Soul in the dream state

There are four states of existence, Awake – Jagruti, Swapna -Dream, Deep sleep – Sushupti and Turiya – the fourth state e.g. in deep Dhyan.

The dream state is an intermediate one between the awake (Jagrut) and the deep sleep (Shushupti) states. This is a joint (Sandhya) between these two states and is by itself a ‘state of existence’. The joint between two energies is always very important as the energies here are different and allow you to explore things which would not be possible in the two states themselves. The energy of the joint /Sandhya is called the Devi, ray of Light. All the texts insist on focussing on the Sandhya for spiritual progress and eventual Moksh.

The Dream state is called ‘Mayavat’, ‘similar to Maya’. Maya Maya is a Sanskrit word which is taken to mean ‘illusion’, which is incorrect. Maya means ‘not this’. Thus the dream state cannot be conclusively proved to be real nor can it be conclusively proved to be un-real.

The Kuthastha purush/ the individual soul has powered down the body-robot and has all possible energies at his disposal. The individual soul is the Creator of the Swapna state, ie you exercise the powers of creation in the dream state. Normally people get fantastic dreams where impossible things are seen and experienced. And for the dreamer, these things are very much real.

There have always been incidents where dreams have foretold the future. People see omens in dreams or some things from the past are made clear in the dreams. One of my clients would get dreams where he would be killed in a war with an arrow through his neck, he would feel the pain and wake up. The same dream repeating again and again. He went through a guided mediation session after which he remembered one past life as a Mongol warrior and came to terms with it. After this the dreams stopped.

Soul in the dream state

In Sanatan dharm/Hinduism, the Seers/Rishi have often been given Mantra in their dreams. The Ramraksha stotra was given by Shiv to Rishi Vishvamitra in his dream state. This is one of the most powerful stotras and is often used to protect children in India.

Often your ancestor spirits will come in your dreams to indicate things and communicate with you. If you see some ancestor in your dreams frequently you should offer a chapati with some jaggery to a desi cow (cows with a hump on the back). This simple act sends energy to the said ancestor and the repetitive dream will stop.

The soul rebalances karma in dreams, as the experiences seen in the dreams are sometimes karma being experienced. You might see your child dying in your dreams, you feel the intense pain and the grief. And when you wake up you realise that you are not even married yet! But you have completed a significant karma of experiencing the death of your child in the dream state. Often astral travel happens and is one of the commonest methods of rebalancing karma while in the Swapna-awastha. But if you are astrally travelling too much take care of your physical body, do some spiritual practice to energise yourself, else you will fall ill.

Especially things related to ‘black magic‘, are seen more clearly in dreams. People who have ill-wishing put on them using black magic suffer these effects in their dreams too. If you get dreams of being buried alive and perhaps some ritual connected to you being performed in a cemetery (smashan), be alert. In your waking state take sufficient precautions to protect yourself on the energy levels.

And if you are strong enough you can remove the effects of ‘black magic/ ill-wishing’ more easily if you are aware and work in your dream state. You can recite mantras or even do rituals in your dreams. These are then not random dreams, you decide on the activities you are going to do. The more you progress spiritually the more you can control and use the dream state for energy work.

Now the astrological connections. People who have their 12th house, Pisces sign or ascendant sign/lord, or Moon associated with Rahu or Ketu can control their dream states easily. If this Rahu or Ketu is influenced /conjunct / aspected by Venus or Jupiter it becomes even more easier you will have access to the knowledge. Mars especially can help you remain unafraid and pro-active. Mercury will help in the technical stuff related to dream-control and activities. Saturn will make you work so hard in your dream state that your physical body will suffer. And a Sun influencing them will also help in giving self-confidence and more control over the creativity linked to the dream actions.

If you have nightmares, the simple Mantra ‘Govind’ will stop the nightmare immediately. ‘Govind’ is specifically for destroying nightmares, ‘Duhswapne smarh Govindam‘, from the Vishnu Shodash-nama stotra. Do this. Cup your right hand on the back of your head where your neck meets the head. There is a hollow at the base of the skull here (point where Sushumna bifurcates). And the left hand at the third eye/ Ajnya chakra. Intend very strongly that you will remember the Mantra ‘Govind’ in your dreams. Push this thought strongly into your palms and into your head. This will register in your subconscious. So the next time you are uncomfortable in a dream, your subconscious will remind you within the dream to recite ‘Govind’. It takes just this one word to stop the nightmare.

Another way of making use of your dreams is you keep a dream diary. Most of us remember the dreams as we wake up for a couple of minutes, then we forget. So keep a diary at your bedside and the first thing as you wake up write a few keywords from your dream in it. So even if you forget it, you will be able to remember it from the diary. So you can then make use of whatever your subconscious has shown you during the dream state/ Swapna awastha.


Soul in the dream state

2 thoughts on “Soul in the dream state

  1. BHARTI June 11, 2020 / 10:48 am

    Greetings ma’am,

    May I please request your help in interpreting a dream I had this morning?
    My grandfather paid me a visit this morning in a dream which lasted exactly from 4:00 am-4:15 am. This is the second time he visited me in a dream since he expired in Feb 2019. The first time he visited was 2 months after he had passed away and he very clearly said that he can leave any moment now ( from my peripheral vision I could see some soul figures standing outside our window waiting on him, but I didn’t know then who they were. Only after reading your blog I figured out they might be his soul group). He had just come to bid farewell. I never expected him to be back again, which is why this morning I was much shocked and surprised than happy when I met him (I could literally touch him, I held both his hands for long). We had a conversation but there were a lot of hindrances due to the cooler running in the background (both in the dream and in reality too; we were in the same room where I was sleeping) and he was trying to convey something to me but it was all getting lost in the background noise, so out of frustration I was going to get up to switch off the cooler when he stopped me and said, ‘do one thing, tomorrow when I visit you, keep the door open’.
    I don’t know why I got scared when he said this because he has visited me both the times in the room itself though in a dream state. If you can please oblige to clear my doubts, I have the following questions:

    Why am I seeing him after more than 1 year even after he was gone?
    What does ‘opening the door’ mean here? should I be concerned or did he just simply mean that I should turn the coolers off tomorrow and open the door for a better conversation?
    I tried to ask him what time he will be coming tomorrow, but it was all lost in the noise. Should I keep the door open at 4 tomorrow morning (as the same time that he paid me a visit)?

    He was the dearest to me when he was alive and will always be. But I have never dealt with departed souls in physical world and never has he ever asked me to do something before. Please do help me here. I don’t want to do anything in affection that could backfire in the future.

    Thank you!


    • astrologerbydefault June 11, 2020 / 12:01 pm

      Hi there
      why you are seeing him is best known to you ..

      generally the best thing is to give chapati to a cow with ur own hands.. u can add some jaggery to the chapati if u have it ..
      or if u cant cook then feed some food/grass to a cow
      or if cows are not available where u live then feed some chapati to ravens/black crows.. it balances the energies

      personally i do not encourage pitr who visit me in my dreams..

      what u do is as per ur wish
      ‘ keeping the door’ open is not a physical door or switching off the cooler
      he wants to discuss something more so is asking u to keep ur astral self available in ur dream state swapna awastha. if u feel it is important then u can take a call ..


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