Delve Deeper into the D9 Navamsha

There was a question on Navamsha analysis so this post is one step deeper into it. I like breaking things down so that the topic does not get over-whelming. With time all these patterns and analysis become very routine and you see it all in one glance sometimes intuitively. But first practice, you need a pencil paper and time. If you break the whole concept into small parts it is quite easy. Navamsha analysis can get quite detailed with several standard authors giving even more techniques for use. The entire life story can be seen only with the navamsha chart, but then you will need to read about all the rules for interpreting the 108 individual navamsha. (I would recommend CS Patel’s book for the more advanced student to start with.)

The Navamsha is a very important divisional chart and one should be aware of the basics at least. I have written about the first step in Navamsha analysis here. Read it first and then continue reading this post. This concept of Rashi-tulya navamsha is used only in the divisional chart 9. The birth chart signs are compared to the Navamsha in this method.

Our example chart, Aleister Crowley, the genius occultist of recent times, the creator of the Thoth tarot deck. His birth details are 12th Oct 1875, 11:43 pm Leamington UK. The birth horoscope and Navamsha are as follows

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

Navamsha Aleister Crowley
Navamsha Aleister Crowley

Now break up the birth horoscope and the Navamsha like this.

  • Ascendant degree – D1 – Cancer and D 9 – Scorpio
    • Scorpio is the 5th house of the D1
  • Sun – D1 – Virgo and D9 – Virgo
    • Virgo is the 3rd house of the D1
  • Mercury – D1 – Libra and D9 – Aries
    • Aries is the 10th house of the D1
  • Venus – D1 – Libra and D9 – Libra
    • Libra is the 4th house of the D1
  • Moon – D1 – Pisces and D9 – Cancer
    • Cancer is the 1st house of the D1
  • Mars – D1 – Capricorn and D9 – Capricorn
    • Capricorn is the 7th house of the D1
  • Jupiter – D1 – Libra and D9 – Aquarius
    • Aquarius is the 8th house of the D1
  • Saturn – D1 – Capricorn and D9 – Virgo
    • Virgo is the 3rd house of the D1
  • Rahu – D1 – Pisces and D9 – Scorpio
    • Scorpio is the  house of the D1
  • Ketu – D1 – Virgo and D9 – Taurus
    • Taurus is the 11th house of the D1

In the birth chart, check the signs placed in the 1st 4th  9th 10th 11th houses. If there are planets placed in these signs Navamshas they will give good results – eg in our example chart, planets placed in the Navamsha of Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Aries and Taurus navamsha have added positivity. ie the planets Moon, Venus, Mercury and Ketu.

In the birth chart check the signs placed in the 6th 8th and the 12th house. Now check if there are any planets placed in their Navamshas. In our example chart these signs are Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini. The planets placed in these sign navamshas will add negativity, ie Jupiter in Aquarius navamsha. In your birth chart and Navamsha do analyse these positions carefully. Any planet in these positions will add to your misery. They might seem good in the birth chart but their hidden weakness will be evident in the Navamsha. They will give some negativity, mental or physical illness is possible, or disrepute depending on the position of the planet in the birth chart-D1 and the keywords of the planet.

While reading a chart there are nothing like an accurate yes/no, there are always gradations depending on the other placements, eg if the planet is in 6th house in the D1 and the navamsha owned by the 6th house sign ie vargottam and is exalted too. So how do you interpret this? There will be uncomfortable results there is no doubt the 6th house placement of the D1 will give its results. But the personality will accept them and grow. You might have seen such people who roll with the bad times and seem to come out stronger. The negative results will manifest but there will be some saving grace to the situation. Seeing this also comes with practice and observing people around you.

If your birth chart has no planets in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses. Dnd if you are suffering from specific issues linked with the keywords of these houses. Check out if there are any planets placed in the navamshas owned by these signs of these dushamsthan houses. You might get some pointers here.

Especially the 8th house sign in the birth chart is the one responsible for the most traumatic catastrophic changes in our lives. In our example this is the Aquarius sign. The nine Navamshas owned by the 8th house sign are called the Nidhan-amsha. The planets placed in these Navamsha give quite inauspicious results.

In our example it is Jupiter in Aquarius navamsha, the Nidhan-amsha for this chart. If you analyse Crowley’s life, the organized religion around him was Christianity. He was called the most evil man by Christians. He followed all sorts of non-Christian concepts in life, from Hinduism, to Egyptian philosophy to everything else. He had several messed up marriages, affairs etc. He was into weird occult stuff from calling in spirits etc which a regular Jupiter would shy away from. This Jupiter granted him things of the occult which otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to access. His public fame and groups were all liked to this Jupiter in Aquarius navamsha, as the Nidhan-amsha.

And the signs of the birth chart placed in the rest of the houses ie 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th houses. The signs are respectively, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn. Check if there are planets placed in their navamshas. Ie, Sun, Saturn, Rahu, ascendant degree and Mars. These planets will give neutral results.

So now you have your second layer of interpretations from the Navamsha. The Navamsha is getting to know your planet better. You have to overlay this on the first layer which has come from the initial analysis. Will write some more about Navamsha analysis in my next posts.



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