The 12th house, support or sabotage

The 12th house and its energies are often glossed over in readings. It can be an uncomfortable house and needs to be understood in the right perspective. The sign/ planets connected to it secretly and unconsciously support or sabotage your mind/ body. The energies move inwards, so if there are several planets or major planets here or the house is as a whole incapable of giving good results then selfish behaviour and unhealthy self-obsession can result. If this sign/ planets is unable to give good results, then there may be depraved behaviour, unnatural or self-destructive patterns, disturbed spiritual energy, restlessness, inability to rest or insidious damage to the self/environment. If you can consciously work through these and come to terms with their expression, you can achieve a lot in in the inner worlds.

The 12th house is the karmic imprint of your immediate past life. These are your strength/ weakness from that life which you used as your current life’s base. Inauspiciously placed sign/ planets here indicate that you have decided to repay the negative karmic debts from your past lives. The 1st house is derived from the 12th house, so you are compulsorily required to rebalance them now. One way you can make sense of a painful 12th house is, to understand that you are repaying negative debts owed from past several lives to a large number of people. It will ultimately be for the good.

The 12th house, support or sabotage

Isolation is a very common motif of the 12th house. Banishment from the home-town even under the guise of better prospects elsewhere is still an internal problem. Your work may require isolation, you work in a research laboratory but you are still isolated from your society. Or punitive, you might be confined in prison or places apart from society because of your own actions. Prisons are meant for those who misuse their physical abilities and engage in criminal actions. This is the retribution in this life administered by the legal system of the society. The mentally challenged are those who misused their intellect in their past lives and in this life are denied access to their mental processes. These are also isolated from the society and/ or confined in mental asylums. This is karmic retribution administered by their own conscience at the moment of death of their past life. Similarly for physically handicapped people who do not have or cannot use their limbs. Here presumably the individual is required to reflect and regain their perspective and rebalance themselves.

The experiences of your mother as you were being created in her womb and your early childhood upto 7yrs are also linked to the 12th house things. If you have major planets in your 12th house try to think back on what your parents told you to not do, ‘don’t cry, don’t be late, don’t be a baby, don’t.. ‘. This is an expression of your 12th house energy. This ‘don’t..’ has shaped your life in a very deep way and even as an adult trying to do those forbidden things can cause internal stress and discomfort. But you are an adult now and these things need to be resolved else you might carry them onwards to your next life. So try to bear through the sub-consciously felt terror and let these 12th house impressions systematically out in the open. If you try to deny them and push them again beneath the surface they will continue creating problems.

If you were told ‘don’t be a crybaby’, you might have problems expressing your genuine emotional hurts. It is a deep automatic compulsion which you cannot overcome. If you even think that you will tell your friend that you are feeling hurt, your BP will shoot up, fingers go cold, heartbeat accelerates, it is a in-built compulsion to stay silent, there is fear. This is an extreme example, but people do feel like this about their 12th house things. Eg Saturn in 12th house, you will never be late, if you even think of being late, you will get an anxiety attack. Try to consciously examine this in-built behaviour and gradually reduce its hold over you. If you think about these things, analyse them and gradually understand them, your fear of them will reduce.

The 12th house is energies which are not allowed expression in your conscious life. So these churn and accumulate below the surface and at the critical point explode spectacularly.  The more something is denied expression, the more severely it bursts out. This can manifest as a disease which is detected at the very terminal stages. Or can be an emotional breakdown. Or a break in whatever keywords of the sign/planets associated. Over-reactions. So do pay attention to the transits and the Dasha periods. Also give yourself an outlet once in a while.

Eg a Mars in the 12th house won’t let you lose your temper much. This is called a Manglik placement. So give him an outlet, go to the gym and bring out all your inner aggression there, learn a martial art perhaps. Regulate these energies before they erupt in disorganised dangerous and damaging forms. Now what happens when you do explode. Eg you have 12th Mars and your husband is at the receiving end. He has forgotten your birthday and the last time you raged was a more than a year ago. So now in an instant, you will remember every tiny thing your husband did to irritate you in the past year. Everything which you didn’t react to in that long time will come to the surface in one red flash. That entire anger will be like lava pouring out. Your husband is in shock because he thinks you have perfect temper, you do not rage like this. And you feel your every word to be justified. You rage till you are drained, now you might cry as this is a form of release. Result, possibly an irrevocable break in the relationship. Your 12th house has sabotaged you. This can happen triggered by typical transits/ Dasha periods.

Now the 12th house is the resource from which your persona/ environment has been sourced. So even if you are not aware of its energies you radiate them! Eg Saturn here will make you appear very strict and disciplined. As a senior you will be feared by your subordinates. You will come across as a fair but rigid boss. And all the while you might have a very different idea of what image you are projecting as you are unaware of this Saturnine aspect of yourself! Now what you project, you will attract too. So here, you will attract even more Saturnine energies which do not support but will suppress you even more, a vicious cycle will start. If you ever become aware of the Saturn in you and balance it, you will find life becomes subtly less restrictive.

The 12th house, support or sabotage

Now a damaged 12th house will spill over most on the 4th and 8th houses, the Moksh trikon. The 12th and 8th houses are the dushamsthan, houses of turmoil and the biggest dushamsthan, the 6th house, is the mirror of the 12th house! So you can rebalance your 12th house by directly working on it or indirectly through these other houses.

The 4th is the astral depths, comfort, safety, emotions, residence, vehicles, lands, mother, nutrition, traditions, home-culture etc. If you actively increase these energies in your life either by experiencing them yourself or giving them to others as charity you support your 12th house too. Heavy energies in the 12th house often deny or restrict nurture, and the person often repeats the same with his child. but if he can become aware and change, get involved and nurture his child, this helps him balance his own energies too.

Most effective remedies are helping out at orphanages and old-age homes (it is a second childhood in a way). We help the most vulnerable in the society thus address the deepest vulnerability within our own selves.

The 6th is karmic service, debts, diseases, enemies etc basically serve or suffer. Your understanding of karmic debts and your ways of repaying them is all here. There are two options, either fall ill yourself or help those who are ill. This is free will, you choose. So if you choose to proactively study your 6th house and work on ways to repay the energy debt this will help channelising your 12th house energies too. Eg you see people with Rahu in the 12th house often settling in foreign lands. These people choose to get disconnected from the land and everything of their forefathers and go serve in a strange land. From the energy point of view leaving the homeland is always a problem. (A friend lives in the USA, has non-stop dreams of her ancestors. The easiest solution is to feed a cow, give her a chapati and a lump of jaggery. In India, desi humped cows are all around. There in the USA there are no desi humped cows and she says if she feeds an animal like this she might get put in jail! But her ancestors want the energy so the dreams continue.)

The 8th house can also be used to link to the energies of the 12th house. This can range from occult practices, tantra, private meditation, manipulation of pran/ vital energies or the other extreme being several sexual affairs.

Then the planets connected to the 12th house can naturally be used to channelise their energies in a proper way. Eg If you have Mercury there, write as much as you can! Another very effective way of rebalancing the 12th house energies is to use your dreams. I have written about using a dream journal, this can be a very good way of channelising your dreams or doing targeted dreaming which helps rebalancing the energies of the sub-conscious states. So the 12th house is a very important house and you should be consciously aware of it. Being aware of your own vulnerability is a big thing. Do not shy away from it, analyse it and the planets placed in it carefully. Too many planets in the 12th house or the ascendant lord or the Moon or the Sun in the 12th house always indicate physical and mental weakness. Be careful of the health of your body and mind. Always remember to put yourself, your concerns and your interests first. This is important. If you feel exhausted or drained, take care of yourself first. How much ever, difficult it is to communicate, seek professional help too.


The 12th house, support or sabotage

10 thoughts on “The 12th house, support or sabotage

  1. jenna November 5, 2019 / 4:18 am

    Can a full 12th house in Navamsha cause such significant problems? Because that’s what I have, although an empty 12th in D-1, and I’ve had a lot of these issues. I can’t get any appropriate remedies because none of the Vedic astrologers I’ve gone to seem to ‘diagnose’ my problems correctly.


    • astrologerbydefault November 6, 2019 / 7:34 pm

      Hi there,
      The navamsha is based on
      1. signs,
      2. or more precisely 1/9th parts of the signs which are subtly owned by other signs
      3. or the nakshatras,
      whichever way you understand it.

      There are 10 forces in your chart,
      The rising degree and the rest of the Sun, Moon…. Rahu and Ketu. To know how these 10 work we see the navamsha they go to.

      The 12th house of the birth chart is not as such correlated to the 12th house of the navamsha chart. This confusion is caused because we took a short cut and instead of drawing the circular chart, the software shows the typical box chart with the 12 houses.

      The 6th, 8th and 12th houses in the birth chart, check the signs in them. If you have planets going to their navamshas they can give less than ideal results.

      Navamsha analysis is a very big topic as the 108 navamshas have different characterstics, it gives very precise results though

      If you are facing problems, also check your ashtakvarga chart, its rules are very simple, you might get some indications from it.
      1. The combined house score is to be seen for every house 0 – 56 points
      2. and the score for every planet in every sign 0 – 8 points.

      Check which are the functional malefics and benefics for your chart and where are they located in the birth chart. Eg I know someone with Libra ascendant, Jupiter is a functional malefic, his transits give him very typical results.

      Also try to see where are these problems originate, eg if parents, profession, spouse, children, property, or the mindset, or your reactions to situations, every aspect of life can be traced back to a house a sign or a planet.

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  2. Parth Sehgal November 10, 2019 / 7:16 pm

    Hi, I em getting very negative thoughts like cutting both arms of some people who use their arms for worst karma. I have mangal rahu in 12th Leo house. These thoughts are difficult for me to throw it out of my mind and difficult to share with people in real life.


    • astrologerbydefault December 18, 2019 / 11:56 pm

      Hi there,
      if you feel inclined you should do jaap of Gayatri mantra, at least 27 repeats twice a day, it will take 5 mins, do it regularly for 21days
      and whenever you get such thoughts recite the mantra a few times in your mind,
      if you can do this the violent thoughts will reduce and lose their intensity,
      your subconscious mind needs to be given a positive target, if you can give it the gayatri mantra to focus on it will be best,


  3. jagatsevak April 22, 2020 / 10:08 pm

    Fascinating post! Thank you for writing and sharing. The deeper subconscious dynamic imprint of “don’t do…” is exciting to explore.

    Is Mars always Manglik in 12th? i.e. if it is exalted or in own or mooltrikon? Also, does it suggest the importance of tapasya and homam/yagna in balancing and evolving?

    Blessings and Pranam


  4. jagatsevak April 26, 2020 / 2:41 am

    Wonderful. Thank you


  5. Anne July 15, 2020 / 11:28 pm

    Dear Mam

    You mention about 12th house and foreign connection (leaving forefathers land). How about in today’s global world where parents/grandparents may themselves settle in foreign land? Would their children consider their birthplace as their homeland, even though forefathers land is different than birthplace?

    Thank you


    • astrologerbydefault July 16, 2020 / 6:11 am

      Hi there
      Every family has a gram-devata .. the deity of the village where his family has been living fr several generations. This is the hometown for the entire family/generations.
      Eg my moms family was frm goa. they ran away frm there in the 16th century to escape the Inquisition of the Portuguese invaders .. and settled elsewhere. but still tht family has to go to the village temple in goa to do their pujas and all .. else they suffer misfortunes.

      I live in the himalaya now . I see people who have left their villages here, come back searching after a few generations as the village deity needs the pujas .

      In a personal sense, the city you were born in is also a ‘hometown’ fr u. If the 12 th is very strong eg a powerful Rahu, then u will have to leave yr nation ie leave India and settle in the USA.. if the 12th is somewhat strong then u might leave yr state and settle in another state.

      People who have gone through several changes in the homeland.. original village or even birthtown .. will show a strong 12th house

      People might live a global lifestyle but if the debt to the village deities is not paid they suffer internally.
      I feel very sorry fr the Indian/African people who were forcibly removed frm India/Africa and were made rootless in the real sense by the western colonial invaders.. The land has power as Memories and forefathers DNA imprints are are interlinked to it.. the 12th house is powerful bcoz of this

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  6. Deepak July 27, 2020 / 6:03 pm

    Hi Mam,

    thanks for your insightful articles on the 12th house and also talking about planets placed therein. While reading the above answer and about gram devata, I was piqued about finding my Gram diety as I have been mostly ignorant of my roots and traditions.

    Two days ago another kind soul asked me to find my Kul Devi (probably Gram Devi?) fast. Problem is that there is no1 alive in my patrilineage and I cannot find info about the family diety? (Family origin tree given by my grandfather to mother is lost)

    Is there a way to find about Gram devata/Kul Devi from Gotra or records of parents? Or someway to request Gram Devata/Kul Devi to find me?

    P.S. on most online Gotra records I can’t even find my Gotra


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