Do your friends behave as per their signs

A light-hearted post today.

Over-dose of anything is not good, including philosophy! So let’s analyse how your best friends behave with you. The signs are deeply connected to behaviour and the way you interact with others. Check out the birth Moon sign of your best friend and tally his behaviour. Or tell him yours and ask him if your behaviour tallies. (If the ascendant sign is powerful then maybe this sign’s attributes also will tally).

Aries: They like having diverse and interesting friends. Can be an interesting and flattering friend themselves. They can lose their temper easily, but don’t start arguments, rather bubble inside. Impatient, which can have its effect on the friendship. They have leader-ship qualities and courage, so adventure activities appeal to them. Generally supportive and loyal unless their personal self-interest comes in between. They are generally ‘gadget-unfriendly’, do not like using them. So do not expect much electronic communications from them. Won’t check the missed calls or call back. They prefer showing up on your doorstep directly and going out in person. If they hurt you, they can get you gifts and try to make up, but often will repeat the same mistakes. If you hurt them and not apologise, be ready to face their uncontrolled temper.

Taurus: These guys strangely are shy, hesitate before expressing their feelings. They might depute a mutual friend to do the messenger’s job. They get along with all but choose their close friends carefully. Possessive, helpful, a friend-in-need types, can give good practical advice. They like having options and generally have a plan B ready for every situation. They consider friends to be family, it can be a life-time friendship here. They rarely apologise for their mistakes, if you point it out, they might feel sorry and take action to make up. But often make the same mistakes again. If you make them angry or hurt them, they generally remain placid. But if this builds-up, several tiny things over time, then they will rage like the bull they are. In such a situation, give them time to regain their temper.

Gemini: They have a large friend-circle, not very fussy about things. They know everything about everyone and can use that information for their own benefit. Has an even-temper and generally does not lose it. They are a bit erratic, do not believe in maintaining a regular dialogue. May vanish suddenly and then pop up equally suddenly. They are good friends to have if you don’t mind the occasional erratic behaviour. Humorous, sympathetic, listen and talk both, like intellectual stuff. Need new-ness, new activities, new topics in the friendship else it can break as they gets bored. Will never admit to hurting you, they will defend their behaviour to the last drop, but then they won’t repeat the mistake. If you hurt them and not apologise, there will be a logical argument which will end in yelling.

Do your friends behave as per their signs

Cancer: These people are rather distant, shy, emotional chaps. Extremely moody. They cannot make the first move and will wait to be approached. They are secretive and selective while making friends. Very specific likes and dislikes, perhaps a bit finicky, not experimental nor adventurous. They like writing letters, emails and messages rather than direct talk. Are quite supportive but often need support themselves. Believe in and are resigned to fate. Helpful and can make life-time friends. Have few genuine friends but a large circle of acquaintances. If they hurt others, they feel very guilty and genuinely apologise/make up. But if you hurt them or get into an argument with them, they will bring out all the past/ imaginary issues in an emotional fashion, they can also pretend to be angry to gain emotional advantage. Their love can as easily change to hate and then they can be quite ruthless and feel no remorse.

Leo: They have a huge circle, but friends?, no close friends allowed but these people keep in one-one contact with everyone. Even if it is a couple lines of a message. They speak well, have clarity of thought, generous, helpful in a regal manner, dominating, capable, a good friend to have. Are expansive and extravagant. You should not attempt to out-shine a Leo else its bye-bye. Flattering them is the best way to get into their good books. Cannot admit to having hurt you, they can even lie to get away from the situation. Never expect them to apologise or make up. If you anger them and do not apologise, they will give you a royal look and carry on as if nothing has happened, but after time you will be hit with a bolt from the blue in such a cryptic fashion that you won’t even realise that the Leo did it. Are rarely violent, verbally/ physically, but if they explode it is spectacular. They generally forgive others unless it reaches a tipping point after which they will never ever look back.

Virgo: These are the invisible friends. They do love in their typical anxious way, but will not keep in touch. Neither will they call or respond properly if you call. If they are in front of you only they will chat with you for a limited time, then they will vanish. Even if you wish to hear from them, they hate carrying on conversations or spend time in randomly chatting on the phone. Secretive, selective, analytical, intelligent, patient, worrying, shy, lack self-confidence, trustworthy, good advisors. But cannot make friends easily as understanding them is rather difficult. They gradually over a long period open up very slightly to very selected friends. Hate being embarrassed in any way. If they hurt you, they will accept the fact after a long time, first they will analyse everything in every possible way. After your hurt has dimmed, maybe a few months later, then they will formally apologise. Or equally possibly cut you out of their lives. If you hurt them and don’t apologise, they will pile on the frustrations and explode so spectacularly that the relationship is damaged permanently.

Do your friends behave as per their signs

Libra: They weigh every word before they utter it. Perhaps they think they are dictating a legal contract even while chatting with buddies. Give good advice, debate/ argue on occasion, neat and tidy people, well organised, will make plans for going out, idealistic chaps. Social by nature, are affectionate, like touching friends while talking and hate being alone. Intellectual, interesting and have refined tastes. Can talk to anyone about anything. Can talk for ages with friends. Dynamic, can attract new friends. They are rarely angered as they generally see both sides of the argument fairly. If they hurt someone they will shut themselves up, they go silent, till the other party eventually calls up and tells them to start talking again as they are forgiven. They are sorry but rarely show or acknowledge it but will not repeat the mistake. If you however hurt them and not make up, they will look for an opportunity for revenge. They will try to balance the hurt they have been given by you by returning it. They can hide their emotions including their anger and smile outwardly. Their anger is the most dangerous of all the signs. You cannot gauge the real emotions of a Libra unless perhaps you see their aura or their horoscope!

Scorpio: Serious and intense, control freaks, humourless. Are happy only when everyone is subordinate to them. Have very few close friends, might cultivate just perhaps 1-2 long term friendships. They are suspicious of everyone and everything. Greetings and cute gifs are not their thing. These people are generally non-fussy, silent types, unless you get into a fight with them. Do not cross them, ever. Then you will get an absolute deluge of angry msgs, emails and calls. If you hurt them, be ready for pain, they will have their revenge. They will go to any extent. And if they hurt you, they will never accept it. They are very confident that they can do no wrong, if you are hurt it was your fate. They never apologise, if a Scorpio apologies to you it was a lie. They listen to others only after they have exhausted all their options and it is the last resort. They never forgive nor forget and the relationship is spoilt for ever.

Sagittarius: Generally shy in one-one relationships will use smilies and gifs to express themselves. But have a large friend-circle, dynamic, idealists, can be very good friends. Accept others view-points, like variety of friends with different natures, like adventure and travelling, are quite aware of the happenings in the world, read newspapers daily! They accept their own and others flaws, non-judgemental. But you cannot make them do something if they don’t want to do it. They generally are sunny by nature, focus on the positive aspects of people/ situations. Are blunt and speak their mind, cannot lie or hide their emotions. If they hurt you they will make it up as quickly as possible. They will also work on themselves so that the hurt does not happen again. If you hurt them, they will not know how to react to this negative situation and will do illogical things. If it is too much for them, they will simply move on.


Capricorn: Can use words very intelligently. Not much into electronic gadgets. Quiet, secretive, capable, can be loyal in friendships but choose their friends very selectively. But their self-interest is paramount. Very practical, serious, not emotional in the least. They have few friends, personal freedom is important as they are highly individualistic. They choose friends who can help them earn more money or help them in their quest for social mobility. Will not make friends of people who might embarrass them in public. They do not trust very easily, even if they do, they will secretly test their friends for betrayal. If you hurt them, they will expect you to accept and make-up. If they think you have betrayed them, then be careful as they will lash back in unexpected ways. They will take their revenge mercilessly. They also create problems by harping on the negative things, rather than trying to smooth over and focussing on the positive things. They express their hurt/ anger quite vocally, are firm about not carrying that emotional baggage or enduring.

Aquarius: They have clarity of thought and action both, intelligent and active. Creative, they are good planners. PR is their strong point, corporate types. They keep in touch with people who matter to them. Have a huge circle of friends, none of them very close. Quality time decreases as quantity of friends increases! But will not compromise on personal freedom. If any friendship seems to threaten their personal ego, personal opinions, personal image, they will drop them. Very alert about their social image. If you hurt them, they will want an unqualified apology and will treat you like you are on bail for some time. Generally they are not so close to anyone emotionally so the hurt will be more on their ego/ social image. They recover their poise by spending some time alone. But if they have done a mistake they will not admit their role in it. They will say something like ‘the situation is bad’, but wont say ‘I am sorry, it was my fault’! If they get angry they have a very caustic tongue and can destroy the relationship in an instant. Then they will ignore you forever.

Pisces: If you have a Pisces close friend you are in luck. These are chatty people, can talk for hours on the phone or in person. They keep birthdays in mind, get gifts, send cute messages/ gifs and are generally chirpy people, happy-go-lucky. But have very few close friends with whom they behave like this. Affectionate, they like showing/ speaking out their feelings. If angry can be moody and sulk, they can pretend to be ‘angry’. Tell them you love them and then they stop and become normal. Very caring, can be trusted completely. Genuinely sympathetic, analytical and they listen carefully, so others often pour their hearts out to them. People in trouble get attracted to them, use up their time, pour out their suffering in their ears and afterwards vanish. Often there is no one to listen to their problems, they are so dreamy that others cannot imagine that they might have problems, they are also not aware of their own problems. Confused! If a Pisces does a mistake, he will get defensive and illogical (have very susceptible aura, the energy of the argument hits them on the astral and messes them up). If a Pisces has hurt you, leave him alone for some time till he forgets the entire episode. This sign is the most forgetful and swims on like the fish they are. The negative emotion of hurting others causes them pain, so even if they don’t apologise or consciously realise, do know that they are sub-consciously reaping the fruits of their bad behaviour. If you hurt them and don’t want to apologise, leave them alone for a few months till they have forgotten everything. But try this antic only if you are confident that they won’t forget you!

Do your friends behave as per their signs

This was a generic outlook depending on the birth Moon sign. (If the ascendant sign is powerful then maybe this sign’s attributes also will tally). For your personal ‘friendships’, in addition, check out the power of your birth Mercury and the 11th house/ its lord in your own chart.

It is important to know the ‘friendships’ indicated by your chart as this is also linked to your gains. The simple logic being, if you have several contacts, if you have cultivated more friends, if your friends are powerful, if your friends are placed in important positions, if you have quality friends, if you have friends you can count on etc more avenues open to you also for your own personal gain through these friend-links. Explore these links, these opportunities.

And perhaps even more important, enjoy your time with your best buddies. Do whatever you had planned together, go for that movie, explore those restaurants, try your favourite cuisine, watch your favourite TV show together, go for that vacation, do not put it away for tomorrow or next year. There is never the right time and you never know what the future brings. And Time, literally Flies, tempus fugit.