What is gain?

Astrologically gain is the 11th house, we all know that! But then just one 11th house is not a complete analysis of gain in your chart. 11th house is just the gains associated with the 1st house of the chart, so is naturally the most significant. It is the 11th from the Ascendant Sign. But every house in your chart gives you gains.

What is gain?

If some house is exceptionally powerful then the gains from this house can be more than the gains of the usual 11th from ascendant too! So how does a house become powerful? Lots of ways,

  1. If it has an exalted planet.
  2. Or a planet in its mooltrikona or own sign.
  3. If there are benefics placed here.
  4. If the sign placed here adds to its power
  5. Special planets like the ascendant lord or the Moon placed here
  6. Yogkarak grahas for that ascendant placed here
  7. Or simply 2-3 planets in a friendly sign placed here etc.

Once you have an idea of the power of the house to give results, you should find out the quantum of gains available from that house. This is a part of complete analysis of a house continued from here and here. See the following from each of the houses to understand more about your gains!

11th from First house/Ascendent – To see gains from the Personal self, status in society, the ‘regular’ 11th house of the chart.

11th from the Second house– To check out the the family assets available to you, the resources of your lineage, the use you can get from your family history, etc.

11th from the Third house – The luck from your neighbourhood, extended family and brothers/siblings, local trading, communication skills, skills you put to practical use. Most importantly the gains you can achieve from your ‘boldness’ and confidence!

11th from the Fourth House – The ways you can benefit from your mother and maternal family, landed property, even from traditions/culture, houses, vehicles etc.

11th from the Fifth house – All the ways you can benefit from your higher education, your ability to remain in center stage, your expressions of creativity and the children.

11th from the Sixth house – You can benefit from the dushamsthanas too! Disease, debts, enemies, arguments, servitude can unexpectedly be of use. So analyse the chart to see how.

11th from the Seventh house – This is predictable now, you know the keywords, partnerships, wife/husband, agreements, legal issues and how you can gain from them.

11th from the Eighth house – Gains from death is rather final for the present incarnation, but while you are still inhabiting this current physical self this can be used to see gains from manipulating secret stuff, from moving into the unknown subconsciousness, manipulating pran/vital energy etc too.

11th from the Ninth house – Benefits that you can accrue from your external religious behaviour, from you peers, patrons and paternal figures!

11th from the Tenth house – Gains from the actual father, the profession, social position and power.

11th from the Eleventh house – The house of the house Bhavat Bhavam analysis which I have covered in an earlier post.

11th from the Twelfth house – These are the gains from the the deep subconscious, the internal spirituality, and the losses of the manifested. Even ‘bad houses’ can have good results sometimes!

What is gain?

Now ‘gain’ is also a matter of perception. For example, someone may prefer a short-term gain someone might take a longer view of things. A gain in one aspect of life can be perceived as a loss in another part of life. As an astrologer I might see a combination which I might analyse as gain, but perhaps the client will not see it like that.

And then again there are just so many ways of pulling information from your chart, I love it, thinking in terms of patterns. Here is another way of looking at gains. Gains from planets! Count the 11th house from every planet to get an idea of the gains you can expect from it.

11th house from the Sun will indicate the gains from the father, the self-ego, self-confidence, center-stage, creativity, children, political activities, speculation, from personal intelligence etc.

11th house counted from the birth Moon will give an idea as to the gains from maternal activities, providing security/shelter/care, from the mother, from land/property/houses/vehicles, from traditions/culture, from cyclic/routine activities etc.

11th house from Mercury to be seen for gains from skills in analysis, database management, communication skills, trading, from arguments and service related topics, from being articulate, from siblings and extended family etc.

11th from the Venus will indicate the overall gains from all sorts of partnerships possible from personal to professional, legal issues, contracts, from relations, from treasures and hoarding activities and from activities linked to beauty and balance.

Similarly check out the 11th from Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu to see what kind of benefits you can gain from these planets. Am not writing as you already know the keywords, do a bit of matching and analyse.