A Big Thank you to my Readers

A Big Thank you to my Readers

Have penned this post in heart-felt gratitude to my readers.

Had started this blog as a way to rebalance my own karma that required me to write and write about what all I have learned and then actually experienced in my lives. My own horoscope required of me to give out more and even more and thank God for the Internet and blogging! The more I pass on, the more open I myself become to the new learnings coming to me in the future. Thank you all for reading and thus helping me in such a deep way!

I am overwhelmed by the love that you all have offered and your time. There have been quite a few comments where you all have suggested topics for me to write on. I deeply appreciate these comments, it really helps if I know if someone is interested in reading on ‘vignyan bhairav tantra’, ’empty houses’, or ‘reiki’ or ‘education’. Please keep the topic ideas coming in so that I write more on what you would like to read on. If I have any practical experience with it, I will.

Thank you from my heart, with warmth and lots of positive energies.



A Big Thank you to my Readers