Prediction of Suicidal tendencies

I had written separate posts on depression, addictions and psychiatric problems. And strangely there is a lot of interest on these serious topics related to mental health! Seems that Mercury has this current age of ours firmly in his grip. We live in a world ruled by communications. And most of our problems seem to be rooted in mis-communications and mis-interpretations. Sometimes these mental games become so severe that a person takes the extreme step of consciously ending the physical existence, commits suicide.

For determining suicidal tendencies in a chart, we need to examine mental and emotional factors and also those factors which actually power the actual action of suicide/death.

  • Check out the planets placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses from the ascendant, 6th is the house of disease, enemies, debts and slavery. 8th is the house of traumatic forceful transformations of surgeries, accidents, magic, secrets and death. 12th is the house of the sub-conscious, the astral and the loss of the boundaries of physical realities. These 3 houses from the ascendant are the houses of turmoil and can wreck havoc in a persons life, make it intolerable to continue living.
  • Then the 3rd house from the birth Mercury shows where the thoughts loop and repeat again and again, till it becomes maddening and intolerable. Eg. A Moon placed here will color all thoughts in the emotional context.
  • Weak planets are those placed in the signs of their enemies, or aspected/conjoint their enemies or with malefic planets. Also debilitated planets, combust or retrograde planets have modified energies which give different and unexpected results.
  • Ascendant sign or Ascendant lord afflicted with malefics or weak or badly placed.
  • And because death is death, the mode and circumstances of death is to be seen from the 8th house and the timing of death from the lords of the 2nd and 7th houses from the ascendant.
  • Transits will be important too as the timing of the self inflicted death event will be connected to the positions of the transiting planets.

Since suicide is a termination of the entire physical manifestation lets examine the role of all the planets in this extreme step of complete identity loss.

Soul mates and twin flames

Sun – The Sun is the Soul, the ego, self-image, divine intelligence and the spark of the divine animating us. A strongly placed Sun in the chart supports your will to live, your self-worth and self-confidence and you will never have to face psychiatric problems. Even if your birth Moon or Mercury is badly placed, a strong Sun will pull you through. A weak Sun will reduce your resilience to bounce back after mishaps, you are less willing to fight for yourselves and allow the situations to carry you without any resistance. In such a case a badly placed Mercury or Moon will aggravate the problems till you feel there is only one option to get out. The sense of false empowerment that results in tragedy.

Moon – is the mind. we draw our emotional comfort and stability from the moon. A comfortable moon located in good houses and in aspects of benefics ensures a healthy emotional context. If the moon is badly placed it can cause emotional trauma. The nature of the event which can force the extreme step is likely to denial of emotional comfort, support and stability or betrayal from the persons who were expected to provide emotional support. If the Moon and Mercury are severely afflicted together with a damaged Sun and there is zero support from any of the other planets, it can push for the final step generally by drowning.

Mercury – is your analytical process. You have an experience, you link it with your past database of experiences and only then can you conclude from it, this is Mercury in action. Thinking, perceptions and logic. Mercury in a bad place will destroy the analytical thought patterns. The person will take only the negative perceptions from his life experiences and ignore the positives. Over time this mindset will lead him to conclude that life is a pain and not worth living anymore. Thus the final step will be thought of as a viable option.

Mars – is the natural ruler of the 8th sign of the zodiac and is the force who rules over our life and death. 8th house is the house of forceful transformations of identity, death and rebirth. He is also the expression of the Will. If the Will sends instructions for self destruction the energies of Mars will follow. Weak Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury together is very toxic for the personality. Mars is very important as he will power the actual act of suicide. Such a person might even take up a stupid challenge to do some dangerous activity which will result in his instantaneous death, a type of suicide! If the person is depressed due to other planet aspects, he might try to die by burning the body, slitting wrists, bullets or electric shocks.

Venus – If the weak Sun, Moon and Mercury link up with an equally weak Venus, the person can contemplate committing suicide as a result of broken relationships, betrayal in partnerships and mental trauma caused by lovers or spouses. He can argue with his wife on some silly reason, leave the house and commit suicide. However he would prefer a painless death by sleeping pills or drugs.

Jupiter – Jupiter/Guru is the philosophical base of your life. He controls the Dharma, the theories on which you live. As the natural lord of the 12th house, he controls the astral/sub-conscious and the states after the physical body-death. He can attract a person to the after-death state. A suicide powered by a damaged Jupiter, linked with weak Sun, Moon and Mercury, will show a typical wish to find the better place in the after-death. He is not bothered about his living state as such, the after-death attracts him and he wants to get there asap. Example is ending the body in a pseudo-religious cult practice.

Saturn is connected to longevity, maturity and ageing. If he is associated with the 8th house in any way he can promote long life. But if he is weak, he tends to give an early death or constant illnesses, the body does not endure or does so with great difficulty. A strong Saturn is necessary for a strong body. A weak Saturn linked to an afflicted Mercury and Moon can confer early death by suicide, often by getting under a train or in the road-way. The nature of the precipitating event is likely to be connected to social pressures and shame at being caught in a socially embarrassing position.

Soul mates and twin flames

Rahu – Rahu is the rule breaker the North Node and his main character is that he respects no boundaries. He is massively ambitious and full desires which can never be satisfied. His constant motif is a over-reach followed by a spectacular fall. This pattern keeps on repeating throughout and if the mind, will and intellect is weak the person can contemplate suicide. This also will be a public spectacle as per Rahu’s mind-set, like jumping off high rise buildings or suicide bombers, or sometimes by injecting poisons in the blood.

Ketu – the South Node is the agent of dissociation himself, he dissolves boundaries. This mindset will prefer to dissociate from the living state because he has no interest. Apathetic to Life itself. We hear some one who was doing well and ok generally suddenly secretly committing suicide for absolutely no reason. He may not even leave a suicide note! Ketu can confer suicide by consuming poison, in secret or in pseudo-religious cults. He may want to take his life at pilgrimage sites believing that it will grant Moksh.

Thus for a death by suicide prediction, the basic combination is a weak Sun, in combination with an afflicted Mercury, weak Moon and at least one weak other planet. The other planets also contribute their bit in pushing the person over the brink. If the chart has only the weak Sun, Moon and Mercury, the person can get depressive thoughts and think of suicide but wont be able to act on them. This action of actual suicide is determined by the 4th weak planet which gets linked to these 3.

If you come across such a chart in your friends/family circle, remember that this person can be traumatized and pushed, till ending of the physical existence will seem to be a viable option. He needs counselling and be taught to take remedial action when his thoughts begin to loop on himself. Best option which I have seen is, to get such a person hooked on to a Mantra. If he can be made to listen to the Vishnu Sahastranama stotra once a day as a routine, it is a good 22min long Stotra very energy-rich, enough to wash the mind off any negative tendencies. Or any other Sanskrit stotra which is at least 10 mins long. He can listen to it on the way to work or while driving, it will help immensely in controlling his mind and emotions.

Ultimately from an energy perspective and what I have seen from my access to the sub-conscious, if a person commits suicide once, he has to repeat this act in the next 7 lives. The next birth occurs as per the mental/emotional/spiritual state of the person at the moment of death. But in a suicide it is very different. The astral body registers the suicide’s energy as an aberration, I have written a bit on what happens at the moment of death in my post on the Moksh trikon here. Also the impressions are stored in the astral body which can be seen from the D-9 navamsha chart, this D-9 chart changes over lives, very slowly. So to completely remove the impression of the suicide event from the astral body, it takes 7 subsequent lives. Taking one’s own life intentionally is against the deepest Conscience/ Antaratma! It is disrespecting the Love that we receive from the Universe/ Parabrahma. It is an unimaginable torture and from a spiritual perspective pushes you back several steps, recovery from this act consumes the energies of the next 7 lives, it is not worth it!


Soul mates and twin flames


16 thoughts on “Prediction of Suicidal tendencies

  1. venkat June 7, 2019 / 10:06 pm

    Moon with ketu/rahu or ketu in 4th house can give these tendencies. Or Moon with mars. Mars needs to be there for rash actions.


    • astrologerbydefault June 8, 2019 / 11:24 am

      Hi there,
      I have noticed that if the Sun, Moon and Mercury are weakened and one more planet is similarly weak.. tendency to self harm
      then such a person can be broken down (family torture or neglect) to such an extent that in the transit, periods, dasha of his marak or Mars or his 8th house lord/occupying planets, or even 12th house connections, he can actually take the final step.
      death is death so timing and conditions from the 8th house and moksh trikon.
      and unfortunately, though suicide is taboo, but still so many people do this! i have seen so many examples, where despite the family also trying to support and help the person has done this..
      so this post is just the very basic minimum that can indicate tendency to self-harm.

      i have seen several charts with moon+ketu and moon+rahu doing very well, of course they have psychic tendencies, see the astral etc very well. the asc sign/lord and sun are well placed thus are quite well..
      Moon+mars gives aggression, but not self-harm unless there are more combinations..
      ketu in 4th gives physical separation/emotional indifference from the keywords of the 4th house, mother, property, house, vehicles, homeland, etc, but not self-harm.. it can give very good results too if it is aspected by benefics.. can make someone a good healer/tantrik/astrologer etc.

      and importantly, the tendency is there in the birth chart and will remain for a life time. But window of action is very limited, maybe a few days or few minutes, if in that crucial window there is someone talking to him or even with him, he wont take this step, this too i have observed..


  2. PKS January 1, 2020 / 8:35 pm

    Good article, appreciate it.
    Please advice, who told you, , ,, 7 lives it takes to remove the impression of suicide??Is it your experience?
    Ketu MD propels suicidal thoughts via poison than what if Rahu comes in antardasha?? Double poison attack?
    Last two years I ve got consultation from known astrologers none getting it correct even 1 %, Biggest Frauds are Kapiel Srivastav, Jaipur Brothers, Arrogant Unknown astrologer from Saptrishi….and couple more!!!!! All are fraud, looted my hard earned money, , , ,, I seriously think of cursing them!!!!!!!


    • astrologerbydefault January 1, 2020 / 10:44 pm

      Hi there,
      This 7 life thing came from few spirits who had committed suicide, I had asked them.

      The Ketu mahadasha is a very intense period and even if he is placed well it will go somewhat in a haze. In this if he is capable of causing death, the person should be quite careful.
      During the Ketu mahadasha -Rahu antardasha a lot of karmic threads from the past lives are activated, they are not all bad. Eg In one case the person joined a new job and met his future wife during this period.
      But if Ketu and then Rahu too is also placed to cause physical death this period can definitely cause physical death.
      suicide then will require that the other combinations in the chart exist, I have written about them in my post.
      But this time-window for suicide is very small, maybe a few minutes. If in these minutes someone diverts this person, or even throws water on his face or something, the longevity can change.
      The solution for persons with such combinations is to perform Mahamrutyunjai mantra jaap or its homam or Ayu Homa or Navgraha shanti pujas or even a regular jaap of Gayatri mantra or at least listening to the Vishnu Sahastranama stotra everyday.

      Finally Jyotish is a Vedang, not just a predictive tool.
      Once an astrologer realises this he will become an actual Jyotishi and his entire perspective will change.
      However we will always have fakers and people with little knowledge and experience trying to predict the future.
      Calling oneself daivagnya or jotirvid etc terms finally leads to inflated ego, then the blessings of Devi Sarasvati can even vanish.

      there is no need to actively curse anyone, you will use up your spiritual energy doing so.
      if they have acted against the conscience/Antaratma the law of Karma will act eventually.

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  3. Praveen Desai January 4, 2020 / 7:45 pm

    Does Parivartana between 6th & 8th negate these tendencies? Example: Aries Rasi & Lagna Mercury in 8th and Mars in 6th.? Thanks


  4. Srinivas May 9, 2020 / 12:57 pm

    Need your insight here… For a chart with 8′ Moon in Aries, Saturn in 2′ and Mars along with Venus in Kanya Lagna, the Moon mahadasha ends shortly, with it being a turbulent time that saw an unsuccessful attempt to end life. Will the ensuring Mars dasha be more turbulent, as its the lord of 8′ house and in Lagna. Will Venus in Lagna-Virgo and Saturn being the final authority help.


  5. Soumalya Sinha May 9, 2020 / 9:52 pm

    Hello Tejaswini Ma’am,

    In one of your comments you wrote that the time-frame for suicide is very small and if one can divert the subject’s attention during this period then his/her longevity can be changed.

    But many astrologers claim that some of the major events in our lives are fixed as per our present life’s destiny including birth, death and marriage (spouse).

    Then do we have the liberty to choose the time of our death in case of a suicide?

    Also do you think that parents can nowadays decide the destiny of their child by carefully choosing the time of birth as in the case of cesarean babies?


    • astrologerbydefault May 10, 2020 / 1:08 pm

      Hi there,
      the time frame is indeed very small , can be from a few minutes to a few hours at max,
      if someone can divert him or keep him engaged in something else then this action can be averted..

      everyone gets 3-4 time periods in life where physical death is possible.. why one of these is chosen is perhaps the free will of the soul..

      there is a choice in everything, however slight it may be but everyone has a choice in all things,
      if the horoscope is good there will be more choices between auspicious things,
      if the chart is bad then there is a choice between inauspicious things..

      first check out the longevity of the chart,
      check if the asc lord has support from some other planet.. eg who does this person rely for support, this supportive person has a major role in averting tragedy..

      if you do mantra, homa etc then the quality of life and also its length can be changed..

      i have written a post on babies born on chosen timings, do go through it,

      i have chosen birth timings for several babies born in my family/friend-circle.
      i have given the exact time for the perfect D9 also but that is not very realistic as the dr performing the operation generally does not cooperate to that levels..
      so the divisional charts are generally not in our hands, but yes a good D1 is a very big asset..


  6. S June 17, 2020 / 8:43 pm

    Dear Ma’am,

    I am very grateful for all the knowledge you share as it has helped me a lot to understand life and its purpose. I have thought a lot before posting my question below, as am not sure if this is the right platform or even an appropriate comment. I am not a very big fan of Bollywood movies in contemporary times but the death of a certain self-made actor this past weekend – whom I was not much aware of at all, and have not watched a single movie of his! – I feel very very shaken by his death. I feel a strange connection and I am not able to understand this irrationality. I almost feel like I lost a family member and since then I have been reading up on him, the more I read the more I realise that he was an enlightened soul or so it came across to me from his musings on religion and spirituality. All this is very strange as I was not a fan nor did I know anything about him before his death.
    I am feeling very confused why I would be so badly affected and mourn someone I did not know. And in fact, was not familiar with their life story and work before he died. I have Ketu in karka lagna and maybe that makes me too empathetic but I would really appreciate any advice on insight you have to offer on this.

    I am also sorry if this comes across as non serious or inappropriate. Thank you again for answering questions in the past.

    Best regards.


    • astrologerbydefault June 17, 2020 / 11:55 pm

      Hi there
      I do not wish to comment on a jivatma who has left the body and has hopefully gone onwards into pitrulok.
      There are several inconsistencies in the narrative of how he died. He was an intelligent person, well-read and everything.

      Now it is a soul on its way to its new birth etc in the cycle it has chosen for itself.

      But what you are feeling does happen sometimes.
      It is possible that you had some connect in some past life.
      Or more likely you yourself had experienced something like this in some life. Whatever it was, it is over now.
      You may be experiencing impressions but they are energy impressions from the past lives.
      So to balance the energy the best option is to feed a cow with your own hand.
      Most temples have a cow near so you can feed her some grass or a chapati etc.
      Try to get a desi cow if you can, she has the gentlest energies.
      You can touch her body and request her blessings. Your emotional upheaval will subside.


      • S June 22, 2020 / 6:12 pm

        Thank you so much for writing back, Ma’am. Reading your response gave me peace and I have been feeling better after knowing of the remedy. I may continue practising feeding cows for a general sense of balance and positivity. May God bless you for being so generous with your knowledge and for being kind.


  7. Q July 2, 2020 / 10:45 pm

    Namaste. I don’t know if the above person will read this comment anymore, but I had a similar experience to him/her. However, for me the unease came after I read the actors horoscope. The case does not make sense at all. I think anyone who has some Ketu connect is probably feeling this way, as I am also running Ketu MD. Prayers for peace for all.


  8. Shree July 23, 2020 / 2:57 pm

    Hi there
    It took me very long to read this post because i had to re-read the lines that hit my soul like an arrow.
    With obvious reasons of why I’m on this page no astrologer has acknowledged the fact, which usually makes me question my faith in some astrologers, not astrology. The ones I visited aren’t quacks but well reputed.
    Your mention of energy impacts on astral self is so refreshing as I have been feeling it since forever which hasn’t been acknowledged or understood by astrologers I’ve been to.
    Without a proper lead I’ve been trying different paths of spiritual and related practices like meditation, healing etc. Haven’t accomplished much. I read that you don’t do personal consultations anymore. May I know if it’s only for astrology or reiki too..would love to know more.
    Great read, thank you.


    • astrologerbydefault July 23, 2020 / 4:53 pm

      Hi there
      i do not do consultations of any type now. my brother too also has almost finished his karmic requirement of doing readings.
      If you wish, you can contact one of my sisters, Nikita, her contact details are on my ‘about me’ page.


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