Money, wealth and prosperity

The Devi of wealth is Devi Laxmi the wife of Shri Vishnu. These two are the kinetic and potential energies of the Satva gun. All wealth in this universe is granted by Her and is linked to Her. And what is wealth? Physical wealth, emotional wealth and spiritual wealth together is wealth.

The horoscope generated with the ascendant degree as the 1st house will give you an indication of physical wealth. Similarly emotional wealth should be seen from the chart generated by considering the birth Moon as the 1st house. And for spiritual wealth, consider the birth Sun sign as the 1st house. I have written a few posts on wealth earlier. I would consider someone wealthy if he lives a reasonably good life, ie has enough money to live well without excessively exerting himself, and is emotionally and spiritually elevated.

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Wealth is a very tricky thing. Devi Laxmi is also called Chanchala चञ्चला and Chapala चपला. These words indicate the inconsistent and tricky nature of ‘wealth’. Nimble, moveable, flickering, unsteady, lightning, wind, quick, changeable etc. You might see some houses where physical wealth remains for a generation and then suddenly disappears. One person earns money but his family cannot use it. The children do not inherit the properties, they gets stolen or lost. Or just one person in the family enjoys a fabulous lifestyle but his wife/ children remain in poverty. The person creates assets but his children indulge in bad behaviour and the lineage dies out. Someone works hard throughout his lifetime yet remains poor. Someone gets lucky in a lottery ticket and gets rich overnight. It all seems to be quite random.

Essentially you get wealth, not by your professional success but by the power of Devi Laxmi who creates Nidhi. Nidhi means accumulation of wealth. And remember wealth is all three, physical, emotional and spiritual. Nidhi can be Satvik, Rajasik or Tamasik, depending on the source from where you get it. Nidhi includes money, lands, emotional feelings, mantra, pujas etc anything that you ‘accumulate’, ‘hoard’. One should strive for a purely Satvik Nidhi which remains in the family for several generations and also gives emotional happiness with spiritual progress. Only purely Satvik Nidhi is auspicious, the other types of Nidhi ultimately give pain.

Satvik Nidhi means that there is stable income which increases as per requirement, eg a new child born in your family and suddenly you get a promotion which takes care of the additional expenses. All family members, wife/ husband, children, siblings, grandparents, etc enjoy this wealth together. Everyone is happy, healthy, satisfied, the children study well, there is peace in the family, satisfaction overall. A portion of this Nidhi is also given to temples or used in public service eg building water tanks etc. Most importantly, the family members grow spiritually, there is emotional stability and physical security. This Nidhi comes only as a result of spiritual activity, Dhyan and it comes automatically as soon as you start your sadhana. I have mentioned in an earlier post that Shri Sukta is the source of all prosperity. If any of you are doing its puja, by now you must have noticed its results, as prosperity follows the Shri Sukta.

Every Nidhi has a yaksha associated with it, these are demi-gods, beings who live in other dimensions and their bodies have a different composition of the pancha mahabhoot. Depending on the type of Nidhi accumulated in your household, you will also have its associated Yaksha residing with you. All the gold in this world belongs to Yaksh-raaj Kuber, he ‘loans’ it to you and me. And if someone has a significant amount of gold, you can always sense the energy of its accompanying Yaksha in his house. Also conversely if you can sense the Yaksha you can also determine the quality of the Nidhi in the house, ie if it is purely Satvik, Rajasik, Tamasik or mixed.

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So how do you know what Nidhi is residing in your house? Analyse the events occurring in your family. The kind of children being born in your family. The ‘atmosphere’ in your family. The health status of your family members, the interactions, the emotional connect. Can you do your pujas easily or not? Also check the things you spend money on. If you spend money on the reasonable needs of living your life and on pujas, temples, pilgrimages etc then your wealth is Satvik. But if you spend your money on unnecessary items, addictions, meat, alcohol, gambling, bar dancers, drugs etc, then obviously it is a mixture of the Rajasik and Tamasik kinds.

The source of your money is important. Sometimes you get money from inauspicious sources. Some of you might find this a bit difficult to believe but if the organization you are working in engages in illegal or immoral activities or if your top boss is an Adharmic person then the salary you get is not Satvik. It will eventually cause problems with no solutions in sight. And you will see such examples around you. eg If someone earns enough money yet his life is in a mess then his money will 100% be from an Adharmic source. The solution here would be to reject this source and find a Dharmik/ Satvik one. Most of us do not even think much on these lines nor can we reject the money we get. If the source of wealth is Adharmic, there will never be real peace of mind or happiness and the person will not be able to perform Satvik activities like pujas, go for pilgrimages etc.

Rajasik and Tamsik Nidhi is in full swing in these modern times.

Try this small experiment if you wish. During this coming Ashwin Nav-ratri, do this small vrat/ a small scheduled spiritual practice. Intend that you will recite the Shri-Sukta twice a day, after the morning bath and at sunset. And not consume tamasik food items. See if can do this simple thing for just 10 days. Note what thoughts come in your mind after 2-3 days of this. Do you feel happy about your vrat? Do you look forward to every recitation with happiness? Or do you feel this to be an impossible thing to continue for 10days? What effect does this simple vrat have on your mind? This will give an indication to the type of Nidhi residing in your house.

Some people claim to do pujas which give instant wealth. And there are pujas where if you please the Yaksha-s they will grant you wealth. But this physical wealth will eventually run out and also give emotional/ spiritual torment. Some pujas bring in wealth of the Rajasic kind. A definite way of identifying Nidhi is that Rajasik Nidhi will increase the ego of the person who holds it. People suddenly puff up with self-importance, wear flashy stuff, buy expensive items as a result of the Rajas dominating over them. And there are ways which will bring in Tamasik Nidhi, here the person’s intellect, ie his ability to differentiate between Dharma/ Adharma is affected. You will find such people indulging in base desires, behaving in morally abhorrent ways and there will be a sense of ‘dullness’ around them.

Rajasik and Tamasik wealth eventually create a vicious cycle from which escape is rather difficult.

I felt like writing on Nidhi because of this comment I received. “I am glad I discovered your site while browsing in Google for an astrology article. Your site is a source of abundant treasure. I am thrilled to see it all available for free. I feel blessed to be one of the beneficiary of the truth you have brought to light; mikka nandri nandri (Thanks).”

This was the first time someone commented that it was for ‘free’. It surprised me. Nothing is free in life. I write this blog, spend my time and energy on it. I have a very busy schedule, (I have a family, a full-time high paying job and I need time for my personal pujas) yet I write. I write what I have experienced or know to be correct from my perspective. I pay WordPress so that my readers don’t have to see irritating adverts. I have never charged for readings. Jyotish is a Vidya, it is priceless. Putting a charge on a Vidya causes karmic repercussions.

(My Dad is an engineer, a professional, he worked in high positions. From his teens till his late 40-s, he saw several charts daily, never charged anything. He helped people till our Guru ordered him to stop seeing Jyotish. My Mom was a well-known lawyer, worked in a huge corporation as its Legal Adviser. Yet she gave advice to poor people every day of her life and never charged anything from them.)

Now you, dear reader, who have chanced on my blog, reading the 10 lakh+ words I have written, do you think you are here by chance? You are here because it was your karma to read it as it was mine to write it. It is my experience over several life-times. And you are spending your time and energy reading it, absorbing it. Why? This blog is a purely Satvik Nidhi, essentially my Sat-Guru’s blessings. It is not for free. If you are here, you are here for a reason. What could this reason be? ask yourself.

18 thoughts on “Money, wealth and prosperity

  1. Saroj Kumar Nayak October 3, 2020 / 4:49 pm

    Thank you ma’am… Its true, we are for a reason here.


  2. Ray September October 3, 2020 / 7:45 pm

    Really… amidst all the depressing days of early lockdown- your words helped see clearly- that in my yearning for the ultimate I was not lost. I was led here.. by him… You the medium.. no accident. Still accept the gratitude.. as the medium..


  3. Shala October 3, 2020 / 8:28 pm

    I have been following your articles from past few months and literally binge read and re read them. There’s so much of purely personal experience and honesty resonating from it. Makes me trust every word and helps me step out to find my own experience.
    As a medical professional, I myself have experienced changes in the way patients heal and respond post certain sadhanas depending just on my state of mind, not even intently intending anything. Have learnt to be more careful with what I think and what I say and do.
    Thank you for helping out in my Devi Sadhana and navarna mantra. I was doing it from a while, but I thank you for making it more precise for me.
    Gratitude. May Devi always guide us on our journey.


  4. tyagi96 October 3, 2020 / 10:52 pm

    Hello Tejaswini ji, many thanks for writing the blog which has helped me so much in understanding as well as taking steps to make my life better.
    I wonder if you could help me with a particular issue that I am facing. I am getting a strong feeling that I am picking up the though processes and emotional patterns of people around me, if they are in any unhealthy pattern it seems to get in my system as well. (Could a lone moon in Taurus which falls in first house as per ascendant 3 degree gemini, with Mercury retrograde in 8th house Sagittarius contribute to this?)
    I am already doing sadhana as well as poojas, as well as shielding myself it would not be possible for me to increase my spiritual practices with my current lifestyle.
    Please suggest a remedy to this problem I feel it’s an old problem which I have noticed now after becoming more aware. I do not wish to have to go through anybody else’s karma anymore.
    Would be grateful for a solution, looking forward to your reply


    • astrologerbydefault October 4, 2020 / 10:14 am

      Hi there
      Evil eye nazar picking up stuff frm others auras etc also needs Ketus involvement in some way.
      People who are highly suceptible shud remove nazar on Tuesday/Saturday evening regularly.
      Eg. Fr nazar etc frm humans- take 3 red chillis 3 pinches red mustard 3 pinches salt 3 drops mustard oil in a paper packet. Wave it thrice around ur head clockwise and put it in a fire. It burns intensely so do this in your balcony.
      I have written a few posts on psychic attacks defense cleaning up etc .. see if u can do any of these.
      Eg the shat-kon is very easy and takes 30secs to do.
      And you can tie a black thread to your right wrist or right ankle with intention of protection. Recite your favourite mantra on it fill that thread with the energy and tie it. You might need to replace it once a month or so.

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      • tyagi96 October 4, 2020 / 10:54 am

        Many thanks for the reply.
        Perhaps I wasn’t able to express clearly though, when I said “picking up” I meant they are my loved ones, if they have any sort of unhappy thoughts or unhappy emotions or repressed thought patterns which they do are not actively handling, I start getting those same thought and emotional patterns. For example, one close friend was rather mistrustful of social hiearchies and authority (but didn’t express it outwardly, nor he acknowledged this tendency), and I became extremely rebellious against authority for the time I was closely associated with him. Or somebody may have pessimistic thoughts,and if they are a loved one, I start getting same sort of pessimistic thought patterns. I don’t feel it’s a psychic attacks per se, more of over sensitivity to other’s unresolved problems.

        As for ketu, I feel it is well placed and not harming me


  5. shandilyasandilya October 3, 2020 / 11:48 pm

    Thank You Mam🙏


  6. Paresh October 4, 2020 / 2:47 am

    Jai Shree Krishna sister,

    Last few days I was feeling so much restless, that I literally begged to almighty to show me the correct path and all of a sudden your page was displayed on my browser while I was making some random search on google. Truly, it is our karmas that have brought every one of us together on this platform and I do believe firmly that in our life everything happens for a reason and in t his beautiful universe everything is deeply connected.

    Thank you for the time you spend writing for us which is very priceless and precious for quenching the thirst of the soul.



  7. shantipreacher October 4, 2020 / 9:25 am

    Thank you so much ma’am for guiding us on matters related to spirituality. Really very fortunate to have stumbled upon your blog.


  8. shantipreacher October 4, 2020 / 9:29 am

    Also, ma’am can you please guide us on Samputik Sri Sukt?


    • astrologerbydefault October 4, 2020 / 10:05 am

      Hi there
      Samputit mantra are used fr a particular purpose. There are 6 types of things you can do with the mantras so u add specific beej mantras before and after the main mantra to change its power.
      I will not discuss this in a blog.
      However one is supposed to always recite Om before and after the mantra. Essentially it becomes samputit with Om. Thts the safest way and it will give the highest blessings.


  9. Quotesofacrab October 4, 2020 / 10:01 am

    Yesterday morning I was sitting with some money in my hand, I looked down and thought that it’s just a piece of paper and yet our whole life is spent in its pursuit. But what could be the highest cause our soul wants to pursue and how do I identify it? Your articles have definitely been a revelation for my pisces moon.


  10. Pankaj October 4, 2020 / 2:27 pm

    Thanks for all your Blog write ups.. Yesterday I was thinking about Sri Sukta as Navratri also is approaching and then came across your article….Your articles are really very insightful and full of depth..I was actually looking for subsequent parts of Sri Sukta but seems need to wait for longer s now.. Nevertheless I just wanted to know if there is any specific practice that can be taken during Navratri with Sri sukta.. like certain number of times during 9 days etc


    • astrologerbydefault October 4, 2020 / 2:59 pm

      Hi there
      You can do anything you want with it. Recite it, listen to it.

      Recite it 108 times . Takes 2 hrs

      Do its homa. Add ‘om swaha’ after each shlok so you have 15 ahuti-s per recitation. Do this 108times . Takes 3 hrs.

      For every Devi puja while doing Her Abhishek Shri Sukta is recited.
      It’s essentially dedicated to Devi Mahamaya but is equally used fr all types of Devi puja.

      Will try to write on the remaining shloks when i get time

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  11. tyagi96 October 4, 2020 / 5:06 pm

    Sorry for copying and putting this comment once again, doing this on the chance that you have not seen the comment. Incase you do not wish to answer, please feel free to ignore.

    Many thanks for the reply.
    Perhaps I wasn’t able to express clearly though, when I said “picking up” I meant they are my loved ones, if they have any sort of unhappy thoughts or unhappy emotions or repressed thought patterns which they do are not actively handling, I start getting those same thought and emotional patterns. For example, one close friend was rather mistrustful of social hiearchies and authority (but didn’t express it outwardly, nor he acknowledged this tendency), and I became extremely rebellious against authority for the time I was closely associated with him. Or somebody may have pessimistic thoughts,and if they are a loved one, I start getting same sort of pessimistic thought patterns. I don’t feel it’s a psychic attacks per se, more of over sensitivity to other’s unresolved problems.

    As for ketu, it’s placed lone in Pisces in 11th house while Jupiter swarashi in sagitarrius I feel it is well placed and not harming me for contributing to a susceptibility to psychic attacks.

    Please oblige with a solution if possible 🙏🙏

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  12. tyagi96 October 4, 2020 / 5:13 pm

    Actually, with this problem, I am feeling unable to judge what problems are mine and what I am simply reflecting off of others. I do not have anymore time or energy at the moment to live through other’s unresolved mental issues. I am feeling rather troubled with this issue, otherwise would not have tried to pursue you for a solution so aggressively.

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    • astrologerbydefault October 4, 2020 / 7:20 pm

      Hi there
      being overly sensitive to others emotional states means that you have no defenses against what others are generally projecting. it is similar to being attacked.
      all the things which are used for psychic defense will work in your case too.
      regularly removing nazar/evil eye/residual impressions/cords at least once a week, ie burning that packet, will take care of all this.

      if you say its an old problem of which you become aware recently then it is possible that its time for it to get resolved, so it has surfaced.
      this is not a result of the combinations which you have mentioned.
      however Ketu was in Sagi for the past 1.5yrs, so if your problem was during this transit then it should get resolved as Ketu has shifted.

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      • tyagi96 October 4, 2020 / 8:14 pm

        Many many thanks. Thank you for your guidance and patience 🙏🙏🙏

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