is a hint of cruelty as the malefic nature of Sun is enhanced. Sun is a natural malefic so his ability to give auspicious results must be examined first.

Ketu conjunct Mercury if in a good house/ sign will give a strong and unusual imagination, logic, intelligence if he is benefic. You always have options and you can create new ones as you are fearless and willing to experiment. You are not afraid to act. This can give rise to really good astrologers, mathematicians and people who invent stuff. You know how things work together intuitively. But if Mercury is not strong, debilitated or in the dushamsthan, 6th 8th or12th houses, or under even more malefic aspects etc, then you will use your words to hurt others, your speech is illogical, selfish, there is always confusion, a lack of judgement, heartlessness and your words/ actions can hurt your own self and the others around you.

Ketu conjunct other planets

Ketu with Venus is not a good combination for material happiness. It would be best if you channelise this energy into creative arts, ie writing, acting etc. Or if your chart supports, do your Dhyan for spiritual progress. Or become a politician or get into high fashion. You want true fulfilling love, but this intensity of pure love which you want is not possible in this material world. Most people with this combination have a frustrated love life. You actually desire, in your indifferent way, that one-one relationship with your own self, ie Moksh, but this is possible only if the rest of the chart supports it. In case you progress on your spiritual path this desire for love becomes more refined and you radiate universal love. You can be a spiritual Sat-Guru then. Ketu always does one very typical thing, he is ‘extremes’ remember?, so he will grant the extremes of the planet he is with in this single life-time itself. So when this planet is Venus, you might see yourself desiring all luxuries and using them and then later turn completely into an ascetic! Chances of asceticism are more if Venus is very powerful and this combination is in the metaphysical signs of Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces. In case Venus is low in power there can be problems in having children, he controls the production of ova/sperms. Also there will be perversions of the Venus things in your life.

Ketu with Mars is not a good combination as it is an overdose of fire, passion, impulse, aggression, rage and cruelty. It can give a varying energy level from lassitude to passion. You have very high self confidence which can lead to rash and reckless actions. You have to exercise restraint on yourself in all ways to make this energy bearable for yourself and for those around you. Else you will face accidents, litigations, misunderstandings etc as Mars flares up. But if you can make this energy work for you, you will be granted flashes of genius, logic, fiery intelligence, intense concentration etc, which can be put to real use.

Ketu with Jupiter is considered to be good by some people, thinking that Jupiter can control Ketu. But I have seen that Ketu spoils Jupiter’s abilities to do good in the horoscope, whatever Jupiter stands for gets spoilt. Only if Jupiter is very powerful can this combination be considered to be beneficial. However you have to be into religion, teaching, spirituality, etc to make real use of this energy. There are psychic abilities which you can tap into. However guard against hypocrisy and rigidity of thought processes, try to be kind and sympathetic to others. There are breaks in education or whatever is signified by Jupiter in the chart, elders often do not support, there is confusion or fanaticism regarding life philosophies etc. Luck is limited and there are struggles in life. And this combination means that Jupiter will be aspecting Rahu opposite thus creating a Guru-chandal Yog with its attendant issues.

Ketu with Saturn is not a good combination in the birth chart. The Saturn things are deeply ingrained into your psyche as they are linked with Ketu. It grants hardships, struggles, sorrow, frustrations, pessimism, depression, sadness, delays etc until Ketu finally matures at the age of 48yrs allowing Saturn to also mature. The problems do not lessen after this age just that your ability to come to terms with them improves, as detachment becomes a part of you. However some positive things are possible if Saturn is powerful enough and capable of some auspicious results, then you may become deeply philosophical in your attitude. You might be skilled at work which requires fine work or precision.

The most typical placement would be Ketu conjunct the ascendant lord. This is in my opinion is the most challenging combination by far. 1-8% of your clients will have this, very few but they will all be very unique personalities and in their own way, tragic. Have written about this combination in my post here. 


Ketu conjunct other planets

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  1. jagatsevak April 10, 2020 / 2:29 am

    Thank you for sharing and teaching from your direct experience. The standard “Ketu energy controlled by Jupiter” approach doesn’t seem to add up – headless expansion, religiosity, etc. Thank you for confirming.

    Will Ketu’s internalizing energy impact on conjunct planets be further heightened if said planet is retrograde in the natal chart?



  2. Pompa Ray April 12, 2020 / 9:04 am

    Namaskaram I have been following few of your posts for some time and found depth in it. You seem to be doing some professional work too. Would you help me if I am in need? Thank you for enriching us with your knowledge. Pranam

    On Thu, 9 Apr 2020, 23:13 psychologically astrology, wrote:

    > astrologerbydefault posted: “I find Ketu very fascinating. He is the > oldest graha and the most powerful. In some texts he is considered to be a > ‘dark Sun’ ie more powerful than the Sun. He is headless, the agent of > dissociation. Ketu’s real results are all on the astral planes. Howev” >


    • astrologerbydefault April 12, 2020 / 3:14 pm

      Hi there,
      Am glad that you find the posts interesting ..
      But i have stopped seeing clients for quite some time now, as tht part of my karma is over.
      if you are a student and wish to learn something i can write a post on that topic but i do not do full fledged readings anymore..


  3. SAJI T SATHIAN May 7, 2020 / 8:59 pm

    I have retrograde saturn conjunct ketu in Gemini/6th house.Saturn is Lagna Lord also.I Chant
    GANASHTAKAM .I need your guidence and help.


    • astrologerbydefault May 7, 2020 / 9:40 pm

      Hi there,
      i do not do full fledged readings anymore
      however you can go through the index page to find posts on the 6th house, planets in 6th house, ascendant sign, saturn and ketu to understand how these work in your life
      in this particular combination, you have to be careful regarding the women in your life, do not get overly idealistic about women’s issues
      avoid gttin into arguments on idealistic grounds,
      take care of your health, .. Avoid getting into legal arguments
      what ever mantra you are doing, do it regularly with full faith


  4. P June 12, 2020 / 11:36 pm

    Namaste mam. You say if ketu conjuct planet is very close i.e if they are in the same nakshatra, thing are more intense! In case of ascendant Lord moon conjuct ketu in 3rd house where both in same nakshatra(hasta) aspected by jupiter n venus from 9th house. Could you please give some comments on that, i mean how would you interpret the working of subconscious? What are the things i have worked or aware from the past. In d-9 moon in Aries where as ketu in taurus whose lord venus is ascendant lord n exalted.


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